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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  February 19, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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important night, special coverage kicks off at 7:00 p.m. eastern. i will join lou dobbs and neil cavuto so tune in, a big night for both parties legion's meantime we will go to markets, 60 points as we head into the final hour of trading. cheryl: thank you sell much, we could be looking at a very decisive day on the campaign in south carolina. is the last day of campaigning for the republican presidential candidates ahead of tomorrow's first primary. want to show you live pictures, donald trump is holding a rally in south carolina. he is their right now. new polls showing the republican front runner with a lead in the palmetto state. here is a question for all of you, could we see a ted cruz surprise like the one we saw in iowa? jeff duncan is a ted cruz supporter, he will be joining us to talk about whether he thinks ted cruz can make this happen in
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nevada the democratic race is as tight as can be as fox news polls show bernie sanders with his first national league of the campaign holding un. clinton in for another upset. we have team coverage of all the 2016 news. connell mcshane is in south carolina and peter barnes in las vegas with the latest. president obama and the first lady expected to pay their respects for the late supreme court justice antonin scalia this afternoon. we will have live pictures when the president arrives from the supreme court and people talk with our experts about how the nomination process is going to play out after antonin scalia is laid to rest tomorrow. we are watching the markets, wall street is still on track for its best week of the year, dow jones industrials down 63, we are at 16,350 but markets holding on. we are an hour to the closing
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bell. i am cheryl casone in for liz claman, let's start the countdown. ♪ best week ever? at least for 2016, major u.s. indices, you are looking at it, the indeed down 5, the dow down 60, nasdaq up 4 but a good weight for the markets. markets -- oil at $29.64, so much for decoupling, moving right in lockstep with oil, same story we have seen all year. biggest loser in the energy sector do include devon energy, looking at southwestern energy, those companies are falling today this friday. technology the leading sector of the day, the biggest winners include applied materials, and china at cash international, all great on your screen. to politics it is coming down to
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the wire. crucial next two days for presidential hopefuls as voters take to the polls for the republican south carolina primary and the democratic nevada caucus. republican presidential front runner, there he is once again, live picture, and another rally in south carolina, talking to his supporters. mr. trump continues to lead the pack in south carolina and of ted cruz, marco rubio, john kasich, jeb bush and ben carson. meanwhile big story on the democrats side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders battling it out in a race that is tighter than ever. surprising when saddening in nevada. hillary feeling the burn trailing bernie sanders for the first time in a brand new fox news poll by 3 points. we have fox business team coverage, connell mcshane live in south carolina, peter barnes standing by live in las vegas,
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we start with a preview of what is to come on the gop side. the afternoon. i saw you earlier, you were at ted cruz event. what was his strategy? what did he say? >> reporter: he has some grounds to make up. the bottom line is donald trump is still the front runner, just a matter of by how much. the wall street journal poll had a net 5, and most have him up by double digits. ted cruz's strategies to appeal as much as he can to evangelical voters and conservative voters. is only a two points among people who call themselves very conservative industry along trump by 8 points among evangelical voters with whom he should be doing very well, with whom he did well in iowa. cheryl: what about but donald trump/pope francis controversy? are people talking about that in south carolina or do you think they are watching those
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headlines? >> we spoke to a number of voters dearly about it and some last night. don't seem to think affect donald trump. they seem bothered that the pope would be involved in american politics. we have plenty of mudslinging on both sides whether it is donald trump branding ted cruz as a liar and we heard from marco rubio before going on the air, warning people to look out for dirty tricks as they put it from ted cruz in tomorrow's primary. trump has been all over the state, we will see you later tonight for a rally. cheryl: you will be live in all the actions tomorrow. thank you so much. let's go from south carolina to nevada, raise heating the between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. a clinton fire wall first contested between the two. sanders will face his biggest
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test in his run for the white house as likely democratic caucus goers are split almost evenly between the two. peter barnes is in nevada with the very latest. >> reporter: that is right. the polls here reflecting new national poll at fox news which shows bernie sanders pulling ahead of hillary clinton for the first time, the first national poll that shows this, 47% to 44%, one of the things hillary clinton is struggling with according to the fox news poll is questions about her honesty and integrity. pollsters asked voters, does hillary clinton have the integrity to serve as president? 43% of those polled said yes. 55% said no. cbs news asked hillary clinton about this issue last night. here is what she said? >> jimmy carter famously said i
