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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 22, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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thanks so much for watching. and remember, you can't take it with you. /charles bing. great audience, lou dobbs is next. lew good evening i am lou dobbs. for the remaining five republicans candidates are now in nevada. campaigning ahead of the caucuses. governor kasich is looking ahead to virginia for donald trump has a significant lead in the polls in nevada and of course coming up to impressive back-to-back victories in new hampshire and south carolina. the trump wave turn south carolina into a winner-take-all state. trump one all 50 of south carolina's delegates saturday. he won all seven congressional districts as well three delegates from each district and the 29 at-large delegates in the
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state putting 50 delegates and the trump column. senator ted cruz in second place, 11 delegates and senator rubio third with 10 delegates. in nevada it is the battle for second place. today's developments only accentuating the intensity of the fight there. the cruz campaign accused of dirty tricks and dishonesty in south carolina over the weekend and today cruz had to fire his campaign communications director for tyler. tyler admitted and apologized for his promotion of a video that wrongly depicted rubio as insulting the bible. >> rick tyler is a good man. this was a grave error of judgment. turned out that mr. you sent around was false but even if it was true we are not a campaign that will question the faith of another candidate. even if it was true our campaign should not have sounded. >> we will have reaction.
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we are joined by senator jeff sessions and who has the political advantage now? can trump wanted all? will cruz and rubio battle one another? will they take on trump with this next former reagan white house political director ed rollins and to prize-winning columnist michael goodwin and also fbi director james comey is trying persuasion now trying to persuade ceo kim cook into doing what is his patriotic duty, that is to help the fbi carry out its investigation into the san bernardino terrorist attack. where is president obama in all of this? the president talks about everything and every issue noticeably silent now refusing to support publicly his fbi director. what's going on in the obama white house now? a few thoughts about the president silence coming up here tonight. our top story republican party
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setting their sights on the fata ahead of tomorrow's caucuses. the heavy favorite, donald trump he's looking for his third win in a row but the fight for second place is getting uglier with ted cruz accused of running a dirty campaign. "fox news" chief political correspondent carl cameron with our report. reporter: on the eve of the nevada caucuses the charges among candidates are again escalating. ted cruz fired his communications director rick tyler today for tweeting a pennsylvania college newspaper article and video subtitles that erroneously depicted marco rubio as insulting the bible. >> this morning i asked her rick tyler's resignation. i have made clear in this campaign that we will conduct this campaign with the highest standards of integrity. rick tyler is a good man. this was a grave error of judgment. >> tyler had already apologized. representative pattern of deception but because it was
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about his faith he will not let it go. >> who is held accountable to lying about ben carson? who was held connable for the robo-calls and it was held accountable for the commercials on television? again it's a very disturbing pattern of this campaign and flat out lying. >> donald trump tweeted wow more dirty tricks. cruz makes no apologies for bareknuckle campaign tactics but drew the line if they. >> we are not a campaign is going to question the faith of another candidate. the controversy is rocked for his campaign because evangelicals are so crucial to gop politics. trump leads ahead of tomorrow's caucuses in nevada where there are 30 delegates up for grabs. turnout is expected to be 10% of the state's republicans somewhere around 50 or 60,000 people through john kasich is put little effort in nevada to focus on the upcoming election in march. brigety today he raised eyebrows
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talking about women. how did i get elected? we just got an army of people and many women who left their kitchens to go out and go door-to-door with yard signs. >> first off i want to say your comment earlier about women coming out of the kitchen to support you, i will support you but i won't be coming out the kitchen. some of the casey campaign issued a statement saying that campaign as part of a stay-at-home moms and to twist his comments into anything else is desperate politics. because the caucuses in nevada have been low turnout affairs have almost never have an overall effect but there's likely to be a bitter battle between marco rubio and ted cruz's renee. what may turn out to be the most numeral is here the bible has upstaged the city. lou: thank you very much carl cannon. coming up we will be taking up the likely effect of trump counter attempts with pope francis on this race.
