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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  February 17, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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lots to talk about. pope francis visiting the i.s.-mexico border now. charles payne has the latest for you. charles: the market rally got a boost from the federal reserve. even though nobody is sure exactly what they said, it seems they are having second thoughts about the automatic rate hikes. i have got two experts that say it's going to happen. trump challenges the pope. and bernie is crushing it with democrats. first the race for the white house is getting intense. donald trump threatening to sue ted cruz and cruz said bring it on. >> you have been threatening frivolous lawsuits for your entire adult life. even in the annals of frivolous
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lawsuits, this take the cake. so, donald, i would encourage you, if you want to file a salute challenging this act, claiming it's defamation, file the lawsuit. charles: this is the ad in question. donald trump claims it's a bunch of lies. but cruz' team says trump's case is laughable. trump now repleasing this statement, if i want to bring a lawsuit it would be legitimate. i want to bring a lawsuit regarding senator cruz being a natural born canadian, i will do so. a brand-new nbc "wall street journal" poll released, and teddy taking the top spot. ted cruz 28%. trump, 26 per, and rubio
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bringing in the rear at 17%. eric, let's start with the poll. it's just now break. a lot of polls out today. every poll has shown donald trump winning substantially whether it's south carolina or nationwide. i am not sure if it's an anomaly, but this is big news. >> it's the on poll that's entirely conducted not on the weekend and after the debate on saturday. it's a monday-tuesday polling, not a saturday, sunday polling. a lot of families go to church when the pollsters call. so it may be an outlier before iting the only poll to come out after the news on scalia and the debate saturday. charles: there were internal
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polls showing maybe not cruz leading but coming on. could there be some legitimacy to this poll? >> time will tell. it's the first poll done after the bruiser of a debate we have and scalia's death. but there is another poll out by bloomberg showing donald trump has a 19 percentage point lead in south carolina and that poll shows he's winning across all groups, even women and establishment republicans and evangelicals. it could be a blip. i think time will tell. here is what the pollsters had to say to the point that was made earlier. this is the on poll that's been done since the debate and since the new hampshire victory. trump had a significant lead the last time they did it. the pollster said change, them
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see a momentary pause if the numbers could snap back. what do you make of it? >> even with the margin of error the front group is tied. the jumps you can't really trust. they can show you a trend, and that's the thing that's troubling, especially when it begins to mirror internal polls. also the numbers of undecideds still in south carolina are enormous. but the unknown factors. of course it' an open primary. so that's an unknown. either calling it cruz, trump, south carolina. and nikki haley is endorsing marco rubio which will have an impact, maybe, we'll see. but i don't see rubio winning. this is still between cruz and trump. charles: i want to ask you about the legal issues that came up
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today. do you have an opinion on the poll? could this be an amonopoly or the beginning of something. >> i think donald trump is in second place until he makes his next outrageous statement. then he will be ahead again. charles: what about this potential lawsuit? ted cruz said bring it on, my man. >> ted is an intelligent man. the reality is anybody can file a lawsuit. you file your filing fee and tie up some of ted cruz's resources in fighting litigation. political speech is one of the first protected under the first amendment. maybe he changed his position, but to prove defamatory, and get damages? a lot of people say you can't damage his reputation. charles: why does trump get so
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fix eight on this? >> this is trump's elect to lose, we all know that. he gets fixated because he has such a big ego. i would tell teddy cruz, he can follow a lawsuit, you shouldn't tangle with trump. i think trump will sail away in south carolina, and cruz is just going to keep talking and trying to challenge him and rise up to the top. it's personal for trump. every time he gets angry like you said and somebody says something that makes him upset, he drops the. >> the bomb, and what are we doing? we are talking about it. >> in order to deal with a bully, you have to confront them. these men who think they can run the free world had better show they can face up to a bully like trump. if they can't do it, they don't
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deserve to be president. charles: i'm not sure if you are on that list. how come no one else stepped up to the plate like ted cruz did today, and can that make a difference? >> the media in south carolina has been fix eight on the fact that taken outside super pac not controlled by cruz but supporting him had an ad pulled down in south carolina. in south carolina, the rumors political pressure got the ad taken down. cruz has a press conference against donald trump showing trump wants a frivolous lawsuit for an ad taken down. he gets to double the exposure of the ad, distract from the story about rubio getting an ad pulled. charles: if you want to get the news cycle.
