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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 17, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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"strange inheritance," and remember -- you can't take it with you. attorney general j ashcroft. keep it on fox business. now is lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. the republican front-runner for the first time in history is the political target of the republican establishment gop elites, lobbyists, special interests, sitting president and leader of the worldwide catholic church, seemingly nothing is slowing trump's momentum with three days to go until the south carolina primary. trump remains dominant. real clear politics average shows him with 11-point lead nationally. a 17-point lead now in south carolina. but tonight, there is a new poll, and trump's rivals are trying to make as much of it as
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they possibly can. a new "wall street journal" nbc poll shows ted cruz leading trump by two points nationally. but i hasten to add the poll has a nearly 5% margin of error, it is either an outlier, no other poll remotely resembling this among the polls or captured a trend none of the national polls snuj their numbers. so for now, it appears it's trump and his supporters against the world or at least it's them against the established order of things politically. but no matter how powerful his attackers to this point in the campaign, attacks like these have only served to further boost trump's support. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president, and the reason is because i have a lot of faith in the american people. and i think they recognize that
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being president is a serious job. >> he has done such a lousy job as president. [cheers] >> you look at our budgets, you look at our spending, we can't beat isis, obamacare is terrible, we're going to terminate it, we're going to absolutely terminate and replace it. [applause] >> you look at everything, our borders are like swiss cheese. lou: trump will be holding a rally this hour in sumter, south carolina, we'll be going there bringing to you live as it happens. also tonight, vatican officials firing back at trump because he criticized pope francis' visit to the u.s.-mexico border. trump saying the pope is too political and should stay out of american presidential politics. the vatican saying people have a duty to host those who come from other countries in search of a better life. that back and forth as the
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pontiff celebrates a controversial mass at the border. we'll take all of that up with former reagan political director ed rollins, republican strategist matt schlapp and the washington examiner sarah westwood. and i'll have a few thoughts on the backlash against apple for its refusal to ask -- to do as the fbi asked to unlock the cell phone of one of the san bernardino terrorists. critics say apple is jeopardizing national security to protect the rights of two dead radical islamist jihadists. our top story, the heated republican race for the white house. trump threatening a defamation lawsuit against his opponent ted cruz. trump angry about a disparaging campaign ad showing trump is pro-choice. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron has our report. >> reporter: south carolina governor nikki haley endorsed marco rubio for president tonight. a big get for the senator from florida.
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in a bitter battle with ted cruz and battling for second in south carolina, while a new poll nationally suggests ted cruz has taken the lead over donald trump. and boy, the trump-cruz battle is vicious. ted cruz summoned the media for a news conference to taunt donald trump. >> the bullying is not going to work here. >> reporter: cruz is daring the front-runner to make good on his threat to sue. at issue, a trump ad that uses his own words against him. >> i'm very pro-choice. >> but you would never ban it. >> no. >> or ban partial-birth abortion. >> i'm pro-choice in every respect. >> reporter: cruz is responding in kind. >> even in the annals of frivolous lawsuits this takes the cake, donald, i encourage you, if you want to file a lawsuit challenging this ad, claiming it is defamation, file the lawsuit. >> reporter: trump in a statement said, quote --
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cruz is calling trump's bluff, relishing the chance to depose him under oath. >> i'll point out it didn't work out very well for bill clinton. donald trump does not want to be under oath answering questions about his own record. >> reporter: the latest south carolina poll shows trump with a commanding lead and cruz and rubio locked in a virtual tie for second. john kasich and jeb bush are running out of time in the first southern primary. >> an actor playing a candidate in effect. he doesn't believe what he says. nothing in his past that would suggest he's a conservative, and morphed into this person that is shifting with the winds. >> reporter: the race is more volatile than ever. trump has biggest lead yet in a "quinnipiac poll" and in a "wall street journal" nbc poll cruise has taken over the lead. marco rubio at 17%, john kasich at 11, carson 10 and jeb bush 4.
