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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 18, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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during that for legal fight that could go to the supreme court. president obama announcing the president will not attend the funeral of supreme court justice antonin scalia. meanwhile, we expected announcement today that he will visit cuba next month. it would be the first time in 80 years that the sitting u.s. president will visit the country. we are seeing a firmer date for stock prices this morning, we should be a fourth day of gains. the dow jones industrial average to open up to 50 points. nasdaq, s&p 500 stronger. coming up three straight days of gains in each index is that that is 5%. quite a row at the last three days. mix performances in london: back from a two-week high. down a third of a percent for the s&p 100. better than 1% in germany. in asia, oil prices drove markets higher mostly. the shanghai composite post back
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and that went down one 10th of a percent. the hang seng up better than 2%. the nikkei average back to other quarter% and the cost being korea up one and a 3%. this company has been fighting to win back customers from amazon and google find out if it's been successful on that front. the winner reports quarterly earnings. lots of interests. he'll tell us what the consumer is doing. gop candidates scramble ahead of the primary vote saturday. fox news john robertson south carolina this morning with a look at where things stand. good morning to you. >> berea, good morning to you. we're a tijuana island were donald trump is holding an event at 11:00 this morning at the charter point golf club. let's look at the national polls because it was quite a surprise yesterday. national polls don't count for that much other than bragging rights and to give you a snapshot of what the american populace as a whole is thinking.
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it is distaste for this contest contest is either won or lost. ted cruz and frank yesterday for the very first time over donald trump. this is the very first time since donald trump since early november donald trump hasn't let in the polls. it gave ted cruz a chance to brag. listen to this. >> for the first time in many months, there's a new national front-runner. the sound you are hearing is the sound of screams coming from washington d.c. the bad big endorsement for marker rubio. south carolina governor nikki haley heavily courted by the bush campaign with rubio though that endorsement was quickly dismissed as you can imagine that donald trump. within. >> i want a president that will fight back on the last eight years have had to deal it can also make sure they hold a conscience to every republican to make sure they do what republicans are meant to do.
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>> she's very weak on him weak on a legal immigration. you can't have that. we need strong, strong immigration policies. we need to be strong. we can't go it was gone before. the >> the national poll shows ted cruz in the lead over donald trump. donald trump is eighth in the poll that really matters. two days to go until people go with south carolina and donald trump still leads by 17.3 or more polls coming today so we get a better idea of where things rise. maria: thanks so much. john robertson south carolina. communications director dan qaeda. good to see you, sir. thanks for joining us. you have not been a supporter of donald trump. i am reading your most recent note basically same as the republican operative, here is why it will support trout.
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you still feel that way? >> i still feel that way. donald trump is a disaster for the republican party. you look at the rhetoric we have seen within targeted towards minority groups, tours george w. bush as recently as saturday talking about impeachment. maybe one of the reasons ted cruz is beating the national poll. as sean roberts said, it's all about the polls at this point. he's got a compelling message that resonates with a lot of people who have a lot of reason to be angry with washington. maria: it is really interesting because a lot of people have is reason to do. when you look at the numbers, people are supporting him. what do you think happens in south carolina or nevada? how important are the contest and you think we see some dropouts and changes in numbers? >> is critically important. we need if republicans want to coalesce around a candidate, we need to see people start to drop off.
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it's hard to predict these things. one of the really important things that happened at the nikki haley endorsement was the timing of it. by doing so before the primary, it gives marker rubio added lift up momentum. a lot of people like myself watch the interview with governor haley marker rubio last night, stay positive present untried ticket that is the republican ticket that wants to ask in the party and win. >> and you think that rubio did well last night. >> it was one of the best performances given rather than in the debates brought and he seems to be doing his repeated talking point. it doesn't come across as genuine. last night he really showed us more of the person that he is in the town hall. a much better job explaining how well he understands the complex issues in his discussion on the federal reserve and how it's not supposed to be supporting
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financial markets was well done. dagen:: with the nikki haley endorsement for marker rubio and i will point this out to do, i went through the numbers and "the wall street journal" poll. trump support among women has plummeted as january. this poll was taken after the debate last week. 18% picked him as their choice and that was down from 36% in the january poll which is a big number. and in head-to-head matchups, rubio and crews go head-to-head with just the two of them. trump loses to cruise by 16 percentage points and rubio also beats trump by a very wide margin head-to-head like that. >> that's absolutely right, which is why we need to have two or three candidates instead of six candidates. i think you will get harder for trump. especially as we go into the super tuesday primaries, the more candidates there are, the
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better it is for donald trump. ultimately talking about the south carolina poll, they were about 30% of republican voters undecided. nikki haley at 84% petit party republicans come to brutal breeding. a massively high number that help rubio lift himself up from fourth place to a third-place, maybe second. maria: that's a big number in terms of that group. in terms of investors markets, have they begun to focus yet? >> i don't think so. we did see some reaction but i don't think the markets are honing in yet because the reality is the configuration of who's in the white house and who is that congress doesn't quite matter. what it does matter for his individuals that is in his. the question i have is clearly marker rubio maybe has some momentum going on here. what does it take to build because one interesting thing in
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the recent bloomberg quality than that donald trump is bleeding at the first choice, the second choice candidate is marker rubio. if donald trump doesn't banner drops out, it seems like rubio has a huge image. the question might be what does it take to build on the momentum? >> what it takes is a good showing in south carolina to encourage other candidates to get out of the way. if it is not the strong performance that will get out of the way it will probably have this conversation in a week or two. as that witness down from that they are really particularly benefiting marker rubio. maria: it has been really hard to break out of that donald trump talk. he is dominating. >> to republican party has some work to do to not have something like this happen again. so many people the republican party saint donald trump is a bad thing for the republican party.
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the republican party make sure situation doesn't happen again. >> the people wanted. they keep saying republicans don't want him. he's in the lead. >> you know, campaigns always say you don't win campaigns in washington and absolutely true. it's never been proven more true than what we've seen in the past six months. if washington could control things, donald trump wouldn't be here, but he's dominated the media airwaves, defied the conversation because this message does resonate with an increasing number of voters. dagen: i was just going to say that he is such a blow theater. not only does it look presidential,. thank you so much. tune in tonight and are good at the at donald trump and the corporation. eric trump is coming to ask him all of the above. you don't want to miss that.
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the other top story is washington and silicon valley curator for the high-stakes legal battle over the san bernardino killers. jo ling kent of the latest details. jo: good morning, maria. there's a rally outside the apple store to protest the government demand that apple helped the fbi hack into the iphone used by one of the attackers in the san bernardino shooting that killed 14 people. press secretary josh earnest telling reporters the fbi has full support of the white house. >> they conduct an investigation and they will do that independently. they can count on the support of the white house and the president who's identified the investigation is a priority. we will support them as they do their important independent work. maria: apple ceo tim cook said he will resist the court order. google ceo gives his support to
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apple to meeting last night we build secure products to keep information safe and they give on first and access to the legal orders. that is only different than requiring companies to enable hacking of customer devices and data. it could be a troubling precedent. we will continue to follow this story as it develops. apple has yet to formally file an appeal. maria: they have to push back on this. here's saw the data of our users. the business plummets. i'm trying to figure out how much this pr campaign and how much is it really these guys pushing back? at the end of the day they are going to succumb and give the information and hack into the phone. >> is possible, but the lawyers i spoke with do believe apple's position insert. it is consistent and they may take this to the supreme court. but this is certainly a business decision because if they suddenly said the information is not secure, you will see a change.
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a look at the markets. and following the markets first three-day rally in a months time this year at 61 points on industrial average looking at things improve as we move forward. turning to energy oil, pretty big gain a better than 2%. for a month or percent higher at $31.69 a barrel. keep in a non-wal-mart reported fourth-quarter earnings ahead of the opening bell. we will review those numbers and we are expecting earnings of $1.46 per share. the stock up almost 8% year-to-date. that is better than the s&p 500 and the dow jones industrial average. one of two stocks appeared today. we'll talk about all that coming up. stay with us. we continue when we look at a terrorist attack in turkey killing 30 people, injuring dozens more. radioactive material reportedly goes missing in iraq. officials believe that could be in the hands of isis.
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but it's not without its perks. like seeing our album sales go through the roof enough to finally start paying meg's little brother- i mean,our new tour manager-with real,actual money. we run on quickbooks.that's how we own it. maria: welcome back to panic in turkey's capital last night after an apparent terror attack. cheryl casone with the story. >> 20 people dead, nearly 70 more injured at jury car bomb next voted during rush hour. looking at the pictures now. officials said the terrorist attack was targeting a military convoy traveling through the city. police detained 14 people in connection. investigators believe the terrorist group is to blame for this.
