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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  February 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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nasdaq did by a third of a percentage point. oil was down. that initially sent markets all south. they managed to recover a little bit. again good to remember for the week markets are positive. gold up 70 points to $1230 an ounce. >> i like a positive way to end the week. here is what you need to know now. donald trump is posing a apple boycott. saying it is a great idea following the company's ongoing battle with law enforcement. david: and stocks are ending the day in the red, as we said. it has been a positive year for the dow. adam shapiro, a positive week for the dow. adam shapiro on floor with the nyse with very latest. had dam. >> reporter: silver lining on every cloud. s&p 500 up become 3%.
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for the week nasdaq up almost 4%. year-to-date dow is still down 6%. s&p 500 is down about 6%. nasdaq is down about 10%. some things investors want to pay attention to getting ready for next week, s&p 500 closed above 1915. that was support level. we fell below but got right back above it. that is good sign cording to traders. unitedhealthcare, cisco, coca-cola. visa announced they would have a slow adoption of chip card, the card with chip in it everyone is supposed to be using and johnson & johnson. finally when you take a look at some sectors of the s&p 500 who had trouble today, basic materials and income, no-brainer there. energy pulled down by the fact oil closed or settled below $30 a barrel. david. david: adam shapiro from the nyse. thank you. have a good weekend. gerri. gerri: for more on oil's slide let's go to trader phil flynn from the cme.
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he is also fox news contributor. phil. >> yes, we got breaking news believe it or not on oil today. even though we have a huge supply for oil we're starting to see demand response. american petroleum institute reported that oil demand in the u.s. was strongest we've seen since january 2008. that goes to show you low prices eventually create some type of demand and we're seeing that in the market. boy, u.s. energy industry hoping that they see demand because they are getting -- like anything we've seen before. if you look what happened in the u.s. rig count they were down dramatically again. another 26 oil rigs taken off-line. this is the ninth week in a row we've seen contraction in that industry. these low prices are really hurting these producers right now and we're starting to see them pull back. the big question when will that show up in the oil production numbers? we're starting to see u.s. production is peaking.
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if we get demand to perk up, maybe we can work on the oversupply a just a little bit. gerri: phil, before you go, what will it take to get demand to really start boiling? >> you know, right now i really think it is confidence. that is what the market has been missing and it's feeding on itself right now. that's what's happening. uncertainty about china, the big selloff in the stock market, that fear feeds on itself and once we start seeing stability in these markets, stocks goings going up with all the stimulus in the economy, that should get demand going. we don't have another fiasco in chinese stock market or anywhere else in the globe, by july you will be surprised where the demand will be. gerri: phil flynn from a noisy cme floor. thanks for that. david: less than 24 hours before voting begins in south carolina. trump is leading gop pack but ted cruz is narrowing
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billionaire's lead to five percentage points. according to a "nbc/wall street journal" poll. who emerges from the south carolina state victorious? here to weigh in our own connell mcshane who is in south carolina. connell? reporter: hey there, david, it is interesting, another interesting day in this state of south carolina of the frontrunner is donald trump, there is no doubt about that. it just depends as you point out which poll you look at with the journal poll closer than all the rest. busy day for trump. he spent a lot of it going after senator ted cruz trying to brand him as a liar. in the most recent event as he crisscrossed today he weighed in on this apple controversy, security versus privacy of all things. he was asked about it, trump was, asked what should happen with apple and this debate over the company and whether they should be able to break into one of the san bernardino's killers phones. here is what trump had to say. >> what i think you ought to do is boycott apple until such time
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they give that security number. how do you like that? i just thought of that. boycott apple. you will not get to the bottom of it unless we use common sense. i like the idea boycott apple until such time they give that information. i think that is a great idea. reporter: yesterday it was the pope. today it was apple. trump will weigh in on anything he is asked about of course. he will be here in the north charleston area for a rally we cover later tonight. at this hour we're standing by to hear from marco rubio. the question, can he move up to second behind trump? he he is in a battle for ted cruz for that spot. rubio campaign we just heard from an hour ago, putting out a warning interesting to their supporters, watch out for dirty tricks in tomorrow's primary from the cruz campaign. so both trump and rubio going after cruz trying to brand him as a liar. back to you guys. david: by the way, we have a representative from the trump campaign coming up a little later in the hour. we will ask her about this call
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for a boycott. connell, thank you very much. have fun down there. gerri. gerri: hillary clinton is feeling the bern like never before. first time in the election season bernie sanders takes the lead nationally over clinton in a new "fox news poll." sanders garners 47%. clinton falls to 47%. that is significant difference from month ago. peter barnes is in the las vegas with latest. peter. reporter: gerri, the polls in nevada showing same breakout. the race essentially in a dead-heat. interesting comment today from someone who is not running back in washington, d.c., vice president joe biden. in a interview with "politico" and "washington post" was less than effusive and downright critical of bernie sanders and hillary clinton. he said, quote, i could live with either of them. and he said that i has a different sense how they should be talking about the issues, especially the economy.
