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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  February 19, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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market. always have to look over your shoulder. beware. they are actually, well, making games. and selling them. trish regan, to you. trish: to you play games? video games? i will see you later. less than 24 hours from the republican primary in south carolina. the democratic caucuses in south carolina. just a five-point lead in south carolina. the democrats are in a virtual tie. this as vice president plans both dumb aquatic candidates in a new interview. the race heats up in south carolina.
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pope francis, he does not like fighting with the pope. do you blame him? john mcafee joins me. he says he and his team of crackers can crack the san bernardino killers iphone at the center. he says they can do it in three weeks time. you know what, if they can't, he will eat his own shoe on live television. a top liberal economists. that is all it is. sounding the alarm on socialism. he will tell us why. destroying our economy. do democratic voters even care? people voting for anyone but hillary clinton. and then there is this new
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interview which is not going to help. >> have you always told the truth? >> i have always tried to. always. some people will call that would go room that you just gave yourself. jimmy carter said i will never lie to you. i do not believe i ever have. i do not believe i ever have, i do not believe i'd ever will. trish: calling for a boycott of beyoncé's super bowl concert. we will find out why beyoncé on this one -- able -- apple aiding and abetting terrorists. you will hear my intel on this one coming up. the department of justice has filed a motion to assist the fbi in unlocking the san bernardino
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terrorist iphone. apple says it would be too costly and too difficult for the company to create software to unlock the phone. it would set a precedent for law enforcement so they would be asking them to unlock other phones. is it really that difficult to unlock the iphone? is it really that costly? not according to john mcafee. he joins me right now from memphis tennessee. he can easily unlock the iphone in three weeks time. if not, he is willing to eat his shoe live on television. i would like to explain something. i think that there is a misunderstanding about what the fai actually wants. the fbi wants apple to change its ios. the operating system so that it
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creates a back door. >> i will tell you one thing. i do not have a problem with that. do you? >> i have a serious problem with that. if you put a back door into any encryption software, we are human beings. even if all new one person had sat back for, i promise you, soon 100 people will have it. trish: hear me out for a second. the fbi has reason to suspect you may be a terrorist or you may have committed some kind of crime. they can go to the right and they can go to at&t and they can get your phone records. should they be able to do exactly what they are able to do with everyone else? >> absolutely. why don't they just crack that one phone.
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that is the phone that they want. they are asking apple to give them that ability. trish: that already exists. you can get their text. why should the government not be able to get it on apple as it can't anywhere else. for the sake of our nation. for the sake of our security. >> there has never been a back or that has kept secret. it always falls into the hands of hackers. trish: apple cannot keep its tough save, basically. it cannot keep anything safe. >> no. no. it is not that they cannot keep it safe. the chinese can get a copy of the new ios and disassemble it. >> i think you are worried too much about the privacy act. apple did not pro five law
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enforcement with the needed information. that they need in order to prevent terrorist attacks. there is something bigger going on. >> there has never been a back or that has not been found out by our enemies. you can find it and use it. >> all right. if you have too much to drink and you go out and drive, they can test your alcohol level in your body. if you kill somebody, as a drunk driver, they can point to the alcohol levels. we will come up with -- law-enforcement will never know how much alcohol is actually in your body. did you go out and kill someone. we would love to prosecute this drunk driver, but we don't know if they were drunk because we don't even know if there was
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even any alcohol in their bodies. it is beyond the law and that is wrong. >> isn't encryption the same thing as whispering? i have the right to whisper to my wife. i want to whisper to my wife. the only thing i have is encryption. trish: i liked it. you are going down. our constitution was written many, many years ago. back then, the people actually had to take a ship over to our country to actually try and shoot at us. today, these terrorists are living amongst us. we need to have a way to track them. >> why not, if you have a telephone, why don't you take that one phone and crack that one phone. give me the phone. i will crack it.
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trish: not even willing to do that. apple is not even willing to do that. >> apple does not have the phone. the phone is in the possession of the fbi. it is the f ei. >> you think that it is perfectly fine for apple to create something that would eat entirely beyond the law. >> why is it beyond the law. making communication between human beings private? trish: think about it. any time law-enforcement can go and get in order and then they can go into a home, they can steal your diary. they can steal your computer. you have private information. that is if -- that is available for law enforcement. you are creating a privacy.