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you have got to play the game. this is certainly new. but tammy, even before this, you said you had a sense that cruz was leading. what is it that you see and the polls don't see and the media doesn't see? >> i think people do and the voters do. when you have got scalia's death and the seriousness of what's happening in the world. we know there is a protest going on. that it is in fact giving a shake to the entire system. but when it come down to going into that booth, that's why there have been so many undecideds. this is do or die. you can have your protest. but when it cop down into voting, you think about who is going to be ready to run. the minute they hit the ground, americans take these things seriously. which is why jeb bush is at 4% in this new "wall street journal" nbc poll. this is the issue, and cruz
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represents a change from the establishment. charles: justice scalia's passing, that's a huge void to fill. hoik, bernie sanders won't do it. the argument is will any conservative, anyone on the gop side look for tex textualist? >> i take issue with each side trying to find the best representative for them. the court should be above the politics. charles: even the select of a justice? isn't it always politically driven? >> it is. but years before -- charles: before washington? >> if a republican was appointing somebody the democrats didn't like the choice, but they tried to confirm the one that was the most moderate or could be
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palatable. now we are at the point where each side wants to appoint an ideologue or someone with the strongest conservative or liberal views. that does a disservice. the court is a separate branch. it's a check and balance. if it's controlled by one side other other it's not serving the purpose. >> sandra day o'connor. >> the reason we are having this fight is so much is at stake because of the court. the court has no business being in the more issues it's in. substituting the will of people in america over 3 million people in america. scalia said the court decided to stick its nose into places it no
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longer belongs. it's the court's own fail has become political. >> i think it's interesting the same bloomberg poll i referenced earlier also found the majority of americans polled want the nomination process to be delayed until a new president is sworn in next year. when you look at barack obama's press conference yesterday, all of a sudden he find the constitution convenient. that 7 years ago, the whole past 7 years he found it irrelevant. it has got in the way of his executive orders. he said, oh, the senate needs to do it job. the senate is doing its job. it's not rubber stamping what you want. >> i agree, sometimes the judiciary steps in and exceeds its authority. that is going to happen. but it's not a continual thing.
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charles: is the constitution dead or is it a living document that reflects current society? >> in my thought the constitution is a living document. had it been anything but a living document it would not have lasted 200 years. that's why our constitution survived and countries across the world fold. charles: we had a polite screen a moment ago, governor nikki haley on stage with marco rubio. we know she is endorsing him. tammy already brought it up. is this an anyone but trump narrative that's starting on social media? >> i interviewed haley in her office and she said she wasn't sure. we are talking about a governor who has an 81% approval raritying in her state.
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i suspect it could make a difference. but i suspect the difference is it hurts kasich, carson and bush, not really trump. charles: i want to let the audience know on twitter, i have got a poll, i want your opinion on this poll that just came out. is it a post-debate meltdown? please take that poll for me. hillary and bernie, they are neck and neck in nevada. we are going to discuss that next. pope francis set to deliver mass at the u.s.-mexico border. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor.
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charles: spike lee coming out promising he would vote for bernie sanders in order to keep donald trump's hands off the nuclear code. bernie sanders and trump are neck and neck in nevada. does sanders have what it takes to pull this off nationally? i was saying the so-called fire wall with blacks and hispanics, and the bernie message is one that resonates with liberals and progressives, so why wouldn't it resonate with them? and i think hillary is in deep trouble. >> if you look at the states being polled, she is up by 20
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points. >> she is still up nationally by more than 1 point. there is a 1-point difference in nevada. but she is up by double digits in most of the polls. the fact of the matter is, even though there are people who watch this program who fantasize about the notion of bernie sanders being the nominee. bernie sanders called for nationalizing banks and utilities, and all these super liberal socialists saying he said over time you haven't heard a word of yet. when the voters get wind of this, it won't be close at the end of the day. charles: i thought that was the direction barack obama pulled the party in. it seems like sanders said we'll take it from here. >> look, the reality is hillary
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clinton is in a lot of trouble. bernie sanders won new hampshire by over 60%. hillary clinton was up by 30% in the state at one point. she won new hampshire in 2006. it was what state that resurrected bill clinton's career in 1992. the poll has bernie sanders and hillary clinton within the margin of error nationally. they show bernie sanders is closing the gap with women voters. bernie sanders is losing fire wall after fire wall. this is a candidate -- you can't force a candidate to be likeable. you can't force a candidate to be authentic or trustworthy. these are the big issues she has been struggling with. she has been in politics for decades and can't figure out who
6:20 pm
she is. charles: it was amazing, the brothers came out for bernie. i would be worried if i'm bernie. >> what's going on in south carolina should be repugnant to black americans. you have two white candidates trying to have a white wash approach to the black vote and trying to outblack each other. after this election they won't know who they are. bernie sanders was watching black kids do a step show. i'm wonder fell even knows what that is. hillary clinton stood up at the last debate in wisconsin and her answer to the question of her get out va -- out the vagina voe was, i'm confident when young women get to know me, they will vote for me.
