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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 18, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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"strange inheritance." thanks so much for watching, and remember -- you can't take it with you. [ bat cracks, crowd cheers ] e t. thanks for watching the show. my man lou dobbs is next. keep it on fox business. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. this presidential campaign has now moved beyond unprecedented events that have become the hallmark of this election year, to what as of today is, well, it's previously unimaginable, and at the center of it all, one candidate who is most responsible for the deep stirrings and often deeper conflicts that have arisen in the republican presidential primary. who could have imagined that donald trump, who has been vilified, demonized, marginalized from all corners of the republican party by his rivals for the nomination would
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become in one week, the target of a left-wing, lame-duck president and a highly political and highly popular pope. >> a person who thinks only about building walls wherever they may be, and not building bridges is not christian. >> the pope said something to the effect that maybe donald trump isn't christian, okay? and he's questioning my faith. i was very surprised to see it. but i am a christian and proud of it. lou: it's safe to say that donald trump is a one-man rhetorical hurricane, and there is no question he will draw further strength and draw political advantage from this latest attack from on high in the catholic church. no sign of weakness in the brand new "fox news poll" out tonight. this poll shows trump dominating the race for the republican presidential nomination, 36% support nationally. nearly double the 19% backing senator ted cruz.
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we'll have political analysis tonight by the "national review"'s rich lowry, "daily beast" betsy woodruff and van hip, and the commander in chief is roundly criticized for clear reluctance to prosecute the war against the islamic state. president obama is now refusing to bomb the islamic state's growing strong hold in libya. the obama administration reportedly turning down plans for an assault against libya despite the radical islamist terrorist threatening presence in north africa. i'm taking up the matter with lieutenant colonel ralph peters. top story tonight is donald trump's sudden holy war. two days until the south carolina primary, and donald trump is taking on the leader of the world's 1.2 billion catholics. confrontation between the political pontiff and the impoliticked populist is
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stunning, for this unprecedented, unconventional and certainly historic presidential election cycle. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron with our report. >> reporter: never mind donald trump's five republican rivals for the presidency or the two democrats running, he now has a beef with the pontiff. on his flight from mexico back to the vatican, pope francis weighed in on donald trump's plans to build a wall along the mexican border. >> a person who only thinks about making walls again and again and not making bridges is not a christian. >> reporter: all the republican candidates promised to secure the border, trump took it personally. >> the pope said something to the effect that maybe donald trump isn't christian, okay? and he's questioning my faith. i was surprised to see it, but i am a christian, and proud of it, okay. for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. >> reporter: during this campaign, trump questioned the faith of ben carson, a seventh day adventist.
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>> i'm presbyterian, that's down the middle of the road, folks in all fairness. seventh-day adventist i don't know about, i don't know about. >> reporter: when trump accused cruz of dirty campaign tricks he questioned cruz's faith, too. >> i'm a christian, protestant. but you know ted holds up the bible and then he lies about so many things. >> reporter: other candidates were more cautious today. >> i haven't seen the context of the holy father's statement, and won't comment directly, the country has a right, but obligation to control the process by which people enter the united states and immigrate to the united states. >> reporter: the new fox poll shows trump with a comfortable lead at 32%, with cruz at 19 and marco rubio at 15%. jeb bush and ben carson are battling for fourth at 9 president clinton, john kasich has 6. among evangelicalal voters, trump has 31 to cruz's 23.
