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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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of classes even failing, according to campus newspaper. by the way room and board at brown? $64,000 a year. melissa: strangle my kids. david: $64,000 for activism. melissa: i will send them a bit. there you go. that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> this morning, i asked for rick tyler's resignation. i had made clear in this campaign that we will conduct this campaign with a very highest standards of integrity. deirdre: top spokesperson for the campaign of senator cruz is out after a video that wrongly depicted florida senator, senator marco rubio, as trash-talking the bible. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. here is the video that caused the controversy. cruz campaign spokesperson rick tyler originally sent out a video of rubio walking by a cruz staffer reading the bible in a hotel lobby. the original subtitles on the video showed rubio saying to the
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staff,er, quote, got a good book there? the not many answers to it. here it is. deirdre: rubio's team quickly sent out another video with the actual quote of marco rubio, saying quote, all the answers are in there. former house majority leader tom delay is with me now. congressman, thank you for being here. what do you say, not just of this particular video but of the larger context that the cruz campaign is pushing if not crossing some lines? >> well, i got to tell you that, there was probably the stupidest thing i have ever seen in politics. how stupid can you be to do something like that, particularly when you're under attacks that the cruz campaign is under. my advice to cruz is get ahold of your campaign.
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twitters and facebooks all this communication, particularly if you're going to attack another candidate personally, should be run through the candidate himself. you should not have free reign to put negative stuff out there. deirdre: being outrageous but not too outrageous. to your point, congressman, here is rick tyler apologizing earlier on fox news. >> i posted in haste. i should have not done it. i apologized to marco rubio. i apologized to the campaign and i posted that on my facebook and also shared it on twitter and saying it here. it was a mistake. i would not knowingly post something i knew to be false but you're right the judgment about what he said was wrong and so i apologize about that. deirdre: congressman, is the fall guy? does this represent a larger problem of tone in the cruz campaign? >> no, i don't think it's a larger problem with cruz.
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he has to get a little tighter hold on his staffers and get a little more involved with the decisions that are being made. i think cruz needs to go harder particularly after trump, and because trump is just trashing him -- deirdre: harder but different from what i'm hearing you say? >> yes. he really has to define and frame the argument trump's character, about his life-style, about who he is. people need to understand who trump really is. media is not doing that job. it is going to be up to cruz to do it. deirdre: so, congressman, you think most effective way, senator cruz came out against donald trump in the past and said, you're not really a through conservative. no one knows what you are. you are a hybrid nobody understands. do you think that is the path of attack? >> absolutely, absolutely. people need to know that trump is not conservative.
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they need to know what his business practices are. he has failed at many businesses. he has had four bankruptcies. i mean this is a guy that owns casinos and made money off pornography. cruz needs to frame who donald trump is, because if cruz doesn't, and trump becomes the nominee, you can absolutely believe that the democrats will do it too him. deirdre: well, that is a great point because there is a much larger fight that is looming. congressman, donald trump, has been tweeting and tweeting. i want to pull out one, wow, says ted cruz falsely suggesting that marco rubio mocked the bible. was just forced to fire his communications director. more dirty tricks. so when you say that cruz needs to attack trump, i'm assuming you're saying in part because trump has no problem attacking cruz? >> that is exactly right. i think he is having an impact. i think trump impacted cruz, particularly with the evangelicals in south carolina,
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by calling him a liar every 10 seconds. deirdre: there were a lot of people who were surprised that senator cruz did not do better there because he was thought to have a much larger group of support. >> yeah. trump is like an algebra liar. he thinks one lie, plus another lie, equals the truth. if you say it often enough people start to believe it. and cruz has got to fight back. he can't allow this to happen. deirdre: all right, i'm so glad to have your perspective on this. thank you so much, former house majority leader tom delay with me there. may be a three-man race heading into need's caucuses. donald trump leads nationally and in most state polls i should mention. both senators cruz and rubio have money to make march a strong month for their campaigns. >> let's have a big win at the sec. let's put this thing away and let's make america great again. >> for folks who are concerned
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that donald trump is not the best candidate to go head-to-head with hillary clinton in november, it is becoming clearer and clearer we are the one campaign that can beat donald trump and indeed we're the only campaign that has beaten donald trump. >> if you vote for me i will unite this party. if you vote for me, i grow this party. if you vote for me, we will win this election. the democrats do not want to run against me but i can not wait to run against them. deirdre: former senator scott brown with me now. senator, great to see you. we know that you are supporting donald trump. he just mentioned in one clip that we played dr. ben carson, but from south carolina, we have well-funded senators, rubio, cruz main competitors. does donald trump have to start fund-raising in a more interest additional way? >> well he said he will self-fund. that is what makes him quite different than the others. he is not reliant on anybody. that is one of the reasons quite frankly i'm supporting him.
