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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:59pm EST

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john mcafee the founder of the anti-virus software. and austin petersen. all of them would make better presidents than hillary or donald. that's our show. good evening everybody. i'm lou dobbs. it's decision day for democrats in nevada and republicans in south carolina. we begin in nevada. hillary clinton has now gone two for two on caucuses pulling out a critical victory over bernie sanders. just a week and a half after she lost by 22 points in new hampshire's primary election, clinton captured the backing of voters who said electability and experience with important in their choice of vote. but sanders did best with voters looking for a candidate who is caring and honest. we're awaiting clinton's victory speech in las vegas.
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you're looking at live pictures coming to us now from cesar palace in las vegas where hillary clinton westbound giving her victory speech when she feels like it. we'll bring it to you when we have it. south carolina polls close one hour from now. a lot at stake, voter turnout, we're told is strong and steady and most are expecting a record turnout today for the republican primary election. donald trump trying to submit his status as the republican to beatment trump has been leading the polls since november. he's telling his supporters that a win tonight will enable him to run the table in primaries and caucuses await the republican field and ultimately win the nomination. it is a crowded contest for second place. senator ted cruz banking on a strong ground game and evangelical voters to give his campaign a shot of momentum. senator marco rubio hoping three high-profile endorsements give
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him an edge, particular hi of that south carolina's governor, nikki haley. others have been campaigning for rubio and alongside him. former governor, jeb bush trying to salvage his campaign altogether. many say he needs a strong third place finish at worst to remap in the race for the nomination. joining us now to discuss what we're learning from the exit polls in nevada and south carolina, fox business network washington correspondent, blake berman. good evening. >> good evening. thanks for having me. >> quite a contest we have. bring us up to date. >> the latest numbers coming out of nevada. for hillary clinton, we'll start with the democrats. the big issue in nevada is the economy. according to democratic voters, if you've been to las vegas, you walk down the strip and you know that state, nevada, and the economy tied at the hip. voters who ended up having the economy as their single biggest
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issue ended up going for hillary clinton by and large. one area, though that she struggled, though, according and -- these are entrance polls and will change as the night goes on and we get more results in. one area she struggled, lou, is with the hispanic population. back in 2008 she overwhelmingly won. that's something they'll look at going forward i'm sure. >> i know you'll have more exit poland categories and demographics to share with us. blake, thank you so much. we appreciate it. turning now to the washington times online opinion editor, monica crowley and former reagan politico director, ed rollins, both fox news contributors and kathy lynn taylor. good to have you with us. we appreciate it. former george w. bush white house adviser and republican strategist. let me begin with monica. you are the hardest to reach with you. any surprises in the margin in
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nevada? clinton had been up significantly. blake just letting us know from the exit poll that she did not, as expected, take the hispanic vote there. >> yeah. i think that's the most surprising finding coming out of the nevada results, lou. i mean, about a month ago, mrs. clinton was running 25 points ahead of bernie sanders. so she did win and a win is a win. this was a much-needed victory for her. the overall march gyp, 4 or 5 points, is still too close for comfort for mrs. clinton. she will get momentum going into south carolina. the thing that struck me was she lost the hispanic vote. if the exit polling is correct and holds by about 8 points, that is a big warning sign for her going forward. assuming she will be the nominee, that's something that i think she's going to have to deal with. but she did win the black vote overwhelmingly. i think between 70 and 80%. so she can look forward to that
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black vote going forward in south carolina and across the south. >> of course, that's a disappointment for bernie sanders, monica, because he is counting on the black vote in order to prevail against clinton in upcoming primaries and caucuses and desperately need that. you mentioned the narrowness of this vote. it's 4% almost. that's a landslide compared to what she did in iowa, though. kathy lynn, your thoughts? >> i think one of the things bernie sanders is going to have to think about going forward is the millenial vote and particularly the hispanic millenial vote. it's clear that given his loss today in nevada, that bernie's kids as they call him, did not turp out the way he needs them to. that will be important for him around the country. nevada is not historically a state with high voter turnout at that anyone group. some of the other big states