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here's pastor robert jeffers with his assessment. first of all i highlighted trump's position on wanting to keep america safe with border security and look i think a lot of americans have great respect for the pope that both catholics and evangelicals want to keep this nation safe and when it comes to doing that i think they are going to depend more on trump's policies in the pope's policy of an open border. lou: we will be talking with the pastor later in the broadcast. you don't want to miss it. a busy day for president obama he spent much of the day lecturing governors about the need for you guessed it, more gun control. earlier this year i took some steps that will make it harder for dangerous people like this individual. clearly we need to do more. we are going to keep innocent americans safe. that's an area where we also need to partner think about what
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we can do in a commonsense way in a bipartisan way. lemm the president has been curiously silent on a number of issues of national security such as the justice departments battled with apple. a person leaving a fight to his fbi director james comey who urged apple to open the san bernardino terrorist i found. you'll be saying in a statement is a vital decision and should not be left as he put in the hands of quote corporations that -- for a living. apple ceo tim cook however saying the battle isn't over and the data security of quote hundreds of millions of law-abiding people is at stake. we will take that up here tonight as well. the obama administration is fighting federal courts to strike down an election rule that ensures only citizens vote in our elections. if the administration does prevail it could allow
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noncitizens to vote in the upcoming presidential elections. the justice department led by attorney general loretta lynch is now supporting the naacp and the league of women voters. both organizations fighting to overturn state laws that ensure only citizens are allowed to register to vote when they is a federally designed registration form. incredible. we are going to have much more on that here tonight as well. turning now to the growing fears about the zika virus in this hemisphere experts warn of a possible link between the mosquito-borne virus and gbs, rare riordan there are logical condition that causes paralysis. the colombian city of -- seeing a significant number of cases of gbs following a severe outbreak of zika there. the centers for disease control confirming two cases of gbs here in this country related to the zika virus, two cases and
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nationwide now more than 80 people have been infected with zika after they traveled abroad. we are coming right back with much more. stay with us. marco rubio on the defensive, tacking the hand of the union for i.c.e. who accused him of betrayal. >> there are conspiracy theories that are oftentimes manipulated and that individuals individual is out of the union. lou: is rubio telling the whole truth? senator jeff sessions is telling the truth and he has the answers here, next. the woman on the flying trapeze. a trapeze is just a trapeze, right? not when it's thousands of feet above the ground. we will have the video for you ♪ i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment.
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no time is come for this generation to do its part and when i'm president we will do our part. when i'm president we are going to reembrace all of the principles that made america great and we are going to apply those principles to the unique challenges of the 21st century as difficult things may seem right now and i know that times are tough i know that you are working harder than you have ever worked in deals like you were running in place. i know that your kids and your grandkids have done everything asked of them and they graduate from college with good grades and thousands of dollars in loans and they cannot find a job. i know it's harder than ever for business to survive. while you watch other businesses prosper the small businesses fall behind. in other headlines everyday you the world is getting more dangerous and america seems to be getting weaker. i know that times are tough. i know that things seem bleak but i want you to know that our greatest days are before us if we are willing to do what it takes and when i'm president we will and i want you to know what history is going to say about
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us. here is what history will write about us. it will say that this generation of americans, those of us alive today lived in the early years of this century in a difficult rapidly changing world. and we almost got it wrong. lou: senator markey of -- marco rubio in nevada trying to get folks to vote for him in tomorrow's caucuses. right now according to the polls he had cruz are fighting it out, senator cruz fighting it out for second place there. according to the polls at least donald trump with a significant lead. joining us now is senator jeff sessions. he is a member of a number of key senate committees including budget armed services, the judiciary, busy man on a slow day. senator great to have you with us. we appreciate you taking the time. i want to turn to a couple of things that i may first and that
