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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  February 20, 2016 6:58pm-8:01pm EST

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emotion. she looks toward south carolina. over the next little while, we look toward south carolina for the results of the republican primary election there. it's a tight one. we'll be taking it up. here is neil cavuto. >> you know how nevada went. anyone guess how things ultimately go down in south carolina. in a 1:45 the polls closing there. it is attention convention. in some of the districts in south carolina, there have been record voting. that always is a little weird because there are more people than there were just four years ago. but we're told in some of the precincts it is doubled the normal volume. the key is in which precincts and whether that heavy voting has benefited donald trump on the republican side because we were getting the same report down in nevada, weren't we, that
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there was heavy voting but not as beneficial to bernie sanders as some would think. again, it is way too early and there is a big difference between caucuses and of course, a primary. a minute away from all of this. all eyes and attention are on donald trump and whether he can maintain his lead and some of the other candidates who are vying for lights or show, in other words, to lead that state in at worst, third place. so if you are ben carson, if you are jeb bush, and you desperately need to put in a strong performance, will fourth or fifth real daye it for you? in the enigmatic math that is this contest, is anyone even close to the number of dell gratz you would be needing to get to the republican nomination? factor the matter is, no matter what happens, we're 5.5% through of the number of votes necessary and delegates portioned out to
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decide who will be the next nominee. to put it in a different perspective, as the three gentlemen are vying for first, second and third positions, even after tonight, even after tonight we're only about 5% through this process. yet, because of that and when the polls close in south carolina, we can say it is a tight battle among the top three. we have donald trump and ted cruz fighting it out in a very, very surprisingly close race here. remember, go into this in the polls, and i think i heard lou jobs, and it's a dangerous game. donald trump was leading by double digits. that sets up lofty expectation.
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that's what they have got to do, and now up to that point about winning by a big margin, that's on them, too, isn't it? >> reporter: it has been all week long, and the question was not if trump would win the race but how much he would win it by, and the crowd still come into the trump headquarters, and a lot of people have been holding up their signs at the top of the hour and expecting the race to be called right away for their man, donald trump, and as they know we are going live, you can hear them cheering behind me. and it was in a rally last night, the margin of victory was important to him and he was trying to encourage people to
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get out to vote and he said let's get out and win by a lot, and he said it mattered to them, how much the margin would be, and he said that would give him a larger mandate if they were able to win by more and there is a lot of pressure on this campaign and looks like things tightened up over the last week, and we saw tracking polls and as the crowd gets ready to celebrate what they hope will be a victory, will have to wait a little longer, i guess, than they thought they would. >> i am sure the crowd erupted when they first the first television images of fox business, and now they are going to demand. this will be among many, many commercials we will be doing for this fine networks, and we have hours to go here and you will have to deal with it. i have lou dobbs here. where is lou? is he in the studio? there he is, in the studio. we have trish regan, and lou,
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and the idea of expectations and how dangerous this is, because i guess we do running statements and the danger with that is it becomes a media, sort of, playing game. with donald trump and his expectations he went into this with the big lead and he has to leave with a big lead. what do you think of that? >> to show you how dangerous it s. let's talk with the subject of all the expectations themselves, neil. this is his second election and already he is talking about margin equating and mandate, for crying out loud. i think that even donald trump will learn something about over anticipating a margin of victory and being, as was hillary clinton, just exciting as the