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cruz acknowledges trump's lead but argues that south carolina voters will come to their senses. >> trump feels like a way to tell washington go jump in a lake. i get that. that makes sense to me. but as voters get closer to election day, you look at the records of candidates, start examining them more closely. >> reporter: rubio attacking cruz's temperament, calling them a liar. this photo shops marco rubio and the president's head onto two different people. >> the picture is fake, that tells you what i've been saying, he's making things up. >> reporter: jeb bush will campaign with his mother the former first lady, barbara bush. ted cruz gets a bounce from the group redeem the vote that's going to send 1.4 million e-mails to the evangelicals in south carolina. this is the same group that helped newt gingrich win the south carolina primary. the reverend franklin graham and ted cruz wanted to get out and vote. lou? lou: carl, thank you very much. franklin graham bringing in the big guns, thank you very much. on the democratic side, a
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new "fox news poll" shows hillary clinton feeling the bern. 47% of democratic primary voters are now backing senator sanders compared to 44% who back clinton. this as bernie sanders first lead in the national poll. just last month, clinton had a 12-point lead nationally. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry is in las vegas with our report. >> hi, everybody! >> hi! >> reporter: hillary clinton arrived in las vegas early today and immediately tried to show she's fighting for every vote, greeting housekeepers on the graveyard shift, ahead of a town hall forum where key goal will be trying to stop the momentum of bernie sanders. >> wanted to come and ask you to caucus for me saturday morning. >> reporter: the last-minute push comes as the "new york times" reported in a meeting this morning clinton donors vented to campaign manager
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about the early struggles and warned nevada is hard to predict and clinton could win big or lose by a small margin. the uncertainty may explain why they're publicly eager to lower expectations about saturday's caucuses. >> do you think senator sanders has wind at his back, in the sense he's coming off a big win in new hampshire and campaign talked about how they're targeting caucus dates. >> reporter: more heart burn for clinton where quinnipiac said this is sanders' moment, and the poll, sanders has a clear lead in a hypothetical matchups with donald trump, ted cruz and marco rubio, and would be in a dead heat with john kasich. while clinton trails rubio and kasich and would be in a dead heat with trump or cruz. the bright side for clinton, is if she struggles in nevada, she appears to have a big edge in south carolina, where democrats vote a week from saturday. >> i need you, thank you so much. >> reporter: a new fox poll out tonight shows she has a double-digit lead over sanders in a state where she's hoping
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to exploit an advantage with african-american voters, and while sanders tried to increase outreach to minorities, having second meeting with the reverend al sharpton in a week along with officials from the national urban league. >> fighting to make this country become the country we know it can be, that it should be. you have raised profound issues. >> reporter: the clinton camp released emotional tv ad depicting the candidate trying to console a young girl worried family members will be forced out of the country. >> let me do the worrying, i'll do all the worrying, is that a deal? i'll do everything i can to help. >> reporter: the good news for clinton in the fox poll is that she has a big lead in south carolina because of a 42 point edge among african-american voters. the bad news is that sanders is leading her nationally by three points, the first time in the fox poll that sanders has been on top. lou? lou: ed, thank you very much. ed henry reporting from las
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vegas. president obama creating more controversy in his waning months in office. the president announcing on twitter he will be visiting cuba next month. that trip will mark the first time in more than 80 years that a sitting u.s. president has visited cuba. the white house says the stop will include a meeting with cuban president raul castro and cuban dissidents but not former president fidel castro. news of the visit has angered republican presidential candidates ted cruz and marco rubio who says the president should not go while an anti-american communist dictatorship remains in power and is extraordinarily restrictive of human rights. turning to the escalating fight between apple and the fbi over access to the iphone of one of the san bernardino terrorists. the heads of technology giants google and whatsapp, cook
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arguing it would set a dangerous precedent for user privacy and security, but there is already that so-called dangerous precedent. apple has reportedly unlocked phones for authorities at least 70 times since 2008. critics say that suggests apple is more worried about potentially tarnishing its brand than being a good, responsible corporate citizen. we're coming right back with much more, stay with us. pope francis does the unthinkable, injects himself into the u.s. presidential race, saying donald trump isn't christian. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. lou: did the pontiff just make a big mistake? we take it up with rich lowry and betsy woodruff here next. and two daredevils combine skydiving canopies and extreme
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skiing in what becomes an epic downhill stunt. you don't want to miss this. that video is up next here on "lou dobbs tonight."
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it lets you switch seamlessly from your desk phone to your mobile with no interruptions. i've never felt so alive. make your business phone mobile with voice mobility. comcast business. built for business. . lou: get ready. ted cruz sounding like a trump supporter during a campaign stop in greenville, south carolina today.
