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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 23, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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she is now listed as in critical condition. turning to market this morning, take a look. features syndicate the broader averages that the dow opening 40 points. nasdaq 15 points. this morning will get redone home prices, home sales, consumer confidence. driving action today, an analyst meeting jpmorgan is hosting, macy's and home depot. checking all that coming up. overseas action in europe arcus funkiness oil prices has gone today. down 30 points. markets under pressure and mining giants cut its dividend and standard chartered to a loss in the quarter. all the major averages down by three quarters of a percent. price declines as well. fractional across the board. nikkei average of 30%,%, hang seng a quarter of a percent. nevada republican voters set to participate tonight for donald trump hold the lead. blake burman with all the
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latest. reporter: good morning to you as well. donald trump going to the trackback hoping to make it three states in a row. they are set to his head while pulling his stance, it does suggest a big mac could be in store. they tip a bit of a turn for ted cruz. he expected the tyler after a video which in correctly interpreted marker would be a question in the bible and has to fend off daily acquisitions from trump and rubio about running a dishonest campaign. review later suggested tyler was merely the scapegoat here. crews did apologize, but he also stood by his campaign. for context, 30 delegates up for grabs tonight. that is the same amount as iowa. back to you. maria: thank you so much.
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las vegas radio host joe heidi harris, radio show host. good to see you. thanks for joining us. what is your take on the election so far? >> ascend, i can't figure out this trump thing for anything. i don't get it. that's why some of my conservative friends are backing them. he is not a conservative and i don't understand why any conservative that back in. i know they are disgusted and tired of being lied to. i get that. i just don't get it. maria: he just doesn't go into specifics. the people don't really care. they don't want to get the specifics. >> he is projecting strength. but it has seven of weakness from obama and the republicans. john boehner has been ousted, cantor has been ousted.
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the young guns are broken. people look at government and elected officials has failed. they have everything to the level of leadership. leave a vacuum which the republicans have done and project strength. whether you agree or disagree, he is projecting strength. maria: deck and coming up or without? dagen: that's right. the tram supporters are less ideological. connell mcshane was in some caroline over the weekend and he says they don't talk about the issues at all. he's strong, he's going to take charge. certainly supporters are more populist and the traditional voters in recent years. i will point out something very telling about donald trump and his ability to lure more people. i talked to them on the phone. it is a two-way street. i tell him what i think is overstepping. maria: what does that tell us?
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>> he is kind of tipped his hat. he's going to be revealing slowly people who he sees as great as visors. maybe people who will be part of a trump cabinet, who will be part of a child white house. i think rudy giuliani is a very interesting republican. he certainly beloved in terms of him being a mayor. maria: what do you think about that? would you imagine a place for giuliani in a trump cabinet? >> i think a trump cabinet would be fascinating. it would do the same old. why not rudy giuliani for heaven sakes. people do while today because we love a good show. he's obviously got a bruise here hotel here. the circus continues. it is so unbelievable to me. maria: what is your take on the ted cruz story fire in a spokesperson targeting marker revealed. let me get your reaction. >> this morning i asked for rick
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tyler's resignation. i have made clear in this campaign that we will conduct this campaign with the very highest standards of integrity. maria: the campaign lashed out at crews calling him a liar. what are your thoughts? >> i was at a ted cruz rally yesterday that ended about 2:00 in the afternoon and there was no mention at all. they must've been doing this behind the scenes of the morning. ultimately when you run for office you can't control everything that goes on. when something bad happens like that, heads have to roll. he did the right thing and fired his campaign manager. >> if you look at this in context, nobody has been fired. i have known rick tyler a long time. i've known him over the years. solid guy, worked for a lot of different people. i don't know what happened in the background. i don't think any of us can claim that.
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it's hard to fire somebody when he's actually one of the top-ranked guys were running in campaigns. the fact he has something been look bad by the iowa secretary of state for the mailer sent out because it mimics a document. he's got to do something to restart their it's true or false or whatever. maria: i think that's true. being that getting rid of right tyler. senator crews that night is about him. he may not always be directly your fault of the will was in the of rick tyler perry is going to have to shake the thought of this has stuck with him for a very long time.
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>> any impact to market so far? the insurgency is part of an overall insurgency markets are facing. you think this is part of it? >> it's a real dampening effect. you are not sure what the policies are. how can you make an investment of how you act without knowledge other than building the wall of his policies? then you take the other side with bernie sanders and hillary clinton and you are scared to move on top of china. it is really -- i don't want to thank the negative effect, but it didn't mean effect on the market. dagen: just want to add something. brick inspired by the cruz campaign. it shows none of these other politicians can compete with donald trump in terms of communication, the way he uses social media. they foul up and somebody gets fired. trump al-assad and he goes i don't care.
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people go okay. >> he says they won't put up with what you want to throw at me. i agree with you. >> we are laughing on the fact. i was on the show one time and you gave a faint our name on the internet and it spit out some kind of offensive. dagen: was like the insult generator. maria: heidi, we'll keep watching. thanks so much. we will be listening. don't forget to tune in for special coverage of the republican caucus that all begins tonight at 11:00 p.m. eastern live on the thought that were. before we had to break them futures edged lower this morning that the dow jones industrial
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average to give back to 220.8 yesterday. would a non-fresh rating fund or competence plus a slew of earnings reports and 30 macy's and toll brothers. home depot reported fourth-quarter resort moments ago. the stock up on the numbers. home depot just out a few minutes ago. of course crude hovered around are doing dollars a barrel. just recently stabilizing the day. is that the key to see in stock prices elevated? >> he really is because it stabilizes the credit market. the biggest fear is so much of the high-yield bond market has been dominated by energy and the total dislocation over the last two months has created this perception that could not be able to raise any capital in the credit markets. that fear has driven stock. i think it's inappropriate and you probably should get a bottom in oil although it's not quite despite it is just going to bottom.
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dagen: of uber facing some tough questions. pleading guilty to six counts of murder. we will have the details. a new study finding more americans side with the fbi when it comes to unlock in the sand were to denote i found. we've got the latest on the escalating privacy versus national security data. keep your bread here on the fox business network. we will be right back. ♪ there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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maria: welcome back to the west taken bold steps to bring peace to care. good morning to you. >> will avert? russia in the u.s. agreed to implement a cease-fire in area starting saturday in an effort to end the country's five-year civil war. fears remain that russia and the assad regime are using diplomacy as a cover to wipe out u.s. back revel in the country is to the pentagon to unveil a plan to bay prison and transfer remaining detainees to facilities inside the united states.
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13 different locations including once in colorado, south carolina and can't survive under consideration for the relocation finally, following the story. uber received one complaint about kalamazoo shooter jason dodd and hours and the rampage kills six and injuring two more. it was not able to contact dalton after receiving the complaint because it was about erratic writing, not physical violence. the next 39 today and feedback. certain challenges. he was arraigned in court yesterday and admitted to the killing. uber did a conference called the defendant to crack this. you go when the app, submit photos of your drivers license, insurance. you are a separate driver within 24 hours a day of no plan to change others' screen drivers in light of the incident. trades are that's the issue.
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i know we haven't seen murders like this before, but there have been other issues where the behavior has been horrible. >> there have been other issues. they paid a settlement out. a couple weeks ago, $20 million for the process. they need to fix that. on the other side, i don't want to take this as a chance to kill uber. i like the fact i know the driver coming to get me. i get the driver information, picture of the driver, license plate. i've used it in print, england, all over. on the other side, who would take advantage? the people who respond other than the industries will go after uber and bring it down because it's been a challenge to overpriced, overvalued medallions. >> that is not swayed the business. they killed six people and
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that's a little bit different. >> he drove it is like saying he worked for jay and jay were dunkin' donuts. so they called and dunkin' donuts. don't take me the wrong way. i don't want that to reflect on the company. the policies need to do something about it. maria: there some kind of liability. why do you trust the driver because you trust uber. there has to be something you trust. i don't think you could do worse than before. >> we talked about this yesterday. even an intense background check will not uncover mental illness necessarily unless there has been some part in the course where someone in the course where someone was sent to a mental-health facility because they've acted out in the past. refuted time and again. mental health is a big issue.