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are, like south carolina. >> i'm not big on expectations in the game that's played, particularly for or against the establishment, so-called lame candidates. but for bernie sanders, this has got to feel pretty good, staying in this margin. ed, let me turn to you on this. >> i could not agree with you more. there's going to be nothing to discourage the sanders' people. the clintons do everything they have, traditionally a democrat state, labor unions, losing the hispanic vote is surprising to me. obviously, sanders still has his young voters. i would not be discouraged. they threw every penny, dollar, every volunteer from the clinton campaign was there. at the end of the day, it's about delegates. i assume they come out pretty even. >> that's the democratic party know. we can't count on anything. >> delegates that have been won on the ground as opposed to those in the back room, i think sanders is still ahead based on
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his victory last week. i would not be discouraged. >> exactly. monica, this victory for hillary clinton, the so-called firewall, you know, maybe it got a little warm. the fire didn't breakthrough and this goes in the win column. it's going to be interesting to see her mood and demeanor when she comes out to the crowd that we see assembled there at the caesars palace. the clinton caucus event of the day there. it will be the victory celebration. your thoughts? >> well, i expect mrs. clinton to be rather euphoric, lou. this was the turn around she needed after her resounding loss in new hampshire. i expect her and her husband and daughter to be quite pleased. as well they should be. i mean, look, she needed this. if she had lost this, the whole race would have been thrown into a tail spspin for her.
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whether or not bernie sanders can maintain the momentum of his movement. the mill ep yells continue to come out for him. she's got the nuts and bolts of this race down. she's locked down the black vote, looks relatively intact for her going into south carolina and across south. she is in a position now where she's grinding it out. can she surmount the passion and loyalty of the bernie sanders support? it looks like it's going to be an ugly win for her as it was today in nevada. remember, when you look at the breakdown of what she did on the ground, she and her team really fought much harder on the ground in nevada especially in las vegas, especially on the strip. they got harry reid, all powerful in nevada to pick up the phone and call the casinos, the union heads and that drove out turnout for her in the places that matter. if she can grind it out in the old shoe leather kind of way, this race might be hersey think.
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>> kathleen? >> she can't wip in nevada, she can't win anywhere. let's remember, with everybody hillary clinton win and every primary caucus, there comes a new release of e-mails. this is going to continue to plague her. i think she has a real challenge ahead of her. i agree with ed, if i worked the sanders campaign, i'd have to work hard but wouldn't be scared yet. >> the campaign manager will not get fired. he put himself on the line here. i she didn't do the overwhelming african-american vote. >> it was three out of every four. >> if you have your most solid voter and missing 25% of it, there's still opportunities for sanders to move forward. she's going to win south carolina and basically the southern states. a long way to go and i think he'll be there to the convention. >> white flag. >> blake, you get the final word here. in terms of what we're looking
6:10 pm
at from the exit polls and the mood and the thoughts and the folks of nevada. >> i would just tell you from a couple things that they both hit on, basically what we've seen in iowa, new hampshire, the younger voters are going to be bernie sanders, the older voters for hillary clinton. here, the african-american voters by and large went for hillary clinton and going forward, super tuesday and dwro beyond when it moves to the south, something to watch. >> and more immediately, south carolina next saturday when the democrats have their run. she looks to be in solid shape. >> still a long ways to go. >> it's a marathon. >> says the voice of -- >> lost long races before. >> of experience and insight. >> thank you all of you. monica crowley, thanks very much. let's tell you, we're waiting again. hillary clinton's victory
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speech. she must be savoring this. who could blame her. we're waiting for the two-minute warning. that's a fancy way of saying we're waiting for the warning telling us she'll be there in two minutes. we have not had such comfort. we'll await that and get that to you when she shows up. the polls in south carolina are closing within the hour. we're coming close to projecting a winner. marco rubio can't hide from his record on illegal immigration. now, a prominent law enforcement group is accusing senator rubio of the -- we take that up with several guests. that's coming up in just moments. stay with us. we're coming right back. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that.