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the senator from texas explaining the appeal of trump and why, as he put it, he gets it. >> look, everyone gets why someone would support trump. you're ticked off, ticked off at washington, washington is corrupt, and trump feels like a way to tell washington go jump in a lake. i get that. that makes sense to me. lou: there it is. the rationale for supporting the front-runner. joining us political reporter for "daily beast" betsy woodruff. good to have you here. editor of "national review," fox news contributor, rich lowry, and catholic league president dr. bill donahue, and it is great to have you, bill. >> thank you so much. lou: let's start with first, and betsy, i turn to you first. this idea that trump has somehow had a bad debate performance --
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la-da-da-da. every piece that tries to take him down are total fiction it appears, is there a portion of the political press covering his campaign? >> seems like rumors of trump's demise have been greatly exaggerated and important piece of all of this to keep in mind is anyone saying the pope's comments today are going to hurt donald trump in the next few weeks is offbase. here in south carolina, it has the smallest percentage of roman catholics beside two other states in the united states, only tennessee and mississippi have fewer practicing catholics. lou: wait a minute, they're on the list, too. that's part of the southern strategy. >> right. for sure. bob jones university, which is in the upstate of south carolina, where i spent the day historically called the roman catholic church satanic. all the things that you might hear reporters and media and pundits say around trump here in south carolina probably doesn't matter at all. >> i want to turn to a
11:17 pm
journalist who would never indulge, rich lowry. it is great to have you here. come on. this is a one man race, and the rest right now are playing gather up their things and see if we can tag along. this is no longer, no empirical basis for any other judgment, is there? >> looks, if the polls are correct, and have been wrong, and possible they're not picking up a late break in south carolina. if they're right, trump will win handily there, and presumably win in nevada. lou: you don't sound excited about the trump train rolling into the -- >> and then he goes into super tuesday and he's going to win, 8, 9, 10 states if he has that steam. it becomes a question of whether the field can winnow enough whether it's a two person or three person race. take it down a notch. lou: this is a one man race. >> not a one man race but you have to favor him in the nomination. lou: i thought i'd try it.
11:18 pm
bill, good to see you, you've been away too long. the pope today. let's put up what the pope said today to show you all of the basis for the fireworks and the pyrotechnics. the response has -- this is lighting up twitter, it's lighting up all of media, has the pope stepped in it? >> i commend you for accurately stating what he said. he gave conditions there. if you're only interested in making borders and walls, and
11:19 pm
then he brings in the idea he was led into believe that trump wants to separate families. he told chuck todd in august of last year, we're not going to break up families, and then the pope actually said, listen, as you read, if he said this, and i'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt. so the pope was fair. trump overreacted but never said quite what was attributed to and by this guy from reuters and the media tried to make it sound like they were involved in a smackdown between the pope and trump. it's good for ratings, but they ought to be honest about it the way you and others have been. lou: betsy, your thoughts. this is pretty clearly directed at trump, and the trump response also involved, an explanation of why the border is more important than simply an obligatory fly by on the part of the pope given all the fact that all of the major drugs are imported across that
11:20 pm
-- that drug into this country, and the very idea it remains lawless, it is extremely dangerous as the pontiff noted but did not address the issue of five cartels that all but control the entire mexican government. >> if trump is going to promise he will not break up families, read his own plan. part of the plan is deporting massive amount of immigrants living in the united states right now. many of whom are the parents of american citizens. you literally by definition cannot deport a significant number of folks without breaking up the families. that is the most important thing to define. lou: they can take their children with them. >> they can take their children with them, but -- >> i'm trying to address the reality whether that would be the effect. >> many children wouldn't choose to say. depending on two parent
11:21 pm
families. lou: why did they have parents and children or they do not, right? >> but the actuality of what -- lou: what you said is different than the reality. that's all i'm suggesting to you, betsy. >> we've seen this happen in cases when parents get deported, kids stay in the united states. i talk to children who have undocumented parents. one stays in the united states because the u.s. is safer and a better place to live. lou: betsy, i don't mean to be critical, but a factual and accurate statement and anecdotal support of it is hardly persuasive to our audience. if we can go beyond that, i'd appreciate it. >> the reality is, when you start deporting parents, especially parents where one parent is documented and the other is undocumented, you end up with kids that run with parents. we know this happened. i don't know have the numbers on my phone in front of me. that's the situation the pope is talking about. lou: remember, what you're saying is in dispute of donald
11:22 pm
trump saying he does not want to break up families. none of it is supportive of that. >> but that's the reality of it. >> if you have kids who are citizens and deporting parents and parents don't want to take the kids, you're going to break up families. lou: that's one possible outcome. it is not a determined outcome. >> right. lou: and therefore what i said is true, rich, is it not? >> this goes to the fact that once you have a major population of illegal immigrants in the country, it's going to be very awkward for everyone, if you want to avoid it. let me just, lou, on the pope, can i defend something? when the pope was in mexico, when the pope was in mexico he attacked the cartels, and said the mexico needs to be governed in a way that people want to stay in mexico. that's one part of the solution. lou: that was a direct attack that you're citing on the cart feel? he said you don't want a country where people are afraid and have to leave. lou: he didn't say what to do with the dev.