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dickins to get a win. >> what is interesting about that one, trish regan, i many a always cautious with the turnout because there are more people than four years ago, and much like in south carolina, there were several precincts, liberal precincts, where sanders and his supporters were showing up in droves, and it doesn't close the deal for him. and maybe we are wrong on the high turnout equals this. >> we thought that sort of all along. i said when we were in new hampshire, i thought it would bode well for bernie sanders and donald trump, and you would have thought the turnout would have bode well for sanders, and maybe it would have been worse for sanders, and it could have been worse if he did not see the high
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turnout. as we look at the turnout in south carolina and we see it's going to be very close, and it's hard to say, the turnout is in trump's favor, we are looking at a close race here. >> we were so far sure, donald trump, ted cruz, and marco rubio. nobody has gotten any votes, though. i love how they do this and put the onus on me to interpret it. what do you make of this? >> the triple zeros? >> exactly, all this fuss and nobody turned out to vote -- no, and it's only his second contest out if you think about it? >> it's a big and psychological war, and we who support sanders say for example he became from behind, but you are right,
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there's much more pressure on donald trump after that win in new hampshire. south carolina, it's a conservative state and many call it a gateway to the south and a big military state, and we know donald trump does not have a lot of experience, and high population of vets, so i don't know how that is going to play. >> this is a bad loss for donald if he should lose. i will tell you why. >> if he should lose or barely win? >> even if he barely wins, and i will tell you why. on friday i reported on fox news and fox news radio that there was a surge for cruzs, and it looked like they were getting the numbers and donald wasn't. what does that mean? donald had a game plan here. his game plan is to go on social media and say outrageous stuff and not spend any money, and one thing i know about donald, he hates spending money,
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particularly his own money on a campaign, and so my guess is, and i am going to go out on a limb a little bit, if he loses, he is going to quit and here is why, because it will show he has to spend his money and he won't spend his money. >> you don't think -- he came out and said i should have done the debate and had a more organized ground game. >> the minute after he lost iowa he started tweeting -- he was in a depression. i am telling you, if he doesn't win here, it will show that his strategy does not work and he has to spend money, and is he going to sell a building? i am serious. where is he going to get $500 million -- >> we're not able to report or translate any numbers to you now. it's not as if nobody has any votes, they do, and we are just not able to pass that along because they are not passing them along to us. but we do have all sorts of projections and we are fairly
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confident in saying we are looking at one, two and three and charlie's point is it's so tight there is no way to quantitate anybody's finish at this point. and a big supporter of donald trump joining us. do you think the pressure is on donald trump to do really well tonight after he was polling really well or if he barely wins at all, or to charlie's point, risk losing, is that a whole game changer here? >> i enjoyed listening to charlie and others say what is happening if he loses. quitting has never been in any conversations i have heard. a win is a win, 50% plus one. >> they never get to 50% plus one in these battles. they are lucky to say 30, to 35%. >> yeah, i know, i know. you know what i mean. obviously you need to win by one
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and he will get the same amount of delegates if he wins by one or eight, nine, ten points. no surprise. i thought the numbers would be close, and everybody kind of beat up each other, and i think it will be, as you predicted, trump, probably cruz and rubio. i think the real story is what happens to carson and bush? i think donald is going to win and it's going to be closer than he would like, and personally i don't care, and he is new at this and he is learning and growing and the ground game was not like new hampshire. >> lou dobbs, when you look at 50 delegates -- he's not here. one of the things that has come up, it's 50 delegates at stake and the winner almost automatically gets 29 of them, and the way it's proportioned in some other districts, if you win that district, you get that
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delegate, so you have a chance if you are donald trump, you barely win, you pick up the 29, and if you win by one person in all of the other precincts, you have them all. >> nikki haley, she has a lot of support on both sides of the aisle. >> connell has news for us. >> normally we hear from donald trump through his own twitter account and we just did five minutes ago. people in parenthesis, and now it looks like a possible win is how donald is catching it, and i would be happy with a one-vote victory, and putting in paw reu pa parenthes