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heart. now i'd like to introduce president bill clinton and the next president of the united states and the nevada winner, democratic caucus, hillary clinton! >> the moment has arrived. hillary clinton for a while it was nip and tuck as to whether or not she would be able to be dpifg a victory speech today. obviously, prevailing over bernie sanders in the caucuses
6:16 pm
and here she is entering the ballroom with her man i supporters gathered there. i'm sure that everyone is breathing a sigh of relief because bernie sanders has contested much harder for the votes in the nevada caucuses than anyone even two months ago would have imagined. let's look. let's listen. >> thank you. thank you, nevada. thank you so much. [ thank you. thank you so much. you know, i am so, so thrilled and so grateful to all of my supporters out there. some may have doubted us, but we never doubted each other.
6:17 pm
and this one is for you. i want to congratulate senator sanders on a hard-fought race here. and i want to thank each and every one of you. you turned out in every corner of this state with determination and purpose. hotel and casino workers who never waivered. students with too much debt and small business owners who never go off the clock. tens of thousands of men and women with kids to raise, bills to pay and dreams that won't die. this is your campaign. and it is a campaign to break down every barrier that holds you back. we're going to build ladders of
6:18 pm
opportunity in their place so every american can go as far as your hard work can take you and to the thousands of volunteers and organizers who worked so hard in this state, to the more than 750,000 people have gone to hillary and contributed what you could, the vast majority giving less than $100. and to the millions of people across our country who are supporting our campaign, thank you from the bottom of my heart. we hear you. we see you. we're incredibly grateful to you. it's because we're in this together. we look at our country and see so much that isn't working the way it should. we see grandparents forced to choose between paying rent and
6:19 pm
buying medicine because a prescription drug company has increased prices 5,000% overnight. we see african-american families denied mortgages at nearly three times the rate of white families. we see small towns and rural communities hallowed out by lost jobs and lost hope. we see a rising generation of young people coming of age in a world where opportunity seems out of reach. and worst of all, we see children growing up in poverty or pain or fear. here in nevada, a brave young girl told me how scared she is that her parents could be deported. in south carolina, i met kids trying to learn in crumbling classrooms and neglected communities, and then there's flint, michigan, where children were poisoned by toxic water just because their governor
6:20 pm
wanted to save a little money. so americans are right to be angry. but we're also hungry for real solutions. >> what you're hearing is the message she's been carrying, mrs. clinton, for some time and to victory today. it is a message of conflict, fighting for you, fighting against whom it's not always clear and certainly she talks about barriers and, of course, some do exist. but there's far more opportunity most people would say than april barrier of any kind in this d country. it is a message from the left. it's resonating, of course, to the base and the base has delivered for mrs. clinton today as she wins the nevada caucuses. joining me to assess this, ebony
6:21 pm
williams, tony say using, kathy lynn taylor rejoining us and good to have you all here. ebony, your reaction to -- i thought it was not exactly a generous view of america that is the message of mrs. clinton. >> right. you know, serm this was a good night for her, lou. she had to have this kind of night. absolutely. certainly a win. not an awkward one like in iowa. you know, i agree it's kind of a similar message to me that we heard in 2008. the 40,000 cracks in the glass he ceiling for women. we saw in 2008, people went with hope and change as opposed to the 40,000 cracks. certainly, bernie sanders made some inroads in nevada. no one can dispute that. he didn't get there enough. the question to me moving forward, does he have the time
6:22 pm
to close these gaps that he's still got obviously with african-american voters and certainly with older voters in the base? >> i don't know how far this message goes. it obviously works in the democratic party. i'm not sure the nation is ready for more of this, we're awful people, we americans. perhaps i'm wrong. >> hillary clinton is actually talking about her donors which are largely those wall street tycoons that bernie sanders is running this campaign against. look, the fact is, lou, regardless of this very narrow and up elegant victory by hillary clinton in this caucus, wisdom nated by party figures and party eld erred, bernie sanders is winning the argument. this is not the campaign hillary clinton planned to run. she was not going to be the ultraleftist socialist or the progressive. she was going to be the sensible adult in the room and prove what obama started but give a new
6:23 pm