6:17 am
president obama will not be attending the funeral of the late justice antonin scalia on saturday. according to white house press secretary josh earnest are the principal pavers back was khalil lazenby posed in the courts great hall. they will attend the funeral in his place. desperate search underway for iraqi officials calling highly dangerous material that disappeared from a storage facility three months ago. according to several reports, could be used and make a dirty if it is in the hands of isis. that is the unanswered question. the state department is aware of the root words. so far they don't put the isis has the material they don't know. to add one related to this, if this was stolen near basra. it's actually the size of a laptop. radioactive material. isis has funding. the worry is they will buy this. whoever's the litany with they were doing. they have a sophisticated rake
6:18 am
in. within a public space like a town square over several hours. this type of material would kill everyone within a small village. it was left out over several hours. maria: that's unbelievable. what do you do? what can be done to stop a bomb? >> it also shines a light on the fact we have spent quite frankly so we can find a system that let escape to the point that this is now a concern. when a year and a half ago, they dismissed the white house and now here is where we are. i'm not trying to make light of this. this is like a plot from homeland in the showtime show homeland. it's exactly like the last pieces plot. maria: peter king has said recently the airstrikes now an 18 month have been in effect it. when you see something like this where material is stolen, that
6:19 am
doesn't happen by airstrikes. you don't kill people so you have to wonder if more needs to be done. >> the great reality if this is a real possibility if isis does not stop the killing people, we may well not doubt that contracting nuclear material. it is absolutely a reality i read these to be addressed more and that the current campaign is doing. >> it dodges the particular briefcase they are worried about. several reports said we thought that i'd 60 minutes obviously that they are worried that they've got different types of chemicals, different types of weapons. >> and have that somebody dropped the ball in iraq. with the bed and our intelligence is just not getting it done. maria: we will take a short break. you cannot oil this morning after noncommittal response
6:20 am
included oil upgraded the potential for freeze. who would take you back to chicago with the latest on oil with the top 3% today. kanye west not apologizing for his last rant caught on tape where he escalates the drama. we will show you. back in a minute. ♪
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to your mobile with no interruptions. i've never felt so alive. make your business phone mobile with voice mobility. comcast business. built for business. maria: welcome back your crude oil the story. three quarters% to 31 karen.
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iran backed by saudi arabia to freeze oil output by the world's largest producers to fill fun at the cme group looking at this. >> good morning. we are up almost 1 dollar right now. a lot of it has to do with the meeting with iran. the key thing the iranian oil minister said as opec vendors and their special situation, that they really care they really can't freeze production levels at january the post because it is well below their normal opec quotas. that gave the market a boost not only that trading prices today. we got a report from the private forecasters, american petroleum institute showed a big draw down of 3.6 million barrels. the perfect combination of good news out of opec and some good inventory needs driving prices higher this morning. maria: thanks so much. phil flynn. anastasia on marissa with us this morning.
6:25 am
as opec loses influence over oil prices? >> yes, it does absolutely. iran wants to pump an additional 5000 barrels a day for a million barrels a day. this is only going to exacerbate supply access. if you talk about january levels come a day all-time high levels. so free cnet january levels doesn't help. what does help his reduction in inventory that we see in the united states. there's a couple things that have been that a somewhat disturbing over the last few electric gasoline in the tory and distal inventories declining. they are not just climbing just because of weather we had in january. it's because we have seen the generals are done in economic activity. the point is to counteract more than a freeze at january levels. we need more than stabilization in the army. we need a reduction in u.s. inventory.
6:26 am
maria: you would not buy into a $31 a barrel oil. >> twenty dollars maybe we could get there, but it not a long-term economic level. i think iran coming online is still going to meet higher inventories in the short term. unlikely they will be able to enforce this. but on a track record of track record of saying yes it will actually have been. too many economies are struggling. venezuela, russia, iran need to get their production not. they don't have a lot of incentives to work with the rest of opec. >> they really need to rein in iran and iraq. they are boosting production because they have to. without cooperation from those two it is really challenging. maria: it's amazing we got cooperation on the side of the sound is did it take you to think we keep talking about this.
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stand up for your health. >> maria: welcome back to thursday morning, everybody, i'm maria bartiromo. it's thursday february 18th, with me dagen mcdowell, lerone and anastasia amoroso. donald trump below that at 26%. senator marco rubio, days before voters head to the polls in the
6:31 am
state primary, battle over encryption between apple and silicon valley. both sides for a legal fight that could eventually go up to the supreme court. later this morning i will get john on his take between protecting privacy and national security. that's coming up al 8:00 a.m. eastern. we are expecting another higher opening. take a look. dow jones has been gaining in the last half an hour. gain about 95 points on the dow. 30 points on the nasdaq. three straight days of gain n. that time, each one of these index eses are up. look like we would have number four today. what? game is replacing the cash with bank cards which you will swipe
6:32 am
to buy property, the new version of the game hits shelves this year. i'm upset about this. >> dagen: you can still buy the old portion of the game. >> maria: i'm going to save all of my monopolies. biggest u.s. banks are still too big to fail. >> the only reason wall street survived because america stepped . than they were eight years ago. they do have better capital, have we taken the financial crisis off the table, new york no we haven't. gentlemen, good to see you, thank you so much for joining us. one thing he didn't say, as another reason that the country got through all the mess back in 2008 was because jpmorgan acquired bear stearns because of
6:33 am
size, that's why they were able to make those acquisitions and help the country. >> if you look at what actually happened in the crisis, the biggest banks actually help to prop the financial system up. it wasn't just jpmorgan. let's not forget that bank of america after lehman brothers collapsed bought merrill lynch. if you look at where the problems were in the financial system, it was iag, the market fund. were other parts of the system that struggled. >> maria: i said all of this to nile kashkari.
6:34 am
we want somebody as jpmorgan as strong as as big as it is when the country needs it. i don't know about you, paul, in terms of this too big to fail story but for me i think it's all politics. it just plays well to the populist but no reality in terms of happening, in terms of breaking the banks. >> a lot of politics involved in all we see on wall street including the size of banks and too big too fail. i think it's a little more complicated. i won't take the other side completely but i think what we are seeing play out in politics as well as wall street shows that the popular sentiments is to break up the banks and there has to be a voice for that. i think niel kashkari is taking the voice. >> dagen: what are the other members of the federal reserve presidents think of kashkari. he hasn't been there long and he
6:35 am
comes out with this very bolded in? >> maria: what does dan say about this? >> janet yellen was on capitol hill last week. kashkari comes in and says, no, it isn't. i think it's interesting because the regional fed bank presidents have a less power today than they did eight years ago to do anything about the banks. dan that you mentioned, runs supervision has concentrated all this power in washington. so he's the guy calling the shots. i think he probably doesn't feel that threaten by kashkari. i tell you one other thing that kashkari said, the big banks should be required to hold more capital. he was talking about 25% capital. the fed board doesn't wanting to there. i think there's a very big push
6:36 am
here in washington to get even more capital in these guys. >> maria: we will see what that does to the economy. cme group share thoughts on federal insurance rate hikes yesterday. listen to this. >> clearly, i think the fed waited too long. i think the raise that they made was an afterthought, response from issue from the street as opposed to an appropriate and measured pace. it's hard tor me to imagine based on what i see today that we are going to see interest rates going up. >> they want to take rates to negative zero and force people to spend money that they don't have. we have a trillion 3 in student loan debt, you have 11 trillion in credit card debt. we are going to push the consumer, saver to spend money
6:37 am
when we don't even have it. >> maria: there you go, meanwhile anastasia there are lowered expectation that is we will see interest rates hikes this year. >> anastasia: i think they're concerned about the financial impact on the economy. they might not be admitting right away. we know there's some channel through which the effect or confidence effect could touch the economy. one thing that is focused is that the labor market is strong, that's true but it's a lagging indicator. create creation is a forward forward-looking indicator. >> maria: does this dictate how you allocate, paul? >> it does. we think that the federal actually hike rates sometime this year. >> maria: when, march? >> probably not march. >> anastasia: but not four times. >> probably not four times. what the feds are trying to do is to keep the dollar strong and
6:38 am
in a world of contracting global growth, we think having a strong dollar is beneficial to the u.s. unfortunately the u.s. treasury does not seem to be foreseen dollar policy. >> anastasia: let me follow up on that, keeping the dollar strong, hasn't that been the biggest headway to equities and exports -- >> absolutely, but it is not a u.s. equity-market thing. i think what the fed is looking at is something a bit broader than that. we don't see treasury when bob ruben was running it. we have a new world and so central bank monetary authorities have to enforce dollar policy. so i think in the world of declining rates or declining global growth, my sense is that
6:39 am
the fed is trying to keep the dollar strong, talking up the dollar but cutting up -- that's it. >> maria: jon, how does that sound to you. >> jon: i think the fed is on strong dollar and it puts downward pressure on inflation and they're trying to get inflation up to 2%. i do think, though, that paul points to something that people need to get their heads around which is is that there's been a lot of talk about negative interest rates and the fed isn't raising interest rates. they are still in the mind set that they are going to raise rates. let's take this slow, you know, let's delay, don't do margin, see if the forecast plays out for the rest of the year. the forecast goes like this. they think that ones oil prices stabilize you will see inflation lifting a little bit.
