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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  February 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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done this had we known about the study. >> doesn't hurt your blood pressure. thing surprises me. they change their mine every -- david: usually if you like it, go ahead and do it. that is the view on fox business. have a wonderful weekend. thanks for joining us. that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> what i think you ought to do is boycott apple until such time they give that security number. how do you like that? [applause] i just thought of that. boycott apple. tim cook is doing a number to show how liberal he is. apple should give up, boycott apple until such time they give that information. i think that's a great idea. deirdre: first the pope, now apple. gop candidate donald trump taking on the company just a few moments ago, suggesting a boycott. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. we're in the last 24 hours before the republican south carolina primary and the nevada caucuses. from the silver state to the palmetto state, new york and
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d.c. we have issues covered for you with our political a-team. we will take you first to charleston, south carolina. connell mcshane is there. connell, are donald trump's controversial comments catching up with him? looks like much tighter race between him and senator cruz, right? >> really depends on what poll you look at, deirdre, to be honest with you. you're right, w -- "wall street journal/nbc" poll. is it really that close? we won't know until tomorrow. all the other polls have larger lead. not only cruz chasing him. marco rubio here at an event. surrounded by two of his big supporters in the state. governor of south carolina nikki haley and tim scott's is getting their supporters fired up. hopes to make a generational argument. that this is election about the
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country we want to be in the 21st century. making electability argument we heard in other states saying democrats do not want to face him. he is candidate people don't want to face. battle for second, thinking goes between rubio and cruz with trump in the lead. to your point may be a lot closer than you think, if "the wall street journal" nbc poll is right. we'll see tomorrow. deirdre: connell mr. shane there in south carolina. on the democratic side senator sanders will taste his biggest test so far. voters in one of the most diverse states in the country will make choices. we'll get you there. my colleague peter barnes is in las vegas nevada. so, peter, there has been a lot of surprises so far as far as the faceoff between clinton and sanders, right? >> out here in nevada, and now nationally, deirdre, because hillary clinton is still, clearly feeling the bern nationally.
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we have a new "fox news poll" just out that shows that for the first time sanders is beating hillary clinton 47-44. that is to my knowledge the first national poll that shows sanders pulling ahead of hillary clinton. sanders is up 10 point in just the last month, according to the last couple of fox news polls. clinton has seen her support among women plummet by 25 points and she has also lost a lot of voters among white voters. one of the other things we want to talk about is the delegate county point. now we have had iowa and new hampshire and so far, after those clinton has gotten 32 democratic delegates and sanders has gotten 36. however, there are these other types of delegates that we've been talking about, these
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superdelegates. she has got 451 of those while sanders has got only 19, giving her so far 483 total delegates to 55 total delegates to person person -- bernie sanders. this is crazy system the democrats have come up with basically allowed party leaders, party elders making sure they had some control over the nominating process. back to you. deirdre: peter barnes, thank you very much. fox business has you covered. we are all here. we'll bring you live coverage of the republican south carolina primary and the nevada democratic caucus. i will join the coverage, lou dobbs, neil cavuto will bring results starting sinks p.m. eastern time. one topic sure to come up in nevada, state department set to release another 1000 pages of former secretary of state's
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emails from her personal, unsecured server at any moment. here she is though at her las vegas campaign office, talking about release. >> have you always told the truth? >> i always tried to. always, always. >> some people are going to call that wiggle room you just gave yourself. >> no, i have -- >> jimmy carter said i will never lie to you. >> you know you're asking me to say, have i ever, i don't believe i ever have. i i don't believe i ever have. i i don't believe i ever will. deirdre: my political power panel is here. kat timpf from "the national review." a democratic strategist eric knut. what about yoda, there only try not do. where are you with this. >> i don't even know what i tried to tell the truth could mean. could mean i tried i told myself i would but wound up lying which is still bad, you're still a liar. i told the truth because i didn't know what the truth was
