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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  February 20, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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second and third. and we have been getting some numbers. >> just to show how much this can flow back and forth, and terrorism, 32% of voters in south carolina say terrorism was their number one issue closely followed by economy, and government spending and immigration falling back to 10%. i don't have the exact numbers for terrorism, but i can tell you as it relates to the economy, donald trump won that demographic by far and away. and then terrorism, the top issue, trump leading that one followed by ted cruz. and then the economy, trump 31%, and followed very closely by cruz, and rubio, and you get the trump and cruz and rubio theme as we talk about these. and let's talk about the unfair campaign because as we have talked about over the last week
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or so this got nasty and quick in south carolina, and we asked voters when they left the poll who they thought ran the most unfair campaign, and truhey cho trump, and trump was calling cruz a liar. and then the qualities voters like, share my values was the one that topped the list, can bring about change or tells it like it s. and in that one category, the republican voters thought marco rubio could beat the democratic nominee, getting about half of that category. >> and newt gingrich is on the phone with us now, and he was a winner of the south carolina
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primary. that was then and this is now. how significant is this victory for mr. trump? >> i think it's tremendously significant. trump, once again, has done it his own way. some of the things he did i thought made no sense at all and i am astonished he somehow puts it together and his supporters just keep sticking with him, and, you know, he took on george w. bush in a state where george w. bush was at 84%, and people like george w. but thought trump was raising good points and gave him a pass and kept sticking with him. you have a very popular governor, nikki haley, who is also in the 80% range in approval, endorsed rubio and had the very popular senator, scott, endorsing rubio, and you couldn't have a more perfect contest between the true
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outsider and the true establishment team, and you saw that as the last couple days marco went around the state with these guys with him onstage and you saw the result. it's a very close race between cruz and rubio, but it's not a very close race with donald trump, and he won a decisive victory in a state that is very evangelical, and i thought ted cruz thought he would be dominant and the fact is trump is proven to be a very formidable voice. >> you mentioned something about nikki haley, the one candidate she had serious reservations about was donald trump, and she all but said he would be a threat and he would be bad, and yet donald trump goes on to win, and it's weird. >> i do two news letters a week, and earlier this week i wrote one on three parallel universes
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and i said bernie sanders was in a universe with his supporters, and trump is in a universe with his supporters and all the traditional politicians are in the third universe where you and i have resided most of our lives, and it's like science fiction. >> we touched on the number that so far maybe just to the math and the number of candidates in, donald trump gets about one-third of the vote thus far, and he is standing at about 31% of the votes so far, and if you include the iowa caucuses, and south carolina, new hampshire, and how does he get beyond that threshold? >> let me ask a question, and i don't know because i have not seen the numbers and you have. the way south carolina gives out delegates i think you get 26 for carrying the state, and then 23 are divided -- >> 29. >> 29, and then the rest are
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divided up among the congressional candidates. i am curious as to whether he is carrying the congressional districts. we don't have number numbers to know yet, and if it comes in a way where he finishes 50 to zero, and this is why the enormous pressure will be on jeb bush to end his campaign, because they are desperate to get it down to cruz, rubio and trump, and if kasich, ohio is a winner take all state, and that -- >> why would -- marco rubio and jeb bush would be fighting over florida, right? >> not as of today. they are both going to lose florida to trump.
