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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  February 16, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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mcdowell, great to see you today. thanks very much. always a pleasure. see you tomorrow, same time, same place. have a great day, everybody. "varney & company" over to my friend, stuart varney. stuart: thanks very much, maria. maria: i won't bark at you. stuart: you could if you wish. maria: i won't. stuart: did you watch your show yesterday live, if you did you would see a setup for today's stocks. live is where it's at especially when your money is at stake. good morning, everyone. look at this. solid gain for stocks when we open up business next half hour. not a bad way to start a week. let's see if this is start of a solid rebound. that is the question, isn't it? no rebound in hillary. she is fighting hard in nevada. a state she was supposed to win easily. bernie is on a roll. trump doubled down. harshly criticized jeb bush's
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family, calling ted cruz a liar and threatening a lawsuit. he still leads in south carolina. they're almost there, socialist venezuela on verge of total collapse. the zika virus arrived, terrible story. they have run out of other people's money. attention, bernie sanders. "varney & company" is about to begin but first we bring you this from the campaign trail. >> i tried to figure out how we do that with the republicans you know? we need to get that dog, follow him around and every time they say these things, like, oh, you know the great recession was caused by too much regulation,. [barking] stuart: everybody, we have this coming into us from europe, terror from europe, belgium specifically. police raided several homes in molenbeek, near brussels. high concentration of muslim residents. seized cell phones, computer
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equipment, arrested 10 people suspected of operating isis recruitment ring. there have been 22 terror arrests in belgium the past six weeks. how about this? news on oil this morning. saudi arabia, russia, venezuela and qatar have agreed to a production freeze. that is not the same as a production cut. the markets have little faith in a freeze. oil prices down on that news. all right, here's where the dow jones industrial average will open this morning, still pointing to a rally. mike murphy, you're on camera, a little surprise there? >> ready for you now. stuart: we're up 150, 160 point at the opening bell. are you prepared to say, okay, ease off on anxiety a little bit, this will be a solid rebound? >> i think i've been saying ease off on the anxiety. look, stuart, friday with we were up 300 points on the dow. we have a nice rally in the futures. we're off the highs. we were up 230 earlier.
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the key here we're not seeing anything that tells me run for the hills, the sky is falling. going for correction in the market. look for opportunities. stuart: we can relax a little bit, can't we? >> absolutely relax. panicking doesn't do anyone any good. relax, get data as it unfolds. for instance with the oil market. we heard news of a freeze from four countries. oil rallied 6%. as news came out more and more, we realized it didn't include iran and didn't include iraq and it wasn't a cut, it was a freeze, market gave back the 6% and trading flat. no need to panic. no need to be your for rick. look at data and trade what is in front of you. stuart: keeping us calm. >> calm. stuart: that is your role in the show. mike, see you at 9:30, opening bell. get to politics. only four days until the democrat caucuses in nevada. hillary clinton is there, in nevada, shoring up support. in the face of bernie sanders's surge.
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meanwhile sanders drew a crowd of, 18,000 in colorado. bernie is surging. hillary is worried and she ought to be worried s that the way you sum it up? >> no. that barking thing, that should take care of all of our problems. that so great. that is so bad. stuart: really? >> oh -- stuart: off-the-cuff. >> yeehaw, made that look normal, howard dean thing. of course you should be worried. this is humiliating that something she has to worry about. democrats cleared everybody away because it was her time to run. bernie sanders is giving her a run for her money because she is so unlikeable. stuart: i think democrats are worried because bernie is surging. >> oh, yeah, can they elect socialist, avowed socialist to the white house. they must be very worried about this. >> i'm sure they are. i'm sure joe biden is feeling a little bummed. he may jump in, who knows. this is insane.
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we didn't expect her to win new hampshire but she really lost. that was a bloodbath. that was humiliating. the contact she is struggling in nevada no matter whether she wins or loses is reason to worry on its own. stuart: there is a story this morning in a lot of newspapers, the firewall that was supposed to start with nevada, stop bernie, promote hillary, easy cruise to victory in the nomination the firewall is breaking down. >> you forget the bandwagon effect. when you win somewhere like new hampshire especially when you win, people might not know about demographics, okay, he can do it. i will vote for him. i wasn't going to. it is not wasting my vote. hillary is the worst. i will volt for bernie. stuart: what a situation. who would have thought? >> never. she keeps, she is not trustworthy. she is not likeable. i have a hard time finding any reason why anyone would vote for her. stuart: barking, you're not making a big deal? come on. >> intelligent as argument as
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that was, smart as it made her look, that was horrible, it was humiliating. stuart: no, you're picking on her. >> you know what? if you're barking in public, yes, i'm going to pick on you. i think that is totally fair. stuart: we do hear you. thanks very much. stay there. got more for you a little bit later on. turning to donald trump, dick cheney on fox news "special report" last night. he had a sharp-edged opinion of donald trump. watch this. >> i have never seen him involved in any way that would lead me to believe he had any first-hand or practical experience about it. >> you do see -- >> disappointment frankly he is acting that way. i've said i will support the nominee of my party. if he operates the way he is operating, sounding like a liberal democrat, i don't think he will getthe nomination. stuart: all right. karl rove is with us. author of, the triumph of william mckinley. we're talking trump and jeb this morning.
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karl, welcome to the program. trump's attacks appear to be working. he is going after mr. bush. he is going after the bush family and he is way out front still in south carolina. you have to conclude that the attacks are successful, don't you? >> well, i don't think so because what he's doing he is making it increasingly difficult for him to get any support from any other candidates. remember, we started out with 17 candidates in the race. we're down now to about eight. not a single person who dropped out endorsed donald trump. do you think ted cruz if he were to drop out or marco rubio or john kasich or jeb bush, or ben carson are going to throw their arms around him? no. he has a high floor but he is increasingly creating a low ceiling. for him to go out and april the words of the -- ape the words of codepink and left-wing and saying bush is responsible for 9/11, bush lied about wmd in iraq, both of those things are
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demonstrable false and more than that they're damnable lies. and say i'm only guy who had foresight to say, quote, loud and clear we shouldn't go into iraq, there is not a single statement on the record until june of 2004, and a full explanation august 2004, 14, 16 months after the war began, at time the war began in march of 2003 he did not say what he claims in retrospect had the great vision of destabilization of iran. he did not say loud and clear, except maybe in a shower while singing to himself some morning. stuart: look at this. this is "real clear politics," their coverage of south carolina. this is an average of all polling numbers. >> right. stuart: trump as 36. you can see this. cruz 17, rubio 15. we've got kasich at 9, almost tied, jeb, way down there at 9%. jeb's thrown everything, he has thrown his family into this race. i don't see any sign yet that
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it's working. >> well, "real clear politics" average is the right way to go about looking at these contests but there is one weakness in it. it has lots of strengths. i use it as the best indicator where things are going, but it's a trailing indicator, not a lagging indicator, not a leading indicator because it is an average. in the "real clear politics" average are polls that happened literally in the field before the vote in new hampshire. and, look, i have been in south carolina. i've been in new hampshire. we lost by 18 points in 2000 and then won by almost that margin in south carolina, but, it was, it was, we went deep into negative territory shortly after new hampshire and came back out. i don't know where south carolina is going to end up but i do think this. i think whatever the margin is for anybody, it's going to be a lot tighter race than predicted in "real clear politics" average as of today. stuart: karl rove, thank you very much indeed for getting on the show this morning.
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we appreciate it, karl. >> you bet. absolutely. stuart: now this, the biggest night in music last night is the grammys. lauren simonetti has all the major moments in case like me, you missed it. go ahead. >> i have those moments for you. the lowlights of the grammy awards. first adele facing audio issues. listen. ♪ she is singing all i ask with accompaniment of a piano. it sounded steely and out of tune. she explained the piano. mic fell on the strings. there was no real guitar. she brushed it off. she went to get in-n-out burger afterwards as pick me up. rapper kendrick lamar, taking home five gram grammys and getting political, and with this
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performance, in handcuffs, chains and blue prison uniform. his songs are black identity and they have become touchstones of the "black lives matter" movement. stuart: are the grammys always political? >> they could be. beyonce and super bowl performance. now this. we see politics in music recently. stuart: we most certainly do. i did miss it. thanks very much. >> i hope we got you up to speed. stuart: got it. all right, lauren. markets where are we going to be this morning? up 170, 180 points s that a rebound? not too bad if you ask me. donald trump threatening third party run. republicans are unfairly treating him. they are doing everything they can to get him out of the race. we're on that one.