11:23 pm
>> i will people don't leave, and the other situation is you have better border security and make it difficult to come. if you have a mexico that's better and the u.s. that takes better care to enforce the immigration laws, then you begin to get a solution to this problem. lou: and how long would this take? >> i'm just trying to be a uniter here. lou: occasionally you exhibit those tendencies and glad to see you express them. the reality is mexico still today, although it is a rich, developing country. 50% of its population remains below the poverty line. >> yes. lou: it is extraordinary. it is a disgrace. the second part of it is, across that border, cross methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine and heroin, the majority of which entering this country comes from mexico. it is an open border with a flawed immigration policy that we can't wait. it's nonsense. we've watched this debate go on, it's desultory, devastating
11:24 pm
and point of fact. it is managed by the corporate interest of the country, and i understand your affinity for them. >> lou, i'm with you on immigration. what are you doing here! [laughter]. lou: the reality is -- >> turn your attention to betsy again. >> i find it interesting somewhere questions whether the pope should opine on these issues. he's always asked these questions and responds. you showed a clip with reverend al sharpton with bernie sanders. nobody will ever question whether a guy like sharpton can go into the african-american churches, raise money and have political rallies from the pulpit. that is separation of church and state. if the pope opines on anything they're saying, what business is it? >> the reverend al sharpton is religious authority we can respect, right, lou? >> i don't. that's the last word on al sharpton and the pope. >> i certainly don't. lou: betsy? >> i can throw in a fun fact on religious authorities. according it a pew research
11:25 pm
half of all roman catholics living in the united states think donald trump isn't a practicing christian or devout christian. just a little factoid to bear in mind, pope francis wasn't alienating base, trump isn't comfortable of questioning other candidates in the running. that's a question. lou: the pope is also not alienating his base when we recognize that 27% of all catholics are immigrants in this country and continue -- the church continues to dwindle down 3% as a percentage of the total population. we're through with fun facts. >> i don't think the pope's going to win the south carolina primary the way he's going. lou: i'm not going to win the primary with my producers if i don't get out of here. thanks a lot, rich, betsy, bill, good to have you all here. >> thank you. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight -- why should they do that? don't they have -- never mind.
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we'd like to hear from you. vote on twitter, and follow me on twitter, "like" me on facebook, follow me on instagram at "lou dobbs tonight," links to everything at we want to show you incredible video out of france tonight, thanks to the folks at red bull. these two daredevils taking to the alps for latest stunt, they attach canopies to their backs and i think a little speed writing as it's called down the mountain. i would say that speed riding, flying, the pair seemingly defying gravity as they alternate between gliding and skiing through the alps. this is a high-class way to ski. wow. extraordinary. up next, we'll have a few thoughts on the pope's tustle with trump. and folks in texas used to titanic tumbleweeds but folks in australia may have beat out texas. wait until you see. this we're coming right back.
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. lou: a few thoughts now on the pontiff versus the populist, the battle between trump and pope francis. this pontiff is often accused of being excessively political an activist and on occasion accused of being argentinean socialist. the pope never accused of comprehending deeply macroeconomics and the importance of the relationship among requisite free market, competition, truly free government and democratic society. his statements since becoming pope, eagerness to advocate on behalf of the poor sometimes seems to overwhelm global knowledge and workings of the u.s. economy, none of them would slow any jesuit and this jesuit is the first in the church's history to become pontiff. and because of the pope's jesuit education, life experience and philosophy, let
11:32 pm
me offer a test of knowledge and reason on the issue of border security and immigration. mentored as a young journalist by a jesuit, i feel like i have at least a sense of the jesuit mind. and so let me try a syllogism. illegal immigrants smugglers in the sex trade, smugglers of most of the major drugs in this country, methamphetamine, marijuana, heroin and cocaine all cross the borders with our communities, also potentially terrorists, all because the united states has chosen not to control our borders. we cannot control illegal immigration, the sex and drug trades if we do not control our borders, and therefore, we cannot meaningfully reform our immigration laws if we do not control our borders. surely the leader of the catholic church would prefer a wall that would stop so much misery and suffering for all, and i hope any jesuit, no
11:33 pm
matter how highly placed will appreciate that little syllogism, which is at the crux of our border crisis. our quotation of the evening. we turn to the king james version of the bible, second book of chronicles, chapter 14 verse 7. just one of the many references in scripture on building walls. we're coming right back. stay with us. rubio accuses cruz of, you'll never believe it, dirty tricks. >> come on, you're better than that. ought to be better than that. running for the highest office in the land. lou: the south carolina primary
11:34 pm
is dirty, and getting dirtier, real dirty. former chairman of the state's republican party van hip joins us next. and two b.a.s.e. jumpers test their skills on the world's tallest building. we'll have the video of the remarkable record-breaking leap coming up right after these very important messages. stay with us. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? lots of vitamins a&c, and, only 50 calories a serving...
