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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  February 22, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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other pairings and groupings on other networks. here, it you get it. one-stop shop. keble excellence. here is a big part of that. trish regan. they do not know this stuff. trish: quite a night on saturday. thank you so much, neil. voters in south carolina giftwrapped a decisive victory. can donald trump stay in the lead and who does heeed to take out? i am trish regan. welcome, everyone to the intelligence report. rubio was born in miami. they were not u.s. citizens at the time. plus, apple and the fbi intensifying dramatically. not being entirely truthful with its customers. the families of the victims of the san bernardino killers.
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a court order to help unlock the terrorist iphones. plus, a "new york times" home is like 911. there is an answer. a positive conservative leader. that leader, grover norquist, is here. the latest in the media gone wild. what do we really know about bernie sanders? well, 40 years old. he used his only university of chicago education to spend years protesting and offering around in vermont. a guy that is still stuck in the 60s, believes the government owes him despite all the amenities that he has in his life, he wants to be the president? later on, a lot of people worried that president trump will not be able to get along with folks in washington. we have the intel. why a straight talker might be the only one that can cut
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through cronyism and the co-option and wall street in washington. turning now to donald trump's rival that are running at the time to stop him, marco rubio is desperate. joining me right now is fox news contributor. and leslie marshall. good to see both of you guys. starting first with andrea. that saturday night, working late. andrea, you look at the field suddenly narrowing. donald trump seems to be on top. interns of rubio, can he gain support? >> i think that it will be tough to get jeb supporters. he could get crew supporters.
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crew supporters are naturally antiestablishment supporters. there is a chance that they may go to trump. i think they will move over to a marco rubio. trish: if you think about it that way, that cruises going to stay, he is hoping for a good performance in texas. if that is the case, does rubio really become the biggest threat in all of this? >> you know, even trump himself has said that this is a three-man race. the establishment has to decide who they want as a candidate. jeb bush votes or money, jeb definitely has a lot of cash flow, donation, they need to. the gop needs to have a sitdown with the other candidates.
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trump or crews will be the nominee. poll show they will have a much more difficult time in a kasich or a rubio in a general election trish: probably a lot of money should be going rubio's way. if he starts pulling in all of jeb bush is both in the polls and all the support from kasich, does that mean that you will be looking at a two person race? >> i do not think that he will get that much support. jeb did not have that much support to begin with. everyone forgets about ben carson. that will likely go to trump. it all depends on who stays and who gets out. a general rubio would be better off beating hillary clinton fan donald trump. the democratic voting bloc.
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trump breaks for donald trump on this. blue-collar that is the demographic that reagan got. feeling they had been left behind by the bush administration. this is the voting bloc that the gop establishment has ignored. getting democrats. enough for barack obama. >> the strategy that you would use. if you were donald trump. he is the guy that has all the money. all the lobbying groups behind him. >> i think that you are right. the message about him being in establishment, being bought and paid for.
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isis in libya. who backed libya? who ousted the outing? marco rubio along with hillary clinton. making a case for national security. i think that he has a very compelling case. >> who is the harder candidate, in your view? >> marco rubio. look, we are seeing, in some of these states, quite frankly, the american public with some of the rhetoric that donald trump is putting out there. a general election that we will see, we have seen more of a left-wing america and fiscally right-leaning america. i do not disagree about the loop collar democrats. i think that it is a much bigger threat. though polls show 23% of those people are undecided.
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>> next to hillary clinton who has been secretary of state. >> so is barack obama. a key voter. look what happened. rubio. rubio is young and useful. a threat now. he positioned some of them. immigration reform. tax credit. they align with hillary clinton. hillary clinton and donald trump? i want to see you moderate. thank you so much for both of you being here. we appreciate it. the republican caucus is hosted
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by none other than neil cavuto. all right. trump moves forward. gop convention. something we have not seen since 1976. my next guest, former presidential candidate george pataki is here with his thought on it. >> would donald trump says things like mexicans are rapists or thugs, i am calling on every other republican candidate to stand up and say that what donald trump said was wrong and they should repudiate it just the way i am now. donald trump is dividing us so he gets the benefit. marco rubio will bring us together. the hardest for me would be donald trump. some of his comments have been outrageous. i do not think he is fit to have his finger on the nuclear button. trish: tell me how you really feel.