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which i don't know what is going on which is incompetent. try something not good enough. this is another thing that makes her look worse and worse every day. deirdre: erica, i want to bring you in on this because as we heard from my colleague peter barnes, senator sanders is frankly doing so much better than anybody, even in the democratic party thought he would. to what extent do you think hillary clinton feels that threat? >> i think they feel it very, very much so in the campaign. i think she is feeling it as well. i think there is a little bit of how is it that a 73-year-old white man beating a woman with great civil rights record and great relationships with all kinds of different communities. deirdre: and with young women. >> exactly. and young women. everyone talks about millenials and snapshot, who would have thought 73-year-old from vermont? deirdre: point well made. speaking of surprises, kat, donald trump is proposing boycott apple. he is is doing it implies for
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himself. also giving that advice because apple's tim cook said they will not or can not really unlock one of the phones of the san bernanadino shooters. here is donald trump's comments. >> what i think you ought to do is boycott apple until such time as they give that security number. how do you like that? [applause] i just thought of that. boycott apple. deirdre: so, kat, donald trump has taken on in the past 24 hours the pope and now apple. is this going to catch up to him? are we seeing senator cruz, we are seeing in some polls him inch ahead. with what will this happen? >> he does it so much it won't catch up with him. the pope thing, said and done already. got to do something else. the best part about this, after he proposes it he is tweeting from his apple phone, says in the tweets sent from iphone. so that's a little bit funny. he said oh you like that? i just thought of that. that is how he runs his whole campaign. that is what people like about him. he is interesting and paying
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attention. as long as they're still interested and believe he is not being too calculated it doesn't really matter what he says. i think this is just more of the same and hasn't hurt him so far. deirdre: hasn't hurt him so far, indeed. your point is well-taken. kat and erica, thank you both. we also want to continue on the theme here because donald trump is threatening to sue senator cruz, you know that, on the constitutionality of his presidential run. >> he will apologize. i don't want apology after the election. i want the apology before. if he doesn't i will bring a lawsuit, in my opinion based on what i learned over last two, three days from very top lawyers he doesn't even have the right to serve as president, or even run as president. he was born in canada. so i will bring that lawsuit if he doesn't apologize. deirdre: coming up the attorney who is actually suing senator cruz and challenging born citizen status. the bid to have him ousted from
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the hill know primary. our guest is resident of chicago. tonight, greta van susteren's one-on-one with donald trump. that happens at 7:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox news. president obama attending supreme court justice scalia's funeral, not planning to attend services tomorrow. >> the president will not have attend funeral on saturday? >> the president will pay his respects at supreme court on friday. he will be joining with the first lady when he does. >> do you rule him going golfing saturday instead of the funeral. >> i don't have a sense of what the president's plans are for saturday. deirdre: next guest says the president is missing an opportunity to bridge the divide in d.c. former new hampshire senator around kasich supporter, john sununu, jr., is with me after this. >> i found hope, i found in the lord and in my friend, and now
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i've found it in my presidential candidate that i support. i really appreciate one of those hugs you've been talking about. [applause] >> people appreciate not just the head but the heart you have. that is what we need in public officials. what we need in everybody. a little bit of head, a little bit of heart, it will take us a very long way. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back
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>> i was involved in economic growth in washington with balancing the budget. i reformed welfare. up with of the players. i also turned ohio around and created jobs, and at same time, steve, we leave no one behind. if you're mentally disabled or in the minority community
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everybody needs to rise. conservative principles, conservative ideas, get the economy going, making sure everybody has a shot. deirdre: ohio governor john kasich why he should be the next president. if you look at new "usa today poll" it shows the kasich is the republican candidate knows -- most likely to beat hillary clinton if you match them up. he responded to that poll earlier today. >> i think people sense that look, this guy, you know, he is a good guy. he is going to be for opportunity for me and he is not overly partisan and all that. i think that is what's happening. we're up like 11 points on here. what i want to do, clip it out call for an election tomorrow. deirdre: kasich supporter and former new hampshire senator john sununu, jr., is with me now. senator, are you surprised at the results kasich showing a bit of humor, call for the election now, let's do it. are you surprised with how much ground he seems to be gaining? >> well, i'm not surprised, because i know john kasich.
