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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  February 18, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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trish regan helping me out, doing honors with all of this. now we have the pope involved. trish i'm trying to nail down interview with his holiness. very good pope francis indepression if all else fails. trish: can i see it. neil: now, young lady, to you. trish: i have got to see this thing. maybe saturday night. neil: saturday night, exactly. >> thank you, neil cavuto. breaking everyone, pope and donald trump going head-to-head. donald trump responding to pope francis that anyone who would erect a wall with mexico is not christian. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. i'm proud to be a christian. as president i will not be consistently attacked and weakened unlike what is happening now with our current president. trish: i'm trish regan. welcome, everyone, to the intelligence report. donald trump is about willing to take on just about everyone,
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even the pope. will this hurt or help "the donald." microsoft and google coming out in full support for apple. standoff between national security and privacy putting tech companies against the government. libertarian ron paul on what he believes apple should do. i have a feeling we'll not see eye-to-eye on this. new polls, people are increasely feel the bern. is america turning its back on free market capitalist heritage, the very thing that made us the most prosperous nation the world has ever seen? president obama skipping justice scalia funeral on saturday. what is so important that the president can't be there. we all want to know. >> the president has said that he is not always as sensitive as he should be on optics. can you rule out him going golfing on saturday instead of
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the funeral. >> i don't have a sense of what the president's plans are for saturday. trish: we hope he is not golfing. plus president's meeting today with "black lives matter" activists later on in the show. security fears, highly alert right now. dangerous radioactive material stolen from iraq. there are some concerns it could be used as with by isis. swedish women meanwhile are reduced to setting up voluntary groping guards it public pool areas to prevent assault of young women by muslim migrants. all the stories for you. i want to get back to the battle on the campaign trail, the pope versus donald trump. pope was just in mexico speaking to the people there, apparently annoying donald trump. you know trump, if you come after him he will come back and the pope sort of did. saying anyone who focuses only on borders is not christian. in response trump says, he would
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be so tough on isis that you know what? the pope would probably really want to make sure he is in office. listen to him here. >> if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, which is everyone knows is isis's ultimate trophy, i can promise you that the pope would have only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president. trish: republican strategist ford o'connell, progressive radio show host chris hahn joining me right now. good to see you guys. my gosh, we've seen donald trump versus a lot of people. now donald trump versus the pope. ford, don't forget a lot of americans really like the pope. is this commentary going to hurt or help trump right now? >> i don't think it will hurt trump at all particularly among republicans. americans are split on role of pope francis and republicans find him to be too political. pope francis doesn't understand problems with open borders. say this, the pope's job save all souls and president's job
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comes in conflict with the pope's job, protect america, her citizens and its border. in other words while on earth american souls come first for the president of the united states. trish: ford is saying basically he doesn't think it is going to hurt him. there may be a case to be made, chris hahn, it could actually help him. in other words he will not let anyone say get away with saying anything against donald trump. part of the population likes that and responds to that. >> donald trump is not only one saying let's build a wall. ted cruz is saying he wants to build a wall. ted cruz is appealing to evangelical vote supposed to be followers of christ. matthew 25, when i knocked on the door, did you let me in? that is what the pope is saying. i don't know it is attack on donald trump. nothing has hurt donald trump politically. everything has helped him. i don't see why this would be anything different. >> one thing we have to separate the republican presidential primary from the general election.
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if in trump becomes nominee on republican side we can revisit that. in republican primary, republican voters are not so keen. this is not john paul ii. this is not cardinal rad singer. pope francis is seen way too political. >> pope francis, in my opinion, is the first christian pope we've had in my lifetime. the man is out there. he is actually teaching, following teachings of christs no matter who it offends. >> you feel that way on abortion chris? slow down. >> i don't agree with him on everything. trish: you may like him because he is talking a lot of socialist type stuff these days. >> talking like christ. trish: capitalism really isn't a system that works in his view. you know how i feel about that. i think you're a capitalist, chris. >> i am. trish: all right. so i know how you feel about that too. this is pope four points out has
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gotten extremely political and that doesn't well with a lot of people, ford. >> no, it doesn't. it doesn't sit well and part of this reason is because where the pope is from. he is from south america. they don't see capitalism same way they do. it is really corporatism. when it comes to climate change, whole host of issues this, is truly activist pope. >> he is. >> who am i to argue with the holy father, with that said i have to look at it from american perspective. trish: who are you to argue with the holy father but apparently donald trump is willing to do it. >> you know what? i'm a firm believer in the separation of church and state. what the pope is saying is what the christian bible says. he is not saying what, what the state should be doing. that said, if you're going to seek evangelical votes, you want to build a wall, that's great but you have to have a path to get people here who need to come here, want to come here. only one put forward on that republican side is marco rubio. he disavowed it.
