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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 15, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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tool chest of south carolina. and it's a serious decision. and i'm praying for them and wish them luck. >> well, i've got to tell you it's been an extraordinary thing to watch so far, and we're going to continue to watch it. we've got the coverage for you. right now lou dobbs takes it away. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. the unexpected death of supreme court justice scalia has sparked a heated political battle in washington. president obama says he will nominate no matter what a replacement in due time. but senate republicans have vowed to block that person any effort by a lane duck president, a president that shouldn't from the vacancy they say during an election year. republicans on the campaign trail agree. >> i'm not saying that obama shouldn't do it, i'm just saying the republicans should not allow it to happen. >> for the last 80 years, the
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senate has not confirmed any nominee nominated during an election year and we should not do so this time either. >> the nominee of the president should be rejected and, yeah, this should be a legitimate issue of november. a lot riding on this. just freedom, for example, in the second amendment. >> also tonight, donald trump set to hold a campaign event within the hour in greenville, south carolina. we'll be bringing that to you. and earlier today, trump threatened to sue senator ted cruz over his eligibility to be president. trump said unless his opponent stops telling lies, he will take the all about of cruz's birth in canada to court. >> he'll apologize, but i don't want an apology after the election, i want it before. and if he doesn't, i'm going to bring a lawsuit because, in my opinion, what i've learned over the past two or three days have from very top lawyers, he doesn't even have the right to serve as president. >> the only answer i can give is this is the most raddled
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i've seen donald at his press conference today, i think he avoided, which is good. lou: former president george w bush tonight hitting the campaign trail in south carolina supporting his brother trying to save his brother jeb's failing campaign. the president's appearance coming five days before the south carolina primary. i'll have some analysis talking with former president reagan's political director ed rollins town hall guy benson and katrina national spokesperson. all of that coming up tonight. our top story the fight over who will be scalia's successor and whether a lame duck president or the next president will be the one who nominates and successfully leads that nominee to confirmation as the next associate justice of the supreme court. republican lawmakers presidential candidates are insistent that the next president will be the one to choose scalia's successor. but president obama says he
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will defy republican leaders and may announce a nominee of his own as early as next week. fox news white house correspondent kevin cork traveling with the president in rancho mirage, california, has the story for us. >> not on my watch. that's what republicans are saying about the prospects of confirming president obama's as yet unnamed nominee for the supreme court vacancy created by the death of justice scalia. >> i think anybody with brains would say this is not the time to pick the next supreme court justice. >> hatch the sentiment of many gop leaders including the majority leader mcconnell, who said in a statement quote the american people should have a voice in this election of their next supreme court justice. therefore this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor. in due time. >> indeed according to article
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two, the president shall have power. he shall nominate and with the advice and consent of the senate, shall appoint judges of the supreme court. senate minority leader harry reed quote failing to fulfill this vacancy would be a shameful of one of the most constitutional responsibilities. but for many on the 2016 presidential campaign trail, there's simply no appetite for a obama high court appointee regardless of timing or authority. >> the president can nominate whoever he wants but the senate is not going to act and that's going to be clear. week be debating on it, but we're not going to move forward. he can filibuster any nominee by the president gop presidential candidate ted cruz said. >> absolutely. this should be a decision for the people, george. we've got an election. >> ted cruz holds the constitution when he walks through the halls of congress. let him show me the clause that says the president's only president for three years. >> reducing to let the process play out, republicans risk being seen as obstructionist