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stuart: get back to the gop race. man it's hot. trump taking direct aim at ted cruz. roll tape. >> ted cruz, he is seriously, he
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has got a mental problem. ted cruz is a liar. he has a problem. he is a liar. i never seen anybody to that extent. stuart: strong stuff. it was on maria this morning on this network. he also threaten ad third party run again. he went after george w. bush. come on in, brad thomas, who knows trump personally. on campaign trail with him and writing a book about the trump campaign. all right, when i watched donald trump at his news conference yesterday afternoon, i thought you know, this is no longer entertaining. you're not getting my attention any longer. i think you're rather boarish. what is your response to that? >> well, you know i've been, as you said i've been following trump now for number of years, by the way my book is a business book. i'm not necessarily going to weigh in on the political side of the conversation. stuart: okay. >> i will tell you that trump is, you know he certainly been an effective leader in terms of managing risk -- stuart: come on, brad. look, you watched that news conference.
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so did everybody else. my reaction was, you know, i have about seen enough of this. i don't like him calling people liars and threatening lawsuits and then, demeaning the bush family. i don't particularly like that. do you? >> well you know i was at the debate this weekend and i was one of the few trump supporters who got into the event and so certainly i can argue that it was a stacked deck against trump when he was there. and, but you know, what? i think, there are sick condition dates left right now. i think it is going to be certainly interesting week, here in greenville south carolina where i'm based now. it is all gloves off. stuart: brad, are you somewhat afraid to give me honest opinion to reaction what you saw? do you think he would kick oaf campaign and close up shop and wouldn't let you write the book you know? >> i will be honest with you
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here. first of all i'm supporting donald trump. my book is not something he is necessarily, he has no financial interest in the book. this is project that i took on three years ago before he announced. stuart: okay. if you're a supporter of trump, do you like to see him do this? do you think he can win the presidency when he does this? >> absolutely. i mean, as i said, this is a business aspect. we have a candidate who is running really on predominantly business ticket and you know i interview quite a few ceos. that smart of my jobs -- stuart: he is not running on business ticket. he is not. he is running on emotional ainge ary ticket, that washington needs fixing and conventional politics ain't going to fix it. that is what he is running on. >> well, you know, again part of what i do is look at ceos and how they manage risk and we have seen, we're seeing a battle-tested, ceo who has been able to manage risk through
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multiple economic cycles that is the most relevant part of this candidate in my eyes. stuart: okay. brad, thank you very much for being part of the show. we appreciate it. good luck with the book. good luck on the campaign trail. >> thanks so much. stuart: kat, i pressed brad very hard. my opinion the man came off as boarish yesterday. >> he did. stuart: is enough enough? has he peaked? is his support retreaty point? >> i don't think so. stuart: never has in the past. >> because, exactly what we just saw. no matter how boarish he is, the borish he is, people who support him are decided, most of the ones i talked to, trump, trump, and he can do no wrong. that is good position to be in. stuart: he is 30% of the vote and stuck right there at 30% the vote. he is not gaining. >> part of that the field continues to be big, a lot of other candidates are not dropping out they will hold on to few percentage. >> he is not second choice for a
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lot of people. stuart: i think we dealt with politics. we'll deal more with it, that's for sure. there is this. scientists working on a new treatment for cancer around they say the results are extraordinary. there's a story. and this. we are drinking less beer and more liquor, and millenials drink more than half of all the wine consumed in america. how about that? >> jo ling kent. millenial. back in a moment. ♪ the market's been pretty volatile lately. there is a lot at stake here, you know? we've been planning for this for a long time. and we'll keep evolving things. knowing you is how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: got numbers for you from the distilled spirits council. they say liquor's share of the market is going up. beer's share of the alcohol market is going down. how about this? liquor sales account for 35% of the alcohol market. it was only 25% last year. katherine tim with us. is this cocktail culture. >> beer for people who don't want to get drunk, right? doesn't work. i don't know. i don't know. stuart: is that right? news to me. >> i don't know, i drink whiskey.
9:24 am
whiskey and soda, rye is my drink. wine i understand sometimes. >> sometimes. >> i had a glass of wine on saturday because i didn't feel it was appropriate to drink whiskey before 5:00. >> fair enough. you have to draw the line somewhere. wineries all around the world marketing to millenials very aggressively because they think it is way to buy alcohol at affordable price. stuart: millenials drink more than half of all the wine consumed in the united states of america. that really shocks me. >> it is shocking statistic. i wonder how that was actually counted to be honest. you see cocktails making a come back. liquor making a come back, because people going back to the "mad men" days as they have been for five or 10 years now. stuart: isn't it a fact, people think beer fills you up. >> yeah. stuart: it is heavy. and it fattens you up too. >> i can't have pizza and beer. i can have pizza and wine.
9:25 am
i like peas say, i think we've exhausted the subject. >> i will take tequila, actually. >> i like tequila. anything but vodka. i don't drink it. stuart: extraordinary show. we have a market rally or at least we will in six minutes time. we've been preparing you for this since yesterday when we were awake and live on television. the other guys, they were on tape. nowhere to be seen. we have iran shipping oil to europe when the world is already swimming in the stuff. the opening bell coming up next for you.
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thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to .. cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪ can a a subconscious. mind? a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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>> the has a high floor but increasingly creating a low ceiling. from to go out and a the words of code pink and the left wing saying. is responsible for 9/11, bush lied about wm d in iraq, both of those things are demonstrably false and more than that they are damnable lies. stuart: that is karl rove, no great enthusiast for donald trump and that was donald trump talking about donald trump. if you want to catch this stuff join us at 9:00 each week day. that is when we start. 30 seconds from now "the opening bell" will be ringing again on wall street. tuesday morning, opening up after a three day weekend, we
9:30 am
expect the dow to go up roughly 180 points at "the opening bell". that will be a nice rally. here's the question we will pose to everybody. is this a solid rebound? last? remember, we are 2,300 points away from the all-time high for the dow industrials. solid, 9:30 precisely, we are off and running and we are up 50 points in the first couple seconds of business. we are going to got 170. jo lin kent is here, so is todd horowitz and mike murphy in new york. i ask that question again. is this a solid rebound? >> most certainly is an more impressive due to the fact the we brought 300 points friday, now we are adding to those gains so that the gains today, you want to hold these gains but it is very constructive that the market looks to be going for a bottoming process. >> is this a solid rebound? >> good morning, absolutely not.
9:31 am
this is a short rally. the rate of change has been straight up. there is the shorts getting squeezed there and is going to go back, the market is not a bull market, this is a bear market, we're going to see much lower prices and this is a great opportunity to sell right here. i have been selling all night since last night because this market has no chance to go much higher. >> i love the crystal ball from todd but i want to keep an eye on financials, if i have some energy, news out of jpmorgan, upgrades this morning in the financial sector. look at the financials. if they can catch a big and recover after this steep decline, big if, i don't have the crystal ball you do, i have no sir indeed but i look at this, if financial pledges to rally the correction is over and we go higher. stuart: hold on. i want to talk about the price of oil because saudi arabia, russia, venezuela, have agreed to a production freeze.
9:32 am
i believe that is contingent upon iraq and iran not raising their production levels, but the freeze is nothing like a production cut. it is a freeze. that is why i think the market is not appearing -- doesn't have much faith in this freeze. >> i think it has no faith. i think it doesn't care. one thing i think we have learned over the last few months, how we produce our own oil? we are not as concerned what happens over there anyway. we are not really users of iran oil, we are not users of foreign oil anymore. that is why win you see this unrest you don't see those major rallies in the oil market. when it comes down to is we have too much supply but i still believe oil is a great by, this is where you want to own it. no matter what they do, one day we are going to wake up and the oil will be gone and we will be wondering -- somehow it will happen. this is a great buying opportunity in oil.
9:33 am
stuart: sell stocks and buy oil, how about that, $29.45. >> certainly has a point because earlier this morning oil was up 6% at the conference is not there, we are down to flat again. stuart: we have this news, general lector extending oil and gas executives to iran. looking for deals. adam shapiro with a new york exchange. don't expect this to have any effect on stock but what about the effect on g e's public image, what do you say? >> very interesting because ge made this announcement yesterday when our competitors cnbc, it wasn't as if this was a huge announcement they made but lorenzos and minnelli, chief executive of ge's gas and oil days, based in london, actually has already been there exploring business opportunities and ge put out a statement saying in line with easing of sanctions we are looking at potential business opportunities in iraq while fully complying with rules
9:34 am
laid out by the u.s. government, this is key because still even with sanctions being lifted no u.s. citizen can be part of a transaction and no u.s. technology can be part of the transactions so foreign based subsidiary is going to be doing this and of course it is oil-drilling equipment and oil processing equipment said ge stock right now is almost 1% and then the oil story of the day, those four who put the oil freeze in place don't expect iran to take part of that and those only accounted 25% of global output, one of the reasons traders here are saying you're seeing oil not as strong as it was earlier. stuart: i guess if ge can get a contract out of iran go get it. i thought they said no american companies period but maybe they will do ok for g e. thank you very much indeed. how about this? star wars episode viii has started filming and i believe two stars are going to be joining the cast.