clintonism. whereas now, she's chasing the socialist from everything to caucuses to talking points. that's what you got tonight. >> kathy, the idea that this is -- acetone i suggests, on the clinton dna and president clinton, there's the citrus democratic leadership counsel of 25 years ago. where has it gone? tony is exactly right. it's been pushed aside. >> it has. it's given the ability of someone like bernie sanders to rise. she's not speaking to people in a way that they can relate to, particularly the younger generation. that's going to be a real challenge and has been a real challenge and she has won, as tony said, but not by a lot. this is the state she should have slammed it. she didn't. so she has a victory under her belt, sounding a little more optimistic, but it's still disenfranchised message. >> if that passes for optimism,
6:24 pm
i fear for the country. let's turn to some of the demographics in this. she lost the hispanics, bernie sanders lost the blacks. >> yes. >> this is a contest going into south carolina primary one week distance from now. >> yes. >> what does it portend? >> it looks like bernie knows that he's got to really increase his likability, name recognition within the black community. you have one week opportunity for that. i think he can get there. i think no one has been more surprised, lou, by his attractiveness than bernie sanders himself. he started this earlier, we would be seeing something different. he's kind of late to the game now. we'll see what he can do. >> you're keying on some important questions, lou. when you look at -- >> i get close. >> you keyed in on it which is demographics. the -- if you look at the most important growth demographics in the democratic party with all
6:25 pm
due respect to the african-american community, it's not them. it's young single women who bernie sanders is winning. it's the millennials, people under 40 who bernie sanders is winning. it's people in the lower income brackets who bernie sanders is winning with high education rates who bernie sanders is still winning. hillary clinton is winning among seniors, rich people and african-americans. that's the old democratic model. >> got to get the turn out. >> when you look at the voter turnout for these millenial segments, whether it's the african-american or latino segment, it's not particularly great. when you look at the aging population of the sunbelt, hillary can still carry those. unless bernie gets a message to resonate with those states and the older segment, she has an advantage potentially. >> kathy lynn taylor, thank you very much. ebony williams and tony. former u.s. bam ambassador to the united nations, john
6:26 pm
balance tam john -- hillary clinton marching to victory in nevada. your soul must be soaring. >> i'm just delighted. look, winning is better than losing. let's put this in perspective. with 80% of the vote in, the massive voter turnout in nevada is less than 10,000 votes. so she's winning by 400 or 500. it's better than losing. but this is hardly a look at the future. she's in for a tough contest. >> john, most people don't realize how perceptive and bright a political analyst you are just in the rough and tumble of the arena they usually look to you, as do i, for the larger view. i have to say that your perceptions and your conclusions so far have been pretty doggone strong and i'd like to hear from
6:27 pm
you what you think this means for the democratic party now. as our panel just mentioned here. she has moved far, far left. further than she ever intended to or ever indicated that she wanted to go. what does that mean for her going forward, do you think? >> i hate to erase what you just said before that, but bear in mind, hillary and her husband were a year ahead of me in law school. i've known them a long time. she was a radical in law school. the way you are then is pretty much the way you are throughout life. she's been a success with her husband because of his incredible political skills. but what you just heard her saying on television is not repositioning the left. that's what she's believed for 40 years or more. >> well, when john bolton says it, i know you mean it. the question becomes, is that far enough left and radical enough to contend with a -- a
6:28 pm
democratic socialist, bernie sanders? what does the future look like as they lock up on the left lane of the democratic party? >> well, i think the big difference is the way that hillary has embraced being obama's third term as a political tactic. i tell you, that may be successful in getting her the democratic nomination. but assuming the republican party doesn't commit suicide in the meantime, i think if we can't beat somebody running for obama's third term, we might as well hang it up anyway. what may get her the nomination, i think, could be fatal to her in nova suming she's not incompetent dieted in the meantime. >> with those pleasant prospects, investor john bolter, she say thank you. we appreciate it. as mrs. clinton and the president exit the caesars palace ballroom after an obviously an ebullient victory speech.
6:29 pm
she mentioned she was grateful. you had at least i felt a strong indication that she was being utterly and completely sincere. she is grateful for this victory delivered by the democrats of nevada today. up next here, we're going to have new exit poll just coming in from south carolina where the polls close in 30 minutes. we'll see what they tell us about the perspective outcome of tonight's republican primary there. also, senator ted cruz accused of dirty tricks. no. not in south carolina. this could not happen. from the false reports about dr. ben carson to the photos shopped picture of marco rubio. senator, tell us it's not so. we'll take it up with hogan gidly. the former executive director of the south carolina republican party. he's seen a few examples of dirty tricks in the palmetto state. stay with us. we're coming right back after these messages.