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>> do you think jeb bush will wait to see how he does? >> no, if bush -- i love jeb, and he is a great person and a wonderful governor, but he is also a smart guy. if he comes in as bad as the current reports indicate, just common sense is going to say to him, this is not his year, and it's not a game he is going to win. he's not the kind of guy -- >> you are looking at kasich right now and ben carson, but that's not going to do it? >> he's a distant fourth. there's a major league and minor league and he has spent more money than any other candidate, and proof by the way, the money is not the key to politics, despite bernie sanders' speeches, and at some point as a practical guy who has a lot of pride, he will say to himself, i am not going to spend a couple more months doing this because it's not going to work. >> who does the establishment --
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i know it's a risky word and i apologize, but i have a feeling, they don't flip over donald trump, but they really don't like ted cruz. so if they have their druthers -- >> they have a problem. the next stage of the establishment will be for marco, and you will see ads for marco in the future, and he is a very a attractive guy, and it will be a slugging match for a month or two. we will see. you put your finger on exactly what is right, neil, the question for trump is he now has proven he can have a solid base, and can he grow that to 40 or
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45%, because 31% won't win the nomination in the end. >> speaking is lou dobbs. seems to me the question will be for trump, if indeed, whether he can do as he suggested, adapt to a new role and position and new tone and demeanor that continues his combativeness and straight talk and brings a capacity to aggregate support, do you think he has that capacity? >> i think we are going to find out. i read the "art of the deal" and finishing the "art of the comeback," and it's more impressive than what the news media gives him credit for, and he has proven to master deals, and nobody since eisenhower entered this business at the top, and eisenhower was good, and can he continue to evolve?
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what he says, i will not use profanity anymore, and if he sticks to that, that's an example. how much of this stuff is real and how much is bologna. >> speaker newt gingrich, it's charlie. he has to grow beyond the 35%. how do you do that without spending any money? i know we exaggerate money in politics, and he lent his campaign $12 million. i know it's working, but at some point to grow that, don't you have to spend money at some point? >> he might. it's like super tuesday when you are in so many different states, on the other hand remember, when he tweets he is tweeting to the whole country, and this guy is a cross between barnum and the
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kardashians. obama would have gone to the funeral for the justice if only it had been at a mosque. >> yeah, i heard that. >> this guy thinks up stuff on a regular basis. this is not staff driven, the trump driven. >> we have never seen the likes of a candidate, who is fast on his feet but also setting an agenda against all of the establishment types and the entire field and making them look in most cases like fools. >> with no military experience -- >> he said he was prepared in the military. >> 21% of south carolina residents, there's eight won ov
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the way. >> speaker gingrich, it's trish regan here. part of it is his appeal, so the reason he is as high as he is, he says whatever he wants to say no matter how inappropriate, yet it's not exactly what you would call presidential, and do you think that there's part of the population and part of the republican party that thinks to themselves how can this guy be the president of the united states when he acts or says the things that he does to start in keeping? >> here is his core challenge. right now we get trump plus 10%. every once in a while, you can't stand it, he does 10% overboard, but can he be trump minus 10%. can he cut out the dumbest
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things? we will find out. to be fair to him, this is a guy that has come out of nowhere with the press corp totally disbelieving, and he has carved a niche in american history that no matter what happens from here on, he is a phenomena. i tell people in washington all the time, don't look at trump, look at his voters, and they are so fed up. >> it's always good having you on, my friend. four years ago, and it is just like yesterday. thank you. james rosen passing on comments from senior cruz aides, they never said south carolina was a must win that he only had to play. he won iowa and placed third in
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a blue state like new hampshire. and how did marco rubio not win with the whole south carolina establishment behind him? so it's how these guys play this. the candidates will come out one at a time on this. >> that's an interesting comment from the cruz campaign. it's not only needless and irrelevant, and that's what trump does brilliantly. he doesn't indulge in the needless nonsense, and everything he does is with a purpose and it resinates somehow, and has a poignant purpose, but may not always resonate -- for example, when he says it's a disgrace for the pope to interfere in u.s. politics, that's something that resinates. people didn't even know what the basis of the comment was.
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>> yeah, and he mentioned the hillary clinton bathroom joke. the problem with donald, he is all over the place. he will say something -- >> donald is winning by 11 points and we are talking about second-place runners, and we're talking about putting it in plain english -- >> i want to ask, what do you think -- >> i assure you, cruz and rubio are trying to figure out how to -- >> it's the highest office in the land, and it's still an administrative one and it's still organized and meant to move slowly and i wonder if an outrageous brash ceo -- >> who says it's supposed to move slowly. >> i don't know if it's supposed to, but it does. >> by the way, what we need is a highly productive government, a proficient government and a leader that makes things happen.