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>> take an entire aircraft with him. >> instead of a tragic dory of the guy that went nuts and started killing people. that is wrong. it's about the guy. not the company. transfer that talking about the need for panic buttons in the cars. that's called 9-1-1 if you're an american. maria: let's take a break. bill gates went into the apple encryption controversy but doesn't show any love for silicon valley peers. that and said the attackers had been against their fight against apple. they might have a case. >> in this particular case, there's no question in my mind that the government is warranted in again with the from apple. [plumber] i need to be where the pipes are.
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maria: welcome back. new developments in the government's dispute with apple. finding 51% of americans say apple should assist the fbi and the first to unlock the iphone use with tim iphone use the san bernardino attacker. the government or in a commission to look at the problems posed by encryption. apple is reportedly bought another faith be a canterbury now. taking data from a dozen other items in criminal cases in dispute over to this one. protests planned across the country in support of apple's refusal to hack the iphone. in an interview with "financial times," microsoft cofounder bill gates says he is back in the fbi's request to get into the phone. he is talking about national security, saying this is something that needs to be done. we keep having this discussion
6:22 am
in the i.t. of civil liberties getting impacted versus the company helping the government with national security issues is a rail in port and sort of at a crossroads. >> we have these people, they call themselves elected officials who are representatives. they need to be brought into the picture. what we have this technology advanced to the point where legislative policy doesn't keep up with technology. that is part of the problem. we need them to match. they will never be perfect. i don't want to give up civil liberties, but we recognize about security you don't have a life. yet another country. there is a way to do this technologically speaking. they can compartmentalize, redo the court order. they can narrow it so apple does this within apple and destroys the code that they've written. of course the people you can't destroy in their head who create this.
6:23 am
you can compartmentalize us like you had a missile launch. you had two keys that needed to be used in the military. you can do the same approach and break into the phone. also another aspect into it. it is the property of the county. dagen: what is interesting about the pew survey is there pew survey as there's almost an identical share of republicans versus democrats favor of opening the iphone. 56% of republicans, 55% of democrats. tim caucuses and the pr battle. that is why he came up last week in the first place. he was trying to sway people. we're all such libertarians can the ranch by would-be republican nominee for the white house. the magazines in pain you have a terrorist who did this did not try to ask this communication the person has. it violates common sense. if you can isolate the phone it makes no sense.
6:24 am
>> encryption -- the government can't do it. take 10 tries to get it done. i want our liberties protect it. there's got to be a way to get this done without compromising a year but the bigger picture than one phone. what is that it may be perishable. dagen: apple should cooperate essentially. at&t has said the same vein, disagreed with apple and said he understands tim cook's decision, but it's his decision to make. it's an issue decided by the american people in congress, not by companies. telecom companies have regulations in place that laws require companies to design equipment to ensure they can comply with court orders. the smartphone makers had design equipment so they don't have to comply with court order.
6:25 am
dagen: telecom is not in the bag. maria: listen, the letters in the road if the companies to do their best to protect technology, but it would be relentlessly attacked by hackers and cybercriminals. allowing bad guys to get into their phone easily. i don't know. if there were just this one phone, it would be really easy. >> here's another say to the business end here but about other countries? what if china says get into the phone? if you are a shareholder buying the stock come to you trust that company. there is a business angle to this, which is the future of apple. civil liberties, security, business of the company. 85% of the operating systems out there. apple has got some serious concerns. i do say this that what i think
6:26 am
is a starting point here is to have apple's attorneys and experts in with the fbi in front of the judge. both have representation. the >> they are up or with each other. >> elise is being done in the corporate belongs. dagen: this isn't the first time. it's been happening time and again. maria: 175 funds that they can't unlock or they want more information from those found about drug arrests, criminal activity. we are going to talk with the former new york city police commissioner ray kelley. join us at this take on the battle between apple and the government coming up in the program. you want to stay with us for that. apple has until friday to respond to the court order. take a short break. the guidance sends fit bit shares crashing in the free market. the stock is about to open.
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>> turning to marcus, pullback this morning after yesterday's rally. fractional loss. well off of the lows of the day so we are looking at buying interest coming in. dow industrial expected to open up. later this morning we will get reads of home sales and consumer confidence, typically a market mover. home depot reported better than expected in the hour. home depot also raised dividend.
6:32 am
stock jumping in the premarkets, oil prices also down. phil flynn with the cme group. phil, good morning to you. >> phil: good morning, maria. three of the biggest shell producers in the world just announced more capital spending cuts, prediction that we are going to see major cut in production. the saudi arabia oil minister expected to speak later today and oil traders are going to be focusing on this because they want to get a sense of how serious he is to agreeing to a production freeze. that could be a major move today. we have inventories later today.
6:33 am
>> maria: futures point to go slight decline. dow rallying a week or so out of mode. strategic bill stone and investors vice president, steven. thank you so much for joining us. >> where are you and where would you be doing? >> we see some come off the bottom. a little pullback not expecting the move. i think we get some stabilization in oil and i think the markets can continue to go up because i think the u.s. economy is showing some signs of strength, maybe, overstatement but certainly better than the rest of the world, the thing that i saw at the start of the week that we may be going back where you're seeing a slowdown in europe, japan, unfortunately, seems to be descending.
6:34 am
>> maria: you would put money on stocks? >> their companies continue to do the right things in terms of returning gas to shareholders, those kinds of things are important. >> maria: are you on the other side of the trade to putting money to work. >> we are playing defense, maria. we think the u.s. economy, global economy is softening. other sectors the economy so we think it's time to be cautious here, will rememberer term, this will be a great opportunity over the next few months but we wouldn't do it here, we think we are going to have more volatility. were you know that old line investors don't like volatility or uncertainty. that's exactly when guys like
6:35 am
you got what you do benefit because you get opportunities, out of chaos comes opportunity. down 12% from the peak, how much more downside do you see? >> we play little cautious here, defense, you get a better buying opportunity. >> maria: what does that mean, raise issue? >> by defense stocks, stocks with good dividend payments, that's where we are kind of hiding at the moment. >> what are investors doing? does that add to your concern? >> we had pretty good performance so we are seeing positive flows, we are tilting
6:36 am
certainly to more conservative strategies. >> right. >> steven, what would make you change your view, from the 10-15% correction to say, let's go? >> that was the macro meeting yesterday afternoon. >> maria: you lowered your targets. >> we lowered the numbers. >> we think there's an opportunity. the banking system is in good shape an the consumer is in good shape but we can see a technical recession. i would like to see that model start to switch? >> dagen: this year or next year? >> this year. >> you have to carve out the
6:37 am
energy and commodities area, they continue to come in well. you look at profit margins, they continue to move higher, companies are continuing to earn good money. to me stocks reflect -- >> maria: they were down 4%. >> you're up 2 and a half%. the market files a direction of earnings but net is negative. >> if you look at what the fed is going to do, there's no way the fed hikes on the scenario. if it stabilize, that's going to put more hikes, you put pressure into the sector. you've got an earnings problem in the financial sector which is a big hunk of the market. >> that's what actually happened
6:38 am
in 2011 as well,. >> got worse for banks. that's all i'm worried about. you're right on the defensive side but it's been played out in the correction. >> in 2011, maria, can tell you i was here, i was very aggressively optimistic of that stage. >> maria: yeah. >> there's a chess game going on here. you could make that call and you knew that they were going to restimulate, here, we don't have a lot of weapons on the policy side, i'm not worried about that in closing the economy because we don't really need them but we do have to have the markets and the economy clear on their own this time around, we can't rely on big central bank action. look at what happened at japan, they cut negative rates. >> maria: was that a little
6:39 am
desperate? >> well, that didn't work so well. >> maria: you like japan. negative rates. >> i know they're trying -- they're doing anything they could do to break the cycle of deflation whether you agree with them or not, what i'm interested is one of the euros was trying to get to pay companies in japan. >> dagen: did you see the market, deflation is not a concern anymore. and i think that'll be -- optimism will be to stephen's point. >> do i want to stress t banking system is in great shape here, we are not head to go an '08-'09
6:40 am
collapse. >> maria: i'm glad you brought that. >> we have to let the markets clear on their own. >> maria: good to see you gentlemen. taking on the apple watch, maybe harder than it looks than fit fitbit. >> more than 17% in premarket, the wearable tech maker missing estimates by wide margin. you can see close at 16.54, 14-dollar range now. heavy investments in new projects such as smart watch will blaze on results. center of disease says certain type of laminiti causing cancer, three times. three times more likely to cause cancer one thousand customers.