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but to consider a recess appointment in round, that would be far worse for democrats. >> i think that would be suicide for democrats. in this election cycle at stake and also a new president for this president to force his nomination upon the country is i think -- devise the constitution. >> now, white house officials insist that the president will not make an recess appointment to the high court. but he could certainly change his mind. and if he did that, he would have to act before monday while the senate was still in recess. lou? . lou: kevin, thank you very much. kevin corke. turning now to the republican race for the white house. former president george w bush reemerging on the national political scene trying to boost this time his brother jeb's bid to become the republican presidential nominee. as of right now, jeb bush is running in fifth place in south carolina with five days to go before this saturday primary. the man to beat is still
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donald trump. he has a 20-point lead over his next closest rival senator ted cruz. and right now is holding a rally in greenville, south carolina. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron is in north charleston, south carolina with the latest for us. >> jeb bush brought his 90-year-old mom on the campaign trail last week and tonight his brother, the former george w bush since the first time he left office. this is a big time of part of the jeb bush's strategy but donald trump has been attacking it for almost a year. >> the frontrunner said over the weekend that the former president lied about weapons of mass destruction in iraq and didn't make it safe because he didn't stop the attacks. >> you ever wonder why his brother went silent for all of these years? >> i don't know having supported impeaching george w bush for the iraq war. he said there's no bad blood between him and the bush family but now he's threatening to break his
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pledge claiming the national committee poorly managed ticketing at the debate reported his repeatly getting b orbs od. >> i signed a pledge and as far as i'm concerned, they're in default. >> trump's remark outraged some in the audience. >> i want to tell you. they lied. they said there were weapons of mass destruction, there were none. the world trade center came down your. >> all to go after my mother. >> but the next morning trump backtracked. >> he knew that there weren't weapons of mass destruction and if he used that as an excuse to go in and make up for sins for previous years, it would be a lie. but i don't think -- maybe that's true and maybe it isn't true. >> south carolina has awe high military population and george w bush is popular here, called trump a fraud. >> trying to hijack the party. he's not conservative, he's not a serious guy. he was unhinged in this debate. he's foul mouth. not the kind of person that
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will lead us to victory in november. >> trump called cruz a liar and disgusting and nuts and threatened to sue him quote if he doesn't take down his false ads and retract his lies, i will do so immediately. calling trump's attacks on the former commander-in-chief radical. >> when he cited and the extremely fever swamp left wing on calling the impeachment of george bush, that demonstrated where he was coming from. >> two days after defending jeb's brother in the debate, marco rubio slammed jeb as spoiled. >> when i got out of school, i didn't have a roll decks to say okay. these are my mom or dad's and they're going to hire me, virginities kind of privilege. >> george w. bush didn't have it but he stormed into north carolina and won the first in the south primary and that put him on the path of the presidency.
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jeb bush may need more than bear knuckles. it may take brass knuckles to fight on the onslaught that trump has put on the bush family in the last few days. lou: let's go to greenville, south carolina. donald trump as we said there holding a rally. there he is. let's listen in at the convention center where he is speaking to a -- as you would guess a large crowd. >> i'm not accepting so i'm not taking money from the drug companies, from the oil companies and lumber and everything else. the numbers that you can save -- i'm self funding. the numbers that you save are so astronomical, the problem is these candidates, they're all taken care of with campaign contributions. and they can't -- so as an example jeb bush woody johnson. you ever hear of johnson & johnson. big drug company. big pharmaceutical company. big company. he's in charge of fundraising for jeb bush. so he raises a lot of money.
