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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 16, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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>> i'm trying to see how we can do that with the republicans. we need to get the dog and follow him around and every time they say these things, like the great recession was caused by too much regulation, you know. maria: a closer look at democrats. [laughter] will take a closer look at how they are getting clinton delayed nomination even after resounding defeat in new hampshire. great news on oil, russia and saudi arabia. retire on that speculation. it is some believe the production couple be announced. we'll see about that good oil around $30 at 29.84. mark is back open after the president's holiday. a pretty good rally at the opening of trading. dow industrials up in almost 200 points in the nanosecond 63.
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the action overseas with really little movement in europe. stocks with games of russia and saudi arabia wrapped up their meetings. dax and germany down half of a percent. 52 points higher. a nation at the in oil prices drove equity gains for the shanghai composite ballot for% and china. it was so a strength in hang seng and the singapore up 1.5%. music's biggest night last night. the grammy awards is no shortage of drama. ♪ trying to taylor swift also took a shot at kanye west. adele performance. ♪
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maria: the mishaps in the best moments from last nights show. graham is coming up in the program. four days away from the south carolina republican primary. according to recent polls, peter burns in washington with the latest. good morning to you. >> ahead of the primary, donald trump doubling down against rivals. he called type cruise a totally unstable individual and the single biggest liar i've ever come across in politics or otherwise. ted cruz called drug rattled by tightening poll numbers. he attacked not just jeb bush yesterday, but loss of his brother george w. bush, appearing to blame him for the attacks of 9/11. >> that was the greatest attack in the history of the united
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states. worse than pearl harbor because pearl harbor because with individuals. as opposed to the military. the greatest single attack. "fbn:am" george bush campaigned for the first time in yesterday on hannity last night with w. jeb bush fought back against trump. >> i enjoyed taking him alive because i love my country and i love the republican party and the conservative cause and he is hijacking it. a possible third party run the rnc had broken its pledge to be fair to him. maria appeared maria: peter barnes in washington with the latest there. bernie sanders and hillary clinton may have their eyes on nevada. despite a double-digit loss in the granite state, hillary clinton gave democratic superdelegates. take a look at this. sanders may have the edge over
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clinton when it comes to standard delegates. but when it comes to super delegate numbers, clinton is still in the lead. super delegates giving her a tie in new hampshire despite sanders 22-point victory. we will bring in a strategist and a fox news political analyst, angela mcleod. good to see you, ladies. explain the super delicate story, wyatt is that hillary is in the lead when you look. >> super delegates are different than normal delegate or traditional delegates are reflection of caucus and primary states. very much like the electoral college. superdelegates are usually party leaders, major donors, huge backers of the national democratic committee. hillary clinton like 2000 may blocked many of them down as far back as august. they can turn the way that the winds turned. they can switch sides.
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i don't think it will happen in this case. it did in 2008 with obama because he was a different candidate. >> even though she has superdelegates, she's a flawed candidate. she seems weak and she needs to win matches to nevada for south carolina as well. the black vote is split there. hillary clinton is saying she can get the african-american vote. but some are switching over to bernie. >> this is sort of a catch-22 because everyone is competing on im or the outsider. no i am. the super delegate votes are contrary to which the voting delegate to. and makes it more difficult to say i'm not part. >> they can switch sides because if she loses south carolina, i believe that joe biden might throw his hat in. some people say it's too late that i don't think so. even with all the super delegates. barack obama won the nomination and the president say.
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dagen: doesn't speak to why bernie sanders is doing so well? this is the clinton machine, that somehow the clintons will capture the nomination without actually winning an illegitimate illegitimate -- the rules changed back in the 80s to prevent his grassroots candidate from coming up out of nowhere that were not electable. maria: doesn't it seem a little disingenuous that she already has all the superdelegates? had she wrap up is that what we know bernie sanders is winning? >> everybody thought she was going to win the nomination because she's the best during the democratic party. even though she is the best name i.d. is not winning right now which is not raising as much money because she had to cut back on financial industry events. she can canceled because of objects. why even have a primary. she blacked out joe biden and
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several other candidates. >> to resent the black vote -- let's go to 2008 when bill clinton said when barack obama won south carolina, jesse jackson wanted as well. and also in ted kennedy wanted to endorse barack obama, clinton made a phone call and said why are you looking at this guy? he was carrying our suitcases two years ago. that is why the community is divided. dagen: big picture, where does she stand in terms of the nomination? if the more you dismiss the power of the sanders, the more you prove who has super left-wing ideology, the more mojo his god. >> you know, my perception is a super delegates because they are so institutional they won't turn. i think somebody else will. >> these are lawmakers -- >> not all of them are
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lawmakers. >> but those will come up with three election. the more you bernie sanders, the more his popularity increases. >> i'm a huge bernie sanders supporter. i think it's great for the party. in the 80s they had to run blue dogs because the country was more socially can ever do. now the party would get away with this whole reaction to wall street. >> there are components for winning strategy. the message she has. also fund-raising. >> but this is not working like it did. >> do you think donald trump would be the front-runner of the republican party? i certainly didn't. >> the fact they are doing so loverly speaks to the overall frustration that americans seem to be failing about do they really have a say in their government. when you get into washington you don't get out.
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you stay there forever, but you get rich doing it. maria: have you thought about what socialism of look like? >> i think the goal with bernie sanders is he wants to start from an idealist event in the middle. we really don't have a backbone anymore. we've been focused on picking candidates to carry out elections we haven't found theaters. but you have a flawed candidate. maria: what gives you an indication he will come to the middle? >> is more of a record than anyone else in office. >> is very clear in the democratic socialist. he said he loved him. >> i do. >> i love what he stands for the
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new generation of democrats. maria: where does he stand for? >> millennialist are hurting the most. they pay a pocket for health care. they are in debt from student loans. maria: you like the idea of universal health care and free college? >> i like the idea of public college. there is about to pay for any does have a plan. hillary clinton doesn't have a plan. dagen: she is talking about is bernie sanders could select it, he will not be left-wing. but at the right you hear the same thing about donald trump. he's not going to really ban muslims from coming in the country. he's not really going to put a 45% tax on goods from china. so we are presented with candidates where we have to assume they are not going to do what they promised they are doing.
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>> you have congress and the white house that has to work together. you can't have or to sanders overthrow the government. i am saying we do have a firm manner that does say a statement that the mix of people support him. it shows the anchor in this country and the failure of obama and that is why people are supporting donald trump. >> i love my candidate but it's great because once we get married he's going to change. maria: he did everything he said he would do. dagen: you are right. as anyone who's ever had boyfriend -- maria: bernie sanders has been the same guy for a very long time. thank you so much. good to see you all. coming up, talking with republican presidential candidate jeb bush.
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donald trump talking about everything from the primary to the feisty rivalry between the two camps. don't want to miss that one coming up. but journalists arrested and vibrate. the latest developments there. then i was out carolyn gets away in the sitdown with republican presidential candidate jeb bush in donald trump back in a moment. ♪ this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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maria: welcome back. four americans have been detained and iran. cheryl casone with the story that their headlines. reporter: area come up for a man and one woman have been arrested following protests marking the anniversary of the pro-democracy
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uprising. the americans are accused of entering bondurant illegally, submitted false information and participating in an unlawful gathering. the prisoners were possibly working as journalists. the department spokesperson says officials are aware of the reports but have no comment so far this morning. back your major winter weather strands continue to create dangerous travel conditions as they spread snow and ice throughout the east coast. winter weather advisories have been issued or made north carolina. the winter weather not impacting the entire country. california and the growth of a record setting key phrase. finally rush of reporting its first case of saturday. a woman friend the dominican republic fell ill after her rival in moscow. she said to be in stable condition. the world health organization has expressed concern the disease is spreading explosive
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and south america and africa. cases also reported in the u.s. the symptoms mild fever, pink eye, skin rash, joint pain. 80% of those that gave zika don't show symptoms. at this point we've got 33 countries in the americas that have shown cases and we are getting more and more reports of cases in the next days. there is no vaccine. clinical trials will take 18 months to begin. we contact about this all we want, but health officials have no plan to do anything to stop this except you with the mosquito population. maria: and a vaccine could take up to 18 months to get on the market at a minimum. what are people doing? just sort of writing it out at the cold symptoms. >> if you're a healthy adult and you do get zika pulitzer show no symptoms and don't think you have the flu and you'll be over in three to seven days.
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if you're pregnant, don't travel to the caribbean or anywhere within latin america. dagen: even kevin kelley made a trip to south america over the weekend and he bought all of these logs laid, i think rei makes them, mosquito repellent clothing. >> this shows you we are very susceptible to something like this movie very closely throughout the entire world and we don't have a good way to deal with it. was zika for healthy adults is not that big of a deal, it does show us a good case study of getting our act together. >> 18 months, maria. maria: thank you. one of the world's top oil prices, white elon musk is putting kids behind the wheel next. this afternoon, make sure to tune in for live coverage of president about ms. news conference in california. coming life at 4:35 p.m. eastern
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time on the fox business network. we will be right back. ♪ opportunities aren't always obvious. sometimes they just drop in. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances.