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>> this is not amnesty argument. this is not amnesty argument this is not at all. the pope is not the president of the united states, okay? his job is to save souls. the president's job is to protect american souls first while on earth. that is just the bottom line. >> tough for republicans. try to have it both ways. >> talk to you guys in a little bit. don't go anywhere. i want to turn to the other big story we're covering today, that's google and microsoft now declaring their support for apple in showdown between privacy rights and national security. apple defying a federal court order to unlock one of the san bernardino's terrorists, syed farook's smartphone. former congressman ron paul, host of the ron paul liberty report, he joins me now with more on this. representative paul, good to see you. >> thank you. nice to be with you. trish: you are on the side of the tech companies here. you think apple's doing the right thing. why? >> well, i wouldn't say i'm on the side of the tech companies per se but i think the tech
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companies right now are on the side of liberty or on the side of the people who would like to have their encryption protected. encryption is there to protect people against illegal snooping and to honor the constitution. trish: even in the case of terrorism? >> well, this has nothing to do with the -- they're repretending, that is the excuse. what we have to do is protect privacy of dead terrorist that is what this is all about. this is for mandating for apple to produce a product at their expense and use law enforcement agency to do something that, that apple deliberately provided for the consumer because after the, the revelation of all the snooping of the government, people were very worried about it. snowden gave us great help in telling us what the government was really doing. i think protection of privacy is the big issue.
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for them to say, well, yeah, well, we have to bend it a little bit to protect us, you know, law enforcement and punish crime but what about how much bending do they do with the constitution? that's the part that is really at fault here. trish: let me -- you are in favor of someone going and getting or law enforcement getting a court order to wiretap someone's phone if they believe they have substantial evidence this person is a threat to the community. >> right. trish: threat to society, law enforcement can go proper procedures. you've been advocate of proper procedures. how is that, representative paul, any different? >> this is a lot different. trish: go through procedures and get ability to wiretap someone's phone? if you have proof someone commit ad terror attack, shouldn't you be automobile to also unlock their phone just as you would tap their.? >> this is entirely different. this isn't taking the phone looking at material. this is telling appeal they have
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to produce a program that deactivates they built something into the system for millions and millions of people that people want and paid for this. is simple than a simple subpoena and simple search warrant. trish: what if the government says we'll pay for it, apple, we'll pay for you to do it? >> that would be a sellout too. still mandating if the government wants this, go do it. trish: they need coordination and help of apple. they can't create apple overnight. they would need apple to work with them. >> that is called conscription. that is called slavery you will do this or else we'll put you in jail. that is conscription. besides, besides they're on the side of the right thing. they're, more people should look at this like second amendment because you know, second amendment is there to protect us against tyranny and against our government. that is why they wrote the second amendment. this is why we have the fourth amendment. this is what this is doing. like the second amendment is saying, yes, your privacy is
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very important. the government doesn't have a right to snoop on us constantly. and they can't impose a special case in order to get -- wait a minute. trish: -- people? >> well, this is the excuse, this is the excuse because they want the lock and the key to do this, you know, eternally on everybody. you say, oh, no, this one case. trish: i think that is important distinction. i'm with you. if you suddenly said now the government has ability to check all of our phones, representative, then no one would be in favor of that. but if this is simply a situation -- >> they already do it. trish: where the court would have to get order go to the company saying okay, we want to unlock this phone because this person we believe is real threat to society or this person already has been a threat to society as we saw in san bernardino, why shouldn't a company be willing to work with the government for that? >> i think apple has been
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willing to the work and to the point where they were forced to produce a product they not was not only illegal and not good for the people and contradicts everything they do with their product. this is the excuse. somebody killed and had association. they have been wanting to do this for years. sort of like the patriot act. the patriot act was sitting around for years. as soon as 9/11, oh, we can get the patriot act passed. all these laws never do any good. they cost trillions of dollars -- let me finish. only helps big government. it helps tyrants who want to control us. trish: you know, it helps apple who is trying to say look we're all about privacy. notice they started doing this after snowden. this has been their whole campaign. certainly good mark connect campaign from that standpoint. but that aside, representative, we're living in a very different time than 1776. back when you had to take a ship