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jeb bush raised $148 million. he's wasted almost all of it. think of it. most of it -- and the only reason i bring somebody in a press conference said why do you mention jeb bush? he's not competitive, although his brother came today they're having a thing trying to make him competitive. i don't think it's going to work. who the hell knows; right? but they say why do you mention? because he did $20 million of negative ads on me. when you do that -- and for some reason my numbers keep going up so they can't be very good ads. [cheers and applause] they can't. lou: donald trump working in woody johnson, one of the largest shareholders and hare to the johnson and john fortune, owner of the new york jets among other assets. and apparently no longer friend of donald trump. we also heard donald trump -- well, i'm sorry to report to
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you, he just broke his pledge not to swear saying -- and i will say this gently. who the hell knows. it didn't take long. he was only into his comments for a few moments. but we're going to come back to donald trump if we do see statements that suggest to us that it would be compelling, so we'll be watching that for you throughout this hour and coming back to him as required by what he has to say. let's turn now to the middle east. and to syria's long running civil war. russia today intensifying its air strikes in syria. that is a change in strategy that some in the west sphere could threaten at the very best a fragile cease-fire that's supposed to go into effect by the end of this week. human rights group saying this russian air strikes hit three hospitals and a school in
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rebel towns in northern syria killing almost 50 civilians we're told. moscow, however, dismisses suggestions it killed any civilians saying it's targeting terrorist groups. well, pope francis is in southern mexico today an early stop on his controversial trip to the hemisphere and to the country. held yesterday a huge outdoor mass in a crime ridden mexico city suburb where they yelled quote shun the devil. the dill is in evidence bundently in that part of the, the mexican government corruption, the tragedy that now grits mexico. mexico is in the effective control of five drug cartels. almost 200,000 people have been murdered, killed over the course of the last ten years. that includes at least 36 priests who were targeted by the cartels.
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an estimated 20,000 people were murdered last year alone. and, by the way, 98% of murders in mexico go unsolved. which so far the pope hasn't addressed during his controversial tour of mexico. pope francis next we'll visit the border city of juarez to take place wednesday. it's expected that he will weigh into american politics. he's expected to talk about u.s. policies on illegal immigration and border security. we're coming right back with much more. we'll be watching donald trump's rally, we'll be taking you back there as well. much more straight ahead. stay with us. former president george bush goes to his brother's rescue. south carolina has been good to w. will that translate to jeb? we take it up with ed rollins here next. and a family's ski slopes quickly turns into a terrifying experience.
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lou: well, donald trump continues to lead in the polls with five days to go as we've
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said several times here tonight before the south carolinaian primary, the new poll shows trump firmly in place 35% support, 20 points back kasich, he is in second place with 15% support. pretty much a race for second place there as you see with double digits across the first five places and obviously doctor benjamin carson not doing well, at least in that poll. joining us now to assess these polls, we're going to get the horse race out of the way very quickly. but i do want to turn now to former reagan white house political director fox news political analyst republican strategist ed rollins. ed, good to have you here. >> thank you. lou: i want -- we've got a lot to cover because of the -- the tragic death of scalia, i want to turn to that and more. but these polls keep coming up consistently giving trump 20 points here. >> trump has a solid base of
7:19 pm
30, 35%. sometimes higher. they're not going away. even though it was a rugged debate the other night, i don't think he lost any of his supporters. the game at the end of the day is can you add to tha to that number? one month from now we'll know what's going on with this race. we'll have the super tuesday, the march 15th is the date. because both kasich and rubio and bush, if they don't beat him in their home states, game's over. lou: super tuesday. >> 99 delegates for florida, 66 in ohio, in my sense if he comes out of this with momentum, he's going to be tough to beat. lou: he called a news conference, did something really remarkable. he said point-blank. the rnc has violated twice. the pledge that he and the rnc signed and the other candidates. what's going on here? because we all know no matter what the rnc says, that's
7:20 pm
who's in the audience. donors, other folks. obvious relationship. >> sure. historically they divide the tickets up. lou: yeah. >> it may be 100 donors or whatever. but each -- each candidate gets a significant number of donors and that -- or supporters. and that clearly was not the case the other night. and that should be the minimum -- i think trump ought to just continue down the path he's on, it doesn't matter what the rnc is for him or against him, he's doing very well and he will do well for him anyways. lou: yeah, it is -- and you hear a number of people in the news conference he held today asking, you know, asking whether or not he's going to basically withdrawal. the reality is he is so far in front, why would -- he could run as an independent and republican. >> still not spend any money. still a full scale campaign. he's got millions of dollars that he can spend and hasn't done that yet.