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governor pataki. the front runner for the republican party. good to see you. >> good to see you, trish. i would not say emerging. more than two out of three voted against them. five of six have decided in the last week. i think marco rubio would be a better candidate and a very good president. i hope that they rally. >> we were just talking about that. >> first of all, doing new things every day. trump's latest stupid thing, a slam dunk. he just comes up with something. >> court sort of insinuating with george stephanopoulos over
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the weekend. rubio is not really qualified. okay. we are going to bring that to you momentarily. here we go. >> suggesting that marco rubio may be both crews and rubio. >> i am not really that familiar with the circumstance. do with it what you will. he put the dow in people's minds. >> you says something outrageous and stupid. by and large, the media overlooks it. when it comes serious time, next
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october, these ridiculous comments are lack of solutions. making america great. they will haunt the republican party. a generational change. mentioning ronald reagan. then he goes, we, the children of the reagan revolution. it is our opportunity to give it to the next legislation. >> that new hampshire debate. >> and the establishment. bankruptcy lost. tax breaks. crony capitalism. he is not an insider. >> that is what it is.
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marco rubio has spent his entire career as a leader for change. tremendously successful speaker. in his first term, he has done things. he has gone through congress and signed by president obama. they will go bankrupt. obamacare will be gone. why is he a guy, i have to get to the voting polls and vote for marco. >> guess they were appealed to republicans and conservatives. not just republicans, but americans. trish: thank you so much. governor george pataki.
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coming up. the fbi and apple. intensifying. demanding apple help unlock the iphone. the fbi last thing the company for mischaracterization. deliver it week confusing this entire issue. bernie sanders. senators in vermont. a steady paycheck until he was four years old. too busy even his elite. bombing around. why the democratic party is now fearing. big problems for them. a big weapon for republicans. stay with me. i am back into. ♪
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liberty mutual insurance. trish: the fbi and apple art and war right now. wondering whether to unblock the iphone of one of the terrorist. take a deep breath and stop saying that the world is ending. all he wants to access this one iphone which he believes can hold the clue to finding more terrorist. then you have apple on the other hand. a whole lot more than one single iphone. everyone's primacy. apple cannot create software that is entirely 100% sure. the san bernardino victim. the privacy.
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it is the most important thing. it will not sit well. joining me now. elizabeth macdonald and tom mcinerney. good to see both of you. who will start his all is a bit mcdonald did she will just artist through here. this was about everyone's privacy. it is about this iphone. we need access. >> tim cook is saying, mischaracterized it what the government wants. this is what it is saying. essentially, the san bernardino terrorist are building a horde of weapons and type bombs. a bigger terrorist plot out there. why were we targeted? that is a mystery. what the government is saying,
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software and apple will keep it in its own custody. the abbey i will remotely crack into their. >> to clarify for all of those out there that are very worried. the government could access your phone. signing off from a judge. that is fictitious. >> apple, again, would keep custody of the software. they are worried that there are hackers will let leslie hacking. the issue, two, the san bernardino terrorist employer said, we all miss phone. yes, fbi, yes, apple, you can break into it. letting them access the site cloud account.
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>> the whole privacy argument will not hold up. here you go, fbi. here is the i cloud. >> it was letting the government have access to iphones. apple does not want to create this new software that would provide this back door for fear that it could get into the wrong hands. what they are telling us is that they cannot secure anything. i guess you kind of have to assume that. you were making the point that this is like whispering. whispering to my wife. no, it is not really. you should kind of assume that your phone, your data can be hacked at any time. you are kind of thinking of this in terms of privacy.
