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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  February 22, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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just proves it is an outliers race. at least so far. chris bedford, thank you so much. >> thank you. deirdre: thank you for joining us here on risk and reward. charles payne is here. making money starts now. charles: breaking news a major shakeup inside the ted cruz camp. cruz has asked his national spokesman to step down after he falsely suggests that marco rubio mocked the bible. >> we are not a campaign that is going to question the faith of another candidate. even if it was true, our campaign should not -- that's why i have asked for resignation because the standards of conduct in this campaign have been made absolutely clear for every member of the campaign. deirdre: marco rubio campaign -- well, they just now released a statement called rick has a very good spokesman who had an unenviable task willing to do or say anything to get
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elected. there's the culture in the cruz campaign from top to bottom that no life is too big. rick did the right thing by apologizing to marco. it's high time for ted cruz to do the right thing and stop the lies. trump also reacting to the news by tweeting quote ted cruz has now apologized to marco rubio and ben carson for fraud and dirty tricks. no wonder he lost evangelical support. joining me now ford o'connell adam good man and meka. let me go to you first, meka. you are ted cruz supporter. this liar narrative that's been surrounding his campaign seems to be echoing louder and louder. will this firing help mitigate that or will it make it worse? >> ted cruz stood up for his principles, and i commend his decision. even though rick tyler was not responsible for the leaks early on in the -- during the iowa campaign, he understands as a professional that the
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buck stops here and ted cruz stepped up to the line and did what a leader does. he made a tough decision. he is going to run a principle campaign and not going to cross the line and falsely could you say another candidate of something that he did not do. and he's not going to question someone's faith. let me tell you that i was national coach for john mccain and for governor rick perry. and within the cruz camp, i have never seen such a cohesive group. they have weekly bible studies, the campaign manager, one of the most principled man i have ever met. look at james, for example, part of the tactics are saying he said this, and he said that. what i hope is we get down to more substantive issues next week at the houston debate. we only have three major candidates really on stage. charles: adam, let me -- >> that would be the best opportunity to show contrast between candidates. charles: i want to go to adam
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goodman because he's had the role in the past. even when ted cruz is speaking, his apology was interesting, almost backhanded even if they were true. i know this is a blood sport but has the cruz campaign gone too far? >> well, look at it this way, charles. you have a values driven candidate who suddenly has a values challenge campaign. and if these were just -- isolated incidents you can kind of diffuse in a way. but it seems to fit the narrative that donald trump and marco rubio and others have said of late just not being square. and, you know, i think the one thing that could remedy all of this frankly with ted as unfortunate as today's event was is winning. he's going to have to win to put this to rest. if not, i think this could be a snowball moving the wrong side down the mountain for him, and i think it gets worse not better. charles: but here's the thing, gina. can he win? is he doing so much damage to himself and maybe south carolina is evidence to that. can he even win anymore?
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>> i think that it just got a lot tougher with the firing of rick tyler because i think, charles, this isn't the point in the campaign where you want to look like you haven't made the best decisions regarding staffing. and i think that -- i fear that this begs the question, charles if he can't pick the right campaign staff, how can we know as voters or even as his supporters might wonder how can they know that he would then support a solid cabinet if he were president? i think it begs that question. charles: we've got charlie gasparino in the studio here with me. listen, we all make mistakes in terms of staffing. so i don't think anyone -- >> oh,s was this guy considered bad? he wasn't by most accounts. charles: i've seen some people say in past campaigns there was enough yellow flags or red flags that cruz should have thought secondly. but i think the issue is secondly how long did it take to do this and after the ben carson slap in iowa? >> i've been around wall street, i'll give you a wall street analogy.
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and sometimes these campaigns reflect that because they're put together in some of the ways the ceo says jump three feet, the whole company jumps three feet. so there's similarities here, and i've seen ceos get rid of underlings who just follow the ceo or the culture. and the problem i have with putting this guy out to dry is generally campaign managers and staff like that follow the cultural direction of the guy at top. chris christie would bridge gate the perfect example. yes, this people committed the actual, quote, unquote, crime but make no mistake. they were taken their cultural directions from the guy at the top that played very hardball politics. and the same here. it's hard for me to -- sort of disintermediateiate cruz from this guy. there's a commonality here. charles: and to that point, that's the task that cruz has got in front of him now, isn't it? >> well, cruz under achieved in south carolina.