7:21 pm
lou: jeb bush real quickly will george w -- i have to say it was great to see george w. bush on the podium today talking on behalf of his brother, will that translate to a boost for jeb? >> no. absolutely not. people making their judgments on jeb alone, he could have his mother, his father, his brother, all of his kitchens and son, it won't make a difference. if he can't make his case here, he won't. lou: the president says he's going to nominate the successor to justice scalia and mitch mcconnell, i have to tell you i was surprised, also delighted to hear the man say straight up in a straight forward way draw a line. there will be no vote. on a nominee. >> well, there would be no vote in the judiciary committee, the chairman of the committee -- lou: yeah, when to be clear, mitch mcconnell said that before. >> i understand. but whoever the president puts up, and part of his legacy he's going to put a liberal up there.
7:22 pm
not going to find a moderate or what have you, and we don't care what weather it's a moderate or not. the republicans want the smartest most brilliant strategist and best one we've had is scalia. lou: ted cruz got a little fouled up on this issue. talking about an appointment anthony kennedy in 1988 he was the fact nominated and approved; correct? >> we went through three attempts at that point in time. the vacatecy had been there for three years and he was third one. lou: and considered the great tragedy. and you wanted bork to go first. >> i wanted bork to go because i thought it would get the second judge -- the third judge would be the tougher battle. i thought the first italian america could settle through
7:23 pm
and be the choice on bork. brilliant lawyer. unfortunately, he had too much stuff and they took him out pretty easy. lou: and do you know the republicans will hold the line on the line that mitch mcconnell and senator chairman of the committee? >> any republican who walks away from this line will basically pay a very heavy price. i think this is going to be the battle of the next -- i hope whoever they name has a full-time job because they're not going to get -- i think to a certain extent will be a big part of the campaign and senate races. lou: ed rollins. >> thank you. lou: thank you as well always for your insight. and being part of history. it's fascinating to see the inside of it. thanks so much. >> thank you. lou: appreciate. be sure to vote on our poll tonight. is the pope fair game on u.s. presidential politics as he is expected to do here in the coming days? we would like to hear from you. donald trump is already criticized the pope. other candidates have held fire. what do you think?
7:24 pm
cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs news and a reminder to follow me on twitter, like me on facebook, follow me on instagram, links to everything at well, breaking news now. parts of the i95 corridor in the mid-atlantic and northeast -- well, a lot, a lot of trouble for commuters tonight. a wintry mix of snow is producing travel conditions all along the i95 corridor. more than 1,500 flights have also been canceled through this cities that you see there on the map. meteorologists are predicting now we call it forecasting. but we know it's really predicting from one to four inch -- i'm sorry to everybody. it's really forecasting, from one to four inches of snow from western to new jersey, western pennsylvania, western new york going to receive as much as eight inches of snow tonight. and i -- you know, i really have to say, unfortunately,
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the meteorologists missed a lot of calls over the last few months. sure nail this polar vortex that moved through the northeast. well, turning now to a father i in idaho who suffered the scare of a lifetime with his son the two skiing down a mountain when disappeared after a trump. heard the screams and raised down a mountain and there he found his son stuck in the snow at the base of the tree and i mean stuck at the base of that tree. father and son both ended up okay. and they hope that the video serves as a reminder to never, ever ski alone. good counsel and a great result. up next a few thoughts on the battle to replace justice scalia. and iowa the seal has just learned a cal new 21st century trick. we'll have the video for you and more. you're going to love it. you're going to love it. we're coming right back. stay with us you totaled your brand new car.