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hillary clinton wins another caucus state. 2 for 2. joining us now to discuss more on the exit polls now in south carolina as we approach the closing of the polls there, fox business network washington correspondent, blake berman. blake, good to see you. bring us up to date. >> we've been watching south carolina as folks come out of the polls, the caveat of course these could change. we thought going in that evangelical voters would have a huge say in south carolina and according to the exit polls here, that does appear to be the case. you can see there, i'll start with just about 7 in 10 polls said they were evangelical christians. that number on the left, donald trump 31, ted cruz at 29, marco rubio at 24. you have about a two-way tie at the top and then rubio a solid
6:35 pm
third, i guess you could say there. >> blake, that is an impressive split. really among those three candidates, trump, cruz and rubio. i don't recall that rubio did quite that well with evangelicals coming out of, particularly iowa where there's a similar level of evangelicals amongst the votee. but trump winning the evangelicals again. >> it's a high number. 31, 29. this was a group that many people thought ted cruz would have to win. you can see donald trump at least from the exit polls on top. i want to give you one more real quick. looking for change as we know one of the themes in this whole election, democrat and republican is folks who say we need a new era of government. just about 3 in 10 republicans in south carolina say yes indeed, they are looking for change. take a look at that. donald trump, 4 in 10 of those had trump as their candidate. ted cruz about 2 in 10 and marco rubio there at about 1 in 7 or 8
6:36 pm
or so. >> whatever the percentage is amongst the voters who are looking for change, i mean, it's very impressive. but when we think about the fact that this is a party primary where you have the devout, full, in terms of partisanship voting, to see anybody who wants that kind of change, certainly it has to be a number that's de minimis compared to an election. that's an extraordinary number in that context. >> you talk about 3 out of 10 to begin with. that's just the republican side. you add in democrats, too, whatever that number would be. you add it all together. >> and put in some independents. >> blake, thanks so much. me now, former executive director of the south carolina republican party, hogan gidley. hogan, good to have you with us. it's quite a turpout. we don't know yet whether it's a record. strong and steady has been
6:37 pm
the -- i guess those are words right now because people think it will be a record turnout. >> it is going to be a record turnout. i think we had 600,000 in 2012, we're expecting well over 700,000 in this election. 59,000 absentee ballots, up from 27,000 in 2012. more than double the absentee. has been slow and steady all day. my polling place had over 100 people voting. i was the 100th person to get in line and vote. there are usually 17 or 18 by the same time. a lot of folks turning people out. the apparatuses for the campaigns are massive. it looks like each state so far has had record turnout and south carolina will be no exception. >> there's something happening in this country. it is, i think, a little larger than what most people expect, whether talking about it being the donald trump phenomenon, whether it be bernie sanders phenomenon. there seems to be a real
6:38 pm
appetite for voters to engage this year than we've seen before. both of them deserve considerable credit. there seems to be something larger at work than just those two candidates. would you agree? >> i think so. i think the rnc and the dnc, they either refuse to acknowledge or chose to ignore just the level of anger and rage and there are several reasons for that. i think one of them is over the last eight years, we've had candidates running for office on the republican side and democratic side basically accusing the other party of being the devil. splitting the electorate apart. >> could they both be right? >> well, i don't know if they're both right. but the campaign tactics have torn this country apart. at the top, you've got a president who has done nothing to tamp down that anger and rage. in fact, he's done everything to stoke it.