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this is a pure political calculation. look. i know rick tyler, he's a good guy. but what you know? ted cruz decided he's got to stop the bleeding. this narrative of him being a liar and trading in deceptive campaign tricks has to stop because he's pinning himself as a straight shooter. charles: obviously it has to stop. >> he has to win. you know the first thing? basically finish in second place in nevada. and if he doesn't finish in second place in nevada -- >> doesn't that beg the question can it really be the campaign -- the campaign spokesman? not even the manager; right? he's the spoke man. can it really be the campaign spokesman's fault that cruz has a reputation for being a liar or playing hardball? it's not. this is a cosmetic thing. >> charlie, you're right. there's no question that rick tyler was following orders. okay? and the point is when you follow orders and the music stops, you're going to have to cut someone and rick tyler was basically the beneficiary of ted cruz's under handed actions.
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charles: let me go back to you on this, meka. does it feel like -- is ted cruz going to be able to say, hey, this was not for me. this was not part of my narrative -- it didn't come from the top in terms of marching orders or was it, hey, guys, do anything you can. win at all costs because that is what people are starting to believe now. >> absolutely not. he issued fair warning after iowa. no more dirty tricks. ted cruz is someone i've known for years. hhe is a principled guy. he's my senator. he stood up and fought for us in congress. he is a man of integrity. george w. bush senior gave money to ted cruz along with my husband when he was thinking of running for attorney general. he is a principled guy or he would not have made this decision. by the way, it was a lower level staffer that was leaking some of these things. rick tyler took responsibility -- >> it begs the question if you're going to have staff
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meetings every day and bible studies, i mean this is -- these are cohesive bunch. and it begs the question if you're that cohesive as a bunch, doesn't the culture start with the ceo? or the candidate? and i'm telling you every place that i've covered, every wall street firm and every campaign because i do some campaign -- i do some political coverage, it always starts with the guy at the top. >> that's why he took responsibility. charles: that's the point. >> after the in iowa, that's when people were calling for heads to roll after iowa. no one was even saying anything about this. it happened, tyler apologized. why now? it just doesn't seem -- it seems there's something bigger going on. charles: hold on a second. let me bring in adam -- adam goodman has played this role before and what do you say to that? because it does seem it could be too little too late.
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you wonder about iowa. maybe he was given the benefit of the doubt by core cruz supporters but even this folks are starting to peel away, adam. >> no. we're not. >> charles, first of all, presidential contests are real measures of leadership. and will what you do when the chips are on the table and you've got to measure up. and i think you're seeing cruz as a former communications director way back when, i can tell you it pains me to see the communications director go as the one that has to be the fall guy. but the on bottom line in all of this is i think ted cruz has a problem right now which seems to be rightly or wrongly the perception seems to be a growing pattern of behavior from the campaign. charles: you agree then that nevada all of a sudden becomes very, very important with respect to cruz showing well coming in second? and another beat by rubio versus cruz. could that be something of a death now? >> yes. i think, it could be -- charles: one second. >> i absolutely do think it
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could be a death nail to ted cruz because that would be too under achieving showings heading into super tuesday which are supposed to be prime time hertory for ted cruz. remember something in politics. perception is reality. perception is not good for ted. charles: last word to you, meka. >> never in the softest part of our policy or our focus -- our focus is on super tuesday and ted cruz is polling well. not only in texas, tennessee, georgia, he's doing well -- you will see a very different ted cruz at the debate on thursday night. charles: okay. >> i think it's critical under the circumstances. charles: all right, guys, we're going to be talking about some polls later on in the show. believe me. we're covering it all. thank you very much and of course you don't want to miss fox business' coverage of the nevada gop caucus. neil cavuto and crew. yes, i've been roped into that. it's going to be -- i think i don't know a 21-hour day for me. we're going to have all the details for you. all night tomorrow. we have special live coverage begins at 11:00 p.m.