9:35 am
>> laura dern, kelly mary as well, three star is joining, the new trailer out, you concede that, that is the director, this movie is coming at december 15th, 2017, it will certainly help this next year for disney. gave them a huge bomb and offset the problems disney is having. stuart: two years away. >> think about new the production and how much this franchises were there putting these movies out quickly. stuart: i think the real story behind disney is espn which they own. you want to explain this? >> i do a you are correct. look at espn. the earnings announcement last week explained to us the accord cutting wasn't as bad as people were expecting it to be so disney stock down 25% and the concern the 1 will go out and have cable tv, no one will watch espn. i think this selling is a written. the blessed going to watch live sports and even when we change
9:36 am
the way we watch sports, they are going to figure out a way to monetize that so i like a franchise here. stuart: i think he is one of the best executives in america today. he has worked wonders for disney. >> to that point when things were bad, one quarter and two quarters ago he said we are seeing a slowdown in espn, this past quarter he came out and said it is nowhere near as bad as people are anticipating. stuart: we are often running tuesday morning, we are up 150 points on the dow. here are the big names we watch every single day because that is where you put your money. look at amazon, firmly above $500 a share. microsoft, i own a small amount of it, $50 a share, it is above 50. here is facebook over $100, 103, back to that, netflix is another favorite which has been beaten down recently, backed up by $1 at 80. the forget apple. where's apple this morning? 94.
9:37 am
give us the story again that they are falling netflix in the streaming business, sprinting their own stuff. >> a new series based on dr. gray's life, he worked with apple because they acquired beat by him, and the original programming that will be available on apple music and funneled to apple tv and the idea is to pump up the users of apple music, they need that bad, they have gone off to a rocky start a you may see apple popping a little bit here because anticipation of new products coming to market and the fall, there's a question whether those will be cool enough, innovative enough on the global stage. stuart: i have more names for you. at aut adt going private here, $15 billion deal. $13 at 40. they are offering a lot of money, take your price. they posted profits, raise their guidance and look what it does for stock, 9% higher.
9:38 am
groupon, we have this one on deathwatch once. ali baba has a 5% stake in it and it is at $0.17. when we put something on death watch it goes up. log onto wi-fi when you fly, gogo is american says its rival has faster in-flight internet. is down 34%. that is a sell-off and have. how about his lead? to as low model-s for kids, what is that? >> it is a $500 to as a model-s there making with radio flyer, make a little wagon, this is for kids and the idea is to cultivate future tesla understand if you want to do price check on this, you can get of labor jeannie or a ferrari or mustang for only $2.50 at walmart but the test of $500. stuart: may i explain to our viewers why i am totalling away here. you have five children and six
9:39 am
coming. it is this stunning performance, well done. talk about is the choice. >> none of them have 8 tesla car. >> elon musk is the genius and represented the investment. >> he does pile up self promoter. >> possibly but he is also ingenious and also has a transporting device in california which will be a new big one. i do not own tesla stock yet. stuart: look at the airline's. america rising up to 110 daily flights to cuba, none of that makes any difference for airline stocks but they are all. >> they are not going into effect until the end of the year but this is big for the airlines, not as big as cheap
9:40 am
oil but they will be 20 daily routes back and forth to cuba's main airport, but that the airlines pay for this, they have 15 days to put in their bids for who gets these and a lot of talk about competition on these bids, someone has to pay a. stuart: who gets the money when the airlines a? cuba? there is the story. that is the headline. look at gold. they had a big run up recently, they are no. 27 right there at $1,200 an ounce. todd, coming to this. that was a safety play, no longer a safety play. >> i think it is a great place. looking at the commodity it is a great play, about 1200. if you want it so fast to 1150 to 1250, it has to have some sort of full back, to get in here, they try to push it down overnight, we were at a 1194 and
9:41 am
we are back above 1200, i elvira 1200. i think we go higher. the commodity space, doesn't start to become a buyer as well. kids got to eat a lot. stuart: we fear you. thanks everybody. the market this tuesday morning, we're 160 points, a 300 point rally friday. ninth move up. data how he's going to close and we have this the special forces say they are not ready to integrate women, not prepared for the front lines. the man who killed usama bin laden collins us on that subject, wind in special ops 11:00 this morning and the supreme court struggling, testifying on a total politicization of the highest court. judge andrew napolitano joins us on that subject next. i have asthma...
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stuart: not a bad rally to start the trading week, we're 300 points, up 160 in 15 minutes this tuesday morning. with the passing of justice antonin scalia president obama is set to appoint a nominee to fill his seat. this is my opinion. is nominating process is totally politicized. not sure i like that. judge andrew napolitano is here. i don't think it should be 100% political. scientist and reality but i don't think it should be. where's the beagle scholastic ability of the nominee? surely that counts for something.
9:46 am
judge napolitano: what you say makes perfect sense but what you see nearly always makes perfect sense but we live in a time of raw power and the supreme court has been at the fulcrum of that power. going back to the nomination of robert bork which is when all this aggressive means of pushing forward a candidate and knocking down the candidate began and after that happened with justice clarence thomas and we will not see it happen again, whoever the nominee is may very well be a very clear thinker and brilliant legal academic but those who agree with the person will legs of them and those who disagree will do their best to detract him or her because this is the fulcrum vote. this is the vote that could make four conservatives have a majority. if president obama's republican successor should there be one gets to nominee the person or the four liberals have a majority of president obama -- stuart: the supreme court shaped
9:47 am
america almost as much as the presidency and the congress shape america. judge napolitano: this is not a modern phenomena in but it is -- its recognition is a modern phenomena negligence injection into our politics is a post robert bork phenomena in. stuart: i think the supreme court should clarify the law of the constitution, not -- we are told. loretta lynch is one of the big may be considered for this nomination. another is pamela harris, attorney general of california. she is a straightforward politician. i didn't know she was a jurist. judge napolitano: she is not a jurist. that doesn't mean -- i have profound disagreements ideologically but the fact she is not a jurist doesn't mean she can't be a supreme court justice.
9:48 am
earl warren, great supreme court justice, no criticism of cheese justice roberts, a great supreme court justice in the past 60 years was the governor of california. had never been a judge before president eisenhower put him on the bench so many supreme court justices, a brilliant legal scholar at harvard never spend the day as a judge before he was on the supreme court, many supreme court justices have had little or no experience before joining the court. this is a case of power and ideology. i don't blame the president for wanting to have legacy by appointing justice scalia's opposite number. judge napolitano: i don't blame mitch mcconnell for wanting to defend the constitution from the type of person who agrees with the president and keep that seat vacant until fill in the blank because the president of the united states, that is the way this is played. stuart: the reality of the situation. judge napolitano: at least in this country we have a supreme
9:49 am
court rather than a bunch of lords still using venom on which to write their opinions. stuart: it has worked rather well for about 500 years for those foreigners. judge napolitano: you call them foreigners. judge napolitano: stuart: i do now. we will repeat this in the 11:00 hour. judge napolitano: if you wish, word steward. stuart: scientists say they have found a new treatment for cancer and is producing what they called extraordinary results. you have looked into this. was the treatment? >> t cell therapy, your immune cells being redeployed, attaching different molecules to allow them to treat a certain amount of blood cancer and that blood cancer is leukemia, the treatment had a 94% effectiveness rate. it is very effective and in a
9:50 am
second study, any reason of those with non hodgkin's lymphoma responded positively and half of those people are symptom free, the people who did this study other fred had to isn't center in seattle and they say this is a revolution, is unprecedented, good potential move here. stuart: it is fantastic. the word extraordinary is not out of line. jo lin: they know what they're talking about. stuart: great news update. that is what we want to hear. check the big board. the dow is up 120 points, 6 teen-1. how about carrier? we brought you this story several times, people moving jobs to mexico despite receiving millions of dollars in clean energy tax credits from the obama administration, those people there, those jobs are going to mexico. on government money. how about that? pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
9:51 am
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then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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>> best way to stay competitive and protect business long term
9:55 am
is to move production from our facility in indianapolis to monterey, mexico. stuart: that was the moment carrier told its employees there factory in indianapolis, the jobs going to mexico. 1400 jobs gone. turns out here is the new development, carrier received $5.1 million in clean energy tax credits from the obama administration a couple years ago. gillian melcher is author of the story for "national review". they got $5 million, increase energy tax credits listed they get the money saying you get the money but got to stay here. >> this is a stimulus funded provision and the entire point of the program was to create green manufacturing jobs in the united states. from the get go there were questions whether that was going to happen. a lot of company's--they had fourth appearance but this is particularly shameful list 2013
9:56 am
they took the money and they are sitting down the entire plant. note jobs. stuart: can we taxpayers get our money back? >> no. that is another thing that is criminal about this. when they give the first round of funding a lot of people said we really need to have this. it never got in there. people are scrambling, i called carrier and said what i you going to do? they would not tell me. they would not tell me. they said they going to make good on their promises. of the when it is a pr disaster. they are owned by united technologies. i presume united technologies got another the addition got a lot of green clean energy. i would not be surprised. >> it has been such a boondoggle, so much stimulus money went into bad investments
9:57 am
like this the carrier story is seen as the u.s. competitiveness issue but it is the obama administration picking winners and losers and they are more often losers. stuart: 48. >> advanced manufacturing tax credit program, stimulus provision, $2.3 million, this is you dug that up and we like it, thank you very much indeed. the big board, we are losing steam, we are only up 92 points, we had been up 150. why is that? the price of oil moving to the downside, we are off $0.30 a barrel, $29. that pairs that gains. even left leaning economists say bernie sanders's economic plan will not fly. very expensive and brings on far
9:58 am
too much government. that is the left saying that. "varney and company" our two is two minutes away. paradigm-shifting. its technology-filled cabin...jaw-dropping. its performance...breathtaking. its self-parking...and the all-new glc. mercedes-benz resets the bar for the luxury suv. starting at $38,950.