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is this dispute that has arisen around what we are doing with illegal immigrants in this country. the "washington examiner" reporting first that 90,000, 90,000 dangerous illegal immigrants have simply been released and gone free. what is happening when our agencies are not carrying out their responsibilities and their duties to protect the country and to enforce laws? >> lieu it's unbelievable what's been happening. it's just shocking. people can't believe it. this administration is devastated. i sops the federal law officers sued their supervisors in administration in effect saying you have caused us to violate our own to enforce the law. they're told by policies and regulations and executive orders throughout this entire system that make it virtually
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impossible to create a lawful system of immigration. it can be done if we had presidential leadership. it's not that hard. it's really possible and we have got to do it and the american people have demanded it for 30 years. lou: in dealing with immigration and customs enforcement the head of the union they are in a dispute with marco rubio and the head of the union saying point-blank marco rubio trade law enforcement in the legislation and did so bold-faced in front of everyone. you have supported him in this, that is the head of the union. what actually stopped the gang of eight billing your judgment? >> i think chris crain played a big role in it. he and other law enforcement officers expose this bill. they said it would not make us
11:18 pm
more safe to less safe. i urged them, they met for months the gang of it did with la raza and the chamber of commerce but they wouldn't allow law enforcement to come in to explain how the system works and what you have to do to end the law. they were just pushed out and i got to be a big deal and the disagreements continued between those two. i so admired chris crain. he loves america. i believe you told the truth about the legislation and important for the american people that he did. lou: senator rubio today that crain's suggestions were basically conspiracy theories on his part trying to dismiss them. they are not easily dismissed as you know. i would also like to take up senator rubio's support of the transpacific partnership, the free trade agreement that this
11:19 pm
president wants to have validated by the senate. marco rubio has been a supporter of it, has he not? >> he's been a very big supporter of the. he provided the 60th vote, the the vote necessary to pass the fast-track that led to us. he had three pillars of his foreign-policy and one of them was the passage of this bill. i really believe luke i'll bet player and nation in trade but i believe these trade agreements are not working effectively for us create our trading partners cheat and manipulate too much and we have all the leverage in the world to stand back against that. if we go into this agreement that has 5000 pages in it and i think we will regret this. we need a lateral trade agreements come i will support them but there is need be able to pull out and not have a commission like a nascent
11:20 pm
european commission that evaluates disputes and changes the rules where they want to. lou: those are real popular, aren't they senator? >> they are dangerous. lou: senator jeff sessions good to have you with us. thank you very much senator. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. her question is this president obama's refusal to publicly support his fbi director in the apple case an indication he will not support the fbi recommendation to prosecute hillary clinton? quest your vote on twitter lou dobbs. follow me on twitter like man's face that follow me an instagram at lou dobbs links to everything found at lou breaking news tonight the office of personnel management head of cybersecurity is quitting. donna seymour retired two days before she was supposed to give testimony before a house oversight committee on the conduct on her watch.
11:21 pm
it was on her watch remember that hackers in 2014 stole the personnel files of almost 30 million federal employees. seymour was due to appear and as a result of her timely resignation been canceled. there's a pattern here, isn't there? new zealand has these are just taking her act to new heights which we will share with you. there she is performing on a trapeze as you see there attached to a hot air balloon above it at an altitude of more than 10000 feet. one minute into the routine she dislocated a rib but despite that she persevered and completed her routine. in doing so she set a new world record for the highest so-called static trapeze act although frankly i see nothing static about that. life-threatening, bone chilling,
11:22 pm
yes but not static create congratulations. up next the justice department's battle with apple and about 250 people who are trapped in the remote town of idaho after massive landslide. we have the video of that and all of the latest developments. stay with us, we are coming right back.
