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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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student loans at all? >> no. any time the federal government pays for anything the price of it goes up. that's why we have 1,700 hammers. deirdre: thank you very much. in the meantime. fox business at 7:30:00 a.m. that's coming your way tomorrow. making money * with charles payne starts now. charles: the s & p 500 finishing up for the week. hillary's issues got more complicated when she tells an interviewer she tried to tell the truth. the gop candidate donald trump is calling for a boycott of apple until they help the f.b.i.
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with the san bernardino massacre investigation. the f.b.i. want apple to build software that will help them unlock farook's phone. apple ceo tim cook calling this an overreach by the u.s. government. he wants a public discussion. there are several reasons for its belligerence. this is a company that burst on to the scene with its 1984 theme commercial that was on before the super bowl. city established steve jobs and company as rebels look out only for the people. since then u.s. government did try to force companies to install back doors called the clipper stick. then edward snowden, that was the saga that reportedly
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inspired still con valley. a grou -- a group of law offices said that made iphones the choice of pedophiles. i give tim cook -- he's taken a libertarian stance. but nobody believes a solution is impossible. i happen to be a fan of george orwell, too. but there isn't a way apple can convince me there isn't a solution. innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. donald trump is telling people boycott apple. >> what i think you ought to do is boycott apple until such time they give that security number. i could bought apple. you are not going to get to the
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bottom of it unless we use common sense. i like the idea of boycott apple until such time as they give that information. i think that's a great idea. charles: ask rich lowry, let me start with you. a new day, a new trump dude. >> is apple bigger than the pope? what's the bigger target? charles: we have interesting bed fellows. >> it am not humanly possible to boycott apple products. i assume that's a rhetorical ploy on donald's part. i don't understand why apple is acting as thought it has to build a doomsday machine that
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will end every one's privacy that just unlooked terrorist's phone. i don't buy it. i think a big part of it is apple's self-image. they want to pretend they are protecting someone's privacy but these companies know much more about us than the government does. charles: they know about you. but do you want everyone to have your information. donald trump said it's a liberal thing. i think it's a libertarian kinds of thing. i points back to that apple clip. i think that's what they are trying to cling to. >> i have to give donald trump credit for brilliantly playing the media every day. it's interesting he called for the boycott of am and someone took a picture of the merchandise for his hats and as
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i said on your show last night, this is a bit more of a p.r. move from tim cook than anything. the privacy issue is serious. but corporations are not above the law. if terrorists and kill americans because of your product, then your product is going to have to be modified. charles: i saw an iphone in the green room. >> i couldn't manage without a phone for 20 seconds. i do think it might be a p.r. stunt but it will backfire on tim cook. what he's done here. he has opened a can of worms. because if this go to the congress to be legislated. he's going to have a back doorway if he likes it or not. he manages to use the law to protect his trademark and protect his intellectual
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property. but he will defy a court order when it suits him. the problem is his timing is really bad. american people are scared. they are frightened. and particularly with all of these people coming over the border, and what we saw in san bernardino, what we saw in france, what we just saw in turkey, they are going to say, let the government take the phone. one phone. open it. yet instead of doing that quietly. he is now going to have to pay, i believe, a congressional -- they are going to look at this, congress, and he may the find he won't have a choice. charles: earlier today there was a three-day extension to the deadline here. i'm not sure what's going to happen. i always believed georg bleachet shouldn't be story one, before
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it is and we are talking about it here. >> the issue is whether apple would have to make all devices have a back door. not just this one. this one i think we can all agree. but you have got to love the stroke of genius of donald trump to speak ex tel ex tell rain ex. a boycott is a free market answer to a private industry problem. charles: wall street kind of yawned at this. people are wedded to their apple products. sue, boycott, threaten, is that how you are going to run an administration? another entrepreneur almost as
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famous, mark cuban. my response to apple's refusal is amen. they did the ride thing in not comply -- they did the right thing in not complying with the law. he thinks if this goes further through the criminal justice system maybe some new laws could be created. but this won't hold up. >> even if it didn't hoimed, there will be new laws. but i don't think the laws will be such that the tech community will be happy with them. at the end of the day, we need to know what's in these devices that criminals are using. no, you don't have to have a back door for all of them. i don't believe for one minute that that key doesn't exist. i don't. i believe apple knows exactly
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how to get into that telephone. this idea you have to go so far that you can't -- that anyone can look at anyone's telephone -- >> i don't claim to be a technical expert at all. but once apple provides the access to the fine for this phone, it's still incredibly complicated to get the information out. you have to have a computer run security codes to randomly hit on one. when i read stories on this, i thought i better write down what my pass code is on the off chance i forget it. charles: after edward snowden they designed the self-destruct mechanism. cuba said if they do come polite's a slippery slope of lost privacy. once this key is created, bad guysw will get a handle on it. we talk every week about
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security breaches. this would be a what tooka in the bad guy's hands. >> i have to agree with that on a mass scale. i don't think it should negate apple's moral responsibility to unlock this specific phone. we can't compare apples and oranges. the government is talking about a back door key to all iphones. but all they need is the one to this iphone. we need to make sure we are comparing apples to apples, then we have to come down on the side of freedom. charles: if f.b.i. said give us the key -- sill the con valley sucked up when call street didn't donate to obama in the last election cycle.
