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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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we are going international. we don't know what we'll find there. but hoarding can pay off. charles: breaking news. you are looking live at the north charleston performing arts center in south carolina where any moment former president george w. bush will be holding a rally for his brother jeb bush. first the gloves cape off at saturday's republican debate. trump attacked bush and his family and jeb fired back. >> i'm sick and tired of him going after my family. my dad is the greatest man alive, in my mind. while donald trump was building a reality tv show, my brother was building security apparatus
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to keep us safe and i'm proud of what he did. >> the world trade center came down ... [booing] charles: joining me now tammy bruce, kathy kaylor. senator brown. congratulations in new hampshire you pulled off a huge win there. was it sullied in any way with what happened saturday night? not just donald trump but the way it was hand, it was a blood sport. >> politic is a blood sport. i said that before. if you don't like it, get out. that being said, i would like them to point out what they can do better. this plays into the democrats' hand. but south krcial is known as being a blood supported kind of area. i'm hopeful after they get through this state along with nevada that we can get on with
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the people's business. charles: a lot of people saying this was perhaps jeb bush's best performance. but for a lot of folks it feels like too little too late. to nor brown's point. you have got to think the democrats are sitting around sniffing out all of this. >> this is jeb bush as it is with everybody not named trump or cruz. this is the single most important state. they need to get a victory. if you look at republican party history we have always nominated a winner in the first three primaries. they are looking for the he accepting win they need in south carolina. if they get it history would suggest one of them will ultimately be the nominee. the way that doesn't happen, you
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need someone other than them to get a victory out of south carolina which will make the next couple days interesting to watch. charles: donald trump cape into the week with a huge lead. we understand from iowa that felt insush mountable. tammy, what do you make of the debate? will it have an impact on the election? so far we have seen thing that we thought would have an impact and it didn't have an impact. >> in two debates in south carolina romney lost two debates. people watch them and they care. when it comes to the bushes, george w. bush has been silent during the obama term. now he's going to come in and try to help his brother. it's a great family, they love each other. there could have been an impact made in some kind of pushback with what president obama was
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doing and it hasn't been dog done. the on one that matters in terms of polls is saturday. we have known the runup with iowa and it seems polls really. i don't think you can trust them so much. the internal polls are saying something differently. charles: i know w. has gotten a lot of criticism. but i don't think he's going to go after any of the gop rivals. i think he will play up the attributes of jeb bush. is that okay? >> it is okay. it's very george w. bush. he's a man of humility and great ethical character. as history is going to show us a man who will be junked as a great american president, much more so than the press gave him credit for during his term.
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charles: kathy is saying we'll look back and see him as a great american president. but your guy called him a liar saturday. did he go too far? >> i have great respect for george bush and the entire bush family. donald trump is speaking for a lot of americans who don't have that same opinion. that being said, it's easy to monday morning quarterback and talk about presidents past and years past. but i'm focused on what we are going to do in the future. that's what i and others are concerned about right now. charles: senator brown, you brought up the notion of the presidency and control of congress is at stake. that resonates with the passing of justice scalia. do you think the candidate understand perhaps this blood
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sport that is election politics could haunt them with respect to holding on to congress? >> i hope not. to have chuck schumer as a majority leader will make harry reid look like a pussy cat. he did the say thing with george bush. he's a hypocrite and it's so critically important to maintain the senate and increase numbers in the house and get the white house. let's see how the republicans can do as the democrats had two years before i got there to do whatever they wanted and they did nothing. i'm hopeful they can show the american people we can continue to do great things for them and this great country. charles: the untimely death of kennedy, they weren't prepared for that. but they did squabble among themselves and lost a golden opportunity. >> the democrats lost the senate
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because they were supporting barack obama. the reason the republicans gained the senate is because they were expecting to stop him. we heard from the legacy media you will have damage if you don't do what obama want. the democrats lost the senate and the house because they were not being a buffer. the american people wanted this man stopped or slowed down. this is the chance to deliver on that. if they don't, that is where the damage is and that's where they will be punished. charles: we are looking at live pictures. any moment, bush 43 will come out and throw his full support behind jeb bush. george w. bush has magnificent approval ratings in south carolina. the people there like him. this should help in some shape or form. to what degree do you think this can make a difference in the election with just a few days