6:40 am
they think the job market is going to keep improving and growth back on its feet. i talk to pat, the head of the philadelphia fed on tuesday on his argument was let's wait maybe by the second half of the year we could get some for rate increases in. i think that's what the market is starting to look at. the first half of the year is increasing remote for rate increases but we might see one or two more by the end of the year if the economy holds up. and there's some good reason that the economy is going to hold up. the data hasn't been all that bad. >> maria: markets real quick, paul? do you think we will see more volatility? >> i think you're not supposed to aggressively sell it or aggressively buy it. jon hilsenrath we will see you. >> jo ling: amazon is inviting
6:41 am
new drivers to on-demand delivery service, part of effort to speed up delivery costs moving away from standard carriers from ups and fedex, the company is leasing delivery jets in order to control more of the delivery pipeline. yahoo saying it plans to hold seven digital magazineses and layoff journalists according to wall street journal. latest cut are part of marisa myer which include eliminating 15% of yahoo staff closing offices in dubai, méxico city and all around the world later this year. google-parent company alphabet is expanding grocery delivery service in parts of san francisco, promising to deliver within hours of an order competing with amazon fresh and fresh direct head on, maria. >> maria: jo, thank you so much.
6:42 am
the conflict with apple and fbi, more details coming in after the. before that take a look at this. late, late shows before the latest episode of the hit series car pool kareoke. [laughter] >> yes, i would be destroyed if someone said i tell you how we can make you a star. how bizarre. [laughter] ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ lots of vitamins a&c, and, only 50 calories a serving... good morning, indeed.
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participate maria welcome back, president obama about to announce a historic trip. cheryl casone with the story. >> cheryl: president obama plans to announce today that he's going to travel to cuba next month. this would be the first time in 90 years for a president to visit island. senators marco rubio and ted cruz criticize until the country is free. the school's president approving plan that is would allow for licensed concealed handgun holders to bring pistols in the classrooms. he was forced to allow them under a new law. check out this clip. 11-year-old dangling from a
6:47 am
share-lift. saved by some quick-thinking skiers. >> i got it! [cheers and applause] >> cheryl: pretty amazing catch, guys. i want to show you this one more time. this little boy was trying to get a ski pole and slipped. he had been leaning on the side of the chair. the people were holding him by his clothes until they could get the internet. that was a 20-feet fall. >> maria: unbelievable. what a picture there. we are glad he's safe. can -- kanye west had a health down, the artist threaten to walk off and took another stab a taylor swift.
6:48 am
>> they took without asking this . >> maria: wow. dagen. >> dagen: i would listen to more of the tape and compares himself he's every great leader, compares him to pablo picasso. >> maria: didn't he say he would run for president? >> dagen: i can't follow his twitter feed. i will simply say this, thumbs down. i'm so over this guy. >> maria: thank you for making sure this is a family program. [laughter] >> dagen: it was in terms of the people that i find repugnant.
6:49 am
>> maria: you go girl. >> dagen: you have to think about that. taylor swift has nothing but bullied her for years. >> maria: why is he targeting taylor swift? >> dagen: she's successful and great. envies her fame. >> maria: because she beat beyonce. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> maria: welcome back, the clash between apple and fbi, apple tim cook said creating a back door to technology would send a precedent. former chairman joining us. good to see you, you had a similar conflict with the government, you went to jail because you did not want to government putting pipes underneath the land to snoop on users' phone calls. tell us what happened. >> my situation goes to february 2001 where i refused a request from intelligence agency that was legal at the time, still is, severe consequences for not cooperating including a prosecution they brought against me and as u said i served some time as a result of it. i think today's situation is very different, you have a legal request from the united states
6:54 am
whether we like it or not it's legal, you have a judge ordering them to do it and i think the government will prevail on this issue. >> maria: you think they're going to prevail, why? >> if you look at the way courts have ruled historically when it comes to government claiming a national security issue, the fourth amendment has been down and the government usually wins. in this case you actually have a terrorist and criminal action. i think this is the absolute wrong case to try to argue the privacy one on in terms of public opinion and probably the opinion of the courts. i give apple a lot of credit but it will ultimately find out to be a losing case and fear that as in my case there will be retaliation at some point by the government. i mean, for us to believe the
6:55 am
government is pure white on all these issues would be somewhat polianorish. in this case u apple if i was ceo, i would have complied and helped them get into phone and fight the privacy issue on a public domain. it's a complex issue. lots of stake hoilders. nebraska is >> nobody is pure on this. apple, google and all the others have always cooperated with the intelligence agencies, maria, to be perfectly frank, while the fbi may not have access, i would be shocked today that nsa or cia don't have access to these phones despite what tim cook says. >> maria: that's really interesting. you think they can get the information if they wanted anyway. how much do you think is like a pr program for tim cook to make sure his customers think, okay,
6:56 am
the ceo of apple is protecting my stuff? were i think you're right on the point. i don't want to question tim cook's real motivation, i don't know him and i'm assuming he's an honest and honorable guy. i'm sure the apple lawyers know they are going to lose this one. i think it was done to give the customers a sense that apple is trying to hold the line, but at the end of the day, national security will trump private corporations. let's remember despite being principled here, which i i applaud, corporations have to follow the law of the land they operate in whether here germany, china. at the end of the day they are going to comply. >> maria: you mentioned retaliation, i want to point out, you weren't sent to jail for that reason. if you think it was a
6:57 am
retaliation later. >> maria, that's what your guest john ashcroft would argue. they knew that our intelligence agencieses were involved in leg eafl activities and this is part of the problem. it isn't se -- symmetrical. >> maria: okay. you make a great point. i'm going to ask john ashcroft. thank you so much. thank you. >> thank you. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul?
6:58 am
can a business be...alive? donald trump: "pedonald trump..." look past the boasting and you'll see right through him. he supported partial-birth abortions. his phony trump university? accused of fraud. he tried to seize private property to line his own pockets. four bankruptcies... and small businesses screwed over. poll after poll shows him losing... to hillary clinton. if trump wins, conservatives lose. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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7:00 am
>> maria: welcome back to thursday morning, everybody, i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursdays february 18th. your stop stories right now, senator ted cruz overtaking donald trump in the latest national poll. watch this. wall street journal with 28% and
7:01 am
donald trump at 26%. senator rubio got support from governor hailey. >> more than anything i want a president that's going to fight back on the last eight years that we've had to deal with and make sure that they hold us to every republican to make sure we are doing what republicans were meant to do which is balance our budgets, reduce our deat and -- debt and preserves. >> maria: bad news for hillary clinton, coming up on top only with a matchup on donald trump. bernie sanders beating all the republicans on the new poll. battle over encryption between silicon valley.
7:02 am
apple to fight a court order to hack one of the phones of one of san bernardino shooters, both sides. could eventually go to the supreme court. president obama will not attend the fun real of supreme court justice scalia. he does have a meeting with black lives matter on the day of the fun real. >> dagen: today. >> maria: today. president obama will visit cuba next month. first time in 80 years a sitting-u.s. president visits the country. futures near the high, well, we are off of the highs actually. real-time information. the market has come off of the highs up about 67 points in the dow jones industrial. the cac quarante in paris and dax germany both up.
7:03 am
dax 1 and a half percent. in asia gain by oil prices drive markets higher except with the shanghai composite in shanghai. nikkei average up 2% and kospi also higher. wal-mart a stock to watch, has been fight to go win back customers from amazon. we will find out if it's been successful. that's going to be the number to watch, earnings. president obama waiting the republican nominating process stating who he believes will not be succeeding him in the white house. >> i can continue mr. trump will not be president and the reason is because i have a lot of faith in the american people and i think they recognize that being president is a serious job. it's not hosting a talk show or a reality show. [laughter] >> maria: joining me the son of presidential candidate donald
7:04 am
trump and executive vice president of the trump corporation, eric trump. also joining former chrysler ceo bob, gentlemen, good to see you. what's your action poopoing your father? >> i think, bob, you know this, he has built one of the great tbhandz the world. we are opening hotels all over the world. we have some of the best assets, he's a great reality-tv star or whatever he said, marketer, my father is an unbelievable visionary and what he done to form the new york skyline. it's just very funny. >> maria: do you think what nikki haley rings true and does your father have plan for budgeting and the reserve.