6:41 am
and the stock today is sinking, 18% yesterday on the news. now reports honeywell, would not get the green like and disagreements. together they employ more than 300,000 people making from jet engines to household thermostats. when we see fitbit under pressure this more than, down more than 15% this morning. >> maria: i'm more interested in lumbar liquidators. who has impact in terms of health? coming up, how we look at seating on an airplane but it's sure to upset some. burger king going to the dogs.
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>> maria: well, powerful storms threatening states in the south. it looks pretty out, you said at least for now. >> cheryl: for now. things are going to change, a strong weather system expected to affect 7 million people in parts of five states including louisiana and mississippi. big storms coming here as well.
6:46 am
forecasters say storms can bring tornado into the night, so bundle up. customers are angry about it. a loyalty program. customers like to spend around $150 on coffee and pastries to get the gold status. the home of the whoppers start selling hot dogs, more than 7,000 new u.s. locations. somebody likes that. [laughter] >> cheryl: all right, david. classic world dog, biggest restaurant seller of hot dogs in the country. classic hot dog a buck 99 and the chilly cheese 2.29. >> you're going to eat that
6:47 am
david? >> burger king at the ballpark. >> you might have a heart attack a minute later. >> maria: wow, looks good. >> dagen: i'm glad somebody gets excited over fast-food. >> maria: get this, working in a plant to make flights to passengers, all shapes and sizes, what does that mean? patents for bench sates resembling what you would see in a subway or train. bench seats, dagen. >> dagen: they file patents for seat designs. it was a seat where you would lean forward. >> maria: if you have a bench can you actually say how many people will sit on the bench
6:48 am
because you might crowd it up. >> right, it's the same thing. i wish there was a bench on the other one the other day. the person next to me needed a bench. >> david: the guy gets on -- >> dagen: it's not just the subway. men or airplanes do that too. >> david: forced into this seat. >> dagen: you put that armrest up, it's coming down, you better look below because it's going to hurt. [laughter] >> maria: all right. coming up, defending bernie sanders' tax plan, okay, why supporters can't get a straight plan while defending proposal. check out bernie sickles, -- singles, if you're looking for
6:49 am
love. >> oh, my god. >> maria: oh, my god is right i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
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>> you have all these really profitable corporation that is end up paying zero tax and that's not fair, that's not what everybody wants. >> maria: why not change the tax code rather than just turning the system towards upside down, why aren't we just changing the tax code? >> well, the real problem is the influence of big money in politics and that's really what
6:53 am
determines what kind of tax code we have, what kind of laws we have. >> maria: that was the founders of ben and jerry's ice cream and bernie sanders' supporters. what do you think about senator sanders' tax plan? >> it'll never get passed. it's like a neck topic. it's kind of a dampening effect on the marketplace. >> maria: people are afraid. >> people forget that we are a capitalist economy. >> maria: we are going to go socialism. >> well -- it'll never get passed. >> david: i hope the guys, men and women in the market. he will never be president. but the problem is, maria, you and i talked about this, ask the guys for a question, everybody
6:54 am
wants to talk to a socialist billionaire, why don't we tax wealth, not income, we will assess your wealth, true socialism and tax your wealth. >> dagen: too socialism in europe. that's everybody. that's the big lie here running on socialism. we are going to make the people with money pay. the case where a woman borrowed money from somebody else and the woman that was there trying to excuse it, well, she drives a bmw, but she's got money, she's got money, she doesn't need the money back from me and judge judy says you've got five kids and she works and you don't work. everybody is cheering. >> maria: the thing and ben and jerry's founders, i don't know
6:55 am
if they truly believe that bernie sanders would raise taxes. are you prepared, you're probably in highest bracket? >> david: socialist is never for the socialist. they never answered your question. they can't meet the economics of the question. >> maria: they just want today talk about ice cream. [laughter] >> david: they should give the cries people -- ice cream. [laughter] >> dagen: exactly what they are hoping for. >> maria: leading conservative is with us what he believes if donald trump is elected, i don't know, maybe get ready to leave.
6:56 am
>> david: everybody is going to move out of the country.
6:57 am
6:58 am
>> maria: good tuesday morning, everybody, i'm maria bartiromo, it's tuesday 23rd, with me fox dagen mcdowell, david webb, things are heating up in campaign trail.
6:59 am
donald trump looking for third-straight victory while marco rubio and ted cruz battle it out. ted cruz looking to recover after firing campaign manager over social media post yesterday. >> this guy cruz lies more than any human being i dealt with. unbelievable and he holds up the bible and he lies. this guy is sick. there's something wrong with this guy. >> maria: on to the latest in heated dispute between apple and government, microsoft cofounder bill gates backing the fbi's request, in an interview with the financial times this morning, gates this case will not set a legal precedented. uber driver has been indicted and has reportedly admitted his crimes. this is one of his victims, hangs onto life. a 14-year-old thought to be dead and moments away from having
7:00 am
organs harvested, squeezed her mother's hand. she's now in critical condition. slight pullback from yesterday's rally. dow expected to open 18 points. lows of the morning so we are coming back a bit. jpmorgan is having analyst today. strong fourth-quarter shares. one of the reasons market is off of the lows. checking overseas action. in europe down about a half percent across the board, london, paris and germany. oil prices are losing ground. markets under pressure as mining giant bap cut dividends and reported losses for the quarter. in asia overnight, declines across the board as well. nikkei average down a third of a percent and shanghai, the worst
7:01 am
hit, down almost 1% in china. campaign trail we go, nevada set to participant caucuses tonight where donald trump is expect today win. >> blake: hi, maria, hoping to make a three states in a row as republicans are set to caucus in nevada. the final hours of campaigning there took a turn for ted cruz. he fired rick tyler top spokesman which tweeted a question marco rubio questioning the bible. rubio and trump continue to question cruz's tactics. >> this guy, cruz lies more than any human being i've ever dealt with. unbelievable. and he holds up the bible and he
7:02 am
lies. >> blake: cruz called it a grave error in judgment by standing by his campaign. he then pointed the finger right back at trump and rubio. >> both of them have been engaging in very nasty, very personal attacks relentlessly and daily and it's all false. >> blake: poll from ohio shows the sitting governor has work to do. john kasich is looking up for donald trump in the state trailing by 5 points, now while the delegate count, maria, in nevada is proportional, how on marge 15th begin the sleight of crucial winner take states. >> maria: patrick with us this morning. patrick, good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> maria: how does this compare with your newt campaign? [laughter]
7:03 am
>> the one thing -- the one thing that we had a little bit easier in 2012 than this year, we had one more single state than south carolina, we got to go right to florida before it just went diffuse. forget nevada caucuses, who cares. march first is a big day and if you don't have real money and a real staff to cover this -- i mean, you have a money ball at this point. this is a true number' game. it's going to be proportional. the biggest primary is going to be texas. if ted cruz can't knock it out of the park and get the majority of those things, he's out. >> maria: so this next week is critical and going into march first, march first is critical. >> i would have stayed in scc states. kasich and carson, they simply
7:04 am
aren't going to have the money. when you're doing one state at a time, you can put your whole team there, you can chris cross even south carolina which is a big state, once you get to multiple states, we had to do an extra campaign. >> maria: right. you can't be at all places. >> you can't do that. >> the way kasich is presenting to the public is gathering momentum. he's still getting momentum in the general public. >> if i was him i would get a satellite truck and green screen and do local interviews in every network as oppose to do rallies because he will run out of money tomorrow. >> dagen: he's better in aurally than tv. >> fair point. >> dagen: you saw the exchange of the young man that gave him a hug, that's very effective but he needs dozens and dozen offense those moments. >> there's not enough time.