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left. >> president bush is popular in south carolina and amongst republican primary voters as a whole. is it transferable? we'll have to wait and see. but there is a scenario we are not talking about yet in south carolina that scott brown can tell you was a great advantage for donald trump in new hampshire. that's the fact that south carolina like new hampshire has an open primary. and folks who aren't republicans can vote in the primary to impact hot ultimate republican nominee is. donald trump was very extra tee glik many of the messages he laid out saturday night. you may not be for -- you might want to take it opportunity if yoyou are a democrat or independent to vote for donald trump who shares many of the same supporters as bernie sanders, as polls has showed time after time. if you don't have a democratic
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primary saturday, maybe you decide i'm going to go out and vote for donald trump. charles: would they forfeit an opportunity to vote when the democrats come around? >> that's the dilemma. we had that scenario play out in new hampshire. here is the reality. bernie sanders still got a 22-point win and donald trump got a very impressive win on the republican side. so donald trump knows what he's doing. >> just to clarify. the democrats in new hampshire stayed home. especially the hard-core ultra left democrats. they don't like hillary, they don't trust her. she is part of wall street. i think what he's referring to is the independents played in new hampshire. the independents will come out in south carolina because we have more a variety. we have more at stake. you have got a socialist and
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somebody who is basically anointed who is under investigation and potentially going to be indicted. the only people who will stay home are the hard core left wing democrats. but they want to participate. sow i think you will see a lot of people come out. obviously donald trump, for rubio and i think with the president coming out helps just a touch with jeb. charles: there you have it. look at that. george w. bush. first time we have seen him on the campaign trail this season. we haven't heard much from him. some people sort of just set he hasn't been a more vocal opponent. he has come out. remember jeb with the exclamation point didn't want to run as a bush. but now he's pulling out all the stops. his mother was out. he talked about his father repeatedly. and why wouldn't he use a very
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popular president, the last republican president we had. you are looking at it in north charleston, south carolina. >> we have so much stuff going on around the world. turkey and saudi arabia are ready to invade syria. russia is sending missiles to iran. people are going to be reminded what a real president looks like with george w. bush. this is their time to shine. charles: lirnlds i graham is at the podium. >> one thing to remember about south carolina in particular, for the past 35 years the republican convention nominee has won the primary with the exception of 2012. that's a long track record in choosing the nominee. this is a very important week. charles: so far in polling the
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only area we see ted cruz doing well is with very conservative voters. is this going to be a refer even duffel on conservatism as well? >> i don't know if it's a referendum on conservatism. but we want to make sure the republican nominee is elected by republicans. ted cruz's strategy is to use his massive data base pant data mining he has been doing is to turn out every evangelical and center right republican to turn out for him to win the south carolina primary. they feel very good about south carolina. they think they will be competitive if not win the state because of using the same strategy tow used to win -- strategy they used to win iowa. charles: donald trump hasn't been on the ground in south carolina per se. it worked out for him in
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new hampshire by had a big, big lead there. is it a gamble not have glen this state every day? >> he's obviously went in state and he will continue to go around other parts of the state. right around the corn we have the super tuesday events. so he's looking long term. i know he's got a pretty solid ground game. we talked about this the last time. he has only been doing this seven months. he's learning and growing and adjusting and adapting. it's fun to be around somebody who mass never don't before. you see them kinds of making mistakes and learning from them which is very important. but south carolina is known for being a blood sport, a bloodbath area. having president bush there will help jeb but i don't know if it brings him to the point to get a win. he needs a win. i know he's trying to hang on to
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florida. but after south carolina i think you will see adjusting. >> even with those of us who don't like the establishment. the fact is governor bush has enough money to stay in this race. he needs to make sure his donors stay happy. i'm not a fan. i think he's a decent guy like his brother and far it. but we do knead something different. -- but we do need something different. and i don't think that's necessarily donald trump. but the people of south carolina are hearing from him. with so much at stake we need syria's strong leadership. >> we keep hearing about the establishment like it's this monolithic unit. if jeb comes in fourth or fifth and he's trailing miss a believe in his home state. would he put aside his see go to say i'm only going to hurt the establishment. would he get out of the race? >> it feels like the establishment is looking down on
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all of us and watching us. it's very 1984. the reality is, you asked if this is a referendum on coneism in south carolina. more importantly it's a every even dumb on experience. the decision south carolina will make is experience versus not having experience. there is a big difference, important distinction we have yet to make in this election about experience versus establishment. that's where jeb -- charles: what do you mean? political experience? success? >> you have a kasich and jeb bush, you have a lot of political experience. but the cronyism and corruption is what people hate about washington. having his brother is terrific and an important step. but he needs to change the conversation and take it a step further. he's an experienced candidate
