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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  February 17, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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neil: trump is not a fan of glasses. >> i'm not giving them up for lent. neil: okay, i want to get to trish regan on the very crucial minutes. hey, trish. >> we are waiting on the minutes, thank you so much. straight to peter barnes standing by in d.c. with them now. >> reporter: trish, the minutes say the fed remains data dependent and as usual interesting text here that suggests that the fed may take its time to raise rates going forward. it says that the data that it's watching closely, almost all participants watching tighter financial conditions in the u.s., including the decline in equity prices, the widening of credit spreads, further rise in the valley of the dollar if they were to persist, maybe to -- may be roughly equivalent to
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those firming in monetary policy, in other words, financial markets might be doing the fed's job for it in tightening conditions. that suggests to take its time and going slow in raising rates down the road. >> so an indication we may see continued dovishness. they are evaluating the economy, which is enough in a great state as of late. the market continuing to hold up the gains right now. up 224. on that news there, that the fed is going to continue with this persistent tightness, may equal more rate hikes. they're talking one thing, however, people believe that when it comes down to it, they're not going to move as aggressively as they would like to. also breaking this hour. a standoff between apple and the u.s. government. apple ceo tim cook says the company will not comply with federal court order to help the fbi unlock the iphone. the one used by the san
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bernardino terrorist who killed 14 people in december because it would compromise the security of all apple users. but investigators want access to syed farook's contacts as they believe he was planning future attacks. they say it's critical to national security that the terrorist's iphone be unlocked. we'll have the former director of the cia james woolsey with analysis. i am trish regan, welcome to "the intelligence report." more on apple and the feds in just a moment. plus brand new polls showing that donald trump has his largest lead yet on a national basis, nabbing 39% of republican voters followed by senator marco rubio at 19% and senator ted cruz with 18%. and the democrats in nearly a tie nationally. check out this. hillary clinton barely showing a two-point lead over bernie sanders, the socialist. all of this just three days before the democrats' caucus in nevada and the republicans' primary in south carolina. and as hillary clinton fights
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for the support of minority voters, listen to what she had to say is the real reason republicans have vowed to block any supreme court nominee that the president puts forward. >> some are even saying he doesn't have the right to nominate anyone. as if somehow he's not the real president. many republicans talk in coded racial language about takers and losers. they demonize president obama and encourage the ugliest impulses of the paranoid fringe. >> okay, so now racism is behind the supreme court fight? plus more trouble with the million plus muslim migrants flooding europe, migrants gather as no go zones for women, and president obama and hillary clinton want to welcome thousands of them right here to the united states of america. are we gearing up for the same
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kind of culture clash we're seeing in europe? all that coming up. first new developments amid apple's battle with the federal government, they're refusing to hack into the san bernardino killer's iphone. the logic from apple being that if the government forces them to create a back door into the iphone, then others could use that same exact technology to steal private information, thus putting all of us at risk. our own liz macdonald following the story talking to all of her sources, and liz, let's talk first about the judge's order, the judge is telling a private company, you need to comply with the fbi. you need to help the fbi. it's your duty to help the fbi, and it's the law. so what does law enforcement believe it can get, liz, from this actual iphone? >> it believes it can get any communications that syed farook had with potentially other terrorists. the fear on the part of law
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enforcement, trish, is they did discover a hoard of bombs and weapons material at his -- in his garage. they basically are saying that in mid-october, they found his icloud account went dark and no longer access the icloud account for a month and a half prior to the shootings, that killed 14 and injured 22. law enforcement is saying, apple prior to 2014 had been letting the government access phones in order to track suspects and basically arrest individuals they suspected of crimes. and essentially they are saying that apple helped us before, what is different now? i'm looking at my notes from interviews with law enforcement. they're saying that the iphone is owned by the county health department for san bernardino, and it says to the fbi that, yes, you can access this phone that we own and apple can help. they have given us permission
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for that, trish. >> thank you very much, liz macdonald. i'm joined by james woolsey. the big question of course being what responsibility does a private company have to come forward and work with the government. maybe it's not just responsibility. maybe it's a code of ethics you need to adhere to because this is so important and critical to law enforcement. mr. woolsey, good to see you. >> good to see you, trish. >> in your view, how big a deal is this that apple is refusing to comply. >> it's a very big deal, and it's a hard deal because there is virtue on both sides. this is a security versus liberty conflict and those are both big values guaranteed by constitution and got to pay attention to both of them. on the security side, the law enforcement people have a good days to make.
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you fast-forward to today in technology is so advanced. they are using this to recruit. it is so critical. i would think that they would be able to break through and penetrate. how do you do that if you do not have the willingness of these companies? >> the problem gets harder all the time. less understandable at times. this issue that was raised.