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we've got special guest sheriff joe pyro. you know him. former governor, chuck the game show host. that's all tomorrow and other surprise guests tomorrow right here on fox business. so which candidate holds all the cards right now? and what's up with the establishment? who's going to drop out soon and why? we're going to discuss it when we come back (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise?
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when you're on hold, your business is on hold. that's why comcast business doesn't leave you there. when you call, a small business expert will answer you in about 30 seconds. no annoying hold music. just a real person, real fast. whenever you need them. so your business can get back to business. sounds like my ride's ready. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. >> i believe that donald trump will not be our nominee. but the only way to beat him is for conservatives to unite behind our campaign. if other candidates devote all their time and energy in attacking us to engage in
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personal slurs or attacks, it is possible they could weaken extent that they hand donald trump the nomination. >> we're still fighting each other in july, august, or september, we are going to lose. we have to come together at some point here, or we will lose. and i can bring us together faster than anyone running. charles: i guess we can call it the anybody but trump wing of the party. not even establishment now. we've got ted cruz and marco rubio expressing how confident they are they could win if it of us just a one-on-one campaign. so what do we expect going forward? the panel is back with us. ford, let's start with you. if we look at south carolina, for instance. the nontrump voters, obviously to trump's point, they would not all go to him but certainly you would think a lot of kasich and bush supporters probably fall into the rubio campaign. a lot of people saying the rubio supporters fall into the cruz camp. is that still a viable option? >> well, i think it's a very viable option. the only way that you're going
6:16 pm
to stop donald trump is in a one-on-one. i have to say this as of today and things can change, marco rubio has a little bit better of a shot than ted cruz of making it a reality. but if cruz were to drop out first before the establishment lane consolidated, i wouldn't be surprised to see half of the supporters go to donald trump because they see him as a man of action. charles: bottom line a lot of the folks that did break through cruz on saturday were deciding between him and trump. but, adam, the notion is that this establishment lane is still a viable lane and certainly rubio. i lost track how many endorsements he got. not that they really matter but perhaps he's the establishment's last chance. >> it may be. but i can tell you what americans are looking for. they want competition here. i think they're actually enjoying this by what we've seen. record turnout in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina. i expect record turn out throughout the rest of the primaries until there's a nominee settled if then. but the interesting thing here, which has not been
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reported, i believe. is that a lot of voting has already begun. charles: yeah. >> certainly here in florida. the 30 days -- 30-day limit is when the absentees drop. so both have already been cast as i heard today in florida about 185,000 votes were cast as of this morning. now, a lot of these -- a number of those votes obviously if you looked at the percentage in the polls, were jeb bush votes. in florida. now, this votes don't count. they may have gone, you may argue to a more established candidate like marco. they're no longer available to him. charles: and that's a great point. you wrote a great piece arguing that cruz should step out of the race. why? >> well, i think that if you see this election as a -- the antiestablishment folks versus the establishment folks, then the only way to get an antiestablishment candidate at this point would be for cruz to step aside. now, many will argue that that's not the real fight. but it's a conservative versus moderate or -- i don't know. but if you're still in the camp that says the most
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important thing is an antiestablishment candidate, we have to realize that the establishment has colike he said -- i think sort of a defacto establishment candidate. i don't think they wanted him but rubio's their guy. so if conservatives or antiestablishment folks don't want rubio, there's only one candidate. charles: the better part of ted cruz. charlie, let me get to you before i come back, the race is tightening up and trying to get jeb supporters. when we come back, though, we want to talk about who has the best chance to beat donald trump rather. stick around your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you,
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6:22 pm
kasich hanging in there at 18.6% and ben carson more than 6%. i suspected that this real clear politics polls start to adjust here just a little bit. what are you seeing in terms of momentum? and also some of these polls late last week have gotten the story wrong that it was going to be tighter than we thought initially. even the initial exit polls at four or 5%. what's wrong with these polls in general? >> well, you know, primaries very difficult to poll. i know nobody wants to hear that same old story. but it is true. you don't have party identification to anchor people's preferences like you do in a general election. so people are constantly updating their preferences amongst a set of candidates that despite all the vitriol are pretty similar in a lot of ways. and they tend to blow with the results of the debate or, you know, some kind of speech that's made that gets a lot of attention. so, you know, i think they were off a little bit in south carolina. basically donald trump got slightly less than he was
6:23 pm
polling. ted cruz got quite a bit less than he was polling. marco rubio a little more. . deirdre: i'm sorry to interrupt. but we don't have a lot of time, and i've got to get to the contention that cruz said there were a lot of pockets of liberalism. i don't understand why any political party would let someone not in their party vote and decide their nominee. nevertheless is that something also -- are we seeing changing demographics? could that also be a narrative there? >> any time you move to the southern states, which are disproportionately moved, you register but you don't register by party which means every party has the opportunity to choose. that invites people from the other side of the aisle to cross over. maybe they have a preference, maybe they want to monkey around with your primaries. it's not clear what their motivations are sometimes. but they're perfectly clear to come over and vote. so on paper, those claims are correct.