6:21 pm
32 years, 32 this woman has worked in government. she has had every job under the sun. >> when hillary clinton had every opportunity coming out of the best law schooling to go anywhere and she worked for the children's defense fund. charles: we'll leave it there. that isn't working. as much as you think it audience would like to see a bernie sanders run, the democrats i think, the establishment democrats are shaking in their boots. we have to leave it there. the superdelegates are all for hillary. you don't want to miss our fox primary coverage a few days away. saturday february 20. we gout covered, south carolina d we got you -- we got you
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covered. we'll break down the numbers for you. pope francis is set to deliver mass at the u.s.-mexico bored. is he too political? we'll let you know. i thought i married an italian. did the ancestrydna to find out i'm only 16% italian. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. legalzoom has your back. for your business, our trusted network of attorneys has provided guidance to over 100,000 people just like you. visit legalzoom today. the legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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charles: ted cruz has taken the lead nationally according to the latest "wall street journal" nbc poll. according to a new bloomberg pole's at 36 -- poll he's at 36. mercedes before we went to break i asked people to go to twitter and take my poll on this new
6:26 pm
poll. i was asking is this a post-debate meltdown or establishment rigging. 51% say the establishment is rigging this thing. >> i just feel for donald trump when you are looking poll after poll in south carolina it's very clear he is leading the pack. this is going to be a fight for second place between cruz and rubio. cruz has been tommed a bit because of this liar, liar pants on fire narrative. in riewb knowio's cam he wants to see this become a two-man race. charles: nikki haley in a live event with marco rubio. she is endorsing him. could she be the difference? could she determine who comes in second here? >> i think she could be a
6:27 pm
difference maker in who comes in second. that's a huge boost for marco rubio. i agree with mercedes. it's difficult to take out donald trump in south carolina. there is a public policy poll released a day or so ago that show donald trump up aing monks every key demographic in the republican party. essentially everyone young, old, everyone that he was up in south carolina. reality is we can look at national polling which is indicative of seeing momentum flowing for donald trump. this is a delegate race and this is a delegate game. this is about money and momentum. we have got to get a second place finish. they have to finish strong if they want to stay in the game. the winner take all states could
6:28 pm
be more beneficial for them. charles: is there a big room with a few guys smoking cigars make these big decisions? what will it take for them some say we need one candidate. is that narrative on the table? >> there used to be and they wish there was one this time because they want to stop trump, but there isn't. the party leaders lost control of the party and they lost control of the primary. i think you will seat donors become the people in the back room and tell jeb bush to get out. the "wall street journal" poll and a lot of the polls that show if it's a head-to-head match between donald trump and rubio, trump loses.
6:29 pm
>> the donors are the establishment. but trump-cruz. trump-rubio. it does dovetail with one of the their tifs. trump has an amazing support between 35 and 40. >> that was new hampshire. that majority is not for him. it helps him the more people stay in this race. but we are at 17 delegates for mr. trump and you need over 1,200. it's not his game yet it many the fluidity in south carolina say it can be anyone there. this is where south carolina will send a message saturday. charles: pope francis getting set to hold mass on the tex-mex
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weyoung company around but if we want to keep the soda pop flowing we need fresh ideas! >>got it. we slow, we die. >>what about cashing out? no! i'm trying to build something here. >>how about using fedex ground for shipping? >>i don't need some kid telling me how to run a business! i've been doing this for 4 long months. >>fedex ground can help us save money and deliver fast to our customers. not bad, kid. you remind me of a younger me. >>aiden! the dog is eating your retainer again. let's take a short 5-minute recess. fedex ground is faster to more locations than ups ground. charles: pope francis visiting the u.s.-mexican border praying
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for those who have died seeking asylum in america. >> the popen't understand the problem our country has. i don't think he understands the danger of an open border with mexico. mexico wants to keep border the what it is because they are making a fortune and we are losing. reporter: the vatican responded saying the pope always talks about migration problems all over the world. and we have to serve those problems in a humane manner, hosting those who come from other countries in search 6 a life of dignity and peace. charles: you are a republican voter and you understand what's at stake. is this capitalism's ugly side or just the smart reasoning? >> no, i am a loyal son of the
6:35 pm
church so i hate to criticize the holy father. but donald has a serious point here. this pope is too political in his view and mine. most of his politics emanate from a latin american collectivist opportunity. i would like the pope to give up criticizing capitalism for lent. charles: eric wrote an article saying you agree with tim cook. what's your thoughts on this particular topic? >> donald trump is winning in south carolina. it's heavy evangelical. a lot of the evangelicals that rule south carolina are heavily catholic. when we get point general election we'll find donald trump is the biggest supporter of
6:36 pm