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that is a problem that was solved by the court some 20 years before with respect to first class mail. the government can look at the outside of the envelope. that is one thing when you are just looking out first-class letters. thousands of them, i guess. a number of things you have to deal with goes up the way it can, with today's technology. it gets a lot harder. you bring up metadata. my whole message has been, look, the government cannot see what is inside the letter. they can certainly see what is outside your in a different them at random phone numbers. also that people are dialing.
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>> i do not think that it is substantially different. what you are keeping track of our phone numbers and the call. you are okay under the supreme court decisions as a knaus and. getting inside the communication and listening to what people are saying. you have to do that with a warrant. >> absolutely. that general rule may be able to be followed here with apples issue with the government. >> ambassador, thank you so much. >> turning to politics, everyone. nikki haley will now endorse florida senator marco rubio. haley has been very negative towards her donald trump. you are called. they stated the union speech, of course. knocking him around on that one. new poll showing that hillary clinton has a racer huge national lead against bernie
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sanders. virtually tied nationally and in the next state of nevada. new hampshire. bernie sanders has narrowed it to just two points. nevada, clinton has a one-point lead. nevada is an important state to win here and there a representative of the country at-large. the state has a pretty good history of picking winners. could this be the reason that she is courting the minority vote so hard. joining me right now with more, the new york state democratic parties and boris epstein. you heard what she said. can we played again? the talks said she gave up in harlem. accusing republicans of racism. listen to it. >> summer saying he does not have the right to nominate
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anyone. you know, that is in keeping of what we have heard all along. any republicans talking special coded language, they demonize president obama and encourage the impulses of the paranoid fringe. >> it seems to me that she is encouraging some pretty ugly impulses there. >> she is someone who is desperate. she is just going for the lowest bottom of the barrel. >> moving to nevada. she is losing those voters. she is still ahead in those states. >> let's leave that one aside.
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we do not even believe that this guy is really the president. >> first of all, there are code words that are used. i think it is donald trump itself. there are a number of her publicans and some conservatives that wanted to go into this. >> the nomination. >> has he not spoken about the nomination and whether or not the president -- trish: but, why is it so essentially. why now?
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>> reparations have been talked about for a very long time. it is not just now. you are looking at nevada. you are looking at south carolina. those votes are very important. i differ what she is doing now for what has been considered pandering in the past. it is pandering if there is no record there. it is not pandering. it is just going and reminding voters this is what we have done. >> over the last several years, president obama's record here at it is what has president obama done or not done. >> you talk about these policies. a lot of these communities, chicago is a great example. bernie sanders in the national poll. if you break those down -- i think you can.
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going back to the president's record. apple are about prison, contrary to a popular narrative. >> income inequality. >> that is true. that is true in the white communities and southern communities. all over the country that is consistently true. trish: you think that blacks are better off than they were eight years ago. >> i think they are better off today than they were. i think that that is what she is talking about. trish: i have dirty seconds left. >> it is a mouthful. we have plenty of african-americans in our party. that kind of message from her -- trish: good politics. thank you so much. coming up, airline tickets going up. the airlines are hiking prices
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for a second time this year. if you get fuel prices, not nearly at the 70%. what is going on? we will talk about that. plus, much more coming up on intel. see you right back here. ♪
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trish: we have some airlines announcing today that they are hiking airfares for the second time this year. down nearly 70%. remarkable. new record profits. joining me right now with more is jeff flock. jeff, you know, book, can you blame them? their job is to make money? they are milking it.
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>> why did we ask for more money last time we negotiated work on were contracts? investing money. you are right. they think they can get it. >> a market driven economy that we live in. they are getting it. they are charging more. the markets can bear it. these flights are, if you take a flight anywhere, you know that it is very generally packed. they can charge, you know, what they are in now. what are they charging extra, $3 a flight, essentially, on average. it is not a huge increase. what will the market share? what will it accept? more power to them, i say.