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parenthesis, hope. now he says he would be happy with one vote. >> a victory is a victory. >> if that's not lowering expectations -- >> now the numbers are coming in fast and furious, america. that's -- they are coming in, and right now it's way too early to call. but they are fairly comfortable with this place of where we got everybody, trump at first and cruz and rubio fighting it out for second. trish, it will come back down to -- lou was mentioning the expectation game. >> donald trump has had it, setting expectations really lie, and he did that in iowa and new hampshire and delivered in new hampshire, and to charlie's point, i think donald wants to have a big win, and it's part of his message, and if he just eeks
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out something, it takes away from the momentum. but a win is a win. >> if he doesn't have a decent-sized win, it means his whole approach, his campaign is flawed -- >> no, no, no, no it doesn't. how big of a win does he have to have for you to call it a win? >> he was in first place and cruz and rubio took him out in the last three weeks because of organization. >> or maybe it was missteps on his part. it was very negative. >> he went after the pope. >> well, there is that. >> you don't have an organization, you have to rely on hyperbole -- >> the whole thing is to be outrageous. >> he may wake up and say i need to have more ground troops and more door to door campaigning and i need to spend money on the infrastructure, and right now he is skating by with people just
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excited by his message in a way you don't see amongst the other candidates. >> he is bashing everybody and finished the week bashing the pope. maybe in south carolina that's a good thing, and he may not be popular there. >> that's what hurt him in south carolina is this socially conservative and a lot of people that idea as christian if not catholic -- >> well, they don't go crazy for the pope, i will tell you that. >> there's a top to the way he is running his campaign and we hit it now, you can't be a campaign of hyperbole and not spending money. we are seeing it in the poll numbers as they are coming out and we will probably see an extremely close race. >> what about the business threat, heads up boeing, and this was after taking on boeing and apple, and he said boeing
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has huge factories in south carolina, and if i am not president you are going to regret it -- >> that message sales. it sales. >> yeah, you have seen that work before, and ross perot, when he ran was successful with that message and he had a lot of manufacturing workers in south carolina that will eat that up when he is saying i will stop these jobs from going away. >> they are putting an undercurrent story with what is happening in marco rubio and ted cruz. marco rubio's resurgence after the awful debate appearance, and he may be rebounding a little bit. he said he has had a chance to exchange voice mail with chris christie, and they are saying, that's it and we are moving on and let's see what happens.
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and bobby jindal supports marco rubio, if you think about it, governor, one of the things that rubio had been selling is he is a different sort of a bridge candidate that will satisfy those that don't quite like donald trump or are scared of what a president cruz could bring and he is that bridge candidate and that's how he has been pitching himself, and he has been enjoying the support he is getting from powerful figures within south carolina. did that help him? >> absolutely. neil, before i say anything, we are on fox business, and i need to say, everybody should be watching fox business. >> follow-up with your fine
7:16 pm
point. >> i don't even get paid by fox business, i am just saying that because you are such great friends. i think you are exactly right, and one of the reasons marco has done so well is he is optimistic, and i think that the american voters are angry and frustrated with d.c. and it's one of the reasons donald trump and others are doing well without ignoring that sentiment, i think marco recognizes the voters are frustrated and says we can do better. better days are ahead of us. he can unify the party and attract voters. in the republican party we like to look to ronald reagan a lot, and a lot make comparisons between obama and carter, and it reminds people what we were going through in the '70s, reagan lifted the spirits of the american people, and marco is doing the same thing, he is saying we can do better than we have in the last seven years and
7:17 pm
it's time to apply the principles and get back on the right track. >> let's look at how the fourth and fifth players are doing here. what will be interesting if you are jeb bush or ben carson or john kasich, what do you make of this? if you are jeb bush, you had your mother come where she is a rock star and your brother was a rock star, and despite the millions you spent, it does not resonate, it did not resonate? we have much more after this. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul?