7:05 am
>> who has been the guy that has been jumping up? my father has been most vocal about. the one that can balance the budget is donald trump. every week of his life he has had to make payroll. he has had to run a company. that's what the man does. that's what the man thrivers on. no one better than trump. has rubio done that? has he ever built billion-dollar projects. that's what he thrives on. >> i would like to have a business-oriented person in the white house. someone that has made payroll. >> maria: manages tens of hundreds of people. >> from my point of view i think someone that's run a business versus a community organizer would be a big advantage.
7:06 am
>> maria: are you endorsing hill right now? >> someone who is going to help us reduce our debt and create jobs, drive the gdp. >> maria: dow -- you don't have a candidate yet? >> not yet. [laughter] >> dagen: he codifies the half that half of american household doesn't pay income tax. he lays it out that the way tax plan is set up that more than half of the households will not pay any net federal income tax, if you're for the military, you want everybody to have a skin in the game to funding men and women who are risking the lives. >> bob and i were talking about five minutes ago with the amount of weight. look at iran. use that as the simpliest deal. $150billion that we give to our biggest enemy. come on. you took the $150 billion and
7:07 am
you took it into cancer research, military, the person who is living on $700 a week and can't afford, these are real examples, take the 150 billion and use it for cause and we give it to a country -- we have to start at the basics. >> maria: yeah. >> he would do a great job because the man has unbelievable background. >> i'm convinced having been in business all my life, there's inefficiency in the department today. we could reinvest in the military. let's get more efficient and reallocate that money. it's not about increasing the budget. it's a reallocation versus some of the waste that's going on today. i've seen working with these departments. >> anastasia: i would love to have an amendment unless you had to make payroll.
7:08 am
but the problem of having -- what dagen was saying more than 50% of the population not paying taxes they have no skin in the game. you're going to vote for more government spending, maybe we have a great president who manages to keep that under control. what about the next president? >> i think you're exact opposite. i think you're taking government spending a lot. you have a va hospital that cost 10 billion. if we did that in one of our projects, we would be out of business. >> what about the voters, if i as a voter am not paying any taxes, not the individual anything like that, if i'm not paying that tax, why would i not vote for governmentspending, all upside for me. >> they're not paying taxes. >> that's the problem and look where we are. >> listen, we are also where we are because we have massive waste in our -- trillions and
7:09 am
trillions of dollars a year. we need to get off of that. we need to have a balance budget. we have to stop wasting so much money and give the people the opportunity to get up their feet. we have to ceal border and have to become productive. >> maria: is he going to sue ted cruz, the jabs are back and forth. >> you have to remember he's a front runner. i'm not politician, it seems like a hoax. every poll has him by a lot. you see a debate. what are their other options, let's go after trump, bush has put $40 million in negative ads
7:10 am
towards my father. what other options they have to do that? my father is a counterpuncher. >> dagen: were you at the debate, it looked like he lost his cool, eric which is not what people are used to see it. i was watching at home. >> i sat front row and i actually applauded him. you had six people coming at him and i thought he was doing great taking them along. >> maria: he came out really well in terms of hitting about issues like what's going on with him and ted cruz, what about the substance issues? look, donald trump needs to put forth more substance in terms of balancing the budget, creating jobs, in terms of national security. >> who is more substance than him? >> maria: he needs to articulate that though. >> if you got the line up his resume, which resume would have more substance?
7:11 am
who would you hire? >> maria: okay. >> listen, we are going to build a wall and protect this country and stop this country from getting ripped off from everybody around the world. that's here. you also have to be able to operate and that's what a great business person does, they set objective, they get the best people around him which my father does, he gets the best people around him and you drive the micro points that really matter but you have to be able to cut red tape and set the macro objective. >> maria: does he want a woman as a vp? would help. >> i don't know. we will see. it's not my place to speculate. my father has hired so many women executives. >> maria: he's lost -- he's lost some support among women. >> in the wall street journal poll.
7:12 am
>> we have so many phenomenal female executives that are general managers of golf course that is we own. i could go down the list, you know, we have -- he is amazing. i think, in fact, he prefers having women in the position than men. i really believe that they do a very good job for him. >> eric and i were talking in the green room about a lot of complaints about inversion. >> maria: donald trump is the first one to bring that up. >> there's clearly a way to create jobs and reduce taxes, bringing a person into that position would help us with those things. >> what have these other guys done? they have sat in the senate for a long time. >> maria: bush ran the state of florida, come on. >> these issues -- >> christy ran the of new
7:13 am
jersey. >> i understand that. the debt in the state of florida went up tremendously under bush. the debt has gone tremendously that the period of time these people have been in senate. why not give it to somebody that's an outsider who has made their life career of making money and being successful and turning everything they touch into gold? give that person the opportunity . >> maria: the people obviously agree with you. we will see you soon. eric trump there. turkey terror attack that claim it had live of 20 civilians. music icon turns 83 today. bun beetle artifact. coming up. ♪ ♪
7:14 am
♪ ♪ i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here.
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>> maria: welcome back, earnings alert, wal-mart t company that we have been market. fourth-quarter earnings are out. the company is saying that the sales outlook is coming below expectations. the stock is down 4% in the premarket. in the upside they did raise annual dividends to $2 to 1.96. investors don't like these numbers from wal-mart. even though that does look better than expectation, it was really the revenue at $129.7 billion that seem fall short. thoughts on this or is this too early in terms of just coming out, anastasia?
7:18 am
>> anastasia: it's too early to tell, there's the miss on the top line. maybe companies have some way to maneuver on the bottom line. the top line consistently disappointing. this is wal-mart that we are talking about. this is wal-mart, the average consumer who is supposed to be benefiting from lower gasoline prices. >> that is driving a lot of activity among businesses. they are going to have to come together. you see jci and taico. they have driving earnings and buying stock back. >> maria: you don't see growth you have to acquire -- >> exactly. >> maria: we have to get to new details in last night easter risk attacks in the capital of turkey. >> cheryl: , that's right, maria,ing,ing this something that we are watching closely. senior officials saying the alleged bomber responsible for
7:19 am
killing 28 people and injuring 70 more entered the country in july 14, remember this is the border turkey and syria, police have detained 14 additional people in connection with that bombing. well, right now there's a desperate search for what iraqi officials are calling highly dangerous radio-active material that disappeared from a storage facilities three months ago. material could be used to make auditory if it's in the hands of isis. finally, maria, the white house said that president obama and the first lady will not attend the fun real of the late supreme court justice scalia on saturday. instead they are traveling to the supreme court tomorrow and pay respect as scalia lies in the great court on friday. according to nbc news, three out of the past seven supreme court funerals were attended by the then sitting president. so there's some precedent for
7:20 am
this but he's being criticized by not attending the fun real. >> maria: thank you, cheryl. boxer manny paquiao letting his mouth with his walt, nike is cutting ties, coming back. ♪ ♪ if legalzoom has your back.s, over the last 10 years we've helped one million
7:21 am
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>> maria: welcome back, nike driving a major athlete over controversial comments made. >> manny paquiao can probably take the hit, but yesterday's
7:24 am
upper cut has been the one he has endured. he was fired yesterday. no stranger to homophobic comments. paquiao issued a public apology on social media, but it wasn't enough. yesterday nike announced it has severed business relationship with the soon-to be retired boxer, we find the comments uphorrid. we no longer have a relationship with manny pacquiao. nike echoed the sentiments of many in the sports' world. hall of famer magic johnson blasted paquiao on twitter, fans of all walk of life putting $100 million in his pocket, i guess to him there money is still green. jason colins the only openly gay
7:25 am
player weighed in as well. manny paquiao, i lost all respect for you, bigoted people like you should never hold office. ray rice, lance armstrong all fired by nike. >> dagen: but they have gotten -- nike has gotten more aggressive. they stood by lance armstrong for like a decade and helped develop the whole strong campaign when there was evidence over and over again that he was doping. >> a few years ago nike created the b-2 campaign. they have a relationship with the lgbt community. nike lgbt summit. nike sends a strong mare,
7:26 am
there's nobody bigger in sports than nike for them to do what they did. this is part of the b-true collection. jason colins is part, rogers, so if nike didn't do something here, they almost would come as frauds. they have to do this. >> maria: thank you. see you later. stock is down 4%. that's putting a cap on gains for the market because it's a dow component. retailer missed earnings expectations with the fourth quarter numbers. the company is raising dividends as you could see. stock down 4%. that's coming up. 50-year-old lock of john lennon's hair. how much would you pay for it? we have legendary hair in the studio in mornings with maria.