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maria: breaking news this morning. four of the world's largest crude oil produces including saudi arabia and russia agree to raising output. phil flynn at cme group in chicago with the latest here. freezing production with a headline that got the market moving again. what does this mean for the price of oil? good morning to you. >> ... the first adventure and
6:23 am
restraint in production the world. saudi arabia was in the meeting and is very significant. the initial report of the meeting between venezuela, russia and saudi arabia got the market going because we were hoping they were going to announce a production cut. they did get a freeze. still it is significant because now we are showing at least these producers saying enough is enough that the low prices. we will take steps to try to rein in production. there have been no restraint on productions have the last opec meeting. the big thing is are you going to get the other big players to come in line. that is iran and iraq. maria: thank you very much. we'll be watching that. lenore has been waiting for a move in terms of somebody plinking satanists, will cut production. >> they are not really cutting. they are just going to freeze. i find it hard to believe this will pan out. saudi arabia and russia are having to prop the board area.
6:24 am
russia is very difficult to enforce somebody like this because they have so many producers for them to actually go make sure it has truly been cut. these guys can still make money at these prices. saudi arabia's production cut by between $10.20. while less than ideal they need the money. they have budgets in u.s. dollars they need to cover and they've got an enormous deficit. while funds all deficit. what fun followed with a world struggling because of oil price guide. maria: i don't know if it's enough to move the needle on the price of oil. first about supply and demand. not just apply story. dagen: a lot of downward pressure on oil this year has been concerned about declining demand for dramatically slowing growth. demand is still growing in china, but how much is it growing? you've got the offset of week demand. the only economy still standing
6:25 am
right now for the most part is the united states demand pulled up here. again, just holding steady. investors were really banking on a production cut. >> historically it takes more than one actual cut to see a turnaround. >> you also have the worry about producers in the united states, the ones to acquaint stay in business and avoid vagrancy at this point. maria: you also have to talk about cheaters. every time they say they are going to cut, there is cheating. >> you guys all stop and i will. maria: exactly. it's a hard situation with oil where it is. pass by unveiling a brand-new model as that could cost less than $500. $500. the catch? it can only support drivers that way under 80 pounds. that coming up.
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we will get the scoop from michael to narrow coming straight ahead. ♪ was engineered... help sense danger before you do. because when you live to innovate, you innovate to live. the all-new audi q7.
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i run on quickbooks. that's how i own it. maria: dagen mcdowell is with me, and we have top stories at 6:30 a.m. on the east coast, countdown to the south carolina
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primaries is on, george w. bush on the campaign trail with his brother jeb, donald trump stepped up its attack and ted cruz and the gop establishment. potentially hinting at another third-party run. >> the r n c better get its act together because i signed a pledge but the pledge is not being honored by them. i signed a pledge, the pledge is not being honored. maria: we will find out more and get reaction from donald trump. i will talk to two presidential candidates, jeb bush and donald trump coming up 7:00 a.m. eastern live. hillary clinton steps of her efforts to secure win over bernie sanders in nevada including this unusual moment in reno. >> how to do that with the republicans. we need to get that dog and follow me around and every time they say these things like oh the great recession is caused by developing a much regulation. [barking like a dog] maria: russia and saudi arabia agreed to a production freeze, crude higher but coming off of highs on the news, a production
6:31 am
cut would be announced, not just for u.s. markets open after a long holiday weekend, futures indicate a pretty good rally and the open of trading, dow jones industrial average opened 200 points, better than the one% as a composite looking higher, many moving into equities this morning. it is music's biggest night last night, the grammy awards committee of the swift, years of the big moments of the show, jackson browne and the eagles. ♪ maria: more from the big show coming up, stay with us fears that. the shakiest are never for the year. the s&p and the dow industrials down nearly 9% sulfur are this year, not surprising many wall
6:32 am
street strategies by banc of america, jpmorgan, recently cut the year end forecast for the s&p 500 as earnings estimates come down as well. bill stone, good to see you. thank you for joining us. so what kind of returns are you expecting by year end and do you think we have seen much selling already this year or are things looking to be a little more stable? >> we can get positive returns, obviously to know exactly where you can get but we can see earnings growth, so that is one. second, i'd do and maybe we have seen the worst, spend a lot of time looking at whether the markets more like 2008, or 2,011, if it's more like 2011, we are closer to the bottom of the things and we are to seeing
6:33 am
worse offs and that is the right lens to look at this through because it does not look like we are anywhere near descending into even a recession let alone financial crisis. maria: you would buy into these numbers morning? >> yes. we put out our report friday morning that we fought it did look more like 2011. we like consumer discretionary, we like technology, we like staples as well. dagen: it looks like 2008 in the sense that it is an election year and there was a column in the wall street journal talking about how this election cycle is adding to the stock market volatility and the downside, you have candidates talking down the economy, the front runners, bernie sanders and donald trump have for easy ideas about the economy. we don't have a lot from the other candidates and on top of that you have the parties talking down wall street. how much of that is causing this
6:34 am
volatility? they somebody talk about maybe drug price controls, things like that. it is hard to know how much that is weighing on the overall market. to me it is hard to pin a lot of it on it yet because you see so much, they are not necessarily doing that. it will get any given day markets up when oil is up and vice versa so it is hard to pin it exactly on the politics yet and i think you are right, it is adding to may be the nervousness and volatility out there. maria: what would you like to see to get everything to turn around? in 2011 we have a lot of the crisis going on with the budget and right now are quite the banking crisis in europe, you
6:35 am
have the emerging market with a massive amount of debt and unprecedented unwinding of the kerri trade. with a will we start to get the catalyst, get the selling to stop, get a flight to safety and get people comfortable again? >> two things. one is really feeling like the u.s. economy has moved away from a recession. we don't believe we are heading to recession but it was a significant slowdown at the end of the year and we are seeing some of that and got a better retail sales number in the u.s. that lets people take a deep breath but i don't think that is enough. i think that is one part of it. i think maybe some stability in the oil market helps us break that correlation between the market and oil because it really doesn't make a lot of sense the way it is trading that way. particularly on a day to day basis. those two things can take some of the pressure off and start to let people kind of concentrate on the underlying fundamentals
6:36 am
which were not phenomenal, certainly not the kind of pain we have been experiencing. maria: it is not just oil. it is), looking at the earnings number yesterday they redound to the quarter sales 3.7% sell all the expectation that the global slowdown is going to hit earnings was right, they have hit earnings, the strong dollar has been an issue. what are you expecting in terms of earnings for 2016 and how does that jive with where the market is priced? >> you are right on in the headlines but when you take out energy and i know it is always in the interest to take out what you don't like but it makes sense to try to get to what the core earnings power of the u.s. is. you actually have admitted in not a great number of but something like 2.5% earnings growth and it is not an earnings recession. slow growth, still some growth and i think that is what you see through the entire year.
6:37 am
the other thing, if you see some stabilization in oil with energy earnings down 75% essentially, some stabilization in the energy complex, it does like a mentioned earlier helps a lot of things honestly. maria: we should point out a fet has been acquired by apollo global management so looks like a private equity deal continues. that play into your expectations in any way given we have another big deal this morning? >> we don't play because pickups but makes me feel better that there is some value, the we are right about that, if you are looking to put your money and try to earn something, that is the place to look, public markets. maria: stock is looking up pretty sharply between 30, 45, 3982 closing at 26 and change, good to see you, thanks so much, see you soon. all the little elon musk fans out there, great to be a kid. jo lin kent has the story.
6:38 am
jo lin: elon musk is two new car is coming to market after announcing the model 3 lastly, tesla and radio flyer part area to make a model-s sedan for kids going for $500 that it sidewalks in may, maximum speed 6 miles an hour and just like the real-life version the model-s for kids will be powered by a lithium ion battery that can recharge in three hours and if you want to spend a little more parents can spring for a longer life battery pack as well, they can blast their favorite tunes and elon musk tweeting about it saying the baby model-s is quite fine but unlike the real thing you can't send this car into a ludicrous mode, there are not driverless car features and if you're looking at the kid, market, the fisher-price mustang, goes for $250 at walmart so maybe it is what is twice the price and right now telstar exploring in pre-market on bullish analyst node and
6:39 am
strong 2016 outlook for the real models. maria: thanks. not your grandpa's at 3 of wire. dagen: i was disturbed by children not wearing seat belts. i would make my kids put a helmet on. i had a real dirt bike when i was little so this is compared to what i was riding when i was 6, my mother almost had a heart attack but it was a legit all-pro dirt bike. maria: how much was that? dagen: -- maria: the big wheel, slam on the brakes. i remember. dagen: this is why the nation is getting fat. big wheels and bicycles, i want it is a. great. maria: thank you. coming up a pricing miss that accidentally start the bidding war with the cheapest gasoline on earth and later donald trump will join me lot to talk about his latest part of the republican national committee.