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it is what it is. jeff, thank you so much. good to see you. coming up, austria. virtual no go zones for women who feel on safe. thousands of migrants this spring. the crisis breaking up big european union did it is a crisis that we could perhaps be here with 10,000 refugees expected to arrive on u.s. soil this year. judy miller will join us with more. exactly how challenging it is for a western woman in this society. ♪
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♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. trish: new reports today. a no go zone for women in
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austria. austria is reporting a spike in crime that coincides with your many turning away an increased number and refugees. the harassment of women there has gotten so bad. a father's open letter to local government officials and where he said that his 16 .dot or is scared to go out alone now has gone viral. she is terrified when she has to come through the lynch train station in the evening. we have arranged a travel group with other parents. we traveled the same route that our daughter did. it was even worse than she described. not a policeman insight. our children are scared going to and from work. how can they continue to put more migrants when these
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migrants are so at odds with european value. judith miller. a pulitzer prize winning journalist spending a lot of time in the middle east herself. let me start first with the no go zone. what does that mean? >> areas in european countries where the people that live there no longer feel safe. police protection is inadequate. they feel that they are not in their own country. >> not having any police officers on duty, is that the police that are reluctant to be there? >> there are just too few of them. you have to add the lease on the streets. so that the people that live in these countries feel safe and do not turn around and say that is
2:28 pm
that. austria is a very small country. a .5 note in people. thinking about that thousands of salts that happened on new year's eve in germany. i spent time as a student. a very small kind of community. it is tragic to think 16-18 years old, 55-year-old girls out there worried for their own safety. you spent time in the middle east. what is that white, as a woman? >> if you are a woman in the middle east, a western woman, a
2:29 pm
woman with blond hair, which i don't have, you are a subject of great interest. you have to be very careful. what is really happening, this is important, the breakdown of their own civilization did their own government. all of the constraints that have existed in the society are gone. they don't have governments, they don't have police, they don't have people to keep them in mind. when you leave your area of comfort and you go to a strange area -- >> it is no excuse. grab a western woman. she is dressed differently or has a different color hair or different kind of eyes than would normally be what you are accustomed to. >> this is a very different world than the middle east that i started covering.
2:30 pm
i could go anywhere by myself. i could feel relatively safe. people running offhand. i could not stress the pain, the suffering that was inflicted on these people. these are too civilized nations. different standards. different attitudes towards women. different ways of relating to family did and unaccompanied woman. cannot understand how and european women feel. how they are expected. they have to understanding. european nations say, sorry. we are not housing you. we are not feeding you. you are not abiding by my culture. this is what happens. big europeans agreed to divvy
2:31 pm
up. you did not have these. 300 dirty one. big europeans are totally failing. >> people are talking about a breakup of the european union. all of these countries will say, you know what, i want my borders back. denmark is putting up fences. it is happening all over europe. trish: taunting president obama. >> you are lucky i did not run last time when romney ran. all of this while ted cruz -- ring it on. is it going to happen? that is next. we are back with our political
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>> let's check out these markets. the dow up to hundred 60 points. still react positively to what we heard earlier. the markets have been up throughout much of the day. they will stay. no surprise. no shock here.
2:36 pm
anyway. up again. up 150 points. mr. trump will not be president. the reason is because i have a lot of faith in the american people. it is not hosting a talk show. or a reality show. >> for him to say that -- you are lucky i did not run last time when romney ran. you would have been a one term president. [laughter] trish: it is kind of true. the president seems to only want to go after donald. we heard him quite directly going after him. anyway, two people certainly going after each other.
2:37 pm
ted cruz now bearing the donald to sue him, essentially saying, bring it on, buddy. blasting trumpet in south carolina. back with me now. you think it will happen? >> i think that it may just happen. it is going well for him. showing them the legal battle. much worse. if you were to become the nominee -- trish: how big of a deal do you think it is if he was born in canada? >> i do not think that it is a big deal. whether the constitution allows this to happen. i do not think you should spend the entire campaign trying to figure this out. in a presidential primary -- >> that is a good point.
2:38 pm
>> a bunch of new primaries. >> , charlie deviating from what people are actually hearing. it is the way we will find out. >> why does the president seem to dislike trump so much? >> it is personal. it is personal for the president. it is way below. >> you should not be doing that. it is so right. >> asking a question about it. there is history. the president really is laying into him when donald trump was sitting around in the audience.
2:39 pm
the point is, there is history there. i do think that -- trish: you will be president. you get to rise above that? >> he has consistently risen above that. even in the conversation about why trump would not be president. he is talking about america and america values. >> here is the thing. one of the reasons why he does not like donald trump. he realizes america likes him so much. america likes him. donald trump is speaking their language. two, talking to the injustice that they felt over the last eight years. this economy has gone nowhere. making no more money than they were 12 years ago. >> successful about being sort of brass. that appeals to a lot of america. it is a country --
2:40 pm
>> you know what else. essentially on his own. not only a billionaire. proud of being a billionaire. >> that is exactly what he is. we have the government standing by. >> a look at the moderates. a lot of blue-collar democrats. watch out. [laughter] thanks, guys. coming up. fox business will be live this saturday. the republican primary. our special coverage kicks off at 6:00 p.m. eastern. i will be there. i will be joining lou dobbs and neil cavuto. coming up, the eagles of death
2:41 pm
metal. terrorists killed people. they are back in france now. a concert dedicated to the victims. the lead singer blasted france's gun-control laws. >> i would like to answer yes. some of the bravest men that i have ever seen in my life charging. with their firearms. trish: my intel on that after this. ♪
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trish: let's check on these markets. a rally underway. up 64 points on the dow. investors still react and well. you know, the fed was a little bit spooked. all these market gyrations that we have seen since the start of the year. the fed delivered its consistent message. it will stay data dependent. they will not be able to move as aggressively as they would like when it comes to interest rates. up 165 points in this market. oil is trading up. a gain of almost 6%.