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will not live to you. >> i have to tell you, i have tried in every way i know how literally from my years as a young lawyer through my time as secretary of state to level with the american people. >> you talk about leveling with the american people which have you always told the truth? >> i have always tried to. always. >> one of the key voter segments bernie sanders is targeting is union rank-and-file voters. hillary clinton locked up the endorsements of a lot of the union leaders but sanders is going after the rank-and-file many of whom are paid the minimum wage which is 7 to $8 in nevada. he was talking about that issue and any venture in northern nevada earlier today, take a listen. >> wages in our country are too low. all right? that is why we have got to
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recognize that at $7.25 minimum wage is a starvation wages, it has to be raised to a living wage, $15 an hour. >> unions have been pushing for that higher minimum wage, we will see if bernie sanders gets any traction on that issue with rank-and-file union voters in the caucuses tomorrow. cheryl: watching hispanic voters, will be quite a race between those two. peter barnes and las vegas, thank you so much, we are going to have much more on the 2016 race later with south carolina republican congressman dick jeff duncan supporting ted cruz, going to tell us what he is seeing on the ground in the palmetto state, are vote's going to ted cruz turning away from donald trump? and greta van susteren, we will talk to the republican front runner donald trump himself tonight. reports live from south carolina at 7:00 p.m. eastern time on the fox news channel, did not miss
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that show and that interview. i said at the beginning and he might not have believed me we are tracked for the best week ever but take a look at grains today hitting 7 year lows due to oversupply which is why things are not looking so bright in the farm. john dear falling after the tractorsmaker reported lower earnings and cut its outlook for the year, deer as you can see on screen, $77 down $3.34 down 4%. down 20% from its 52 week high of $97.33. that was in july. what is it coupled with oil trading for investors? a lot to consider here. i want to bring in our floor show, traders at the stock exchange, the cme group and the nynex. i know earlier you were feeling a little bit negative and a tone of caution, but the commodities
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market, what do you make of it? >> it doesn't predict the commodities market all that much right now. we have seen a correlation from oil, will is not the leader it has been kris cox over the last few months this week. cheryl: i want to take the commodities story, the green story, across the country, and the oil story so hand in hand as far as wheat and grain and the oil and gold as well. seems like an economic problem. >> the export, strong dollar, a knee-jerk reaction, it is a big cycle. we bottomed out with commodities, 12 commodities peaked out, crude oil, there was
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a contraction. it contract did quite a bit in the last 18 months. you are seeing john deere stock coming under pressure because that is the major customer base and those guys are not making the money they made two or three years ago. cheryl: i keep going back to the commodities, all of that is the story of the u.s. economy and the weakness of it in america's heartland. you are standing by, we are looking at oil and we saw the contract a few moments ago and the entire range this week, we didn't see a big move on oil. we will stay at this level, $30 for a while. >> i have to agree. right now i think today's action was more like a technical drawback. we are holding all the chart points you would like to look at, big support level at 2880 which it didn't even challenge today. i would think you are absolutely
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correct, we bulls say in this range. when the inventory reports come out in the next couple weeks if there is any drawdown in inventories which would show a leveling off, not just overs of the supply keeps coming on week after week which is giving this market no chance to lift its head. i am overall optimistic about the action we are going to see in the next couple weeks. the pessimism has been disseminated in offended is time for positives for this market. cheryl: i want to give you last word on the overall action we are seeing with the markets, best week of 2016, but a lot of investors are pretty nervous. we had such a rough january. they are pretty nervous that this is going to hold. what is your general sense of that? are we going to stabilize? >> i give you one for your home game. as we approach these retail earnings, maybe you sell them
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the day before the earnings and the damage in the morning and you can buy them back that day. it is worth margins and worked last quarter. cheryl: gentlemen, thank you very much this friday. had a great weekend. you want to come back to fox business first thing monday morning, maria bartiroma will have an exclusive interview with mark fields and i am going to be with her. "mornings with maria" stock every day, 6:00 a.m. eastern time monday through friday. take a look at the leaders on the nasdaq today. you can see those green numbers for applied materials, activevision, even yahoo! a very you go. here is a question for you. who is worried about china? not applied materials, the largest supplier of tools jumping higher today after it sent sales in china, rose 7% as high demand in china growing
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chip market boosting supply materials by 7% today. also this story we are following all week on fox business, apple's fight with the government getting nasty. congress stepping in, ceo tim cook bringing in big legal guns. liz macdonald has a live report, count down coming right back.