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as we were talking about earlier, he is commenting on everything. you don't have to sit there and say -- >> you know what else he will do, if he were president, he would be calling being out, and he would be on tv shaming -- >> he is a saying let's get things done. >> what do you make about this, do you think that's what is going on, is it like is he conservative enough, people are getting impatient where they are using the lord's name in vein, because they are frustrated? >> i think lou dobbs had a good point. what they are looking for -- there is an element in the republican primary, that doesn't care where you stand on health
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carat than repealing obamacare, and they don't care what your detailed plan is too rebuild the bill terry, all they want to know is are you a strong leader and you will pick up a brick and throw it through the window and lead us in there. there is only one of the seven congressional districts in the state that i think somebody else has a chance to carry, so he's likely to take 18 to 21 more delegates tonight. granted, we have less than 4% of the delegates chosen at the national convention, and let's be careful about it. he will have at the end of the night, somewhere around 70 delegates. >> how do you think he is positioned for super tuesday? >> here's another problem, which your panel has been talking about. how is he going to move beyond this? i thought speaker gingrich was
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right, and remember gingrich won south carolina with 40% of the vote and did not win the nomination because he was not able to grow it. as this thing gets consolidated down, and as people drop out, will he be able to give them and their supporters, and we have gone from seven candidates to eight candidates, and none of them that dropped out endorsed them, and it's going to be hard to get the supporters of a jeb bush or ted cruz or a marco rubio if they drop out. >> it's charlie gasparino. jeb bush is below 10% in south carolina of the vote and i know it's early still but doesn't look like a great night for him. do you think he drops out if he loses with less than 10%? if he has a lousy showing do you think he will drop? >> my suspicion is, gingrich is
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right, if you are in a position where you come through the first contests and spend a lot of money and things are not going your way you have to make a serious determination as to can you see a path to rejuvenate your effort, and it will be tough. >> you mentioned jeb bush, and kasich had a strong finish in new hampshire and will not do well in south carolina, and people are admitting, we are going to wait 21 days, which is several g-- >> when do you think he makes the announcement, if you were a betting man? >> sooner rather than later if he decides to do it. >> karl, it's lou. we are about to watch a pivot here, and the top tier, we certainly move from a lane that donald trump effectively had to
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himself, and one he will now be sharing with cruz, and cruz has been sharing a lane under a false flag with marco rubio as being the establishment in the minds of many, and rubio, it looks to me, like he moves to an advantage position because going forward trump and cruz will be vying for the same voters. >> i end up with the same place as you are but i end up there for slightly different reasons. if you look at this, ted cruz's election strategy was i am going to win by consolidating social conservatives behind me, and now he is splitting the evangelicals, and if you are a blue color evangelical, you are going for trump, and if you are college-educated evangelical, you are going to cruz. if you are -- in new
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hampshire -- >> the evangelicals, they broke for trump. >> yeah, well, i might be looking at a different set of data, because what i saw was trump carried the blue collar overwhelmingly, and cruz narrowly carried the college educated. we ended up in the same place, and that's what cruz was counting on. trump has the populous conservatives, and cruz has the very conservatives, and marco rubio has the somewhat conservatives, and cruz -- trump is running better among -- >> thank you very much. john kasich's camp put out on this that tonight it became a four-person race, and by that they are saying they are adding the governor's bracket and the a
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aaccommodations, and -- >> perspective is everything. >> it's amazing. a lot more after this. was engineered...