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it just does not exist in society right now. >> is this what you want? >> i have been in this business my entire life. terrorists and murderers. it is what you are doing. trish: you said that we could pack into any phone right now. >> it is one thing to grant the phone and to hack into it which takes weeks. it is another to have a key that says i can crack into any phone in the world. we are making ourselves
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vulnerable. >> i am out of time. this is a very important discussion it is an important discussion. one that will continue online. go to facebook. go to my facebook page. like it if you agree with what i am saying. the fbi needs to force apple to do this. we want to hear from you. the conversation continues there. you heard john side of the story. my feeling is we need to keep our country safe. turning back to the campaign trail. voters in south carolina and nevada are about to pass their votes for the nominee. our very own connell mcshane and peter barnes.
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>> undecided voters here. our time around charleston so far today. featuring dan carson and ted cruz. donald trump, the front runner in those polls is still the story. when you are talking to people here, the question is, after what we saw just a day, will mr. trump the herd in any way shape or form? pope francis over immigration. whether he acts like a christian. we talked to some voters about that. it does not seem to be happening much with trump. listen. >> i do not date that it is appropriate. of course he has the right to speak his opinion. a person's relationship with god is very personal. it is not something that another person should judge.
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>> they have a vested interest in who leads this country. >> trump stayed aggressive for his part today. branding mister cruise as a liar. >> think you so much. connell mcshane. i want to move onto peter barnes. what do you think? >> well, it is very close year according to the polls. a national poll from fox news out. bernie sanders is beating hillary clinton. forty-seven-44%. right here in nevada, the fight is mainly four minority voters who make up more than half, about half of the eligible voters. they are critical to bernie
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sanders who is counting on their support to prove that he can appeal to constituencies. that he can become a main stream democratic nominee. >> i want to take 11 million undocumented people in this country out of the shadows. they are experiencing every single day. i want congress to do its job. >> nationally, a poll shows that hillary clinton still leads bernie sanders among the voters. we will see if he makes any progress. >> a new interview published. he could live with hillary or bernie. i have a different sense of how we should be talking about the issues that face us. enhance the possibility that we
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keep the white house. does this mean that he may still be contemplating a run. joining me now katie mclaughlin and katie mccain. good to see you guys? >> i have never seen you like that before, trish. i completely agree with you. step up and keep our national security. the fact that they are not helping us, facebook makes me crazy. we are, silicon valley is not doing anything. it makes me insane. >> i get frustrated why all of this. i think that to the days of world war ii. they were able to crack the code. nowadays, it seems as though technology companies are enabling these terrorist to move across all of these platforms. whether it be facebook were
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apple texting back and forth. it is obviously an issue that is very much in focus. >> political correct this. people want to be more politically correct. i don't know. sensitive towards muslims. the thing i do not understand is if he could crack into the phone upright at this moment. why do we need this master key? why don't you go over to san bernardino and fix it right now? trish: we have a lot to cover. the washington post and political today. neither of these candidates are the all and all. i would have done things differently. >> i think that anything is possible. donald trump will remain a republican. he will actually turned
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independent after this. it has been with ted cruz. you know, i think that he does not like the name-calling. he does not like the lies. regardless of your political color, you can depict what he has done for our country. >> it has really tightened it right now. i love that. >> interesting from the media's perspective. people of nevada, especially minority voters are out there. switching a to really quickly. there was not a point. take a xanax right now. i would be freaking out. >> it is amazing.
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it is like 2008 completely repeating itself again. trish: we will repeat this conversation. taking another look at the whole apple touching the issue. ♪
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trish: bernie sanders pushing the agenda in nevada today. a plan that even liberals are attacking. when you combine it and you can see them here, right over my shoulder, it adds up. some cases like new york city. even more. some 20 points higher. single-payer healthcare.