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i have seen what kind ever inspirational and effective leader he is. i know his record cutting taxes, balancing budgets. we did extraordinary job here in new hampshire. he carried his message across the state and stunned people, really surprised people. so he has gone from zero to double-digits in south carolina in just the last 10 days. i think it will be a strong showing. but most important we're building momentum for the big march 1st primaries, states like massachusetts, maine, vermont, virginia, tennessee, alabama. i mean these are open primaries. they're proportional primaries. john kasich will win a lot of delegates in every one of them. deirdre: as you have pointed out in the past he is running a very positive campaign, which differs from some of his peers. but when it comes time, if he does get the nomination, obviously spinning forward a lot and he does face hillary clinton, i want to ask you about this issue for clinton. at 6:00, the state department will release 1,000 more pages
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from emails. she has never sent any classified, marked classified emails even though some have been found to be top secret or above. here is hillary clinton's comments on where it stands now. >> have you always told the truth? >> i have always tried to, always, always. >> some people are going to call that wiggle room that he just gave yourself. >> well no -- >> always tried to. jimmy carter said i will never lie to you. >> you're asking me to say have i ever, i don't believe i ever have. >> if kasich is the eventual nominee, how hard does he have to go against hillary clinton on this and drop power of positivity? >> look, first being positive, especially for john kasich, having vision, solution, answers to getting economy on back, restoring our military strength and our standing overseas. contrast you just pointed out, that is a huge contrast.
5:17 pm
john kasich is going to make it. it is not just the emails. it is everything. hillary clinton behaves as if the rules don't apply to her. whether it's, speaking fees, the way the foundation was run, the way they handled libya and benghazi, or this top secret information that she put on a private email server. she behaves as if the rules don't apply. the contrast with john kasich, could not be more stark. he is nothing, if not candid, honnette, open with people. 10town hall meetings -- 106 town hall meetings with new hampshire. no-holds-barred. whatever questions you want to ask, whatever topics you want to talk about and he would do his best every time to answer questions openly, honestly, consistently. that is great contrast. by far the strongest candidate for republicans in general election. deirdre: senator, i have a related question to the fact that donald trump is in a war of words. he woos indeed with the pope.
5:18 pm
now he is taking on apple, calling for a boycott. >> what i think you ought to do is boycott apple until such time as they give that security number. how do you like that? i just thought of that. boycott apple. deirdre: trump tweeted a moment ago, i use both iphone and samsung. if apple doesn't give authority to look for terrorists i will only be using samsung until they give the information. your take, senator, on donald trump fighting with the pope, fighting with apple. how is that going to affect his campaign? >> look security issue with apple is serious one, but bigger point you make is, donald trump, his entire campaign is about tearing down other people, whether attacking the pope, attacking apple, attacking other candidates. it is a level of negativity, certainly gets headlines. you, fox, seems to love to cover it, every time he says something
5:19 pm
ridiculous, obnoxious, outrageous, he certainly gets coverage but that is the not temperment we want in commander-in-chief. that is not the approach and attitude that gets things done in washington. that is not the attitude or the temperment that is going to balance a budget or cut taxes or create economic opportunity. it is just not going to get it done. attacking other candidates, banging your hand on the table, our yelling louder than anyone else is not what a presidential election should be about. it should be about experience, ideas, solutions, and that is exactly why john kasich has done so well in new hampshire. kind of come out of nowhere to make a great showing in south carolina and why he will be the next president of the united states. deirdre: we hope you come back, senator. appreciate your thoughts, your insight. former new hampshire senator john sununu, jr. with me there. speaking of contest, tune in tomorrow, we're here. republican south carolina primary. nevada democratic caucus.
5:20 pm
i will do coverage, lou dobbs, neil cavuto, 6:00 p.m. eastern time. as we have been talking about presidential candidate donald trump calling for a boycott on apple. >> what i think you ought to do is boycott apple until such time they give that security number. how do you like that? i just thought of that. boycott apple. deirdre: one of our security experts will join us, tell us what he thinks of the idea of this boycott. also donald trump has not filed a lawsuit against senator cruz yet, despite talking about it. we have attorney who filed his own lawsuit, accusing senator cruz of not being a natural-born u.s. citizen. he is my guest from chicago, next. >> donald trump does not want to be under oath answering questions about his own record because his position quite simply is that anyone who points to his record is somehow lying.
