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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  February 18, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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in the mean type we wish you the best of luck. business as an adventure. virgin group founder and chairman billionaire businessman sir richard branson. we are seconds away from a new poll release. charles will have it for you right now. charles: breaking news. a fox news national poll has donald trump leading the pack. here he is at 36%. ted cruz second at 19%. trump also had when it comes to white evangelical christians, his support is dropping precipitously. also when it comes to very conservative primary voters, cruz is overtaking trump. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is definitely feeling the bern.
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i don't know if there is an ointment for it or not. the democratic socialist, you can figure out what that is on your own. first before we get into that, the pope says he's not going to get involved in american politic. but he did say a person who thinks on bidding walls -- building walls wherever they may be and not of building bridges is not christian. this is not the gospel. donald trump quick to fire back. >> for a religious lead tore question a person's faith is disgraceful. i'm proud to be and christian. no leader, especially a religious leader should have a right to question another man's religion or faith. if and when the vatican is attacked by isis. which everyone knows is isis's ultimate trophy, i can assure you the foam would have wished
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and prayed donald trump would have been president. charles: a modern-day crusader there. first let's look deeper into this breaking news. trump ahead nationally and in south carolina. a hypothetical matchups. he would lose to bernie sanders 53-38. if he were to go against hillary it would be a lot tighter. daron, a lot of polls out there. this corroborates not on overall polls but friends we are starting to see. donald trump has solid support. but the internals change. evangelicals went from 33% to 25%.
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can we tie that in to a debate performance and the angry tone the overall gop nomination process has taken? >> i think that's accurate. there are some things in the internals. on the surface things look at us question which is surprising given the turmoil we have seen. if you peel back the layers of the onion you see ted cruz is in a position marginally in south carolina. he seems to be consol ziefght those conservative voters. and trump even though other candidates disappeared from the ballot, he states where he has been. but other people dropped off the bam lot. the mainstream candidates have picked up a bit. we are seeing predictable movement given the way the rhetoric has been flying and what we think about the coalition aspects winding up in south carolina.
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charles: it feels like they are moving in opposite directions. you wonder about momentum. kasich at 6%. he's not even going not state saturday. could we see those guise lose some of that support? >> i think you will. part of this is what we are talking about, some of the mainstream candidates fall by the wayside. sow that support would go to kasich and bush. but you have your finger on something. nature of the conversation, the tone after the debate of the advertisements. some of these establishment candidates, especially kasich have been playing the happy warrior, not taking the bait. where rubio, trump and cruz have
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been even -- have been engaging in mono-monofighting. charles: ted cruz and donald trump battling each other terribly if you will. we understand south carolina is a quote blood sport state. but you have wonder if this negative momentum can carry over or hurt them nationally. >> the iowa fight on the democratic side where gephardt and dean went nuclear on each other. there is a little bit of that sense going on right now on the republican side. i think candidates that have been information from the mainstream of the fight may benefit, especially as you move out of the south carolina and go
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to places like michigan. mid person new england, mid-atlantic states where we are moving to winner take all the primaries. maybe a rubio or a bush might be more appealing and not have the scartsoers will have coming out of south carolina. charles: you have to wonder, saturday when it's all said and done, if he has a close win, maybe he will say skipping that fox debate wasn't a bad thing. that veterans affairs thing cemented his support among veterans and that was a state that's supposed to help bush. >> we have so many events coming fast and furious. when i saw the veterans support for trump before he has been doing not just the deare vents the date of the fox debate.
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he has been doing a number of events honoring veterans and wounded warriors. that seems to be paying off. if this thing their overs, it may be the difference. charles: how many people in south carolina are undecided? do you have get a percentage for that? >> we are look at 1/4. on the democratic side it's lower. 21%. so 1 in 5 on the dems' side, 1 in 4 on the republican side. marco rubio has the highest percentage of vote horse say they might change their minds. my sense is he might be the second choice for a lot of people attached to cruz, trump, bush and kasich.