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but not an establishment candidate. charles: can and will the gop be able to heal itself once the eventual nominee is decided? will they be able to pull the parties together despite the acrimony and say we need to be a team to win this in november? >> if we want to defeat hillary clinton we will. i always chuckle it's the establishment versus the anti-establishment fight we are having in the gop. did mr. trump become establishment when senator bound endorsed him, to give you a hard time, senator. did he become establishment when other elected officials have started to endorse him? tammy is right. governor bruce, maybe he does have money to stay in, but it doesn't mean he's a viable contender. you have got to get victory to
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be the contender. you have to get delegates to ultimately become the nominee. and we haven't had a nominee fight at the convention since 1952. if there are two things you can say about republicans -- charles: here we go. george w. bush. plu[cheers and applause] >> thank you all. thank you. sit down unless you don't have a seat. laura and i are thrilled to be here. i want to thank senator graham for his friendship, for his leadership. lindsey loves south carolina and he loves our country. and we are fortunate that you sent him up to the united states
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senate. [applause] i want to thank the commissioner, he has a heck of a voice. if they have a contest amongst the ad commissioners across america, you win. mark stafford is here, i appreciate mark coming. thank you for being here, mark. there i a lot of famous people here. i have to bring up my friend david wilkins. he's from greeneville. david was our ambassador to canada. former speaker of the house and a dear friend of lawyer awe and mine. and we want to thank you for coming down here to be with us. thank you very much. there are people from the house and the senate, state government here. thank you all for coming and appreciate you helping my brother. i want to thank all at grassroots activists who have come. thank you for taking time out of
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your day. thank you for your interest in the political process. thank you for your hard work for jeb. thank you for what you are going to do, which is to vote for him on saturday here in the great state of south carolina. i'm really happy to be back in this great state. i have got a lot of fond memories. i walked in the okra strut in irmo. i'm glad they didn't make me dress as an oprah star. i remember going to the bases in charleston. my most interesting memory came in greeneville before the 2,000 primary. david and laura and i went to tommy's country ham house. and we are eating breakfast.
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i was eating some bacon. when i looked out the window and a peta protester dressed as a pig pulled up in a dump truck. he unload a huge load of manure in the parking lot to try to prevent me from leaving. it was kind of a sign of thing to come. let me tell you something about the ham house. even a steaming pile of manure can't ruin their good bacon. i love the spirit of the people of south carolina. i particularly am touched by the way the community banded together to comfort the victims of last year's shooting at mother emanuel church. [applause]
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and protest against racism and hate. a strong signal to the united states of america. i applaud your governors response to that tragedy, and i applaud you for putting her in office. laura and i spent time with governor haley and her family at the american legion post in columbia this afternoon. thank goodness our country welcomed her parent when they emigrated here in 1969. you know, since we left the white house i have been quiet in the public square. 8 years in the limelight was plenty. and laura and i are really happy in what she has described as the
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afterlife. we are spending a lot of time on our ranch where we have become tree farmers. it gives me a chance to practice my stump speech. i have written two books which surprised a lot of people in the upper east who didn't think i could read much less write. i have been one to defy expectations. i have been misunderestimated most my life. it's a real shock to people, i have become an oil painter. but let me assure you i know that the signature is worth more than the painting. i want to thank my brother for giving us something important to do today. i'm proud of his candidacy and i'm proud to have been invited. i came here for two reasons.
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one because i care deeply about jeb. and two because i care deeply about our country. [cheers and applause] i thought it was appropriate to discuss the subject i know a lot about. what it's like to be president. being your president was a high privilege. and the honor of a lifetime. by the way, if serving as president of the united states makes me part of the so-called establishment, i proudly carry that label. [cheers and applause] there seems to be a lot of name calling going on, but i want to remind you what our good dad told me one time. labels are for soup cans. the presidency is a serious job.
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it requires sound judgment and good ideas. and there i no doubt in my mind that jeb bush has the experience and character to be a great president. [cheers and applause] here are the thing i think people ought to look for in the next president. you ought to look to someone who has had executive experience. someone who knows how to run a large complex organization. to lead people. and to make sound, crisp decisions. someone who served two terms in a large southern state as its governor. [cheers and applause] i think you ought to look for someone who can handle intense pressure. and won't wither during crises. i believe that strength can come from faith.