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>> what i think you ought to do is boycott apple until such time as they give that security number. how do you like that? i just thought of that. boycott apple. tim cook is looking to do a big number, probably to show how liberal he is. apple should give up the get the security -- boycott apple until such time they give that information. i think that's a great idea. deirdre: call for the boycott there from donald trump to unlike the iphone used by one of the san bernanadino shooters, trump suggesting that consumers should not support apple until apple moves on that point. apple's tim cook has great support for his stance from the tech communities. you have facebook, twitter, alpha get-google all backing them. jack door r doshes sy's tweeting out -- jack dorsey tweeting out we stand by tim cook and appreciate his leadership. paul, great to see you. >> good to see.
5:25 pm
>> what do you think of this? apple so far saying no? >> i think they should be ashamed of themselves personally. not like they are garnering information for intelligence gathering. this is criminal investigation because of a terrorist attack on our own soil where 14 americans were killed. should be ashamed of themselves. deirdre: donald trump saying consumers should boycott apple, tim cook is saying what we actually can't do. >> we know that is false. deirdre: we assume it is. >> they have done it 70 times before, right? deirdre: that's a great point. >> why not? other part is really important to say, you're talking about apple, some of the most brilliant mathematical minds working there. you tell me you can't do this? deirdre: apple said it could invoke free speech. >> right. >> that seems to be a bit of dirty pool but they can do it, right. >> i don't know i'm not an attorney but i think they will have a hard time pushing that one. at end. day i think government has some teeth here and i don't really
5:26 pm
think apple wants to pick a fight with the government because they could jump in under the patriot act. deirdre: always great seeing you. paul joining us. donald trump attacking ted cruz on the south carolina campaign trail. >> he will apologize. i don't want apology after the election. i want apology before. if he doesn't, i will bring a lawsuit, based on my opinion what i learned last go or three days from very top lawyers he doesn't even have the right to serve as president or even run as president, he was born in canada. i will bring that lawsuit if he doesn't apologize. deirdre: donald trump hasn't filed the lawsuit yet but we have attorney filed one. he accusing senator cruz of not being a natural born u.s. citizen. he is seeking to block him from the illinois primary. he is my guest next. new fox poll, showing bernie sanders is topping hillary clinton in the race for the democratic nomination. john stossel will talks with me
5:27 pm
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♪ >> the primary results forced chris christie and carly fiorini to drop out of
5:31 pm
the race. >> the road ahead is going to get much more difficult. >> presidential candidates need to get asks tough questions. is this man and unlikable liar? is this man anti- freedom? >> calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> are these candidates warmongers? >> we need to increase our military spending. >> we will find you, and we will kill you. >> to any other republican candidates really stand for freedom? that is our show tonight. deirdre: last man standing. focusing on the six republican presidential candidates in the race. appropriately enough. how are you? >> good, thanks.