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lou: a few thoughts now on justice scalia and the growing political battle over which president will have the privilege of nominating the person who will succeed the great american on the supreme court. republicans have vowed not to act on that vacancy until next year, mitch mcconnell saying it just will not happen. he said quote the american people should have a voice in the selection of their next supreme court justice. therefore this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president. democrats were quick to slam chuck schumer as accused of destructionism but also had this to say back in july of 2007. >> we should not confirm any bush nominee to the supreme
7:31 pm
court except in extraordinary circumstances. i will do everything in my power to prevent one more ideological ally from joining roberts on the court. >> well, minority leader lee said a failure to from the vacancy would be a quote shameful of the descendant's responsibilities. of course read himself showed rules when the invoked the so-called nuclear optional back in 2013 changing senate rules, eliminating the filibuster for all nominees except those nominated to the supreme court. in my opinion, mcconnell is showing principle and spying leading the senate and telling the administration that americans won't stand for a lame duck deciding who will be the next supreme court justice. admittedly several major cases are on the high courts docket. including immigration, voting rights, abortion, affirmative action, and more. and if the remaining eight justices divide four to four on any case, the lower court
7:32 pm
ruling will stand and be decisive on the case. and, in my opinion, that is both fair and just and as it should be. it's not perfect, but it's as it should be. we'll see whether the republicans now hold the line that their majority leader has courageously drawn. and our quotation of the evening as we have a vacancy on our high court and the contest begins to boil over as to which president will choose his successor, unseemly stopped but as they say, it is the stuff of democracy. our quotation tonight is from the great american jurorrist lewis d. he says if we desire respect for the law, we must first make the law respectable. i think it couldn't be said better or clearer. now, i mentioned donald trump continuing his rally in south carolina. let's go quickly to anymore greenville at the center there. donald trump now. >> but what you do is you go
7:33 pm
in right at the beginning three years -- this took forever. it seems like it was going on forever. but let's say they have our prisoners three years ago you go in, and you say fellas, got to release our prisoners. sorry. bad for you, bad for us, it will citizen a good signal. they'll say "no." we'll say bye-bye. we're going. no deal. now, you leave and double up the sanctions. they were hoping. they were choking. you double up the sanctions within 24 to 48 hours they'll call, we've got our prisoners; right? now here comes the tricky part. we have our prisoners gone and this is four years ago. not the other day where -- we gave -- basically what do we do? we gave them $150 billion for four prisoners. okay? 150 billion for four prisoners, and it sets a terrible precedent, by the way. sets a terrible precedent because what you're doing as you are negotiating with people, terrorists, it's not
7:34 pm
good. so we paid this money. look, now we go in, and we say okay. they're safe, fellas, we've got a problem. somebody from the press liked that -- my father was a great guy. he taught me a lot. i learned a lot from my father and he said son, you're too direct, too tough. take it easy. you've got to take the lumps out, son. take the lumps out; right? we've got to take the lumps out. he said you're too -- so in the old days, i would have said we're not giving you 150 billion, you're never getting it. they would have been insulted and problem and we still would have won. but it would have been nasty. so i would say fellas, i've got to tell you i've got a problem. we're deter nation. we owe $19 trillion. we just have these politicians, by the way, the republicans approved it. we know where the democrats are coming from. the republicans keep approving this stuff.
7:35 pm
we just made a terrible deal. we're going to owe -- this is going to cost us another budget another $2 trillion; right? so we're going to owe $21 trillion. lou: talking about money and talking about the other deal but i loved the suggestion his father made take the lumps out, and you can decide for yourself how successful the donald has followed his father's advice. as most of us do, we don't take it all. but that's part of the process of getting the lumps out; right? donald trump in greenville, south carolina. we're coming right back with much, much more. stay with us. an epic battle may be shaping up for the supreme court justice. republicans say it's up to the next president mr. obama wants
7:36 pm
to make the choice we'll take it up here next. and these guys cruising presently they were over matched. the video coming up next right after these messages. stay with us
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up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right lou: joining me now chief council of the network, terry and tom, great to have you with us, tom.