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to come over here to be a threat. we have people can be threats among us an connecting via social media, terror organizations meetings online. what responsibility should corporate america being playing in this right now as government is trying to fight the people that want to kill us? >> you asked me the question, why do they want to kill us? all this activity, all determine naics, they never say why they want to kill us. there is a reason nobody checks into it. trish: now you're going out dwindling terrorist. >> please let me, please let me finish between 2005 and 2015 there were 24 americans killed by theoretical jihadists and we knew 50 people a night in terrorism in our own cities. so this is all done to design and control, magnify the size of federal government and undo the constitution. they're doing a very good job. it is all done out of fear and innuendo. besides --
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trish: when 3,000 people died in new york city is not fear and innuendo. >> now look -- trish: people are, san bernardino that is not fear and innuendo, that is real, congressman. >> give me a chance to answer then. that's why we wanted to find out and many of us clearly understand why 9/11 occurred. so we did a 9/11 commission report. and they found who was behind all this. so they redacted 28 pages in the american people don't care and you don't care and politicians don't care because they want to hide it because there is revelation in that report that tells the american people exactly who motivated these people to come and kill us and what is the cause. but no, every time there is a murder in the street -- trish: i don't think we should being blaming ourselves for that one. >> nobody asks what the motivation is of the terrorists. trish: thank you very much. ron paul. from the ron paul liberty report. all right, everyone. coming up. highly-dangerous radioactive
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material stolen in iraq. the intelligence community worries it could be used as a weapon by isis. plus this is sad. has it actually come to this? woman voluntarily sets up patrol groups in their homeland of sweden to stop muslim migrants from raping and assaulting women there. all this after this. you both have a
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due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. trish: breaking today, reports isis has fired mortar shells believed to be filled with a chemical substance like chlorine at kurdish troops in iraq. amid reports that highly-dangerous radioactive material was stolen in iraq last year. there are fears it may be in the hands of isis.
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joining me with intel on this fox news security analyst, kt mcfarland and lieutenant colonel ralph peters. good to see both of you. kt, starting with you here, it is clear if isis has the ability to do this, they will use it, meaning chemical weapons. >> sure. it is chemical weapons, yes. it is also radiological weapons which is a dirty bomb. would isis -- we know isis has been trying to get their hands on chemical weapons as well as radiological materials. there is no doubt they would use it. they probably already have used it. with the radiological weapons that is not nuclear weapon, that is not mushroom cloud or big nuke. what that is conventional weapon with radiological material stuffed inside, when that regular weapon, car bomb, truck bomb, goes off, radioactive material is spewed all around. that is terrifying. trish: what is the threat to us, colonel peters? what is the threat to the western world, to europe right now when it comes to some of this radio tack tiff material and chem bombs they may have
2:20 pm
access to? >> chemical bombs are not immediate threat to europe. they're being used into syria where they need them. as far as radiological weapons, weapons,kt describes them very, very weld. they're hard to wield and hard to transport. you might well have them spew with a car bomb, spew radioactive material around the vatican or downtown paris. it would be a real problem and real mess but it's a real terror weapon. but we have to maintain our perspective. without weapons of mass destruction islamic state has done a great job at mass destruction. overwhelmingly up to 470,000 people killed in syria alone have been killed by guns and knives and bombs. trish: let me turn to the other big story on the international front today and that's coming out of sweden today and it's news women are voluntarily setting up anti-groping patrols at sweden's public pools. so, by anti-groping, i mean,
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they have got, big issue. we've been all over this story, both with kt and the colonel, with men groping young women at these pools, these public pools in sweden. so bad they have to put up these pamphlets with a bid red x through a man's hand telling him not to do this. now kt, women are taking this upon themselves. where is the state in all this? why aren't they helping. >> the state is in the other direction. the state is opening door, saying come right on in. even germany has yet to close the doors. whatever immigration, my grant crisis is now, it is about to get a whole lot worse. there could be eight million coming this year. they're young, muslim, male. they don't a simulate and don't have jobs. a lot of countries are trying to put up a border saying don't come here, go there. as a result you could see within a year, hundreds of thousands of young muslim males stateless roaming around europe. trish: wow. i shared this with a viewer