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twelve weeks family sick leave. my next guest. advised president obama. calling bernie's plan nothing but rainbows. i always love hearing from you. you are indeed colorful. puppies and rainbows. what does that mean? >> the set set up of this was not entirely accurate. it came from a liberal journalists. i actually collaborated on that. they had been called to magic flying and puppies. my only critique was a lot of the goals that senator sanders had to forward. i do not think that there's anything wrong with getting college education. paid family leave and many of
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those things. using real numbers when you are adding up the real cost. trish: you are not using real numbers in your view? >> they have sided numbers and studies that are not realistic. they have one main study and particular that is claiming if they pass the sanders plan we would get 9.7% real gdp growth next year. growth over 4% and records. we would turn $1 trillion deficit into a massive surplus. >> really realistic. my critique has been that. trish: how about socialism in general? >> i am an economics professor.
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i will not say that i am for socialism. i teach economics. >> does it surprise you that so many people are jumping on the ernie bandwagon? and economic foundation that has made this country as great as it is? >> i have been saying from the beginning. the national poll shows hillary clinton way ahead. i thought it was going to end up eating a real race. sanders was tapping into a lot of different things. frustration and anger. many of which are real. he was tapping into a lot of it. that was going to be a close race. >> it definitely looks like it is going to be. it sounds like your concern is his numbers are not adding up the way that a need to. you recommend that they took another look at it.
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>> what he is outlining, it is okay if you want to impose a big increase of government spending. what could be european welfare states. it will require you to raise taxes on the middle class. it is not just the rich. trish: you are spot on. that is what his program is sort of fighting. it will hurt the middle class. you hope that the trade-off, you hope that the trade-off will be worth it for them. thank you. >> great to see you, trish. trish: coming up. if you couldn't tell, i am pretty outraged and pretty disgusted with apple. is apple siding with the terrorists and putting our safety at risk? tell me what you think. you can go right here to my facebook page.
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trish: hillary clinton may not have won new hampshire and she may not win nevada. could it mean -- she could be saved by what you call super delegates. factoring in these superdelegates. clinton's lead over sanders actually sort. what the heck is a superdelegate? party insiders. members and other bigwigs in the party. bill clinton, for example, is a superdelegate. charge with regardless. there were 712 of these superdelegates. joining me with more on what it means for hillary clinton's future and a fox news contributor and manager of president ronald reagan's
2:29 pm
reelection campaign, very good. good to see you. the republican party doesn't have this. >> we have a national committee. 168 total. they are not separate. they have to vote how the state moves. members of the national committee. again. they may pledge now that they are not going for the vote. they can change their mind at the end of the day. hillary lost the last election. the superdelegates went against her. she lost by way more than that. >> it could change last minute. >> it is a promise. these people that are elected officials. trish: we have a poll out this week showing sanders in a head to head catch up. do you think it is that kind of
2:30 pm
polling? it can cause this? >> i think that it is further down the road. the odds on favorite to be the nominee. a much tougher race then she thinks. they are going to go to mainstream. they will be watching sanders all of a sudden when. >> look, the democratic party does not want sanders as their nominee. they simply do not want them. they are losing young people. losing young women. they think it has been tapered by the process. all of a sudden, the established wins the states. he wins the caucus. they superimposed numbers. they will have real problems putting it back together again. trish: what do you think happens?
2:31 pm
>> i think that she probably wins it. >> six months ago. >> i would have lost a lot of money. [laughter] >> south carolina is very close right now. trump is the favorite. i would say at this point it will probably be trump, crews and rubio. is bush coming fourth or fifth? trish: thank you so much. good to see you. a somber day in washington. supreme court justice scalia. the president will be visiting there later today. why won't he attend the funeral that is next. ♪ he ran that company.
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trish: welcome back, everyone. you are looking at a live picture there. justice scalia. lying in the great hall of the supreme court. it will be there tonight in till 8:00 p.m. that tradition was last seen after the 2005 death of chief justice. when he died, president george w. bush, not only attended his funeral. he gave the eulogy.