7:40 pm
>> hi, lou. lou: i want to ask you both first. your judgment about -- the politics of this thing. how critical is it that the republicans hold the line that senators mcconnell and grassley have drawn here and carrie, first you. >> this is playing for all the marbles right now. it couldn't be higher stakes and with american voter anger really running high at washington and how things have been done, it makes perfect sense to say you know what? let's let this one be decided by the people in november. let's find out who they want to pick the next supreme court justice and really shape the court for the next generation . lou: tom, your judgment on this as to -- and no upon intended i assure you. on whether or not this will be a 4-4 court because it seems to me in looking at the
7:41 pm
history of the court, we shouldn't take that necessarily -- we shouldn't presume with justice kennedy. >> no, nor should we presume with justice roberts. if it's tied 4-4 on certain cases, it may even get kicked over to the next term depending on what the justices on the court want to do. so you never know what's going to happen frankly, lou, this is going to be the old position that we don't put a supreme court justice on with these types of atmospherics. any justice nominated and approved and i don't think it's going to be under these circumstances is going to be tainted and all the decision that are involved in, especially the seventh ones will be tainted as well. lou: well, going to the point of the 4-4 and then being of course that permits the lower court ruling to stand. this looks to me like a tough way to go, carrie, because, you know, as tom is saying, you have chief justice roberts, who has not been what i would call reliable.
7:42 pm
steady perhaps but not reliable. and justice kennedy. what do you make of the prospects of the 4-4 with this two -- without the presence of scalia on the high court? >> i think there's no doubt in the short-term this is very bad for conservatives and for this who are committed to a constitutionalist perspective. there were a lot of really important issues, the court has heard and is continuing to hear this term from the immigration action by the president to religious freedom to abortion and you can go on and on and some of those will be lost in the short-term perhaps. but the court often operates without a justice with an eight-person court, and i think they can keep doing that. last term there were only five positions that turned on scalia's vote. i think what we should see is maybe read those decisions
7:43 pm
again when the court has a full compliment and a tiebreaker. lou: thank you very much. tom, as we wrap up here all the work that you've been doing on the clinton e-mails trying to reveal truth, now we have -- what is it? about 1,700 classified e-mails e-mails. is the evidence in your judgment persuasive? or not? >> the evidence that she should be indicted. my question is not when but whys has she been indicted yet? and this is hanging over the presidential contest and neither party is talking about it with the appropriate seriousness at demand. lou: tom, thank you very much. tom, carrie, thank you, both, for being here. >> thank you. lou: a california sea lion learned a new trick, and we want to show you. milo the sea lion is using a selfie stick and that's rye. he has a selfie stick in his
7:44 pm
mouth. a trainer at the aquarium at the pacific trained him to swim with a selfie stick in his mouth, and i have to say this is one impressive trick. which also ought to take a little steam out of those who think selfies are a big deal. dolphins and sea lions can do it. as we see there. a man riding his harley got a surprise as well. when a deer darted out. a small baby dear jumped out in front of his bike. another one. nearly avoided being hit. thankfully -- oh, man, that's close. up next john bolton joins me to talk about pope francis and his -- well, his preview and his thoughts. next. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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liberty mutual insurance. . lou: former u.s. ambassador to the united nations john bolton joins us now also fox news contributor. great to have you with us. i want to turn first to justice scalia. you were assistant attorney general at the time involved in the nomination process. and knew him well.