7:27 am
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good morning. welcome back. senator ted cruz over taking donald trump in the latest national poll. the poll has cruz with 28% and donald trump at 26%. the battlele over encryption between washington and silicon valley heats up. apple is pledging to fight a court order requiring the company to hack in a phone for one of the san bernadino
7:31 am
shooters. it could go up to the supreme court. i will get u.s. attorney general john ash craft to take on this debate between protecting privacy and protecting national security. checking market actions today, futures looking at higher gains. we are expecting a higher opener for the dow. wal-mart is down 4% that is a dow component. company missed expectation on profit and revenue when the company reported earnings about 20 minutes ago. wal-mart down 4% this morning. the board game monopoly getting rid of its paper money. you will be able to swipe to buy property. the new version of the game hits shelves late there year. crude oil back above 31 a
7:32 am
barrel. iran cautionly offering a deal. >> good morning. this is a historic agreement. the reason why the market is so excited about this is that the talks didn't totally breakdown. there was some disappointment that they didn't freeze production. opec knows we are a special case and haven't been able to produce oil because of sanctions and opened the door to further discussion so the market took that the as a possible. the other thing is why is saudi arabia talking to the iranians. they are very upset with them but it's because they need the money. hay have a downgrade by s&p 500. >> alright, thank you. turning back to markets in the the economy. we are expecting a higher
7:33 am
opening as you can see. one issue we have been watching closely is whether the u.s. economy headed in to recession this year or not. my next guest has direct seats to economic minds and joining me now with what they're hearing. steve how well is u.s. managing power and bob has been with us for the hour. good to see you. adam t when bank of japan went negative in terms of take interest rates in to negative territory. a lot of people wondered if this is where things are going here and if they have any powder left, what's your take on that? that the problem request central banks right now is people are not only doubting their forecast there, hay are doubting their capabilities, can they deliver. whenever they try something, there's always a hint of are they getting desperate? >> so the doj backfired and came
7:34 am
out and did on no notice and tried to surprise the market. you can see that in the japanese data. they need a vision of something to commits and lasts longer than the couple months and that's hard to come by. you are really setting monetary try policy. >> right. >> have you ever seen anything like this going into negative interest rates? >> we seen it but only little bits and grabs. he said the other day before congress that the fed is looking at this in case of an emergency because they don't want to be buying a lot more bonds but it's not relevant for the u.s. >> you have all these mixed signals here. you u have negative interest rates then you have wal-mart reporting earnings that were below expectation making us question the strength of the u.s. economy. what are you seeing or hearing? >> it's hard for u.s. companies
7:35 am
but they are working at it. i think growth and seeing the activity, invasion is really important, profitability, continued cost reduction to generate capital and tax becoming a competitive issue for u.s. companies. >> the demand is not there. they have external issues to deal with while they are waiting for the demand to come back. >> it works both ways, that might help on an acquisition but hurting on experts. it's very challenging. >> they did mention the strong dollar. you made the front earlier when you don't have economic growth, you acquire growth. >> i think steve and adam said it accurately, i haveny never seen the level of uncertainty when i was growing up in jd you put together a three-year forecast and live by. today you are needs a plan almost 24 hours then you have the whole geo-political thing that's going on.
7:36 am
you have the strong dollar which supports international acquisition but it hurts exchange coming the other way. so the ceo today is challengeded like they have never before. >>ty feel like most people feel that tax reform are one of those easy levelers to pull. you have seen a lot of tax planning. you are consulting with ceos on this. do you see a viable tax plan out there from any of the candidates that you think will move the needles on growth? >> i think the good news is everybody is talking about it. this needs to be a page one issue. in is now a serious competitive issue for u.s. companies. so, our tax goes back to 1986 look how fast the world is changing. what's still since '86? >> that's a great point. >> we need change. it needs to be modernized, it's competitive, the rates are too high. the fact that it's on the table,
7:37 am
i say you're helping a subsultive debate. keep helping it. >> it's important to voters which is why we keep bringing it up. >> you have to move to the structural side and about bringing home the trillions and freeing it up on investment is ap key point. we have done some work with the peterson institute about getting nor woman into management. now with the challenges, the ceo bob was talking act you cannot over look talent in your country or company. there's room to make profits there. >> putting woman in senior positions the helps profit? es. >> we just issued a study, 22,000 companies world wide and what you find is the companies that have 30% woman in management ranks have 15% higher
7:38 am
than the companies that don't. >> i knew that already but glad there's a study. >> that's what we said. >> i like the data backing it up. want will be the catalyst that the loosens things up? >> i will threat real business people -- i will let the real business people -- >> first is despite hassle it's getting in the campaign the transfers and trade deal opens up opportunities for the u.s., opens up future markets is a good thing and that can help whatever certain candidates say. the second thing is there's room to make improvement on health care -- we are throwing away several percentage a year. obama care hasn't akresz dressed that -- addressed that, that is where real reform has to come.
7:39 am
>> companies are getting focused. you look at the transaction with dupont. i think we are seeing focused followed by invasion. than invasion is coming in all sizes and shapes and companies are getting at it. >> i'm glad you mentioned dupont -- you are talking about a 200-year-old company. when you see a company changing and growing that, to me, speaks growth. >> what you say today are ceos taking charge because they don't have the confidence of anything happening in thised a pheup administration. i think were low and flow because of the election process. >> the election -- >> i'm not as optimistic as some
7:40 am
of the people that are doing out there. jci and you look at the split at xerox that is coming up, you look at what megadid with hp. ceos cannot wait for legislation. we ought to get it back. all of those things are actionable times that we should be working on. >> you have to work your business because they may call you tomorrow. good to see you both. thank you so much. stick around. lots more to hear from you. coming up, hillary clinton expressing concerns over her own health. she is short of 70-year-old failed to kro*efer from a coughing fit at a speech. >> u how much would you pay far lock of john lennon's hair? >> very little. >> adam? >> i need hair but i don't need that. >> we will get your comment later. here is john lennon pack in 1964
7:41 am
talking about the beetles in america. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity.
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welcome back. some in sights on the latest with hillary clinton. >> big interview, form secretary of state is featured in a
7:45 am
hao*egtly profile until sroebg. she is concerned about her own health. she said washing her hands is the first line there of defense about getting sick. check out this can't-miss clip. an 11 boy dangling from a chair lift in british columbia. he was saved by some quick thinking skiers. look at this. that was a 20 drop. the boy slipped, leaning on the edge of the chair trying to pick up a ski pole that he dropped. they were holeing it by his clothing then that video captured. he was not hurt but safe. a was a large drop for that little boy. >> unbelievable shot. thank you so much.
7:46 am
>> we want to look at openings this morning. wal-mart through some water in the rally with its most recent earnings. the real service is revenue and taking away in dividend. let's talk about business today. does this surprise you? the wal-mart numbers. >> it' disappointing because i know they are working really hard. they will increase the wages as you mentioned earlyer. that could be impacting that. we may see the impact with less turn over which is very costly so hopefully they can pull out of this the thing it's a corner stone for for retail market. >> one of the issues that we are also seeing for wal-mart is it is impacting by the strength of the u.s. dollar. this is helping u.s. sales. this is a trend that is there for the u.s. corporations.
7:47 am
all the the market turmoil that we are seeing. this has to impact the label market and has to make ceos say maybe i'm not going to hire that much. >> we talked about earlier. i think uncertainty that's out there across the board, financial, currency, consumer confidence is effecting the ceo today. they have to be able to pivot within 24 hours. there is no long term plan. there is no annual budget any longer. what will go wrong, how i can prevent it. cyber attacks is consuming the board room today, recent survey, 46% of the fortune 500 don't have a cyber attack plan. nobody is going to spend
7:48 am
whatever it takes on cyber security. >> it's the cost of doing business. the group out there today, the government report made $325 million-dollars out there hacking and you pay in bitcoins to get the code to get it back again. the government is getting back. all you do is hit a return and it take over your entire computer. >> we see firmness. could you put new noun work here? >> i think we have to be kau sthous here. maybe there's more steam but it's a market is bumping into a lot of obstacles cans now. earnings are not good enough. evaluations given out that we have out there are high enough. as i always say there's opportunitiess but you've got to be so nichey in this market.