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tim cook is his buddy. he was at the state of the union. >> what happened to the silicon family firms when it was found out some of them were working for the government? there is huge backlash. privacy is the third rail for the tech industry in the silicon valley. this is an effort for everyone in the silicon valley to stand up. tim cook is trying to be the white knight. those companies that did cooperate with the government, it was found out the snowden leak had a lot of backlash. charles: real quick before we get out of this. will apple comply? i say they will comply. every one agrees? >> yes. charles: you are out there so you know.
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>> i think you are right. charles: you don't want to miss our primary coverage. we are going to cover south carolina. that's your gop primary. donald trump doing an about face, sort of contradicting himself on the iraq war. this is a radio show. he wasn't always a dove or a hawk. we'll tell you all about it when we come back. we're the hottest young company around but if we want to keep the soda pop flowing we need fresh ideas! >>got it. we slow, we die. >>what about cashing out? no! i'm trying to build something here. >>how about using fedex ground for shipping? >>i don't need some kid telling me how to run a business! i've been doing this for 4 long months.
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>> are you for invading iraq? >> yeah, i guess so. i fish the first time it was done correctly. charles: that was donald trump on howard stern's radio show on the first anniversary of the
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september 11 attack. when asked about the tape last night trump had this to say. >> at the type the war started i was against the war and there were headlines in 2003-2004 that it was totally against the war. a couple in your world in terms of the pundits said there is definite proof in 2007-2004 trump was against it. charles: christopher, i know a lot of people are saying they can't find a lot of video proof trump was against this. but i was shocked to hear at one point very near the war he was for it. >> i wasn't shocked at all. if you take any point donald trump is on both sides of it. he said we didn't do the first war correctly. i have no idea what that means.
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i asked what does it mean we didn't do the first gulf war correctly. he doesn't have any idea what he's talking about. if you look at the first gulf war they did a great job. 2002, he says he minneapolis favor of the war, now he says in 2003 there is no evidence that he was against the war. he said bush lied about wmds. charles: what would you say to some of the thing he just mentioned. >> i guess so is not an endorsement of wash. so since the war started he was against the war. the networks have covered the one time he said i guess so to
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howard stern, hardly a political pundit. charles: it was a solemn day of the anniversary of 9/11. the country was 75 in favor of the war -- 75% in favor of the war. you had colin powell and everyone was sort of okay with it. if someone says, charlie, you want me to buy also "today"? it wasn't the greatest information but it wasn't enough. >> i guess so is what you say to a soda or can your kid take the car. charles: he's saying his opposition to it make hip presidential. hip -- makes him presidential. can he have it both ways? >> this conviction makes him attractive. he means what he says. charles: that statement was kind of flakey. >> on howard stern saying i
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guess so. he didn't even remember he said that. >> for once i'm going to agree with my friend about mr. trump. i'm not a supporter as everyone knows. saying i guess so isn't saying yes i'm in support of the war going on. he could have said on howard stern yes i'm 100% for the war and everyone who supports him would city support hip. frank hunt said in every focus group he has done. he said the most liberal positions of the people who support him don't care that he's flip flopped on everything. it doesn't matter. charles: fox news gretta will have the gop frontrunner on her show 7:00 p.m. on fox news. hillary clinton said he always tries not to lie. do you believe her? tweet me your thoughts.