5:32 pm
>> you did all the research. >> yes, that he is out of the race. those last five standings. problems with all of them. we try to figure out who is least bad. deirdre: we will take it. going to move to ideology. you did a big special on socialism. we want to play a quick clip. >> thank you, new hampshire. [applause] >> a socialist one in new hampshire. how can this be? to me socialism means less choice, less freedom, poverty, misery. some young people now one of his what it is like. >> if you guys like that guy >> somehow socialism is not
5:33 pm
a threat to many americans. capitalism is the dirty word >> you don't consider yourself a capitalist. >> no, i don't. >> capitalism versus socialism. deirdre: i like you brought in people who have lived in socialist regimes who are there to bear witness. what do you think people are most misinformed when they think of capitalism versus socialism? >> capitalism is not a great word. it should be free market versus socialism. the socialism just sounds better. people think it means equal, taking care of people. haven't they noticed the soviet union and cuba and venezuela? deirdre: a lot of people who support sanders are young. if they did not live through these instances it is just
5:34 pm
an associate that word. >> but it is what is always happened. every utopian scheme has failed. it does not work. at least to some people grabbing power, stagnation. 700 percent inflation and venezuela, and they are still blaming the capitalists. this one girl 26 years old, her rent has been viewed 7 million times on youtube. in latin america some people are waking up. in america most people like capitalism exit millennial's. deirdre: have not spoken with enough people. see the people you went out and met and spoke with. i have to ask you about this. donald trump calling for a
5:35 pm
boycott of apple. drafting a bill to criminalize apple's refusal to the decryption of the phone that one of the san bernardino shooters had. all coming out in support of tim cook. where do you stand on privacy versus security? >> i stand with apple. and they have backed off. >> a very vivid image. >> maybe he wised up. they all want to look tough. trump is looking more like a jerk overtime. if i could give them information, great. apparently they can't. deirdre: i want to stop you for sake of argument. apple has so many brilliant engineers. it seems unlikely that apple cannot do this.
5:36 pm
>> then why would all these other tech companies stand up behind them? the government is always invading privacy. government gets a warrant and you can give them information. if they are saying if we do this then everyone, they all have a backdoor, no one has privacy and we will be much less safe. deirdre: thank you for stopping by, for the conversation. it is john's special last man standing 8:00 p.m. eastern time right here. well, donald trump is continuing his attacks on the south carolina campaign trail. >> this is the biggest liar i have ever seen. i tell you what was good, even marco rubio says he's a liar. i felt so good.
5:37 pm
and then he doctored up a picture last night. deirdre: donald trump has not filed his lawsuit yet. we have an attorney who is filing his own suit against senator crews for not being a natural born us citizen. also, oregon lawmakers making history. former reagan economist says oregon and its inhabitants better get ready to lose more jobs. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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♪ >> an apology, but i don't want an apology after the
5:41 pm
election. if he doesn't, i'm going to bring a lawsuit because in my opinion he does not even have the right to serve as president or even run as president. >> mr. trump, you have been threatening frivolous lawsuits, even in the annals of frivolous lawsuit, so i would encourage you, if you want to file a lawsuit claiming is defamation profile. deirdre: holding a rally in west columbia, south carolina. that is not senator cruz, but there are 24 hours to go before tomorrow's primary. campaigning hard.
5:42 pm
so far it is a very tight race. senator cruz is gaining. currently 28 percent. my next guest has grave concerns over eligibility to for presidents. suing senator cruz head of the illinois primary. glad to have you here. why are you going this far? this is a big idea. why do you feel so strongly? >> well, thank you for having me on. i feel so strongly because as i began to research this, i wondered whether ted cruz was a natural born citizen. the more and more research the more and more become convinced that he is not a natural born citizen and is not eligible to be president. more to the point, if ted
5:43 pm
cruz is the nominee in september people like congressman alan grayson and other democrats will go ahead with their about to tell -- challenge his right to be on the ballot and cherry pick whatever state and county courthouse they go into and could wind up with a string of victories. funding for the cruz campaign would dry up immediately. deirdre: this would be very detrimental, to say the least. before we go further, is anyone paying you to bring this lawsuit? are you personally benefiting? >> well, i am going on my own. nobody is supporting me, no one is given me any supported all.
5:44 pm
i am on my own. deirdre: in that sense, you feel like this is your duty as a citizen and somebody who knows the law well? >> yes, absolutely. i am beginning to have serious doubts. he used to be my 2nd choice, but as i researched it began to dawn on me that he has been whistling past the graveyard for several years. then when i filed my objection he had the opportunity to file a statement defending why he is a natural born citizen and it said he filed a motion to dismiss. the hearing officer disagreed with senator cruz and agreed with me. all of the board disregarded the recommendation of its own hearing officer. i sought judicial review.