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>> airstrikes in several locations in libya today. and the extremist group, and local officials estimated that 40 people were killed in even more were wounded. in the latest attack. it is officials, the department of justice filed a motion to compel to assist the feds in unlocking san bernardino shooter syed farook's iphone. liz macdonald has the latest details on the case and what avalanche next move may be. >> reporter: pre withering language. here's what the department of justice is saying about him quote, everything from cook said
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in the open customer letters wrong. it is saying the government is not asking apple to create a back door into every iphone or provide hackers access to iphones or led apple have decrypt phones but also saying it is not asking for apple software. apple software would not be in government custody, also saying thats refusal to comply with the court order is based on avalanche unconcern for its business model and its public grant marketing strategy is the next step basically march 22nd hearing in federal court in california. we reported yesterday former solicitor general under president george w. bush ted olson will be representing apple in this case, and has been hired to do so. he will appear march 27th hearing, to compel will to work with the fbi.
3:20 pm
the senate intelligence committee's efforts to come up with new legislation that could force all devices, all companies that make any device that could be wiretapped, subject to a 1994 clinton era law that will let law-enforcement with a court order wiretaps devices, just a phone companies have to comply with the internet and broadband or wireless phones. cheryl: ted olson is a free-speech attorney. >> reporter: his wife passed away in the 9/11 attacks. cheryl: yesterday liz claman had go daddy's ceo to talk about identity protection in apple versus the fbi, sparked the online debate. here is what david post on
3:21 pm
facebook. because so many main -- the main extension's exist no matter how many domains you by someone can create a similar domain. the trump campaign rejected the jeb he tweeted not for nothing but anyone, any thing it shows donald trump and his team's foresight and business savvy. one of our favorite stock exchange stars tweeted i have a domain, you have a domain, they give you warning if you don't renewable. we love hearing from all of you. you can follow is on twitter@liz claman, you can like her face book page and go to liz for the links and exclusive archives and by the way follow me, twitter@cheryl casone, go ahead. let's look at the dow laggers for all of you. a few names we are watching, but at boeing's in the red. in tell, those are energy names, chevron, exxon, merck,
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microsoft, a lot of names. just a few moments ago president obama, there we go, there's the medicaid. we got the video of the moments ago. the motorcade is on his way to the supreme court to the great hall. he and the first lady paying their respects to antonin scalia at. he passed away on saturday. we are going to bring you live events and pictures from the supreme court great hall when the president and first lady arrived and we will have the lexus, in front of justice scalia. countdown coming right back. you owned your car for four years, you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together.