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10:00 am
stuart: donald trump, on 8 -- threatens a lawsuit. donald trump still in the lead. democrats side hillary clinton slipping a little. bernie sanders surging a lot. nevada next stop. if you want to know what the bernie sanders presidency would look like check out venezuela. it is a socialist country and is on the verge of collapse. hour two of "varney and company" starts right now. half-hour into the first trading session of the weekend we are 100 points higher putting the dow above 16,000. news on oil, saudi arabia, russia, venezuela and catarrh
10:01 am
agreed to a production freeze. that is not the same as the production cuts. look at as low. tesla model-s coming in may made by the toolmaker radio flyer could be yours for $500. big names, watch them every day, start with amazon, well above $500 a share. microsoft, and i own some of that, well above $15 per share. how about facebook? dropped into the 90s, now is back at $103 a share. politics, got to draw your attention to an article in the new york times of all places. its title, left leaning economists question cost of bernie sanders's plan. they say his plan will raise government spending up to $3 trillion a year. that is in extra government spending and would expand government by 50%.
10:02 am
this is left leaning economists saying this. katie hapavlich is with me. i'm surprised they're critical of bernie sanders will >> this is the difference between democrats and socialists. they have trouble defining what the difference is. hillary clinton and the left, the debates they had, one on one against bernie sanders she mentioned this saying this plant expands government by 40%, trillions of dollars we would need to fund this program, important to point out everyone seems to think bernie sanders's plant only affects the superrich when his plan includes 2.2% tax increase on everyone to pay for a single payer. stuart: how do you account for
10:03 am
bernie sanders's popularity in the face of this while i leftist economic plan? >> he is very popular among young people, millennials. >> it is all our fault. i call myself a grumpy millennial. i try to stay away from socialist policies they are promoting. when i look at the millennial generation, the fact that the economy has not improved much in terms of job growth for new sectors, people getting their foot in the door, they had seven years, close to a decade of economic despair. when you look at the factors ten years of a young person's career are crucial to the leader term of upward mobility they come into a capitalist system based on this unfair but they're not noticing this is the result of government policies and also we have to acknowledge this is a result of 50 years of leftist indoctrination in our universities. when i had professors with
10:04 am
marxist posters on their walls during office hours, wondering how this happened. is paying off that they have been in the education system for decades and decades telling generations of kids who are now believing it that this is the way to go. stuart: i think the times is nervous and worried because the standard bearer for the democrats may be a flat out socialist whose policies would be ruinous. they're very worried. that is why they are publishing this now. >> point about venezuela is an important one. people and socialism gives everybody more when it actually gives everyone less. they rationed toilet paper in venezuela, they ration water. they ration electricity, socialism does not mean more for everyone, it means less. there is work to do when it comes to educating millennials about the economy. stuart: you need to get out and spread the word. thanks for coming to new york. thank you very much. just crossing the wires, the latest read on housing on the national association of home
10:05 am
builders. what do we have? >> a less confident group right now, the estimate was 68, came in at 58. these are people, buying materials, we are not as confident about the home building overall picture as we should be. this is spring. this is february. remember that. this is spring building, spring home buying, everyone goes out to buy a home. they are not -- things were improving until today's report, breaking news, it is not good. it stuart: that is all we want. the fallout from martin shkreli who raised the price of that life-saving drug, 5,000%. pharmaceutical companies are the most hated you could say there detested. big pharma is the target of
10:06 am
bernie sanders and a lot of other people too. what is this? my next guest likes the drug companies. she likes the drug company stocks, let's be clear. >> the dividend yields are watching. stuart: you brought us two big drug companies. the first is glaxosmithkline. their dividend yield is 6.7%. stuart: 30 vaccines, 30 vaccines, and they have so many drugs for chronic diseases, and -- stuart: and they have to that. i used that yesterday. >> did it work? stuart: i won't comment on that but do you like glaxosmithkline? primarily it yields 6.7% and that dividend is secure, no problems whatsoever. >> big local companies, stock
10:07 am
has been destroyed. an opportunity to get in now. and underlying shares. stuart: times point. >> here you have a 7.9% dividend yields, 7.9% and this one has an axiom as well as so many drugs for neurological disorders, chronic heart disease, hypertension, and keep in mind zika virus, ebola, a lot of hiv immunosuppressive drugs come out of these two companies in these at two british companies that know how to get into the emerging markets and sell markets to distribute. stuart: if i put $100 in to astra's point, they are going to pay me $7.90 prix year. stuart: that is right. stuart: a better return than i
10:08 am
could get in bonds, treasury securities, i will not lose that dividend, are you sure? >> nothing is secure when it comes to equities, and otherwise you can bet your money on it. stuart: does astors and 1/2 from losec? >> do they have that? >> more information this morning. >> about how your diet affects you. stuart: prius sec is advertised by larry the cable guy who was on this show, i told him it works and used it many years ago. it works. thank you very much for being of the vehicle for foreign drug companies. next story brought to us by jo lin kent. hackers take a hospital's computer system of wine, they demand a ransom. >> this is an ongoing situation
10:09 am
at the presbyterian medical center in setting california, ransom where had gone into their systems and all their medical records systems are down. hospital says people's personal medical records are not at stake. stuart: this is not just any old people but hollywood stars. >> hollywood presbyterian medical center. not sure whose service is there but the medical professionals are so concerned that the fbi and the lapd are investigating and what you see here, this affects medical test results so if you need to get something on the network you have to drive to get your results. all records are being taken on paper. this is -- some people are diverted to emergency rooms, they are not going to pay it but $3.6 million demanded by hackers. stuart: black male. someone gets hold of a well-known person's health records, you can blackmail them. >> if you are a fee for right
10:10 am
now is better to sell medical record that a credit card. you make more money on the back of the sale if you have a medical record. that is the news around the world. stuart: thank you very much. an extraordinary story. venezuela on the verge of collapse. why would that be? why opinion, socialism.
10:11 am
10:12 am
10:13 am
stuart: live look at urban league headquarters in new york city, hillary clinton meeting with the gentleman next to her on her left, reverend al sharpton. the black vote in south carolina, is extremely important, hence the meeting between hillary clinton and al sharpton. later today hillary will deliver a speech on the issue of racism. the rebound losing some steam here, we are up 82 points holding and 16,000.
10:14 am
look at community health systems. they operate hospitals, losing money. they have been hurt by a drop in admissions and the emergency room visits down 40%. how about square? the payment processing company goldman sachs has bought a stake in it, twitter's chief jack dorsey, that is his company, square. he is losing on twitter and doing quite well by the looks of it on square. >> visa just invested last week. stuart: in good shape. venezuela, the zika epidemic is exploding, according to three live, it is fought to be the second-largest center of the zika outbreak compared to brazil, second-largest in the world. university of maryland economics professor peter morici is with us. the background to this venezuela zika story is venezuela is collapsing.