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great work, we appreciate it. and we'll talk to you again real soon. right now i want to bring in the rest of the panel. you have seen a lot of these things. and i see you on tv saying there has been no template top prepare us for this year. what do you make of these numbers. could we see a surprise saturday? >> we could. but in almost every poll we see trump ahead by double digits. sow i still expect him to win. but he did have a bad debate. those attacks on george w. bush saying bush hired and he knew better, not many people believe that unless they are involved with codepink or some left wing group. he was out of control in that debate and i think it hurt him. charles: if you study these
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things, you do see where maybe fred is right with respect to the debate. what about some of the other things when they talk about these negatives. assuming that trump was able to win the whole thing. is there concern among trump, people who love donald trump about 39% of the gop saying they would never vote for him. saying he's the role model. does that bother you have? >> not really. he's still embroiled in a nomination contest. the opposition is hillary clinton. that will help donald trump rally republican voters more than anything else. i think the internal shift in the polls has more to do with the massive negative spending by ted cruz not being matched by trump who uses this idea that he might sue cruz which he won't, to let everybody know the ad
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they just saw is a distortion. i think it worked well for him. anybody who saw the ad remembers seeing trump on the news saying it's not accurate. charles: cruz got some of that free unearned media trump usually gets. >> trump takes no corporate or lobbyist money. this is -- charles: have you put ads out for that? >> we have digital ads up on ted cruz. but this is not a multi million dollar operation. charles: jeb is up from 5%. what do you make of it? >> what i'm seeing is similar to what we saw in new hampshire. clearly trump is ahead. but rubio, cruz, brush and
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kasich, we'll wait to see who is going to break away. in iowa rubio was able to and in new hampshire kasich was able to. it's still -- charles: 25% still undecided there. this is starting to -- with the numbers it feels more like iowa. there is a greater chance of some sort of upset or excitement on saturday night. maybe it won't be for first. maybe it will be the battle for second. it feels like a lot of movement going to election day. >> there is a high percentage chance. it's a race for second as you are suggesting. now getting through south carolina. it's hard for me to see, and i think for a lot of people to say what are the path for people to start overtaking trump.
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if he doesn't have anybody within fighting distance of him, it seems he's clear. and there are fewer opportunity for these candidates to get close to them. you have people in the establishment lane. jeb bush's campaign is fighting off rumors they are out of money. but trump if he gets a decisive victory, he may hurtle his way to the nomination. charles: we see where trump is snuck that mid-30 range. to assume if there was a consolidated one other person on the other side, that they could threaten him. we have seen where both beat number a head-to-head matchup. >> that's true. if it's down to one-on-one with donald trump, i think cruz or rubio could beat hip. but if trump wins substantially
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or in the single digit in south carolina that will set him up for the sec primaries. i think texas and oklahoma are involved in that. if cruz upsets him. but if trump wins south carolina he will be in great shape going into the primaries on march 1. >> he's got an opportunity to run the table. being attacked by the pope in a state just before the primary. charles: the pope described almost all the gop candidate except jeb. almost all of them are in fave of building the wall. but of course donald trump is in the spotlight. he's got the wind in his sails. wouldn't it be craziness for the kasichs of the world and the bushes of the world to hang in there?
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>> we'll have to go up 2-1 against trump to beat him. that's why second place is so important. everyone is raising their hand saying i want to go head-to-head against trump. >> on cruz can take votes from trump and therefore he is the target. charles: you don't want to miss fox business. make sure you tune in live 6:00 p.m. eastern time. i'll be covering south carolina. then the democratic caucus, we'll have all the result for you. donald trump versus pope francis. round two today and the pope questioning trump's christianity. has anyone done that in this race yet? we'll talk about it when we come back. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven.
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>> the pope is a very political person. i don't think he understands the problems our country hasn't danger of the open border with mexico. i think mexico got him to do it because they want to keep the border the what it is because they are making a fortune and we are losing. charles: that was donald trump accusing the pope of being too political. the pope said a person who thinks only of building walls and not bridges wherever they may be is not christian. this is not in the gospel. >> obviously the vatican has massive walls around it. we should build walls like the vatican. perhaps he should like to move out of the vatican.
6:19 pm
i have been there, and those are walls. charles: you take the pulse of people, voters particularly as news is happening during debates. how much, much an impact do you think this will have? will people think the pope has gone too far in sticking his nose in american politics? >> i don't think it will matter. the think the issue is trump is staying firm. he's staying true to himself. he's authentic in who he is. and the people who support him will support him every which way. charles: i saw tweets saying if trump is going to deal with foreign leaders this way, knee
6:20 pm
jerk reactions, it won't be a good thing. >> i agree with that. the pope might be a good early test to see how trump will deal with foreign dignitaries. trump famously said i can shoot someone on fifth avenue and still do well. he's getting in a fight with what some people would call not on a religious leader. but catholics look at him as a spiritual guide i shall of the faith. this is remarkable to have presidential candidates feuding with the catholic church. you have would be thrown out of the political process. however, in south carolina the catholic vote is not as strong as it would be. this is astounding to me. people who love trump, this will embolden them further. reporter: trump has good things to say about the pope and that changed when the pope's
6:21 pm
statement came out. that's what people are a little bit worried about. as a president to change and say the pope is a great guy and to come out pretty strong against the same person. despite what that person says, if there is something to be said about diplomacy. >> we haven't gotten much diplomacy from donald trump. but it's a strong and effective political counterattack that he had to do for south carolina and for the primaries coming up. he couldn't just let this go by without saying anything about it. but on the other hand i think the pope has overreached here. does he mean that marco rubio who says look, if we have to get immigration reform, we have to build a wall, okay? does that mean he's not a christian, too? the pope better be careful here.