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>> jipy carter famously said, i will not lie to you. >> i have tried in every way i know how literally from my years as a young lawyer to my time as secretary of state to level with the american people. >> when you talk about leveling with the american people have you always tried to tell the truth? >> i always the tried to. charles: they just released another 1,000 hillary clinton emails so more work for the justice department to cope through. that was hillary clinton saying she always tried not to lie to the american people. this as the fox news national poll showing bernie taking the lead against hillary clinton. what do you make that, kirsten.
6:24 pm
i don't know if she is between a rock and hard place. >> i think every democrat across the country including her supporters are face palming during that answer. why aren't they advising her? she is not doing herself any favors in this. maybe it's the fact that she has been sick or make she is getting tired. it's coming down to the wire in nevada and south carolina. she is ahead and she doesn't know where this race is going to go. charles: this crust worthiness has been kryptonite to her campaign. she tries for the yearbook answer. i think she is overdoing it. the truth is an absolute. there is no trying or not trying. it's an absolute thing. so when you have say you are
6:25 pm
trying to be truthful and try to be truthful all the time, what you are saying is you have not been. that's what i get from that. charles: she made it seem difficult to be honest. it's such a chore. golly. >> like it was a trick question. what is she supposed to say. i thought the honesty and trustworthiness issue would hurt her in a general election but it's hurting her in this nomination battle. bernie wiped her out with voters who care about that in new hampshire and it's dragging her down. bernie is so opposite. he may be a socialist. but is' an honest guy. >> this is another reason why people look at her, especially young people which are so important to her campaign. okay, you tried. you tried and i'm still stuck
6:26 pm
with $30,000 in student loan debt and you are trying to tell me the truth. collar * i have told a -- charles: i told a few white lies in my lifetime. >> she says i'm supporter of barack obama and i want to inherit his base. no, you have not been. 2008, very nasty campaign against the president. even when she was secretary of state we could see the animosity. so she is not being truthful about her positions. charles: a lot of people think this email scandal is because of her reluctance to follow through on things obama told her. donald trump calling for a boycott of apple products. relie one poll shows donald trump's lead shrinking in south carolina. you do all this research on a perfect car,
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charles: donald trump's lead is shrinking in south carolina according to the "wall street journal"-maris poll. get this. a meeting was held in a storage closet. at least they got together and talked. maybe carson becomes something of a king maker after this. a lot of people are reaching out to him. joining me to discuss it all.
6:31 pm
, rich flaw are you and eboni williams. carl, this fist one poll, it represents the andment, they don't like donald trump. we are going to show a real clear politics chart of all the polls. every other poll is a double digit lead. but i notice his lead is shrinking. amongst tea party and evangelicals. what do you think is the reason for that? >> they are taking the average of all the polls. you have one skewed poll that puts trump and cruz within the margin of error. he's not shrinking that much. the trump people are not going anywhere. trump people steadfast and true. charles: the trends i'm seeing, there has been some tightening. the overall numbers are just about the same.