10:15 am
is a socialist country. there are lessons to be learned from venezuela here in america. >> sadism is prevalent through latin america and it breeds corruption. you can't have a effective public health if you have a lot of corruption. you have to move quickly, use resources efficiently and those ideas are not in the mexican of socialists. with the benefits of oil they can't run the oil industry. i surprise they can't run their public health system? is a danger to all of us in the hemisphere. stuart: is it a democratic socialist society as bernie sanders likes to call himself a democratic socialist or a flat out socialist society from the 1950s. >> it is hard to save venezuela has democracy to the extent it has elections they are rigged to. but it doesn't matter. if you look at those aspects of
10:16 am
america for that work like bernie sanders would like, like socialistic, they're the most expensive and least efficient element in american society. american universities work that way. i get the e-mail class about coming to workshops about sexism and racism and this and that and all kinds of things like that. the whole place is structured on the notion that marriage doesn't matter. it is no surprise tuition is so high and the students we produce are substandard. stuart: there is a statement. >> 40% of college graduates can do critical thinking, that is the basic skill we are supposed to teach freshmen and after four years what can they do? hillary clinton and madeleine albright's views about theology. stuart: that is quite a slam. >> it is not a slam. it is what i have lived with. stuart: you are getting hot under the collar about this issue. the professor -- i think i'm pronouncing it correctly, the
10:17 am
university of missouri, she was suspended, the same professor is the subject of a new video. watch this for us second. [shouting] stuart: you can't hear it but she is bad mouthing the police, attacking the police vigorously. is that the culture you have to work in at the university? >> no it is not. is more insidious and destructive, more like madeleine albright hillary clinton thinking. a measure every word you use. i was on the university governance committee for two years and there leon the president's representatives let me know their displeasure with my fox appearances. i had my dean target me a few years ago for the views i had been expressing on television, tried to discredit me.
10:18 am
did he try to discredit me on my views the they went after me and other ways. i know how to defend myself and that, my friend is why we have tenure. as much as you like to poke at indeed if it wasn't for tenure it would not be possible for me to exist in a system where the discrimination and political correctness is enforced in much more subtle and insidious ways. stuart: what proportion of the economics staff of any university, not just yours are free market kind of guys? individual liberty? >> they tend to be free market but like lots of redistribution, they tend to the old-fashioned kind of kennedy liberals. because economists can't stray too far from that. they can never be bernie sanders types. it is not in the nature of things. the real problem is the social sciences and humanities, in those places it is dangerous to be a conservative and free-market oriented and tough to get tenure because you are viewed as incompetent if you don't think the right way.
10:19 am
in washington if conservative think liberals are wrong, fair enough but liberals think the conservatives are evil, immoral, need to be exterminated. the obama mentality. that is not expressed outwardly in american academia but it is the basis for a lot of decisions get made. stuart: peter morici, very interesting segment. >> from inside the belly of the whale. stuart: thank you very much, you are welcome any time on varney. next how about this? real progress seems like a cure for cancer. doctors saying it is unprecedented that the new treatment is an extraordinary success. we will explain in a moment. on the floor! everybody down! nobody move! on the floor!
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stuart: more name making big moves. adt security people going private for $15 billion, stock is up 15%. paul mel, they make spam. high profits, guidance hitting a new high of 45 earlier, 43 now but still up 5%. how about this when to give scientists are claiming extraordinary success with a brand new cancer treatment? fox news medical aid team's dr. mark siegel is here. here is how i understand it from jo lin kent to explain it earlier. they bombard cancer cells with t-cells, immune cells, bashed them with that and it works. explain. >> first thing they do is ke reconfigure them, engineer them
10:24 am
so it goes right to an abnormal protein on the cancer cell because normally cancer is very smart. it knows how to delude the immune system, it hides from the immune system. now we have the immune system considering it as a foreign invader and with that, we see in preliminary trials enormous results, 95% success rate treating a very difficult leukemia. this could be a cute game change, a drug that is a precursor of this, similar drug is already $7 million drug on the market. stuart: they have better than 90% success rate when they bombard the cells of a particular kind of leukemia, cancer of the blood. >> 80% of lymphoma. these people have no other hope. and this comes along. stuart: is this real? we have a new treatment for this or that, don't know much more about it. is this big deal? >> cancer makes these abnormal proteins and now they have figured out a way to create
10:25 am
receptors for that and put them on the cells, goes for like a key in a lot and the rest of the immune system comes in. it is absolutely very effective. stuart: are you holding out some hope for those people in our audience who may no other people who suffer on these? >> not only that, yes, not only that, i tell people the chances of side effects are much lower with routine chemotherapy, poisoning the cancer, you get hair loss, with this such a precise treatment that you are not likely to get the same side effects. this is the treatment of the future. it will take over. stuart: that is very big. >> how fast? such a breakthrough, what is the fda going to do? >> a fast track something like this, it will be two or three years based on prior immune therapy drugs.
10:26 am
right now is stage 1 going to stage 2, companies will be pouring into this. it is in seattle at hutchison which is one of the top four cancer centers in the country. stuart: bernie sanders is holding up fda reform because he doesn't like the drug companies and things anybody who runs the fda must have nothing to do with drug companies at all. can you believe that? >> if bernie got medicare for all a drug like this would not even be on the marketplace because it stifles innovation. this kind of innovation you need people who will make profits of of this, a $7 billion drug for the prior one, you got to put $1 billion or more into a drug like this before you can get it to market. stuart: if and when it gets to market with this excess weight is worth $10 billion in sales for this new treatment. >> which drug company will get it and make it? >> we don't know yet. it will be speculative because we don't know. >> there are great players in the field. i don't want to mention names.
10:27 am
stuart: don't think you should but it is a very hopeful thing. we love that. thank you very much indeed. donald trump is on the attack, double down on his criticism of ted cruz. more on this coming up. >> ted cruz seriously has a mental problem. ted cruz has a problem.
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
>> up 100. the. now up 84. 16,000 is where the dow is at. we aren't down, gap, we just broke $29 a barrel. 28.99. the dow is only up 70 odd points.
10:31 am
how about groupon. we once put the stock on death watch. look at it now. up 33%. why is that? aly baba has taken a stake added. they are being sued by american airlines. the arrival in-flight internet. down goes go-go. donald trump spoke to maria bartiromo this morning. watch this. >> a like way kind of guy. it will not happen for him. now that he is losing so badly, bringing in his mother and his brother. he has a mental problem. ted cruz is a liar. stuart: donald trump is throwing around though than him.
10:32 am
i watched the news conference. i did not think it was as entertaining as it was in the past. i thought a little bit boorish on some locations. do you think that he has reached a point where this van am does not bring in more people and starts to turn off more people. have we reached that point? everyone has made predictions about donald trump's shelf life. i am loathed to predict anything and he will win anything because that means i will be wrong once again. yes. not doing anything to bring you on. george w. bush.
10:33 am
crazy and a liar. i do not think that that brings in the new people in. buck up the people that already like him. it does not apply to normal candidates. something other than donald trump. his poll numbers start to get soft. when the paris attacks happened, over the weekend, justice scalia died did yesterday, george w. bush was scheduled to be in south carolina. making it all about him again. he does well when everyone is talking about him. the constant attempt to just get back in the headlines. a bold statement of some sort. at the moment, it is a winning strategy. >> yes.
10:34 am
35% is a for rally to eat. the war. ultimately, the living will empty be dead. making several predictions. >> we are ran a tough line of business here. who do you think will emerge of the candidate. >> i would be much more comfortable making that position. if jeb comes in fifth, i think that he has to go. right now, i think, at the end of the day, there will be a three man race. the two cuban-americans and donald trump. out of that, my guess is that rubio is the guy that ends up going with trump. i could see it in cruz.
10:35 am
stuart: rubio accused crews of not being able to speak spanish and cruz, writeback influence spanish. stuart: thank you very much. always a pleasure. come back soon. [laughter] let's move to the democrat side did hillary clinton and bernie sanders. the latino vote in nevada. rachel duffy is here. first of all, is the hispanic vote as important as the black vote in south carolina? >> 55%. what is the proportion in nevada? >> well, it is tagged.
10:36 am
>> a deciding block in the nevada caucus. >> hispanic. sanders is pulling ahead of hillary. the powered univision which, as you know, very friendly to that point. republicans have complained about that. not necessarily to the strength of sanders, but the weakness of hillary. that is also important. i think that republicans can do well. i think the obama economy has been hurt greatly. and, remember, hispanics start is this is three times the rate of the average americans. >> isn't that a reason for hispanics to move over to the
10:37 am
other side of the aisle and start supporting. >> here is the opportunity. it is not nearly as fluid and natural. with that said, rubio is at the top. 44% of persuadable hispanics. very interesting. many thought this position would give him the advantage. >> most hispanics on the democrats side. leaning towards bernie sanders. on the republican side, it is rubio. is that accurate? >> an elderly white woman and an
10:38 am
elderly white guy, get worried. very, very much. among democrats hispanics over to the republican side. >> i work for a nonpartisan did my husband is a republican. cheryl. >> yes. a closer look. america is not great anymore. and then it says, more men and women are out of work today than ever before. it is canada. video is canada.
10:39 am
i will show you the whole ad. you can see the beautiful harbor that i just showed you. they should have thought about this. making an ad about america. not coming from canada. a television professional. i think someone should have cost this one. >> i have the sector report, everybody. saudi arabia, russia and venezuela. please note. that is not the same as a production cut. it has not gone up when you have a production freeze. it has actually gone down. all of them are down.
10:40 am
it just does not make it here at that is your sector report. north america's oil boom going bust. we will take there in a moment. ♪ with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
10:41 am
>> i am adam shapiro. the dow and s&p 500 are in positive territory. early morning highs on the dow.