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i want somebody to go down there who owes nobody anything. who can knock heads and take numbers and shake it up. right now the way they're doing business it just doesn't work. they don't talk to each other. they don't get the people's business done. they have kind of lost their focus. so i'm hopeful he will continue to do what he has been doing. he doesn't need to spend as much money because he is more of a populist. the energy that is driving his results are basically making it so he doesn't have to spend as much as traditionally there would be a need to spend. deirdre: so, senator, we saw donald trump's impressive results in south carolina. as we saw a very close, closely contested second place between senators cruz and rubio. we have been talking about this video that is creating all kind of changes. here is senator rubio's response to the so-called bible video. >> they actively promoted it and pushed it on people somehow i disrespected the bible. i know exactly what i said to the young man.
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i said the the answer to ever question you have is in that book. i answered the book of proverbs he was reading that books of wisdom. the take video to describe it complete opposite what i said, it is incredibly disturbing. >> senator, i spoke with tom delay. i'm sure you heard it. is this a problem with the cruz campaign because senator cruz is okaying this kind of tone? >> obviously the candidate is responsible for everything that comes out of the campaign. that being said you can't do everything. so he relies on his subordinates. having his press person in charge with that type of thing almost like they're a little too loosey-goosey with this thing. when you have an event you have your own individualinggrapher videotaping -- videographer videotaping this thing and no, this is what i said. probably what happened with marco. it is appropriate for him to step down. that being said, if you see what
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happened after iowa when he should have come out gangbusters on a roll, he was answering questions about ben carson, about the mail letters, then south carolina about the phone calls. so he, his whole messaging has basically got muddled, the fact he has been called a liar and his integrity has been challenged. that is a real problem moving forward. deirdre: senator, i can't believe, i'm sure it is true, of course it is true but fact that candidates have to have their own videographers that underlines this kind of new environment all politicians and all candidates have to face. >> yeah. deirdre: i want to ask you about senator cruz's response during a press conference earlier, i should underline that, he called the other candidates liars. it is pretty blunt. we'll listen in. >> i think it has been an unfortunate dynamic in this race that my two leading competitors, donald trump and marco rubio, don't want to defend their records. and whenever anyone brings up
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their record, they both follow the same pattern. they scream liar, liar, liar. rather than discuss substance. deirdre: so as a donald trump supporter, senator, does trump need to respond to that, or, is he so far ahead he just needs to keep talking about what he has been talking about because clearly it's working? >> well, first of all i like everyone of the candidates. i believe everyone of them would make a better president than bernie sanders or hillary clinton. let's start with that. that being said, ted is in a very interesting situation because of what happened with dr. carson and because what happened with the mailers and phone calls in south carolina. he is having to claw his way back to credibility and trustworthiness with people. no, you don't respond to every little thing. bottom line, marco and donald and ted, they will run their own campaigns. it's a blood sport. if you don't like it, get out. that being said i think it has been kind of mild up to this point in terms of the mudslinging and the like. deirdre: you think it has been mild? >> yeah.
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absolutely, compared to past elections. look at john mccain, what happened with him in his trials and tribulations obviously when he was running in the last couple of times. i think it has been pretty mild. but my suggestion not only to done ad but every other candidate start focusing on what is happening in the general election. everything that our candidates say is going to be used in some type of commercial, some type of social mead yu effort to discredit them against hillary or bernie sanders. deirdre: that is another great point and very true. senator scott brown, thank you so much. glad to have you here. >> thank you. deirdre: be sure to tune into the fox business channel for the nevada caucuses. donald trump may rack up another state. neil cavuto will bring results as soon as they come out. donald trump raising suspicions about ted cruz's citizenship. on friday we spoke to an attorney who is suing senator
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cruz. >> senator cruz is no longer walking away from this issue. he put his track shoes on and he is running away from this issue as hard and fast as he can. deirdre: now donald trump is raising questions about marco rubio's citizenship. from video legal experts that trump says make's rubio's run illegal, after this. >> sent out a retweet yesterday suggesting that marco rubio might be ineligible to be president. both cruz and rubio are ineligible to be potus. do you really believe that?