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he criticized both clinton and sanders for down playing the economic recovery under president obama, calling them too gloomy in their descriptions of the economy and he said that's a big mistake. everybody's making it. and he also called bernie sanders, democratic socialist? mainstream, a mainstream candidate. praised his campaign for its focus on income inequality and big money in politics. and he said that clinton and sanders were basically on the same page with regard to the cost of college education, civil rights, and other major issues. both of the candidates here in nevada today, trying to wrap up, get the get-out-the-vote efforts and get their, get their supporters to caucuses tomorrow. turnout will be very critical. both of the candidates and they
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are campaigning in the silver state in rallies here in las vegas tonight. gerri? gerri: gets stranger and stranger, peter. david? david: here with his take chris stirewalt, fox news digital poll tucks editor. embarassment of riches to talk about. here is scenario i heard past couple times. hillary drops out because of her coughing. >> is that new york euphemism for indictment? david: for a lot of things. >> a lot of things. david: joe steps in, taps liz warren running mate who bring as lot of lefts over to bernie for democrats a lot of moderate republicans who say they would never vote for donald trump, come and go for joe biden. he has some sway with moderate republicans. and they win the election. what do you say to that? >> whether it is the tuberculum or servers or fbi whatever it
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might be forcing democratic frontrunner from the race, really matter of timing. if she leaves the race now too late for joe biden or anybody else to get in. ballots are closed. bernie sanders would win democratic nomination. david: if there is open convention? >> now you're cooking with gas. if her ailment, whatever it would be legal or physical were to overcome her, say middle of may or beginning of june, then things become interesting because her delegates are released if she drops out of the race. her delegates are released to democratic convention and it's a free-for-all. david: graceful way for her to back out, with joe and liz there -- >> normally i poo-poo but in this year i poo-poo nothing. david: you can't afford to. move over to the republicans. there is one thing donald trump can do, no other candidate, republican or democrat can do, play to the other party. we put together a couple of sound bites how he is doing that based on saturday and what happened last night. let's play the tape.
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>> world trade center came down during his rein, remember that. i like the mandate. here is where i'm a little bit different. i don't want people dying on the streets. david: against gw bush, which is one of the democratic talking points. he came out for the obamacare mandate last night. he is actually trying to appeal to a large base, to democrats as well as republicans. no other republican can do that. they're still focused on the base. >> whether he was talking about obamacare in that case or not, we know his health care plan is much different than the rest of his fellow competitors. that he favors at least for low income people something i think sound like medicaid for all, or for anybody who wants it which is very different. so he is different in that way. now he would tell you, or his supporters would tell you that he is pivoting towards the general electorate already. so giant is his lead, so great and tremendous his success he is already appealing to democratic voters. maybe but i wouldn't count my
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chickens before they were hatched, after the south carolina vote things will get tighter. david: how about the call for boycott of apple. even on other side of rush limbaugh, open supporter of trump, at least willing to deal him a fair deck? >> if you're liberty at this-minded libertarian-minded in the full sense i doubt you were trump supporter. unfortunately for those voters their interests are substantially diminished in this cycle where they thought it would be. fighting islammist terrorism and trump says do everything that you have to do. shut apple down. make them unlock phones. do anything. a lot of people in republican part have misgivings. at this point whether or not donald trump will crush it in south carolina. he will do fans that i cannily. he will have a huge victory. doesn't matter in the cents that it is expected. for issue for republicans going
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forward, how many, 60, 65% are willing to kneel, get behind another candidate to say trump is so dangerous we don't like him. that is where statements about 9/11, ones he made about iraq and the cell phones, things like that. that may harden other parts of parity. david: chris stirewalt must have time of the life covering all this. >> it is easter and i'm the bunny. david: good stuff. gerri. gerri: tune into fox business tomorrow night for special live coverage of the south carolina primary and democratic caucus. it all starts at 6:00 p.m. eastern. david: coming up, remembering justice scalia. respects being made for the supreme court justice as the white house defends president obama's absence at the scalia funeral tomorrow. gerri: plus donald trump is on the brink of a key victory in south carolina. will rise of ted cruz and controversy surrounding pope
