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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  February 16, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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saturday. join us for live coverage on the spy network. you begin with lou dobbs. polls start closing across the state. we will get a good read on how things are looking. because that is what we do. weekends, week days, that is what we do. >> i will be there saturday night. we will have a fun time. thank you so much. breaking this hour. ted cruz calling him a liar. saying he has a mental problem. all before the south carolina primary. i am trish regan. welcome to the intelligence report. accusing them of breaking their pledge to play fair. >> the roi in the better get its act together. i signed a pledge.
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the pledge is not being honored by them. the pledges are not being honored by the roi and see. trish: what does that mean? the black panther super bowl performance as a slap in the face to law enforcement. right here in new york and in a harlem. trying to get the support of minority voters. will it work push merck especially when her husband is saying this. >> do you know what else we learned? we learned that unless your ancestors are 100%, 100%, we are all this mixed race equal. letting migrants into its
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country. destroying the fabric and found duration of europe. socialists. bernie sanders slammed, by all people, liberal economists. simply puppies and rainbows. ouch. [laughter] even liberals are realizing socialism just does not work. donald trump and ted cruz. democratic strategists. i will start with you. trump is out there calling crews a liar. trump is already ahead. going after crews so hard right now. worried that cruz is making too many games on him? >> potentially. seeing the unraveling of donald
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trump. he is the best. he is a winner. he did not win in iowa. he did win in new hampshire. cruz supporters are starting to say. this is not presidential. this is not becoming of what we hope our president to be. >> the flipside to that if this this has been his key to success. people like that he is not so presidential. he will call him out on it. how do you think that this will play. >> it opened primary states. he is appealing not just to republicans. this is actually a genius. a strategic standpoint. ted cruz slogan.
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if donald trump can shoot holes in that and it comes from that, he is literally going to make a mockery of ted cruz on campaign slogan. i think that that is what he is thinking here. it should have been his. i would like to share with you both. trump's america. basically, they were saying that he had a group of middle-class primarily men, primarily white voters that frankly have gone pretty short change the last four years. a lot of the jobs that they once held. they do not have any more. not to fight democrats, but
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republicans as well. the reality is, what middle-class workingmen are struggling in today's economy. use all the statistics that we just had up. i think he had roughly 90% of the white working class. 96%. that is near 100%. guess what it is today. 79%. it has plummeted. can you blame them? can you blame him for wanting that of washington. >> no. i think that that is exactly why we have seen the uprising. the way we thought politics was done. i would say this, trish. it is really important right now
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that those that consider themselves conservatives, they themselves keep their powder dry bond each other. it is a really dangerous thing. i think that it is important that their supporters remember that going into the general election, the real dishonest person in this election we all know is hillary clinton did. trish: that is not happening right now. you heard from donald trump. >> donald trump. [laughter] he was just going on and on about how i am the most horrible person in the whole world because i keep repeating that aims he says.
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>> that is what you are talking about. >> i think between the presidential candidates, this will happen. i am talking about their supporters. when it comes time to join the forces, that is what i am talking about. trish: tina and emily, thank you so much. when someone dies, the typical reaction is to mourn that person. to sit back and remember their life and their accomplishments. you know what i am talking about here. justice scalia. in washington, it seems that their reaction is to go straight to politics. democrats and republicans. they both began this partisan bickering over his replacement. even senator minority leader. writing a piece in the washington post.
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telling the gop to stop the partisan distraction. talk about hypocrisy. how we kurds joins me with more on this. good to see you. i have been talking about the backlash of washington. what we have seen since the death is yet another example of why americans are fed up with d.c. >> the hallmark or c is so thick. you could cut it with a knife. it was disrespectful. immediately after we found out that he had died. all of these politicians on both sides. the timeline and rhetoric. we know the situation was a republican president with a year left. they would just voice sides. >> i agree with you. article two. section two.
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the president needs to nominate someone. you know, you would expect in good conscience our congress would then look at that nominee and not try to deliberately filibuster. i have a feeling, that is what it will come down to. filibustering. >> right. it is not very hard to find the same political figures. for example, mitch mcconnell. we will not consider any nominee. back in 2005, he said to the republicans in the seven, when president bush was in office, chuck schumer, incoming democratic leader, macconnell in the republicans do not want to allow a vote. back in 2007, a year and a half to go. schumer said, they will not
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confirm any worse -- anymore supreme court nomination. >> he was on the weekend show. we would not do this. we would never do this. we would not even think of doing this. here is chuck schumer in 2007. >> we should not confirm any bush nominee to the supreme court except in extraordinary circumstance. >> here is the thing, highly. how they confirm justice kennedy during that time. i would also argue that that was a different president. it was a different time. he really helped and gendered goodwill on both sides. washington actually function. it does not today, how we.