7:49 am
>> you look at the market and it's whimsical. it is driven by media and press and not sustainable and predictible and profit tabl growth. >> we are going to take a break. john lennon's hair is up for auction. we will look at&t the iconic lock that hit the auction block here in the studio. we have john lennon's hair coming up next. ♪
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7:53 am
what about a lock of john lennon's hair it's about to hit the auction block it was cut in preparation for his film for the 19 66 film, "how i won the war." the company who is hosting the auction for john lennon's hair. you have the lock of hair right there. >> yes, i do.
7:54 am
>> the bidding it up to $12,000 and it's this saturday in dallas. >> far collector, -- for a collector, where does this stack? >> there is a history of selling hair at auction. there is market for this sort of thing. in 2007 we sold a lock of chase lavara's hair for over $100,000. >> it's a popularity contest. we sold a lock of lincoln's hair for over $30,000. this is the largest lock of lennon's hair. >> how do you awe authentic that. >> this is coming from the hair stylist who cut his hair in
7:55 am
september of 1966 for the role. this man gave it to us and he had his 15 minutes of fame and when this was the cover story in germany you can see the back of his head cutting the hair, you can see his hand holding the hair so it's been with him since the hair was cut so question trace it back. >> it's a moment, too. that was big hair style change. >> that was very big moment. the world was upset about it because he had this long, gorgeous hair and they cut it for this role. it was very negative. people were sad about him losing his hair. >> they can have this and it was moment when he first started wearing the round glasses. >> do you see cycles in your business? when the stock market is not doing well, does that impact auctions or codo you see when real estate is down maybe people start to collect things more? >> that is a good question, we
7:56 am
think about that a lot, in truth in the down market people want to put their money into something else as an investment. there is always a collecting market for material like this. >> thank you very much. heritage auctions, check it out and check out john lennon's lock of hair up to $12,000. >> john ash craft taking up the case against apple and the government in the san bernadino terrorist investigation.
7:57 am
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♪ he has a sharp wit. a winning smile. and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. >> good thursday morning. welcome back. with me is daegan mcdowell. first your top stories 8:00 a.m on the east coast. wal-mart earnings were below expectations.
8:00 am
the stock is down 4% after missing analyst expectation on revenue. the company cutting its sales output for the year. not doing much for the stock this morning. on new politics show bad news for hillary clinton. the former first lady coming up on top only on a match up with donald trump. bernie sanders beat all of the remaining republican candidates in a new poll. this coming with senator marco rubio snagged the key for south carolina governor nikki haley last night. governor hailey explained her decision last night. the battle over encryption this morning. apple is pledging to fight a court order requiring the company to hack in a phone which is years for the san bernadino shooters. this could eventually go up to the supreme court. ly get john ash craft's opinion
8:01 am
on the debate to privacy and protecting the national security. a snub for president obama the white house announcing the president will not attend the funeral of supreme court justice aftoine but the president will meet with black lives matter later today. president obama will be in cuba last night it will be the first time in 80 years a u.s. president will vic sit cuba. one of the questions this morning, is it a start of a trend as a new poll for nb news shows a new national leader. . trump is still in control just
8:02 am
about doubling up cruz's 35-28 something to watch there going forward. what matters is south carolina, the first in the south primary is saturday. the polling there shows trump holds a commanding lead but marco rubio scored a victory last night when he landed the endorsement of nikki haley. >> more than anything i want a president that will fight back in the last eight years that we've had to deal with and make sure they hold a conscious to every republican to make sure they are doing what republicans were tphoepbt do which is balance our budget, reduce and balance our reserve and i think marco rubio is the man to do that. >> that is the endorsement jeb bush had wanting, he said he was quote, disappointed. >> the confusion in the democratic race. controversy over super delegate picking up steam. even though hillary clinton lost in new hampshire and narrowly
8:03 am
won in iowa. super delegates continue to support hillary clinton giving her a wide lead ahead of the democratic national convention. can you explain what super delegate means and how it impacts this race stp. >> absolutely. the democratic party has pledged delegates that go to the convention. that is the majority of the delegates -- there are 15% who are members of congress or senators. we run every four years for a term that will end in 2020 and we got elected by your state.
8:04 am
we vote our con sthous can pledge as early as we want for a delegate. i have been part of something for eight years. . when your primaries are over that the super delegates ought to go where the public voted or where the majority of the pledged delegates. >> that's interesting. you change your mind and change your vote. >> that's true. we are free change our votes at any time. i look at it as if you want to give a can at the a head start and go out and campaign as a delegate sir got we are free do that. i am doing that now for hillary clinton but think once the
8:05 am
process is over in stkwraoupb party feeds to come together and we all need to unite behind the person who went there, played by the rules, got the most pledge delegates at the local level and that will be the time for all of us to come together in june because in july we are nominating somebody who has the majority support of the majority support of the pledge delegates but we are super delegate party leaders as well. >> your mom -- go ahead. >> you ever speak to the other super delegates who already pledged their votes to hillary clinton and say we do it. you need to represent the members of the party and is there pressure put on super delegates to do what you doing and back the democratic voter at the end of the day. >> i hope there will be. eight years ago we went through this almost to today where i gave an interview with
8:06 am
huffington post and said in that case i had not picking a candidate in the primary. when obama was trying to have in rows with the super delegates so they liked what i likeed to say, clinton people not so much. when it looked like president obama was toing to win i had a lot of pressure in my change my mind and back him because it looked like he was going to be the winner. i said nope. in junely help push you over the top and that's whey i did.
8:07 am
for some reason i'm wrong i will be first in line saying let's bring everybody together behind the nominee. >> you made really good point. it' a contest. as you can tell it's very nip and tuck depending on which kpwroul look at in nevada. it's hard to poll far caucus state but there's a lot of enthusiasm there and you look at the next ten states and it looks like hillary has a commanding lead. you really don't know. it's up in the air.
8:08 am
what we are seeing now is that voters see disenfranchiseed where the super del tkpats can over ride i the wishes of the voters. how do you think that will pan out with the democrat parties an have their tone people not feel frustrated by that? >> . >> i think dem democratic party will come together around the nominee. rhett e's be real. i am talking you from san francisco. we don't think that our vote much matters in the fall.
8:09 am
it is only in the the 12 states that will be in the fall. there's a lot that feel that if you want a truly democratic process. come the fall you had a national fair vote where every vote counted equally in every state rather than focusing on ton democratic electoral college. i think that will help more republicans be interested in politics knowing that their vote was going to matter. >> exciting times. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> we will see you soon. >> . wal-mart falling to a three-week low this morning after earnings that have wall street expectations. >> wal-mart posting mixed results sending shares down in the premarket an it will stha*euf 16 points off the dow
8:10 am
at the opening bell and here are the numbers. there was light coming in and $$129.7 billions. sales here in the u.s. were up for the sixth straight quarter. that mixed analyst expectations on 1%. than is cutting sales guidance for years and will be flat. we want to track how those are doing. . using their cell phone to buy stuff online to buy stuff for the holidays. we also saw wal-mart raising the tk*euf tkoepbd hit that $2 mark. great news for investors there.
8:11 am
wal-mart executive said that was offset by deflation and meat and dairy. wal-mart said their ha*els were hurt by warmer weather. they are blaming the weather here in the beginning of the fourth quart eur and delays in some early tax refund checks from the irs. they said that hurt wal-mart sales as well. >> thank you so much. it's word recession was absent yesterday which i said was interesting that the wal-mart knows the price of oil this morning. what's most important to you this morning as we are an hour and a half away. >> one thing that stood out to me is the fed is carefully assessing the balance of risk now. we do need to see the market stabilize here.
8:12 am
. if you look at credits, if you look at the yield it's 10%. if you think what has fueled this market it has been a buy back and given increases and if you don't have the credit conditions they just take some steam out of the equation. there's a report that i ran the support decision to freeze output but whose decision will be freeze their own output. that's still the biggest question mark out there. >> it's up 3% on crude right now. >> just quickly on wal-mart, the wal-mart stock was up almost 8% this year.
8:13 am
all your broad markets were up in the air. part of the reason is wal-mart is close all 102 of its wal-mart express stores. that is another major reason. thaw seemed to be what everyone was doing. are they telling the markets that they don't really believe. up next, it is something out of a movie. demanding ransom for release. could this be the beginning of these types of cyber crimes. we will look at it next. up next john kroft on the story next. .