6:24 pm
i'm not sure -- it's much of an explanation that ted cruz didn't do as well as expected, but it's true. charles: thanks a lot, buddy. i want to bring in the panel now, charlie, you took a lot of heat over the week. earlier in the process you said you thought maybe donald trump wasn't serious about this and he would drop out. obviously he's in for the whole run of it. what is it that you think you got wrong? >> i took heat from three donald trump patrols. not a lot of heat. charles: okay. >> and the only reason why you know that is because i responded to them. charles: but what do you say to people who initially under estimated this whole process? because this is different than any other election. >> listen, donald still hasn't won it, and he's going to have to spend money and i don't care what anybody says. you can't run a serious presidential campaign and, you know, lend your campaign $12 million and expect that to go the distance. this is -- we're going to see the rubber meets the road in some places.
6:25 pm
and i will say this. donald trump is getting 30% of the republican vote. his negatives are very high with republicans as well. i don't know how that -- that does not translate well into a general election. it means he's probably going to lose pretty handily -- i think that's the word, to hillary or maybe even bernie sanders. but he loses pretty big time to the democrats. and if the thing gets narrowed to one. particularly if it's rubio, i think there's a lot of cruz supporters that are never, ever going to vote. i think if it's one-on-one, rubio can win. charles: you know, we've heard that over and over again, and we do see where trump has had decisive victories but you could argue and people have that -- one state 75% of the folks in the party did not vote for him and last one almost 70% didn't. what's the counter argument to that? >> well, i think just the simple math is the counter argument. if trump has this ceiling that everybody keeps talking about.
6:26 pm
well, then what's the ceiling on cruz or rubio? what are this numbers? because i do agree with one thing, though. i do agree as we continue to watch this progress, i think that the establishment is going to coless around rubio. >> yeah., but gina. >> i think that's what's going to happen. >> there are certain numbers opinion, listen, i know you can't quote polls all the time because they're unreliable. although the public polls are pretty reliable on trump winning by ten. but i point out clear politics of all the candidates, major candidates in there including kasich. there's only one candidate that consistently loses to hillary clinton. and that's donald trump. charles: all right, guys, let's leave it right there. we've got breaking news waiting on marco rubio at a rally in nevada. we want to see if he mentions ted cruz and also if he feels like he's got a win if. he had a surprised second in south carolina. we'll be right back i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven.
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charles: well, we are waiting marco rubio has had a big rally in nevada. we're going to bring it to you live. but first while we wait for this. check out my poll on twitter. cvpayne. let me know what you think. if so, what's going to take its place? right now nearly half of you are saying it is dead. so far gop narrative is that, listen, the whole thing is out of place. only 15% think the gop is alive. 17% say it will be more liberal. 19% say it will be more conservative. whatever you think, we know the fact.