capitalism. charles: in the that statement from the vatican, it says he calls any sort of opposition global indifference toward refugees. are we being indifferent? do we not carry inmore? >> i respect the pope. but he should stick with being a priest, not a politician. when he was in washington, d.c. he lectured us. he should focus on the widespread abuse of children by priests. that's a political agenda he can get behind. donald trump is exactly right. he has no concept what's going
6:37 pm
on in south carolina. what no one mentioned this evening is south carolina was harmed by illegal immigration. they were also harms by jobs fleeing south carolina for china in the 1980s. charles: let me bring judge alex in. i think the pope is being political in the sense he's not necessarily talking to an american audience. there is a huge potential population to gather more members of the catholic church. when it comes to america how should people in your mind take what the pope is saying. >> like everybody else here, i don't want to insult the pope because i'm hoping he will put in a good word for me when the type comes. but his religious tenets, his compassion and everything that evolves from his religious beliefs is expected and
6:38 pm
understandable. i wouldn't want him running our country. the vatican city let in two syrian families which is a lot considering there are only 13 families living in vatican city. but that being said, it's easy to screen two families. thought tens of thousands of people. i respect him as the pope but i differ as well as everybody else. charles: coming up, we have researchers who claim they found extraordinary ways of using t-cells to eradicate cancer. i have two scientists coming on next. [♪]
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charles: could there be a potential cure for cancer. in one study 94% of participant suffering from an acute form of leukemia said their symptoms were controlled. it feels like we are getting closer and closer. are we? >> yes, we are. i'm excited about the approaches researchers are taking towards the treatment of cancer. there are so many patients look
6:43 pm
for hope in their diseases and there is so much opportunity for to us help those patients. charles: the last 10 years a targeted approach in medicine, cancer mutates and that's been one of the billing obstacles. -- that's one of the big obstacles. >> people think of cancer as one disease. breast cancer has different treatment options for different stages. so you have to break it down so there will be different approaches. targeted works in certain areas but also the tumor mutates so what's targeted today may not fit tomorrow. so there will be many approaches. charles: in the state of the union president obama tasked vice president bide within the challenge of helping find a secure for cancer. they set aside $1 billion.
6:44 pm
they are calling it a moon shot. there have been billions put into this research. do we need a moon shot? or is it a matter of being a little bit more focused? it feels like the scientific community is telling us we are almost there. i think what's exciting is want to go develop resources and be collaborative in how we approach this problem. but i want to say that as researchers in our field have been making immense progress towards the fight for cancer. there has been many, many advances over the last several years. >> you are in the private sector. and the government also saying we can find a cure. is there a problem with resources when the government says they want to do it, the white house says with it's private companies leading the charge, who should be leading the charge. >> it's clearly the private
6:45 pm
sector. a billion dollars from the government is nothing. we merge companies because there are so many little companies. tiny differences in a drug can make a difference between massive toxicity or not work. them either die or survive in the clinical research. charles: maybe you can give me a time frame for a general cure to cancer. are we talking 5-10 years or later than that? >> we are at the end of our clinical trial. our idea is to boost the immune system. charles: your company could be on the cusp. >> we want to get final data readouts in 2, 2 1/2 years. we are boosting the immune system while it's still healthy.
6:46 pm
>> the private sector has been doing a great job in this area. our company has -- charles: perhaps we have some sort of a cure or near cure. >> we have a product in late-stage development. charles: you are saying five years or less. >> we hope our product will be there to provide that. charles: thank you both very much. the stock markets had a good day. the third day in a row. we their overred the loss. we have good news for you. i will explain when we come back. i know you're my financial advisor, but are you gonna bring up that stock again? well you need to think about selling some of it. my dad gave me those shares, you know.
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charles: for the market rebound to continue, we talk oil, it has to be stable. the dollar has to get weaker. consume verse to start spending and the federal reserve needs some sanity. i think we are near bottom. before it doesn't mean we'll get a snapback rally. we can get relative calm that helps as a backdrop for an incentive rally. the green back will move lower. that's great for dorm rat profits. and consumers, the -- they are starting to spend here. some of the case scenarios may be off the table. fossil was higher because sales are down but nowhere where they thought they would be. we are back to the federal
6:51 pm
reserve. it gave a nice boost to this rally. even though there is a lot of gibberish, it's clear mr my minds the testified knows it got two bowls in telegraphing it will have a string of rate hikes. tomorrow look for the dow. it has to clear 1 -- 16,500. i promised a short watchlist. i don't have it yet. also, you want to watch the fox business primary coverage saturday, february 20. whoever wins these will have all the momentum. so we'll be covering it. not just the south carolina gop results, but also the democratic caucuses as well.