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south carolina is now closed for business. if you wanted to vote there you missed your chance. we are told in a couple of precinc precincts, they were still waiting and the state let them vote. we heard this is record voting and the fact of the matter is, there are more people than four years ago, but there are three districts where it's running double what it was four years ago. again, whether that respect a strong area for donald trump or a strong area for jeb bush is anybody's guess. the sub story of the evening might be jeb bush. blake? >> off the top as we look at the exit poll numbers, they will change throughout the rest of the night but it gives us a little snapshot as to what is going on or what happened already in south carolina today. one of the themes in the
7:21 pm
election is about the outsiders versus the insiders and the outsiders gaining on the insiders, and it actually appears to be a split, 50/50, but take a look at when we look at outsider candidates, who south carolina voters prefer, if they prefer an outsider, by far and away, donald trump, he got 6 in 10. and then marco rubio and ted cruz picked up that category and cruz spent a lot of his time trying to talk about how he is not washington and not from the inside and essentially an outsi outsider, and many of them still went for ted cruz. and nikki haley, we have spoke about how popular she is in that state, the republican governor,
7:22 pm
and those of you thinking she was important in endorsing marco rubio, and take a look, marco rubio, of those who thought it was important, 47% ended up voting for marco rubio. so there's a debate about how much endorsements actually matter. nikki haley, it could end up mattering a whole lot in south carolina. >> never fails whenever we mention one candidate over another candidate, and they say you are in the tank for that candidate, and i know we are going to hear on the marco rubio thing about his surge in the state, thanks to nicky haley, and scott, and that trifecta of getting those key politicians mattered a lot more than jeb bush bringing his mom and his brother, the former president. and john roberts at marco rubio headquarters in south carolina. >> reporter: the bush family
7:23 pm
does count here in south carolina, and i will tell you, if you want to talk political power nikki haley is the one you want to have on your side. marco rubio nailed down nikki haley endorsement and senator scott's endorsement, and representing the first congressional district, and mark sanford, now the representative that took over from the first congressional district, he is behind ted cruz, so it will be interesting tonight to see in the battle between who gets the low country here in south carolina, whether it goes to cruz or rubio. marco rubio want to go turn around the poor finnish new hampshire, and they can account for a couple points tonight when the final tally is in, and it's
7:24 pm
typically between primaries. i talked to governor haley earlier this morning to say you were courted heavily by the push family and why didn't you go with jeb bush, and she said in an election like this you don't elect your friends, you go with the person you think could run the white house. and particularly on the issue with immigration, and from our exit polling, 50% of pollers said they do believe illegal immigrants should have a path to legal status, and so perhaps the attack against marco rubio who is famous of being famous for being in the gang of eight on immigration, and maybe that illegal status won't hurt him as
7:25 pm
much as the ted cruz gang might have hoped. >> to watch the two of them filet each other, it was throughout the course of this campaign. i thought it was a mistake, i thought they should be working on trump. they knew better what they were doing, and with these two locked up across the board, they are doing the right thing, trying to knock the other out of the race to no affect, it appears at least by these exit polls. >> not according to some. >> the exit polls look tight and that's a good thing for cruz and rubio and that means they surged while trump was way ahead. i will say it again his campaign is going to come under the spotlight, are you doing the right thing by not spending money and making this about personality. he's not spending money.
7:26 pm
>> you don't seriously think he is going to with draw from the campaign? you remember when he e-mailed, i can't believe i am wasting my money on this? he went into a deep depression. >> he bounced back right away. >> he was killing it the next day. >> he was nowhere to be found for two days. he was in a bunker at the trump tower, you know, crying. >> charlie has this -- well, unknown identifying trump unknown, he was holed up in a bunker. >> then where was he for two days? >> he bounced back and he came out and said i should have participated in the debate. >> this is a guy coming off a
7:27 pm
battle royal with the pope of the catholic church and you are saying he is a daffodil? >> he was up 20%. >> let's say he wins barely and you could make an argument of what changed things, and you can say the battle with the pope. >> what about apple? >> i don't know. how many people have apple products? >> i am wondering, you look at it, do they look -- i thought maybe they were all samsung users. but do you think he was just relentlessly negative and that hurt him in terms of the margin that he once enjoyed? >> he doesn't spend money. >> he is another possibility if i could offer it for your consideration, he was so over confident and his supporters was confident of what was a average of 14 points and many of them may have backed off a bit.