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is it evidence of that? >> wash it washington could pay divisive then two. knocking out robert and also douglas. here is the thing. from the purely optical point of view, i think that it may have been wiser. having waited a little bit. then they could have come up with whatever reasons they needed to say we do not want to confirm this person by doing it in advance. they made it look political. it is political on both sides. it is a power battle for control. it really would be quite a difference. there will be a republican president next year to fill that seat. >> if nothing else, they are hoping it may galvanize voters.
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>> this absolutely could be a 2016 campaign issue. ted cruz has been talking about it. there have been reports that president obama may raise loretta lynch. you know that this will play out all through this campaign. trish: thank you. good to see you. >> hillary clinton hitting the campaign trail in harlem. she is hoping to gain the support of minority voters. a short distance away. many saw as a big slap in the face to law-enforcement. that is next. ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives,
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>> hillary clinton in new york today. and effort to shore up some support among the key minority support. of course, we should point out that she is here in new york. sharpton instead of talking to voters in nevada or south carolina. over beyoncé's controversial super bowl supporter. i am joined by manhattan institute heather mcdonald. good to see you again. >> thank you, trish. how much of a force do you anticipate this being in this campaign season? >> i think it will be a very big for us. underplaying black issues.
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders are overcompensating and they are perpetuating the lie of the black lives matter movement. trish: let me share with you an excerpt from hillary clinton's commercial that she is running in south carolina against this. >> too many with law-enforcement and tragically we need some investment in healthcare and jobs to counter generations of neglect. trish: when you think about what happened and how it is being exploited on the campaign trail, you have a career starting. our cops really the biggest threat to the community right now? >> whatever is producing these
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kids that are going around in drive-by shootings. period to me black boys being raised without fathers. 73% in inner cities closer to 85%. trish: bernie sanders would say it is not family breakdown. socioeconomics. affecting not just blacks, but also whites and latinos. is that a message that will be difficult for him to sell right now? people in the black community think differently about this. >> i suspect he will be demographic and. it does not determine crime. it is not what is driving kids. they have the latest sneakers. the biggest poverty event. crime rates were virtually zero. asian immigrants who come to new
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york city. this is a cultural issue. let me talk a little bit about politics with you. the other thing we are hearing about on the campaign trail is reparations. this is more victim politics. will it catch on. it is changing the subject. we have given trillions of dollars in welfare payment since a big society war on poverty in the 1960s. trillions. it has not affected anyone. i think, guess, people will try and leverage this. trish: giving every boy a father. if we could do that, believe me.
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you could not have the massive black violence that we are seeing. >> is it not just the black community? you know, 80% is african-american babies being born to single moms. you look at the overall number. 41% of babies being born today are being born to single moms. black or white. >> 26, 27%. heavily influenced. i think that it is our biggest problem. >> we do not want to talk about personal responsibility. whether it is a liberal right them a check program or a conservative let's fiddle with tax credit programs. fathers have to take
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responsibility. if they are not prepared to marry the father of that child did. >> problems that reward you for not being married here at a single mom will get money because she is a single mom. she will not get that if she has to count her mother's income. >> any time we talk about poverty, what we're really talking about single mothers. no one is willing to talk about that in part. strong women can do it all. there are many single mothers that are working. the odds are against them. trish: heather mcdonald, thank you very much. top officials warning germany's open-door policy is over. threatening the very existence of the european union. up next, what it means for america. is this a warning?
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stay with me. i will see you here. ♪
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>> ted cruz is not chumps only target. he says he has signed a pledge. the are onc is not honoring their part of the deal. listen to this. >> every single time we have a debate, they have a stacked with special interests. as you know, i am funding my campaign. it is over for him. everybody gives him a standing ovation. same thing with marco rubio. those were the two. >> all right. threatening a third hardy run. good to see you. first of all, here he is saying,
2:26 pm
what is going on? the audience is not with me. the are onc is not handing out any tickets. >> well, no. i do not think so. the are a when cd denies that it is an issue. they claim that each candidate got 100 tickets. cbs got 100 tickets. the gop got 500 tickets to distribute. the are a wednesday had some 300 they claim that there were only a handful of big donors. i guess you have to pull the audience to see who exactly they are. think about it. at least 500 of those tickets were supporters of five other candidates. trump had 100 people in the stands as well. >> he tends to say things that get the crowd rallied up.