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listerine® total care. one bottle, six benefits. power to your mouth™. and for kids starting at age six, listerine® smart rinse delivers extra cavity protection after brushing. lou: a few thoughts on what i believe is a disgrace, refusal on part of apple's ceo tim cook to work with the fbi to reveal the contents of an iphone used by at least one of the san bernardino terrorists, some say there are important legal issue issues. there are say some. such complex political foreign
11:27 pm
policy and business issues that a congressional commission should be convened, a committee, apple asking federal government to withdraw its request of apple even as apple defies right now a federal magistrate a order to comply with the fbi request. they have until friday to respond, apple it seems trying to cast itself as defender of privacy as tim cook said for millions of iphone' users, the problem is they are not americans. silicon valley is supporting tim cook in his defiance of the federal government, which is responsible for america. what tim cook and ample ar am apple are doing, is civil
11:28 pm
disobeadisobedience. he wrote on law fair blog he seeks no precedence, no advantage for fbi just the data that apple could quickly recover from the terrorist iphone' for the fib fi fbi if they only would, writing we don't want to break anyone's encryption or set a master key loose on the land, maybe the phone holds a clue to finding more, terrorists maybe it does not, we cannot look survivors in the mirror, or ourselves if we do not follow this lead. if that phone were to contain a name could farc o fact or clue that would have prevented there are terrorist attack that occurs, is it cook's
11:29 pm
arrogance, his indeference to life and death of fellow citizens or perhaps a super citizen of techno world. some was the victims in san bernardino attack, and their families are planning to file a brief, backing the fed's over apple, a brief, an attorney represents them telling reuters, they were targeted by terrorists, they need to know why, how this could happen. is this necessary you and i, we all in this country petition the courtsiding with our government to protect us? from terrorists and apple's intransigence, it says is based on loftier values than those of a mere citizen, seeking what should be a instainious decision. the federal government has been rebuffed by apple. how in the world have we fallen so far that this is a public matter, let alone a
11:30 pm
private discussion, that took more than minutes for apple to agree. is it our elites, our 1 percenters as some call them who descended with their wealth and privilege to a valley of hubris in silicon. apple and its ceo have already lost the regard of millions of americans, who expect far more of those who lead this nation, whether in government or business. a man, a corporate citizen, who denies his country in the time of need, is be beyond contempt, i firmly believe not easily forriv forgive forgive in. >> our b obligation to our country never cease, but with our lives. i happen to think that is true today.
11:31 pm
no matter the world of complex multinational corporationses, and proballization. some may think of themselves as citizens of the world, their freedom to to so is rooted in america's freedom, those citizens who understood their duty to this nation. we're coming right back. lou: ted cruz forced a communication director who spread a false story of rubio and the bible. >> how much more of so-called mistake before cruz surge sinks his own campaign, we take it up with two who know. >> and surfers always talk about the wave of a lifetime, we found such a wave, such a we foyou both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets. no accidents.
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lou: donald trump joins sean hannity tonight on the fox news channel 10:00, here is donald trump explaining what kind of conservative he really is. >> i would say, i have evolved. we talk about it a lot with ron reagan. he was a pretty liberal democrat that evolved into a fairly conservative -- not most conservative but he evolved into a republican who
11:36 pm
was fairly conservative. i will say this, i think that i have very much evolved. but if you look at my real conservative credentials, i don't think that word is that important. they say he not a true conservative. they are saying he is not a true conservative, jeb and others, i said i am a common sense conservative. lou: a common sense conservative, in this country a common sense anything sounds good. joining me now, re ed rollins, we're going to ask you about that and for "new york post," michael goodwin, they are both fox news contributors and great americans, start with you ed. you heard his definition of -- well his label. what do you think? >> it is a good sound bite. >> thank you. >> i like thinking conservative better than any.
11:37 pm
ronald reagan went through an evolution process in fairness to what he said in 1962 he was a conservative, and from 64 on the most significant conservative, donald trump would not be portrayed as that at-this-point in time or maybe no point in time but he can define it anyway he wants to he is winning. lou: cruz and rubio may coul be common sense conservatives. >> he did not have a great week but he had a great victory, won every element, every county, this he won all 50 delegates. lou: are people going to give up with this, edhanging on to this, i can tell. hanging on to construct of cause and effect. i think that what candidate is
11:38 pm