6:39 pm
leadership at the top matters and you're seeing that now because these people are absolutely furious. >> i'm going to ask you to be patient and stay with us and resume this conversation. we want to break away, because senator sanders is addressing voters right now conceding the caucuses to hillary clinton in henders henderson, nevada. let's go to the senator. >> effective campaign and i applaud them for their efforts. [ applause ] >> this entire campaign has been about -- >> i would like to do this. i want to apologize in advance to senator sanders because we're going to break away. his audio is awfully difficult to understand as you can hear. conceding, as you can tell and would expect, senator sanders doing so graciously as hillary
6:40 pm
clinton has won the democratic caucuses in the state of nevada. i want to go back now if i may to hogan gidley. hogan, i apologize for the interruption. your point was, it sounded like you were transitioning from the primaries to the general. was i correct on that? >> i was pointing out how angry people are. you're seeing that with the rise of someone like bernie sanders and someone like donald trump. people want mouthpieces for how they at home. they've been gut punched by this government for 30 years. doesn't matter if it's republicans or democrats in office. nothing changes. the senate voted with brac while in the minority 54% of the time. >> wait a minute, say that again -- say that again. >> the republican congress, the senate voted with barack obama highly in the minority, 54% of the time. we fought, scratched and clawed to get them in the majority and
6:41 pm
they vote within 55% of the time. for all the bluster and the bravado of ted cruz, for example, we still fund obama care, we still fund planned parenthood and the iran deal. people are going what's the difference? they're looking for somebody to say, look, i don't take d.c. money. i'm not beholden to d.c. donors. as you know, washington tends to be a strip club. the elected officials do the dance for the donors who dish out the dollars. that's just a fact. >> it's a colorful fact. we thank you for sharing it with us. hogan gidley, thanks for being with us. we appreciate it. >> god bless. thank you, lou. up next, donald trump never afraid to take on establishment politicians, big business or the pope for crying out loud. he wept after all of them this week. trish regan and dee dre bowl done take that up with me next. stay with us. we're coming right back after these messages. ♪
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we, i'm joined now by trish regan, host of the intelligence report. great to have you here. bold en host of risk and reward here on fox business network. i have to say, i was surprised by what we saw happen in nevada. that was a race that was ba ballyhooed as close. hillary clinton had such big
6:46 pm
numbers going in. >> indeed. trish and i have been watching along with you. it was, in fact, so much closer than expected. but i've been watching the money trail. because hillary clinton got it. that's fine. >> isn't that cheating? >> it is. but i have to do it, lou. sanders is raising money hand over fist. i mean, it's become a joke on saturd"saturday night live." he says guess how much my average is? it's $27. >> by the way, i think that's a number everyone knows. bernie sanders, $27. >> when it shows up on "saturday night live," there you go. he is raising money hand over fist and making that clinton campaign pretty nervous. obviously there's the super pac which she doesn't have control over that. >> no one has control of these super pacs. they can lie, cheat and steal and have nothing to do with the candidates. >> how scare -- we have a socialist running neck and neck with the anointed democratic
6:47 pm
nominee. i think she's still going to skate by. but the fact that the races are so tight, really, lou, deirdre, that speaks to her inability to communicate with the electorate. she just doesn't seem and this is back to the likability, the whole trust issue, she doesn't seem like someone you want to hang out with or vote for. >> when she was talking to her supporters there at caesars palace in the ballroom which we showed you earlier, she said she was grate new. i was saying to the folks, i mean she really conveyed for the first time an emotional, honesty about her of being grateful. >> she lost by 20 points in your home state, miss trish. she got spooked. >> i'm with you. i think she is genuinely grateful. >> isn't that the whole problem. you've got bernie sanders on the other hand, a socialist -- >> is he a socialist?