2:27 pm
let me ask you about the other big issue. whether or not he may run to the third tardy candidate. only because he had been doing so well in new hampshire. posts suggest that that will continue. >> i think so. part of donald trump owning the media cycle. he is saying something that people will say, wait a second, is he going to run a third party? he is winning in south carolina. he won new hampshire. he trips along the way. i do not think he is going to be able to pull aside into a third-party run. even if he decided that is what he wanted to do. you have filing deadlines. i think that it is a threat to push back the are a wednesday. >> i will never forget that first ebay when you asked that
2:28 pm
question. he likes keeping this narrative going. they get some leverage. it is a turnabout from the answers on the debate stage. clearly, there is a asked within the establishment of the republican party. this antiestablishment feeling is clear. it is definitive. he could win the nomination. thank you so much. do not miss the special report with bret bair every weeknight. thank you, fred. turning now to politics overseas. winning against order closures. her plea is not -- warning that
2:29 pm
the open-door policy. here with more, a fox news analyst. good to see you. >> you have all of these migrants coming in. thousands a day. arriving in greece. making their way north to germany. what does it mean for on -- angela merkel and her people? >> she has enjoyed the power. european respect. it is the economic engine. there is like lee adverts aries.
2:30 pm
undermining it rather genetically. >> the european union itself. >> you put your finger right on it. since world war ii, europe has never faced a challenge like this. it is challenging politically, socially, economically and from a security perspective. yes, it does undermine what they work so hard to achieve, in terms of a european union itself. >> ringing people from a completely different culture. you can see what they are handing out on the streets in germany. they are trying to explain to men that do not speak the language that you cannot grab a woman on there behind.
2:31 pm
europeans are mostly homogeneous societies. very unlike the united states. that is not what europe is. open borders. mostly europeans traveled back and forth. a number of if the grants to come there. trish: may have been theoretically more like then. though wars in the middle east, mostly civil wars and what the radical islamists are doing. having to create a huge humanitarian prices for people. also people taking advantage of
2:32 pm
this. this level of migration, we have not seen since world war ii. the opposition will just continue to arise. germany is the richest. economically. big eastern europeans. financially, they cannot do this. they do not have the money to do that. the social fabric of it is very important. far right groups. anti-immigration. when 1000 women are assaulted, sexually assaulted throughout the country, they start to see
2:33 pm
their alarm bells go off. trish: coming up. the intelligence report is asking what is socialism. >> what do you mean, like social media? >> socialism is the opposite of capitalism. you would want to have sort of equal pay. it is a very good thing. not having to be a socialist. >> i have to think. i do not want to say anything wrong. trish: they did not seem to have a clue to what exactly it is. democratic socialism and what it would mean for our country.
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>> bernie sanders has been pushing hard for his socialist agenda. we want to win again. what would socialism look like in this country? breaking down the possible ramifications.
2:38 pm
joining me right now with details. william. good to see you. talking about a tax rate. 57% and. >> you consider state and local taxes. you know, i listen to hours of bernie sanders. he had been shied away from that term. he feared the interpretation of it. his revolution is about redistribution. sanders says that that is not what is brand is about. his message about greed immoralities, economy, fairness, that comes right out of a playbook that comes back 100 years to soviet russia. i am nothing. the message, they have it. you need it. we wanted. let's take it. that is in there.
2:39 pm
trish: let me, let me remind you. you mentioned the tax rates. the taxes cost more than the car. 180% of the tax rate on the cars. you think about the freebies they give you for school. not only do they pay you to go to college, they pay you to go to college. >> obviously not. we have the congress. provided he has not wanted to do the executive action kind of thing. the other part of it is, you have to go to the middle class. the middle class tax rate. that is the times higher than the u.s.
2:40 pm
a check for childcare. workers only work on average about five and a half hours a day. they do not like seeing -- there was a story. since she was about 18 years old. i think she is down in her 30s. it is not sustainable. everybody in between. they are running out of money. >> right. i talk to real socialist here.
2:41 pm
a living wage in l.a. or new york is $25. $15 is not going to cut it. it will only be the millionaires. >> when you are trying to buy votes, this is one way to do it. let's continue this conversation. it is not like this is just a right. so far they describe it as being all puppies and rainbows. they are forcing it. there are $18 trillion to it. they have advised the clintons in the 1990s.