7:05 am
>> dagen: exactly. >> david: you know what's missing for john kasich that's out there for you, you need people to speak for you, those people are pitchmen for donors. follow the money, i'm a big fan of following the money on politics. that gets you get a ground game doing, ads, door-to-door. if you don't have this, practicality is you can't win. >> one of the cheeper things that we did, inexpensive thing we did we got chuck norris -- >> maria: that is a good idea. >> kasich to play and carson to play are going to have the gorilla politics. >> maria: do you think they will drop out before march first. >> you have to wonder why they are running. there has to be another purpose.
7:06 am
they're not in the realm brokered convention which i had to try to sell. >> maria: i had john kasich on sunday, what's the justification for saying in and what about a vp position, he said absolutely not. i think he would be a good vp. i know. >> they don't say it. can i just weigh on the kasich thing? how do we get 270 votes in a republican win. he's not a good strong base in ohio, the michigan, western pennsylvania. kasich is more important to this run and in the run than even a carson. i like dr. carson but what is he bringing in form of electoral vote. you have hispanic florida, swing state. that picture of him and senator scott and -- and nikki haley,
7:07 am
that plays, that's going to play all over the country because that just puts the democratic narrative about being the old-white man party to bed. i think rubio is going to have a slot. >> dagen: i want to know about trump's money spent, largely self-funded. he's gotten contributions from folks. in terms of how much more money does he need to spend in the southern states and is he there spending it? the play book has been thrown out for everybody but him. >> the one thing is he's not doing is idiot consultants, he was exactly right about the bush's and how much tv they spent. >> maria: now, that was unbelievable. >> when you're the one selling that tv, you get a legal kickback. of course, they are going to try to sell you a bunch of tv. trump is smarter than that. all the money that bush wasted on tv, literally trump has what
7:08 am
you think unlimited funds and he spent the least amount of money. i think whoever is doing his media campaign is smart enough -- >> dagen: what about the ground game? >> that's the question. >> dagen: cruz started building ground game middle of last year. people were still talking about it even football season what they were doing with snapchat during football games. >> cruz has had a bad few frequency where he is starting to get hillary clinton comparisons. >> maria: yesterday we had on sanders supportest, founders of ben and jerry's ice cream. i want to get your take on this. >> maria: it's important that they understand what they're talking about so i just want to make sure that you're understanding where we are in terms of -- what do you think the highest tax rate should be? >> boy, as i said u i'm not an
7:09 am
economist, i don't think anybody right now can say what that's going to be. >> but i will tell you, i do believe along with the majority of people in the upper incomes that we should be paying more taxes. >> maria: the majority of upper income should be paying more taxes. i don't feel that they actually understood bernie sanders' tax plan number one, they came out for bernie sanders and secondly, this whole idea that the highest earners do not pay their fair share is not true. >> correct. but when you get to say free all of the time, you get more press, i guess. by the way, the earlier segment for dating site for bernie sanders, feel the burn with
7:10 am
dating. [laughter] >> maria: i guess the point is i understand carried interest and that obviously should be looked at. this is an issue when it comes to tax reform that's been talked for a long time. if you're a hedge fund manager and capital gains as oppose to ordinary income but make a blanket statement it's just wrong and inaccurate and plays with the populist. it's not honest. there you go. you have great entrepreneurs singing that song. >> dagen: wealthiest americans are paying the highest rate. so the actual rate at the percentage what they earn that they are paying into the government, taxes have gone up, so they act like taxes have been
7:11 am
going in the other direction. >> maria: is it 50% that are not paying tax? >> dagen: it's roughly half of americans that pay -- >> maria: that's because under poverty or right around poverty line. >> dagen: a lot of tax expenditures hopefully some republican would attack. >> what generates economic activity, consumer spending, investment, all of venture capital, without them how do you replenish the money you take away from them? >> maria: if small businesses give 90% to the government, what are they going to do with the remaining 8%? hire people? >> you don't have apple, microsoft, any of the companies that employ most -- >> maria: patrick, real quick, what's going to be the number one issue that will drive voters
7:12 am
in this election, is it going to be jobs, national security or something else? >> i have no idea. >> maria: you don't know? >> who knows, depends on the day. >> maria: right now they are buying what donald trump is selling. there you go. good to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> thank you so much for joining us. more developments with disputes with apple, more than half of americans want apple to assist the fbi in its efforts to unlock the iphone in the san bernardino terrorist syed farook. we are going to talk about that when we come back up. a speech vice president gave in the 90's, giving republicans to fight in the supreme court. more from nevada as republicans prepare to caucus. stay with us.
7:13 am
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7:15 am
>> maria: welcome back, dramatic turn of events for some people wounded in uber driver in kalazoo, michigan. >> cheryl: 14-year-old girl wounded in the attack, she was declared dead, she was about to have organs harvested when she
7:16 am
gave the thumbs up, moments before the procedure began. dalton was arraigned yesterday. the doctors are saying it's a miracle, really. according to reports 13 different locations including ones in colorado, south carolina and kansas all under consideration for the relocation. the president is going to be making a statement on the issue, we just found this out about 10:30 a.m. eastern time. and by the way, vice president joe biden changing tune to nominate a replacement scalia. >> it's my view if a supreme justice resigns tomorrow or the next several weeks, resigns at
7:17 am
the end of the summer, president bush consider following the practice of a majority of his predecessors and not, and not name a nominee until after the november 11 is election is completed. >> cheryl: the excerpt of the speech is not accurate decryption of the views on the topic. the president expected to nominate justice scali acres' replacement in the next few weeks. the reason it's so important and being brought to light, you have a completely divided and for us to wait until the next election is still being highly debated and there's a real divide in the court over it. >> maria: do you think we will see a replacement? >> david: and we shouldn't. joe biden, chuck schummer.
7:18 am
you know, we've got a decision on a supreme court justice that will effect this country for probably the next 30-50 years, laws, precedents set for the federal courts, frankly i don't want an obama nomination, i want somebody of a caliber of scalia, i would put andrew napolitano on the bench. >> maria: yeah. >> david: it's not something we can change at will nor should it be. >> maria: the senate can make their calendar and decide what -- when they do the hearing. >> dagen: the president doesn't appoint. let the senate deal with it. >> david: nomination confirmation, paragraph 2,
7:19 am
advises consent of the senate. the president has right to nominate and the senate has -- >> i don't understand why the republicans didn't let that happen. why did you -- >> maria: as soon as scalia passed that was the topic on the campaign trail and congress. >> it was terrible. >> david: he should have not said anything and let it go. >> maria: tiger woods agent, his client is so much pain the golfer can't sit up straight. jerry max in sports coming up ♪ ♪
7:20 am
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that's promo code freeship. stand up for your health.
7:23 am
>> maria: welcome back, more bad news for tiger woods, the former number one golfer in the world struggles to recover from back surgery. >> will tiger woods ever be a force on the golf course again? well, the time he crashed his suv to a hydrant. tiger won't be able to play competitive golf any time soon as a result of lingering black problems. this past weekend robert, author of a book unplayable, he tweeted
7:24 am
that he was told tiger's condition has worsen and cannot move well, it's painful to sit and sits at the car fully recline and no foreseeable return and a secret twitter tweeted that tiger has become worse and unable to drive, climb stairs or sit in a chair. yesterday they called this absolutely false, every few months somebody makes something up and that it's treated like a real story. tiger continues to work on rehabilitation, he says, and he will have accurate update on the appropriate time. tiger turned 40 in december, back surgery, second procedure 2015 and one more six weeks later. he hasn't played since last august and even when tiger has played, he has not played all that well and hasn't been able to compete -- or complete every single tournament. we take a look at tiger's decline, is tiger in
7:25 am
hibernation? only finished tied for 11th. one event, will anybody beat tiger. he's now 40 year's old and we ask the question again, will we see tiger woods again? >> dagen: no, we -- he should retire. people don't want to see him play badly. every since the whole -- the whole personal life blue -- blew up with his life and affairs that he was having, something changed in him, something changed and he doesn't have it anymore. so you throw health problems. >> maria: something really ranged because of all that personal. >> dagen: it was something in his head that worked for him. as horrible as that sounds.