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gerri: challenge to ted cruz's presidential bid will have its day in court but trump is not the one who is suing, no. illinois voter is filing a complaint to have cruz removed from the state's primary ballot next month over claims that cruz's citizenship makes him ineligible to run for president. fox news's mike tobin has details from chicago. reporter: hi, there, gerri. illinois pharmacist who also practices law is filing suit in
4:17 pm
an illinois courtroom, circuit court here, claims that because senator ted cruz was born to an american woman but on canadian soil he is a citizen by statute and not a natural-born citizen. therefore this plaintiff, this plaintiff, believes cruz is not eligible. >> but now he put his track shoes on is running away from this issue as hard and fast as he can? why he is doing that? i will repeat the challenge before i went into court, senator cruz, if i'm wrong, sue me for defamation. reporter: we tracked down a total of eight similar lawsuits across the land, four federal, four state. should be noticed joyce took his argument to illinois state board of elections. the board decided cruz is natural-born citizen and eligible. the lawsuit came after that, scheduled march 1st after early voting already started in illinois. joyce says his primary concern if cruz wins the nomination,
4:18 pm
democrats could bring the same challenge and sending elections into chaos. joyce is trying to get attention of donald trump. as you know donald trump threatened to sue senator cruz. joyce is funding this himself. he says he could use some money. he says because he hasn't heard peep from donald trump, he is starting to doubt whether trump is serious. should also be noted that joyce is a supporter of dr. ben carson. gerri? gerri: great reporting, thank you. reporter: got it. gerri: lawrence joyce joins our very own deirdre bolton on "risk & reward" coming up at 5:00 p.m. you will not want to miss that interview. david: that will be a good one. hillary clinton back in the hot seat. former secretary of state taking honesty problem to whole new level. our panel is here to weigh in. oregon voting to hike the minimum wage to the highest level in the nation. how will that after fact jobs? details on the legislation and the feedback coming up.
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david: day of mourning and remembrance for a great man in washington, d.c. thousands paying their respects to the late justice antonin scalia one last time at the supreme court where he served for nearly 30 years. fox news's kevin corke is with us now. kevin. reporter: it was short notice for me. i was working on other issues but this is major story in washington. first family is back here at white house. we have pictures. the president obviously was at high court paying final respects to justice antonin scalia. there has been some criticism as you know inside the beltway about the fact that the president won't actually be going to the funeral himself but he and first lady made it point to make it over and pay respects to justice antonin scalia who president called on number of
4:23 pm
occasion as giant of american jurisprudence. first family, at least the first couple, spending a little bit of time in front of the casket there, both dressed in black. spent a minute or so i would say. their hands obviously clasped. at one point heads bowedded. walked over to portrait of the justice. as you as you know, watching our coverage, honor guard of former clerks stood by his casket throughout the day. they remain posted there as well. ultimately the president and first lady spent a little time in front of that portrait there by nelson shakes. a beautiful shot. great scene. solemn day here in washington. public viewing open until 8:00 tonight, my friend. david: kevin do we know what president will be doing tomorrow that would take him away from the funeral? >> to be candid, looks like he will work on high court nomination prep. working with legal teams which
4:24 pm
names they need to vet. they made the contention, feel like the vice president close to justice scalia and the justice and his wife are very close friends. so the vice president and his wife will be there representing the administration. david: kevin corke at the white house. kevin, thank you very much. reporter: always a pleasure. gerri: u.s. fighter jets striking isis camp in libya early this morning killing at least 30 isis recruits. according to initial reports. the airstrike targeted operative linked to deadly terrorist attacks in tunisia last year. a defense official tells the associated press the target was likely killed. david: back to politics. oh, my sweet carolina, isn't that sweet? when it comes to politics the palmetto state living up to reputation for politics as tough place to do business. the gop primary fight begins. >> trump has never shown any interest anybody else but himself. the two candidates that are gifted speakers, marco rubio and
4:25 pm
ted cruz, have shown nothing in their past that would suggest they could make a tough decision. gerri: plus you can have your salt and eat it too. why the government's new requirements for salt warnings at restaurants may soon be a thing of the past. david: thank goodness. gerri: yea!