2:42 pm
$30 trillion for 2026. my goodness. we have the experts here. steve. what is new hampshire thinking? we played it going to break. people do not really understand what this is. >> $30 trillion. that is a lot of money. $30 trillion. an indictment of the education system. the enduring lesson of the last century is the economy doesn't / socialism as a failure. free-market capitalism is a success. so many voters in the democratic party, 60% last week voted for someone who believes in higher tax.
2:43 pm
this is a radical redistribution of the income. for the producers and the people that do not produce. that motto always leads to bankruptcy. all roads here lead to greece. trish: yes, i agree. or to venezuela. i think the frustration that they have felt over the last eight years has landed us here. people are now willing to try anything. even socialism. >> positive at this point. i would argue a lot of experts do not know what they're talking about. bernie sanders and democratic communism. greece could not collect taxes and still does not. germany has lower debts then america. they are putting the borrower at lower rates. they do not tax higher than we do. you are paying the same rate as
2:44 pm
someone in france or germany. they attacked everybody. they essentially forced the average person. >> something bad had cruise talks about. >> o'gold part. the giveaways. not talking about how you pay for it. it is not just the rich. trish: it got complicated. i will give you childcare. they have in denmark, main service. that kind of stuff sounds so much more appealing. how dishonest is that, really? >> i think that there are a couple that are dishonest. i think their real dishonesty of it is, you cannot do all of this stuff by just taxing the top one or 2%. you could not run the entire
2:45 pm
government as it is today. you have to go to the middle class. the other mythology of this -- >> i am coming up on a hard break. you know what, socialism does not work. it just does not work. ♪ no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase. 6>1 changes everything. i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪
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the s&p trading up by one and a half percent. think the retailers. shares of home security company soaring. it will be acquired right and investment company. earnings news including poor mouth foods. earnings higher than analysts had forecasted. general motors recalling cars. replacing terra-cotta driver airbags. shares are up on the news. the intelligence report is coming right back. my intel on justice scalia. just what inspiration it should be for others in washington. we do not need the kind of political breakdown we have seen. see you right back here in two. ♪ i've been called a control freak...
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2:50 pm
friendship between justice scalia and judges ruth bader. they were the polar opposites. yet, they managed to bridge back out. in appreciation of each other. beyond politics. they found common ground in their love for opera. for decades, spent every new year's eve with each other. their families often engaged together. he made her better. his defense made her a better justice. she was forced to sing through her position in a more articulate way. should that be what we are all pushing each other to do? in a challenging political season. it should be an inspiration to every politician in washington.
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call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. six welcome back, everyone. is the white house and putting us at risk. it has a whole lot of people worried that there is not enough concern about israel's national security. read tired united states airport lieutenant general joins me now. it's good to see you, general. >> good seeing you, trish.
2:55 pm
we are offering this up to israel. it was expected to be signed this weekend. why don't they want to? >> it is simply, they want at 15 and the u.s. wants to give them at 35 which is our newest fighter. however, it is deep ended up on a u.s. logistics system which would enable the u.s. to stop the israeli airplanes from taking off. trish: israel would become much more dependent on us and given the lack of support it may feel that they have had or rather not add, they do not want to be anymore depended then they have to be. >> absolutely. they are giving nuclear weapons
2:56 pm
in the long run. as well as $100 billion. the iranians have now used to seal deals. they advanced fighters. they are making stronger our administration. making iran stronger conventionally and nuclear. president clinton in the white house, would they be much different than this presidency? >> i do not have that answer, trish. it is the right question to ask. >> i have to run, serve. i apologize. thank you very
2:57 pm
we will be right back. ♪ we're legalzoom and we've already partnered with over a million new business owners to do just that. check us out today to see how you can become one of them. legalzoom. legal help is here. donald trump: "pedonald trump..." look past the boasting and you'll see right through him. he supported partial-birth abortions. his phony trump university? : four bankruptcies... and small businesses screwed over. poll after poll shows him losing... to hillary clinton. if trump wins, conservatives lose. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. we danced in a german dance group. i wore when i first got on ancestry
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>> i want to point out president obama is going to be holding a news conference at 4:35 eastern this afternoon from california which he will address justice scalia's death. in the meantime, heading over to liz claman. liz: thank you so much, trish, the bears declawed after the long holiday weekend. wall street moving higher as oil falls, dow jones industrials up 195 points, hive the session, 221. today's rally quite the departure from the oil equity trade we've seen over the last few months. oil settled down today more than a percent and below $30 a barrel, but as wall street said we don't care, we're moving higher. we've got our cameras ready for breaking news not just on wall street but all over the country. in california, president obama meets with the leaders of the southeast asia nations. topic number one, china and artificial island.


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