7:28 pm
>> one wall street poll -- >> we will see -- >> it could be right. >> it may be closer. >> if he thought he had won, he would not have attacked the pope. >> attacking the pope -- >> the pope attacked him. let's be fair. >> by the way, we can safely say that donald trump has won south carolina. we have a message from the trump campaign that charlie has for you now. >> that's exactly how they put it. >> we can think 1% of the vote in, and we are fairly confident the other 99% will reflect this view. how do they do that? isn't that amazing? >> yeah, i have been doing this a little more than a while and i still don't know. >> it's amazing, but that's what we can project. you don't let go, and i love
7:29 pm
that about you. the battle is for second place and i know we are going to get the calls, right, guys, that, wait, what are you doing promoting marco rubio, and again it's that -- >> well it is in our interest that it be a close race. >> yeah, and then go back and forth. >> these are two very different candidates. you think about ted cruz and he is a constitution and very much sort of outside -- well, i mean, he is in the senate, but still seen more of an outsider. >> he was in washington today for the funeral of justice scalia. >> and rubio, very much part of the party. the fact that you have the three, you call them the trifecta. >> what if rubio takes second? >> well, i think he becomes the
7:30 pm
apoint inned one from the establishment. >> did you stop by a bar before the show? >> this is the thing, neil. this guy hates losing. >> but he won! he won in another evangelical state. >> if he wins the republican nomination, which i don't think he will, he will have to spend more than $12. >> can we go one or two steps back. i just want to know -- >> i am just saying, he is going to have a very difficult time. let's see how close it gets. if it gets close, it will raise the issue with his campaign and how he will conduct it. >> many are concerned about the country and our economy, and these are two issues he is resonating on and i think he will continue to resonate on in these states, absolutely. >> he never gets beyond a
7:31 pm
certain threshold vote. i personally really like donald -- >> you have a funny way of showing it. what do you say about the people you hate? >> come on. but i will say this, you look at the polling, internal polling, he tops out where people will not vote for him. >> we are getting a little detail in context of some of the numbers, and before i go to the donald trump headquarters, and i always take this with a grain of salt because we have more people and you know how that goes, and they are able to say the absentee ballots are 59,000, more than double what they were in 2012, and that's when newt gingrich picked up the state. and they are saying a you majority report reaching their 2012 totals by 2:00 p.m. this afternoon, five hours before the polls closed, so that puts this heavy voting in some
7:32 pm
perspective. connell, what do you have for us? >> reporter: not much, and remember your comment earlier about demanding the fox business network, and i don't think they have the right one on here at trump headquarters, because i don't think anybody knows the race has been called for their candidate. little reaction in the room. >> can you shout it out and let people know. >> reporter: i am stuck here. >> the crew, and i could say, hey, guys, he won. it has not travelled here yet, and when it does, it will go out. people are still coming in, and he is supposed to speak around 8:00, but we will see. >> thanks for making us all feel so good about fox business, and we appreciate that connell. all those years now, one of the things we are also following very closely is the lower-ranked
7:33 pm
candidates, the bottom three, because among them is jeb bush, and if you think about it, and that's what is interesting, if you think about it, he was the unstoppable force a year ago, right? >> oh, yeah. >> he was the anointed one. >> his presence onstage and the aability to command a room, and having that energy one-on-one with each of the people that you are meeting with -- >> i think it's more fundamental than that. jeb would be a good candidate in 1996, and not now. he had spanish language folk
7:34 pm
singers. >> i think he needed to be far more dynamic. he was accused famously by donald trump as saying he was low energy, and the reality is, he was low energy. he didn't convey passion about whether it was an absolutely kpebgable record. >> those are wedge issues. >> i will shout this from the rooftops, wedge issues are not playing a part in this campaign. we are talking real issues and you can credit to large measure, donald trump for the fact we are having a vigorous debate about border security and terrorism and international trade, and job creation, and the dynamic of the
7:35 pm
economy. >> i want to get to james rosen at cruz headquarters in south carolina. as you know it's a real battle between he and marco rubio for second place right now. they finished third, and the cruz folks finished third, if so would they be worried? >> reporter: i don't know if they would be worried for the future, because the cruz campaign is well funded and they have the wherewithal to carry on, and in terms of optics, as you suggest, a third-place finish for cruz in south carolina would be very damaging indeed, and might even of course, affect the fund-raising going forward if donors get the idea if they would be better advised to put their anti-trump money in the hands of the marco rubio campaign. they were telling me earlier today about the 10,000 volunteers they had crisscrossing the state, and more for ted cruz than any other
7:36 pm
state, and they were telling me about the christian pastors that were making christian to christian voter outreach, if you will. and they saw the turnout of the evangelical vote as critical to ted cruz's fortune, and the exit polling data thus far shows ted cruz split the evangelical vote with donald trump, and early on that was a distressing sign for the ted cruz campaign, because he kicked off the campaign at liberty university, and donald trump is somebody who was twice married and -- >> did you really say that? what television is playing in the back? the tv behind you, tell me it's
7:37 pm
fox business network? >> reporter: it's fbn, and we are proud of that, and people are tuned in, and as they watch you on the big screen, i heard the cry, give us more trish regan. if 50 delegates are at stake, donald trump is assured by his first place showing of 29 of the delegates. here is where it gets goofy, because if you win any of the other precincts, regardless if it's a single vote, that is good for you to pick up the delegates from those other precincts, so you could have a situation where donald trump wins all 50 delegates of the state. it's a little weird.