6:40 am
>> the are in see better get its act together because i signed a pledge that the pledge isn't being honored by them. they are in default of their pledge when they do that. maria: we will hear from donald, catch our live interview in the next hour with donald trump, stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ for your retirement,
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maria: death toll rising after attacks on hospitals and schools in syria. cheryl casone with more. cheryl: we brought you this yesterday and following up on it this morning, the secretary-general saying 50 civilians have been killed after five medical facilities and two schools were bombed in northern syria. victims included many children. russia is being blamed for carrying out the attacks in the rebel-held area. france and turkey say those attacks are war crimes. scientists report extraordinary success in early trials of a potential cancer treatment. in one trial white blood cells were modified to target certain types of cancer, 94% of participants suffering from an acute form of leukemia said their symptoms vanished after they were treated with the modified blood cells. finally, we all know how cheap
6:45 am
gas is these days but they got out of hand in ohio. computer glitch on sunday led to a price war between two gas stations in toledo allowing some drivers to fill their tanks for any for a gallon. one guy said they fill the empty tank for $0.26. the price problem lasted three hours. there is a computer glitch at one gas station and the station across the street was like oh, we have to match it. it went on for three hours of people driving by seeing this cheap gas -- let's do it. maria: $0.26 for a whole tank. maria: last time it disclosed that was during world war ii, $0.19 a gallon in world war ii. dagen: we going there now? last month the national average was $1 gallon, bill clinton was in office.
6:46 am
people had really good feelings about bill because of the technology bubbling cheap gasoline. in an economy that is doing well. maria: willmore on the doorstep of in the 90s right before a new era. dagen: we didn't have to look at people's phone-number xenophon book, we could go on the internet. the housing boom began in 90s, he got credit for that. did not work out so well in the 2,000s. dagen: 18 year run. maria: a lot of cycles under bill clinton. did you watch the grammy/night? dagen: i watched every minute of it. that is why look so lousy. maria: you look beautiful, taylor swift winning at the grammys, 2014 album 1989, choosing that moment to call out kanye west, lyrics claiming he is what made taylor swift a mess.
6:47 am
>> as the first woman to win album of the year at the grammys twice i want to say to all like young women out there, there are going to be people all long away who will try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame. maria: that was a moment. next in los angeles recap of the night's big moment. be right back.
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>> the best in music, pager be to those legends no longer here.
6:51 am
they hand out the top honors at the grammy awards. dagen: buttown funk. >> featured bruno mars, the night's big winner taking home the top prize as record of the year. dagen: lots of exciting moments in that gretzky gramm-grammy awards. highlights from los angeles, michael, good to see you. thanks for getting up early in l.a.. it is 4 in the morning for you. >> 10 to 4. maria: tell us about the grammys, pretty hot stuff. >> new gay's biggest night and here's the thing about the grammy is. as much as it is, not so much about the awards, 78 awards were given out last night only eight regift and not during the main three our show because it is all about the performances and last
6:52 am
night in spite of audio issues the scene to kick in right out of the start with the performance by sam hunt right through dell's performance, there were some big moments last night including one of my favorites was lady gaga's tribute to the late great david bowie. one of the performances of her career and it has people talking about it this morning. another great one was the dell in spite of all the issues people of talking about she is still phenomenal, and a very touching moving tribute to glenn fry of the eagles last night. maria: that was dagen mcdowell's famous -- favorite performance. dagen: it started and michael can disagree with me. it was just like one or two phrases from all of his songs but it really kind of build on the energy and you got more and more of some of the individual
6:53 am
songs, it was really with rogers who wrote -- worked with david bowie's unchanged with her, this was the performance. the lionel richie tributes was really bad, was roughed. like karaoke. i was so excited -- >> nv was fabulous. maria: that out fit on lady gaga, she is unbelievable. >> visually that performance was stunning, the technology from intel allowed them to do some of that and the transition and everything. visually was stunning. the show overall was a little tedious at 3-1/2 hours, come on. but that was one of the highlights of the night. maria: what was your take on taylor swift saying don't let anyone take credit for your success, basically poking kanye west, wasn't she?
6:54 am
>> and she did it the best way she possibly could. taylor swift's worst album probably out sold kanye west by 100. who is this guy seriously? this is one of the big moments of the night, everyone talking about what would happen, he did not show up last night and she handled it with all the grace and poise and class that is taylor swift. >> looking at her bright eyed. because people are looking up to her and saying -- he handles herself beautifully. >> she knows her audience and she knows her audience, she tended that to those women in the audience. dagen: i want to dislike for and just when i dislike her because they always cut to her in the audience, they always done this and she is singing along like there is this but tensions
6:55 am
seeking behavior on her part, the amount of fame and detention, but that was an elegant, graceful speech and it poked kanye west which made me deeply happy. >> a great example for young women on how to deal with haters. you don't need to call them out, just be elegant. >> the thing i noticed about her even when she lost a category she was incredibly happy for the person who won which is so rare in this business. >> what about the dell? people talking about her performance. let's listen to this and want to get your reaction. maria: no audio. we don't have a microphone.
6:56 am
>> just like adele. maria: listen to this. roll tape. ♪ ♪ maria: what happened? audio issue? >> they revving technical issues throughout the entire show. some people are blaming justin bieber report this, may have brought his guitar like right before her but her album did not qualify for the grammys this year, 25, it will be a shoe in for nomination next year to have one more shot to get it right. dagen: the best performance of stevie wonder. i wanted him on stage the whole night. did a tribute to earth, wind and fire and it was on a cappella
6:57 am
and it was awesome. we will see you back in new york. thanks so much. next hour, republican presidential rivals jeb bush and donald trump join me for a look at the big south carolina primary. back in a minute. you neveo see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. every year, the amount of data your enterprise uses goes up. smart devices are up. cloud is up. analytics is up. seems like everything is up except your budget. introducing comcast business enterprise solutions.
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only at a sleep number store, right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. maria: good morning, happy tuesday on february 16th, top story right now 7:00 a.m. on the east coast, countdown to the south carolina primary is on. president george w. bush hitting the campaign trail for his brother jeb. donald trump steps that had the tax on dr. oz ted cruz, hinting again at a third-party run. >> the are in see better get it act together. i signed a pledge that the pledge is not being honored by them. i signed a pledge, the pledge isn't being honored by the rnc. maria: we would get reaction on that and more by jeb bush and donald trump coming up live.
7:01 am
i will be talking with them straight ahead. hillary clinton steps of her efforts to secure win over bernie sanders in nevada. this unusual moment in reno, and recalling a memorable campaign radio ad in arkansas, an announcer talks about a dog that was strange to bark whenever a candidate said something that wasn't true. >> how we can do that with the republicans, we need to get that dog and follows them around and everytime they say these things like oh the great recession was caused by too much regulation. maria: we're looking at how democratic party insiders are giving clinton a lead in the nomination battle after her resounding defeat in new hampshire. turning to markets, breaking news on oil, russia and saudi arabia with the production freeze, not production cut but a freeze, crude oil is off of the best levels of the morning on the news, a better than 1%,
7:02 am
looking for a production cut. that was not announced, just a freeze, u.s. markets open after a long holiday weekend, the presidents day holiday, looking at the rally of opening, the dow jones industrial average trying to open up 200 points, nasdaq showing up 71 points. overseas action, little movement, mario draghi on the cover section of the money section of the journal, ecb ready to do more. stocks erasing gains as the oil ministers of russia and saudi arabia wrap up their meeting, the s&p 100 up 31 points, 1/2%, dax index of the flows, down 1/2%, in asia, oil prices driving equity gains, shanghai composite 4%. another big rally as it comes back from its long holiday as well. meanwhile the other asian markets showing fractional gains overnight, music's biggest lead, the grammy awards, taylor swift,
7:03 am
here is one of the moments of the show paying tribute to the late ghent -- glenn for i'vry. ♪ maria: all the big hits coming up from the grammys last night. stay with us, the south carolina republican primary, donald trump holding his lead. peter barnes is here with the latest numbers. >> donald trump doubling down on his attacks against his rivals, he called ted cruz, quote, a totally unstable individuals and the single biggest liar i have ever come across in politics or otherwise. ted cruz called from rattled by tightening poll numbers, protect not just jeb bush yesterday but his brother, former president george w. bush appearing to
7:04 am
blame him for the attacks of 9/11. >> that was the greatest attack in the history of the united states, worse than pearl harbor because it was individuals, they attacked individuals as opposed to the military. >> george bush was campaigning for his brother for the first time joining him in south carolina. >> there seemed to be a lot of name-calling going on but i want to remind you what our good dad told me one time. labels are for soup cans. >> trump hit it again at a third-party run saying the rnc broke its pledge to him to be fair in exchange for supporting the party's eventual nominee. maria: peter barnes in washington. donald trump escalating his feud with ted cruz training to sue the texas senator over his eligibility for office it doesn't retract his alleged lies and anti-drug ads.