6:22 pm
charles: this is a pope from argentina who grew up against the back drop socialism. it's surprising the depths to which he has gone with this whole thing. obviously it helps trump to a certain degree. but what do you think overall in terms of demeanor. when he's a president and a foreign leader says something he doesn't like, is this what we want, snapback strong pounding them back? >> we are in the context of a presidential race. americans don't like mixing religion and politics. charles: even the founding fathers. >> the pope overreached here. he should let us handle matters of politics and law. charles: are you kat slick in. >> i am indeed. charles: my wife is too and she agrees, she thinks he overstepped.
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charles: president obama preparing for a fierce battle on filling the supreme court vacancy. he's not planning to attend his funeral but did meet with black lives matters and will be going to cuba. republican voters say trump and cruz will be the best to handle the supreme court nominations. joining me, ramon ray and steve rogers. what do you make of this? it's tough, we know difference in ideology. but there is also a certain kind of respect.
6:27 pm
president obama's tone since the death of justice scalia is respect the constitution and respect the process. shouldn't you also respect the position and attends the funeral? >> i think yes the president should be there. if you are going to say don't be divisive, one way to do that is to be at his funeral. charles: we can't forget time the president dressed down the supreme court in front of the whole world. his disdain for this part of the government that the founders set up. >> the president consistently demonstrated he has no respect for the american people. the judge gave 30 years of his life to this country. it would take an hour for the president to pay his respects on behalf of the people of the united states.
6:28 pm
charles: you know what was scary? when josh earnest couldn't say whether president obama would go golfing this weekend. >> what we should be doing is taking a play out of ruth bader ginsburg. she is my neighbor in d.c. she mayor yifd me and my husband. they went to the opera together and they were good friends. in this drainage in washington, we need to learn to have the grace and humility to have a good friend across completely different aisles. >> the president can say respect the constitution. but he has trampled on the constitution with his executive orders. what he says and what he does will have little effect on the american people. >> that's the key, grace and humility.
6:29 pm
charles: i think this is one of the more divisive presidents we have had in a long time. i think it helped him get elected but it didn't help him govern. >> it's too late. he's a flame duck president. but it does set a tone. the president is an ideological difference. going to the funeral will set the tone for other politicians. we can disagree but agree to be civil. charles: you don't have to be friends, but just respect. >> dignify our office and respect the american people by going. charles: when the president was called a liar during the state of the union, i thought that was disrespectful. what nominee do you think would be the best to make that decision? >> i think the president has a right to make that.
6:30 pm
charles: let's say some how it lingers and the president makes it on the gop side, who do you think would be best? >> rubio is cool. donald trump is great. he could be polarizing. rubio seems the more calmer middle of the road. >> everyone says this was supposed to help ted cruz. obviously when it comes to the constitution he knows his stuff. >> even if you don't like to ted cruz, no one can a that he isn't a brilliant lawyer. i trust anybody on the republican side running right now except for trump and carson to support a nominee. because they all have histories. the governors have had to support nominees in the their state. charles: ben carson said he probably would nominate someone. >> trump would be the best.
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he will depoliticize it. charles: polls showing bernie sanders leading hillary clinton on the national level. bernie's socialist ways. they are getting him a lot of fors. when heartburn hits
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poll shows bernie sanders up 7% since december. bernie is on fire and he continues to be a threat despite the fact that he's an open socialist. the big question is why is there so much attraction to his big government policies and solutions, especially among young voters? he's pack the house with these folks. i don't think people know what the bern would mean for them and their wallets. the economic impact of bernie sanders' policies, the numbers just keep getting higher and higher. >> a lot of the numbers are nonsense. harris faulkner. we spend 50% more than germany and twice what the u.k. do on
6:36 pm
harris faulkner. d the u.k. on healthcare. but bush care was carible as well. we are paying for this system if you pay for a single pair system. on the republican side they want to break up the banks. some of this stuff makes some sense. certainly not all of it. but bernie has some appeal. i'm not so sure that will rest hear it in across the board. no americans want to bail them out. we are talking about bernie sanders up to a 90% tax, expanding social security when everyone thinks it's insolvent and doomed.