7:38 pm
>> seven districts, congressional districts, and calculating those numbers as well, you are right. he would take all 50. >> that would appear to be a big victory. >> and then charlie -- >> the other story tonight is does jeb drop out. what happens with kasich? >> jeb's campaign released to the agenda for the next few weeks, but there is pressure. >> and chris christie was talking about the south carolina plans in the middle of new hampshire. >> he has to get crushed that he is out tonight. >> governor bush this week said what am i going to do? quit campaigning? >> wouldn't you want him to wait until at least florida? >> i don't know. i don't see anyplace -- >> how much pressure do you think he is under? >> this is not just about delegates, and that's the end game, 1220 to go before today.
7:39 pm
>> very good point. >> the reality is, this has to be eating his guts out. >> there's a lot of people who are saying -- >> they just turned on the tv to the fox business network and they found out they called this state for trump, and i don't know if that's for trump or fox business, but connell, you are right there in the middle of all that, and what sense of excitement are you getting -- forget trump, but about us? >> reporter: people are getting the news later, and there was excitement building up before this, and the people coming to the event expecting a trump victory and they talked about the victory being at a larger margin than it was, and the atmosphere was a party, and as you know these trump events are just that, they are events,
7:40 pm
different than any political event you ever attended and it's closer to a concert or some sort of something you would go out on your spare time to have a good time, and the alcohol is flowing at the refreshment stands and it has not started yet, i should say, and doesn't start officially until 8:00 and mr. trump is expected to speak close to 8:00. the news finally arrived here, and you can hear the reaction. >> i want to go to scott brown now. it's important we keep track of the math here. you need 1,237 delegates to get the nomination, and if donald trump gets all the 50 delegates from the state of south carolina, and -- >> you will be at 67. >> i have 65. >> the bottom line is it's a long way from 1,237.