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this is about the hour they all start speaking. ben carson came in dead last, and we are not going to stay here forever, and this is where having some money can help you, because you can stay in the race. if you are out of money or in a scott walker situation, and if
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you have a lot of dough, you can stay in the race. he's not hanging it up, and that's the bottom line there. and we also indicated that john kasich and his folks are saying we are satisfied we are in the top four, and so onword and upward we go. >> now with little money, he is persevering, and he has the ability to continue. >> he was focusing on vermont. >> i like the power of positivity, too. i am sorry, i have to put that in. >> when you are polled, who is your number one choice, and who is number two. >> does that stay in to be number two, and you stay in the race and screw it up for the establishment and you are number
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two. >> this is massachusetts. let's go to donald trump headquarters in south carolina. there's a slightly different mood there. >> reporter: it's interesting. we have been told by trump campaign officials that we can expect trump to speak to the crowd sometime around the bottom of the hour, which would be -- it's four or five minutes from now and maybe a little after that, and bottom line we expect trump to speak in the next five to ten minutes. it's intereing, he should be accompanied by his family, his wife and older children, and his son just put a picture on instagram, the flight down here and saying the flight home will be better after the "w." i think some people gathered on the floor here, and what is interesting about that, and what
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we are hearing about that, it's right in line what we heard from the exit polls, how people are looking for somebody that is an antiestablishment outsider, and one man said he supports trump for that reason, because he is an outsider, and we need a president managing money, and his mother was standing next to him, and she said trump says whatever he thinks. one man came across the state from north carolina justo be hee for trump is a vote against the establishment. all the heads were turning as you were coming to me, and apparently there was a fight breaking out on the floor, which i don't think is surprised for a trump event, always something going on, and he assured me it has been broken up. >> what was the fight about? >> i don't know. a couple guys up by the stage got into it, and a couple heads
8:28 pm
started turning and i don't know. we have come to expect the unexpected at a donald trump gathering. i will turn around and see. yeah, i think -- i think everybody calmed down. they have their phones up, and what are they taking pictures of, and it's two guys pushing and shoving in front of the stage. >> they are taking them of you. >> thank you, buddy. a few minutes away from donald trump. and we have a rubio backer, and you know, frank, it's still early, and he and ted cruz are fighting back and forth over who will get second, but if your candidate gets third, it's these third-place showings, and he has to do better than that, doesn't he?
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>> good to be with you on this very exciting night. i think we are seeing great things happening for marco rubio tonight. he is separating himself into the first tier. if you do the math, the whole race changes. it has to become apparent now to jeb bush and john kasich that this is not their time. if they are patriots first and put themselves second and the country first in front of themselves, i think we can see a good possibility of them bowing out. >> that's the disataeugs of the rubio backers, and carson said he is not going anywhere, and would those votes be more inclined to go to rubio, is that what you are saying? >> absolutely. i think so. without any question, they certainly are not going to go to donald trump and not going to go to ted cruz.
8:30 pm
i don't think either are electable and that's what worries me about both of them, and i hope jeb bush will do the noble thing and bow out. marco rubio then is the winner tonight, and then that's what is coming up in the future. >> they all beat hillary clinton, you know. >> marco rubio beat hillary hands down with a far greater margin -- >> it's fairly close. i am saying, they are all in a good position against hillary clinton. they all lose to bernie sanders, which is a little weird. what do you think of that? >> i think bernie sanders loses to hillary clinton if tonight in nevada is any indication. i don't think we are going to be going against bernie sanders,
8:31 pm
and i don't think that -- >> good thing for you. >> i think they are against hillary, and i think that's what you are seeing there, and i think marco rubio will be the president of the united states. >> you could live with donald trump if he were the nominee? >> i will tell you what, donald trump scares me to death. >> that's not what i asked you. could you live with donald if he were the nominee? >> i think i would rather have donald trump than hillary, and if you have donald trump you have a wildcard. >> lou dobbs? >> frank, one question, because you are talking about bush doing the noble thing, and the noble thing for bush in his mind may be to persevere. at any rate he seems to be the only candidate at least enter taeup entertaining the idea to with draw, and it's still a five-way race as the results in south