7:26 am
>> look tat decline of tiger over the years of what he was then and now. i know we have a graphic where shows tiger in 2007 -- 1997 the masters. he won 14. he's 0 for the last 20. tiger, his father was driving force. tiger was in the womb holding a club. >> have you talked to other players or other people in the business to find out if that twitter or tweet was correct? what's your view of it? >> he is a reliable source and he says that it came from a reliable source, but they did write a book about tiger woods, he has been a fox golf analyst before. i think it's legitimate and if
7:27 am
the agent is saying that tieing certify great, yeah, he will be back next week. so time will tell. >> dagen: we know he's not playing so you add to that. >> thankfully it's not football and you still can win when you're 50. >> maria: up next, will boycott republican party if donald trump is elected. he would like to punch a protester in the face. listen to this. >> i love the old days, you know, you know what i hate, there's a guy totally disruptive throwing punches, we are not allowed to punch back anymore. i love the old days, you know what they used to do to guys like this in a place like this, they would be carried out in a stretcher, folks.
7:28 am
7:29 am
. . .
7:30 am
good morning. welcome back. sit tuesday, february 23rd. your top stories on the east coast. things are heating up on the the campaign trail. donald trump looking for a third straight win and fighting off criticism over his record. >> i do say this, i have very much evolved but if you look at my real conservative credentials.
7:31 am
-- that's why i came up. i said i'm a common sense conservative. >> marco rubio and ted cruz battle it. ted cruz looking to recover bad after firing his campaign manager yesterday over a social media post. >> bill gates is backing the fbi's request to get in the iphone used by one of the san bernadino terrorists. in an interview the "financial times" it he says this case will not set an illegal presence. >> thirteen different location have been identified including one in colorado, and kansas. they are under consideration for the relocation of those detainees. president obama will speak about this live later this morning. we will bring you his statements
7:32 am
live at 10:30 a.m. eastern. >> we have some buying going on this morning as things are turning positive. we just got home depot earnings out it's expected to open up. we will get readings on home prices, existing home sales and consumer confidence. our next guest says that wherever the results he will never vote forefront runner donald trump. he writes i will vote for a third party if donald trump is the nominee. there's no difference between the democrats and the republicans. the joining us now is eric, ericson. thank you for joining us. so, thanks for having me. >> you basically hand the election to hillary clinton. let's face it. >> hi not vote for the liberal and not vote for hillary clinton either.
7:33 am
there no meaningful difference i don't believe. >> but by default if you don't vote and other people decide we will not vote, i assure you hillary clinton supporters will vote for her. >> they will certainly vote for her but i'm not a donald trump supporter and don't see any difference between him and her so i don't know why i should vote between the two of them if there's no difference. >> let's remind the american people how this works. if we get a hillary clinton or a bernie sanders for all you socialists or whatever democratic socialist on the the left they are up against the senate which is republican-led in the house. if we put a republican cap in there we have an advance of advance and not get as many vetos. i look at this how do we look at the future of america.
7:34 am
i blame the van gel kas that have staid home by the millions and help give another president obama. sop this falls back that says if i will vote for a third party the reality is we have two people running so do you want a democrat president or a republican president or somebody who will work with republicans? i'm sick of the history lesson being given, yes. they all have their faults, they all have their things. we have to look at america bigger than our individual choices. in the primary, our fellow citizens pick the candidate. >> there's no difference between hillary clinton and donald trump. >> if there's no difference, these are the two candidates. >> donald trump is not the
7:35 am
nominee yet and the if he is, i will go for the third party. i have been a republican for the number of years. this is not the republican party if they chose donald trump. >> it's not what they are choosing, they are kicking and screaming over this. it's the people. >> if the republican party has changed then i'm no longer part of the republican party and have no obligation to maintain -- so, how will you feel if hillary clinton is the president? >> i will look at the people who went for donald trump and say i told you that will happen. >> are you seeing what is a destruction of the republican party. is it over? >> it is if they nominated trump. >> so what happens then? the number one in governor
7:36 am
representatives the and they might be able to sur strive donald trump. they will see a meaningful third party begin to scrape up who don't want donald trump. >> one of the problems we have now in this country is the republican party has failed america. the republican party doesn't stand by for a long time. but you write in your article here, a lot of republicans are going to start making claims to the nominee no matter who he is, you write i know for certain a lot number of trump supporters will not rally to a cuban, i will not rally to trump. i am asking americans to make the fundamental civics decision here which is a democrat will have grid lock, we won't have tax reform and won't have a problem and have a bigger problem pushing republicans to
7:37 am
do the right thing and the reagan principal if you can get donald trump to 60%-70% republican. we have to get things done in this country. >> i think in a nutshell donald trump wasn't able to be faithful to the multiple woman who shared his people. i look at the republican party and see you have a good number of conservative candidates. donald trump held the democrats in 2002 and helped establishment for the republicans with the tea party in 2014. i don't trust him. >> younger people have moved away from the republican party because the hard core republicans did not keep up w-p how they felt on social issues.
7:38 am
donald trump said she pro-life now. he was once pro-choice. there's video of that. he's the been able to reach out to people who no longer identify with that hard core conservative party who were so far right on social issues. he has one over on you. >> i'm an evangelical conservative and not voteing is on donald trump given on that issue. >> we had ben and jerry's founders on yet and said they could not give me a straight answer on bernie sanders' tax plan. i want to get your take tonight democrat kick side of the race. listen to this. >> it's important to make sure our view terse understand what they are talking about. i want to make sure that you are understanding where we are in
7:39 am
terms -- where you think the highest tax rate should be? >> as i said, i'm not an economists, i don't think anybody can say what that is going to be. >> i do believe along with the majority of people in the upper incomes that we should be paying more taxes -- >> what you think about that? >> god bless the democrats. it's nice to be reminded that socialism and communism never left them. they kept them quiet far while. they can start being truthful again. >> i don't know. we are waiting to see some details from donald trump but we are not getting details on the other side either. i know you don't like donald trump and don't want to vote for anymore but if he's the nominee you have a dilemma on your
7:40 am
hands. when you start paying much more in tax and start looking at all the the policies you didn't want you can say that's because people decided they didn't want donald trump and didn't vote. >> just a few years ago donald trump said he wanted higher taxes on people and aban daned that because he wanted to run for the republican party. check out this footage where an escalator reversed direction. dozens of people went tumbling. >> no way. >> coming up, -- my shoe got stuck and my foot came out of it. irving missed a huge game.
7:41 am
it was a different kind of bug that the super star got. >> we choose world.