2:22 pm
yesterday, colonel, but i want to bring it to your attention because i think about parent in europe right now. i was over there as 18-year-old student in as you via and it was very very safe -- austria. i can't imagine having, being a parent with your young daughter there. i can't imagine what it is doing to the culture. let me share with you what a father wrote to the state. this is austrian daughter, my daughter is 16-year-olds it terrified when she comes through the train station. we arranged a travel group with other parents. this parent is taking him upon himself and community taking upon himself just as sweden with women patrolling pools because they have got to protect their women, their young people from this culture, from this climate? >> well, as kt alluded to, the states are lagging far behind the experience of the population. and the experience of the
2:23 pm
population is overwhelmingly negative. this is not a clash of civilizations. it is a clash between civilization, our civilization, and outright barbarism. these young males from north africa and middle east and afghanistan, they come from woefully regressive, repressive cultures. their idea of western sexuality comes strictly from internet pornography. they're so primitive in their outlook on women they can not imagine a woman who would go to public place in swimsuit couldn't want group sex with all of them. it is hard to capture how underdeveloped these people are and it's, an entire civilization in the middle east, greater middle east, that is sexually dysfunctional and regards women as semihuman. this is not going to end well for europe. trish: what is europe do in the meantime? how is this affecting the very fabric of their culture, kt? >> i think it is too late. i think europe as we know it is
2:24 pm
probably over. sense of german society, french society, austrian society where you went to school, that is in question. it will be explosive situation where people rebel against the governments. governments don't want to admit a problem? why? it is tourist problem, political problem. i only see this getting much, much worse. trish: warning to us. >> it should be an absolute red flag. look what happens when you don't asimulate. look what happens when you can't vet refugees? think twice. first responsibility to your own people. trish: kt and colonel peters thanks so much for the important story we will continue to stay on everyone. coming up the president skipping supreme court justice scalia's funeral on saturday. what could be so important that he couldn't make time to honor the justice? gosh, could he be playing golf? maybe. hear what his spokesman had to say when he was asked exactly that. that's next.
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trish: justice scalia's funeral is saturday. president obama will not attend. he is sending joe biden instead. to his defense, presidents don't always attend supreme court justice's funeral. what we haven't seen at least not in last 65 years, a president skip a sitting justice funeral. scalia was still on the court. what is president obama doing that so is so important that he would miss the funeral? let's just hope it's not about his golf game. but you know you can never be too sure. here is his spokesperson trying to answer that very question. he doesn't seem so sure. >> the president has said that he is not always as sensitive as he should be on optics. can you rule out him going golfing on saturday instead of the funeral?
2:29 pm
>> i don't have a sense of what the president's plans are for saturday. the president obviously, i believes it is important for the institution of the presidency to pay his respects to somebody dedicated three decades of his life to the institution of the supreme court. trish: great. so why isn't he going? why isn't he going to be at the funeral then? i guess we can't yet rule out president obama is not golfing instead of attending justice scalia's funeral on saturday. people wonder why he has not been able to unite this country. part of being president, you like it or not, you need to be perceived as caring. you need to be there. there is symbolism involved. called face time in front of the country at really important events. you know what? it matters. but in some ways he doesn't seem to ren that or perhaps even scarier, maybe he does. if so, what does that telling us? i mean this is guy who went golfing in martha's vineyard
2:30 pm
after giving a speech condemning tragic death of journalist james foley savagely beheaded at hands of isis. he stayed home after the "charlie hebdo" paris attacks rather than join 40 world leaders going to paris to show solidarity against terrorism. we weren't there. you have to hand it to him, he knows how to work on golf game. he has played 275-pound of golf since taking office. 275-pound. i should be on the pro circuit. here is the things the president has been consistently missing opportunities to show the bipartisanship country badly needs. we need to be unified. he was the guy everybody thought was going to do that. instead we wound up incredibly divided nation. as i mentioned earlier in the week, political bickering began within 90 minutes of justice scalia's death being announced. by the president skipping this important funeral, he is just
2:31 pm
making that atmosphere worse. that's today's intel. coming up, brand new polls, bernie sanders, a proud socialist, mind you, beating every single republican in head-to-head match up. is america turning its backs on the capital free market history, a history that made this nation the most prosperous country in the world? that's next. see you back here. thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly.