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dirty in south carolina. neither of my next guests are surprised. former mccain campaign director ford o'connell and former george w. bush staffer, brad blakeman. great to have you here. ford, i will start with you. looks like trump is foregone conclusion for number one. who will get that second place? >> i do agree with you unless something cataclysmic occurs next 24 hours, donald trump is the victor in south carolina. neck-and-neck for number two between ted cruz and marco rubio. i have to say if i put my thumb on the scale i have to go with ted cruz because south carolina on the republican side is 62% evangelical. ted cruz invested a lot more in terms of ground game to get-out-the-vote. gerri: that is good point. brad, same think is cruz number two? >> it is. it will be win place and show to continue on to other primaries. to date, trump has not been able to break 40%.
4:30 pm
he is winning with minority. you can't continue to do that getting selected by party and by the people. have to get better. race has to get tighter. otherwise i think the be republicans are off to brokered convention. >> to brad's point, next couple weeks as the field gets down to two other three candidates. if it gets down to two or three candidates donald trump may have problem brad is talking about getting more plurality of votes. the big question, in south carolina does rubio go ahead of cruz? if he gets ahead of cruz, calls jeb bush to get out of this race immediately. gerri: brad, can he survive this race? >> if he gets fourth place it will be awful hard for him. the drums are already beating. he pulled out all the stops in south carolina as he did in new hampshire. if it doesn't pay off and doesn't look like it will, then i think the calls will come for, not only bush but also dr. carson and kasich to start
4:31 pm
looking elsewhere. gerri: it is getting down to brass tacks here. before we go ford, i do want to ask the question, dirty tricks. people are threatening lawsuit. it is out of control. who does this help if anybody? >> everybody knows it when this descends into chaos donald trump is usually the beneficiary. understand what is happening in south carolina. pan ammonium on the ground. gone from bare knuckle campaign to brass knuckle brawling. gerri: i tell you i have never seen anything like it. brad, before you go, i want to say one word about kasich. he did great in new hampshire, right, a really good performance. can he do anything in south carolina? >> the expectations are so low and he has put them there that anything he does will be helpful for decision to continue. less's face it if dr. carson does better than him, doesn't do as well for people to think could continue he will not get money and get the support. that is what the you need to go on. gerri: all right, guys, stick
4:32 pm
around. david: we'll talk about hillary clinton's trustworthiness has already been questioned on the trail but did she just make matters worse. >> have you always told the truth. >> i always tried to. always. always. >> some people will call that wiggle room you gave yourself, always traded to. jimmy carter said i will never lie to you. >> you're asking me to say, have i ever, i i don't believe i ever have. i don't believe i ever have. i i don't believe i ever will. david: democratic strategist jessica ehrlich joins us now. ford and brad are back as well. jessica we put together a list of some of the whoppers come out of hillary everybody admits. first of all that she first said she never received classified emails. we now know that she did. remember the gunfire incident in bosnia. she told the benghazi parents it was film that caused it. "politifact," award winning pulitzer prize winning website put together a whole list of fault statements by hillary.