6:32 pm
you are still in the lead. but when you look at the nuances of it, it reminds me of iowa. >> we had 16 polls the last 2 or 3 days. i don't think we know what's going on for sure. certainly trump is ahead. but there are a couple polls that show in the shy 20s and a couple in the mid 30s. whether he wins by double digits or single digits, it's unclear. what we learned in iowa and new hampshire the late break matters and it's hard for the polling to pick it up. charles: you have got scalia death. you have got contentiousness and every day there is a new battle. people are saying whatever it is, do you think donald trump snriptd last week? >> i have said on fox business i would be willing to support donald trump if he was the nominee even though's not my
6:33 pm
pick in the primary. what turned me off in a big way was what he said about president bush saturday night. unless he apologize publicly -- charles: do you like jeb bush? >> i don't work for him. i volunteer. charles: you volunteer for jeb bush and he's your guy. >> i think before scalia's death it was about national security. now it's going to be who is going to be the protector our constitution. for very conservative republicans ted cruz looks more attractive. charles: kasich went from 9% to 10%. we'll talk more on this show on south carolina so stick around. we'll be right back. me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals
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t. rowe price. invest with confidence. charles: a huge day tomorrow in south carolina. a lot of polls say donald trump is leading and it could be all she wrote. representative zldin. before we guest into south carolina. donald trump telling folks to boycott apple. what do you think about that? what do you feel about that? >> i think it's up to individual americans to decide whether to boycott apple. for me personally i have an iphone and ipad. i get the debate of what he may go there. but i don't think i'm ready to
6:38 pm
jump on the boycott apple bands wagon tonight. who knows. maybe it many polling well in south carolina. charles: in a fox news poll in south carolina, i noticed an interesting trend. would never vote for for donald trump went from 34 to 39 and for ted cruz it went from 19 to 18. >> hillary is basically unelectable at this point. there is not much more for her to go as far as unfavorables. this is the first time we are starting to see vetting of bernie sanders. there is a lot more to vet that guy about. on the republican side, the more the debate drives on and we go one state after another and people are beating each other
6:39 pm
up, when i go to sleep at night i hope and pray the democrats nominate bernie sanders or hillary clinton as their nominee. as long as they nominate one of their two candidates, i think we'll be okay in november. charles: we are on one day away. south carolina will be pivotal one way or another. >> a big indicator will be march 1. but the earlier poll by the "wall street journal" and nbc show a key turning point. there are some indications trump is fading, and cruz is gaining. trump had a disastrous debate performance where he was calling people liars. and also the death of alito framed the debate. who will have a backbone. that favors cruz over rubio.
6:40 pm
so a confluence of events. but south carolina is an indication. the people with the organization to take the fight through. charles: the death of scalia did add to that. ted cruz's ground game is phenomenal. do you think the polls are right that it's tightening? >> there is one poll that says that. now, we are going to find that out tomorrow. i don't think majority of americans are really deciding with respect to the supreme court. charles: what about south carolina voters? >> we have military bases there as well. but i think tomorrow its pivotal for a few people. bush is one of them. if bush can't pull off a double digit, i don't know where bush goes from there. i think cruz is clearly has a
6:41 pm
very good ground game. the question is, if bush pulls out, where does this money go? does it go to rubio? if donald does a double digit lead tomorrow, i think donald becomes pretty hard to beat. tomorrow could be a big deal. i think it has to be -- there is probably has to be bigger than that. but i do think that a double digit, if he can pull out something above 10% over the next person, i i have got to say, i think he's going, he's on a roll. >> there is a lot of talk, the two top candidate are the outsiders. is there a point during this campaign where they make overtures to congress to the inside community. if one of them wins they do have to work with congress.
6:42 pm
>> i think we still have a long way to go before we get to that point. they are still competing for conservative primary voters, super tuesday i will still ahead of us. i think we'll continue to see donald trump, ted cruz continuing to campaign the way they have been campaigning until they have what they hope to be more of a comfortable margin. i couldn't expect them to change their plans or strategy because it might be perceived they might be selling out if all of a sudden they start reaching out to other parts of the republican party they stayed away from. charles: we did hear donald trump say he would bring in more of a seasoned politician, if you will. >> people hate congress. running against congress and being at loggerheads with congress is a winner at the polls.
6:43 pm
standing against that very unpopular institution, whoever the nominee is will have a huge incentive to cooperate with congressional republicans. if that person becomes president, congressional republicans and their interests will be the same. being at loggerheads with congress is not a negative right now. charles: no one in the senate endorsed cruz an wears it as a bang of honor. tune in live at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. we got you covered in south carolina. we'll have the results there. in nevada, the democratic caucus. barbara bush is going to hit the campaign trail. she has been on it all day with her son jeb. also we'll talk about who is going to be the last man standing on both sides of the aisle. we'll be right back. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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charles: barbara bush on the campaign trail for her son jeb, and we are expecting comment from her at any moment. cheer is donald trump speaking in charleston. >> we are going to make america great again. but we can't do that unless you get out there tomorrow. the more we do that and the bigger the mandate the easier it is the job we have. i want to thank you. so this all began on june 16. and who knew think was going to
6:48 pm
happen. i think maybe -- i won a lot over my life. i even win a lot of club championships. but i'm not going to be playing much golf if i win this. i won't be playing, believe me. winning club championships is hard. it takes something a little special. he understands that. it takes something a little bit different, a little bit special. a lot of people are pouring in. you don't want me to start a half-hour or hour from now. come back here. this is a nice room. you know what that ceiling remind me of? the wall we are going to build. the wall. that's what it reminds me of. so we started on june 16. i cape count escalator.