10:42 am
the price of oil. up 6%. now it is fading below $30 a barrel. down almost one and a half percent. the news and russia. it may account with one other country. global output. a lot of oil out there. adp. news that they will be bought for 6.9 million. finally, ge. more varney after this. ♪ parnell is focused on delivering innovative solutions to unmetanimal health needs in the 70 billion dollar pet market. we have core competences in drug discovery and development, regulatory filings, we have our own fda approved manufacturing facility and we have a
10:43 am
significant commercial presence in 14 countries. zydax is our lead compound that we've been marketing in australia zydax affectively regenerates cartilage and can literally save lives. we had one of our sales executives tell us a story of seeing a dog in a clinic that just four weeks earlier had been brought in to be euthanized. the pet parents had to carry the dog in, it couldn't even walk. after just four injections of zydax the dog was bouncing around in the clinic. we will soon launch that drug in the united states and also europe. parnell pharmaceuticals, parn on nasdaq. for the full interview go online.
10:44 am
>> texas stock up today. a model s for kids coming in may. the stock is up. okay. right in the middle of north dakota's fracking company. rental prices plummet. joining me on the phone. welcome. i am told that the prices, the
10:45 am
cause of renting a place is down by 50%. >> it has dropped 50%. fifty-60%, actually within the last year and a half. stuart: could you tell me off the top of your head, what do i give for $1000 a month? i want an apartment. >> for the first time in about four years, you can get a two bedroom, four bath apartment. >> what did it used to cost? >> 2752 about 2800 on average for a two bedroom two bath apartment. >> i imagine our viewers are seeing construction. north dakota.
10:46 am
that construction has about to come to an end. it is a real bust? about four years. housing employees and operating on more traditional wages. under the construction site, things have definitely slowed. good luck to you, sir. appreciate it. to the election. pete snyder is with us. george bush's family, jeb bush's family. calling jeb bush a liar. he has called ted cruz a liar.
10:47 am
starting to come back down a bit. >> he seems to still be flying high in south carolina. is he getting nasty? absolutely. you know, in the past, i want any republican candidate to beat hillary or bernie. we also have to make sure that trump stays in the republican poll. he cannot win an election. the election. everyone in the country, if not the world has been proven wrong on that. flying in his own stratosphere here. it does give me great pause.
10:48 am
negotiating with anyone. >> if he will be in the oval office, i think he is causing some great doubt. certainly in my mind. stuart: it looks like he is beating up on jeb bush. a winning strategy. i've got the latest with real clear politics. it shows jeb is way down there. fourthor fifth position here. >> correct from the very beginning. i don't like the nastiness of it. it seems to be working. a south carolina resurgence for jeb bush.
10:49 am
maybe something might materialize. if not ted cruz. >> appreciate it did see you again soon. why venezuela is in a state of collapse. my take on that next. ♪ ♪ he has a sharp wit. a winning smile. and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars.
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>> date news on oil this morning. agreeing to a production freeze. what are the traders saying about this freeze. >> that is the key, cheryl. take a look at that intraday chart. they were not even planning to meet saudi arabia. they were getting together. having a meeting. there were some rumors that it could be a cut. there was always a record. take a look at what the contract did. we thought that there could be a production cut. there were gains. now trading up the board.
10:54 am
roughly 29.94 or so. not as much excitement as we hoped. do they take this at face value? the city has been making these comments before. at the end of the day, they want the production levels where they are. >> the market seems to want to go higher. the market does make a fairly significant gain. there is not even an agreement on a freeze. who knows what we've got. >> they kept this very quiet. we will see what the context says later. >> all right. stuart.
10:55 am
take it away. stuart: venezuela is in a state of collapse. that is what happens when socialists run out of other people's money. bernie sanders, please take note. venezuela has hyper inflation. they are using a fleet of 740 sevens to fly in newly crafted tank notes. hospitals have ran out of medical supplies. store shelves are bare. food, very scarce. now, terrible tragedy. this eco- virus has arrived. venezuela is defenseless. with so many people supporting bernie sanders, we seem to have forgotten how bad socialism can be. one election and venezuela. i guess that makes it a democratic socialist. a nationalized whole.
10:56 am
private property. socialism cronyism. giving away a lot of free stuff. he has the money to do all of this from a whale. he ran out of money when oil prices collapsed.sly? his numbers do not add up anymore then chavez numbers added up. let's hope that voters here wake up to the reality. i know i sound like a broken record. margaret thatcher was right. her words ring true today. sooner or later, you run out of other people's money. ♪
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
>> the third hour of "varney & company" with this. losing some steam. it is up 85.
11:00 am
a couple of big-name stocks are going up today. how about facebook. down $0.10. how about amazon. firmly above $500 a share. a lot of stocks coming back just a little here. microsoft. back above 50. barely. >> congratulations. saudi arabia. all agreed to oil production freeze. that is not a cut. that is a freeze. >> iran was not even part of the south. full of oil. yes. the same iran that we just lifted the sanctions off of. they are desperate at this
11:01 am
point. if they can't at least put this freeze in place, it welcome back to haunt them. >> i do not think that the market believes them. a production freeze. the market would probably go up. >> they should have cut. they should have cut production. i am so sorry you will not get another 740 sevens with pictures in the background. they completely ignore the isis pitch you in the middle east. cry me a gold river. stuart: $29 a barrel. we dropped to 28. the prices down. >> 25. >> he did have 25 at one point. they'll jump police. making arrests.
11:02 am
several neighborhoods near brussels. that was the pace for many of the people involved in the paris attack that killed 100 dirty people. today's arrests were not connect it. it was all about i says recruiters. that was in brussels. continuing on national security. the military says okay. women can go into active service and to combat. special forces say, women are not prepared for duty on the front line or they are not prepared to bring them in at this point. the man who shot osama bin laden. he is a former navy seal. do you think that women should be part of special off teams that go in and shoot down osama
11:03 am
bin laden? >> make you for having me today. actually coming with us on special operations. the searching of women and children. also, in other thing, fighters. they do not fear death and they do fear help. lock and load, ladies. >> if they do not lower and they pass, you have no problem with that. >> i have and anger in my life. i do not understand combat. are you telling me that you are perfectly okay going into a life-and-death situation with a woman by your side? >> it could intentionally change
11:04 am
the dynamic. we make the military, social experiments. equal opportunities. most of the men that tried out for navy seals do not make it. anything greater number of women would not make it. there is definitely a place for women. certainly intelligence operations. women and men working together. >> i just wonder. then have a hunt together mentality. i am on dangerous ground here. we are both on dangerous ground here. you get where i am coming from? >> working at navy seals.
11:05 am
we are concerned about it. it will be the low of the standards. getting the politically correct thing going. making it to that training. the hardest military training in the world is military seals. >> okay. donald trump said that president bush lied about 9/11. what do you say about that? >> i do not want to get in the middle of a feud they are. certainly nobody, from reagan, bush, clinton would want that to happen. a lot of intelligence was not shared in between certain agencies. it is best for administration that was only there for a few months before it happened. >> i seem to have put you on the spot twice today.
11:06 am
you are a favorite guest on the program. will you come again? >> i will certainly come any time. stuart: thank you very much, sir. appreciate it. hillary clinton. bernie sanders focusing their efforts on the nevada caucus. tamara holder is here. >> thank you for having me. we were told by someone that bernie sanders is leading among hispanics and nevada. that was a surprise. bernie is actually surging in nevada. hillary is playing defense here. do you agree with that analysis? >> not not playing, but just confused. i have been getting all the e-mails from the sanders campaign. every 30 minutes there is organizing.
11:07 am
it was a concern before. hispanics. african-americans. he is slowly moving west or south or wherever. building up his base. it is a groundswell. a movement that is very interesting. >> a better campaigner, frankly. he has that audience. i do not think that hillary does. hillary has had experience. she has worked with bills. bill clinton is not bringing out their crowds. >> if you look to jab, bringing out his brother, all of this stuff that used to work, the ticket that the debate, all the things that used to work or not working anymore.
11:08 am
that is why donald trump and bernie sanders, you have them both on both sides. the speculation, all the dirty tricks, they are not working anymore. all we can do is sit and watch. >> i think that you are right. i do not think we have gotten to grips. the center, middle america is not holding. not well off as agues to be. the american dream is not working right. that is not necessarily where the answer is. the crumbling of the political party system. what do you believe? what do you want? we may have differences in religion and abortion and things like that that people go super crazy about on either side. it comes down to putting food on
11:09 am
the table. paying for your food, your house, george children to go to school. those are not political issues. can new lineup and queue up that soundbite from hillary clinton? can we get that up on the air for a second? i have to have a couple of seconds to get that up here. bottom line is hillary is out. she is imitating a barking dog. i want to ask you, do you think that that is the effect if he had what it does for her image on the campaign trail. i think we've almost got it. hold on. >> i can already tell you. >> roll tape. >> we need to get that dog and follow him around. every time they say these
11:10 am
things, the great recession was caused by too much recession. >> that is new. i do not think you have seen that before. >> it is a whole thing about these republicans. she is part of the democratic establishment. they are part of the establishment. that is what bernie sanders and donald trump are saying. we do not want any of this. the attacks on the party or not working. >> we almost reached agreement. such a liberal. thank you very much, indeed. it should become a lot easier to get a flight to cuba.