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in a way that just does not exist in our society unless you are at home whispering to your wife. >> the national security issue really concerns me, trish, as i said. the u.s. is number one. number two is china. they have a concern that china government may come to them and say, look, we have so and so. it tries to get the nation. we can get in and check his iphone. the fpi and the san bernardino officials were working this together. it has to be written.
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just to do with national security. really making it very tightly coupled. you do not want it in a whole host of other areas. if they do that, they will give up their encryption authority. i think that they can hold it tightly. having the fbi go through and a court order, it is expansion of government powers. the legal precedents. a private sector. tim cook is saying, yes, congress, you do a legislative answer. >> right. it is just for national security. trish: this is very much about marketing for apple. they are trying to protect their brand in all of this. do you agree with that
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testament? perhaps agreed to continue protecting their brand. >> i do agree. i think it is an important part of their brand and why they are doing so well. anybody that has communicated with james rosen. they told us that they were looking at what he was doing. you get kind of gina folded on it. is a government the government looking at what i am saying? they are protecting their brand and the government. >> rather than taking this. we hope that they do come to some kind of resolution on this. trish: thank you so much. general, good to have you here.
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coming up. pundits say donald trump would never be able to get along with congress. what? it is a good thing. up next. my intel on how the billionaires could be the ones that cut through all that cronyism. up next. ♪
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trish: donald trump looking more and more like he could be the republican nominee. he is getting really nervous. a businessman, he will not be able to get anything done in washington. never being able to understand how government wor. maybe. just maybe, that is what we need. what the heck is going on here. this would not be any old businessman. not beholden to anyone, as we have seen. clearly, no problem calling anyone out on anything.
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we need to cut spending. we know that. the reality is, our government pays too much four everything. when it does negotiate, it has senators and members of congress. of course, these deals are about the negotiated. why is it that we five military equipment? boeing in the district. needing money for the next campaign. crony capitalism is a big problem in washington. one in which the senator and congressperson is rewarded. i get it. this is hard to fight. that is why, i don't know who this person is, but whoever this person calms needs to be a
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disruptor. someone needs to get in there and say i am not afraid to break some glass. think about it. a push to the military spending program. someone like donald trump. he certainly has the characteristics to go out and basically shame that person. what is needed for the country. consider how terrifying this is going to be. status quo republicans out there. politics, it will disappear. so much more or less relevant. more and more scrutiny. they may actually finally be held accountable. imagine that. coming up, everyone. just two is bernie sanders.
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do you know that he never earned a steady paycheck until he was 40? he spent most of his time protesting, arguing for income. redistribution. working to abolish the cia. a lot of democrats nervous as it should. we are all over it after this. ♪ a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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>> who is earning sanders? really. new details on his past. every single one of us. to stop and to think. bernie sanders was a well educated university of chicago 50 who loved protesting. he has always been complaining about income inequality. even at a time where there was not really income inequality. he has never had a steady paycheck until he was 40 years old. he has been living off the government ever since then. no wonder he did not respect entrepreneurship. also here, another fox contributor. good to see you guys. starting with you. kind of a bit of a bomb.
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>> i had not heard or read any of these things. not particularly. especially if he became the nominee. i do not think you will. i am not sure how many americans want to vote. not only for his socialist, but someone who is a deadbeat for decades. someone who is building this country into something very special and great. he is a guy who, ultimately, though, is proposing unaffordable projects. even according to hillary clinton. that is where i think he hit him hardest. >> you say that this is the first that you have seen of it.
2:36 pm
i would be shouting this from the rooftops. this is a guy who does not really believe in becoming a participating member of so psyd. check out until he was 40. >> right now, it is a primary process of democrats. what they see is somebody who has been consists then. consistent on the issues. i can get something done. through politics. through legislation. standing separately been an independent. rallying around him. this is the difference. clearly the difference between a democratic socialist and otherwise. mrs. clinton understands that capitalism is necessary for a striving economy.