6:49 pm
i said to my wife, let's go, let's do it. it take guts. running for president. i never did this stuff before. it take guts. i didn't know this was going to happen. i thought we would do well. i thought it would be like a horse race. i would be in the middle of the pack and maybe at the end i would be inching out. i didn't know we would be in this position. and the people of new hampshire were unbelievable. last week we won every single category. we won rich, poor, fat, thin, tall, short, we won women, we won men. we won highly educated, we won smart, smart, smart people that didn't have the big education. because that's what it is. we won every single category and it was such an honor. they were incredible people. you know what the biggest
6:50 pm
problem was, every time i went around to new hampshire i talked to people, what's your biggest problem. we'll take care of our vets, you know that. we'll take care of them. common core, we are going to end common core 100%? we are bringing our education locally. you will educate your children like it's supposed to be. the old-fashioned way, no bureaucracy. you will educate them with love, the love of the parent. you are going to educate them locally. second amendment, they talk about the second amendment. we are going to protect our second amendment. believe me. we are going to protect it. charles: that's donald trump, got the crowd going big time. kristen, obviously the typical trump crowd, enthusiastic and exciting.
6:51 pm
it's not necessarily what he says, it's his persona. >> that was all new stuff, i didn't hear one of those things before, believe me. charles: you are being sarcastic. >> you are so right. he has south carolina on a lockdown. i think a lot of people are coming to grips with the fact he may be the nominee. he somebodiered up a little bit, even with the pope, he dialed his comments back. he's dialing back. now he looks even more presidential to his followers. charles: donald trump has a spread beyond the 35% he's got. a lot of people think that's maybe why he has taken some of the positions he has taken. despite the fact it dings him now, it plays well in a general elect.
6:52 pm
>> you have hillary saying she tried to tell the truth. here are the democrats saying they tried to tell the truth. you contrast that with the republicans. charles: donald trump is talking about apple. >> i said at my last speech, i said apple computer, apple, boycott apple. we want the secrets. they don't want to open up the phones. give me a break. why wouldn't they want to do it? they don't want to open up the phone. it's owned by the government. government is owned by government. what are they doing? open up the phones. we have to be smart. we have to look and see what's going on. let anding open up the phones so that we find out where these threats are coming from. and i said boycott apple until they do it.
6:53 pm
boycott them, who cares. we have to be smart, we have to be vigilant. there are so many enemies out there. we have to be so smart, so vigilant. i will say this. so the new hampshire experience to me was an amazing experience. but what was their big problem? i go in, their big problem heroin, drugs. new hampshire the most beautiful place, the greatest people. these people are great. every place they are great. you are great, they are great. no matter where you go. the people of this country are unbelievable people. the potential of the people, the potential of the people in our country unbelievable. now, with new hampshire remember this. they said to me, mr. trump it's heroin, the drugs are pouring in. you can't even associate it. we are going to close up that bored and build a wall. we are going to build a wall, and i owe them.