11:11 am
>> all the major airlines are working to get these flights up and running to cuba. in and out of havana. this is the next step of what we knew would be the result of the new relationship that we have with cuba and the sanctions that were lifted. half a century. it really will be history making. there are still restrictions. you still have to be a journalist. now, he will officially get into an american airport. pretty crazy. >> different. back to the supreme court. increasing talk of loretta lynch. one of president obama's top
11:12 am
candidates. judge napolitano on this one in just a moment. ♪ i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
11:13 am
11:14 am
donald trump: "pedonald trump..." look past the boasting and you'll see right through him. he supported partial-birth abortions. his phony trump university? accused of fraud. he tried to seize private property to line his own pockets. four bankruptcies... and small businesses screwed over. poll after poll shows him losing... to hillary clinton. if trump wins, conservatives lose. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
11:15 am
we are up 70 points on the dow industrials. the price of oil is down. look at this. community health systems. losing money. they have been hurt by a drop in emissions. the stock is down 30%. how about square. goldman sachs has bought a stake. up it goes. donald trump appeared on fox business this morning. addressing his newest fight with senator ted cruz. roll tape. >> he has a mental problem. he has a problem. he is a liar.
11:16 am
>> his tone was very aggressive, i thought. >> very aggressive this morning. he was very, very agitated this morning. obviously, a lot on his mind in south carolina. you also had jeb bush this morning. you also have the 9/11 confrontation. everyone is attacking donald trump. he knows in that conservative religious voter in south carolina, he has to resonate. >> that is the nature of the republican voters. why does he attack president bush? he lied about 9/11. insults the bush family. including barbara bush. called ted a liar.
11:17 am
does he really think that that attracts south carolina? >> this is what he has done to get to this place. they do not want to be the one that says this. they keep getting proven wrong over and over again. fair enough. the people that love trump right now, they are there to support him. new voters, saying he is going to sue ted cruz, that he is a liar, blaming 9/11 on the former president, that may not bring him new votes. we shall see. >> looking great in south carolina. it is not a vote. stuart: well said. thanks, cheryl. justice scalia being mentioned. they all have, judge apollo, says the same kind of characteristics. the judges here.
11:18 am
he is back for another double dose. first of all, i say that it is totally political. it has everything to be with the right person at the right time. >> the less controversial nominees. liberal democratic resident replaces the liberal jurist with another liberal jurist. a conservative jurist with another conservative jurist. do you think that those are any less political? a leftish president has the opportunity to replace a traditionalist 80-year-old with a liberal 40-year-old. >> i go back a few years. i remember back in the day. i do not remember this pullet allies stationed. >> the battle. >> without getting into it, it
11:19 am
was -- they succeeded at keeping the work off the court. they tried again with justice. obviously, they did not succeed there. we will go with this all over again. a liberal president trying to put a liberal person on the core. >> okay. their names have been floated out there. they are all junk. early to mid 40s. they are all very limited experience. i know you think that that is vital to the supreme court. great, great justices throughout history. we have others that could have used some experience as jurist. >> most of the people are people of color.
11:20 am
these names have floated in the media. i do not know where they came from. the last time there was a vacancy or the last time was when president obama nominated that justice. we have no idea. there was no short list made public. here is my nominee. >> if the president nominates someone who was young, he would attempt to make the balance of power. >> after he leaves the white house. ronald reagan did that with justice scalia. twenty-nine years. stuart: that system works, doesn't it did. >> political pressure. let me tell you something else that happens. >> i had a state court.
11:21 am
the opposite end of the correction. you are liberated in your thinking. sometimes you no longer feel wedded to the ideological forces that put you onthe court. justice david souter was that way. president george wh bush. president eisenhower. the worst fool in the state. sometimes people get this power. this lifetime position. this immunity from accountability. they change. who knows what could happen. could you name a leftist that was reported to the court. causing fdr to turn in his grave. even over the center for his very liberal position.
11:22 am
that is where he was when fdr put them on. >> it took about 10 years to begin that migration. to the point where it was noticeable. >> bottom line to me is this appointment will possibly change the nation. bigger influence on the nation as we know it. >> it appears that way right now. it may not be the case. it may not be successfully named by barack obama. mrs. clinton really wants barack obama to make this choice. would she rather make this choice? there may be elements in his own party that do not want them to succeed. how do you like those apples? stuart: we did not buy the legal business. never thought of it. the left clearly getting worried about bernie sanders.
11:23 am
my take on that next. ♪ pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. whei just put in the namey, of my parents and my grandparents. and as soon as i did that, literally it was like you're getting 7, 9, 10, 15 leaves that are just popping up all over the place. yeah, it was amazing. just with a little bit of information, you can take leaps and bounds. it's an awesome experience.
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you could pay no deductible at all. sign up to immediately lower your deductible by $100. and keep lowering it $100 annually, until it's gone. then continue to earn that $100 every year. there's no limit to how much you can earn and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: comcast. up $0.44. outages in several big areas. what happened and how bad?
11:27 am
>> major markets across the country. all of a sudden this huge network interruption hits comcast. san francisco, chicago. baltimore. d.c. boston. there you go. there is the map. >> cable tv went out. >> yes. network interruption. cable channels going out. this is what happens. hitting social media. baby to you up. taking it to the customer service. >> the stock market was closed yesterday. all is well. >> i would not be happy if i was sitting at home in a snowstorm or something and i was trying to get the weather channel. >> especially in d.c. boston yesterday. right now, we are up 94 points.
11:28 am
the price of oil is down. the stocks are up. the left is getting worried. bernie sanders could easily win the nomination. a far left socialist could be carrying a democrat flag. putting out the word that bernie's policies just will not fly. the "new york times" puts a whole raft of leftist it, this bernie is bad news. increasing the size by 50%. can you imagine that? increase government spending by almost $3 trillion every year. the sanders plan would grow the economy 5% a year. that is wildly optimistic. austin goolsby helping right the economic plan, flying puppies with winning tickets tied to
11:29 am
their collars. there is a slam. the times is wide. democrats are engaged in a love affair. the times want the word to get out. bernie's politics are ruinous. they want the word out now. here is my question. if senator sanders is the nominee? will the times endorsed him? no wonder they are worried. a republican. it will not happen. the times will be a virtue. michael bloomberg. ♪
11:30 am
11:31 am
11:32 am
11:33 am
stuart: moving up 110 now, well above 16,000. first trading day of the week. bernie sanders surging in the polls. he calls himself a democratic socialist. most people don't know what that term means. explain. >> go back to high school. with many americans here socialist, they think soviet russia or mao's china. the federal government factories and farms from the rich to give
11:34 am
to the working class. bernie sanders his his his revolution is different but his message about any quality is not. >> i ask you to join the political revolution. >> reporter: that revolution to redistribute american wealth. >> democratic socialism says it is immoral and wrong that the top 0.1% in this country alone almost 90%, almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%. >> reporter: to right the wrong sanders wants washington to take more than half of what the wealthier and given to this. >> we should look to countries like denmark, sweden and norway. >> reporter: by incoming denmark is the most equal country in the world. everyone gets a gear of parental leave, a check for child care, five weeks vacation and workers work about 5.5 hours a day. >> i can hear the republican attack ad, he wants america to look more like scandinavia. >> what is wrong with that. >> reporter: the middle-class tax rate is almost 60%, triple
11:35 am
that of comparable u.s. workers. residents get free medical care, college education and students receive $900 a month to cover expenses. >> these ideas are appealing, but they don't work. they are very harmful to the middle class. >> we also have income and wealth inequality than any other major country on earth. >> reporter: to reduce that sanders would impose a $15 minimum wage and guaranteed women earn the same as men. sanders has not said he would limit executive pay. >> not talking about capitalism, he is talking about reform. to level the playing field. >> reporter: even socialists like this guy at met $15 is not a living wage, more like 25. only taxing the rich will not pay for profits and no one believes the superrich are going to stay in america for an effective 76% tax rate.
11:36 am
stuart: you got that one right. staying on politics, bernie sanders is surging in popularity. even some liberals are concerned about his economic democratic socialism. this is a new york times headline today. left meaning economists question the cost of bernie sanders's plans. former obama adviser is here. i just detailed the new york times article in a my take editorial few moments ago. even the times is saying they rounded up left wing economists and those economists say bernie's plan would mean an extra $2 trillion to $3 trillion a year in government spending and would expand government by 50%. will you defend bernie sanders's economic plan? >> no. that is the quick answer.