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
8:17 am
welcome back. a california thopt paying a ransom to get its computers back up. >> the chief executive of hollywood medical center paid the equivalent of $17,000 in bitcoins to hackers who use malware to disable the computer network. it is called ransom wear and the ceo said in a statement that paying the ransom was the fastest way to gain control of the hospital systems. no patient records were stolen thus far but the fbi was investigating this entire cyber attack. he will ravel to cuba next month. this will be the first time that a u.s. president has visited the communist island. senators marco rubio and ted
8:18 am
cruz criticizing the president's planned trip saying that he should not make the visit until the country is free. he will not be athe tending the funeral of the late justice on saturday. that su according to white house press secretary and instead the president is going to be paying his respect earlier while he lays in the the court's great hall and vice president biden will be in his place because lot of controversy. she being criticized for not being more respective of the death of the justice. wal-mart stocks the open at a three-week low this morning after missing on top and bottom line. companies for the year and also oil prices in today's trading session above 31 barrels of the barrel. back in a minute. .
8:19 am
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
crude oil one of the big stories of the morning trading above $31 a barrel. iran is waiting the deal back from saudi arabia and russia. it's to freeze output with the world's producers without committing themselves. . >> very explosive rally the last couple of days. this is a historic possibility that we can get opec and not opec to to agree to anything for the last 15 years. the market is taking that seriously. iran will never let this happen. there's no way they will walk out of that meeting. they didn't come to an agreement but didn't walk out. there is definitely negotiations going on and they are making that as positive.
8:23 am
the other reason they are up-to-date and they really shock trainers yesterday. they were looking for an increased in oil inventory with 3 million barrels. it's another reason why we are positive, back to you. you can see how ever thing is connected. we are all connected. we have the oil market up and that's putting under ebg teus today. >> everything has hingeed upon the oil market recently. we are realizing it's not just about lower gasoline prices but also the wealth destruction that has been put in place to follow the accumulation.
8:24 am
he askedle about 45% come from oil producing nations. he said a very large of buyers of securities. they don't matter. those countrys are suffering so they are having to sell their assets. they will have to sell them in stocks and bonds. yesterday the banks were under pressure. lagged the market. . if they want to make money but i'm not at with the consumer looking very shakey. i think campaign trail is shaking investors.
8:25 am
you add that is all up. i don't want much higher gasoline price for the american people. they already look shakey. i don't think you will get it. this move in oil has really shown you that we are seeing an impact to broad economy. it is indicative of this global slow down. >> if we can see some stability in oil i think that will go a long way. . >> it is a default that we are likely to see in energy companies but at least it will alleviate the need for banks to provision more and more. >> i just want to make one quick point. u it contributed to this market slump. >> it's one of so many points of
8:26 am
instability and getting oil and one thing we have we have commodity price instability. people are just sitting on the the sidelines now. . it's the high nest some time. we are seeing a buyer strike but if we see stabilization in oil i think that can be the catalyst. >> we will take a short break. clash between apple and the government asking you the fbi for apple's help. is it an isolated case or setting a precedence? >> we will talk to john ashcroft of coming up. pope francis attracts a enormous crowd. she wrapping up with a mass near el paso, texas. back in a minute.
8:27 am
8:28 am
. . . .
8:29 am
8:30 am
maria: welcome back. jobless claims coming out any second here. the expectation, 262,000 on jobless claims. that is the, estimate was 275,000. now we got the number, 262,000 jobless claims for the week. futures this morning are looking higher. we're well off the highs of the morning. walmart part of the issue weighing on the dow this morning. it will probably shave 16 points off the index down about 4% after world's largest retailer reported fourth quarter results that missed expectations. 262,000 jobless claims? >> slightly better than expectations.
8:31 am
we're not seeing a pickup of jobless claims. for know that's positive development. maria: positive development there, still a market very much tied to oil. oil is up. very much tied to dow component walmart, down 4%. economy is struggling globally. investor are looking for somewhere to allocate capital. our next guest sees opportunities in the emerging market but which ones? we have morgan stanley's head of emerging market markets and thanks so much for joining us. >> good to be back, thanks. maria: we're all waiting for emerging markets to break out. hasn't happened in a long time. what's the problem? >> the problem is china. the chinese economy has been slowing down continuously since really 2011. it is like a ping-pong ball bouncing down the stairs. it has been bouncing down, hasn't crashed but bouncing down. if you step back the chinese economy already had a hard landing.
8:32 am
this economy was growing in nominal terms about 15%, in 2010 and 2011, that rate is now down to 5%. that's a huge slowdown happening in china. china has been the single largest contributor to global growth this decade. that is troubling the emerging world and i would say the entire world now because china is world's second largest economy t hasn't been a while since we've seen another economy but the u.s. dominate the global economy the way china has done over the last decade. >> you said something really interesting. that china already had a hard landing there is all this talk whether they are going to or not but i say the economy did. my question for you did the chinese currency already have the hard landing? >> that is the real problem. the currency is still very expensive on trade weighted basis which is way most people look at currencies. chinese currency still close to all-time high. even though devalued against the
8:33 am
dollar, other currencies have fallen a lot. chinese currency is still very competitive. here is the problem. local chinese are taking money out in droves. if you look at every single currency crisis over last two decades. it is not foreigners or hedge funds that come out it is locals. maria: putting their money in america? >> real estate in america. >> from vancouver to australia. that money is pouring out of there and i think the chinese currency is last shoe to drop because all other emerging market currencies have gone down last few years. >> can emerging markets sitting here doubt the fate of the chinese currency? >> this is new face for the emerging world. this is 40% of the global economy. 35 to 40%. to speak about all emerging market as homogenous entity is a bit misleading. we need to start differentiation.
8:34 am
we were talking about a while back. different countries are at different points in the cycle but the problem the chinese economy has to stop deflating. once that happens we can see some light at the end of the tunnel. >> how big after drop will we have to see in currency to get that stabilization? maria: will that have big impact on u.s. markets? >> i think 10 to 15%. something which will have effect. maria: chinese yuan drops 10 to 15%? >> yep. i think that is our base case. maria: what does the u.s. equity market do in response? that is the million dollar question. give me exact number. >> i think, i think that some sort of a bear market has sneaked in here as far as the u.s. is concerned. regime has changed. the we had been in bull market regime since 2009. it has shifted. there is nice bounce here that may last for a while. i still think we're in a bear market regime, international developments will continue to matter for the u.s. that is the really important bit here.
8:35 am
that the rest of the world never mattered that much for the u.s. as it matters now simply because the rest of the world is much bigger prell tiff to the u.s. economy. >> very different world. maria: we've life it there. great insights. we appreciate your time. >> sure. maria: don't forget "mornings with maria" starts six a.m. eastern here on fox business network. before we take a break we'll give you some of the best highlights you may have missed earlier in the program. >> i think donald trump is disaster for the republican party. frankly i think he is bad for the united states of america. maria: new version of the game hits later this year. i'm upset about this. >> you can still buy old version of the game. maria: i will save all my monopolies because of this. >> i can't even follow his twitter feed, it is so insane because i am prone to expletives which is not allowed i will simply say this. thumbs down. i sam so over this guy. >> i would have to have a business oriented person in the
8:36 am
white house, someone had to make payroll, someone that understands capital allocation. maria: managing tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of people. >> globally. >> we have massive waste and federal deficit goes up trillions and trillions dollars a year. we need to get off of that. we need a balanced budget, stop wasting so much money and give people the opportunity to get off their feet. >> companies with 30% women in management ranks on management 15% higher profitability than companies that don't. ♪ i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c.
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maria: can you imagine playing monopoly without money? now you don't have to. cheryl casone with the story. cheryl. >> sign of the times, right? things are changing. we're going digital. the latest version has done away with paper money. no nor monopoly money at least on ultimate banking version. they're opting for electronic cards and they track wealth and property values which can rise and fall as the days go on. rents can change. kyle swarber, chicago cubs outfielder broke a guy's windshield in arizona and posted it on instagram. safe light offered to come to the park to install enshield. they asked to come back to fix a
8:41 am
lot more windshields. he responded saying, problem solved. maria, have to give you this one, can't miss clip straight from norway. talk about motivated cat. just for pulling his owner, maria through the snow. he is a pretty big cat. look at this guy go. good for owner. a selected in norway. got 20,000 likes. he has his own facebook page. back to you. maria: that is great. thank you. making us smile every day. supporters rallying yesterday outside of apple's san francisco store to protest the government's demand that apple help the fbi hack into the iphone linked to the san bernanadino shooter. apple ceo tim cook says the company will resist this order making it a point to protect customer privacy. joining me with some answers is former u.s. attorney general john ashcraft. mr. attorney general, thanks very much for joining us. >> glad to be with you. good morning. maria: how do you think this plays out?