6:31 pm
the gop is in tatters, and many think it's going to be completely different when the whole thing is said and done. what would the values be? first it used to be god, family, country, i don't know if this are still the corresponds but a lot of people saying conservatives are turning on everything. even citizens united. lifelong republicans taking a stand on a lot of things they used to take a stand for. back with me gina and adam. this battle is going on. even today one of the big things is, hey, citizens united was a bum deal. too much money in politics. you -- this typically you would think this are bernie sanders, you know, the sentiments of a bernie sanders crowd but it wasn't. these are old school republicans. >> well, i do think that it is high time the gop. and i think the tea party has been screaming about this for a very long time. i think the gop admits that there's too much crony capitalism on both sides of the aisle, that includes the
6:32 pm
republican side, and i think that's what you're hearing. i think it's a rational statement, charles, and i think it's something you've talked about many times on the show. i don't think this is in any way a loss -- >> but one of the kings of crony capitalism, self admitted. listen, i like donald trump. i know donald trump for a long time. probably longer than most people here. he's a good guy. i really like him. but one of the hallmarks is crony capitalism, and that's one of the contradictions here. he admits it. he gave money to hillary, that's called crony capitalism, by the way. all about his business. his personal life leads into his business life. and i will say this. here's the scary thing. why are all of these traditions of conservative being challenged? well, obviously you have a base that's very angry. and rightly so on a lot of levels like the ignoring of immigration as a major issue for the base that the -- the establishment did that. that's horrible they did that and now they're paying for it. but i want to say this -- when i talk to people about some of these donald trump rallies and
6:33 pm
some of his campaign events, they border on violent. and sometimes they are violent. they're angry. be i get the anger. but it's about time that he comes -- he puts an end to this. i mean, listen, it was a fight at the last one. connell mcshane was there. i've heard about certain people getting threatened inside these places. i have sources that tell me this. this is a very bad thing. it's one thing to take the anger, try to move it in a positive direction. but when you stoke that anger and where it becomes like something out of a bad movie, you know -- the 1930s,. charles: let me bring in ford on that. this is something we are hearing more and more. i think it's been asked on donald trump more than one occasion. not a clear answer on that yet. but we do see a couple of interesting things here. we do see people fed up and angry. they're reacting a certain way. but we're also seeing people that six months ago would have never, ever apologized for planned parenthood go on tv and tell us the virtues of planned parenthood.
6:34 pm
what's going on? >> well, i do think the gop is changing before our eyes. let me say this. people are not only just angry, charlie, they're also frightened. okay? because remember fright -- it can turn into anger as well. what i will say is it's really becoming the jesus moment for social conservatives. business conservatives and neocons in the republican party and that's where we're seeing this position. >> charlie -- charles: let gina. say what you have to say. i'm sorry. >> there's not one single candidate in this election that hasn't enjoyed the privileges of crony capitalism. it's the people that are rising up saying we want a candidate who's going to commit to stopping the crony capitalism. >> well, none of them will. >> well, that's not true. i think some of them have -- who can't has been? >> it's definitely a platform. >> well, they speak about it, but they all practice it. they all engage in it like crazy. >> but that's every single presidential candidate on both sides of the aisle. >> right. >> for how many decades? i think the idea is american
6:35 pm
people are calling for a stop, charlie. charles: adam, let me bring you in. let me ask you. what do you think? the gop -- i put the twitter poll out there. 49% saying it is dead. it is dead. only 15% say it is still alive. what are we going to see? >> well, first of all, we should bring this in by talking about what's really going on. it's not just anger and anxiety. it's i am patience. the american people are impatient with the fact that the government isn't working anymore and a lot of people in this country aren't either. and this election isn't about ideology and partisanship. i'll tell you what it's about. leadership. and people are making judgments every day in this campaign testing out the various on both sides of the aisle, by the way, to see who can really measure up. and i think the bottom line in all of this for the party is good. i like competition. i think it's good for the party that we're struggling to find our new identity. i think we do have to find a way to lead these difficult
6:36 pm
times and this campaign will well serve -- >> well, it depends. it depends how you're playing this. i mean i really do worry that, listen, i am the standard notion that, you know, for years the establishment of the republican party said we can't stop illegal immigration. we can't stop it. you told that to the average people who saw us put men on the moon and develop iphones and do all of this great stuff yet we can't stop illegal immigration. donald trump has hit that nerve. thank god he has. but i'm telling you. when you start to and we'll to the base instinct of the crowd, that becomes a really bad thing. listen, there's founding fathers, you know, put in all those checks and balances for that -- that one reason, and i think when you go to some of these donald trump events, i am not under playing this when i tell you this. they -- they are angry, nasty people -- there are angry nasty people. charles: i will say -- i will say this, guys. i remember the same sort of narrative being presented about tea party events, and i went to at least a dozen of them.