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great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪ donald trump: "pedonald trump..." look past the boasting and you'll see right through him. he supported partial-birth abortions. his phony trump university? accused of fraud. he tried to seize private property to line his own pockets. four bankruptcies... and small businesses screwed over. poll after poll shows him losing... to hillary clinton. if trump wins, conservatives lose. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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trish: donald trump has widened lead in south carolina while ted cruz and marco rubio battle it out for second place. in fact according to the new fox poll trump wins almost every demographic in the palmetto state except for the very conservative who are throwing their support behind cruz. on democratic side it is all about bernie sanders. he is virtually tied with hillary clinton nationally. check this out. you know up against republican, he is beating everyone? hillary loses to almost everyone with the exception of donald trump who she beats by just one point. come on, is socialist going to be nominee for president, or worse yet, president? joining me right now, progressive radio host chris hahn and republican strategist, ford o'connell. this is wild to me. i firmly believe, we went out on streets and did interviews to see if people knew what socialism was. i wonder if people understand what that is.
2:36 pm
chris hahn, if someone told you would turn over 90% of the paycheck to the government and redistribute it, and you will be okay with that. >> i'm not okay with that, i don't think he will be democratic nominee or president of the united states. but i think who democrats nominate will beat all those people. only person that has real chance is john kasich. trish: on republican side. that is interesting to me, and shocking to me as well, ford, that bernie sanders, in this matchup, would be beating republicans in a national level. >> let me say the first thing. this poll has to have the clinton campaign drinking maalox right now. if they lose nevada on saturday, the proverbial crap will hit the fan. as for beating republicans, republicans haven't laid a finger on bernie sanders because they're enjoying this. tell you something, voters under 40, trish, dig bernie sanders's vision on democratic side. >> they do. >> when it comes to electability and vision or practicality of implementing things they don't care. that is the bottom line.
2:37 pm
it is sad state of affairs about the generational divide in this country. trish: go ahead. >> it's same thing, same thing going on the right. republicans are going with donald trump. donald trump has got a lot of big ideas but we don't really know how he will get from point a to point b. bernie sanders a lot of big ideas, not a lot of specifics. >> i disagree with you, chris. >> let me just comment, come back on your maalox moment. if you're sure that is going to happen in nevada, maybe she shouldn't be drinking maalox now. that could make things a little messy there. i don't think nevada matters all that much. weird caucus state. south carolina will go to clinton big. >> let me say something, similarities between bernie and trump maybe with specifics but i totally disagree with you respect to republican primarily voters who will look for someone who is going to protect them. that is what they see in trump. when it comes to democratic primary voters particularly those under 40, they just don't
2:38 pm
buy anything. they believe in vision. they don't think about things are accomplished. practicality is not in college. >> it is same thing. trish: kind of is. what's fascinating though, i do think chris is on to something. you have people buying into a personality without really understanding necessarily what -- you can't get anymore different, right, than donald trump and bernie sanders. they have very different visions how we would accomplish success in this country. one believes taking your money redistributing it. the other believes in giving people more economic opportunity. so you would have to work for it. >> look, john kasich, jeb bush, ted cruz have white papers on all their ideas. you can't look at donald trump, can't not think he is just winging it. like improve comic -- improv comic. >> the this according to voters he that he has right instincts
2:39 pm
and instincts matter right now. >> this is guy who talks about politics on the side running for president of the united states with a lot of big ideas, no plans for getting there. vision maybe. trish: vision, that is what people are looking for at end of the day. want a visionary because they're fed up with way things have gone. understandably so why they're fed up. chris and ford, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. trish: the president, he has come out swinging at "the donald." he says he's not presidential material because, you know what? he is not serious enough. but could the president trump bashing be helping donald trump? it may be. that's next. howie kurtz joining with me on this developing story after this. driving record. perfect. no tickets. no accidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right?