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cheryl: live pictures from the great hall of the supreme court, president obama and the first lady have arrived at the supreme court, they will pay their respects in a few moments to make justice antonin scalia. this is the court's great hall,
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the two individuals you see, law clerks will be taking turns and rotating in and out, always stayed with antonin scalia throughout the day, this will go through into tonight. the battle of how his seat should be filled hangs like a cloud over washington leaving just in the past 24 hours. the president and we will see in a few moments have begun to consult with key senators from both parties making clear that he intends to nominate a successor in the next few weeks. according to white house press secretary josh earnest, the president called senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, and chuck grassley and senate minority leader harry reid among others. the conversations are beginning to. i want to bring in apart with mcdermott partners who argued before the supreme court three times with antonin scalia and republican senator from florida who served as florida's that the
3:28 pm
the attorney general, and justice scalia was back, and discussed antonin scalia, waiting for the president and first lady. and less respect this man for a moment, what was your biggest, most favorite memory of antonin scalia and argue the case before him. >> it was a tremendous honor and when you were in front of the supreme court you have to be on your a game and especially with antonin scalia in the case that i argued we want to unanimous decision but that did not mean antonin scalia did not ask very difficult questions. and will make him a legend of the court is two things. what district interpretation of the constitution, his view that the supreme court and other courts interpret the language of the constitution plainly so as
3:29 pm
not to interfere with the prerogative of the legislative branch. he was a very active questioner on the course, very hot bench as they say, and he pushed advocates to be at their best and a lot of folks will remember him for that aggressive style, intellectual ferocity i think as supreme court justice. he will be sorely missed. cheryl: antonin scalia, 79 years old, he was just about a few months away from a 30 year anniversary on the court, he served for 29 years and four months on the supreme court. i am assuming you would imagine he was kind of waiting for that moment to hit the 30 year mark and also may be waiting to see before he decided to retire his the next president might be. >> i don't think he planned to retire, i think he planned to stay as long as he could and he
3:30 pm
did at, but we were all looking forward to the anniversary this summer, he was nominated in june of 1986 and confirmed in september and took the bench the first opening of the court in october term 1986. cheryl: he basically was someone that was so conservative. ronald reagan appointed him, one of the conservative judges. do you think the next appointment, the next candidate which we believe will come from president barack obama, d using that candidate will be someone that republicans could potentially accept? it republicans are concerned they are going to get a very liberal choice to replace justice antonin scalia. >> that decision lies with the president. of the president is going to appoint someone like sonia sotomayor or elena kagan that person in my view is not going to be confirmed.
3:31 pm
i believe the president has the right and obligation to a.and i believe the senate with nine months until the next election has plenty of time to have hearings and give its advice and consent. what the president would be smart to do is put someone forward who has already been vetted by the u.s. senate, someone republican senators voted for, that could be a sitting judge, could be someone like fbi director comey, someone with great support in the senate. that would make it difficult for republican senators not to give a full and fair hearing and potentially not vote for the nominee but if he votes for someone who is a progressive, someone who takes a liberal reading of the law, who is not like antonin scalia who believe you should follow the text but rather believes you should look at common norms in the community or look at what legislators may have set on the floor of congress or in committee in order to interpret statutes, the
3:32 pm
next nominee to the supreme court that is confirmed will be done by the next president of the united states. cheryl: what do you think justice scalia would have wanted? he was a lover of the constitution and the constitution is clear is the duty of the president to appoint a nominee within a reasonable amount of time, the duty of the senate to reasonably review that nominee. that is what the constitution tells us. doesn't talk about being an election year. >> the constitution doesn't provide a time limit for the senate to act on the nomination. the constitution merely says the president shall appoint and the senate shall provide advice and consent and this process can be and is the somewhat protracted process. it depends who the president nominates and the constitution doesn't provide at time limit.