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do you really believe that? >> i think the lawyers have to determine that. it was a retweet. not so much with marco. i'm not really that familiar with marco's circumstance. >> then why retweet it? >> but i think that -- because i'm not sure. let people make their own determination. deirdre: first donald trump went after senator cruz. now he is going after senator rubio over his eligibility to run for president. with me now, fox news legal analyst, lis wiehl. lis, great to see you. >> great to be here. deirdre: donald trump saying, we don't know you have to ask the lawyers. you are a lawyer. what do you say? >> we, i am pretty sure he is eligible to run for office here. now he, little bit different with cruz. he was born in miami to immigrant parents and trump's supporters have also filed a lawsuit in texas already. now the first question in all of these lawsuits is standing. do the people that have, bringing lawsuits have standing? now the question there is, before somebody is actually got
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the nomination, a bunch of people have standing to say, look we've been hurt by this. we've been hurt by somebody has gone forward and they may not be actually eligible to run for president. that's really kind of thorny issue of the courts and could go either way. really when you have got somebody born in miami, anyway you slice it. it is a natural born citizen which is of course the legal test. deirdre: senator rubio brushed off trump's questioning. he says this is more about showmanship than true issue for him and we have senator rubio's quote on that now. >> well, this is, look this is pattern. this is game he plays. he says something edgy and outrageous and media flocks and covers that and no one can get coverage on anything else. that worked with 15 people running for president. it will not work anymore. i will spend zero time on his interpretation of the constitution with regards to eligibility. deirdre: so essentially he is just saying these are innuendos
5:18 pm
and there we go. >> right. deirdre: sorry. >> even saw trump in the interview you had there before. it wasn't a tweet. it was retweet. i have 14 million followers watching that. come on. deirdre: even in trump's retweet there was link to a video which another attorney gives the definition after natural born citizen. here is that. >> right. >> natural-born citizen is one who is born a citizen. so a natural-born citizen inherits his citizenship from his parents. just as he inherits his eye color, he inherits his citizenship. deirdre: all right. that is pretty clear to me. but one attorney in chicago, resident suing senator cruz, seeking to block him from the illinois primaries. on friday that attorney was with us. all right. actually, basically what he said is, the more and more researched this point, he personally became convinced that senator cruz is
5:19 pm
not a natural born citizen. and he really wanted to launch this to make a statement, i just want to say, full and fair disclosure, he does support dr. ben carson. >> right, right. deirdre: the campaign told this lawyer in illinois, leave it alone. >> that is why the legal theories are out there, the supreme court didn't decide this we look to the supreme court to decide this. that is why you have the three theories. there are three ways to look at constitution to decide what natural citizen is. tex allism. text allism. next, living constitution. living, breathing constitution. the third is originalism. it taste what it means, plain as what it meant in 1788. you have all the theories out there, and you get three different lawyers who support three different candidates they reed the constitution depending on these different theories. deirdre: big moves. gets very intense. lis you will stay with us. >> absolutely. >> we'll get back with you on some other thorny legal issues.
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meantime, lis wiehl. in apple very fuss the fbi the lines between. -- liz macdonald is with me to play judge. a very deadly weekend in michigan. an uber driver goes on a shooting rampage. we'll talk about uber's liability as the company says it screened the driver and he passed. our legal experts weigh in on the company's responsibility in keeping you safe. >> running stop signs, driving through medians, driving through lawns. i jumped out of the car and ran away. i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson.