7:42 am
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7:44 am
we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. hitting an nba star hard. >> cleveland cavaliers saying he missed most of stunned night's game because of bed bugs from a hotel in oklahoma city. a spokesperson saying there were bed bugs found in his room. he had to leave the game after playing nine minutes against the
7:45 am
thunder. the company reportedly has submitted a pa dent for a bench seat with adjustable seats and seatbelts. they are charging passengers by their tpaeugt. others are heading larger seats. develop adults and two kids. >> taking on the apple watch may be harder than it looks the especially for fit bit. sinking more than 15%. the third quarter forecast missing estimates by wide margins. the outlook also is dragging on the side. the company said heavy sr*eupbsment -- investment will weigh on future results. didn't really kick off with respect to you. >> housing reports on the calendar this morning, existing home sales after strong earnings from home depot this morning. joining us former fannie mae in
7:46 am
studio. thank you for joining us. how do you characterize things right now? >> we are optimistic. >> there's a lot of good reasons that people are focusing on housing as one of the last legit gnat opportunities to create wealth. we have seen a couple things. inventory continues to the go down yet sales continue top go up and reflects too expensive rental markets and improving jobs markets and cautious, optimistic outlooks for any other asset class. >> inventory is not going down everywhere. let's talk about the inventory where you see areas of bubble or close to peaking? >> sure. i can't believe we are still talking about housing recovery. it's been over 7 years. interest rates have been at near zero it's staggering. we've had a lot of overseas
7:47 am
buyers that have been popping up markets like new york city, miami, san francisco. that's not across the country. i am starting to see that over sea buyer start to pull back and we also had over development. the luxury market has been over developed. we have a lot of shadow inventory coming online. there's a lot of reasons to be concerned. >> i look at the job numbers. we have a real unemployment rate in this country that is north of 10%. the economy not doing as well as people talk about. isn't that the up the site to the residential real estate market outside where you have the foreign investors. the millennials that will open the next five years, the number of people turning 30 will match what happened with the pay by -- baby boomer generation.
7:48 am
how you offset that with some of your investment fears from overseas iner have or thes -- investors? >> my concerns are the jobs. where will they buy homes with those job? es the one thing that people don't realize is incomes are over estimated -- we know they are over estimated -- the millennials are working in a different way. let's look that the from the bank side. >> well standards are much higher today. >> the point -- standards are higher, how are these going to actually meet the standard and then added to the that, what if the fed finally comes out and pulls up the basis points and becomes more expensive to borror. when i was the 25, i wasn't thinking of creating a household --
7:49 am
>> what about that -- >> jump. this here. in terms of -- it's very difficult to even gate mortgage today. >> -- get a mortgage today. >> every time interest rates go down, the credit tight -ps because it's indicative of a market. the best policy of the my lynnals, we think of the the job market, the against bottom line market is the share of millennials liveing with their parents is up. something is broken, the labor market or otherwise. you see the housing market recovering despite that. >> that's just spoiled. >> we will have the investors coming from overseas. you chinese and emerging market, currencys are getting smoked. those people want to get their money somewhere. >> there are a lot of chinese money and middle east tern money and it's starting to pull back.
7:50 am
what i am concerned is where were headed. i watch those job numbers when we talk about housing. >> how significant of a decline would you expect in real estate prices in the coming year. if you are looking at inventory up. >> real estate is up. i will take it market by market. that's almost frozen market right now. be throw $3 million things are going off the shelves. i think those prices have to come down quite a bit. we are in that cycle of the market where you will start to see the prices come down. >> good to see you. thank you. we will be right back. ♪ (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done?
7:51 am
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7:54 am
oil prices spiking back. what's driveing this move. but still at $23.27. >> were seeing stability in these prices. we did see prices get higher and tradeers are waiting for the next hour that's when ali al hanini is expected to speak in a conference in houston. a lot are waiting to see what he has to say. this could be a major market mover because we had that historic agreement between saudi arabia and russia last week to freeze output. tradeers will wait to see if there's any progress in that. that's the big thing. >> are you seeing a different tone? are people in the pits stunned that the stability that the oil prices have shown over last
7:55 am
couple of weeks versus so many people thought it was going to go down in the teens and $10 a barrel again. >> i think so. if you remember, people were shocked in making those predictions because what a bad start we got from the beginning of the year. now, people are starting to realize, maybe things weren't that pad and now -- bad and now with all these cut backs in production maybe we will find a point where the market will get balanced. that's where the tradeers were waiting around the to find out. >> next hour t the city police commissioner are join us with his take on the apple encryption debate and what he's looking at in the 2016 presidential elections. coming up. stay with us .
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
>> good morning. with me is fox news contributor. your top stories at 8:00 a.m. in the the east coast. voters in nevada heading to the republican caucus today. donald trump looking for his third straight victory while marco rubio and ted cruz battling it. >> marco rubio and ted cruz battle it.
7:59 am
ted cruz looking to recover bad after firing his campaign manager yesterday over a social media post. >> bill gates is backing the fbi's request to get in the iphone used by one of the san bernadino terrorists. in an interview the "financial times" it he says this case will not set an illegal presence. >> we had slumping oil prices. that set the challenge for a
8:00 am
negative day and we are looks at the dax. mining giants cut its dividend and it reported a loss for a quarter. in asia across, across the board as you can see there. the nevada republican border tonight. people are in las vegas with what to expect. good morning to you. >> good morning. that's right. marco rubio will be holding a campaign rally in a few hours but sit a dust up with ted cruz thats that cruz campaign on the defensive this morning. today the day of the nevada caucuss. yesterday cruz fired his spokesman rick tyler for posting a video that proported to show marco rubio mocking the bible and in fact, rubio did not do that. >> rick tyler is a good man, this was graver ror of judgment.
8:01 am
it turned tout news story was false but even if it was true, were not a campaign that will question the faith of another candidate. even if it was true, our campaign should not have said it. >> now rubio yesterday accepted an apology from the cruz campaign but said it resulted from a culture that encouraged lies and dirty tricks. donald trump went further. >> this guy cruz lies more than any human being i have ever dealt with. unbelievable. and he holds up the bible and he lies. this guy is sick. there's something wrong with this guy. >> well, the caucuss begin tonight. donald trump is ahead in the polls here and expected to win with cruz and rubio in a tight battle for second. >> thank you so much. want to bring in wyoming senator. good morning to you. thank you so much for joining
8:02 am
us. >> thank you, maria. want get your take on yesterday from the founders of ben and skwrer reus ice cream. a -- jerrys ice cream. listen to their take on things. >> are you prepared if push comes to shove, will you be okay with paying 92% of your earnings to the government? >> think that's fair? >> you have to pay your fair share. >> we would be happy to. as ben described to, it's the marginal tax rates. up to a certain amount you pay 15%. >> senator t somehow they mangled that to come up with new ways to pay taxes the.
8:03 am
the bottom line is bernie sanders has said and making more than $250,000 you could see as high as 92% tax rate. >> if you think about their the socialism sorbet i don't think a lot of people will want to buy it. we know they can crush through taxes and mandates and the regulations that come out. i don't think the american people will buy this at all. >> it's unbelieveable to me. i understand tkeurbt almost seems like some of his strongest supporters don't understand his policies it' up clear that they have no idea about sanders tax plan. >> well, very few people do and that's why i think bernie sanders or hillary clinton would not be good as president in terms of the job, the economy -bgs nationality security, i think that we are seeing country heading in the wrong direction
8:04 am
and don't want to continue. this that direction or put our foot on the accelerator. >> you see a growth plan out there that you think can move the needle towards economic growth and job creation and it has with taxes an i think the president is heavy handed. it makes ate lot easier. . it's the private sector and ought to be seen in the economy >> let me switch gears and ask you about the nomination. the president staid any push back won't go very far. he won't nominate his pick. how codo you see this playing out? >> i ought to have a saying. >> the president should make a rough time appointment so --
8:05 am
that person should make up lifetime in the voters voices will be heard. >> let me shift on that you wrote recently and you took a look and the president's plan should plan. he wants to put a $10 tax on oil. you think it's a tax on america's oil industry. >> it goes right to the middle class hardworking taxpayers. the president in his budget proposed a 24-cent tax. it plays in the hands of russia and to iran. an the energy is called the master resource for a reason. it powers our economy, it powers our military. so when the president does this and puts it in a competitive disadvantage overseas, he is
8:06 am
seating the market to russia, to iran and to others at a time when we ought to be growing our own economy and using our own gin resources. hillary clinton has said that in terms of energy development on public lands as president she said it would be a done deal, there would be no more energy development of fossil fuels where 25% of all the the energy we use in this country comes from public lands and billions in tax revenue comes from that energy. >> senator, at the same time, it's daegan mcdowell, this is where the jobs are being lost is in the energy sector and you have rhetoric from elected officials and from those democrats from the campaign trail talking down our gin business. when will they get religion and realize this is about our fashional security, about job creation when we need those very job? es. >> you're right. energy security is national security.