8:32 pm
carolina, and i don't think that is substance -- >> you have tier one and tier two, and if marco rubio plays out the rest of the evening like he is now, he comes out with more than twice to his closest contender and that's a great move forward and other folks like myself will take that as a good sign and there will be a lot of money line up behind marco rubio, and that's what he needs to get his message out, and he believes in what most of the republican party stands for, and i think that he is going to separate himself from the rest of the pack, and i think what is happening tonight is exactly what we needed to see happen. >> frank, you said trump scares you to death, and that means you can't really live with him, is what you meant by that? >> i can't really live with hillary clinton either. >> what specifically scares you about donald? aside from his rhetoric, which, you know, some of that is hyperbole and play for the camera, but, listen, we would
8:33 pm
not be talking about the problems with illegal immigration were it not for donald trump. he has brought a very sub sawtive issue, you can't have open borders in a welfare state, and do you have a problem with that? >> i think he has brought things to the forefront and i like the fact that he speaks his mind but if you go to what he believes in and what he has done in history and the idea of making america great again, he wants to make donald trump great and that's what his whole life has been dedicated to. >> they are all like that. listen, marco rubio, i am sure is a nice guy, but he has to have an ego the size of a white house or he would not have been a politician his entire life? >> i don't believe that for a second. there are great humble leaders that can lead the nation. i am not suggesting they are all that humble, but donald trump is
8:34 pm
way on out there. he needs to be be holden to a special interests. >> better than the business council and the establishment. >> i critique donald trump all the time and the fact that he is non-establishment, you know, it's something that is appealing. he doesn't have to worry about, you know, what the guys at the business roundtable have to say about one of his positions and i think that's kind of a good thing. >> what worries me, the fact he is willing to do, his rhetoric worries me and his attacks on individuals worries me and those are things that would not be good to have as the president of the united states. >> we could pretty much disqualify everybody, and please
8:35 pm
don't get into the television news -- >> right now, an early ted cruz supporter. always good to have you. how important is it for your candidate to finish second and not third tonight? >> i think both are about the same because they are going to be close. let me give you a perspective you have not heard, and that is texas already started early voting on tuesday. we have about 250,000 votes in the can. by the time the candidates get to texas on wednesday after nevada, 50% of the vote approximately will have already been casts. in my race for lieutenant governor, over 60% of the vote was voted early. ted cruz is going to win texas. we will see what the margin is. >> that would represent at a time he was polling strong.
8:36 pm
you could argue ted represents -- >> what i am suggesting is a vote of votes are already in the can, and we select delegates by districts, and ted will have a strong lead in the delegate count and texas total 135 delegates is more than nevada and new hampshire and south carolina and iowa combined. this race is down to two people. it's not marco rubio or john kasich, and it's going to be between ted cruz and donald trump. >> so weird, we heard a rubio supporter say it's about three people in the race, and kasich said it's about four people in the race. >> go ahead, i'm sorry. >> this is the truth. you have a conservative in the race and you will have donald trump in the race, and this --
8:37 pm
for example, neil, the rubio campaign will never tell you, what state are they going to win? they are not going to win tonight or any state on super tuesday, and you can't become the nominee if you never win a state. kasich, ohio is the only state he can win. this race on super tuesday -- >> you just said it's about getting delegates, right? >> it's about -- well, neil, the point is, on super tuesday it will be trump and cruz winning the states and not the other two. so you are going to have -- >> you don't know that? >> i do know that. if you look at the polling and demographic, kasich is not going to win a state in the south. >> he is doing well in michigan, so you could make an argument. >> i would make an argument that trump will win those states. it's a two-man race, and when
8:38 pm