6:37 pm
what he is promising the american public can't be delivered. >> socialism never worked. and it won't work in the united states. i think we need to hear from hillary clinton. if she want to beat sanders she'll have to attack his socialism. now she likes some of it. but she is going to have to attack it. and she can point to a country not far from ours, venezuela, a prosperous free market country 15 years ago. then they come in with a socialist system and now look at it, it's a basket case. there is not enemy food in the grocery stores. charles: all you have to do is run an ad, got toilet paper. you are a businessman. 12 weeks paid vacation. medicare for all. you have got to be suffering to peter's point with obamacare.
6:38 pm
what would this do if bernie was elected? >> if you have the government telling you what to do, i set prices based on market demand. but i'm talking to my son, 21 years old. charles: you look 21. >> thank you very much. there is some truth to bernie sanders in what he's saying even though he's wrong. truth meaning he seeps not political. charles: he seems authentic. charlie, we'll get you back later in the show. i want to remind the audience you don't want to miss fox business saturday, february 20, starting live at 6:00 p.m. eastern. we'll cover the south carolina gop result. in the meantime.
6:39 pm
am is getting some support from all of the heavy hitters and unlikely allies as well.
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charles: silicon valley circlind the what done. we are talk about microsoft. with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> this particular case is the result of a court order. we have the judicial system involved. the government operating under the supervision or the authority of a federal judge, lane's an appeal being taken to it. the idea that somehow the government can never get information to defend the national security because someone might sometime abuse information is absurd.
6:43 pm
everything is susceptible to abuse. charles: that was former attorney general john ashe croft. i have got to tell you, their rivals are joining them. silicon val circling the wagon. twitter tweeting a few minute ago that they stand with apple and thank them for their leadership. no company should be forced to build back doors to their technology. the f.b.i. searched the home of one of the farook brothers. they didn't make any arrests, but everyone is hoping this wraps up and soon. i should alert the audience it senate intel chair man is work on an encryption bill.
6:44 pm
is congress going to have to get involved? >> it looks like it. isn't that sad? this is a difficult issue, we have the judicial system that will step up and get involved. what a shame that these companies don't see the obvious. at some point there will be another terrorist attack, and to encrypt beyond a reasonable degree is unacceptable. charles: what happens when thieves steal our information we get upset that these companies didn't protect it. >> here is the bottom line. privacy is dead. silicon valley killed. these entities talking about how important privacy is? their bottom lines business model its built on take our dat and selling it. there is no privacy. so for tim cook to be the defenders of freedom and the
6:45 pm
system is ridiculous. charles: google, they have the trucks that go by, they satellite your home. they do know everything about us. but there are still people who say it's not american. judge napolitano saying you can't force a company to go against their own will, spend their own money to do something that defeats their on product. >> far be it with me to argue with judge napolitano. but no corporation should be above the law. privacy is a real concern. i think this is a bit of a p.r. stunt by tim cook. if you look at what happened with apple since steve jobs passed away. this is a great american company by the many a fledgling product. for tim cook and am to be the white knight of security. charles: i understand he wants
6:46 pm
to be sort of like larry holmes following muhammad ali. everyone is saying ultimately he's in a no-win situation here. >> we have to ask ourselves where does the fourth amendment begin and end? i don't think privacy is absolutely dead. in the mentality our data is shared and swapped with opteer companies, i can understand that point to a certain extent. however, are we going to accept that the federal government can put forth a ruling and tell a private corporation they have to do something? am is going to appeal this and it will set a precedent for cyber-security for 20, 30, 100 years to come. >> the government forces us to pay taxes. the government does tell people. >> i don't agree with that that the government should tell private corporations.