3:33 pm
cheryl: there has been a lot of talk about a recess appointment. it seems to me that would be something, a risk i don't think he would want to take right now. >> right now here we are in february, i suspect the president will make his nomination in the next week or two, we are in the beginning of march, often deal of time for hearings. if we were to get to the august recess and the senate had not scheduled any hearings on the president's nomination, five month later i would not be surprised if the president didn't do a recess appointment and there is precedent for recess appointments to the supreme court. i hope it doesn't get to that. when i was in the u.s. senate we were so frustrated with harry reid for not following regular order and what mitch mcconnell said when he was the minority and i give him great credit for it is establish regular order back in the senate. let democratic senators offer
3:34 pm
amendments even though republicans are in the majority. we didn't get to do that on dodd-frank, the affordable care act. harry reid didn't run the place in regular order. on the same token there is plenty of time in my view for there to be full and fair hearings and i think they should happen and if the president doesn't stand a good consensus building nominee to the senate then they can vote no. republicans have the votes to reject that nomination and the next president will be the person who appoints and the senate will likely confirm. cheryl: if you are just joining us you are looking at live pictures from the great hall of the supreme court in washington where antonin scalia is lying in repose. we were told the president and first lady have arrived at the court. they have not entered the great hall yet. they will be paying their respects to antonin scalia. they will not be attending the mass tomorrow which we should also say his son, justice
3:35 pm
antonin scalia's son will be leading the mass to honor his father at and the two individuals you see standing there with the coffin, protecting the coffin if you will, former law clerks of justice antonin scalia rotating throughout the day and is viewing will go until 8:00 p.m. tonight eastern time. as we talk about justice antonin scalia, remember again nearly 30 years on the bench, what do you think he would want? what type of judge the you think he would like to see? remember you can appoint a judge the president can say he supports my ideology but on the bench they judge how they see fit and we have seen different judges evolve and sometimes a surprise. what do you think the justice antonin scalia, who do you think he would want to see replace
3:36 pm
him? >> that is impossible -- i wouldn't want to speculate who justice scalia would like to see as a successor but there are several able candidates but that will depend upon your political persuasion. and what party you are coming from, who do you think should replace justice scalia but i do think it is important to understand justice scalia did not see himself as a conservative. justice scalia, for most of all saw himself as a justice applying the law and sometimes the law doesn't lead to conservative results. he went out of his way to get the entirety of his career devoted to separating wall from politics and that is the unfortunate irony of his death, he is now the timing of his death, politics of course take a central role, the court will play a central role in politics but he tried throughout his career to separate politics from
3:37 pm
the law. cheryl: it really was. i remember when i got the news, watching our coverage, the death of mr. sculley at i remember thinking we haven't had this since chief justice rehnquist and died on the bench. it is rare to see the supreme court justice dodd on the bench lee usually they resign or their health is failing. 47th supreme court justices died while still on the supreme court that this is so rare in our country's history. i am wondering if you think all of that is being considered among those advisers to the president, advisers to mitch mcconnell and see the gravity of the situation, take the political arguments out of this and realize that this is the future of the country. there are nine justices, that is it and this is a cute responsibility and the critical nomination. in an election year.