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you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store, right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. trish: time to check the markets with market barely trading higher up 10 points. coming off three-day rally negative, just barely by two points on s&p. that three-day rally, that is longest rally we've had so far this year. walmart, one of the biggest losers on the dow. shares of giant retailer declining after cutting its sales forecast. discovery communications earnings are falling after they released disappointing earnings results. we'll be right back with president obama saying trump can't be president because it's
2:42 pm
a serious job and well, you know you're not serious if you're on reality shows. we're going to show you just exactly how not serious president obama has been. what was that show, "between two ferns"?
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2:44 pm
>> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president and reason is because i have a lot of faith in the american people. i think they recognize being president is a serious job. it's not hosting a talk show or a reality show. trish: president obama taking aim at donald trump saying his own job as president has nothing to do with reality tv shows and you have to be serious to lead the nation. funny how that works. what exactly would you call this? ♪ >> president of the united states with me. so we have to take our time. that is bear, sir. you know when bear is most dangerous? >> when? >> when you surprise him fornicating. ♪
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>> is your putt finally over? >> i suppose so. >> which country were you rooting for in the winter olympics? >> seriously? trish: really seriously. here to weigh in, howie kurtz hose of media buzz on fox news channel. howie, good to see you. >> same here, trish. trish: president taking aim at donald trump. pope is taking aim at donald trump. everybody taking aim at donald trump. when you hear the president say that, it sound r sounds like he doesn't like him almost offended that americans would consider him for the oval office. am i right? >> it is personal. he is on shaky ground when he dismisses donald trump at entertainment. he has done a lot of dumb schtick on a lot of podcasts and
2:46 pm
glow sell green who takes a bath full of fruit loops. he says donald trump is not serious because he doesn't have seriousness and temperment to be president and disturbed by the rhetoric. he had to know, singling him out by name, predict he would never be president he was elevating him and probably helping him in the republican primary. trish: why did he do it? >> he couldn't help himself. the roots of this go back five years, when donald trump private billionaire real estate guy was on his birther crusade against barack obama and peddling what people think is a conspiracy theory. causing president to produce long form birth certificate from hawaii. i was a consider respondents dinner where president had fine time mocking donald trump. trish: he was in the audience. >> in the audience and glowering. i think barack obama would like
2:47 pm
any other republican to succeed him other than donald trump. obviously he would prefer a democrat. i think he couldn't restrain himself. really, politicians are very adept at deciding how to pick their spots, when to throw punches or jabs or use humor. in this case he just couldn't resist a chance to whack trump around. trish: hatred is so strong. does this galvanize republicans? does this help donald trump? >> it helps donald trump because he is only republican candidate for president president obama is talking about. that is weird way sign of respect. republican voters are in the fan of this president. if i going after donald trump trump must be doing something right. trump battling president. trump battling pope. this is really reality show. maybe he got tired of shadow boxing with rubio and cruz and wants to take on the big world figures. trish: there you go. howie, thank you very much. >> thank you, trish. trish: check out mood yaw buzz with howie kurtz every saturday
2:48 pm
at 11:00 a.m. market dipped back with a bit of a rally. we had a three-day winning streak. that is turning around. we'll get reasons behind it after this.
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trish: take a look at the markets. slightly in negative territory. we've been vacillating between positive and negative territory but just bearly. we are breaking this three-day rally that we had seen. it was, the first one we had seen this year, where you had basically the s&p 500 at correction territory. a lot of people are asking are we out of the woods yet here? is this positive sign of things to come. or, or, are we looking at next recession? all or nothing, right?