2:36 pm
tomorrow, president obama will actually be a no-show at the formal mass. blake has the latest. do we know what he is doing? why he is so busy he can't go to the funeral? >> the white house is waiting on this. he gave his daily briefing a little while ago. the president will be spending part of his day, he will be doing some of the potential replacements for scalia going forward. we know the president, as you mentioned, not going to the funeral. instead, vice president ride biden will be going in his place. josh earnest on the process as to where it stands going forward. >> i do not have a number to share with you. it is certainly more than two. this is not a short list. this is the beginning of a process. a number of individuals for a
2:37 pm
consideration. >> the white house revealed that the president has started reaching out. chuck grassley and mitch o'connell. the replacement should be nominated by the next president. back to you. >> thank you so much, blake. the president will not be there. ted cruz will be there. what do you think this means for the political climate we are in right now? >> i think that this is absolutely embarrassing. there are absolutely no words for me. to pretend that this is happened in 52 years. i do not understand if president obama is just trying to decide who he will nominate in the future. i think that it is really embarrassing. >> a lot of big significant events. i made a point yesterday.
2:38 pm
you show up at these things. to me, this was no different. not in 65 years. a funeral of a sitting justice. >> i think that there are a couple of things to think about. certainly, george bush. bill clinton did not attend a number of court justice funerals. trish: there is a difference between someone who is retired and not been on the bench for a while. >> a supreme court clerk. he thought that it was appropriate that mister and mrs. obama -- trish: the president of the united states. you can put politics aside. you can put your personal views away. you go and you show, it you pay tribute to our justice. >> president obama keeps going
2:39 pm
on television and making the speeches about how republicans are ruining the world. this man who served for 26 years as a conservative icon to many of us. passes on and you do not even have the respect to show up at his funeral. >> ted cruz was not even going to go to the funeral in till late last night. he was the man that was in the court. before the court. a number of occasions. trish: it is wonderful that he is going. you hold a candidate that is running for the presidency of the united states to a very different standard. i find this one very hard. the white house is saying, well, he is looking at spending his time with replacement. >> show up to the funeral.
2:40 pm
that would be a good place to start. i think if you are josh ernst and you are trying to spin this, there is no way to spin it. doing eight great job trying to. there is no way to spin it. trish: golfing. >> i do not think that he will be golfing. ted cruz has come out on stage. we will see the eve is a ration of the first and second amendment. if you look, important cases, you see that they are not actually saying the things that ted cruz's saying. if you are ted cruz and you are running on this constitution, i think you need to be very careful about making representations. >> well, you know.
2:41 pm
that is a fair point. when all said and done, the president of the united states should be there. danielle and megan, thank you very much. coming up. why i am angry. i am getting ready. samsung. apple. ♪ donald trump: "people love me..." donald trump. look past the boasting and you'll see right through him. he supported partial-birth abortions. his phony trump university? accused of fraud. he tried to seize private property to line his own pockets. four bankruptcies... and small businesses screwed over. poll after poll shows him losing... to hillary clinton. if trump wins, conservatives lose. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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♪ trish: it is a time to check the markets. leo, another one we are keeping an eye on today. i will check on this for you. down again. down 3.6%. a break above 30. several companies. earnings or outlooks today. disappointing investors. consumer prices were unchanged in january. the labor department says for the last 12 months is nearly one and a half percent. figure before inflation was basically flat. the intelligence report will be right back with my intel on why i am so upset with apple. stay with me. ♪ pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. whei just put in the namey, of my parents and my grandparents. and as soon as i did that, literally it was like you're getting 7, 9, 10, 15 leaves that are just popping up all over the place. yeah, it was amazing. just with a little bit of information, you can take leaps and bounds. it's an awesome experience. trish: disgusted by apple. absolutely disgusted. by doing so, the company is helping the terrorist to operate underground. guess what, it you lose an apple product.