2:37 pm
of course senator sanders wants none of that. i would say it is definitely one of the big divides. >> do you think that fate even understand what socialism is. >> the people that have called my show and asked, have asked them to define themselves. technically, they could be socialist and still the democrats. they look at it as it takes a village. we make it into the system. we need to change the way the system has been attacking certain individuals. that is what we see. i still think if i were her, i would be shouting this from the
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rooftop. his ideas, they are going nowhere. hoping bad things happen to a prominent conservative here and the liberal media gone wild. right after this. ♪ pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. weyoung company around but if we want to keep the soda pop flowing we need fresh ideas! >>got it. we slow, we die. >>what about cashing out? no! i'm trying to build something here. >>how about using fedex ground for shipping? >>i don't need some kid telling me how to run a business! i've been doing this for 4 long months. >>fedex ground can help us save money and deliver fast to our customers. not bad, kid. you remind me of a younger me. >>aiden! the dog is eating your retainer again.
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trish: let's check these markets right now. quite a rally. 218 points. how do you like that? lots of green on the screen. 1.4. we had oil moving higher. 3148. shares of lumber liquidator. people exposed to the laminate. three times as likely to get cancer than they had originally predicted. yahoo! has hired three investment bank firm's. internet operations. a pretty clear time marissa mayer ready to take drastic action. more info on the liberal media. grover norquist. ♪
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>> the "new york times" columnist. he uses his own: to express hope. harm will come to conservative grover norquist. ted cruz in the same way as the anti-tax. he says we should shrink government.
2:43 pm
drowning it in the bathtub. am i a bad person? i hope that when norquist slips in that bathtub and then asked to call 911 no one answers. you know what, it was grover's lassie wife that responded to this. she wrote, my two daughters and i wish you would your family a long life. this is my first tweet ever. good for her. good for grover norquist. joining me with more now. grover, you know, your wife tweeted for the first time. >> it was a little bit much. usually a little calm her. here is the man of the left. some people on the left have certain active imaginations. if you tell them that there is
2:44 pm
no easter bunny or no tooth fairy, they get very angry. for a number of years, he has believed that the democrats want to raise taxes in return for fixing all the entitlement programs. he thinks that that is what they really want to do. if only the republicans would first want to raise taxes. i kind of popped this bubble and said, that will not happen. democrats rates taxes to spend money. not to spend less. they call it a decrease in spending. saying something on the left. there would have been demands for apologies.
2:45 pm
it may have been gendered and apology or something as close. people can talk about other people that way. they were right or center or individuals that may be themselves liberal, but they do not have any support. trish: let's get to this election cycle. he will be the nominee. >> well, he certainly could be. he could end up with cruz or rubio. it has not worked in the last six months. trish: yes. and if he does wind up as the
2:46 pm
nominee, are you pleased with his tax proposal? >> a top-rated 15%. very helpful internationally. he goes to a territorial tax system. his tax proposal is a very good tax reform, tax reduction. the good news for republicans is they are all in the same zone. for tax-free savings for individuals. very good zone. all of the candidates except for bush took the pledge never to raise taxes. trish: grover norquist. again, you know, we appreciated seeing what your wife wrote there. that is so nice to read about your husband, i am sure. thank you very much.
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as oil goes, so do the markets. so, what does that mean for the markets? ♪ you both have a
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>> watching the market right now. nonetheless, firmly in the green. 1.3%. you have oil to think. the u.s. government came out and predicted a drop in u.s. crude production. you have less to fly. you know, people want to realize we have bottom. are we anywhere near it? great to see you.
2:51 pm
that is the question. toyota, will it cover around here? can we firmly say that this is that? what do you think? >> trish, thanks for having me. $30 is too cheap for crude. we have seen very willing buyers when it goes below $30. one of the reasons, by the way, no one likes crude right here. the extreme pessimism convinces that there may be opportunity. hating them at 30. there is so much right now in the energy sec or. i think that this is a viable and least. trish: in terms of the overall market right now.