11:37 am
i will defend that there is a vision in the democratic party for healthcare access for all, listening income inequality, leveling the playing field, but putting the entire burden on government and essentially as austan goolsbee said magic and rainbows is not dealing with political reality. and hillary clinton is playing the game dealing with reality where bernie sanders is appealing to people who believe in magic and rainbows. stuart: not quite so far to the left as bernie is but i am saying the times has round of these economists who are critical of bernie sanders's policies and are doing it now because they are very worried about bernie sanders. he is gaining in popularity, they are terrified that if he is the nominee he is not collectible. he would wreck the country and wreck the democratic party. you agree?
11:38 am
>> i don't think he would wreck the democratic party. stuart: hold on. i am saying the new york times is giving voice to these criticisms because they really don't want bernie to be the nominee. what do you say? >> i think the new york times and several folks on the left of our folks in the middle really concerned about the fact but politics is very polarized. you have extreme left, extreme right, magic and rainbows on one side on the left and he mongering and fear on the right. where is the middle of -- stuart: i understand where you're coming from. you got to be worried when the left has such momentum, this crazy socialist left, you got to be worried, aren't you? >> not worried. i find it fascinating, interesting and a good thing that millennials are stepping up to the plate and making sure their voice is heard. if you look at registration
11:39 am
numbers, there are almost equal if not more millennial voters as there are baby boomers. this is their future. stuart: bernie sanders is the nominee cheese >> absolutely not. i am strongly in favor of a more centrist, realistic and pragmatic candidate coming from the left, that is hillary clinton. if you look at early on, everyone thought hillary's nomination is inevitable. everybody thought hillary thought that so she has a campaign stemming from the office these days looking at march so the surging of bernie and a lot of people compared to the surgeons of obama, but i think every campaign has learned its lesson and expanded its base and we will seek a more pragmatic message prevail in the end. stuart: you certainly hope. thanks for coming on the show. this is a critical moment for bernie and hillary at this point. thank you for joining us,
11:40 am
appreciate it. we are going to have the correction, there it is, the correct shot, marco rubio's campaign, this is the new ad, this is an opening shot. what is the problem? >> those that really looks at this closely say that is the canadian flag, i can't tell from this vantage point but that is vancouver harbour, they used stock footage from the ad, how america is faltering and jobs are going overseas, but you know, it was stock footage that they made. they're getting criticized. stuart: minor detail in my opinion. let's go to the markets, serious action, oil, news that saudi arabia, russia, venezuela, they say they will have an oil
11:41 am
production freeze. that is not a cut. it is the freeze. that is what they say they are going to do. steven knows a thing or two about oil. why is it when you have stock of these 4 big oil producers freezing production i would have thought the price would go up. in fact the price is down $28 a barrel again. what gives? >> the price did go up on friday. d. a. rocketed higher, on friday, on the >> notion that opec is going to come together and when it was revealed that saudi actually met with opec's also ran including russia, then you also have the pack, oil rocketing higher, but if you were buying oil on the assumption that saudi arabia is about to put 14 centuries of
11:42 am
hatred behind it and he's iran's entry into the global oil market, saudi arabia is prepared to finance iran's nuclear technology then i think buying oil on these rumors is a great idea. they are not going to cut. and saudi arabia -- stuart: sarcasm is a low form of which and you know it. let's get serious. on this program previously, i believe you said oil goes down 26, $25 a barrel. >> in between the times we were both on we rocketed to 30, got back down to $26 a barrel, we came up higher and now we are ya yoing, any time there was a futures contract, were rolling into the -- oil is cheaper than
11:43 am
oil tomorrow. if the market was concerned about opec cutting production why is the market discounting oil today relative to oil tomorrow and not only eat oil delivery this summer but discounting oil next summer. if we were concerned about the stock market in balance getting its act together we can change go that forward curve will begin to flatten. it is not. it is getting steeper. stuart: put it very well so you can all understand it. thank you, appreciate it. now this. scientists say they found a new treatment for cancer. they call it a real breakthrough. more on that in a moment.
11:44 am
11:45 am
adam: i am adam shapiro, we remain above this territory, the dow is up 115 points, the s&p up 17, the nasdaq up 64 points, among s&p sector only energy is negative right now and on the dow big losers include energy stocks like chevron down 1%, exxon mobile down 1/2%, while march, the retailer will be posting its earnings on thursday and right now investors are a little bit cautious. stock is up 2.5%, emphasis on the model x, remember what
11:46 am
happened with the delorean. can sign will be taking orders on $35,000 and less sedan coming april 1st. there are momentum favorites, netflix, google amazon trading at this hour on varney right after this.
11:47 am
11:48 am
stuart: a new cancer treatment has been a, quote, extraordinary success. let me see if i got this right. they take in years and sells out of your body, they genetically engineered those white blood cells, stick them back into your body and where they attack cancer cells successfully. >> it allows your immune system to attack cancer. very little success in forever in doing that. 94% of those patients with acute leukemia, no symptoms. 80% of those with non hodgkin's lymphoma responded positively and half of those were symptom free. that is incredible. stuart: i want to get more on this story.
11:49 am
in july, vermont will be the first state to label foods it genetically modified organisms in them. my next guest says gm o labeling is useless. a food policy writer, if i want to know if there is gm no material, and i don't have to buy and a legitimate reason for labeling. >> that is not the purpose, the organic industry and environmental group, to eliminate genetically modified foods from the food supply and that is the end game. and it there a step closer to achieving their goal and it is not about consumers' right to know and most consumers have no
11:50 am
idea, what ingredients in food would be genetically modified. this is the back story people need to know. stuart: i don't know how to phrase this but gm oh, genetically modified organisms in food, is it dangerous? >> they are saying it because they are anti capitalist, anti corporate activists, that is why they are saying it. your ganic companies on this fear campaign for the last five years spend tens of millions of dollars to scare consumers that gm ofs are unsafe when they are not because they want to push consumers towards buying non gm no organic food and that is the back story. stuart: in my everyday life do i eat geos? >> yes, they contain some part of genetically modified
11:51 am
ingredients, a little bit of that, let's talk about what that is, that would be a byproduct of corn and soy but most of those are genetically engineered, there is an enzyme that goes into cheese that is genetically modified, this has been a huge advantage for our agricultural community and food supply that has been used safely for 20 years, no ill affects and they are not unsafe. stuart: thank you for joining us, giving the back story on this. is extremely important. thanks for sharing with us. come back, julie. check the big board, moving up a little bit more, we are up 114 points, we will have more on the markets in just a moment. ♪
11:52 am
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say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ stuart: nice gain, the dow 130 points. if i and investing, i want big-name stocks, a minimum of risk, market watcher anthony found three stocks that fit that bill. at&t, make your case. >> if you are going to own stocks, there might be a better time to get in stocks but at&t was 5.3% dividend and some of the things they're doing,
11:56 am
cutting expenses, and bring on new subscribers and not going anywhere, and with a strong dividend, it is one to own. stuart: we heard that one before. microsoft, i do a owns microsoft, you think it is solid and going up, good dividend, make the case. >> i know you are big microsoft fan, and dividend is not as strong, spending a ton of cash at research and development in the cloud and online. that is where the future of the internet is and as the internet and electronic communications continue to infiltrate our allies microsoft is in position to take advantage of that and that is more of a growth and dividend play over the long run. 2.7%. stuart: 15 seconds, tell me about exxon. why do you like it? >> is down 15%, not as much as
11:57 am
other players. it has done really well, oil has gone down and when oil comes back it comes back with it, 3.7% dividend, can't go wrong when holding exxon. stuart: at&t, microsoft, exxon, thanks for joining us. more varney after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> humiliating that it is something to worry about, democrats cleared everybody away because it was time to run and bernie sanders is giving her a run for her money because she is someone likeable. stuart: good out queue for you. hillary clinton should be worried about bernie sanders's momentum in the race. i would like to draw your attention to a new york times article today, they rounded up a whole group of leftist economists who take a look at bernie sanders's economic plan. the leftists say it is not workable. it would add $3 trillion a year
12:00 pm
to spending by our government and would increase the size of government by 50%. that is the new york times face-saving that today about bernie sanders. how about that? welcome back, it is yours. neil: you are not feeling the burn, are you? i will take that as a no. we are looking at the fiery language back and forth over this replacement issue for u.s. supreme court justice and i look at the numbers and look at why republicans would want to delay voting on something where they have the numbers to reject a court appointee on the part of the president of the united states. to me it looks a little weird, why fight the game when the numbers are on your side in this game? i don't have all the numbers, connell mcshane does and the fight behind the supreme court.


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