you get to the end of the day, trump can't break 50%. he can't break 50%. if you gave him tonight between the top three you are looking at around 76% of the votes, so the other 22%, if you gave trump half of it, he is still in the mid-40s. this is going to be a long race. >> i want to bring lou into this. >> hi, lou, how are you? >> great. >> you are breaking it into a two-man race. it looks like it's going to be a five-man race, at least by the numbers right now, and perhaps six depending on governor bush's decisions. the reality is that in texas, what percent of the vote do you think will go to ted cruz? >> i think -- i think ted could well break 50%. again, for example, if you are a
8:39 pm
texan tonight watching the fox business channel, and you could say i am not voting for those now, and ted is already in a strong position, and 250,000 votes already been casts and the exit polls look good, and trump will finish second in texas, and rubio or whoever else will finish a distant third. >> that will split the delegates and the path forward for whomever. >> that's not the way it works in texas. in texas, if you don't get 20% of the vote you don't get any delegates. >> i don't mean to jump on you here. jeb bush is talking to supporters right now, and he had a very bad night here, and under 10%, as charlie pointed out. >> it's going to be a two-man race. >> thank you, and very good. >> let's slip into this a little
8:40 pm
bit. >> in south carolina and throughout the country, thank you very, very much. [ cheering ] >> to jeb bush and his family, thank you for running a race for the presidency that we could all be proud of. [ cheering ] thank you, jeb, for being one of the most decent and thoughtful men i have ever met. ladies and gentlemen, my friend for life, jeb bush. [ cheering ] [ applause ] >> thank you. thank you very much. thank you. thank you, lindsay. when i began this journey in miami i committed i would campaign as i would serve, going everywhere and speaking to everyone, and keeping my word,
8:41 pm
facing the issues without flinching and staying true to what i believe. for the better part of a year i endeavored to do just exactly that. i put forth a vision for america that includes all because our country deserves a president for everyone. the presidency is bigger than anyone person and is certainly bigger than any candidate. this is not -- we're different in our country because our head of state is not above us, but because the head of state, the people that aspire to the presidency are part of the people in a government of the people by the people and for the people we elect a president like us, in perfect under god's watchful eye. i had a front row seat to this office for most of my adult life, and i have seen fallible people rise to the challenges and with a purpose, and i firmly
8:42 pm
believe the american people must intrust this office to somebody that whoever holds it is a servant, not the master, somebody who will commit to that service with honor and decency. our next president will lead an extraordinary country whose people always made the improbable possible in big ways and in small. every day americans test the boundaries of freedom and achieve more than what they could have ever dreamed and over the last seven years, our nation's bright light has become a little more than a flicker. we have retreated from the world stage, and the american values that have brought peace and opportunity are fading, and that is not the america we know and love. america is a country that thinks big, acts boldly, and leads without apology. it will be up to the next president to restore that kind of leadership. i am proud of the campaign we have run to unify our country,
8:43 pm
and to advocate conservative solutions that would give more americans the opportunity to rise up and reach their god-given potential, but the people of iowa and new hampshire and south carolina have spoken and i respect their opinion, and so tonight i am suspending my campaign. >> no. >> yeah, yeah. [ applause ] >> i congratulate my competitors that are remaining on the island on their success for a race that has been hard fought, and just as the contest for the presidency should be because it's a tough job. in this campaign i have stood my ground refusing to bend to the political wins. we put forward detailed
8:44 pm
innovative conservative plans to address the mounting challenges we face because despite what you might have heard, ideas matter, policy matters, [ applause ] and i truly hope that these ideas that we have laid out will serve as a blueprint tpoz conservetive leaders at every level of government so we can take back our country, and we laid out plans on everything from reforming tax to revivaling our economy and rebuilding our military and to fixing the va once and for all. [ applause ] >> finally, i am so grateful to senator lindsay graham of south carolina for his steadfast support, and his amazing humor.
8:45 pm
he stole the line that i am now saying, which is that he has become a friend for life. many are here that have been going door to door across the country and put their lives on hold for this cause, and i want to thank my mom and brother who came here to south carolina, and america truly loves them and respect them and so do i. [ applause ] i want to thank all of my family. 2.0 is always back there in the back. and to my dad that has served as an inspiration to me, and he is the greatest man alive.