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it can come from the comfort of a higher power and the humility that comes in realizing the almighty's gift of grace. that humility is important for politicians to remember when they talk about their faith. one of my favorite bible verses for those in the political arena is from the book of matthew. to paraphrase how can you say let me get that spec out of your eye when i have got a log in my own. jeb is a man of humble dean and genuine faith, faith that reveals itself through good works, not loud words. [cheers and applause] i think you should look for someone whose humility helps him understand what he doesn't know
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and surrounds himself with people who do know what he doesn't know. jeb's plenty smart. beta kappa from the university of texas. i not' not south carolina. owe kay, clemson. -- okay, clemson. let me tell you something, he's going to assemble a great team of people to whom he will listen. he will create a culture in which they can deliver not just the good news but the bad. he will listen carefully to their advice and then he has the backbone necessary to make the tough decisions on behalf of the american people.
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the presidency is often defined by the unexpected. there is going to be crises and it's important to have a president who can handle them with calm resolve. when americans woke up on september 11 we did not know that world would forever change that day. i was sitting in a class room in florida listening to a child read. my chief staff, south carolina graduate andy card whispered in my ear, a seek plane hit the second tower, america is under attack. my first reaction is i was hot. we are going to deal with these people. my second reaction when i was staring at this young child is my job became chris tall clear, to protect her, protect her community and her country.
6:28 pm
[applause] on the way to air force one from that school condi called me and said a plane hit the pentagon. i felt the first was an accident, the second was an attack and the third a declaration of war. i became something no president should ever want to be, a war time president. i made a lot of tough calls. every one of them with that chiemsd image in my mind protect her and country she is fortunate enough to call home. [cheers and applause] i have seen jeb in action. he will be a strong and steady hand when confronted with the unexpected. multiple hurricanes hit florida when i was president and he was governor.
6:29 pm
he led a robust, well-organized response that showed the compassion, his compassion for those who hurt. he did this as governor of florida and he will do this as president of the united states. it its vital that they select a candidate who is thoughtful and trustworthy. someone who says what he means and does what he says. when the american president speaks, the world listens. you can thrust jeb bush to be measured and thoughtful on the world stage. our enemies and allies will know that when president jeb bush speaks, he will follow through on his words. i think you ought to look for a leader who's optimistic with a vision for a brighter future.
6:30 pm
a person who can see beyond the horizon. when jeb looks beyond the horizon he sees a better tomorrow. he believes and i believe america's best days are ahead of us and we are on the verge of the greatest time to be alive in human history. and with the right policies and a strong leader like jeb bush, we can get there. [applause] an optimistic future starts with making sure our economy grows so people can find good work. we need a president who makes the private sector, not public sector a priority. jeb laid out an obtainable goal, a clear and easy to understand goal. to have 4% economic growth a year. the cornerstone of his policy is to empower entrepreneurs and
6:31 pm
small business owners, the dreamers and doers who drive the american economy. he laid out a specific plan, a well thought out plan, a measured plan that he will put into action when you send him to the white house. jeb understands that most solemn the job of the president is to protect us. so your most solemn job as voters is to elect a president who understands the reality of the threats we face. and who knows how to deal with them. i have studied general plan to defeat isis. he relies upon the military and our intelligence community. he will take their sound advice. and he will implement that plan. the times of isis have been defeated in the past and they can be defeated in the future
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but we need a leader who knows how to do so. [cheers and applause] jeb understands this. and it's important for the people of south carolina to understand this. that america must lead, and that that when america does not lead, chaos will reign. laura and i loved our 8 years in washington. but we don't miss it too much. we miss our friends. but we don't miss power and fame. but here is what i do miss. [cheers and applause] thank you. but let me tell you what i miss. you know, it's an amazing country. i made it pretty clear we are going to defend ourselves after 9/11 and millions volunteered.