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deirdre: apple is losing the battle of public opinion. more than half of americans think that apple is obligated to comply with a court order, not only obligated but should, and unlock the san bernardino's shooter's iphone. fbi director james comey posting
5:24 pm
a blog post essential essentially saying that. apple ceo tim cook firing back if he provides this tool that law-abiding people everywhere will be hurt and it sets a dangerous precedent. with me steven larson, suing apple on behalf of some of the victims families from san bernanadino. very glad to have you here. how did you connect with the victims of the families? >> my pleasure to be here this afternoon. i connected through the u.s. attorney, the u.s. attorney in los angeles. he asked us to weigh in on behalf of victims in this matter. we're the lawsuit such as itself is between the feds on one hand ad apple on the other. what we're representing the interests of the victims which we believe are more expensive -- expansive than the of law enforcement. deirdre: you hope you pass along
5:25 pm
first and foremost our collective condolences and support. >> right. we're going to be doing this filing what is called amicus brief on march think. that is -- 3rd. friend of the court brief, that will lay out for the court what interests of victims are. what we hope to do is encourage the court to give the government the relief that it is seeking, allow them to be able to allow apple to get access to the iphone. victims believe there is evidence, there is information on there, which is, is critical for them to know about. they have a lot of questions. why this happened. how could this happen? is there any other targeted individuals out there? are they targeted? there is a lot of questions that have arisen since december 2nd. and we believe that iphone -- deirdre: go ahead, steve, i'm sorry, finish your point. >> we believe that iphone has that information on it. deirdre: yeah. and you are certainly not alone in that. do you think there ever will be a case where the government will
5:26 pm
be sued? >> well, to a certain extent the government, the government has brought the suit itself. i don't think the government will be sued in a sense other than outside, i suppose a civil rights claim down the road. but this is a case where the government is doing exactly what the government has always done, when there is criminal evidence, or they believe there is criminal evidence, located in someplace. they go to federal court. they lay out their probable cause. they lay out the explanation, their justification for orb takenning the evidence and get an order from the federal court to basically give them that access. that is what happened here. that is what the fourth amendment is all about. you can't hide criminal evidence in your home. if you do the government can get a warrant and search and seize that evidence. that is essentially what is happening here and apple is taking the position they get to secrete this evidence. that they can deny the government access, even with a federal court order, to potentially incriminating,
5:27 pm
important evidence in a criminal investigation. deirdre: steve, we wish you luck because you're taking on apple and you are taking on essentially the entire tech community which is backing up apple. we are glad to have you here. thank you for coming. telling us your point. steve larsen joining us there from l.a. with more on legalities i will bring in my colleague elizabeth macdonald. she has been on this story since december 2nd. so, liz, you are following so closely this fight. no other way to say it, between apple and the fbi. what is the latest? >> good to be with you, deirdre. the latest is apple continues to push back saying that what the government is asking for would expand the powers of government. they're, they want congress to act. they want a legislative solution. what we're finding out now is essentially what, you know, steve larsen is saying, that the victims families are saying, why were our family members targeted? that remains a mystery. let's go through what is happening, essentially right now
5:28 pm
at this hour, tim cook seems to be softening his tone. he is saying he would gladly participate in a commission to possibly, with the u.s. congress to come up with a solution to this. deirdre: this is -- i have heard, in essence you can move to pass a new law that would essentially give apple a way out, also help the government, the fbi in this case actually do its job and help keep us all safe? >> yes, narrowly written to address national security issues. deirdre: that makes all the sense in the world. lights going on and words coming out. that makes all the sense in the world. some of the posting for people with language that haven't been following as closely as you have, tim cook before he softened, this case is more than about a single phone. this is about data security of hundreds of millions of law-abiding people. it is setting a dangerous precedent that threatens everyone's civil liberties. >> okay. deirdre: that was before his softening. >> let's show what you fbi
5:29 pm
director james comey is saying. also what the department of justice has said. comey is saying that this is not about setting a precedent. it is about the victims and justice. we owe them a thorough and professional investigation. rather the san bernanadino terrorists were hoarding pipe bombs and they had a large armament of military hardware and guns. deirdre: they were apparently receiving shipments all day. >> there could abroader terrorist plot or attack in the works. and here's what apple is not disputing. it is not disputing that what the government is asking for in terms of new software, which apple feels goes i don't have and beyond the law, that apple would have to write new software to get into the phone, apple would remain in apple's custody. the government doesn't even want to have that software. the other point is, the shooter's employer, county health department of san bernanadino owned iphone terrorists used and gave the fbi permission and apple permission to go in. the final point is that basically apple was giving the
5:30 pm
fbi access to the terrorist's icloud account until it went dark in mid-october. also apple also concedes that it had been giving content from iphones and other devices to the government in prior cases. cases. deirdre: elizabeth macdonald, tons of facts. >> we'll stay on this for. >> all straight, thank you. elizabeth macdonald with me there. >> sure. deirdre: you read and hear more about encryption. we thought it might be useful to describe the process. gerri willis is with me now. how does it work? you used this term, how does it work? >> hang tight. this is complicated. here is how a text message is encrypted. your phone that has two unique keys that encrypt and descript messages. public key is shared with other people's phone who use their own east phone private key to encrypt or lock messages sent to you. your private key is only on your device and is never shared. only it can unlock the messages. for example, look at the graphic.