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rubio aggressively attacking cruz. >> ted has proven he's willing to say or do anything to get elected. >> reporter: whenever anyone points to their actual record, the response of both donald trump and marco rubio is to yell the word liar. >> they really -- they lie, and the reason i can say that nicely is rubio called him a liar also. >> reporter: haley's endorsement of rubio in south carolina is a big get and comes three days before the first primary, and polls suggest more than a third of voters may still change their minds. lou? lou: carl cameron. on the democratic side, it's three days until the caucuses in nevada. a state once considered as hillary clinton's fire wall to stop bernie sanders. clinton aides expecting sanders to do well in states like iowa and new hampshire which are more than 90% white, but clinton's fire wall appears to be crumbling and victories in nevada and south carolina are not suddenly a sure thing for clinton. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry is in
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las vegas with our report. >> reporter: for the second straight time, the "quinnipiac poll" shows hillary clinton in a dead heat nationally with bernie sanders. >> you are nobody's fire wall. >> reporter: sanders had a huge rally of nearly 5,000 people at moorhouse, the historically black college. where nina turner who flipped from clinton to sanders declared to fellow african-americans. >> we built this country! the sweat and the tears of black folk built this country, and we ain't nobody's fire wall! [cheers] >> you got to earn our vote, you don't own our vote. >> reporter: clinton still has a big double-digit lead in south carolina, where democrats vote february 27th. though she first has to get through nevada this saturday, and the same poll shows a dead heat with clinton leading sanders by one point. clinton spokesman brian fallon
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tried to downplay expectations in nevada by saying it's a state that is 80% white voters. that angered senior senator harry reid who secured the first in the west caucus by touting that the hispanic vote brings more diversity than other early states. >> are you disappointed that the clinton campaign is saying this is not a diverse state and resembles iowa. >> of course, the clinton campaign didn't say. this one person said brian fallon. >> reporter: the spokesman. >> of course he changed quickly after i called him, okay? >> reporter: clinton has tim kaine who speaks fluent spanish working hispanic neighborhoods trying to make her case. >> it is head and shoulders night and day difference in terms of hillary being the most qualified person to be a fantastic next president of this country. >> reporter: the campaign continues to clean up after former president bill clinton, who yesterday falsely claimed south carolina, quote --
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in fact one of the terrorists was born in pakistan and spent most of her life in saudi arabia while the other made several trips there. harry reid revealed to us he's not planning to endorse anyone ahead of saturday's big caucus, that is one establishment endorsement hillary clinton wanted to have. lou? lou: ed, thank you very much, ed henry. china has concerned our secretary of state, he says, and concerned him says, seriously. secretary john kerry criticized china because the country deployed as we reported last night, advanced surface-to-air missile systems on one of the disputed islands that now controls in the south china sea. >> when president xi was here in washington, he stood in the rose garden with president obama and said china will not militaryize in the south china sea. but there is every evidence,
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every day, there has been an increase of militarization of one kind or another, it's a serious concern. lou: kerry also said in his words there would be more talks with china about all of this that so seriously concerns him, he said. i'll take up the administration's response to china, talking with general jack keane in the broadcast. pope francis with a politically charged visit to the u.s.-mexico border. the pontiff holding open-air mass in juarez where some 30,000 people gathered at the sun bowl watching a simulcast of the ceremony. it is known as the murder capital of the world. 3,000 murders a year there, the drug wars in mexico responsible for almost 200,000 murders in
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mexico over the past decade. 20,000 estimated last year alone, and by the way, the rate of unsolved murders in mexico remains unsolved murders, 98%. the border and mexico, the principal source of the four main illegal drugs in this country, methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine and marijuana. pope francis expected to stop at the border fence to give a blessing and pray for those who died crossing the border. no word whether or not he will pray for the 200,000 people murdered by the drug cartels over the last decade. the political message has not sat well with republican presidential candidates such as donald trump. he says the pontiff doesn't understand the danger of the open border we have with mexico. vatican spokesman fired back saying the pope is concerned about the plight of illegal immigrants everywhere, not just the united states. and while pope francis is known for his calm demeanor, well,
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sometimes that is not the case, the pontiff captured on video yesterday as he lost his temper after a crowd tugged at his robe and caused him to fall on a young person in a wheelchair. the pontiff visibly agitated, telling the person to, quote, don't be selfish. we're coming right back. much more, a big news night. stay with us. president obama attacks donald trump at the same time putting down business as mere marketing and promotion. for his part trump says obama is a lucky fella. >> you're lucky i didn't run last time when romney ran, you would have been a one-term president. lou: has the president made a big mistake injecting himself into the gop race? ed rollins next. a terrifying moment for all involved. the video in a moment, we'll show you the video with a
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shocking point of view right after these messages. stay with us. and next taking up apple's defiance of a federal court order to work with the justice department to open a terrorist's phone, and we'll be going to donald trump's rally taking place right now in south carolina. all of that here next, right after these messages. "lou dobbs tonight" continues.