6:33 pm
to be able to salute the brave men and women who wear our uniform was an honor of a lifetime. the highest honor of being president is to be the commander-in-chief for the greatest force tore freedom ever. i would look for a candidate who has genuine respect for the united states military. who will support them on the battlefield, and when they return home. [cheers and applause] jeb has pledged to rebuild our armed forces. and overhaul the va. and i believe him when he says it, and i know he will do it when he's the commander-in-chief of the united states. one of the most comforting
6:34 pm
aspects of the presidency was my family, starting with my loving wife, laura. [cheers and applause] living in the white house can be like living in a museum. i remember the time i weren't to visit mother and dad when they were there, and mother said get your feet off the jeffersonian table. but laura made the white house a home. she was the greatest first lady ever. my little sister is here and she talk to mom nearly every day so don't tell her i said this. jeb adores the love of his life. i'll never forget when we were younger living in houston, texas
6:35 pm
and we would go to the astros gamed. i would watch the game and jeb would write love letters to his future wife and future first lady. like me, laura -- like laura and me, they are grandparent. he's known as gampy and i'm known as heffy. for those of you who are not bilingual, that means the boss. i think the voters should vote for the candidate who has got the most opinionated mother. i always wonder whether our mother learned to be opinionated
6:36 pm
at ashley hall here in charleston. finally we need to nominate somebody who can win in november. all the sloga sloganeering and k doesn't help if we don't win. we need to appeal to people from all walks of life. not just one party or one class of people. jeb will listen to the voices of the disenfranchised. he will rise above the petty name calling and once elected he will not need a poll or focus group to tell him how to think or what to do. he will stand on principle. he will not wave waiver in the
6:37 pm
wind and he will always do wham right for the american people. i know campaigns are stressful. and they are taxing. but they should be. because the job of the president is much harder than a campaign. these are tough times. and i understand that americans are angry and frustrated. but we do not need someone from the oval office who mirrors and inflames our anger and frustration. [cheers and applause] we need someone who can fix the problems that cause their anger and frustration and that's jeb bush. [cheers and applause] americans are yearning for a strong leader. i would like to remind you and
6:38 pm
the voters what true strength means. it means facing challenges and prevailing. it means sacrificing an enduring. and he morning a better and bigger person. it means having a set of core principles, beliefs that are true on the campaign trail and will be still true in office. strength is not empty rhetoric. it's not bluster. it's not theatrics. real strength that comes from integrity and character. in my experience the strongest person usually isn't the loudest one in the room. [cheers and applause] i have seen in my brother a quiet conviction and a core of conscious that cannot be shaken.
6:39 pm
and my hope is that the people of south carolina will see this as well. this is a serious election. for a serious job. so please welcome a serious and thoughtful candidate, a good man, a man i'm proud to call my big little brother. jeb bush. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. thank you all have much. thank you. thank you, mr. president. laura, it's such a joy to have you here. thank you all or coming. to my friend lyndsey graham thank you for your friendship,
6:40 pm
advice and support. i'll be here for six days. we are trying to improve the economy of a good economy in south carolina. saturday will be a surprise. because you all are going to go out and get tent other people to do the same thing to vote for jeb bush for president. [cheers and applause] i am so honored that my brother is here because this is a dangerous time. the world has been turned asunder. the day barack obama was inaugurated we were safer, we were stronger, we were freer. today for all sorts of reasons that's not the case. this election is who is going to be the steady hand to keep us safe. who will deal with the national security challenges we face. who will focus on the economic security challenges a majority of americans feel. we are living in difficult times. and this election is really important. i look back during my brother's time.
6:41 pm
he didn't know 9/11 was going to happen. but he rolled up his sleeves and inspired us and kept us safe. and i'm proud that he did it. i don't know if you all watched the debate on saturdays. did you have a chance to see it? wow! it was kind of weird. parts of it. i never thought in a republican debate we would be talking about impeaching a republican two-term president who was extraordinarily pop hall for good reasons amongst republicans. i thought that was a little weird. i thought it was a little strange that a front running candidate would attack the president of the united states who did keep us safe. while he was building a reality tv show, george bush brought together a team to build the
6:42 pm
security apparatus that to this day is one of the reasons why we haven't been attacked more often than we have. i'm proud of him. i know you are as well. some of the dialogue back and forth made we wonder. i closed my eyes and i thought it was michael moore on the stage. in any case, this is not about the front-running candidate. this is about how we can restore our country's greatness, to restore economic and fashion stall security. that's why i'm a candidate for president. here is the reality. we need a president that will respect the armed forces. charles: we watch jeb bush riding the wave of excitement spurred on by his brother george w. he hit on all the cylinders. we heard that they love him. we saw him in prime time.
6:43 pm
toward the end, george w. said strength is not empty rhetoric it's not bluster, and it's not the person that speaks the loudest. what are your thoughts on that comment? >> i have a tremendous amount of respect for president bush and i always have. my position is clear on not only the iraq war, but also his leadership after that time period leading up to when he left office. that being said, we are in the political season right now. he's obviously stumping for his brother. i think it's great it adds a couple points to ultimately what's going to happen. it was a strong and powerful speech. people like former president bush. but does this translate to jeb bush? that's the question. they were talking about donald trump. they didn't mention him by name. but he will continue to be that populist and not be politically correct and talk about things people are talking about in their living rooms and dining rooms. that's what makes him so appealing.