7:05 am
>> he will apologize but i don't want an apology after the election. i wanted before indeed does i will bring a lawsuit because in my opinion based on what i've learned over the last two three days he doesn't have the right to serve as president or even run as president, he was born in canada. i will bring that lawsuit. maria: republican presidential candidate jeb bush who has been a frequent target of trump's at tax, thank you for joining us. >> looks like donald is using business tactics, suing everybody to get to the political sphere. maria: how would that play out. let's move on. it is not possible. maria: you think it is an empty
7:06 am
threat. maria: donald trump wins south carolina and still in the lead. you can't stop him. how are you going to arm yourself with the right resonating for the people in south carolina and beat donald trump? >> that is what i am doing to make the case of the we need someone with a proven record of disrupting and fixings and make things better for people and that is my record as governor and i have detailed plans to fix the mess in washington at this is a long hall since we have gone down word with 53 or 54 delegate selection processes across the country. and did a good position, donald trump is not a conservative and doesn't have a steadiness necessary to be president. gets the days you can get under his skin and he loses that. sounded more like michael more last saturday that candidates in
7:07 am
the republican nomination. maria: over the last couple incidents whether it be in a debate, or on the campaign trail, you are not afraid to punch back and call out donald trump for the way you see it. what has changed in terms of away you are acting or behaving in the face of all this? >> it is hard to deal with a guy who talks over you, who shout profanities in debates. not the normal candidacy. i am running because i believe we can grow the economy at 4% rather the 2% to lift people's incomes and keep people safe and secure in terms of foreign policy. this is a phenomenon i have had to adjust to but the reality is he is a buoy and if you don't confront a bully you get the same results where he pushes people around. i.t. find it amazing most candidates keep quiet.
7:08 am
marco rubio keeps totally quiet on this and ted cruz until he got attacked directly did the same. it is important for us to nominate a conservative in the conservative party or we will get wiped out in november. maria: what do you think of the values of the south carolina people and how you will tap into that on saturday night? what is most important this upcoming contest? for the people? >> the values of south carolina are family oriented, stronger, proud of the recruitment of businesses into the state, the values of south carolina best expressed by a church where parishioners who lost loved ones because of a deranged racist forgave him in the most amazing act of grace and mercy i could ever imagine. that to me is south carolina. embracing those values is important part of campaigning, respecting them and embracing them and that is what i do because i believe in them as well.
7:09 am
maria: let me ask about how your brothers helping you, president george w. bush hitting the campaign trail in south carolina and sitting down with sean hannity in this exclusive, listen to a bit of it and get your reaction. >> i am not an expert in a lot of things but pretty knowledgeable what it takes to be president. he has got what it takes, he has character, backbone, philosophy, vision, he can deal with crises and he would make a really good president. maria: makes to see your brother again and your mother a couple weeks ago. tell us what that is doing for you right now. >> he was phenomenal yesterday in new charleston and his endorsement as the two term republican president, last one to have won since 1988, a valid data about leadership, what my brother knows is on the first day there will be a challenge.
7:10 am
don't know if it will happen the first day, the first month or the first year but the president will be challenged. will be an unforeseen event, could be a natural disaster or attack on our country and the question for people in south carolina going forward, the rest of the country, who has the leadership skills, the steady hand, who can make a tough decision? who will follow the polls? who will run to the challenge rabbit and blaming others? that is what he learned as president of the united states clearly after 9/11 and i have those skills as well. i think i can be a president who will deal with the great challenge like that. his endorsement is meaningful because he is the only one who has done it in a long while. maria: what about the and and and scully at seat. the democrats are painting this, the republicans are going to get in the way, every right of the sitting president to nominate his pick for an open seat on the
7:11 am
supreme court, and op-ed saying the republicans are obstructionists. how do you see it? >> in the second of the seventh year of my brother's term chuck schumer made it clear he was not going to support any nominee that man come his way the was nominated by my brother, that was a year-and-a-half prior to the end of his term. these guys play it both ways. harry reid and chuck schumer and others were very clear about trying to filibuster including barack obama and now we have a totally different situation. i think you are right. the president has the right to nominate, it is embedded in his right in the constitution but the senate has the right to not take it up or to take up and vote and down. in either case we should not have the -- another liberal justice to replace one of the great lovers of liberty who believes in limited government,
7:12 am
and tenants khalil was a constitutional superstar and he will be missed. maria: important to understand how critical this election is. more so than before knowing that -- let me get your take on this, watching the debate after the debate, i would like to go to the economy, a place i like to ask questions about, but i am hearing very little about debt and deficit so when you look at your economic plan how are you going to spend what you need to spend on the military as well, and still not break the bank knowing we have $19 trillion in debt, what is the plan? >> great question.
7:13 am
i wish it came up in the debates more. high growth growing at 4% less in demand on government, the increases revenue far better than bernie sanders, we need to reform our code to generate economic growth. they take money away, but get closer to heart and finally, we have to have entitlement reform on how government works, and entitlement reform, kurd the growth of spending, free up money, and people looked at the plans and believe it could be a balanced budget, and the only way to deal with the debt is to reduce the deficit.
7:14 am
maria: thank you so much. governor jeb bush. don't forget donald trump will be here at the bottom of the hour. and the criticism lobbed at him from vice president dick cheney and newt gingrich, stay with us. thousands of hours of painstaking craftsmanship. and an infinite reserve of patience... create a vehicle that looks, drives and thinks like nothing else on the road. the all-new glc. the suv the world has been waiting for. starting at $38,950.
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sometimes they just drop in. always obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities.
7:17 am
cme group: how the world advances. maria: bahrain of arresting four journalists covering the country's fifth anniversary of an uprising. cheryl casone and other headlines. cheryl: this is very troubling because prosecutors in bahrain begin questioning detained american journalists, they were arrested on the anniversary of the 2011 uprising, police explained these four americans, two men, one woman provided false information that they rich forests and one of them took part in an attack on officers. according to cbs in new york city, the woman who accused elliot spitzer of pushing and
7:18 am
choking her has left the country. the russian woman reportedly left the country sunday night following the alleged incident. a spokesperson for spitz denies he assaulted her. and finally i want to bring you this. ♪ >> lady gaga paying tribute to david bowie last night during the grammys. the night was filled with performances that honor earth, wind and fire's maurice white. and bruno mars. the nice big winner taking home the prize for record of the year. at and, and she made an eloquent
7:19 am
speech. >> favor performances. and i -- saw that the garden. that brought tears to my eyes. one member of the eagles on stage last night. and jackson browne was not in the regional, glenn fry and jackson browne. >> was that your favorite? >> i don't like the eagles actually. dagen: glenn fry it referred to me as be held to my faith. i am not in eagles fan for that reason. i love stevie wonder in terms of icons. i thought he was outstanding. britney howard, they played later, chris stapleton was the
7:20 am
country weather. and alabama shakespeare. >> david bowie, huge david bowie fan. and -- >> so you should. and the best thing about the super bowl. the biggest oil producers freezing output, what it means for your next the law. dick cheney. and >> i was in the white house bunker that day. were made and manage my response to 9/11. i didn't see donald trump there. didn't see him involved in any way that will lead me to believe that he had any firsthand or practical experience about him. maria: donald trump will join me later to react. keep it here on fox business network.
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
maria: four the world's largest oil producers including saudi arabia and russia agreeing to freeze output after talks in cutter. phil flynn with the latest. >> reporter: there is some disappointment that they didn't announce the cut, the longest journey begins with the first step. they are calling it the big freeze on the trading floor because it is the first time since the last opec meeting that there will be any restraint on oil production. market is selling off a little bit because people realized the
7:25 am
production freeze when you have two of the biggest producers producing the highest levels of production they had in many years doesn't mean that much but it is a first step. now we have to wait to see what other opec members like iran and iraq and how they will respond so one positive thing about this production cut is the global market seems to be during a production cut as positive. maria: under $30 a barrel. >> the market has it right. it will take more than one cut to have an impact. you have too many people who do not get along trying to agree to say okay, we will cut too many incentives for any one of them to produce leverage off of potentially higher prices because someone else is cut. maria: equity markets have to figure out a way to decoupled themselves on the energy
7:26 am
markets, oil is not -- can you see a scenario that oil is higher anytime soon. dagen: it has turned into more oil and decline as an indication into broader deflationary around the world with central banks trying to fight that with very little success, becoming a vicious cycle, when from deflation in oil to problems in the banks and does it end there? does it stop there? does it start translating into declining wages? we are struggling to have wage gains. maria: we are bottoming out with a cycle of commodity prices. we have not fallen this far since 1970, the longest downturn and the sharpest. maria: this market up 200 points at the open of trading, you wonder if the banks will be a leadership group, down 15% year-to-date, we should point out there is a huge deal, apollo global management, $10 billion
7:27 am
deal to acquire the ran co. the biggest leveraged buyout year to date. dagen: you might get some lift in the banks because you had mario draghi speaking yesterday indicating we will do whatever we need to do, kind of tipping his head toward more stimulus. maria: they are ready to do more in the money section of the journal. dagen: doesn't necessarily help the banks but we will see in the u.s.. maria: looked at for valued, we will take a short break, donald trump lives with his plan to win over the south carolina of better and ask about the latest in the republican national committee, keep it right here. >> what are in see better get its act together because i signed a pledge but the pledge is not being honored by them. as far as i am concerned there is a default on their pledge when they do that. shouldn't what makes each of us a unique individual,
7:28 am
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7:31 am
take theing aim at the republican fashional committee. watch this. >> the rnc has to get its act together because i signed a pledge but it isn't being honored by them. >> joining us now on the phone is republican presidential candidate donald trump, thank you for talking with us are you considered a third party runism. >> caller: no. every single time we have a debate they have it stacked with special interest and donors and lobbyists and as you know i'm self funding my campaign other than the little contributions that people will give us which we take which is more expensive to send it back. i'm not taking special interest money or lobbyists money.