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. lou: joining me now, former reagan white house political director, republican strategist, fox news political analyst, ed rollins, great to have you here. >> thank you, thank you. lou: start with the polls, the "wall street journal"-nbc poll has cruz ahead two points, 5%, almost 5% margin of error, 4.9. >> i'm not shocked by it, but i think the poll's going to go back and forth. i think trump had a night saturday night that would take a couple days to weigh in and to a certain extent some people think his behavior was irrational. south carolina is always a knockdown dragout process, he is ahead there, big endorsement today for rubio. three people in the race matter. all the polls show jeb bush is
11:18 pm
at the bottom. not getting better. lou: it is shocking. and i've got to repeat this, this is an outlier, there isn't another national poll within ten points of it at the top, and five points from the bottom. >> and i think at the end of the day here, the polls are not as relevant as motion. i think to a certain extent trump is strong in south carolina. lou: per votes, we're going to have votes quick. >> votes on saturday. that's what counts. lou: as we look at what is going on here, i mean the animosity that is building in washington, d.c. on the campaign trail, i mean this is -- this is -- you're talking about the rough-and-tumble of the public arena, we've got it. these candidates are talking about things, if anybody thought that jeb bush would be talking about mooning folks and others clucking preciously and sanctimoniously about the language of donald trump, i mean this is -- they're talking
11:19 pm
about everything. >> this was earlier days in our country, there would have been three duels already. lou: we would have winnowed the field. >> narrowed the field. i think the gloves are off, down to bare knuckles. lou: does it feel good to you? >> no. lou: really? >> perfectly honest. i think big issues facing this country. ought to talk about those. lou: okay, let me test you on that. illegal immigration. trade. >> all big issues. lou: job creation. i want to talk about those. we're talking about the defense of the country, and on nearly every one of those issues it's been donald trump leading the agenda. >> i think that's why he's at the forefront of this. lou: people talk about his language and don't pay attention -- >> i don't care about his language. i come out of a blue collar, shipyard family. i care about when calling each other liars, those are things
11:20 pm
who haunt whoever the nominee is. the issues trump laid out are what the country wants to talk about. lou: what issue do you think is being ignoreed? >> what issue? how to create jobs. lou: we haven't heard a president talk about how you specifically create jobs in this country in a very long time. >> it's a mistake, to a certain extent, this is a chance whether it's building infrastructure or whatever it is. lou: trump talks about that all the time. >> pulling jobs from mexico. lou: by the way, three million jobs that need pulling back. >> explain how we're going to get them. that's all i ask. lou: next you're going to want to know why mexico is going to pay for the wall. >> i don't think they are. that doesn't mean we shouldn't have the wall. pay for it ourselves. lou: let's turn to the president has refused to go to the funeral of justice scalia, sending joe biden instead.
11:21 pm
>> outrageous. the supreme court is equal branch of government. just to honor whether you agree politically or not is irrelevant. it's the institution. lou: and hillary clinton making it pretty clear she thinks that racism is the reason that the republican party will not give this president his choice of the next associate justice? >> absolutely absurd. lou: is it absurd she played a race card and made such a charge? >> playing the race card for several months now. lou: i'm used to her gender card. >> also playing a race card and thinks it's appropriate for her chances against bernie sanders, but i think at the end of the day here, he's not going to get his choice, but it's the last year. i remember what they did to bourque. i remember the early once, i think it's perfectly legitimate to wait in the election take place. lou: that bill is absolutely
11:22 pm
coming due, ed rollins, thank you. >> thank you. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight -- like to hear from you on that, cast your vote on twitter and follow me on twitter -- links to everything at breaking news, the justice department issuing a statement now on what has turned into a battle with apple defying a court order. the statement reading in part, quote -- i'll have more to say about what is now turning into an extraordinary confrontation between apple and the justice department.
11:23 pm
that in my commentary here tonight. take a quick look at dashcam video out of north carolina. you're looking at the windshield of a dump truck driving along highway 210 when it was struck by another vehicle. the truck as you saw lost control. here it is. it gets hit and crashes into a home in the side of the road. the building, major damage, it will be condemned, we're told, in all likelihood, luckily no one home during that accident and no serious injuries to anyone involved. up next, if you think your morning commute is bad, one man in florida, i can say without reservation has you beat. the incredible video here next. stay with us.