2:44 pm
there are encouraging company earnings today as well. priceline. garmin, fossil. all trading sharply higher. a little bit of market share going around. we will have more on it after this. we will see you right back here.
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>> eagles of death metal was back on stage in paris for the first time last night. pretty big deal. the first time since that horrific night back in november. that horrific night that will live in all of our minds forever. it was gunned down by radical islamic terrorists. eighty-nine of those individuals were there to hear this band thing. and emotional interview with a french tv show, the band leads singers said this. >> 9:00 o'clock. i do not hang so. i think it was some of the bravest men i have ever seen in my life charging into the face of death with their firearms. emacs can understand how he feels. they are the on.
2:47 pm
they are all completely hopeless. it goes to show you. gun laws. they cannot prevent something like this. the only thing that can prevent something like this is us. caring about the human race paired going after. coming off with all you want. terrorism is terrorism did terrorists will continue to find ways to do horrible things unless you get rid of the terrorists. with that said, one of the saddest things about that night in paris was at people had no ability at all to protect them selves. there is a second amendment in france. you have no right to bear arms. you need a hunting or sporting license. it needs to be ripped. leave renewed. the last thing we want is anyone who is mentally unstable.
2:48 pm
you need laws to protect against stuff like this. people should have a right to self defense. it is our second amendment. they don't have anything like that. we can do not pretend that bad things don't happen. it is a realization. >> i think the only way my mind has been changed is i do not ever want to see anything like this happen again. trish: none of us do. that is today's intel. bernie sanders inspiring thousands of people to turn their backs on capitalism. embrace socialism. it is funny how he never mentions venezuela. a true socialist country on the verge of collapse right now. sanders presidency sell similar tragedy for us. that is next. ♪
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trish: bernie sanders inspiring voters. especially young college students. a socialist agenda. >> saying that it is a moral and wrong. the top 10% of 1% in this country almost 90%. almost as much as the bottom 90%. i think we should look to countries like denmark and sweden and norway. >> they love to talk about these nordic countries. it is funny how he never mentions a true socialist nightmare. venezuela. the country is on the verge of total collapse. my next guest knows the challenges. he is the chief legal officer of
2:53 pm
the human rights foundation. he joins me on that right now. welcome. you look at a country like venezuela. and they are really suffering. the people are suffering. it has been an economic nightmare. has it not? >> it is true. imposed on the people of venezuela. a full-fledged return. both on the economy as well as the political field. it needs 20 press over the freedom to decide in the marketplace. >> there are bread lines. people looking at pictures of them right now. they do not have the basics of what they need.
2:54 pm
you have the government they are in venezuela. trying to solve exactly what bernie sanders is trying to solve for. >> that socialism, that policy joins. political opponents. independent media. >> i will go out on a limb. i will tell you that you do not even need to combine this. you have socialism and an economic system. that is who we are as a nation. our capitalist foundation. i will jump over to the other side. talk about denmark. denmark is great. they will pay for your college
2:55 pm
education. they will pay you to go to college. one grand a month. guess what, everyone is taking forever to graduate school. nobody wants to graduate. >> the degree of disaster is much less. it also curtails political competition. >> one would assume. >> policies. trish: what is it mean to the united states of america if he becomes president? >> economics. good assizes that they are raising minimum wages. leading to unemployment. it is so high. eventually --
2:56 pm
trish: it will not work. it does not work. not in a country like this. okay. 245 points. we will continue our coverage next on intel. ♪
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. trish: do not forget, this saturday night, we're all here, fox business is live for the south carolina republican primary as well as nevada's democratic caucuses. our special coverage kicks off at 6:00 p.m. eastern. i will be joining lou dobbs and neil cavuto for this very important night. you know the conversation doesn't end here. it continues on social media. you can head over to my facebook page and twitter account, tell me what you thought of today's show. we've heard from so many of you, it really has been terrific, especially on some of the socialism stuff we've been talking about as well as the migrants in europe and what that means for european culture.
3:00 pm
we want to continue to dialogue. you can "like" my personal page or my show page -- we will see you and talk to you there, in the meantime, over to liz. liz: thank you, trish. wall street looking for the hat trick as the dow and the s&p zero in on their first three-day rally of the year. the dow jones industrial average is zooming right now, up 246 points. off the highs of the session. fed with the assist after minutes from the january meeting show the fed got so worried in january it considered changing the upward path of the interest rates. so right now, we're looking at a rally that appears to be holding. america's business company in the cross hairs of the u.s. government today. fbi investigators want to know what is on the iphone of one of the san bernardino terrorists? apple ceo tim cook, not interested in helping at this hour. he claims order from magistrate to hack the company phone of syed farook


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