7:32 am
i'm not taking any of that money. the room is stacked with those people. even though jeb bush is dying in the polls, it's over for him, he walks in the room and everybody gives him a standing ovation. >> i see. so that's why you think that there was some boos for for a little while? you think the whole place was stacked with lobbyists. that's why you are upset. >> caller: i'm at 40% and jeb bush is at 6%. many of those people are people who run your show. i know those people. some are friends of mine. they are booing and smiling at me and laughing. the thing is joke. i get it. i understand it. it's a disgrace and this is one of the problems with the country.
7:33 am
we have lobbyists and special interest that control the politicians. >> i want to tell you that jeb bush just said because he was on the show before you. what about all this mudslinging? remember when it was president obama and mitt romney. there was so much mudslinging that people just got turned off. do you worry that all of these attacks the as you hone in on the end here that people are going to get turned off with the whole gop? >> caller: not really. i don't think that would have -- you are a great moderator. frankly, i don't think so. i think what happens is somebody he merge, hopefully it will be
7:34 am
me it's making america great again. you go on and you fight because -- she the being protected by the democrats. everybody else would be in jail already. >> reporter: he has super delegates. did you see that video of her barking like a dog? kr*eult's strange. -- >> caller: if i did it it's not presidential. if she did it, it's wonderful. not a pretty picture. >> we just had governor jeb bush on. he took a shot at your conservative earlier in the program. >> donald trump is not a conservative and doesn't have a steadiness necessary this to* be president. you can get under his skin and the looses it. sound more like michaelle moore than a candidate for the republican nomination. >> there you go. >> it's sad that somebody can speak like that. every single online poll had me winning the debate easily.
7:35 am
jeb is a lightweight kind of a guy and he's ashamed to use his last name. after he starts losing so badly he brings in his mother and brother. he makes these statements and has $21 million-dollars in negative ads. on me. i'm actually the most steady of the group. if you look at my record and i have that great company with little debt. great cash flow. the fact is that i'm the one that said don't go in iraq. you will destabilize. and i wasn't a politician. i you this destabilize the middle east. these guys had their fingers in
7:36 am
the button. >> you very very vocal about that. that is why you have attracted some criticism about that. i want to read you:it says you have adopted the left world view on fundamental questions including blaze tan distortion of fact and the spirit that george w.bush administration deliberately lied to get the u.s. in the iraq war. you can call it whatever you want i want to tell you they lied is what you said replying to the cbs moderator. you said there were weapons of mass destruction, there were not. you know there's been years of investigation on this and countless memories and there's no evidence for this claim. none whatsoever. >> nobody knows everything. look, we went in a war, we destabilizeed the entire middlele east. everything was because we made the massive, probably one of the worst mistakes in history, not
7:37 am
just the history of our country. we went in the middle east, we shouldn't have gone in to iraq. they were fighting each other for decades and will continue to fight for decades. we knock the head out of iraq and now iran is taking over the middle east and doing it ruth lessly and jeb's brother did that. i am not saying anything other than it was massive missake. very few people understand anything different than that it took jeb five days to decide that was a mistake. then finally got it right. he ultimately admitted that iraq was a mistake it was one of the great blunders in history. few you look at what's happened in the middle east, going into iraq, all of the things that are happening now, saddam hussein was bad person but he killed terrorists.
7:38 am
now iraq is there a srord for terrorism. if you want to be a terrorist they go to iraq. >> a lot of people would argue what president obama is pulling out of iraq. >> i agree with that but going into that, you will have to get out of it. he got out very badly. obama was a disaster also. going in was a horrible mistake. he made -- can you imagine -- the enemy just pulled back and they did whatever they wanted to do and isis came about. that was disaster. ty was against going. you know that. >> i know you are. >> caller: then, i was against pulling all of the troops.
7:39 am
they both make mistakes. a masstive mistake was going into the middle east in the first place. >> people want to hear a practical substantial plan for tpr* you. you have dick cheney out talking about that. >> he spoke with greta about your attack on ted cruz. listen to what he had to say. i want to get your attention. >> i wish trump -p would drop all the the personal things that he seems to enjoy so much. i hit the weakens the country, him and makes us stupid. i'm not defending cruz, i think the politics of this personal stuff is during ranged. it makes no sense to me to spend time on this personality stuff. >> there is newt gingrich, how about coming up with a specific plan to get the us out of this
7:40 am
quack mire and help stabilize the middle east rather than these personal attacks? >> she defending ted cruz and cruz is the one that does the person.le attacks on me. there's never been any politician or anybody that i have seen that lies so much. he will say i'm against the second amendment. niece are sames of whatened. i'm in favor of the second amendment. you u know that. i want the second amendment. he says donald trump is going -- to* bama care,ly replace it and ted cruz says he's a big fan of obama care. she a discraze, he is a liar. marco rubio called him a thraoeur during the -- during the debate nap was worse than i said.
7:41 am
ted cruz has a mental problem. he is a liar. i have never seen anybody to that. we have to rebuild our country. we have a problem. they swr*e isis. chop off heads. we should have never been in there for the first place. now we have a problem. we are spending trillions in the middle east and nobody knows where they are again. we have regressed. we are in worst shape than 15 years ago. had the politician gone to the beach and done nothing about the middle east we would be in much better shape than we are right now. we could have rebuilt our countries. our roads are falling apart. everything is falling apart. our road, bridge, tunnel, the tunnels are falling apart because we are spending all this money in the middle east.
7:42 am
we have to knock out aoeu iowa sis and knock them out strong. we have to knock out isis and knock them out quickly and viciously. we have to get rid of them. now, we are at a point, and the primary reason we have to do it is the weaponry that's available and the damage that can be done. you wouldn't have said it today because of the weaponry you have to do it and do it quickly. >> you make a lot of good points. you have a busy day but you mentioned the second amendment, donald. i want to ask you about that. that's being talked about in terms of how thapl may change with the new supreme court justice. you were clear that the delay until the next president but how do you delay putting the forth president obama's nominee and not looking like an obstructionist. >> who cares.
7:43 am
that will change -- you lose the second amendment. very interesting,ty put two strong conservative judges, it doesn't have to be them but along that line. ted cruz said donald trump wants liberalle judges. he just said it out of the blue. he will lie like he did with ben carson. he has left the race. what did he do? the next day he call ben carson he said i'd like to apologize. it was a fraud. he lies and he will do the same thing. i don't want to be in a position
7:44 am
where he will come saturday night right after -- i don't want to -- oh, we would like to apologize. that doesn't happen with me. >> thank you so much for joining us. were going to be watching you in south carolina. we this see you soon. thank you. >> donald trump there. we will be back. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess.
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those four detained americans arrested during violent protest marking five years since massive anti-government protest flared in the persian gulf. breaking news, we wanted to bring that to you. breaking gas, a computer glitch of led to a brief gas war allowing some drivers to fill their tanks for pennies. one guy said he filled up his tank for 26-cents it lasted three hours before turned to normal. scientists report that extraordinary success has been found in an early cancer treatment. 94% of participants suffering said their symptoms the have vanished completely after they were treated with modified blood cells.
7:49 am
the lead researcher from the cab cancer researcher said this is unprecedented in medicine. there's a lot of buzz about this story back to you. >> thank you very much. we will take a short break and come back. talk about market. golden cachs are being -- sachs upgraded today. >> never a boring day on the campaign trail. hillary clinton starting to bark like a dog during a speech in reno, nevada. we will tell you why next.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
i'm not sure how we can do that with the republicans. we need get that dog and follow them around and every time they say these things like "the great recession was caused by too much regulation." [ barking sounds ] >> that was hillary clinton resorting to unusual tactics in nevada. recalling a memorable radio ad from one of bill clinton's races in arkansas. the announcer had a dog that was trained to bark whenever the announcer said something that was not true. >> i would take that over her laugh any day.
7:54 am
>> do it. >> her laugh? [ imitating hillary clinton's laugh ] >> she doesn't know when to stop laughing. it was a howard dean moment. >> barking? >> it came back and it haunted him again and again because that will be on the highlight reel endlessly and it's not that flattering. you can't do things like -- you bark like a dog. if you ever find yourself in front of a group of people still washing? >> can we talk about the super delegate story far while. she has all these super delegates all of a sudden, she is so setup set up. it doesn't matter that bernie sanders is beating her -- doesn't this smell more of the same that she has the edge because of under the table deal?