2:52 pm
we have breaking analysis from our own ashley webster, daniel cortez, bgc capital. great to see both you guys. recession talk back in the headlines. steve cortez, when you look at the market having a bit of a recovery as this one has last three days is it enough to breathe easy or are you that worried about the fundamentals right now? >> looking bigger picture i will say yes to both. i will try not to talk like economist. harry truman said he want ad one-handed economist so he couldn't say on one hand and the other hand. yes i do. profit margins of corporate earnings saying we're headed into recession however that doesn't necessarily mean the stock market doesn't have to tank a lot at least from here. stock market had a very poor start to 2016. i've been very vocal on your show and skeptical. i'm starting to turn the frown upside down, the main reason because pessimism has become so
2:53 pm
pervasive. last week individual investors in aii poll, 49% of the individual investors were bearish. that is the highest reading in three years. when they're crying i'm buying. i think there are reasons here, at least tactically and at least near term to be constructive on the market. trish: do any of those reasons have anything to do with the fed? not being able to move as aggressive as it wanted to? >> i think that is absolutely part of it. i think janet yellen is slowly but surely turning supertanker of monetary policy around and realized they made policy error. they commit ad error in december. economy can not handle additional rate hikes of the financial markets globally made that crystal clear to investors. hopefully to the fed as well. i hate fed policy and interest rates and they missed their window. now is not the time. >> couldn't agree more. they missed the window and when they go for it they mistime it completely.
2:54 pm
they will not have another rate hike. we know they're looking at market volatility. i think there this 800 point bounce last three days, i call it what they call a thin bounce. there is not a lot of conviction to it. recession is markets built in one in two chance. trish: central banks around the globe working to lower interest rates, negative interest rates. >> yep. trish: are we in that situation. >> i hope not. trish: maybe gives credence to steve's theory the market holds up here? >> it won't be easy. we're part of a interconnected global economy whether we like it or not. the outbecomes bleaker and bleaker like rest of the world. don't want to be that much after pessimist. china is slowing down. europe is struggling. ecb went negative interest rates. got nothing out of it. i hope we don't go that way. trish: explain to viewers, negative interest rates, think about that i give ashley 100
2:55 pm
bucks here, hang on to this for me. i'm not even getting 100 back. not like i get paid for giving my money to him, lending it to him. i'm paying you for the privilege of giving me 90 back. >> theory you're not giving that to me because of that. you will put it somewhere else in the economy where it can be put to work. hasn't worked up to this point. trish: certainly has it. steve, your thoughts? >> it is sad what you're talking about with negative interest rates, something we've never seen it in our lifetime. only our grandparent have seen it in history for that matter. this is failure of central planning. financial crisis was primarily of big government. government caused crisis. what does government do to solve the government? ever more government and central planning. ashley i share your pessimistic outlook longer term particularly most of the globe but let me give you good news, at least a kernel of optimism and hope. if republican wins in 2016, if we get regulatory relief and get a simpler, lower, flatter tax
2:56 pm
code i think united states could absolutely take off in 2017 and beyond. >> amen. let's keep our fingers crossed. >> thank you so much. steve, ashley. good to have you guys here. sure. trish: this saturday fox business is live for south carolina republican primary. special coverage begins sinks p.m. eastern. i will join lou dobbs and neil cavuto. "saturday night live" from fox business. we're back with more intel after this.
2:57 pm
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2:59 pm
. trish: okay, coming up tomorrow, a comic, austan goolsbee, he says the plan is no more than puppies and rainbows. you don't want to miss that, austin is a liberal leaning economist. he says this is absolutely not workable. this is not something that would ever be good for our economy and our nation. well, you know, the conversation doesn't end here,
3:00 pm
you can head over to my facebook page and twitter account. you can "like" my person page at -- we're coming up on the final hour of trade, and i'm sending it over to liz claman right now. liz: the dow turned positive for a second. trish: yeah! >> i know, we're watching the markets. that conversation continues, forget the gop establishment. donald trump is now fighting a higher power. his insults against ted cruz, jeb bush, marco rubio, all of them take a back seat today, to a campaign trail tit for tat with none other than the pope? pope francis fired the first verbal shot after wrapping up his visit to mexico suggesting the billionaire businessman is quote not christian, particularly because of his stance on immigration. the pope saying in an interview on his flight back to rome,


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