6:47 pm
>> here is bottom line. they are going to attack us tomorrow. >> are we going have privacy or freedom. >> it comes down to using the apple iphone or not using the apple iphone. >> that's the question. the question is whether we'll defend the fourth amendment or sacrifice privacy and put forth a government to tell the private corporations what to do? i think am has a great argument. this will set an unprecedented legal position that will must companies in jeopardy. the fact that other silicon valley companies are siding with them sends a strong message. charles: the stock market was a lack luster day. but there was something buzzing big time. hard assets. stick around, i'll tell you what
6:48 pm
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charles: it was a great day for physical assets. gold resumed its recent rally. art world is abuzz over reports of jackson pollack. initially it was sold for $4,000 in 1955. that means the value has gone up 714,000 percent or just a tad above inflation. contemporary art continues to
6:52 pm
percolate along. the news might telecast attention of central banks. central banks have been loading up on gold. in 2014 they purchased 127 tons. the gld etf seems poised to make its next leg up. as for the stock market today, the sell-off was expected. tomorrow is a big day. also remember you don't want to miss fox business saturday february 20. tune in 6:00 p.m. eastern time. we'll cover south carolina and we'll have the results from nevada. we are just two days away. the fox news poll is out. donald trump is still leading
6:53 pm
but his internals are fading.
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. charles: guys, the gop race is really heating up. take another look at the fox news polls at the top of the hour. donald trump, yes, he does have the lead at 36%. ted cruz at 19%, followed by marco rubio 15%. carson and bush at 9% and kasich at 8%. joining me now morgan ortagus, vince, i got to tell you something, when i saw beneath the surface in iowa, i was not surprised. i thought rubio might have come in second. having said, that there is interesting things going on here, the shift with conservatives and evangelicals toward ted cruz since the debate. not sure if it's too little too late, saturday, i'm not sure it's a slam-dunk either. >> certainly among very conservative peoples, they felt
6:57 pm
bloodied by donald trump's debate performance, and i think that's what you see in the numbers where people are saying they would never vote for donald trump in a general election. right now they're so wounded by their candidates that they prefer being attacked by donald trump, donald trump coming out so strongly against george w. bush for his role in 9/11, i think they're looking at this and saying i'm never going to vote for this guy. there's a lot of time and things change in the polls. charles: never going to vote in south carolina, trump went from 8-9%, they are battering each other, the negativeness is sticking to each candidate. let me ask you this, someone who is an ardent donald trump supporter. how does he get beyond the core numbers? from the mid 30s into 50, 60%, how does he get in that area? >> by being donald trump. from the beginning all the pundits say he would not be a winner, wouldn't get out of the
6:58 pm
starting gate. donald trump defied all odds because he has struck the chord, the heart of the american people. they're going to rally behind him. he will be the next president of the united states. he gets beyond this by being who he is. charles: how come it hasn't happened to that degree yet? in other words, for instance, in south carolina, in december he was at 35%, now at 32%. why is that number sort of spinning its wheels? >> polls always go up and down, you than. charles: i'm wondering is this a permanent thing or just saying this is par for the course, next leg up, over 40. >> par for the course, next leg up, well over 40. he has the heart of the american people. charles: i don't trust carson and bush 9, kasich 8. >> i disagree with you, i think the four of them muddled up. i think the numbers interesting to me in the "fox news poll," 55%, trump got the highest when people said who would you not be satisfied with as president?
6:59 pm
55%, more than hillary said they would not be satisfied with trump. he's certainly electrified people, steve, but i think he's going to have to do something to get the 60% of the republican party. >> morgan, haven't the people demonstrated right now that they're not satisfied with jeb bush. i know you're a supporter of jeb bush, and i respect you for that. the fact of the matter is that the people have spoken and they will continue to speak, and donald trump is going to lead. he's certainly beating the living daylights out of jeb bush. charles: j.b. is d.o.a. >> come on! >> it just came to my head. i think donald trump's temperament is right. i would have taken it easier on the pope, temperament, if he can work on that, i think he could be home free. what do you think, vince? >> temperament attracts people to donald trump, and on the pope, by the way, a reporter had it out today for donald trump when he asked that question. if somebody asked the pope
7:00 pm
about hillary clinton and enthusiastic support for abortion, the pope would have strong words about hillary clinton not being christian. charles: you all have great temperament except morgan, took charlie to the woodshed. thanks for watching the show. my man lou dobbs is next. keep it on fox business. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. this presidential campaign has now moved beyond unprecedented events that have become the hallmark of this election year, to what as of today is, well, it's previously unimaginable, and at the center of it all, one candidate who is most responsible for the deep stirrings and often deeper conflicts that have arisen in the republican presidential primary. who could have imagined that donald trump, who has been vilified, demonized, marginalized from all corners of the republican party by his rivals for the nomination would


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