7:55 am
es. >> her cam paeupl claimed that it made 440 unpledged delegates that already signed on to her. that can change if sanders has more momentum going in to super tuesday and beyond depending on how he does, they can flip and they can deflect from her. >> there are super delegates in the race with president obama. they flipped and went with obama. >> they may flip and go with donald trump. >> no. they can flip for bernie sanders. did say donald trump? oh my god. >> no, i said it. the republican party has super delegates but they changed recently and a lot based on the the primaries and the caucuss. >> we haven't steen last of this e-mail situation. it it's timed properly, that could really cause her a lot of problems and push delegates. it hasn't yet but you would
7:56 am
think it would matter. former house speaker newt gingrich will tell us why he thinks some of the tactics are quote during ranged. >> >> plus mark sanford with us. we are back in a moment. ♪ we were born 100 years ago into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder.
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so you can try it risk-free! voiceover: call or visit and use promo code freeship. that's promo code freeship. stand up for your health. welcome back, good morning everybody it is tuesday, february 16th. back from a long weekend. welcome with us fox business network daegan mcdowell. first your top stories at 8:00 on the the east coast. the count down is on. president george w.bush hitting the campaign for his brother jeb. >> it looks like tko*b donald is trying to use his business tactics by suing everybody which is not going to work. >> jeb bush join me and donald
8:00 am
trump joining me as well. this is what he said about ted cruz. >> he has a mental problem. ted cruz sa liar. he has a problem. i have never seen anybody to that ebgts traoepl. >> -- extreme. >> hillary clinton stepped up including these unusual moments by calling a radio ad during one of bill clinton's race in arkansas. she said the announcer talked about a dog that was trained to bark whenever a candidate said something that wasn't true. >> i'm not sure how we can do that with the republicans. we need tkpwhaet -- we need to get that follow and every time they say these things -- [ barking ] >> markets expected to rally take a look. for a change, these last couple days financial have taken a lead on the the upside.
8:01 am
goldman sachs. russia and saudi arabia agreed to a production freeze. some believe the production cut will be announced -- >> it was music's biggest night. taylor swift and lamar had the big awards. and last night paying tribute to the late glen fry. ♪ basketball take it easy. ♪ for. >> more of the biggest hits and misses coming up in the program. we are days away from the south carolina republican primary. donald trump is holding his lead in south carolina. peter is in washington now. good morning to you. >> well, hi maria, ahead of the primary, donald trump and jeb
8:02 am
bush continue tos ka hate their political feud here on your show in the last hour. trump said bush is attacking him because he's loseing the. >> jeb is a lightweight kind of a guy it's not going to happen for him. he's ashamed to use his last name. now that he is losing so badly he starts bringing in his mother and brother. >> jeb said he is the only candidate brave enough to call trump out. >> the reality is he's a bully. if you don't confront a bully you get the same result. i find it amazing that most coon can candidates keep quiet. >> he said he has a mental problem. yesterday trump threatened to sue cruz over his ads against trump and his right to run for president as cruz was born in canada.
8:03 am
he called trump rattled by numbers. >> . the presidential candidate and former house speaker newt gingrich, thank you for joining stphaoups good to be with you u. >> i think he made a good point in terms of all this back and forth, the mudslinging, does it make the party look good stp does it make the country rook good? >> i like the debate on one point, this saul crazy. -- this is all crazy. it's not just ted cruz and jeb bush you had rubio and cruz each calling the other liar looking like they were fourth graders out on the the recess playground. then you had trump and cruz calling aoefpl other liars. you get in all this stuff, you just showed hillary clinton barking. surely, running for president has to be more subsultive than barking which is how frightened
8:04 am
she will lose nevada which i suspect she is. what's interesting is, with the rise of trump the -p on one front and sanders on the other, we are in a position to have extraordinary national debates about what's wrong and what do we have to do to fix it and somehow all this degenerates into trivia in a way that i think demeans the country, weakens our ability to governmenten ourselves. >> the barking is something. i will get back to that. going into south carolina, trump is still in the lead. is it fair to say if he wins south carolina there's no stopping him that there's he's probably going to be the nominee? >> you can never say that because the fight isn't over until it's over. if he comes out of south carolina having taken a strong positions on president george w.bush in a state where he is enormously popular personally. if trump survives that and wins,
8:05 am
particularly by the mar margin of the poll this morning having the same vote as cruz and rubio combined. if he goes to november and has a similar result t i think it will be challenging is where will you draw a line and stop him? >> as much as trump has gone over rosie oh dodge over the years. it looks like he gets his talking points from her. unless you fight back against an opposing candidate you look weak. that is what jeb and cruz is trying to do with him. it makes none of them look presidential. what do you do? you fight back without getting in the personal mud stuff. there were legitimate questions about trump's business career and his positions over the last 30 years. you can do it a issue level and
8:06 am
its historic level. a little came out about tell tphepbt domain but but she so smart. people in the lead don't want to believe this. she so smart and he is so aggressive. i compared him the other night with bill oh riley to the grizzly bear in the movie and said, look, this is a guy when you pick a fight with him recognize he will come at you with all his gin, all his drive and all his power and hard to cope with. i they's part of what happens to these guys. he believes, i think that he's better off to get in this fight because it eats up time, eats up space and the one person who is dominating the news is called donald trump. to other candidate gets anything like the coverage he gets. >> should we be concerned that we don't have specifics. in terms of real solutions to some of the main issues that we are talking about since were going into the spikes the rather than coming up with solutions that
8:07 am
people can understand. >> i that it's perfectly legitimate for people to say, "how would you do this?" the other thing to recognize is with trump and sanders you have alternative universes. there's the old order in the republican and democratic party. hillary clinton and jeb bush are part of that world. this new world one on the hard left, one on the the populous right. they have a totally different frame of reference. they don't relate to the old rules. both sanders and trump are mirror image pair hrels at how apbg try country is and how the country wants to change the current establishment. >> you really look at how much both political parties don't have a defined message. you have trump on one end and you have sanders on the other and now the post debates are more like the morning after of some sort of wild reality tv show.
8:08 am
how do we get the american people to be more demanding of substance. what people want is the fun of the reality tv post debate. >> i think that's part of what we had if you watched the steady rise who has very much avoided all of this stuff. accepted less coverage in order to get good coverage and talking about ideas. when i talk to the governor on kentucky saturday at washington and thread mock convention. he's getting real things done. there's a huge change between the state capitals and the governor that is actually evolving and changing and washington where it's so big and so come kphraeuted that -- come my kateed that nobody can get a -- so complicateed that nobody seems to get a grip on it. >> we talked with paul ryan on
8:09 am
the fox news channel and talked about this growth story that is bump along the bottom. whats ao your take in terms of what's the most important leverage of poll, here is what paul ryan said. >> it is government. it is the federal government that is putting all these bare barriers in place. if we had a proeconomic policy there's no doubt in my mind that question can get this economy fast theester people will get better jobs and rising wages. >> what does that mean in a practical sense? >> i think it's a very practical way. regulations an licensing today are what taxes were when reagan was running. the government was smothering the american economy it' not just the federal government i thought it was wild the other day when i had this big snowstorm on the the east. new jersey will refemale license for shoveling snow. you used to pay $450 to get a license to shovel snow. there were 100,000 licenses in
8:10 am
the united states today. it's 190 days to be a barber in nevada for example. all this blocks poor people from rising. it make -t it harder for people to go out and be entrepreneurs. we come with what ann calls rather than an a free. what you know about your industry. >> that's unbelievable. sho*ling snow goes along with walking dogs. you will need a license to be a dog walker as well. >> we were talking with the girls on the the set today about the super delegate story. you have been around the block a number of times. how sit possible -- how is it possible? 362, they claim to have more than that. they claim to have more than 400 locked and loaded. even though sanders is beating
8:11 am
her in the popular vote, is this like under the table deals? how did this happen? >>ty can't resist going, woof, woof. i don't think stphe should be allowed to become a dog by herself. imagine you are the governor of new hampshire. you pledged yourself to hillary. your stage voted for sanders. are you going to vote against the people of your tone state. she will melt. she will have to be for sanders. you have known hillary clinton for 30 years. >> you think they will turn the way they turned for president obama. >> absolutely. >> they can't all turn.
8:12 am
if they don't turn they will get primary punches and have sanders candidates running in democraticing primaries all over the country. the last thing you want that somebody is young and aggressive tonight left will run against you in the primary. >> we will leave it there. thank you for joining us. newt gingrich joining us. >> coming up, the grammys marked to tributes but lady gaga may have stolen the show once again. her david bowie tribute is next. ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow.