doing is just trashing every bit of the norm. there are no afte artificial political correctness standard with him, he is complicating to people beyond quote the elite media. they are irrelevant to him. >> i think that lou, there are a lot of gatekeepers who are trying to define, you know we use the labels issue media, party, business, round table the chambers of commerce, the establishment. media. and yet i see, you know with trump, it is all about the voters. those who want to stop trump on the basis he does not pass a litmus test or two, i ask them, what about his voters? looking at what he has done -- >> he won every category in demographic, i have never seen the likes of this in a
11:39 pm
primary, have you in. >> no. through the first 3 states he pulled in something on order of close to 400,000 voters, i think cruz second with 250,000. and rubio less than that. he is far out distanced every else in pulling in voter, yet party wants to shun him when about the voters. lou: i have to tell you reince priebus, has been candid about this, this is going to be basically over, much sooner than people recognize. we're going in to super tuesday. by the time we come out of march 15, just about 60%, 64% of delegates will have been distributed among the folks who have won, and placed and showed. it sounds look a smart approach right now. >> at the end of the day, i don't blame reince priebus, this is a freight train going
11:40 pm
100 miles an hour down the track. lou: i am crediting reince priebus here. because if this were protracted it could be toxic. >> it could be, it may still be but i don't think so. he is not a traditional republican, that may be advantage he has, but we do have traditional republicans who are in leadership, senate and house, and governors. so there will be a real push and shove to get this in the right order. lou: i think a happy thing, he is a disrupter, if there were of are a political system. in this country, at any time that needed disruption it is right now. >> think of ap apple and newspaper business, apple and music business, and book business, amazon could the world has changed, trump in some ways is personification of that in politics. lou: and hillary clinton right now, bubba, former president,
11:41 pm
is calling fizz his wife the walking change maker. i'm sorry? when did that happen? about the time trump started picking up vote. >> there was a day you were the mainstream media, i was manmean stream establishment, none is true, the voters get last say here. lou: michael does. >> i think that 400,000 voters he has, that is test for those who want to stop trump, you can keep the voters and lose trump or do you lose voters too, if you lose the voters you lose the election. lou: early adapters, thank you very much. >> vote on our poll do you believe giving noncitizens the right to vote disenfranchises citizens who to have the right to vote? is that the plan of this administration? it sure looks like it, doesn't it? cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs news, this video out
11:42 pm
of idaho, this is -- amazing 14 tons of debris sliding into a section of highway near elk city, idaho, 250 people trapped in the town remain blocked. rocks, trees, debris piled up 40 deep, uncheer when the highway can reopen, we're talking about they are caught. in that town, they are not under the debris itself or the rocks. >> out of australia, we have video of a crazy ride. surfer mitch parkinson nearly misses fellow surfers he rolls out an impressive 7 barrels during his ride on this extraordinary wave. a swell caused by two cyclones off of australia lured surfers to gold coast, waves like this, just about no one has
11:43 pm
seen, let alone ride it, what a run it was. there goes the barrel count, 5, look out. there is 6. where did he go? made 7. >> he is, there we go. there is number 7. what a run. >> up next senator ted cruz accused of dirty tricks firing a top campaign official. >> i think cruz had to take action in letting go his spokesman, now his supporters say that a sign of leadership owning a problem, his detractors say that is ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio.
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lou: donald trump's victory in south carolina revealing importance of the evangelical vote in it country, with 34% going to him, ted cruz with 26%. rubio with 21%. joining us tonight, dr. robert jeffers, pastor at first bapt obaptist church in dallas,
11:48 pm
texas. fox news contributor author of new book, not all roads lead to heaven. great to have you here pastor. >> thank you, lou. lou: let's start with first. senator cruz holding aloft the bible making no bones about it, he wants evangelical votes, he now has but whatever count you want, a third perhaps a fourth time had to retrack, rescind or apologize for conduct of his campaign. at what point does that wear with the evangelicals he is seeking? >> well i think it is causing problem now. cruz is being pummeled not only by trump but rubio and carson for running a sketchy campaign, a dishonest campaign, that is having its toll. tea party activists in texas said to me, he said, i have been all in for ted cruz, but
11:49 pm
some of these charges are starting to rethink my position. i think cruz had to take action, in letting go his spokesman, now his supporters will say ha is a sign of leadership, owning a problem, disdetractors will say that is iscapegoating. lou: in south carolina, evangelicals going for trump just as they did in iowa. but they broke by a huge margin, 8 points, for trump over cruz. how could that be? >> well, you look at fact 72% of those who voted in south carolina were evangelicals this state should have been a perfect state for ted cruz. but are three factor as the work that explain the trump phenomenon. first we is only one who can truly claim to be an outsider