6:54 pm
no matter where i went, they talk about common core but what they really talk about is the tremendous drug explosion. it seems so strange. you look at it. it's so beautiful with the trees and the beautiful roadways and everything, and every meeting i went to they talked about heroin. heroin, heroin. and it's pouring in from the southern borderer. and i said to them, you know what? i'm going to close up that border. i'm going to close it up. i'm going to close up that border and we are going to have have -- have a wall, it will be a great wall. some day they will probably name it after trump, i have to make sure it's beautiful. and i owe it to them. i owe it to them. then we are going to do so many -- there are so many people addicted to heroin and addicted to drugs. we are going to work on that so
6:55 pm
they can get ideally unaddicted. we have to sight up and stop it. i made the promise to them. that's a promise to the country. that's a promise to the country. some people don't -- some places don't have it as bad as that. by the's a promise to the country. we are going to close up that wall. we are going to close up that border. our border patrol people are phenomenal people. we are going to work with them. let them do their job. we are going to let them do their job. they called me, i didn't call them. they said mr. trump please come. we want to do our job. these are incredible people. they are told to stand back. let people walk in front of them. beautiful people, they got the guns, they have got the weapons. they want to do it.
6:56 pm
people drive through the border load up with drugs. we get the drugs, they get the cash, they drive back. we are going to run our country properly. we are going to run our country properly. charles: donald trump getting the crowd riled up talking about the border and new hampshire. the drug issue is a huge issue that resonates with a lot of people. initially the whole border thing was more of an economic thing. being able to connect it this way does reach a lot more people and it crosses political aisles. >> it's the one issue trump has been consistent on. it wasn't for him making a big deal out of the immigration issue of i don't think he would be where he is in the polls today. i contend there is 60% of the republican party who is unwilling to vote for trump. if he goes one-on-one with
6:57 pm
somebody -- charles: why do you contend that. that's a number that can't be penetrated. even you admitted earlier in the show that you would vote for donald trump if he's the nominee. >> i said i would consider that last year. but his comments last saturday crossed the line. i'm not supporting him. >> the same fire and passion bernie has when he speaks. an promised things he won't be able to deliver. and you see donald trump there. he's blustery and passionate. he's promising he's going to get a whole bunch of americans unaddicted to heroin. you don't just begin the addicted to a substance. there is a lot of things government and non-profits can do.
6:58 pm
donald trump doesn't have all the answer. the government doesn't have all the answers. charles: i'm sure you helped people addicted to drugs. if you stop the supply it helps in terms of the addiction helping them to not addicted anymore. >> i think that's why he's right on on this issue. as i was saying. it's interesting to look at the possibility that the democrats' nominee is somebody every time because she said she tries to tell the truth, tries not to lie. where the republicans, if donald trump is their nominee, the thing to get nervous about when donald trump goes on tv, if you're a supporter of his, he's going to state the truth too forthrightly. i don't know about you, but that's a nice contrast. >> he didn't necessarily tell the truth on the debate stage. in the following week, numerous broadcasters said you did support the war, and you did say
6:59 pm
all these things that you didn't, so we don't necessarily what's -- [inaudible] >> the fact that he has, he has experienced a political evolution. he's talked about that. and a lot of the things they're going back and quoting, they're going back 17 years, 20 years and quoting things that he said. most people aren't held accountable, especially regular citizens like mr. trump has always been, they're not held accountable for their political beliefs 17 years ago. >> but politics aside -- [inaudible conversations] >> here's the bottom line, charles. we're going to see at least three, if not four, major presidential candidates in this election, and i don't think it's a given anymore if it's hillary clinton. in fact, if i had to put money on somebody, i think it's bernie sanders. charles: bernie sanders polls significantly better than republicans. why, i'm not sure. >> free sells. >> yeah, free stuff. >> if bernie sanders is listening -- charles: every parent tells their kid before -- hey, i don't have a money tree. they don't have -- >> money doesn't grow on trees.
7:00 pm
charles: you guys are fantastic. we'll see you all again real soon and, of course, at home, we love it. thank you for watching us every night at 6 p.m. hey, if you can't see the show, dvr it. big, big night. the man here, lou dobbs, next. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. donald trump and ted cruz are on the attack with just 12 hours to go before polls close in south carolina. rather, open. trump is trying to make sure he wins by double digits as polls suggest he will. and cruz is hoping that the conservative coalition that boosted him to victory in iowa will do the same tomorrow. and the attacks, they just keep coming. >> you talk about people that lie, this ted cruz, this is the biggest lie year i've -- liar i've ever seen. i'll tell you what was good, even marco rubio said he's a liar. and when a politician says another politician's a liar, i never heard that before.


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