7:41 pm
thanks to the 480-plus super delegates that hillary clinton has, and picking up a nominal -- actually they are almost even in nevada, the caucuses there, and she is a quarter of the way there, and she won the nevada caucuses, and those super delegates have her a quarter of the way to the democratic presidential nomination. scott brown, that would seem like a shorter hall for her, and a longer haul for your guy. >> bernie crushed her yet she gets the same amount of delegates, which is unbelievable. talk about the lack of a democratic process on the democratic side. on our side, i said -- you should play the tape, and i said this issue will not be figured out until the convention. >> i said it way before you. >> you have been taking credit
7:42 pm
for months now scott. >> charlie broke it. >> charlie, enough with the money, too, all right. it's not all about money in this race. >> but he won. he won. >> this is a candidate using different types of media to get his word out and he is bringing the people out and because we have such great candidates running that's why you see a higher turnouts, it's because -- >> when scott brown is in, he is in, isn't he? >> he is a good and loyal friend. >> unfortunately, none of us are. >> donald trump picked up his second primary win this evening in south carolina, and the devil is in the details, and he picks up a minimum of 29 delegates
7:43 pm
here to the amount of 1,200, which is a long way from. >> she is a quarter of the way there. it's weird. >> we have a lot more to come. ♪ these little guys? they represent blood cells. and if you have afib - an irregular heartbeat that may put you at five times greater risk of stroke - they can pool together in the heart, forming a clot that can break free, and travel upstream to the brain where it can block blood flow and cause a stroke. but if you have afib that's not caused by a heart valve problem, pradaxa can help stop clots from forming. pradaxa was even proven superior to warfarin at reducing the risk of stroke, in a clinical trial - without the need for regular blood tests. and, in the rare event of an emergency, pradaxa is the only oral blood thinner other than warfarin with a specific reversal treatment to help your body clot normally again. pradaxa is not for people who have had
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thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪ the commercial break, but i am
7:46 pm
so glad you were not. we can tell you about 45 minutes after the polls closed, donald trump won it. second primary win for him. he came in second in the iowa caucuses and this on the verge of super tuesday, and i was looking at polls in those other states, about a dozen in which he leads right now that happened by double digits and that could change as we have been pointing out. and a big supporter of ted cruz joins us now. she is still sticking with him now, and i have to tell you, if he finishes behind marco rubio, and it's still too early to tell, we are just showing you now their placeings, and he is slightly behind marco rubio, and that would be a disappointment if he finishes behind the guy he is battling to sort of put aside? >> he is still in the hunt and what matters really are the margins, how close is he to
7:47 pm
trump and how close is he to rubio. >> but if he is third, he is second and not first, he is third and he has the bronze. >> bear in mind, we have a great ground game in nevada and we are going into super tuesday. we don't know who has the most horsepower and ondown the road towards the election. remember, i was an establishment moderate, god forbid, and i went through sort of a 12-step program to realize the status quo is not going to win. >> let me ask you about that. i am looking through -- the 14 of them include some of the other states here. texas, i imagine, he has a good shot at winning, and i think that's winner take all. so outside of that, it's kind of dicey for -- the polls are tight. >> tennessee and georgia.
7:48 pm
>> they are separated by a couple points in some of the latest polls. you think his best bet is texas, tennessee, and georgia -- he does lead in georgia, you are right about that. maybe arkansas. >> yes. >> and trump is running the table, and just by that math, he could pick up 350 delegates right there. >> we said trump cruz or cruz trump. i like them both and they are my kind of candidates -- >> so if your guy folds like a cheap suit, you go to trump. >> i have always said it's cruz or trump. i have a suggestion on donald trump on how to mend fences with the pope, and they can sit down at one of the holy smokes restaurants here in south carolina, and if the pope is
7:49 pm
going to insert himself into the politics, we can talk about the democrats, we have an unbelievable and somebody not protecting the lives of unborn children. barbecue is sacred religion in south carolina. >> thank you very much. i am thinking the numbers are daunting, and i think it's about momentum, right, if you think about it? even though the polls are snapshots in time, but it's what they do with them, right? we know that just one night might add a couple. >> in 2000, you had george w. bush verse mccain. >> you don't think it's going to go? >> you go back to 2012, and they select gingrich. >> you are right.
7:50 pm
>> so i don't know how much we can attack. >> it was likely to end the bush campaign, right? >> no question. >> trump got new hampshire as well, and there's a difference between new hampshire conservatives and south carolina conservatives, and the fact he was able to get both states, i think that's telling. that should be indicative of his ability to capture -- >> it's the gateway to the south. >> yeah, it is. >> there has been an influx of people from the north there, and it's a different type -- >> some call it an invasion. >> i do want to bring in -- i have seen and i think we chatted about this more, establishment folks that are open to donald trump, and lieutenant governor, and i think that represented a seminal ship here where guys like you were going to mr.