6:37 pm
and you can find one or two people -- when there's a crowd of 20,000 -- when it's a crowd of 20,000, you can find a couple of crazies. but, you know, it's simple that we should look at because donald trump wants to be uniter. that's what he's telling the world and that's what we really need in this country. let's keep it right there, guys. we're going to come back. and i want to remind the audience, you don't want to miss the coverage of the gop caucus, neil cavuto special coverage begins at 11:00 p.m. guests include sheriff pyro, chuck game show host, i'll be there as well. tomorrow night right here on fox business. breaking news marco rubio rally in nevada. we're going to bring it to you live as it happens ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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6:40 pm
will he bring it up? and what will he say? we're going to bring it to you live. a lot on more of this crazy race
6:41 pm
charles: now to the markets. on february 11th, the dow jones industrial average was collapsing. you guys remember a couple of weeks ago the index, though, that same day reverse into the close and to finish on a technical double bottom using a one-year chart. and then the market followed that up reversing into last week. in fact, last week was the best week of 2016. and while that momentum carried over into the day. stocks popped out of the gate. and here's the most important point. they stayed strong closing high in the end of the seg. and i call it dirty fingernails, it's not the part of the companies that are sexy, but they built america. we're talking the rails, oil drillers, manufacturing. now, talking a merger between united technologies, that helped the midday lul and held it above a critical support point. now the index. take a look at xle.
6:42 pm
that's your index. a pivotal point. those are your industrials. that breaks out through 60 and that could carry a market for a bigger ride. a. as for the dow closed above the 50-day moving average. 17,100. home depot, they report in the morning. that's going to set the stage. now, for potential ideas, go to remember i mentioned five names. that's my watch list. or part of my watch list. awaiting a big rally. marco rubio will come to you live from nevada also wrapping up more. and of course you want to watch fox business, our coverage of the nevada caucus. neil cavuto going to have live coverage for you. i'll be part of that crew. going to start at 11:00 p.m. foreman governor anne brewer, chuck, the game show host of course two and two and that's tomorrow night right here on fox business. we are waiting right now, though, marco rubio.
6:43 pm
what will he say about ted cruz? he's got momentum. could he be the candidate to challenge donald trump? we'll be right back pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. i thodid the ancestrydna toian. find out i'm only 16% italian.
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the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ charles: welcome back. going right out to marco rubio. >> vote for me because i'm not as conservative as the other people. as somehow being a conservative means you can't win. nothing is further from the truth. i am as conservative as anyone running in this race, and i've got a 15-year record of public service to prove it. now, it wasn't a full-time political figure, but i was a state legislature in florida to part-time job. and in my eight and a half years there including my two years as speaker, we didn't just talk about conservative ideas, we turned conservative idea into action. i didn't become a conservative
6:47 pm
two years ago when i thought maybe i'm going to run for president as a republican. so let me start talking like a conservative. when i was in the florida legislature, we dealt with them in a domain abuse. now, i'm not saying this ever happens. just theoretically let's say a private developer tried to take your property away to build a hotel. just theoretically. you can't do this in florida. you know why? because i passed a law, one of the strongest laws in the country that says be you cannot take private property away to give it to a company so they can use it for their own gains. [cheers and applause] when i was the speaker of the florida house, not only did we balance our budget without raising taxes, we cut property taxes in florida. when i was speaker of the florida house, we added vocational training back into our schools because this country needs more welders and plumbers and pipefitters. when i was speaker of the
6:48 pm
house, we reformed our curriculum, and we didn't use common core, we did it at the state level where it belongs. [cheers and applause] and now in the u.s. senate, i'm proud of the work i've done there as well. today. today you can fire an executive at the va who isn't doing a good job because i passed the law that gave us the power to fire people that aren't doing their job. [cheers and applause] and as a senator, i led the effort, and we imposed additional sanctions against a pro iranian terrorist group that targets israel. we pass the law and imposed sanctions on them. [cheers and applause] and i led the effort. and we got rid of the obamacare bailout fund. they were going to use your money to bail out private insurance companies, and we got rid of the bailout fund. and when i'm president, we
6:49 pm