5:31 pm
alice is the orange key when she sends a message to bob, want to meet at 7:00 p.m.? her phone automatically encrypts it into lots of random letters and numbers using bob's cell phone public key. bob's phone will receive the message and will use his private key to descript alices's message. when bob replies, see you then to alice, his phone uses alice's key to encrypt his return message. alice's phone uses her private key to descript his reply. deirdre. deirdre: gerri, thank you so much. gerri willis explaining a very complicated process in great simple terms. thank you, gerri willis. on fox business tomorrow, more on subject, neil cavuto speaking with former nsa director general michael hayden, the person behind the phone surveillance program. we'll ask him, neil will, of course what i thinks apple versus the fbi tomorrow, 12 noon.
5:32 pm
ben & jerry's ice cream cofounders want your taxes to go up. >> i do believe along with the majority of people in the upper incomes that we should be paying more taxes. because the currently, we're not paying our fair share. deirdre: more from an interview from bernie sanders's supporters. in fact one that got really heated. michigan uber driver going on shooting rampage. the driver may have picked up passengers between some of his allegedly murderous acts. >> running stop signs. we were kind of driving through medians, driving through the lawn. i jumped out of the car and ran away. torque ratios... three spreadsheets later, you finally bring home the one... then smash it into a tree. your insurance company is all too happy to raise your rates... maybe you should've done a little more research on them.
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>> running stop signs, kind of driving through medians, driving through the lawn. i jumped out of the car and ran away. deirdre: imagine being in a car where the driver was so reckless, you thought about jumping out? this is exactly what happened this weekend. the passenger you saw in that clip is alive but six other people are not. an additional two are injured after a 45-year-old uber driver went on a shooting rampage in michigan. the driver picked up at least one fare in the middle of his five-hour massacre. former dc homicide detective rod is with me now. rod, glad to have you here. uber says this driver alleged
5:37 pm
killer passed a background check, which they they say they do for all their drivers. how is this possible? >> well, you know, it could be possible if there was something, deirdre, that caused this individual to snap. new information i learned today is that the fbi is assisting the police department as well as the state police here in the state of michigan with this investigation. and let me tell you why that's critical. what the fbi is going to do is lend their forensic psychologist and psychiatrist to get into the mind-set, deirdre, of this suspect. there hasn't been any information yet that has indicated to us in law enforcement as to why this guy did what he did. however, one thing we do know with these kinds of cases is that typically the victims are selected based on some reason or another. in this case we don't know what the reason could be because according to the fbi and according to the police, there is no correlation, deirdre, amongst the victims.
5:38 pm
as you know the youngest was 15 and the oldest was 68 years old. deirdre: awful story. rod, thank you so much. appreciate your insight. >> thank you, deirdre. deirdre: former dc homicide detective. from michigan to vermont, ice cream company founders ben & jerry's agree with bernie sanders that taxes should be higher. >> so 92% whatever is above $250,000 or $300,000, are you prepared to pay it? >> if that's what everybody else is paying, i'm more than happy to do it. >> what do you think the highest rate should be? >> i'm not an economist. you know, -- >> yeah. but these are really important questions. when you're supporting bernie sanders and his ideas are as aggressive as they are, it's very important to make sure our viewers understand what they're talking about. so i just want to make sure that you're understanding where we are in terms of so what do you think the highest
5:39 pm
tax rate should be? >> well, as i said, i'm not an economist. i don't think anybody right now can say what that's going to be. deirdre: gerri willis back with me now. so, gerri, how much more impacts? because you've done the math. would people pay under the sanders plan? >> well, what i can tell you on this network we tend to say that sanders wants the top tax rate of 92%. but when you really dig into it is a top income tax rate of 52.2% and then payroll tax increase for this same people bringing it to 21.6%, add those together and that's federal taxes of 75.8% for the people at the highest level. 406,000 and more. so you can see folks in that arena will be paying a huge amount of their earnings right to the tax man. and, deirdre, i think you know, and you understand this has a real impact on gdp. this has an impact on the economy at large.