7:51 pm
trump. you were early on and the fact of the matter is we are seeing more than that, and the question is, does donald trump need to see a lot more of that? >> i think he needs to be seeing a lot more of everything. and this has demonstrated how strong his appeal is across the country, i believe. south carolina has always been a good indicator of what is going to happen later, and this victory here today is phenomenal, because he won everywhere and everybody against good strong candidates who were throwing everything including the kitchen sink at him. we are real happy. at these rallies that we have been do with donald trump, we have 10,000, 12,000, 8,000 people that can't get in the building, and that tells you about his appeal to the american people. >> we were worried if they had tv sets there because nobody
7:52 pm
knew he had won. and the concern from establishment folks, not like yourself, who expressed concern when mr. trump was taking on pope and some of them were urging, lighten up on this, go slow, this is too hot to handle and even though the pope is not as popular here as he is in other places, you are playing with fire. was that the case, were people getting alarmed he was going as far as he was? >> i don't know if they were getting alarmed, but of course that's something unusual to see somebody who speaks his mind like donald trump does, and that's something you can count on, he means what he says, and he's a man that can get what he says done, and that's unusual in politics, and you see people trying to tiptoe around subjects that might back fire on him, but mr. trump is totally honest. >> how do you know that? he is a remarkable candidate,
7:53 pm
governor, no denying that, but -- >> he has evolved on some issues, the iraq war comes to mind, and you know, going from pro choice to pro life, and all people evolve, i understand that, but he aevolved on a lot f issues and other candidates say you are not what you say you are. what do you think about that? >> i think that's nonsense, because when mr. cruz is saying that about mr. trump, that's nonsense. a lot of times people in private line don't fully formulate their ideas to express them and don't nail them down until it becomes an issue, and when you get into politics you have to explain what you believe, and that's an evolution that has taken place with a lot of people. but donald trump speaks the truth and tells it as he sees
7:54 pm
it, and that might make some uncomfortable, but that's his appeal. the people in the country are so tired of politicians dancing around the barn every time you ask them a question, they are looking for somebody who will tell it straight and that's what he does and the people here love him for it and he loves them, and it's a wonderful thing to see and these rallies are fantastic. we have to have a strong economy and military, and he's the man that can deliver that. >> i will put you down as a maybe on trump, but governor, very, very having you, sir, and appreciate it. >> thank you. >> speaking of all the big things in south carolina, and they all came out for marco rubio, and if he can hang on to second, would it be that that did it, or is there something else going on? >> the polling suggests that when you look at the impact of
7:55 pm
those that believe an endorsement is important. i think there are two things about that i would say. first of all, the governor trumped them all. secondly, if you look at the run out of the exit polls, you see 40% going for rubio, and at the same time almost all the same percentage going for ted cruz and donald trump, and trump had mcallister's endorsement, and that's it. >> mcallister is right, and these crowds are so huge for donald and excited and great, and he never tops about 35%? >> because he is in a field of six. >> so you think -- >> you are a very tough grader.
7:56 pm
>>. >> i don't know who people will vote for when the others are gone, but -- >> take a look at this. donald trump has won. and we'll have more right after this. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase. 6>1 changes everything.
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they don't make things simple when they do these primaries and caucuses, for example, south carolina for republicans and next week for democrats, and nevada has caucuses later next week for republicans, and tonight it's for democrats, and tonight it was for hillary clinton, and some staffers saying it was the best moment of the campaign. it was do or die for her campaign, and she wins about five points and many of the naysayers will say he was up by 20 points, and i will refer to my colleague, lou dobbs, and a win is a win is a win and she came up with a win that was crucial. for south carolina, all we can say is donald trump won, and we cannot say who will come in
8:00 pm
second and third. and we have been getting some numbers. >> just to show how much this can flow back and forth, and terrorism, 32% of voters in south carolina say terrorism was their number one issue closely followed by economy, and government spending and immigration falling back to 10%. i don't have the exact numbers for terrorism, but i can tell you as it relates to the economy, donald trump won that demographic by far and away. and then terrorism, the top issue, trump leading that one followed by ted cruz. and then the economy, trump 31%, and followed very closely by cruz, and rubio, and you get the trump and cruz and rubio theme as we talk about these. and let's talk about the unfair campaign because as we have


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