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8:15 am
welcome back, bahrain releasing four american journalists. >> prosecutors in bahrain say
8:16 am
they ordered the release after questioning them. they were arrested on the anniversary's of the 2011up -- up rising. they said they were tourists but have all been freed. we all have cheap gases but things out of hand if ohio. a computer glitch on sunday led to a brief gas war between two gas stations in toledo allowing one guy to fill up his gas tank for 26-cents total. it took three hours to figure out there was mistake. then there was this,. ♪ >> that is delay -- that is lady
8:17 am
gaga paying tribute to the david bowie. uptown funk by mark robson and bruno mars. the record of year, -- kendrick lamar took home five grammys and taylor swift looked fabulous. her 1989 album took album of the year. >> and lady gaga even won over dagan mcdowell. >> it'm a huge david bowie fan. >> we will take you to sheu -- chicago live. back in a moment. ♪ we live in a pick and choose world.
8:18 am
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8:21 am
welcome back. four of the large east crude oil producers includes saudi arabia and russia agreed to freeze outputs including in qatar. >> that's the big thing right now. whether it's reports of these guys getting together, toil prices drop $1 .50.
8:22 am
we don't have a production cut, we have a freeze. they are freezing production at the highest level we we've seen in years. the russia production probably can't produce more oil anyway. this is the beginning of a process. they want to see if other oil producers will join in this production freeze and maybe down the road a freeze can lead to a cut but we are not getting that cut today. oil prices have turned lower. hay will get an idea on we will see comments from other oil producers. are they going to welcome this freeze? >> the ones we want to hear from are iran and iraq. >> thank you very much. >> we know it's not a cut it's a freeze but it's a freeze of production at very elevated levels which were agreed upon many january. >> why would they want to cut now?
8:23 am
they just got the go ahead to increase with the sanctions being lifted. what is the incentive for them to reduce production as lock as the north american shale are still producing. you want to keep pushing to these guys until their production is permanently harmed. >> the oil farmer today and that is helping equities. a couple things to watch before the open. bank of japan increaseing the negative rates. so far mar kits have spoken. in terms of oil and the whole detpraeugs -- deflation story this has yet to play out in oil and the impact on the acts of central banks adding more le liquidity and the damage it does to the banking system. you were talking about jp morgan
8:24 am
i think people are looking at any glimmer of good news. >> right. >>ly double check this but i think he did the same thing back in 2009. he knows his business. he can see the consume near a way. people miss it. i think that was huge vote of confidence. >> coming from him, ceo of the largest bank. you did see e the stock stop falling. >> right. >> at the end of it last weekend. there's a little under them today. >> hopefully that will last but i'm a little skeptical. we still have so enough negative rights. you 20% of global bonds are trading at negative interest rates. >> it' 23%. i mean 6.7% of european gdp will gross is actually many those banks at negative interest rates. how is that going to* help if an
8:25 am
economy that is already struggleleing? >> it is already hard hit for years. we finally have the savings right here up to a three-year high. we got wal-mart earnings coming out late there week. we talked about it briefly yesterday. if jamie can see the nation, wal-mart certainly sees it. they had specific problems in the last year or two. they were raising the wages because their average full-time worker is making close to $14 an hour starting this year with the wage hikes. -p that hurts this bottom line but watch for sales. let's hope they are good. wal-mart numbers is out. that's one of the few stocks that's up in the dow jones industrial average year the to date. verizon and wal-mart. >> strong words this morning from jeb bush and donald trump. just four days away from the south carolina primary. more highlights next. first oil alert. were years away from even --
8:26 am
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maria: welcome back. i spoke with republican presidential frontrunner last hour about the ongoing feud he is engaged in with senator ted cruz. >> cruz he seriously has a mental problem. cruz is liar. he has a problem. i have never seen anybody to that extent. maria: want to bring in south carolina governor and current south carolina congressman mark sanford. thanks so much for joining us. >> yes, ma'am. maria: how does a fight like this play out for the people of south carolina going into the primaries? >> well, i don't know how it
8:30 am
plays out for people of south carolina but what i do know it will have reimpact i think the election and voter psyche going into saturday. i think a couple of things are going to unfold. i think trump has hurt himself. he defied all political gravity since this thing started but south carolina has been an important bellwether. i think it will send a bellwether message with regard, to the degree of crass, i'm not sure what the right word would be. he seemingly crossed the line here in the debate on saturday. so i think it is not going to spell that well for him. i suspect at some level it hurts cruz. you can't take these attacks forever without some degree of inflicted damage. maria: who do you expect to play well in south carolina with the upcoming primary? >> polls have it trump way out and cruz is second. goes to either rubio or bush. my sense it will be a jump ball
8:31 am
between trump, cruz and either rubio bush. i'm not sure which. kasich had a great performance on the debate on saturday. i don't know if it is too little too late though to pull him across the finish line in what i think will be a consolidated group at the front. my sense is jeb has a little bit of momentum. maria: yeah. >> but again, we'll see. maria: dagen? >> congressman, it is good to see you. did south carolina voters watch that debate because i don't know how they could watch that and think that donald trump is republican and is a conservative? >> no, that is what i was trying to get at. there was a line crossed. it's one thing to hear about him saying something about megyn kelly. it's something to say something about somebody else but when you're in south carolina and there is a debate here in state there was a degree of attentiveness i think has been there, you know he, that we've
8:32 am
not seen thus far. people were focused on saturday. i walked a little bit downtown in greenville. people were talking about it wouldn't be the case for debates in other states. there was across the line crazy talk about 9/11. whether it is right or wrong it is not accepted somehow george w. bush hid the fact 9/11 was coming. when you go that far out on a limb i think you put yourself at risks as candidate. i think trump has done so. maria: we talked about this last hour with jeb bush. he offered his take on the candidacy of donald trump as well. listen to this, sir. >> donald trump is not conservative and he doesn't have a steadiness necessary to be president. he gets unhinged pretty quick. you can get under his skin and kind of loses it. sounded more like michael moore last saturday than candidate for the republican nomination. maria: that is the criticism, right, congressman? the fact he is using some talks
8:33 am
points perhaps right out of which of course is incredibly liberal. that is why he said weapons of mass destruction comment. do you think this is being felt persistent in south carolina or no? >> again, we'll find out come saturday. what i think, it's a mistake to, to attack him based on notion he is not conservative. that is kind of long established. i was talking to a group down at sun city which is a big retirement city in the southeast corner of south carolina a couple weeks back. they said to me, you know, look, i don't know that he has been consistent philosophically. i don't know if i want his finger close to the nuclear button but i want to send a message to washington i want to see china broken, not the country but tea in china. but i think he will send that message. it is not illogical choice given degree of frustration out there.
8:34 am
what people said to me, wait, you said it would get better after republicans took the house. then you said it would get better after republicans took the senate. never mind the fact that promises were premised on a non-constitutional form of government. you still have got three branches. people are frustrated. they want to see a change. maria: yeah. >> the idea he is not conservative enough i don't think is something that really cuts but when he goes as far he went on saturday i think he can do real damage to himself which i believe he did. maria: lenore? >> i think there is a way other candidates could do a better job highlighting these things. you mentioned he goes too far. when he was speaking with maria he talked about post-9/11 going into iraq was the greatest mistake ever made, not just the greatest mistake this country has ever made but the greatest mistake in all of history. that kind of hyperbole i think opens up the door. do you think they're not taking advantage of such, what we might
8:35 am
call faux pass? >> yeah. said to somebody other day look if i was running against him i would put a thousand gross rating points, which is a lot of tv advertising up with trump in husband own words. then i put another thousand points up. i put another thousand points up. seems that is what is happening here in the last couple of hours, within the last 24 hours. trump, cruz put up an ad with trump in his own words. i think you will see different candidates exploit some of what he has said. biggest thing for trump to watch out for is getting away what brought him to the table. i think there is a wave of economic populism, a wave of economic angst that is real and palpable. i mean people are genuinely worried about what comes next in the economy for themselves and for those that they love. and i think that's the been the sweet spot of the trump candidacy. that wave of economic populism has been the jet fuel between,
8:36 am
not only the trump campaign but frankly the sanders campaign on the left. maria: right. >> if he stays there he is at a good spot. when he starts talking about 9/11 and stuff on that front spends a lot of time over there i think he is hurting himself. maria: we'll see about that. congressman, good to see you. thanks so much. >> my pleasure. maria: "mornings with maria" starts every day at 6:00 a.m. on the fox business network. before we take a break look at some of the moments you may have missed in the program. >> cut back on financial industry events. canceled two before new hampshire because of optics. my whole question if we do the superdelegate route, why have a primary? go straight to the convention. >> i am saddened we do have a frontrunner that wants to say he bets rid of muslims and makes statements and people support him. shows anger in this country and failure of obama and that is why people are supporting donald trump. maria: by the way talking about a cut, you have to talk about
8:37 am
cheaters. they are going to cheat. you know that every time they're going to cut there's cheating. >> looks like doned a trying to use his business tactics of suing everybody to get his way to the political sphere which is kind of, not going to work. >> don henley only original member on the stage. >> is that your favorite? >> i don't like the eagles actually. maria: what? what? i don't like the eagles. are you nuts! >> give us the laugh. you don't know when to to stop laughing. maria: you're killing me.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
maria: new video of a contentious university of missouri professor yelling at the police during a protest last year he. cheryl casone with the headlines right now. >> maria, this disgraced professor from missouri who captured national attention for confronting a student journalist caught on camera cursing at police. >> this video of melissa click shot back in november at homecoming parade protest. when police tried to break it up, click started cursings at them. school chancellor said he was disappointed in her conduct. "sports illustrated" diving into the virtual reality.