5:45 pm
ted cruz has filed a motion to dismiss. and glancing, i have not seen the case yet, but it is possible that the whole thing could wind up being defective solely on the grounds that i served his attorneys instead of sending a copy of the complaint to senator cruz personally. that means senator cruz is no longer walking away from this issue. hehe has put his track shoes on and is running away. deirdre: come back and tell us how it went. >> well, i will be filing something next week, and there is a hearing set for march 1. deirdre: we thank you very much. >> you're welcome, and thank you.
5:46 pm
deirdre: taco bell and other fast food restaurants walked off the job protesting the minimum wage standard. while protests breaking out across the country. the federal minimum wage 725 an hour. yesterday a chaotic, he did find our debate and oregon. the state made a big change approving a six-year plan they gradually increases the rate. now the highest statewide rate in the nation. steve moore is with me. oregon democrats say no one who is working should have to live in poverty. raising the minimum wage will cause layoffs, threaten the health of the state budget.
5:47 pm
>> i was listening to those chats. another problem is mcdonald's and burger king jobs were never meant to be john's you could live on. it speaks a lot that people are trying to raise a family working at mcdonald's or burger king. those are jobs that should be starter jobs. my objection to raising the minimum wage is what about people who can't produce enough to justify that wage? i have two sons who are love to death. but i would never pay them $14 an hour. these are mostly starter jobs. if they do raise the minimum wage, i feel strongly that they should have a teenage minimum wage of seven or $8 an hour so your not putting young people out of their
5:48 pm
starter jobs. deirdre: that is a great idea. >> so obvious. >> we are back in just a minute. us marshals arrested a man in texas for not paying a student loans. while the marshals knocking on my door? than the music video going viral. paying back student loans. millennial's finally get the message. deirdre: to start is with
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deirdre: these are clips that we wanted to show you. from the popular million dollars shows on bravo. miami, san francisco, two of the hottest real estate markets in the country. to million dollar listing star, samantha did bianchi is here, and the san francisco show host. great to see you. sorry about that. we are going quickly. i want to hear about san francisco. do you worry that it is a
5:53 pm
one-hit wonder with tech? >> i have seen it with its ups and downs. they're still the center of technology for the world. stanford university, google, twitter, facebook. you would have to have everything blowup. a very tiny city not known for high-rise living with the exception of south of market. low inventory and a lot of demand. >> do young people want to buy homes? >> the majority of people buying whether a million or 20 or 30 million generally are under 40 years old. deirdre: directing a lot of bias. i was reading realtor .com and they said the average list price is 718,000. for young people that is still pretty expensive. >> versus what you are seeing in miami you can
5:54 pm
spend a lot less and get a lot more. but it depends on what market you are looking at. we have international buyers , but that has slowed down because the dollar is strong. south america, europeans, it has slowed, but i can tell anyone it is a great time to be buying because money is so cheap. even if prices decrease, rates go up, you're spending more. deirdre: lots of bang for the buck. thank you so much. a quick break to take. us marshal crackdown. >> downtown to the federal court. and an hour later i was taken before a judge. deirdre: authorities are finally getting the right
5:55 pm
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5:58 pm
>> i was home and a marshall was knock on my door. they took me down to federal court where they put me in a
5:59 pm
4 x 4 jail cell before they took me before the judge. deirdre: u.s. marshalls came to his home to collect a 1980 federal student loan from 1987. with 1.2 trillion worth of student debt, is this extreme to go to this guys house for $1,50 to from the 80s. >> he chose not to pay. and he's gainfully employed. 20 years ago he signed a contract, made a deal with you and me the taxpayers that he would borrow money and repay the. now he shows disrespect to the taxpayers and says i didn't do anything. of course, he did something. he didn't pay back money he owed. deirdre: do you think the government should be making student loans at all?
6:00 pm
>> no. any time the federal government pays for anything the price of it goes up. that's why we have 1,700 hammers. deirdre: thank you very much. in the meantime. fox business at 7:30:00 a.m. that's coming your way tomorrow. making money * with charles payne starts now. charles: the s & p 500 finishing up for the week. hillary's issues got more complicated when she tells an interviewer she tried to tell the truth. the gop candidate donald trump is calling for a boycott of apple until they help the f.b.i.


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