7:49 pm
give us a sense of ed rollins was also sharing the inside politics of it. rank him in your judgment amongst all of the justices that have been brought forward since the reagan administration to -- through the obama administration today. where does he stand in your judgment? >> well, i think intellectually he's absolutely at the top of the line. he had one of the most incisive minds to ever sit on the supreme court. he could write with penetrating clarity, which is rare among judges, unfortunately. but he had a way of making his case and making it very sharply, which i think is important for the supreme court. lou: a devout catholic. i want to turn to pope francis in mexico. not strongly at least to this point he's there another day before he goes to wednesday. but not taking on the carl tells, not talking on the --
7:50 pm
the tragic level of violence that is throughout mexico. and now to talk about border security and u.s. immigration policy, is that a mistake on his part? >> well, i think it is. but let's be clear. the pope comes from a tradition of politically left wing priests in latin, america. i thought he might shed that attitude when he became pope, but he hasn't. as you say one more day to go in mexico. but this is a demonstration of what an activist political pope can do. . lou: and as we look to the hemisphere, venezuela, argentine, brazil, all of these countries are racked right now with great problems and iran seems to be the beneficiary in most instances expanding its influence, china expanding its. is it your sense that right now the hemisphere -- this hemisphere, which is little
7:51 pm
reported on, may soon become a very -- very much a focal point? >> well, i think we've got in the administration that's expressive repudiated the monroe and what's going on south of the border is a open invitation for others like russia, like iran, like china to cause trouble. and you can see it manifested in the countries and others as well. so i have a feeling particularly we face global economic difficulties here, it's going to have a major impact in latin, america, and we're going to feel right her. lou: thank you for being with us. i, i we had more time. we'll take up more issues next time. thank you very much. >> thank you. lou: up next donald trump firing a warning shot at the republican national committee. he's -- had a belly full. we'll tell you all about it. stay with us
7:52 pm
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all across the state the economy is growing,arts today. with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at lou: joining me now trump campaign national spokesperson. and guy benson. katrina. let's start with your candidate who just concluded his remarks in greeneville today taking on the rnc and threatening an independent run if they continue this. it's pretty clear that audience was made up of -- let's say folk
7:56 pm
who had made up their minds and donors. what's the next step here? >> i think mr. trump is pointing out to everyone. he seems to be the on candidate unafraid to do that. it does take courage to take on the entire establishment. the crowds are stacked. it's difficult for campaigns to get tickets. it's wildly supported by lobbyists and special interest groups and i think we saw it saturday night. lou: it's clear the establishment candidates have been treated well by the establishment. >> what a shame. lou: neither i nor trump are beg for mercy. >> trump whines about everything when it doesn't go his way. rubio the crowds were out for
7:57 pm
hip and he didn't start whining about it and say it's not fair. how many guys is this guy going to threat on run third party after signed this pledge. >> it's a two-sided pledge, guy. the rnc made an agreement and they are not keeping it. >> in what way? >> first all, they have been stacking the debates for the establishment candidates. and secondly -- i was there, i know some of these people. we couldn't get extra tickets and there were empty seats. but i'll say this for mr. trump. the fact that he's always quote-unquote complaining. he's always pointing out facts that are stating the obvious. he's not a republican who will tuck his tail and hide in the corner. >> he claimed he won iowa and it was a fraud. he whined endlessly over megyn kelly. these are facts, they are
7:58 pm
emotional opinions. to say all he does is have the guts to say what's true is not always the case. >> he says what he feels and he's defending himself unlike most republicans. lou: george w. do you think that will help jeb bush? >> it's a mixed bag. president bush is extremely popular. 80% approval rating. but jeb is a bush. he says i'm not going to be relying on my family. now he's relying on his family. it helps a guy like donald trump who says we need not politicians anymore. this is a political family coming and helping its own. >> i have to agree with guy.
7:59 pm
this type of endorsement is not good when we are talking about a candidate who supports trade deals that doubled the deficit and increased foreign workers by 24 million. that's not conservative either so i don't think it will help much. lou: we'll have to leave it there. it's fascinating. i see a competitive fire for your candidate, guy. who is your guy? >> i'm choosing between cruz and rubio, but i have respect for a lot of folks in the field, frankly. lou: katrina i won't ask you that question because it's pretty clear. today tri -- katrina pierson. 92% of you said the outcome of this election will determine if america is ever great again. i think you are right. thanks for being with us.
8:00 pm
k.t. mcfarland will look at what's happening in the middle east, russia and eastern europe. thanks for being with us. good night from new york. >> thank you, new hampshire! john: a socialist won in new hampshire. how can this be? to me social i am means less choice will be less freedom. poverty, misery. the good news is some young people who lived under socialism warn others what it's like. >> with bernie sanders if you select that guy it will be tough. john: but somehow socialism is not a threat to many americans. capitalism is the dirty word. >> you don't consider yourself a capitalist?


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