2:52 pm
>> i think what we will see his rotation. a lot of the leaders of last year should do worse. a lot of and doing very badly. things like energy and energy stocks. last week when the selling really got intense, many sectors broke the january low. the energy sector, the sle, for instance, did not break the january low. they previously did the worst. things like minors and energy. doing very well last year. high-tech, high flyers. the rotation is in the name of the game here. resources will actually do very well here. >> you want to be select this. you have been pretty bleak on the u.s. economy. not in a growth like trajectory right now. nothing like the fed or anyone else can do.
2:53 pm
how does that go with fewer views that the market will keep going higher? >> i want to keep being careful here. they have had and pretty incredible rally. we are dependent on which to use. they have had quite a recovery already. i am not really enthusiastic about stocks. i am about certain stocks. overall, i remain very, very cautious. we got back to unchanged today. on the s&p 500. i do not believe we will get back to unchanged on the year after all. overall, i am still cautious. i think the policy hinder is to growth. excessive taxation and insein regulation. stuart: you sound like grover.
2:54 pm
>> i am a big fan. trish: thank you so much. coming up, everyone. we were all here on fox business. i hope you did not miss it. if you did, we have some highlights. ♪
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trish: we had a dynamite weekend right here on fobs business. we were here saturday night, and we even beat fox news, can you imagine that? when it came to calling trump's win in south carolina, it was a pretty exciting night. it was neil, lou, myself, deirdre, charlie gasparino. well, here are just a few of the highlights of our special coverage, in case you missed it. >> i've enjoyed listening to charlie and others say what's going to happen if he loses. quitting has never been in any of the conversations that i've heard. trish: donald wants to have a big win here. it's part of his ego, part of his overall message. he will wake up and say, look, i
2:58 pm
need more ground troops, i need to spend some money. >> i've been hearing you plugging fox business, i just want to make sure i'm on message. everybody should be watching fox business. ♪ ♪ neil: all right. south carolina is now closed for business, if you want to vote will, you missed your chance. we can safely say that donald trump has won south carolina. we have a message from the trump campaign to charlie gasparino -- [laughter] >> usa! usa! >> tonight i am suspending my campaign. >> jeb bush has many things to be proud of. he's an extraordinary husband, he's an extraordinary father, he was the greatest governor in the history of florida. >> they don't understand that as people drop out, i'm going to get a lot of those votes also, you know? you don't just add 'em together. [cheers and applause] >> together we'll make america great again. trish: i don't see a jeb bush supporter going to the ted cruz side. >> very few people know that the race has been called for their candidate.
2:59 pm
there's been hardly any reaction in the room yet -- neil: could you shout and let them know? [laughter] do they get a tv? >> i am stuck here. neil: there's a crew that just turned on a tv to fox business network, and they found out that we have called this state for mr. trump, and you can see the reaction. i don't know whether that's for donald trump or fox business. >> donald trump is someone who is more at home quoting from the art of the deal than from scripture. he's someone who is -- neil: did you really see that? what's on the tv behind you? please tell me it's fox business network. >> is there any shameless opportunity for self-promotion you would -- neil: no. >> no. it's fbn, and we're very proud of that, and people are attuned. as they watch you on the big screen, i've heard the cry go out here in the ted cruz ballroom tonight, give us more trish regan. neil: the crowd erupting when they saw the first television images of fox business which a lot of them maybe don't get, and now they're going to napped. [laughter]
3:00 pm
trish: all right. well, thank you to that room there in south carolina. ted cruz and his supporters. we had a lot of fun here. it was a bigger big night -- big, big night. tomorrow night we will have special coverage of nevada's republican caucuses kicking off at 11 p.m. eastern. heading over to liz. liz: guess what? stand by for more breaking news from the campaign trail. both donald trump and ted cruz are about to speak live, so keep one eye on that, we will for you. and the other eye on the markets. wall street with quite a spring in its step. a great day for the bulls as the rally picks up right where it left off last week, and now look at the dow jones industrials, 217 points. propelling energy stocks much higher. so donald trump also has a spring in his step. donald trump jr. is speaking live now, and you can see donald trump right there on the stage as we await the billionaire businessman following saturday's south carolina prima v


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