8:46 pm
i want to thank all the volunteers and supporters i met along this incredible journey and to all the fellow grinders in our campaign, our staff, whoever ever gave up. i have had an incredible life, and for me public service has been the highlight of that life, but no matter what the future holds, here is the greatest safety landing if you can imagine, tonight i will sleep with the best friend i have and the love of my life. [ applause ] and i am totally blessed to be the father of three extraordinary children, and as you might know, four near-perfect grandchildren. i will be blessed to say that i am living in the greatest
8:47 pm
country the world has ever known, and we all need to make sure the right leadership happens and america's best days are ahead, and with strong conservetive leadership, republicans can win the white house, and that's what i believe and know you do as well, and i will do it as a private citizen just as you are, and thank you for the opportunity to run for the greatest office on the face of the earth. i love you all. god bless you. >> wow. he was once the man that led all polls and opponent combined by double digits and that was a year ago, before donald trump entered the race, and before marco rubio would never enter
8:48 pm
the race, and now it's his fellow floridan, marco rubio fights on, and he gives up. we are joined right now, you supported the governor. what do you make of this? >> listen, neil. it's a incredible sad night for me, jeb bush was my governor and i supported him during his primary cycle. it's a pretty sad night for me and a lot of the people who volunteer for him who are jeb bush and george w. bush alumni. >> he could have waited to see what luck he would have in
8:49 pm
florida, but i would imagine, i am thinking he still has a good number of supporters and donors, and many are them putting the pressure on him to put up or get out, and he is getting out. where do you think all those guys go? >> i don't think they are going to trump. >> i think that's a safe bet. >> i think there's a lot of us in florida who supported marco rubio in the senate race against charlie crist, so i think rubio or perhaps cruz are logical conclusions, and perhaps kasich, and i don't see a viable path for kasich either. i think what trump, cruz and rubio would be smart to do is look at the policy proposals governor bush laid out over the last couple years, and the stuff he laid out on veteran affairs and union reform and on health care, and on education, and
8:50 pm
there's a host of issues where he has really detailed policy proposals and i think a smart candidate would come to advice on those policy issues. >> can you see him serving on any of the candidates's administrations? >> i don't want to speak for the governor, and he has been successful in his public and private life, and he can do whatever he loves to do. i would love to see him as the chairman of the republican party personally. >> he has a free calendar right now. it's remarkable, isn't it? >> it is. you could hear her sadness, and for all the people that worked for each of these candidates, the governor, as he stood there waiting, lindsay graham was introducing him, the look on his face, he was gut sick. i thought he handled his concession and his suspension with the class that you would expect.
8:51 pm
the reality is, he's the wrong man for this time. this is going to be a new party no matter what happens from here, it's a new party. speaking about policy issues and terms and doing nothing has been our lot of the last 15 years. >> and here is the man that up ended this entire party, and right now is the delegate leader and the popular vote leader, donald trump. it's hard to say, charlie, as he gets to the mike there, what this would look like without trump? you might have a christie in there, or a bush in there. >> i think jeb bush, he gave a great speech and looked relieved to me. on the core issues, he didn't play them right. immigration is a big -- >> this is the guy that stole
8:52 pm
the thunder right now on the line for the republican nomination, donald trump. [ cheering ] . [ chanting usa ] [ cheering ] . >> well, i want to begin by thanking the people of south carolina. this is a special state. thank you. these are special people. you know, we got a little boost last week from a place we all remember, new hampshire, we can't forget it. special, special, we love it. they sent us here with a very good feeling, right? very good feeling. so i really want to thank you, and my volunteers, all of these
8:53 pm
people, volunteers. they travel and they go -- i say what are you doing? now they are going to texas and going all over, and some are going to nevada. i will be going to nevada and making a big speech tomorrow in atlanta and then going to nevada, and i think we are going to do terrific there, and the sec is going to be very exciting and we expect to do very, very well. i want to just say thank you to my family. it has been not easy for them. they don't see me anymore. i am making speeches all the time. i have a great family, i really have a great family, and i just want to thank all of you. we have a hospital ready just in case in south carolina, and if in south carolina we're going to have a baby, nothing wrong with that. it could be any second. it could be before i am finished. you know, she insisted on being here, it was so important to
8:54 pm
ivanka to insist on being here. thank you. we have a wonderful lieutenant governor that backed us very early in the process. you know henry, right? the lieutenant governor of south carolina, and i will take him over the governor anytime because we won. we won. he can handle that very nicely. he is tough. he is very tough. tiffany, eric, laura, and melania -- melania, say something. >> just want to say an amazing place, south carolina, congratulations to my husband, he was working very hard, and he loves you, and we love you, and
8:55 pm
to be going ahead to nevada and we will see what happens. he will be the best president. [ cheering ] . >> representing some very, very wonderful children, ivanka, just say a few words. >> thank you, south carolina. this is an amazing, amazing night. the momentum since the beginning of this campaign has been unbelievable and that's because my father's message resinates so deeply with so many people, so as our family we are incredibly proud and grateful to each of you so thank you for being here to support us. i will say this, my father is an incredible hard worker and he will be working for each and every one of you, and together we will make america great again. thank you. >> thank you very much.