4:33 pm
we have more jobs in solar than we do in oil. we have driven health care costs to the lowest they have been in 50 years. the gun industry only business in america wholly protected from any kind of liability. all my grandparents i am my i im emigrated to america. there are a lot of these, jessica. how can she get away with that. >> i don't think she has gotten away with it. david: but she is still saying it on television, that is the problem. >> she is not saying all of these things. part of what she was saying yesterday, you know, as truthful as she is she is trying to be real with american people as possible. not coming up with absurd things. david: ford, it is absurd for her to say she has never told a fib when we have so many accounts of the fibs that she's told! >> all you have to do is watch how she handled the email situation. i think lacking integrity is achilles' heel for hillary
4:34 pm
clinton should she become the democratic nominee. among democrats it doesn't seem to be her biggest problem. the biggest problem it is all about hillary and doesn't have unifying vision and emotional connection with voters. bernie sanders is running all over with free college, free he health care and puppies. david: brad, it is trust issue hurting her most among voters, particularly democratic voters, isn't it? >> absolutely. look no further than current polls. vast majority of people including vast number of democrats don't like her, trust her or both. guess what, to be elected you have to be likeable and trust somebody before you ever get to policy. you're seeing kind of shift to bernie other than hillary, not only that she has fbi scandal circulating around her. we don't know where that is going. david: a lot of things bernie says i don't believe in, i don't think the math adds up but i get the feeling he believes it.
4:35 pm
i don't get the same feeling with hillary. >> that is issue. she says she is honest as she can be and realistic with the american people as she is trying to be, and that is playing not in her favor. there is general feeling amongst all voters they don't trust people who are in washington. she certainly is someone who was in washington for you know, basically almost my entire lifetime. david: that's right. >> we're seeing that in general. one of the reasons people gravitating towards trump. david: right. >> that place bernie sanders is coming from as outsider. people don't believe that -- >> jessica, in this cycle here is amazing thing. david: quickly. >> everyone running away from washington and hillary clinton running towards it headlong. i'm a woman, i'm most electable, you have to pull the lever for me. david: i would add that bernie is running headlong towards washington as well with all his plans. we have to leave it at that. have a wonderful weekend, everybody. donald trump is packing in a few
4:36 pm
more punches on the eve of the south carolina primary. listen. >> talk about people that lie, this ted cruz is biggest liar than i have ever seen. even marco rubio said he is liar. then he doctored up a picture of marco rubio. this is what i learned. politicians are really dishonest. david: billionaire businessman looking for second win. that would cement his position as republican frontrunner. "the donald" making waves in the past hour with a call to boycott apple in the dispute with justice department. here is weigh in, katrina pierson, trump campaign national spokesperson. i don't need to tell you, katrina. rush limbaugh was talking about this that apple son the right side of this issue. donald will get some flak for this position, is he not? >> well, he might, all depends how this works out. we have a situation where there is terrorist phone that needs to get into. the government is asking for the code, not necessarily to send it
4:37 pm
over to apple to recover information on the phone which is a distinction. i think confusion comes in the method how this takes place. david: the problem katrina -- >> they need to get in there -- david: a lot of people are really kind of surprised to find out that the messages they sent out on apple devices were protected, were encoded with all this protection, they're pretty happy to find out particularly in light of what the nsa and some other government agencies have been doing. >> no, you're absolutely right. which calls into the question how do we combat terrorism moving forward because we know they're using technology. we know they're using media apparatuses where you can't find them. what do we do? we have the government saying we would like to the code to get in there and find out what they were doing, who they were talking to. make possibly find coconspirators and donald trump supports that. on other hand if you do this, slippery slope we get more involved in the privacy issues
4:38 pm
which is absolutely right. which is why we need to have the debate to begin with. the. david: debate is on. >> that's right. david: donald trump surprised me and other people that he supported obamacare mandate. that is a pretty big thing to support in light of the fact that it is at the center of what obamacare is. did he misspeak on that? >> i think it is definitely a mincing of words. the question was, what about the mandate where everybody has insurance? he supported that. what we should have been able to do though is point out that difference between what donald trump supports as opposed to mandate. mr. trump only talks about taking care of the people who can't take care of themselves essentially and in his words, not letting people die on the streets, which by the way we already have this in place. it is called medicaid. mr. trump's position is block granting medicaid. david: donald is saying he is not -- the mandate would force every american to buy insurance. that is unless you payyour way