11:50 pm
of top three candidates, rubio and cruz for all their claims of being outsider are so a part of that elite group, known as u.s. senate that works again them, in a straimplestrange way after same sex marriage ruling last june, many are open to a secular candidate like trump. they are now saying they can't depend on the government to up hold the biblical values, they will leave that to church allow government to solve product call problem -- practical problem, and they see trump as a leader, and it is pure mathematics as long as nontrump vote is split amongly candidates trump continues to win. lou: a lot of people think of trump as i guess, a religious man, identifies himself as a christian. a protestant. but he also identifies carefully with senators at the
11:51 pm
same time that make -- with sinners at the same time that makes him relate able. what do you expect to happen with cruz, if we see erosion? rubio has not caught on with the evangelicals, we just watched trump get into a major conflict with the pontiff, how does that play out nationwide with evangelicals now? to the good or to the bad? >> i think that conflict with the pontiff worked to trump's benefit. first of all, it highlights trump's position on wanting to keep america safe with border security. a lot of americans have great respect for the pope but both catholics and evangelicals want to keep this nation safe, they are going to depend on trump's policy than the
11:52 pm
pope's, of more of an open border, i think also, interestingly, that whole exchange allowed peep to se people to see a side of trump, that is trump turning the other cheek that is a miracle in and of itself. lou: perhaps a precedence we'll see, dr. robert jeffers thank you so much. >> thank you, lou. lou: up next, governor jeb bush, amassed a $150 warchest, that was not enough to keep his campaign going, what happened? we take with up with rebecca byrd. and matt schlap p next.
11:53 pm
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11:57 pm
drastic to change the narrative. i think they were backed into a corner with this, and this is all that they could do. >> is this starting to wear with others? as we were just talking said that this is becoming a problem with some people in texas. he's with a tea party people necessarily. not evangelicals. but what do you think? >> look, i think integrity is awfully important characteristic. especially when you're running somebody with socially conservative values. and i think the campaign has gotten stuck a couple of times. it's not been helpful. i think in this case, lou, what's really interesting is that ted cruz's own minister father was in the room with the supposed biblical reference, i have a feeling that his son went to ted and said this is not at all what happened. >> yeah. let's turn to jeb bush with the new york times today along with other publications, but i happened
11:58 pm
to see "the new york times" reporting on the $150 million and what he spent for a handily of votes, rebecca. your thoughts on what was a not very conservative management of that money. >> it was not. and they started their campaign big from the very beginning. he was a frontrunner. they thought they were going all the way to the general election, so they built up their team accordingly. they did not have a scott walker problem where they ran out of money so they were able to sustain their campaign. but it just to show you, lou, that money cannot buy a nomination. i guess that's refreshing to hear. if you have a flawed candidate or message, you can spend all the money in the world, and it just won't matter. >> the trump campaign most money, least spent. >> yeah. that's the -- that's the thing that's most amazing to me is that donald trump is spending the least amount of money. certainly per voter but the least amount of money in aggregate too, and he's got a message that's ringing true with people.
11:59 pm
and this is true in politics. people think there's some fantasy to all of this. but actually it just really comes down to are you connecting to people where they are in their lives? and if you're not doing that, it doesn't matter if you have 100, $200 million, you're not going to convince them if they don't buy what you're selling. >> we've got about 15 seconds. very quickly let me ask you. do you think trump wins tomorrow and has a clear run from here, rebecca? >> yes. i do. it's his to lose. >> matt? >> i agree. trump tomorrow, and i think maybe rubio in second. >> all right. it's going to be fun to watch as always. this is the most -- as the audience said in a recent poll, it's the most entertaining primary ever. republican primary i think they said. rebecca burg, matt, thank you, both. >> thanks, lou. >> online poll 88% of you say these are the most entertaining to be specific republican primary elections you've ever seen. there it is. and that's it for us tonight.
12:00 am
thanks for being with us. trump supporters south carolina senator governor henry mcmaster will be among our guests thanks for joining us. good night from new york. . kennedy: welcome a new full week. come, come, come, i am watching the victory flush the cheeks of donald trump and hillary clinton as the repented winners of south carolina and nevada ready themselves to crush anyone who might dare stand in their way as they march to aauthoritarian heaven. now she's the latest leftest to take issue with bernie's bad mass. has been promising free college, free health care and higher minimum wage. all things that make him popular with struggling workers and millennials and the just plane lazy. and that adds up to very


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