will get rid of the rest of obamacare. [cheers and applause] and we were able to achieve all of those things despite the fact that at the time the person running the senate who happens to be from nevada -- i don't hold it against you. hey, don't worry. this year you're getting rid of him. [cheers and applause] anyway as you can tell i'm pretty happy about that too. not as much as you are? is that what you said? yeah. all right. good. see? there's a new day ahead and better days ahead for america and better days ahead for nevada and better days ahead for the u.s. senate. but i've got to tell you that we have to make the right decision in this election. now, i'm as conservative as anyone in this race. i -- go on the website of any group that ranks conservative, and you will see my name right
6:50 pm
at the top of the list. but i'm a conservative that can euthanasi unite this party. we can't win if we're not united. and if they become the nominee, half this party will check out. half this party will go home. and we can't win if that happens. if we're still fighting against each other in september and october, we are going to lose. we cannot lose. i will unite this party, and i'll do mosh that. i will work every day to grow it. and that means to go for the people that don't vote for us now and convince them what we stand for is better for them and better than america than what the other side is offering. and i know i can make that argument. [cheers and applause] you know why i can make that argument? because we're going to take that argument to the people who grew up the. i've lived paycheck to paycheck. and i can say, look, i've come from where you've come from.
6:51 pm
i have lived the way you live, i have faced what you're facing now, and i'm a conservative ambushed a conservative because what we stand for is better for you, better for me, and better for america than big government. [cheers and applause] we can take our message to younger americans. one of the things i'm proudest of when i do my rallies around the country, we have a lot of young people that come. and one of the reasons why is because i am the only republican time and again talks about one of the major things facing young americans. student loan debt. it's crazy. a 500% increase in loan debt in this country. oftentimes for degrees that don't even lead to a job. i had a student loan. three years ago i still had a student loan. i never met her, but i paid sally may a lot of money. i'm the only one running for republican that has a plan to deal with it and talks about it. we're going to take our message to working families, to people raising children
6:52 pm
because jeanette and i are raising our four children in the 21st century, and has gotten harder than ever to nil the values that we learn in our church with them because we compete the values that they ram down our throat in the popular culture. [cheers and applause] we will unite this party, and we will grow it, and then we will win this election. and, by the way, we're not going to just win nevada. we're going to win nevada big in the general election. [cheers and applause] and by big, i mean anything more than one point. that's enough. after having lost it twice in a row, we're going to grow it. we're going to grow this party, and we're going to win. and then we have a lot of work to do. a lot of work to do. because the damage that barack obama has done to america is extensive. if you elect me president for the first time in eight years, you're going to have a president that actually follows the constitution of
6:53 pm
the united states of america. [cheers and applause] on my very first day in office, on my very first day in office, i will immediately repeal every single one of barack obama's unconstitutional executive orders. [cheers and applause] when i am president of the united states for the first time in eight years, you will have a president that fights and protects your first amendment right to live out the teachings of your faith in every aspect of your life without being prosecuted or persecuted. [cheers and applause] when i'm president of the united states, for the first time in eight years, you will have a president that defends your second amendment rights to protect your it family and your properties. [cheers and applause] by the way, barack obama acts like the second amendment was a suggestion. it is not a suggestion. it is a constitutional right,
6:54 pm
and we are going to protect it. when i'm president of the united states for the first time in a long time, you're going to have a president that understands the federal government is a limited government. there is not supposed to be a federal solution to every problem in america. [cheers and applause] there are a lot of problems that don't even have a government solution. as a country, we need to start taking responsibility for ourselves, for our children, for our communities, for our families. this is not about law. it's about values. and you can't teach values through government. they have to be taught in strong families. living in strong communities. backed up by strong churches and synagogues. you'll have a president that understand that what happens in your house is often more important than what happens in the white house. [cheers and applause] and you'll have a president that understand that if it does have a government solution, it's more often than not a state government solution. or a local government solution.