4:39 pm
out of it, you were forced from the government to buy something you may not. are you saying he is not in favor of that? >> no, he is not in favor of forces people to purchase insurance. he is in favor of the providing the health care coverage for those who don't have it. david: gotcha. >> not in the form of obamacare. not in form of single-payer -- this is where the two words he should have said is block granting, medicaid. that is how we handle that. david: understood. i'm glad you clarified that. katrina pierson. >> thank thank you. likewise. gerri: fox news's greta van susteren is sitting down with donald trump in south carolina today. catch the interview tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel. if you're using online retirement calculators, have you seen these online, on line retirement calculators, watch out. a new academic study says most of them are misleading or worse just wrong. even calculators offered by big
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>> the this news breaking just moments ago. gop frontrunner donald trump calling for a boycott of apple products, tweeting just moments ago. take a look at this. i use iphone and samsung. if apple doesn't give info to authority to terrorists i will only use samsung until they give
4:44 pm
info. very own liz macdonald joins us. liz? >> reporter: good to join you, gerry. this motion the department of justice filed is pretty withering. that apple is overreacting and misstating everything that the government is asking apple to do. basically apple's refusal to comply with court order to unlock the terrorist's independednt phone is basically, apple being worried about a negative hit to its reputation and marketing strategy. here is what the doj is saying. it does not require apple to create or provide a back door to every iphone or nor let hackers or criminals get access to the phones. doesn't require apple to hack its own users or descript its own phones. it is saying that the government would not have the power to reach into everybody's phone. instead here is the what the government is saying it wants. just saying that apple would keep the software. apple would have custody of the code that basically, that the government could then axis the
4:45 pm
iphone, terrorist was using, remotely via password. basically saying that apple, if it chooses to disseminate that software, that would mean that would be apple's responsibility over the control of its own software to get into that phone. so again, just, government is saying wants to get into this one phone. that apple would hold on to the software. government would never have the software. apple would hold on to the software. and we're seeing right now march 20 tech -- march 20 second hearing in california. apfel is represented by ted olson we brought to you yesterday. former solicitor general for president george w. bush. he is legal titan. by the way his wife barbara passed away on 9/11 attack. she was in the airplane that crashed into the pentagon on 9/11 this fight is heating up. again the government is stating apple is misstating and overreact being, mischaracterizing everything it
4:46 pm
is saying it wants aptell to do. gerri: wow, knock down, drag-out fight. >> big one, gerri. gerri: thanks for the great reporting. reporter: sure. david: meanwhile virgin galactic is jumping back into the space race. revealing spaceship ii. deirdre bolton joins us. i remember a deadly crash involving one of these things two years ago? >> david, that was tragic. your memory serves you correct. that was back in 2014, one of the pilots on richard branson company virgin galactic, didn't switch a latch when he was supposed to. the technology at the time did not account for human error unfortunately and he was killed in that in-air explosion. now virgin galactic is saying we're working with another company. we have changed a lot of the designs, a lot of technology. it is now safer but the idea, david, here, is basically letting you go to space, although it is suborbital space,
4:47 pm
as a holiday destination, as a hobby. so you have to have a lot of money to do it. the tickets are in the hundreds of thousands. essentially you now have virgin galactic back in the space race. as you know elon musk has spacex and amazon's jeff bezos has blue origin. richard branson once again in good company. david: deirdre, thank you very much. we'll see you at the top of the hour on "risk & reward." gerri: countdown to fight night in south carolina. the palmetto state projecting another record turnout. we'll talk to the former gop south carolina chair coming up. plus one company's push to rid you of the line at dmv i kid you not. the road to a better experience. could this actually happen? it might be a video chat away. donald trump: "people love me..." donald trump. look past the boasting and you'll see right through him. he supported partial-birth abortions. his phony trump university?