8:07 am
we ought to be focusing on red, white and blue american gin. the president has this fixisat o*eu n with green energy and there is a huge gap between reliable energy and renewable energy. it's a vast gap that is not easily going to be closed. we need all the the sources of energy. we have an abundance of energy in the united states and we should keep that as competitive in the world stage. question have an energy -- this is a bill that has passed 18-4 in the senate with the democrats are holding it hostage now and they want more money from flint. this bill allows for us to export and make it easier to export and lick we tpaoeu natural -- liquefy natural gas. we ought to sell it to our friends overseas who want to buy it. >> are you going to be able to see things get done with the new
8:08 am
president? conservatives are upset by that. it basically blows off any push back and gives president obama an okay to all of his agenda whether it be the refugees or obama care, who out there do you think in the campaign is going to be the one to bring people together and will you be able to work best with? >> i will support who ever is nominate bid the republican party and any one of them will be better than hillary clinton and bernie sanders in terms of jobs, the economy, in terms of consumers, in terms of our national security, in terms of international activities. they are going to be focused on jobs and focused on the the economy. we have a president who hasn't really done that. that's why 70% of americans say that they believe the country is headed in the wrong direction and heading far change. >> this is david webb, i have a question about tax policy. the candidates have put out some
8:09 am
form of tax policy, we need reform in this country. if the tax starts working heavily on tax reform getting us to fix the tax code, will the senate stand firmly and fight with the republicans on this? the problem is it hasn't been fixed over the years. >> you're right the last time was done is when it was divided government when ronald reagan was the president and had tip o'neill as speaker of the house. that left a wonderful opportunity to get it done. any tax reform he wants to start with a trillion of new tax revenue. i don't think that's the way to do it. we need to lower the rates and there are things we can do to simplify the tax code. paul ryan is on the the right track as the speaker of the house and i want to help them. >> there seems to be a breakdown in the messaging coming from the republican party. a unifyed message that is driven
8:10 am
toward understanding things reich what a $10-barrel on tax oil needs. how can you fix the messaging coming from a party? >> well, i think it's pretty clear the american people see that the country is heading in the wrong direction and want to undo the damage that president obama has done to our economy. so when we talk about what the president is proposing with the gas tax, 24-cents a gal hon and said it's a -- gallon and said it's a tax on oil. the american people realize that that's going to be a tax on them when they see that they are paying 26 more at the tank. that's what the president has proposeed in his budget. even the democrats are run aeug way what the president is talking about. i think this debate is going to be about jobs, the economy, national security and i think that's a good ground for republicans to be fighting on when you see what this president
8:11 am
an his administration has done in terms of the direction he has taken the country. senator, thank you so much. we this see you soon. up next, apple still refusing to comply with the government's order to crack in the the san bernadino's shooter's phone. it is the republican party's town vote. nevada, will the donald make it three states in a row? coming up, back in a moment.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
according to reports, 13 different locations including ones in colorado, south carolina and kansas are all under consideration for the prisoner relocation which is expected to cost $75 million-dollars. president obama is expected to make an announcement we will carry that live on the fox business network. a tragic ending to a helicopter crash in hawaii. remember this the video we brought you of this helicopter
8:15 am
crash? a 16-year-old boy was taken to the hospital in critical condition from that crash has died. teen was one of five people aboard the chopper when it went down late last week. he was found unresponsive and strapped to his seat. >> bill gates backing the fbi used in an iphone use bid one of the san bernadino terrorists. telling the "financial times" this is a specific case where the government is asking for access for information. according to the research center, 51% of americans think apple should assist the fbi while the rest side with apple. >> the issue here and we this talk about it. coming up. republican rivals hoping to slow front runner donald trump's momentum tonight. it is the final chance before dozens of states vote on the
8:16 am
primary's nominations next week. we will waist their chances next. stay -- we will way their chances -- we this weigh their the chances next. stay with us. ♪ ♪ he has a sharp wit. a winning smile. and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars.
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8:19 am
tobgs news contributor says he might be and she joins us now. good to see you. >> how are you? what do you think? do you think donald trump -- there's no stopping him? >> i think it would be hard to stop him in nevada? a couple of the previous rallies from trump. he had --
8:20 am
>> that's a fun factor at the trump rally. i know people think that's goofy. the politics and at some point and the people coming in to these realities an they may not agree with any stick of trump the and might think he's over the top. . the fox reporters -- and they are having a good time calling back from trump. i think a lot of politicians in the republican party have gotten so caught up in america. there's not enough joy in campaigning. that was joyful campaign.
8:21 am
i'm loving this -- and thousands of people and lots of fun and lots all over the country. you're right, politics is what we do, it's supposed to be fun. for donald trump i have a questioning and a challenge for him. going in the primaries, he's got to come out 50%-55% of support or is it a question of can rubio or cruz keep bleeding away. >> rubio has not won a contest yet and there's people on television saying rubio has all the the momentum. i don't understand that. >> there's so much political gravity in this. you have to garner more and more as the support as the others
8:22 am
start to fade way. >> imagine if the establishment does what it normally does which is rally behind the overwhelming front runners. they are figuring outweighs and they establishment of people came along and that in a few issues and a few of these issues if they move just a little bit toward the voters. >> they have kept the medium income in this stagnate. >> those people who are rallying to trump -- and he tweeted last night. do you think if trump can beat hillary. but he was talking about a rally last night.
8:23 am
he tweeted this because his negatives are higher than hers are. he trails her in the head-to-head in a fox news poll at least the latest one. these are the same polls that were showing that south carolina was coming really close. there are going to be four points at end of the polls that we were showing. they rally behind the front runner it's the republican party wants to throw in with the democrats to throw off trump if these nominee, trump will have a difficult time. we will put together a new coalition, we will help trump on some of these issues but will move toward the grass roots of the country put a new coalition back together, i don't see how you don't feed hillary. i disagree with his analysis on globalleism, trade and immigration. i think trump goes into a city like chicago and he challenges what the democrats have done to
8:24 am
chicago, detroit, la, hartford, connecticut, atlanta. i think he has a tour of this country that turns politics upside down if he wants to do it. does he need to get more specific when he's up against hillary who will talk and tout her experience. i think he should and probably will -- but i think he should and he will. we have to get more specific. i was listening to raoub you at -- i was listening to rubio at his rally yesterday, you tellle me how that works with the trance pacific partnership and how that works that millions of people who are workers in the could country. you tell that to a 50-year-old guy who got laid off by disney to train a his foreign replacement. >> do you think there their ever
8:25 am
be a backlash to donald trump's style or do you think he will soften it as it gets closer as it looks like a nomination? >> i think it will be on the style a little bit. >> i saw him with shawn him last night. particularly with israel. >> he's going to have to grow as a candidate as well. his face isn't up on mount rushmore yet. he are l have to grow if this is all going the to work. so far, trump in my mind has shown more willingness to work with other people on some of these issues than the establishment has demonstrated his havingness to work with him. so, talking to people in the the republican party supporters, they in the fourth stage, they
8:26 am
in the depression phase, they are one step away from acceptance. i sat in front of one of the long-time lobbyists on saturday. >> aim just playing around. they seem a little worried. i have been saying this, trump is not a perfect candidate. none of them are. i think he has a lot of work to do. but the message from the american voters is we are so angry and willing to take this
8:27 am
table, turn it over and see the coc roaches scatter. if you kill off trump -p tomorrow and if he gets out of the race for some reason you still have to get those voters. it's how to turp our economy in an even gin of growth for native-born workers. i think it people will start following you. you will still have the real stphreut divide in the the -- split divide. thanks so much. great to see you. we will see you soon. up next, friendly fire from microsoft founder bill gates. the technology not siding with apple in this dispute with the government. ray kelly will join the debate next live right here as we take a break. check out this latest addition to the smith smithsonian galley. taking his place among the nation's biggest. ♪ was engineered...