8:56 pm
thank you very much. so you know, i was watching upstairs and it was really amazing to be watching what i was watching, and some of the pundits, but a number of them said, well, if a couple of the other candidates dropped out, if you add their scores together, it's going to equal trump. they are geniuses. they don't understand that as people drop out, i am going to get a lot of those votes also, you don't just add them together. so i think we are going to do very, very well. i think we are going to do very well. i want to congratulate the other candidates, and in particular ted and marco, they did a great job and did quite well, as i understand it. come on, one second, right, good. we go back tomorrow morning, and
8:57 pm
tomorrow morning we will be back, but i want to congratulate the other candidates, and there's nothing easy about running for president, i will tell you, it's tough, nasty, mean, vicious, and it's beautiful, when you win it's beautiful. we are going to start winning for our country. we are going to start winning. because our country doesn't win anymore, doesn't win. we don't win with the millairy, we can't beat isis, and we don't win on trade, you look at what china is doing to us, and japan, and mexico is killing us at the border and with trade. mexico is killing us absolutely. we'll do the wall. don't worry, we're going to do the wall. we're going to do the wall, and by the way, whose going to pay for the wall? mexico is going to pay for the
8:58 pm
wall. that is very easy. the other politicians come down, you can't get mexico to pay for the wall. i said 100%. we have a $58 billion deficit with mexico, and the wall is going to cost 10 to $12 million okay, and believe me, they will pay it. and a news conference in mexico said we will not be paying for the wall, the press came to me, and they told me that he said he would not pay for the wall. do you have a comment? i said, yes, the wall just got 10 feet taller. [ cheering ] and i love mexico, and i love china and i love many of these countries that rip us off because we have leaders that are incompetent and don't know what
8:59 pm
they are doing. i love these countries. they are great. i have thousands and thousands of hispanics, and we are going to nevada, and i lead with the hispanics, and i am leading in every poll with the hispanics, and they love me and i love them. the problem is that the leaders of these countries, whether it's mexico or japan or vietnam, which is just doing a big number now all of a sudden, or china in particular, that's the big one, the greatest abuse of a country that i think i have ever seen financially, china. what they have done to us is the greatest single theft in the history of the world, and they have taken our jobs and our money, and they have taken everything. we are bringing our jobs back, folks. we're bringing the jobs back. we're going to bring them back. and i know how to do it. we have had so many -- we have had so many incredible endorsements and to me getting the greatest business people to
9:00 pm
endorse us is great. we are going to put these business people in charge of trade and when china wants to come and negotiate, they will negotiate not with a political hack which is what they have now, they will negotiate with the best business minds in the world and we have them in this country. so we're going to do a lot of beautiful work. we are going to terminate obamacare. it's going to be terminated and over. it's going to be repealed and it's going to be replaced and you are going to have much better health care at a much smaller cost because obamacare -- if you look, look at the increases in your obamacare, 25, 35, 45, and even 55%, it's dead, it's not working. we are going to go to a plan that is going to be so much better and so much less expensive. so second amendment by the way, this is a room that loves the


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