6:48 pm
>> he is a socialist. don't get me started. in 1947, he told the burlington free press that no one -- it should be outlawed, not be able to make more than a million dollars a year. the government should take everything after a million dollars. you've seen his tax proposal. you know how much he wants to take. >> the perspiration. >> that aside, people aren't paying attention to that. only personality. they like his message and what he stands for. they're so-called feeling the bern. >> i think it's a rejection of the status quo, i think sanders on the left and donald trump on the right. which is this vote for rejection of status quo. with young people, sanders has a lot of o report. >> disrupters in both parties. sanders and trump. it's going to be quite a run. thank you very much both of you. great to see you. we'll be joining up here in just a few moments. as a matter of fact, up next -- we're a few moments away from the polls closing in south carolina. we're moving closer to
6:49 pm
projecting a winner, i am told. our decision desk is grinding the numbers and we'll have them for you shortly. south carolina is often called bush country. the bush family very popular there. but for jeb, the state could be his last stand. i'm being joined to get thoughts on as we proceed toward the closing of the polls in south carolina in the all-important republican primary election. stay with us. your path to retirement... may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. for over 75 years, investors have relied on our disciplined approach to find long term value. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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joining us now, former george w. bush strategist, mercedes. good to have you on the show. it's an exciting night to be here. editor of the national review, rich lowrey. rich, good to have you here and former reagan white house director ed rollins also with us. >> mercedes, let me begin with you. as we have been able to define with 6 1/2 minutes to go before the polls close in south carolina, what impresses you so much about what we have learned to this point? >> well, what we're seeing is that a very divided electorate down in south carolina where half of those in the early exit polls are saying, we want
6:54 pm
someone who is experienced, but the other half is basically saying that they want on outsider. very clear indication that this is -- this can fall out in various ways. the exit polls that we're seeing, 8 in 10 gop primary voters identify themselves as conservatives. we're seeing record numbers turn out in terms of evangelical christians as well as conservatives. all of these obviously benefit greatly a ted cruz and a trump. but then we have the marco rubio with all the endorsements that he's received, are those endorsements going to play out? it looks like it's benefiting him. it's going to be interesting to see how it plays out. we'll end up with a three-man race. >> there you have it. when you look at the so-called establishment, rubio seems to have filled it in south carolina. trey gowdy, nikki haley, the governor. >> what would be most important for rubio coming out of tonight,
6:55 pm
assuming he doesn't win, that would be enormous is clearing out jeb bush. it's hard to see what the rationale would be for jeb bush going forward given the massive amounts of money spent. finished fifth or sixth in iowa, distant fourth in new hampshire and a distant fourth or fifth in south carolina. a state where he stakes a lot. that does set up a three-way race going forward. >> is that how you see it? >> absolutely. you have cruz and rubio fighting for many of the same voters and they're not going to get one-on-one with trump unless one gets out of this race. that may not happen for a period of time and they're not going to beat trump one-on-one until they get one-on-one. >> would you see them, mercedes astrum -- if we were to see a three or four-man race here, rubio and cruz have been right to go after each other tooth and tongue to destroy the other's appeal. >> what i have seen, the fascinating dynamic is the fact
6:56 pm
that trump really hasn't attacked rubio too much. but what you have seen is a doubling up of the attacks on ted cruz where the focus has been the liar, liar, pants on fire narrative as i say. that's where i think the next target for rubio and trump is going to be honing in on cruz, trying to take away the evangelical voter base and we know that cruz is set up with an incredibly strong ground game and he has strong appeal in the south which he will compete with the same voters with trump. >> rich, the grand game, trump has said he learned his lesson in iowa. he did better in new hampshire, certainly and does he have a ground game in south carolina? >> not like the other guys do. certainly not the way ted cruz does. he spent a year or more building a ground game in iowa and south carolina and subsequently an s.e.c. state. the exit polls suggest there's a late break against trump again the way there was in iowa.
6:57 pm
it may be kind of the wild debate and the kind of hi-jinks afterwards hurt him, although every pundit says nothing can hurt him ever. >> you get the last word. >> cruz has done everything to take out rubio. didn't take him out. still very close. trump has come back, he had a bad week, i think. you saw that in the close here. voters who -- >> gone to war with the pope is a bad idea. >> bad debate. >> i would say at the end of the day, he had the worst week of all and slid back but he's still going to win tonight or very close. >> that being the case, i mean, it's a remarkable saturday to this point to see hillary clinton. it looked like she lost all momentum, bernie sanders had picked it up. she has prevailed in the nevada caucuses for the democratic party, expressing again, i can't repeat it how impressed i was when a saw a sincere look of
6:58 pm
emotion. she looks toward south carolina. over the next little while, we look toward south carolina for the results of the republican primary election there. it's a tight one. we'll be taking it up. here is neil cavuto. >> you know how nevada went. anyone guess how things ultimately go down in south carolina. in a 1:45 the polls closing there. it is attention convention. in some of the districts in south carolina, there have been record voting. that always is a little weird because there are more people than there were just four years ago. but we're told in some of the precincts it is doubled the normal volume. the key is in which precincts and whether that heavy voting has benefited donald trump on the republican side because we were getting the same repor


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