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good morning, indeed. v8. veggies for all. thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪
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11:38 pm
carolina republican party, chairman of american defense international, van hipp joining us. great to have you with us. >> great to be with you. lou: i want to turn first to the item of the day, which is dominating the cycle no matter what, and that is the little,well, tussle between the pope and the donald. your thoughts? >> lou, i'm a christian and i believe that as a father and husband, the lord wants me to protect my family. and i believe a commander in chief has a moral obligation to protect the american people and to keep us safe. the reason we have a federal government is to provide for the common defense, everything else is secondary. we're at war with radical islam, coming across our borders, the previous fbi director said a few years ago, i think in 2012, we caught 59,000 people from countries other than mexico, caught coming into this country. they included libya, pakistan, iran, syria, i could go on and
11:39 pm
on, not coming here as part of a church outreach mission to america, coming to do harm. that's what, to me, this race is about. so i think that donald trump probably went up a couple points in the polls today. certainly in south carolina. lou: he's escalating the quality of his -- if you will, his rivals for this news cycle. we'll see if this results in some deescalation on the parts of both. i want to turn to what we're looking at here, you mentioned trump, the demographics, we've taken a look at the "fox news poll," with every demographic category donald trump is in the lead in your state. taking evangelicals, he's taking educated women, taking college educated everybody, taking noncollege educated. he's strong everywhere. i've never seen the like.
11:40 pm
>> he's very strong. there was an event yesterday in south carolina, the little country sportsman, a group that came up for newt gingrich in 2012, 600 or 700 people for newt gingrich. lou, they had 4,700 people for donald trump. he's looking at a double-digit, probably ten-point win in south carolina. the race is who comes in second and third right now? lou: what did your governor do when she endorsed marco rubio, who, in these numbers is not certainly in the top two? >> i think she's upped the and -- ante, it's taken votes away from jeb bush, the more he can take away, the more he can challenge ted cruz for the number two spot. it's getting dicey. that's what's going on. lou, there are a number of contests going on. you've got cruz versus rubio. you've got bush versus rubio.
11:41 pm
bush versus kasich. you've got cruz and bush versus trump. reminded of abbott and costello, who's on first? lou: it's a free-for-all, no question. one quick question, and i'm sorry, we're out of time, and i need a quick answer because i thought your op-ed on today was spot-on in which you talked about the technology gap between the republican party and the democratic party which still exists even though we saw what happened more than four years ago. why is there this gap? why is there not the understanding among the republican elite who have got time to go after donald trump because he's a disruptor. why isn't there time for the leading lights to focus on the technology deficit they have, any candidate will have, come november 8th? >> i don't know, lou, the main reason i wrote this is common sense, there is a major technology gap between the democrats and republicans, and lou, here's the problem, we could have the best candidate
11:42 pm
and the best message, the republicans will lose again unless they close this technology gap with the democrats. they've got to level the playing field, and as you know, most innovatives and ingenuity is with the lower guys, bring them in and get the technology. lou: van, good talking to you, appreciate you coming in, talk to you soon, van hipp. some folks down under are in a hairy situation, extremely dry situations there, these are tumbleweeds, look like gentle tumbleweeds compared to the texas tumbleweeds, they pile up outside a home outside of melbourne, australia. residents have to spend hours a day clearing dead grass and tumbleweeds known as hairy panic. i think that would be panic-worthy. anyway. if you're afraid of heights you might want to avert your eyes.
11:43 pm
two daredevils captured spectacular 360 degree video of the base jump. look at the floors fly by. the world's tallest building, the burj khalifa, a 2700 foot drift to the ground, i was going to say fall to the ground, that thank goodness was not the case. wow. up next, colonel ralph peters joins us to talk about the president's refusal to attack the islamic state in libya. incredible video capturing the moment a civilian helicopter goes down in hawaii. this is the most remarkable video i've seen of a helicopter crash. we'll share that with you here next. much more coming right up after these messages. stay with us. was engineered...