6:44 pm
that's why jeb bush and the other candidates are having difficulty connect the average voter. charles: we sat here and watched, it was classic george w. he brought out all the thing that made people like him. he attacked the 9/11 situation. but the big question is does it translate to jeb? >> republicans like george w. bush. in south carolina it's 87%. for me this is interesting to watch. i was young when ways growing up under george w. bush, had some questions about his legacy. part of the growing up process has been seeing that in play, going to kurdistan and talking to kurdish iraqis saying we are so thankful for the united states. we felt safe when george bush was president. under president obama one iraqi man said this came too late.
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the only blood thinner that lowers your risk of stroke better than warfarin and has a specific reversal treatment. talk to your doctor about pradaxa today. charles: the gloves came off saturday. five days away to south carolina. we'll be right back. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
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>> i love america and i know we are facing problems but i know we can deal with them. i'm not an expert in a lot of things. but i'm pretty knowledgeable about what it takes to be president. he's got what it takes. he has got character, backbone, philosophy, vision. he can deal with crises. and he would make a really good president.
6:49 pm
charles: that's a sneak peek of the bush brothers with sean hannity. that will be 10:00 p.m. eastern time. betsy. what do you make of george w. it seems he was successful there. got the crowd pumped up. how much of and i impact will it have? >> one thing that stand out is how different is from jeb. he's folksier and tells more stories. he has a funny self-deprecating sense of humor. jeb following him up sounds different. but some people might like jeb. but on the other hand the contrast doesn't necessarily look great for him. charles: he tried to sell him, particularly with the military. south carolina is the home of a lot of retired and military folks. he tried to sell the commander
6:50 pm
commander-in-chief angle. >> i'm not necessarily friendly toward george w. bush. but i'm not for that part of america. this is part of the past. charles: in your mind the bushes are done. >> this was a reminder. and i was moved by the speech. i didn't expect to be. this is a reminder of what a president can sounds like and after the debate and the entrance of trump you don't get that same sense of a statesman-like understanding. this will bring more people out and maybe even switch some military votes. charles: we are five days away from the south carolina primary. more on the race for the white house when we come back. your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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charles: more on the race to the white house. the panel is back with me. what did you make of the speech, kathy? >> i think whatever you root for, he knocked it out of the ballpark. it has to help. is there not a republican who watched this speech who didn't watch with great affection and admiration unless you are ted cruz. charles: david, do you think this makes a difference? obviously it should help, but to what degree? >> if there was any question who presidenwho -- who president bus supporting we now have the answer after that speech. could it get him a few voters in maybe, but questionable. at the end of the day jeb bush has to sell jeb bush.
6:55 pm
voters have to ultimately believe in him and he's going to make the country better. while the endorsements are nice to have, and while rallies motivate your base supporters, it's not the deciding factor in an election like this. charles: do you think at some point we'll start to see the campaigns shift toward the substance what the next president is going to do? >> of course, it's early in the process. with regard to what's happening with ted and donald trump, they are trying to point out he's using tactics that are not usually used. with ben carson it draws into question his credibility. when you call someone a liar it gives people a chance to look differently at you. i think they accomplished that
6:56 pm
goal. charles: i understand where you are coming from. hopefully we are past that point. at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums
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6:59 pm
>> more on the race to the white house back with the panel. jillian, w talked about humanity, do you think that might be the thing that starts to resonates with voters in south carolina? >> i think it might. especially with the bluster of donald trump. what was kind of shocking to me of this last debate is we saw so much of bush during the obama administration. i think people are sick of that today definitely. i think it was a good reflection of the bush family. >> although the fact of the matter is that trump supporters are trump supporters. >> true. >> i guess the big argument is can he lure more people in? >> yes. i think this will expand the field a little bit, may lure from kasich or cruz. so this is i think overall very good. a very good edition to the
7:00 pm
tool chest of south carolina. and it's a serious decision. and i'm praying for them and wish them luck. >> well, i've got to tell you it's been an extraordinary thing to watch so far, and we're going to continue to watch it. we've got the coverage for you. right now lou dobbs takes it away. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. the unexpected death of supreme court justice scalia has sparked a heated political battle in washington. president obama says he will nominate no matter what a replacement in due time. but senate republicans have vowed to block that person any effort by a lane duck president, a president that shouldn't from the vacancy they say during an election year. republicans on the campaign trail agree. >> i'm not saying that obama shouldn't do it, i'm just saying the republicans should not allow it to happen. >> for the last 80 years, the


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