3:38 pm
so many things are fascinating about this. >> there are a lot. it is a big decision. i was in the u.s. senate when we had hearings on elena kagan. as a member of the senate house doesn't have to play a role, something the founders left only to the senate to provide advice so it is the president and the senate and normally the supreme court is completely separated from politics. but the one time and the one place where the supreme court is not separated from politics is the appointment process. cheryl: i want to let you know really quick the president and the first lady are arriving in the great hall of the supreme court, standing behind two clerics that you see on your screen, the president and first lady choosing to pay their respects to justice antonin scalia, 79 years old, passed away saturday in texas, saying a prayer. the cascades, flag draped, there
3:39 pm
was a a private ceremony earlier today for the remaining supreme court justices and we should say the service tomorrow, the president and first lady will not be attending, at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception and antonin scalia's son is going to be leading that mass, a priest in the catholic church. we want to let viewers know you are looking at these live pictures of president obama and the first lady paying their respects. this portrait brought down to the great hall of justice antonin scalia known to be one of his favorites by the way. paying their respects there and he will be lying in repose until 8:00 p.m.. this is open to the public obviously for security concerns, the hall has been shutdown while the president and first lady are there but then it once again will reopen to the public and
3:40 pm
outside the supreme court we heard stories of mourners and antonin scalia fans coming to pay their respects. this is a rare moment in history and it is very rare to have supreme court justice by on the bench. 50 years between deaths of supreme court justices. last time we had a supreme court justice guy on the bench was ten years ago, chief justice william rehnquist died in 2005, he was 81, he was sick at the time, george w. bush was the president at the time. but before that again the momentum we are seeing, the moment in history 1955-2005 not a single death of a supreme court justice so it was rare thing we witness as our country over the last four days, five days we have been absorbing the sudden death of antonin scalia, president and first lady heading
3:41 pm
back to the motorcade. i want to bring you back in, your final thoughts on antonin scalia as we take another look at his casket lying there in the great hall in repose. >> wonderful and poignant moment have the president of the united states, a liberal president, conservative justice still shows we as a country can come together at these times, but in final about justice antonin scalia one of the most important supreme court justices of the last hundred years, accused legacy of interpreting the constitution and statutes, and some social norms, and he had a ferocious intellect, he had a great sense of humor, he will be sorely missed so it is an important poignant moment for the country right now. >> he combined a towering
3:42 pm
intellect with an oversized personality. and the only person i can compare that to is winston churchill, when you apply that in the context of american law. and ranks up there with john marshall and joseph story and he will be sorely missed. cheryl: thank you for being here with our viewers as we see the president and first lady paying their final respects to justice antonin scalia. we have to take a hard turn here but we have breaking news on donald trump and is a story we have been covering, and it was a town hall in south carolina for a boycott of apple products until the technology company agrees to the demand of the u.s. government that they unlock the cellphone of one of the killers
3:43 pm
in this can bernardine no attacks, syed farook, his iphone has been at the center of a controversy, a battle that was coming to a head. here is the quote i want to read you, boy, apple until such time as they give that information. that is what he said, speaking in south carolina. we have been listening to donald trump, he just said this occurred to me, it seems this was an off-the-cuff comment from donald trump, boy, apple, the until they give that information, that coming from donald trump. the billionaire is ahead by 5 points, it is drastically different from a poll in january which had him with a 16 point lead over ted cruz. i want to bring in a republican congressman from south carolina jeff duncan, he is backing senator ted cruz and i want to get your initial reaction. i know you have been following the story of apple and the fbi
3:44 pm
and doj, your reaction to donald trump off-the-cuff saying let's boycott apple products in this country. >> my first reaction was presidential candidate saying that, as a person who is more libertarian in his leaning, the fact that the presidential candidate wants to give the government access to a back door into an apple product really gives me a big reason to pause. and sell i think law enforcement should investigate all the crimes, ted cruz was very clear about that at the town hall the other night, but when you talk about taking this in context with nsa spying and what we know about data mining by the government really gives conservatives and libertarians a reason to raise their eyebrows and reason for pause with this candidate. cheryl: ted cruz, i want to talk