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ordering us to unlock your phone. any of the terrorist you have been communicating with. privacy rights. they are fundamental to our so society. you know i believe in that. the government has probable cause. that trumps a person's right to privacy. to search and seizure. that is the law. they have no privacy rights. if law enforcement suspects you as being a threat to society. tap your phone and to see your text. come on. law-enforcement believe you are a threat and wants to search your home and complicate your diary, your computer. law enforcement can do so. why should it law enforcement
2:47 pm
have a way to unlock an apple phone. i am just trying to say this is about privacy, but nobody has privacy at this time. i am kind of wondering whether i need to switch to blackberry. apple is not above the law. we do not even know. yeah right. that is a bunch of baloney. of course they can figure out how to unlock an iphone. in fact, they have previously enabled law enforcement to unlock 70 other phones. do not believe that for a second. i dow that it is that difficult. you know what, it is.
2:48 pm
our country has provided it with the infrastructure to create these wonderful products that customers want to buy. apple, you have a duty to protect those customers. you have a duty to them. you should not be able to sell something that provides criminals a way to cover up all of their tracks forever. what is next? john mcafee. maybe budweiser comes out with a beer beard that you cannot detect in your blood system. sorry, that drug driver convicted on trent killjoy family. we have no proof because budweiser came out with this product. apple says that it is bad for its reputation and its brand. get over it. apple says others will be able to access this software. you mean to tell me that apple
2:49 pm
cannot create a product that is secure? apple, you cannot protect your software? bad argument. our enemies are closed. they are here amongst us. you had to try to fight the people here in america. people are fighting us here on our ground. they are using apple to communicate and work through. if apple cannot stop the terrorist, then apple needs to be stopped. this is exactly what the government is now trying to do as they look at legislation that would force apple and other companies to not hide behind these privacy claims. that is today's intel. police officers right now calling for a boycott of beyoncé. in imaginary violent lack image. then you saw it as a slap in the
2:50 pm
face. did her performance in the black lives matter movement get affected by all of this? we have both pedal. ♪ ) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪
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>> controversial super bowl performance. miami police today saying that they are boycotting her up coming concert altogether. the fact that beyoncé use this years super bowl to divide americans. it shows how she does not support law enforcement. we ask all law enforcement labor organizations to join our boycott across the country. beyoncé also set to perform in
2:54 pm
tampa. they are hesitant to work that event as well. we are getting reaction right now. both pedal. though, it is hard to blame the cops when it seemed that she was in siding the whole black lives matter issue that has come out against them. >> i think that she is using it to try to be cool or something. she does not understand what the black panthers are about. there were a lot of police officers that were killed. if you want to promote separation of our country again, like it was on that show, it should not be used for a political thing. roger goodale should have stepped in and not about that sort of thing going on. i have been in business 31 years. i will not do security.
2:55 pm
i stand by my brother. i stand fast. i could make some money. we have to stand together with that. i hate this division. why is she not jumping up and down dancing in chicago. sixteen african americans were killed on the streets of chicago. black on black crime around our country. going after the police. sure. there are tens of millions of interactions every year. everything is not bad. >> do you think that she was fighting something there? the whole black lives matter movement. all lives matter. every single one of them. that is my problem. >> you have a president talking about black lives matter. like it is something they are.
2:56 pm
like that life is anything different. the kids in chicago, the 60 kids that were killed, their lives matter, too. every time they make a decision, look, we have a problem. they will go to the police. stop the dividing. we have a president that has been in office for seven years. i remember back in the 1950s. now we are divided again. >> what do you guys think? you can go to our facebook page. the intelligence report. like it if you agree with both. we will be right back with more. ♪
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tomorrow night we are going to be live at fox business from the democratic caucuses at the republican primary, we will have breaking the analysis on this
3:00 pm
important night, special coverage kicks off at 7:00 p.m. eastern. i will join lou dobbs and neil cavuto so tune in, a big night for both parties legion's meantime we will go to markets, 60 points as we head into the final hour of trading. cheryl: thank you sell much, we could be looking at a very decisive day on the campaign in south carolina. is the last day of campaigning for the republican presidential candidates ahead of tomorrow's first primary. want to show you live pictures, donald trump is holding a rally in south carolina. he is their right now. new polls showing the republican front runner with a lead in the palmetto state. here is a question for all of you, could we see a ted cruz surprise like the one we saw in iowa? jeff duncan is a ted cruz supporter, he will be joining us to talk about whether he thinks ted


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