5:40 pm
and according to the tax foundation, growth in this country would stall by 9.5% over ten years. think about that. you're talking major, major recession. deirdre: more than 9%? >> yes. correct. deirdre: very clear figure, gerri willis. thank you as always. >> you're welcome. deirdre: gerri there on the sanders tax plan. be sure to tune in tomorrow fox business the latest rebuttal from the republican nevada caucuses. trump may rack up another state. neil cavuto is going to bringing you the rebuttal as soon as they come at 11:00 p.m. eastern time. silicon valley restaurant review company yelp put to the flame. it fired an employee who called out a ceo publically saying that her paycheck didn't give her enough money for food. my next guest says she didn't have to take the job if that was the case. also students at brown university complaining that homework and emotional stress are both interfering with their activism. some of their complaints after s
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deirdre: a yelp employee posted a public letter to the ceo criticizing him and the company saying she couldn't afford food because she was under paid for the bay area. she wrote quote here i am 25 years old balancing all sorts of debts, trying to pay -- pave the life for myself that doesn't involve crying in the bathtub every week. the author is with me now. great to see you. >> great to see you. deirdre: so this young lady is saying i pay 80% of my wages to live in the bay area. after taxes i make 8.15 an hour,. >> i sympathize with this girl but she knew the terms when she took the job. this is all about person responsibility.
5:45 pm
when i left home n mean early 20s, i ate a lot of ramen noodles -- deirdre: most people did. >> yeah. i didn't spend more money than i didn't have on things that i couldn't afford. i also didn't put myself or my parents in a lot of debt because i wanted to go to college. i went to college at night for 11 years while working full-time. so it's about personal responsibility. deirdre: it is about personal responsibility. there are some who even say that this young lady was about to get fired anyway, and it made her more emotional, that has not been confirmed, i need to underline that three times but the fact that she wrote an open letter. and according to her she thought that was the beginning of the conversation, but i think that's very hard for a ceo to back down from. >> well, listen, i see her as a young person who is inexperienced and also has the entitlement mentality. don't want to start at the bottom and work your way up. you think everything should be given to you or i want my way or the highway. it doesn't work that way and
5:46 pm
the real world, you work hard, you apply yourself, and there are rules and protocols when you work for a company. so clearly she crossed the line i want to ask you in this age of entitlement we are seeing more and more evidence of. students at brown university are complaining that homework is interfering with activism. now, people who know brown is pretty much the most liberal of schools out there. you can design your own curriculum. but one student told the brown daily harold that there are people breaking down, dropping out of classes, failing classes because of the activism work they're taking on. my grades drop dramatically. my health changed. i had deans calling me to make sure i was okay. i mean -- you know, -- >> yeah. deirdre: , yeah. >> more people not living in the real world, you go-go to work, you repeat. >> paying over $60,000 a year for their kids to be protesters because they're not getting their way. it is ridiculous.
5:47 pm
deirdre: it is ridiculous. i'm sure brown wishes if there were in the headlines this way. thank you. >> thank you. deirdre: users often self incriminate on social media. >> i'm driving home drunk. i can't read your -- deirdre: so that was a florida woman driving home drunk sharing the video as she drove on social media streaming app periscope. now on instagram one allegedly hip-hop star is looking like he's not so broke. fifty-cent after posting this self incriminating image on instagram. if you're having trouble reading it, the piles of cash spell out broke. our legal expert with me in just a few minutes pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
5:48 pm
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deirdre: rapper 50-cent filed for bankruptcy last year and has now been ordered to appear in court. the reason? he posted several pictures of himself surrounded by lots of cash. whack with me now fox news legal analyst. what was he thinking? either you're bankrupt, and you have no money or you're not bankrupt. >> and that's what bankruptcy as you are supposed to tell the judge, the bankruptcy judge what you don't have. what you do have and what you don't have. it's about transparency and it's about getting -- deirdre: i'm interrupting you but stash in that fridge. >> cool cash. get that. broke spelled out. prosecutors and now bankruptcy
5:52 pm
judges love facebook. they love social media because people do stupid things like this. this is not the only example. there are many examples out there and prosecutors love this stuff. deirdre: yeah, i don't know we spoke about this young lady in florida. >> right. deirdre: who took a periscope of her driving home drunk and obviously family and concerned friends basically called the police. >> right. and you wonder can this get into court? yes, it can. self-incrimination, it comes into court, it's her obviously. it's relevant. she's saying, hey, i'm drunk -- deirdre: i can barrel see. >> i can barrel see i'm driving, and i'm drink. i love this. i mean it's horrible obviously but it's great in the sense that there's your case. that's such an easy case. i love this guy. if you're the prosecutor. deirdre: yeah, that's it. it's over. >> that's it, easy day for me, i'm going to go get my nails done -- yes, it will come in. and you're saying what are they thinking? they're not thinking.