6:52 pm
apple take on big government, refusing a court order to take on some terrorists. a lot of people on twitter are siding with apple. we'll debate it next.
6:53 pm
i thought i married an italian. my lineage was the vecchios and zuccolis. through ancestry, through dna i found out that i was only 16% italian. he was 34% eastern european. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors we thought was italian .
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6:55 pm
. >> i agree 100% with the courts. in that case, we should open it up. these are two people radicalized who were given a wedding party by the people they killed. there's something going on. we have to be careful, vigilant, but to think that apple won't allow us to get into her cell phone, who do they think they are? >> there are serious problems with forcinga private person to work against their will. that's called slavery. >> come on. >> no, if the fbi wants to go out and hire people, even hire them away from apple, it has every ability to do that. but to force apple to do something at its will, at its own expense is prohibited by
6:56 pm
the constitution. charles: whoa! seriously opposing views from the donald and our very own judge andrew napolitano regarding apple. remember a california judge ordered the tech giant to assist the fbi by hacking into an iphone, not just any iphone, they want help to unlock the phone used by san bernardino shooter syed farook. tim cook came out hard, he's going to contest the order to protect everyone's privacy. so is hacking in the name of national security justified? my panel is back, brian deanwright as well. who's got this right, the judge or the donald? >> it's a tough call, but privacy doesn't do you much good if you're dead, we have to ensure the home land is safe, protected. we have to consider civil liberties. no doubt about it. what if tim cook had someone in his life die, and the police said if you could open this up,
6:57 pm
we could find out who the murderer is. i think he would have a different answer than today. charles: judge, if this case was before you, how do you think you would rule? >> i side with judge napolitano on this not because we are all judges. charles: that is the five rule on the four rule handbook. >> it does count, absolutely. there's a difference between voluntarily saying i want to open this iphone because it has information relating to my child or whatever, and the government forcing to you do it. here you have the government saying we're going to force the third party who had nothing to do with san bernardino. we're going to force to you do this, if you believe apple, they say we don't have a back door, we would have to create it. that's a big step to tell a private company you're going to have to work for us and do what we tell you. the motives? great motives. i wish they would do it, i wish apple would do it. that being said, i understand the argument when they say once we create that key and it gets out, everybody is jeopardized,
6:58 pm
and if it doesn't get out, do you trust the government so much after the irs scandal of targeting conservatives -- charles: a large part of this is you may trust the government now, you may not trust who the next administration and the administration after that, and i'm pretty sure no one wants anyone to have access to anything they've said or done on cell phones. that's just from today. >> this is what we wanted the government to do. they had a court order, we know whose phone it is, why we're looking at it, and regular law applies to this. if you have a special lock on a door and a locksmith can undo, and charles manson behind the door and a thousand people he's going to kill, the locksmith saying i'm worried about this guy's privacy. charles: no, everyone's privacy. >> that is a false concern. it would be saying you can't issue a search warrant because some days -- >> not at all. >> just a minute, let me have my say here.
6:59 pm
this is outrageous that you can have a court order, we know whose phone it is, all they want to allow to continue to look for the pass code without the phone erasing itself, they're not asking apple to break into it for them, asking them to stop the process that makes it erase, and this is like regular law. they know what they need to access, it does not put anyone else at risk nor does it give the government access to anyone else's phone. charles: he wrote an article saying he sides with the tim cook, why? >> the fbi has been pressuring apple, in fact, pressuring lawmakers to change laws to require apple to build into the iphone a back door. the iphone that the terrorist had was an iphone 5c, it doesn't have the thumbprint, just the pass code. the fbi could hire a hacker to get into the phone, not apple. the reason the fbi wants to use apple is use it as a proof to lawmakers to say it's totally possible for apple to do this.
7:00 pm
charles: i wish we started this segment earlier. wish we could go on but we're out of time. tomorrow morning you don't want to miss maria's show, former u.s. attorney general john ashcroft. keep it on fox business. now is lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. the republican front-runner for the first time in history is the political target of the republican establishment gop elites, lobbyists, special interests, sitting president and leader of the worldwide catholic church, seemingly nothing is slowing trump's momentum with three days to go until the south carolina primary. trump remains dominant. real clear politics average shows him with 11-point lead nationally. a 17-point lead now in south carolina. but tonight, there is a new poll, and trump's rivals are


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