4:48 pm
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david: about it's wall street or main street here who is making money today. oregon, the state legislature voting to hike the minimum wage highest in the nation. the new minimum wage will be 13.50, or 15 bucks an hour depending where workers are in the state. the oregon governor is expected to sign legislation. half a billion dollars for two painting. ben griffin paid $500 million from david geffen's foundation. making it one of the largest art deals in history. >> dreading the dmv visit? microsoft is working on technology to hook up india's national identity system which allows you to video chat with a government agency instead of waiting online. neither one is any good. while only being tested in india we can hope one day it will make
4:52 pm
its way to the u.s. gerri. gerri: india first? is crazy. breaking news, marco rubio holding a campaign rally in south carolina with governor nikki haley and senator tim scott. the senator is giving one of his last pitches to voters in the state before tomorrow's primary. very big news indeed. one day to go as we say to the south carolina primary. palmetto state gearing up for record voter turnout as candidates hit the trial before voting begins. here to weigh in, south carolina gop chairman. grad to have you here. we saw record turnout in iowa, record turnout in new hampshire. is that what is playing out in south carolina? >> certainly, gerri. it is between a cage match and wild world of wrestling down here for a while but right now we have 604,223 voters since this is business channel in 2012.
4:53 pm
we expect 100,000 new voters to the presidential primary voting process. looks like tim scott, nikki haley, marco rubio have momentum going into it. donald trump has hello his position. the pope did him a favor and got him from calling everybody a liar back to on illegal immigration. it is going to be pretty heated to lose and marco rubio to make a charge and ted cruz is holding pretty steady. gerri: you say an additional 100,000 voters for first time in the primary. i'm wondering if those will be yankee retirees come down from the north to live in beautiful south carolina? are they having impact on this race? >> those yankee retirees, that we love and know well turn into southern retirees after they have been here for 20 years on the coast. they're going to vote and vote en masse. believe it or not, there is a large contingent of ohio retirees that are looking at john kasich. and the new jersey ones were for chris christie so it is interesting. the coast has a lot of retirees.
4:54 pm
they're very politically active. they're conservative. that is part of the huge vote we've got coming. this is the interest that we've had with great candidates. when you have rick perries, bobby jindals, scott walkers, chris christies versus democrats who had a little shove-down match with the clintons, we've had a cage match with 14 to 16 wonderful candidates. gerri: i have one more for you here. military voters, very big group of folks, one million people, boy, that could swing everything. who are those votes going to? >> well i'll tell you the military vote is even bigger, more than retired military because i watch ad couple of candidates to ask people to stand up and ask family members stand up, and 80% of audiences in south carolina like myself will have a veteran in in their family. that is a big vote. much easier than evangelicals in south carolina. that vote will be rewarded.
4:55 pm
jeb bush gone after them with his ads. he is down in the polls. but i think it will split up between top three or four. top three right now certainly are trump, cruz and rubio. gerri: before you go who is it? who is number two. we know who number one is we think. who will be number two? >> marco rubio should be number two, when you create momentum and enthusiasm with 45% of the people elected. if his campaign team can catch ahold of that he should jump cruz, cruz be three and watch the spread. donald trump said he would be 40. if they don't get there they will team that a loss. gerri: good. nice to see you. david: he didn't back out. usually they try to demure. he was right in it. forget about the food police, folks. pass the salt. new evidence that sodium might not be that bad for you after all.
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
♪ >> well are saltly foods just okay after all? one week before the national restaurant association goes to court to prove salt warnings on men use are ineffective, one report might put end to salt warnings completely. david: extraordinary. there is new evidence to prove there is technically no scientific consensus that sodium is bad for people's health. according to researchers at columbia university, former member of the board of health. they have come to this decision. last night you and i were at event. >> we were. david: former mayor of new york michael bloomberg who is big on food police, restricted all kind of sodium ads, et cetera, forced restaurants to put some of those sodium content on menu. >> i love salt. what is wrong with salt? david: i wonder would he have
5:00 pm
done this had we known about the study. >> doesn't hurt your blood pressure. thing surprises me. they change their mine every -- david: usually if you like it, go ahead and do it. that is the view on fox business. have a wonderful weekend. thanks for joining us. that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> what i think you ought to do is boycott apple until such time they give that security number. how do you like that? [applause] i just thought of that. boycott apple. tim cook is doing a number to show how liberal he is. apple should give up, boycott apple until such time they give that information. i think that's a great idea. deirdre: first the pope, now apple. gop candidate donald trump taking on the company just a few moments ago, suggesting a boycott. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. we're in the last 24 hours before the republican south carolina primary and the nevada caucuses. from the silver state to the


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