8:42 am
clearly, you know, tim cook wants his customers to know your data is safe. we'll not kowtow to the government because the government is telling us i'm supposed to give them a back door because once they give them a back door because everybody has the back door. how do you see it? >> well, information has been essential to the liberty about of the united states and i mean that in terms of national security. from gosh washington forward we had to have information in order to protect the liberties of the american people. it's been supervised by the courts. we have a system of getting information when necessary for national security. i believe there will be a way, and as matter of fact all telecommunications companies have cooperated, i believe including apple to help provide information in specific cases with court supervision. i think ultimately we're going to have that. we can not have an american company that provides a sanctuary or a secure area where terrorists can communicate and
8:43 am
can plan and carry out plans to disrupt america and to destroy our freedom. we simply have to have information when it's necessary, both to prosecute and to prevent crimes. and for prevention, information is essential. i suspect, i certainly hope, that there will be a way that the information can be provided without unduly putting into jeopardy the private communications of law-abiding citizens. maria: yeah. >> however when there are terrorists working i don't think we want to find a way to protect their communications. they have to be susceptible to law enforcement understanding. maria: you make a lot of really good points and i know this has been done before. back in the '90s with the telecom companies when you were attorney general, i want to ask you about this because we had on joe nacchio, earlier in the program, mr. attorney general, he referred to you back in the day. basically he said government came to him as ceo of quest, we
8:44 am
have to put pipes underneath the ground, we have to listen to government calls and he said you wouldn't do it and government retaliated and sent him to jail. in your case you weren't sent to jail for that reason? you think it was retaliation. >> that is what the your later guest, john ashcroft would. director of fbi was assistant attorney general at time. they knew our intelligence agencies were involved in illegal activities. maria: wow. was that illegal activities at time like he says? >> he was convicted of a crime. he was denied any relief on appeal because he was guilty. he remains guilty of that, i think those convictions are still his. maria: insider trading. those were insider trading charges. >> so. correct. and, why he wants to try and allege now there was somehow another basis for his
8:45 am
prosecution is absurd. maria: okay. >> the national security part of the justice department doesn't work with the criminal justice part of the department in order to do things like that to people. at least it didn't in my administration. maria: what he was suggesting that it was illegal at the time for the government to put pipes below the ground to listen in on people's conversations. very similar to what we're talking about here today, right? because the government wants apple to hack into this phone and apple is saying look, if we have a back door for this one particular case, then there is a back door. then the bad guys are going to get ahold of apple data, our user data and they will be snooping and find out everybody's private information. what do i think about that? >> well, i don't think that's proper. i don't think it's correct. this particular case is a case that is a result of a court order that we have the judicial system involved. that the government is operating under the supervision or under
8:46 am
the authority of a federal judge, and there is an appeal being taken to it. the idea that somehow that the government can never get information to the defend the national security because someone might sometime abuse information is absurd. everything is susceptible to abuse. there are problems with police abuse but that doesn't mean we abandon the idea of police. never in our history have we decided that there were commercial interests or privacy interests that were so important that we could not detect illegal activity like the activity of terrorists and use that information about them to protect the american people. that's what is at stake here. maria: i think this is really, really great analysis but isn't it a slippery slope, that is the thing, mr. ashcroft? do we get into a situation, okay we will kowtow and make sure apple hacks into this phone. we get all the information about what this terrorist was communicating with his buddies, whether it is in syria or in
8:47 am
america, more importantly, and we find out lots of information that we need but is it a slippery slope the government says you know what, there is another case i need to look at this phone, i need to look at that data? what about the slippery slope argument? >> well the slippery slope is not a slope because it is safeguarded and it's a government process. there are times we need to information to protect this country and should be information gained in a lawful way either through the foreign intelligence surveillance act courts or under authority of the president in article ii as his foreign affairs responsibilities or commander-in-chief responsibilities require, or the article three provisions that relate to criminal laws and the ability to have wiretaps which we have found important and necessary in order to protect the freedom, security and safety
8:48 am
of the american people historically. maria: yeah. >> the safeguards we developed before should be the ones we use again and we should do this -- i think there will be a way to get this done here. maria: you would think so. >> can't have secure communications for terrorists. >> you would think so. also, do we want terrorists to think that is the go-to phone to china kate with their, with their colleague terrorists because they know it is never going to be unleashed to government? what you're saying there is provision when it comes to national security, period? >> well, you know there are lots of things that we have are superior in the united states that terrorist was like to have. maria: right. >> there are certain aspects of american government that forbid the sale of high-tech and very important things that are essential to our defense that would be dangerous in the hands of terrorists and we've regulated that kind of commercial activity historically. we've done so to protect the interests of our national security but also to protect the
8:49 am
commercial interests of this country and i believe we'll find a way to do it in this circumstance that does not unduly compromise individuals. the idea that some day something might be abused doesn't mean it can't be a important component of our defense system for national security purposes. that's true about weapons and it's true about communication. maria: i think you make great points and all very much practical analysis. mr. ashcroft, let me switch gears, get your thoughts on the debate surrounding replacing supreme court justice antonin scalia. how do you think that plays out? >> well, first of all antonin scalia was probably the one of the greatest patriots that i ever got to know. he was committed to what the constitution was supposed to mean. and that it should not be abandoned simply because five judges somehow develop a majority on the supreme court. he knew that the constitution when amended should be amended the way the constitution says it should be amended and there is an amendment process, there are
8:50 am
two of them as a matter of fact. so he was a great justice and we will miss him sorely. he was so strong in intel lent that he will be missed on all sides. he not just a justice for conservative americans or liberal americans. he was a justice who repaired to the constitution for all of us. i expect that there's likely to be a stir about an appointment. the president may exercise his responsibility or right to appoint another justice but the senate of the united states also has a responsibility and a right to be involved in a confirmation process. historically we haven't had confirmations in election years. so, and i remember chuck schumer saying several years ago that, and 18 months before the election, not just eight months before the election. maria: right. >> that there would be no confirmations. so this isn't really so much a partisan issue as it is a tradition in the united states of america.
8:51 am
nothing's more important arguably than membership on the supreme court since the court has expanded its role in american government. maria: yep. >> so i would expect, i wouldn't be surprised if the president acts but i wouldn't be surprised if the senate acts as well. >> yeah. >> and it does what it thinks is in the best interests of the united states. maria: john ashcroft, great to have your perspective and historical perspective as well. thanks so much, sir. we'll see you soon. >> my pleasure. thank you. maria: we'll be right back. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow.
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>> i'm adam shapiro live on floor of the new york stock exchange. futures in positive territory as we get ready to head to the opening bell at 9:30.
8:55 am
oil trading above $31 a barrel. we have earnings that will drive the market. walmart reporting driving wall street not so much for a miss on revenue, but because of it is guidance for the current fiscal year. essentially they expect growth to be flat. they had forecast that growth would be anywhere from three to 4%. walmart disappointing investors. we'll get other retailers later after the bell. we get nordstrom and later we get macy's and target. maria, back to you. a combination of products and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises. this just got interesting. so why pause to take a pill?
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maria: welcome back. 30 minutes away from the opening bell. with an stacia, lenore hawkins and dagen mcdowell. >> i will definitely be watching oil. we have an outline of some sort of cooperation. we don't know all the fine details but iran will do or not do will be key for oil markets. $31 is a whole lot better than 26 we saw a few weeks ago.
8:59 am
if that is the first sign of stabilization that is positive for the market. maria: we are looking positive today. these markets are so linked, lenore, that is why equities are looking higher but there is uncertainty out there still. >> we're looking for some sort of stability. we have instability with the oil markets. we have instability with the u.s. politics. we don't know who will be run being markets. like you said, we have very different sides with trump and sanders. those are different direct schuss. we have geopolitical instability with russia and saudi arabia having their little war in syria. there is instability everywhere you look. makes it difficult to plan for the future. that makes it difficult to grow because you're in defensive position. maria: why you still think the marketing will be rocky because of all this uncertainty. then there is the apple story, dagen. >> i will say to this to apple. it is one terrorist, one phone, one valid search warrant. it is not a request for a back door into all of apple's phones. but refusing this apple will do even more harm to everybody's
9:00 am
security because the backlash is going to be fierce. i'm talking about you watch, if they keep fighting this, potential legislation. maria: we'll see. anastasia, dagen, lenore, thanks for joining us. i will see you tomorrow, same time, same place. "varney & company" begins now. stuart over to you. stuart: thank you, maria. is the earth moving? is this a big tilt left? good morning. how about this? a "quinnepiac poll" in head-to-head matchup shows bernie sanders, a socialist, beating every single republican candidate. wait. there's more. that same poll shows every single republican, except donald trump, beating hillary clinton. what do you make of that? all right. i got another poll. this one may be an outlyer. it shows donald trump second to ted cruz. i think we can say, the political earth has at least shifted? how about your 401(k)? got a shift there. solid rebound in progress. the dow up nearly 800 point sinc


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