3:45 pm
about ted cruz, basically he had a surprise in iowa, south carolina, every poll except for one really chose donald trump having a substantial lead over ted cruz, ted cruz must still be a bit shocked by that especially in south carolina where you have a strong religious base within the gop and he should be appealing to that. donald trump is bringing in that religious voter. what do you make of that? >> is very indicative of how the voters feel about washington. they gave us control of the house and the senate and they're very frustrated and they angry at our failures this to do what we would do if they gave us controlled vichy tapped into that and that transcends all demographics, evangelicals and the folks is that not quite evangelical but i believe you will see something happen in south carolina that happened in
3:46 pm
iowa and the evangelical vote will break his way. we see the momentum comments like we saw donald trump make, more libertarian leaning voters in south carolina will probably become his way after this. >> i just want to show you is this poll that i am talking about, nbc news wall street journal poll that donald trump had come out and criticize and said the wall street journal is crazy and whatever else he said that 28%, ted cruz at 23% but every other poll is a much wider spread between trump and ted cruz. is there internal polling, ted cruz is seeing to the best of your knowledge, that would support the wall street journal nbc poll? >> i am not privy to any polling from the ted cruz campaign but i will say this has a very similar feel to iowa, gaining a
3:47 pm
momentum, and we are seeing how iowa turned out. the fields is similar, you will see the evangelical vote swing to ted cruz, he is gaining momentum and looking forward to tomorrow getting here and seeing ted cruz be nominated the presidential preference in south carolina. cheryl: we have to cut it short. the president and the first lady, breaking news we had to cover, thank you. >> thank you. cheryl: you will have much more on the 2016 race ahead of you on fox business, "risk and reward" with dierdre bolton coming up, talking to attorney lawrence joyce, the man sitting to keep ted cruz off the illinois ballot, that is going to be 5:00 p.m. eastern time and fox business working overtime through the weekend, lou dobbs, neil cavuto, the rest of the fox business all stars will be here bringing the results of the nevada caucus and south carolina primary, all of that coverage, election 2016 beginning
3:48 pm
6:00 p.m. eastern time tomorrow night. we have 13 minutes ago until the bell rings, take a look at the market, 16,379, down 34, and this of course is the best week of 2016 for the dow, the nasdaq and the s&p. good news for your markets. also this, private polls showing ted cruz and marco rubio are surging in south carolina. i was just asking about this and i want to bring in charlie gasparino. you are saying something different. >> when we say private polls, campaigns go out there. this is not the 10% margin of error plus or minus nbc wall street journal poll, not saying anything bad about nbc or the wall street journal but those polls are less scientific. these are the internal polls the campaign's talk about. a a lot of money for these polls and what they are showing is trend, particularly today. people make their minds of the
3:49 pm
last several minutes of we look at trends and they're showing two things. they are showing a surge by ted cruz against -- it is not out of the realm of possibility that he could take first place against donald trump. the second trend that is showing is a surge for marco rubio. what people are saying, based on that surge is not inconceivable that marco rubio could place a close third where he is technically in second place. could say that based on the split between those two. that is what you are seeing right now. i point this out and i am careful about this because these guys are polling literally to the day and the minute, there's no doubt about that. bad news for donald if that is true. if that holds out it shows his round game is costing him, it
3:50 pm
shows the, quote, lousy wall street journal poll was actually real and also bad news for jeb bush. if marco rubio is pulling ahead, if he is showing at surge that he breaks apart from the other establishment candidates there will be tremendous pressure on john kasich and jeb bush to about. >> you have something on yahoo! and marissa meyer. charles: we won't go there. yahoo! hired an amazing investment banker, marissa meyer-amazing investment banker. was paid something like in the heyday something like $100 million a year. what does that mean for yahoo!? marissa meyer is under tremendous pressure right now and if i were a betting man i am betting marissa meyer is not
3:51 pm
just fighting for her survival, on but using him to think about selling the whole thing, chunks of it, to enhance shareholder value and get out because this is an incredibly -- this is a very rough situation. what would i say i'm playing this stock. look for to be sold. cheryl: the closing bell. we are minutes away from the closing bell. we have 9 minutes. the oil looking we, a lot more coming up. countdown will be right back.
3:52 pm
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3:54 pm
cheryl: all right. taking a look at the dow. we're down 32 points. best week for the dow of 2016 let's go to new york stock exchange with adam shapiro standing by with today's top movers, adam. >> i want to talk about stocks.