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11:28 pm
department to help unlock an encrypted iphone used by one of the san bernardino terrorists. despite the order of a federal magistrate to do just that, apple's chief executive officer refused to cooperate with defense agencies, homeland defense agencies, irrespective of national security interests. tim cook said it would be a, quote, unprecedented step end quote, that puts apple customers at risk by creating a master key that would unlock iphones. cook put in a letter, quote -- presidential candidates firing back at apple and ceo, senator rubio calling on apple to be a,
11:29 pm
quote, good corporate citizen. donald trump slamming the company. listen to this. >> i agree 100% with the courts. in that case, we should open it up. i think security overall we have to open it up, and we have to use our heads. we have to use common sense. who do they think they are? no, we have to open it up. lou: tim cook, in my judgment is putting apple at risk, and he as ceo has a fiduciary responsibility that i believe requires him to be, as marco rubio put it, a good corporate citizen. to lower his corporate voice would be a good idea as well and be certain he doesn't permit the perception he's putting himself and apple, the company he leads, above the law. his board of directors i hope are trying to counsel cook to be restrained publicly and far more responsive to the national interests privately. there is no reason for any of this to be playing out in the public eye or ear.
11:30 pm
corporate america has immense unrivalled influence over our government, but cook is about to bring down the wrath of the american people and his company if he refuses to put law and order and our national interest above his personal view and corporate interest. cook and his board of directors had better pray we suffer no tragedy related to the san bernardino shootings or the terrorists with whom they were in contact. the longer cook takes to assist and to support the federal agencies that protect us, cook and apple included, the greater the risk to all of us, an unacceptable risk, and certainly for a good corporate citizen. our quotation of the evening. this one from former michigan governor george romney who said --
11:31 pm
>> we're coming right back. hillary clinton suddenly tied in the polls with bernie sanders in nevada. is her western fire wall turning to ashes? nevada, three days away, matt schlapp and sarah westwood with their views next. and one canine vested more than 3,000 dogs to become the best in show. everyone about to know a lot more about what a gsp is. that story and the video when [beekeeper] from bees to business expenses, i'm in charge of it all. so i've been snapping photos of my receipts and keeping track of them in quickbooks. now i'm on top of my expenses, and my bees. best 68,000 employees ever. that's how we own it.
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. lou: joining us now, the chairman of the american conservative union matt schlapp and reporter for the washington examiner, sarah westwood, thank you, both for being here. sarah, start with these polls. i mean this is a bit of an outlier, but it's the newest poll, the nbc-"wall street journal" poll shows cruz in the lead by two points, there isn't another point within ten points of that. what is this? >> well, if it is to be believed, it's a testament to the grassroots strength of ted cruz. have you him taking attacks on both sides from donald trump and from marco rubio. attacks on character, attacks on his eligibility to be president. attacks on his record and going up in the polls. lou: somebody getting attacked in the gop field right now,
11:36 pm
that is not news anymore. this is a bloodletting, isn't it? sarah? >> right, this race overall. but perhaps no one has taken heat like ted cruz because he is sort of the sleeper threat, especially to donald trump, he's the only candidate other than donald trump who's to this point won a state. he's positioned to do well nationally as the poll case. it might be an outlier, we never know when polls take a snapshot at any given moment. lou: what do you think, matt? >> this poll is a sample of about 400 respondents, less than one person per congressional district, plus or minus of five points, a big swing in here. so many poll ands public polls, lou, you got to see if a trend is establishing. this is the first poll i've seen that shows this type of trend. see if there's more to come. lou: right. >> right now i'm dubious this is where the race sits. it's a national poll which doesn't matter. you know what matters?
11:37 pm
these state polls, that's what's going to determine who the nominee is. lou: and the state polls across the line, giving, without exception, every one of the polls giving donald trump a significant, commanding lead. >> that's right. lou: and but i'm hear so much static from analysts. i get the feeling we should throw a pity party for donald trump. they keep pointing out he doesn't have all the votes. most of them in the plurality, that is 39%. what do you make of that? is it pure rationalization, wishful thinking or for real. >> they don't want to accept the fact that donald trump is the front-runner. they want to find a reason to explain this is anomaly. it was a strong message to washington, d.c., and to new york city and to a lot of folks that make the decisions, and i think that what's happening
11:38 pm
with all of the analytics on this race is some people are failing to understand that even if trump isn't the candidate that you like and you're a voter out there, you are connecting to this message that our politics is very broken and we got to try a new path forward. lou: you know, matt, i've got to argue with that, and i'd like to hear what you think, sarah on this. first, and that is i don't think it is broken. i think this is -- this is the way our politics should be working. they're talking about all of the issues, and many cases because as i said on the broadcast because trump set the agenda. we're hearing honest discussion about illegal discussion, hearing it on trade. hearing it on the economy. our jobs. our veterans. we're hearing a discussion, whether you like it or not about the -- >> i'm sure you have your opinion on here, too. lou, you are right, you need democracy in action, it's a healthy thing.