5:53 pm
it's funny. haha, well, it's funny until you get the felony dui on your list. i love this -- there's this guy who put himself on youtube. well, we all know that it's a felony to go, you know, drive and then -- and drink and then drive. so he gets in his car but he says but, you know, what about the driving and then drinking? so he gets in the car and then he snaps the beer bottle. and he puts it on youtube. deirdre: i'm going to wait for 50-cent's lawyer to tell him to say that was borrowed cash. >> there you go . deirdre: with us there. well, speaking of rappers, lala land could actually be going for donald trump. trump getting a lot of celebrity kudos from closet supporters. my next guest says hollywood
5:54 pm
conservatives are afraid to speak out. >> i've been talking to a lot of people here in los angeles and they're backing them up, and they like the honesty. now, i don't know if they're going to vote for him at the end of the day but they love the honesty.
5:55 pm
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deirdre: in los angeles gop candidates have more backing than people know about. brett ellis is the author of american psych on. he recently tweeted out quote just back from a dinner in west hollywood. shocked the majority of the table was voting trump but they would never admit it publicly. on with me recently expressed his admiration and support of donald trump. >> you've got to appreciate the honesty that comes out from donald's mouth every single time. you know, i've been talking to a lot of people here in los angeles and they're backing him up. and they like the honesty. now, i don't know if they're going to vote for him at the end of the day but they love the honesty. deirdre: the daily color chris bedford is with me now.
5:58 pm
chris, thank you for joining me. so why the secrecy? >> they have to in hollywood. hollywood is a town all about fashion. gay rights and moscow may be the fashionable thing that they care about or have foundations for. but the immigration that something trump has talked about, that's definitely a no-no. so it's funny he talked about this. he lost his original publisher because people said that american psycho was misogynistic, he didn't weigh in on which side he was on this argument. deirdre: so if you knew or people knew that more so-called liberals supported trump, does that help or hurt trump? >> i think it helps trump. it's been something -- his voters don't seem to be -- even if they're ideological, they seem to back him no matter what and they're not listening to the liberal standard bearers on it. he gets more of a gut feeling.
5:59 pm
and the polls have shown all the more interest supporters show that the very conservative republicans and voters usually side towards ted cruz whereas the very liberal people who identify as republicans are actually going much more towards donald trump because his positions are liberal. deirdre: well, you mentioned senator cruz, donald trump takes a lot of heat from people saying donald trump is not a true conservative but you're saying he has people on both sides. that's just the way he is. >> yeah. he's populous. when i was up in new hampshire, you see people on the streets with drug addiction problems, a lot of communities ravaged right there, and difficulty, a lot of these for the especially white working class voters, pushing the lgbt and black lives be agenda, republicans feel like they're pushing the wall street agenda, it was amazing how many people i met who were in between bernie sanders and donald trump. deirdre: not the only person who has said that, chris.
6:00 pm
just proves it is an outliers race. at least so far. chris bedford, thank you so much. >> thank you. deirdre: thank you for joining us here on risk and reward. charles payne is here. making money starts now. charles: breaking news a major shakeup inside the ted cruz camp. cruz has asked his national spokesman to step down after he falsely suggests that marco rubio mocked the bible. >> we are not a campaign that is going to question the faith of another candidate. even if it was true, our campaign should not -- that's why i have asked for resignation because the standards of conduct in this campaign have been made absolutely clear for every member of the campaign. deirdre: marco rubio campaign -- well, they just now released a statement called rick has a very good spokesman who had an unenviable task willing to do or say anythin


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