3:55 pm
i need them in the monitor. yahoo! is up 1.9%. i don't have the accurate because i need monitor. charlie gasparino talked about need to save the company exploring strategic alternatives, i.e., looking to sell parts of it or even all of it. they set a up committee with goldman sachs to talk about engagement with separate parties. take that for what it is worth. yahoo! is up 2% as we head towards the closing bell. nordstrom a big dig pointment. down 7.8%. investors don't like they're guiding for current quarter and for the year. compare them to other retailers macy's is up 17.3%. target is flat. we'll get macy's and target earnings next week. back to you. cheryl: adam shapiro, thank you. we'll see you when the bell rings.
3:56 pm
oil erased gains for the entire week. inflation data shows fed may have a firm path raising rates. we have ron weiner the ceo of rdm. gentlemen, good to have you here. fed got the minutes, a-month-old but still got the fed minutes. raising rates, yes or no? >> i think it is kind of touch and go. i would hope the fed continues on course it set because they painted themselves into a corner. there is a lot of talk about negative rate lately. because yellen said that is a possibility, certainly doesn't mean likely. as we all know, even fed says something likely, doesn't mean any action is imminent. fed is making sure they telegraph there are extra tools in the tool box. i'm hopeful we stay on the rate path forward. let's be honest we can't hang with 50 basis points in interest rates. there is systemic problems we'll have to deal with.
3:57 pm
you're kind of darned if you do, darned if you don't. i would prefer fed stay on course as they said they will. cheryl: they likely will. ron, i want to ask about one of your picks today, apple. we found out today looks like the doj is pushing ahead on apple to comply. the pressure is on. donald trump saying we should be as americans boycotting all apple products. that happened about ten minutes ago in a live town hall. apple, you still like it right now consider the news, ron. >> buying opportunity. cheryl: okay. >> this trump thing, it's, i don't know, i don't want to be political here but the truth is, apple is a cheap stock. it has been a cheap stock for a long time. now trading 10 times. this thing will blow over, if it take as week a month, three months, it will blow over. apple's strong, strong company. tons of cash, very cheap. it's growing. it's going to be fine.
3:58 pm
they may end up being buying opportunity for people that haven't been in it. we've been in it a long, long time. cheryl: you have. i want to get your thoughts before we go on the best week of 2016. ron, is this a turning point in the markets, yes or no? >> i have no idea. cheryl: honesty. >> the truth is, we don't expect that much out of this market going forward. we can't can't see a catalyst. we do know every central bank is playing around with experiments on their economies. probably a good idea to keep a little bit of gas in the tank and i think you're better off not shooting the moon. i don't think it will be bad. u.s. is fine. but, i don't think you should shoot the moon right now. cheryl: all right. jeff, we're out of time. we had a lot of breaking news of course out of washington. thanks to you both for being here. that's it for the "countdown to the closing bell." i'm cheryl casone. liz claman will be back on monday.
3:59 pm
best week ever, dade asman and gerri willis. i give you this. david: best week ever this year. cheryl: okay, this year. david: i know, i know. have a great weekend. cheryl: you too. take it away, guys. >> tomorrow decision day for south carolina and nevada. david: at 11th hour donald trump's lead in the palmetto state is shrinking. the trump campaign is here to respond. >> south carolina is living up to it is mudslinging reputation. record voter turnout is expected. david: shocking turn in the democratic race. bernie sanders is leading the nationwide for the first time. is it panic time for hillary? gerri: closing bell sound on wall street. [closing bell rings] david: look where we're ending the day. looks like the dow will not make it into positive territory.
4:00 pm
nasdaq did by a third of a percentage point. oil was down. that initially sent markets all south. they managed to recover a little bit. again good to remember for the week markets are positive. gold up 70 points to $1230 an ounce. >> i like a positive way to end the week. here is what you need to know now. donald trump is posing a apple boycott. saying it is a great idea following the company's ongoing battle with law enforcement. david: and stocks are ending the day in the red, as we said. it has been a positive year for the dow. adam shapiro, a positive week for the dow. adam shapiro on floor with the nyse with very latest. had dam. >> reporter: silver lining on every cloud. s&p 500 up become 3%.


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