8:42 am
they're not divided at all the. new swimsuit app contains 11 virtual reality clips. they have with the cover models. check it on the smartphone with or without the goggles. most guys want the goings gels i'm assuming. last minute call for the coyote back upgoalie, 31-year-old nathan schoenfeld was bathings five-year-old begins when he got a text from his father-in-law to pack his bag. his father-in-law is the coyote's equipment manager. the goalie suffered a leg injury. he got there 30 minutes before the puck dropped but he never entered the game. he got a championship belt for his efforts. i'm sure the kids appreciate it the best. maria: thank you so much, cheryl. results for a new treatment for cancer show extraordinary results, quote, extraordinary
8:43 am
results in first clinical trials. scientists are saying now that it could be a breakthrough in curing cancer. joining for more from raleigh, north carolina, recognized cardiologist and medical expert dr. kevin campbell. dr. campbell, thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks so much for having me. maria: characterize what we're seeing here. this is amazing news. >> it really is. it is called immunotherapy. the basis of this therapy we use our own body's immune system to fight cancer cells. it is done in a way that is very, very successful. it is early and we've got a lot more work to do but this is very promising. >> promising in what kinds of cancer specifically? what are we talking about in terms of where we're seeing major improvement and closer to a cure? >> so the two cancers that were studied are something non-hodgkins lymphoma and another one particular type of lukemia which are sometimes very deadly cancers. in this case we took the patient's own white blood cells,
8:44 am
took them out of the body, tagged them with a protein that helped them fight tumor cells with their own immune system and put them back into the body. success rates were 70 to 90%. however, these were very small clinical trials. maria: this is very important, dagen, these are two canners among the hardest to get our arms around and we're talking about getsing closer to a choir. >> absolutely. doctor, how does this treatment differ from some of the immune though therapy drugs on the market and even their application being expanded like metastatic melanoma but they have been approved for lung cancer treatment, for example? >> so what you're seeing here is what we're calling personalized medicine where we base your treatment on your own genetic code, your dna. we're taking your cells out of your body and putting them back in and allowing them to turn on your own immune system. it is very targeted, it is very personalized.
8:45 am
i still think we're years out from mainstreaming this but this was really promising n cancer you rarely see success rates like 90% for cure in some more lethal diseases. >> i was going to ask you about the cost differential between a drug that's been approved and a personalized immunotherapy treatment like this? is there any way to know how much the price disparity would be? >> you know, if we base it what we're seeing with all the new drugs for instance, for hepatitis-c that is $80,000 for a treatment for three months. i suspect these will be incredibly expensive. i think that is because of all the r&d goes into it. my hope we figure out a way to do this, marion stream it, make it affordable for all americans so everyone can get health care they deserve. maria: what are we still waiting for in terms of the barriers? where is the hardest fought cancers right now? and are we seeing this kind of progress because, not obviously the investment in r&d but after
8:46 am
the human genome and so much data certainly made us smarter about this? >> i think sequencing the human genome made a huge advance in our ability to treat these diseases. i think over time we'll be able to develop more and more therapies. immunotherapy is so new, we have to remember these trials were seven patients and nine patients. the biggest barrier is side-effects, when you turn immune system on against cancer, it releases all chemicals in the body that can make you incredibly sick. we're still fighting side-effect battle with these treatments. maria: i see. dr. kevin campbell, thanks so much for your insights. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. maria: a bit of good news, sir thank you. taking the stress out of air travel. jo ling kent went sky-high to get latest from a company many are calling the uber of the skies. reporter: my first helicopter ride and it was thrilling.
8:47 am
seems startups are trying to provide luxurious on demand options to beat the rush. the traffic, the long security lines and cramp seats, everything you hate about flying. enter a new service sometimes called the uber-of air travel. with a few taps on your phone, you order a helicopter and private jet to get you from manhattan to miami. certainly not your average airport experience. there were no lines at security. this is the gate. and this is my boarding pass. ♪ instead of sitting in traffic, you fly over it, getting to any new york city airport in about ten minutes. holy cow. okay, we just landed. that was my first helicopter ride. i made it, it was fun and great. instead of security we hop off the helicopter and walk right
8:48 am
over to the jet. but at cool $4500 round-trip, it is not cheap. more than double what it would cost to buy last minute first class ticket on commercial airline. blade has big believers. it received major investment from google's eric schmidt and barry diller and bob pittman. like uber, blade is logistics manager. it doesn't own the aircraft. keeping the company asset light. >> we're not operators. we arrange flights and control the customer experience, when they book on the app, go in the lounge, experience on board and in air, it is up with a great pilot. reporter: blade estimates between traffic, lines and delays, customers save five hours each way, leaving you more time for fund before returning to reality. played's revenue has grown by seven fold. it is in middle after fund-raising round. new competition from gotham air
8:49 am
and competition from uber itself, uber chopper. maria: i used it. it is great. >> it is new way to travel, dagen, you can take the dogs on board. >> that was my question. maria: great point. >> i can't even get extra cheese on my sandwich. my husband won't let me do that. he is not letting me fly $4500 anywhere. maria: jo ling kent. futures looking to rally at opening bell. we're expecting a higher opening. look at this james cordon and justin bieber fresh off the grammys breaking into their gift bags after the awards show. >> dude, tell you the best thing about the grammys. >> what? >> the goody bags. >> my goodness, i have mine right here. >> what have you got? what have you got in yours. >> oh, my god. rolex? >> a role -- rolex? >> rolex? >> headphones. diamond bracelet?
8:50 am
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the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ maria: welcome back. futures off session highs but still showing a triple-digit gain at opening of trading up 162 points on the dow. adam shapiro at new york stock exchange with premarket look. adam. >> look at adt. there was announcement that apollo global management will buy adt, the private home security firm for 6.9 billion. revenue from the combined companies of adt and protection one which apollo already owns will be 4.2 billion, maria. the stock was high as 56% in the premarket but adt's stock falling just a bit since the
8:54 am
announcement of this deal. also jpmorgan chase, europe investment bank research put out a note this morning upgrading goldman sachs from underweight to overweight. and also morgan stanley was upgraded to overweight, in part because they expect both of these investment banks to be repurchasing stock over the next three years. something to the tune of 23% of their market cap. maria, back to you. maria: thank you so much, adam. final thoughts from dagen and lenore when we come back. stay with us. ♪ i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪
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maria: welcome back. back from a long weekend. markets about to open 30 minutes away. looks like we get a rally. final thoughts lenore hawkins. >> get a rally mostly off draghi. central bank says we'll do whatever it takes. that gives market as pop. in the u.s. we need to look what is going on in europe and banks and how it affects rest of the world. how it effects emerging markets and how it affects us. that is tying into what is happening in political arena, europe is looking around, struggling to keep their economy going. china can not keep them supported and u.s. is barely treading water. our political casino going on here with leadership is little bit confusing making europeans still very concerned with investing in future growth because they don't see a strong u.s. coming out of it. maria: i do, dagen, think uncertainty about the presidential election weighs into the uncertainty of the market. >> absolutely.
8:59 am
all the candidates are talking down the economy. they are, their solutions in many ways will be bad for business. wall street is now the enemy. all that hurts. and staying on politics, i'm a dog lover. i would say most people are dog lovers. maria: yes. >> but i don't think borking is the way to win -- barking way to win over voters the way hillary clinton did. the wolf, whatever she was doing, that will come back to haunt her. maria: that was weird. i love dogs, you know that. my little baby girl. when hearing somebody else bark like that, i'm what? >> seems like she was practicing it. it was a pretty good bark. maybe she kept bill in line all these years by woofing at him. set big dog. maybe that is how they communicate with each other potentially. maria: american politics going to the dogs. >> i expect more than a woof, woof, more of a grrr from hillary clinton. more of a growl. i didn't start it. she started it. maria: really weird.
9:00 am
lenore hawkins, dagen mcdowell, great to see you today. thanks very much. always a pleasure. see you tomorrow, same time, same place. have a great day, everybody. "varney & company" over to my friend, stuart varney. stuart: thanks very much, maria. maria: i won't bark at you. stuart: you could if you wish. maria: i won't. stuart: did you watch your show yesterday live, if you did you would see a setup for today's stocks. live is where it's at especially when your money is at stake. good morning, everyone. look at this. solid gain for stocks when we open up business next half hour. not a bad way to start a week. let's see if this is start of a solid rebound. that is the question, isn't it? no rebound in hillary. she is fighting hard in nevada. a state she was supposed to win easily. bernie is on a roll. trump doubled down. harshly criticized jeb bush's


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