11:39 pm
what's broken is the old playbook we used to follow. lou: to hell with that playbook. >> that's right. lou: you and i talked about. this the establishment needs to have its chain jerked pretty hard. we have people hurting this country, working men and women and their families, and the middle class have to be the focus of this government, and if they're not, then the american dream is dead, do you agree, sarah? >> i agree 100%. what trump is doing is he's exposing the fact that the republican base and the republican elites are moving in different directions. not only do they have different views how the world works but pursuing different interests at odds with one another and donald trump is one of the first candidates to recognize that to speak in a language that those people understand, and specifically for the blue collar workers becoming disillusioned with the republican party, he's reaching out to them and bring them into a fold.
11:40 pm
it is a healthy phenomenon for the republican party even at the moment if he's dashing hopes of a lot of politicians right now who thought they would have a better chance this round. lou: matt, we're out of time. i got to give you the last word here, and cruz, i think he's making donald trump regret ever using the word lawsuit. what do you think? >> yeah, when you go after a constitutional lawyer and start talking about lawsuits, beware. i think ted cruz is ready for the lawsuits. >> all right. matt, great to see you, sarah, thank you so much. >> good to see you. >> thank you, both for being here. a new top dog in town, this town, new york city, a german shorthaired pointer named california journey or c.j. for short, won the best in show at the 140th westminster dog show. the 3-year-old pup beat 2700 other dogs. wowing the judges with his graceful strides, his sleek
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powerful body and freckled brown spots. great genes in his family. get this, his great grandmother carly won best in show in 2005. blood tells. well, a florida man may have had the worst morning commute ever. he unexpectedly drove right by an f-1 tornado that hit south florida yesterday. this is a committed commuter to go through this. look what he's navigating through. flying debris, incredible winds, a tornado took out power lines, property damage was extensive, no injuries and he kept trucking. good for him. up next, general jack keane, got to talk about china deploying missiles in the contested islands that the chinese said they would never militarize. did they break their word? and grammy ratings, a sour note if you will, cbs should perhaps stop featuring anti-police performances.
11:42 pm
what do you think? would that influence lower ratings? would you watch such stuff? we'll have the details next. we live in a pick and choose world.
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11:46 pm
jets at a low altitude over south korea in a show called show of force for north korea's benefit. the four f-22 raptors joined by f-16's and south korean fighter jets in a flyover to demonstrate the capabilities of the american forces combined with those of south korea. last month the obama administration responded to north korean provocations conducting a flyover with a 60-year-old bomber. those bombers work well by the way. joining us former army vice chief of staff, fox news military analyst. jack keane. great to see you. what do you make of the capital of south korea when it's north korea we're trying to send a message to? >> it's fine to bring the weapons out and remind the north koreans we're a few minutes away with having to use the weapons in terms of distances. but we've got to have a better strategy than what we're dealing with.