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. lou: joining us tonight, fox news strategic analyst lieutenant colonel ralph peters, great to have you with us. the "daily beast" turned down a military plan for assault on the islamic state headquarters, whatever you would like to call it, in libya. he continued to confound and frustrate our leaders. i'd like just to get your
11:48 pm
reaction? >> well, it's tough. because obama is clinging desperately, desperately to this vanishing legacy. he wants to be the guy who ended two wars, iraq and afghanistan. never end in afghanistan, brought it to premature war in iraq. we got a bonus round in syria with our advisers in the air force, doesn't want to touch another war, libya is indisputably obama's mess with hillary clinton's help. he broke this one. can't blame it on jeb bush. we've got -- libya is between two struggling countries, egypt and tunisia that matter. it's much closer to europe than syria. the europeans want to do this but can't do it without our help, and obama doesn't want another war. lou: ralph, let me ask you again because this is, and no one do i respect more on these
11:49 pm
issues, but europe not able to do something without our help. my lord, it is the european union is an aggregation of almost 600 million people. it is, as a union, it is the second largest economy in the world. why in the world could they not? >> they got a free ride throughout the cold war. didn't spend enough money on defense, and after the cold war ended, we can spend less. the europeans have capabilities, and the french and the italians, especially french will fight, but the bottom line is it's straightforward. islamic state has at least 5,000 fighters around libya. presence is growing, close to europe, it's going reach out to us and obama made the mess and is unwilling to do anything to fix it. he'd rather go to cuba. lou: and the migration, the
11:50 pm
illegal immigration problems, refugee problems will be moving forward. >> severe. lou: it is as well, and certainly now ever growing presence of the islamic state. ralph, thanks for being here. >> strategic tar baby. lou: yep, yep, thank you very much, appreciate it. terrifying helicopter crash today we want to show you in hawaii. all of it caught on video. this helicopter coming down as i have never seen anything approaching that. the helicopter, it's a sight-seeing helicopter crashed near the "u.s.s. arizona" memorial in pearl harbor. five people aboard, one in critical condition, two are stabile. there is no word on the other two passengers. an extraordinary sight. up next, apple putting business above national security. we take up that with judge alex
11:51 pm
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11:55 pm
and judge alex ferrer. the president is announcing he's not going to justice scalia's funeral, sending joe biden. your reaction. >> i'm a supporter of the president generally speaking. i'm disappointed with this. just office of the presidency, i think commands to go see a sitting justice's final farewell for every office. lou: as a coequal branch of government. >> you can't send a message saying we need bipartisanship and we should have both parties working close together and then send ar clearly a snub to a justice who you did not agree with. lou: the president saying he deeply refrets having
11:56 pm
filibustered justice samuel alito's confirmation in 2006. >> i don't buy that. lou: i was moved. >> i would respect him more if he was honest about it. he said i expect republicans who disagree with my nominee to do the same. lou: is there any integrity in this process between the senate and the president? this is a political conflict of bare knuckles. >> i think the judiciary should be above that. we have been politicizing the judiciary where eat side is looking for ideologues for their nomination. 2008, judge robert bourke, the democrats taking him down in flames. >> i think the supreme court is
11:57 pm
like a battleship. the legislature zigs left and zigs right. when you have politicize it that much you get a supreme court that makes sharp turns. i would like to see a moderate appointed. sandra day o'honor is appointed as a conservative but turned out to be quite liberal. it keeps the ship on an even keel and 10 rudder. we don't want every time the administration changes to make a dramatic shift. >> and you don't want activist judges. >> the problem with the term activist is a judge you don't agree with. when a judge rules in our favor
11:58 pm
he's not an activist. >> i think we would all agree he's been evening towards this. justice is scalia, an originalist. textualist. he restrained and brought back some of that to his great credit and legacy. let me turn to this conflict between apple and the f.b.i. i think it's poppycock the stuff tim cook is spewing. what do you think, eboni? do you think this is a major issue for right to privacy? >> of course it's an issue. but tim cook does a big
11:59 pm
disservice to and and the tech industry. it's not unprecedented, there have been several occasions in the past 8 years where there has been cooperation. lou: 7 own stance whereas they opened i phones for the federal government. >> what you should do and must do. i would like apple to take the phone and let apple open the phone so they can have access. but not turn over the key. especially not the government who sics the irs on it political enemies. what they must do, i think apple lernts it in terms of the law. lou: in terms of the marketplace, we have never seen
12:00 am
it where a leader of a corporation forgets what corporation his company is in and his obligations. just one fella's opinion. >> the online poll, 76% say the republican party cannot survive a gop brokered convention so we assume there will not be one. good night from new york. reporter: the primary result forced chris christie and carly fiorina to drop out of the race. the road ahead is about to get more difficult. john: is this man an unlikeable liar? >> ted cruz, the worst kind of washington insider who can't be trusted. john: i this man anti-freedom? >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete


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