6:55 pm
we will follow the 10th amendment when i'm president of the united states. [cheers and applause] and you will have a president that believes for the first time in a long time that the federal government should not own over 80% of the land in the state of nevada. [cheers and applause] here's the truth. we don't need that -- we only need a few acres in order to store the ufo alien bodies. [laughter] that's a joke. that's a joke. they're not in nevada. they're in utah. charles: all right. marco rubio having a great time on stage. hadn't said anything about ted cruz or the fact that he's been somewhat complimentary of his rivals and instead of focusing on hillary clinton and bernie sanders. i want to brick in cathy taylor and ford o'connell is back with us. what do you make what's going on with the gop? i posted the question on twitter.
6:56 pm
is the gop party dead? 49% said, yes, it's tattered and can't be fixed. >> i disagree with that. i think it is healthier than ever. what you're seeing is the grassroots. people that identify with republican principles that are saying, look, establishment, get out of the way. because we're looking for people who are going to find that they're for freedom opportunity and going to be true to the constitution. and, charles, quite frankly i think that this very robust primary that we're having is one of the healthyst things we've seen in decades. charles: what i'm seeing is a gop civil war and people always on the same side of issues now not obstacle agreeing but going at each other. do you think the ultimate nominee will be able to unify, bring everyone back under this big tent? >> absolutely. as the scc primary is coming up march 1st, i've talked to
6:57 pm
so many people here today in tennessee who have said, look, whomever the nominee is, i'm with them. they've all picked their candidate. they're all going to be out there voting. but the one thing is they're going to come together after this primary and whomever is the nominee, they know we cannot afford to lose this election and have hillary clinton or bernie sanders or al gore or joe biden, whomever they end up with in the white house. charles: carl, we were watching marco rubio. essentially it seems like his now sort of narrative is going to be i am the conservative who can unite the party. i am the conservative who can win. sort of i guess not directly talking about trump but echoing the notion that he has high negatives and can win in an election. although there are more and more polls showing him beating hillary clinton. >> well, that's a common thing touting now. that i'm the only guy that can win. he says almost 68% of guys didn't vote for donald trump in south carolina.
6:58 pm
yes, 78% guys didn't vote for marco rubio. so that argument is not void. the problem here is the american people have been told for so long who to get behind, now you go support it. now the american people are telling the gop this is our guy. donald trump, and you get behind it. charles: what do you think, kathy? >> i disagree a little bit respectively with carl. i think certainly there is a big voice for change and that bucks the establishment preferably. but people are going to come together at the end of the day and they're going to support the gop candidate. charles: so someone like eric mcentarffeeric he'll never vote for donald trump and i've heard people say that. at the same time it seems like the ultimate candidate could be fractured. maybe somehow losing the impersonal election. >> i think at the end of the day we're going to come together. >> i do think as if today marco rubio is the most
6:59 pm
electable that could change. but it's important why the gop comes together. they cannot understand hillary clinton and they're tired of losing and they actually understand the states of this election that all three branches of government are open and that's really and these what's going to drive them at the end of the day. charles: representative blackburne, would you say the party would be more liberal than it had been in the past? >> oh, no, i don't think it will be more liberal. i think i think you will be more constitutional and i think that you will see an outsider nominee. i think this is a message about an election about messages and getting our house in order and people are going to say we want to see a constitutional government do the things you are supposed to do. all these other things you have gotten into him get out of it. >> more constitutional aim into that. i hope that's the case. thanks a lot guys appreciated. before we go we have to give the east coast wings franchise specializes in a flow wings. their business model is that
7:00 pm
wings are here to stay. sort of like the gop, that's what the panel is saying. go to the web site bing. great audience, lou dobbs is next. lew good evening i am lou dobbs. for the remaining five republicans candidates are now in nevada. campaigning ahead of the caucuses. governor kasich is looking ahead to virginia for donald trump has a significant lead in the polls in nevada and of course coming up to impressive back-to-back victories in new hampshire and south carolina. the trump wave turn south carolina into a winner-take-all state. trump one all 50 of south carolina's delegates saturday. he won all seven congressional districts as well three delegates from each district and the 29 at-large delegates


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