11:47 pm
the guy up there is developing serious military capabilities, intercontinental ballistic missiles that have the capability now to almost reach chicago, and eventually be the east coast, weaponizing these missiles eventually with nuclear capability. this is serious, serious business we're dealing with, and our response has been very tepid and we don't have an overall strategy to deal with this thing. >> well, as you know, donald trump has made much of the fact that china, in his judgment, could do far more with north korea and should be, if you will, persuaded to do so, but china itself, the spratly islands in the south china sea developing the islands it's created on the reefs, now putting in surface-to-air missiles, two systems of their most advanced surface-to-air missiles after promising, president xi promising there
11:48 pm
would be no militarization in those islands, and the u.s. response, general, i just want to you interpret this for me. our secretary of state said he seriously is concerned. that shook me to the soles of my shoes. >> listen, china is dead serious, they have a regional strategy that they have written down, which is to domination of the western pacific and the south china sea. they clearly are taking over the role that the united states used to enjoy, all of the countries in the regions are indeed allies of the united states, except for north korea, and once again we do not have a comprehensive regional strategy to deal with this. and, you know, lou, what's happening? north korea, china, russia, iranians, they are taking advantage of this administration. they're looking at this political clock, and the pattern of their behavior over the last couple of years is
11:49 pm
considerably more assertive and aggressive because they know the president is leaving in january of 2017, there will be a change here, and suspecting the change will be more sort of against them. they're going to take advantage of this president as much as they can. it's sad to watch it. >> it's sad, it is also creating some considerable agita, because as you suggest, the candidates suggest they will be far more forceful, far more resolute, time will tell if they are. they are after all, politicians, most of them, and this president made it clear he will be walked over. >> yeah. they understand his retiscence, they understand his passivity, they listen to his rhetoric, they know there will be very little follow-up in terms of substantive action. putin is probably playing the most dangerous game here, lou. i think he wants to collapse nato. should he try to do this in the
11:50 pm
months remaining or not? that would be the baltics he would try it with. he has run 18 major exercises in the last three years, and when they are more in the deployment exercise it's a war against the united states and nato. he's dead serious here. lou: general jack keane, good to have you here. >> good talking to you, lou. lou: stocks rose for a third straight session and gained 257 points. the s&p up 31. the nasdaq up 98. volume on the big board, just under 5 billion shares. reminder listen to my reports three times a day, coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. the 58th annual grammy awards not a ratings success. the awards show attracted almost 25 million viewers, the show featured a controversial number by rapper kendrick lamar. critics consider it anti-law enforcement. it was adele's performance that
11:51 pm
was marred pie audio glitches capturing the attention of twitter and, again, ratings dropping, dropping, dropping for seven years. up next, hillary clinton in trouble in nevada despite the support of a group of prostitutes who call themselves hookers for hillary. we take it up with red eye's andy levy and joanne nosuchinsky. support everywhere. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion.
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lou: jeb bush struggling in the polls. in a newly released campaign individualio with his brother george, the video featuring footage of the former president speaking at a rally. be careful, that's the president there. joining us now, co-host of "red eye." former miss new york. it's great to see you. let's start with jeb ditching his glasses. i see a whole new thing opening up. >> i think the next thing is his hair won't be gray anymore.
11:56 pm
but the phrase that comes to mind, it's bless your heart. he's trying to be two things. he's trying to be the tough guy because trump is in his head so he tweets out the picture of the gun. he's trying to be the cool dad. don't ever try to be the cool dad. lou: do you see it the same way, joanna? >> no, i liked the glasses. they reminded me of my mom. she also has the frameless glasses. i think those are pretty cool. with the chest bump i can see shim trying to play the cool card with the family, with the brother. you are not going to get the female vote. guess who can't chest bump, people with chesses. >> he should just be himself.
11:57 pm
the fact that he keeps changes like the losing the glasses and the tougher talk. just be yourself and if that's not what the voters want, go back home to your nice family and have a great life. lou: trump down 2 points. >> clearly a bad poll it's obvious the "wall street journal" has it in for trump. i wouldn't count this poll at all. i think trump should sue them. lou: let me turn to the bunny ranch where they have a group called hookers for hillary. >> they were first stumping for a cruz but he wouldn't have it. he denied them so they went over to hillary. lou: what did they call themselves?
11:58 pm
>> krugs for cruz is -- cruising for cruz is too obvious. it was something more offensive. >> i respect these women. they are working for a legal business which is great. they are following a great cause, domestic abuse. they want to make sure there are laws to prevent it from happening. i love it. >> before we went on air lou was excited to learn the bunny ranch is still open. four years ago they were ron paul supporters. now they are hillary clinton supporters. it's almost like you shouldn't take them seriously when it comes to politics. lou: bernie and hillary locked
11:59 pm
up in mortal combat in nevada. does it matter to you much which one prevails? >> no. no. i don't know. i just kind of want to see hillary eat some of her own. take a spoonful of that humble medicine. i want to see bernie beer. lou: is there anything that comes to mind when you think of humble pie, eating a spoonful of that? >> i can't think of anyone, lou. is there someone that comes to mind for you? joanne, thank you so much. great to have you both here. in our online poll, 8% of you say ted cruz should get on with the campaign. we thank you for being with us. and we hope you have a great evening. republican party chairman van
12:00 am
hipp will be among our guests tomorrow. thanks for being with us tonight. good night from new york. kennedy: i'll say it, hump day. i'm watching bernie sanders douse hillary clinton's political fire wall in political kerosene. it's less than half a digit. hillary is going all in on the state best known for gambling and hookers. but things aren't looking so super, they are looking like a sunday morning vegas hangover when you realize you have a new rash and


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