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8:31 am
san bernardino shooting in the fight against apple. >> the victims deserve access to the cell phone or to have the government obtain that information. there's a lot of unanswered questions here and this is the biggest terrorist act we've had in decades. at the same time, i'm hoping that this is going to propel the type of debate that we're seeing here and that needs to play out in congress. we need legislation to adapt and adopt procedures and protocols to deal with this changing technology. >> all of this as microsoft co-founder bill gates says this morning he is in favor of the fbi's efforts to unlock the iphone. and it's in line with how americans feel as well. a study from pew research say 51% of the american people support the fbi on this. joining us is former new york city police commissioner ray kelly with more analysis, good to see you, ray. >> good to be with you, maria. maria: i was struck by the fact there are currently 175 phones in new york that, you know, lawmakers are trying to unlock.
8:32 am
the d.a., trying to unlock them and you know, cyrus vance now saying his office has these iphones that he believes can, if he gets into these iphones, they can help them with some important drug cases, criminal cases, is that right? >> sure. i think this ultimately has to be solved by congress. i'm not certain they want to take it on, but it's an issue that requires a law. i think this particular case will go to the supreme court because tim cook really has no alternative now. he's drawn a line in the sand so he's got to show his consumer base he's fighting for them. i'm surprised it wasn't handled in private and it really is, as far as this case, it is about one phone. because apple will control the whole process. i think what the fbi is looking for is the phone to be taken and sort of turned over to them without this capacity to turn off after ten tries.
8:33 am
so that is totally within the baliwick of apple. i don't see why it raises the potential for it to be hacked. maria: let me read you something tim cook is saying because this really struck me because tim cook is saying, if the government can use the all rights act to make it easier to unlock your iphone, it would have the power to reach into anyone's device to capture their data. the government could extend this breach of privacy and demand that apple build surveillance software to intercept your records or health data, track your location or even access your phone's microphone or camera without your knowledge. >> you need a judicial decree. that's what the fourth amendment is all about. it's against unreasonable search. it's absent is warrant, that's based on both an affirmation. and that's the system of government that we have here. it goes back hundreds of years. so, just willy nilly do these sorts of things, no, it's know the going to happen, it doesn't
8:34 am
happen. dagen: are you heartened that tim cook is trying to frighten americans into his corner in part with this, but this, right now it seems like at least on that pew survey, they're siding with the fbi and the right, you know, to basically investigate a terrorist attack. maria: because it's national security. dagen: does that make you think, as a member of law enforcement does that make you feel better? >> everyone wants privacy, but the public is concerned about its safety and now they're moving to the side of security. this was a horrendous attack, 14 people were killed, it's reasonable to think that there's important information in that phone. the whole thing sounds very reasonable in my mind, as far as government trying to get this information. i think tim cook drew the line in the sand probably the wrong place with the 5 c phones, this technology is improving, 6, the 6s, apparently they say that
8:35 am
it's impossible to get into tho those. dagen: essentially with the newer smart phones that no member of law enforcement, or no lawyer could ever even with a valid search warrant search these phones, so this is going to have to be something congress-- >> it's important to note, this is what apple is advertising and said in their advertisements, it's not-- you can't reach it through a warrant, which is something for us all to think about because this is not the government, this is apple saying that you can't reach this information. maria: i think it's important, you know why? looking at this, this is why we need free market so much. i can't believe that apple and google, android, control 90% of mobile communications. this should not be up to apple. dagen: that's-- >> they're the ones that are making this determination. that's why congress has got to get involved. it's a little like gun control, i think it's seen as the third rail, maybe as the polls come
8:36 am
out and the public moves perhaps more towards the government's side, then you may see some legislation come from congress. >> that's dagen's point, you've got two main fear, your privacy fear and what's trumping that, sorry to use the term, is the fear of panic and associated with ta terrorist event and that's proving to be a bigger fear going along with what dagen is suggesting. >> the commissioner, the difference between intelligence and law enforcement and you kind of alluded to that earlier, but expand on that, we have an intelligence aspect to this, we want to find out what the terrorists are communicating with that. and it's a difficult balance. >> yeah, and law enforcement, of course, is doing all of their activity pursuant to the constitution and certainly restrictions abound in that area, but as far as intelligence is concerned, it's a little less restrictive. they have more options to get information than law enforcement does.
8:37 am
>> should they have done this in private then? if this was done in private it could have been dealt with as an intelligence operation. >> i don't know why they didn't do it in private. maria: because it's pr. i go back to my first instinct on this story, tim cook has to make a big deal of this, because of china, russia, otherwise they think that apple is in the pocket of the u.s. government. >> these countries could demand apple to do this. maria: pr, they want the customers, including international customers, we're protecting your data. >> and there are demonstrations right now, people in front of apple store, supporting apple. so, i think-- i love my iphone, by the way, i think it's a phenomenal instrument, but, yeah, i think it's good for business on the part of apple. maria: commissioner, i've got to ask you your take on the obama budget. this is unbelievable that the obama administration moved in
8:38 am
its budget to cut nearly $300 million from the urban area security initiative when schumer objected to the iran deal. what is your take on this cut to new york security? >> well, i think chuck schumer has been a stallwart for getting resources for new york city. don't forget, this city has had two major attacks, 2700 people killed here. on the bloomberg we had 16 plots and more plots against the city. and this is still the number one target, no question about it. the city needs those resources and this was such a dramatic cut, a lot of people think that it was done just to sort of stick a knife in chuck schumer because of his opposition to the iranian plan. that may very well be. maria: to play politics with something so important. >> with security. >> absolutely, that's washington. that's what happened all the time, but this city is still the number one target, still needs those resources.
8:39 am
maria: so, i mean, just because schumer said he was against the iran deal? >> who knows what the inner workings are there. maria: but he wanted to get new york back. but it was interesting, the vehemence with which he was attacked by josh ernest, the white house spokesperson, it looked like they prepared for this, looked like maybe they did it to goad him into it because it was a very, very direct attack. you didn't see that, schumer is a pretty important person in the democratic party. maria: in other words, they knew this was coming and people were going to say, hey, looking you cut money going to new york security because you don't like the fact that schumer went against your iran deal? >> it's certainly possible. we don't know with precision, but it looks like that. maria: commissioner, good to see you. >> good to see you. maria: thank you so much for joining us, former new york police commissioner, ray kelly. and check out jo vigilance", a
8:40 am
great read by ray kelly. and check out earlier moments you may have missed in the program. would you envision a place for guiliani in a trump cabinet? >> listen, i think a trump cabinet would be fascinating, would nt it? the people who would stick. it wouldn't be the same old-same old. why not rudy guiliani, for heaven's sake. >> playing defense, maria, we think the market volatility is going to continue and the u.s. economy, global economy is softening. earnings are going in the wrong direction, we think it's time to be cautious here and longer term, yeah, this will be a great opportunity. >> you're going to eat that? >> look, baseball, it's pre-season, hot sauce. >> look at david. >> in the ballpark, i'm happy. >> going to have a heart attack a minute later. maria: former chief of staff newt gingrich's run in 2012, patrick millsap is with us. how does this compare with your
8:41 am
newt campaign? >> well, doesn't get any-- >> frankly, i don't want an obama nomination, i want somebody the caliber of a scalia. francly my suggestion, i've been public about it, i would put andrew napolitano on the bench. >> they ought to stick to making ice cream instead of tax policy. if you think about their socialism sorbet, i don't think a lot of people are going to want to buy it. shouldn't what makes each of us a unique individual,
8:42 am
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♪ >> look at this, this is a video of a gorilla on the space station. it's scott kelly in a suit looking for entertainment as he continues his year in space. the costume was sent to him by his twin brother, former
8:45 am
astronaut mark kelly. >> maria, that was the best video of the day. i'm glad you liked it. i tell you what, we've got more video for you, no games for shoppers in china, an elevator suddenly reversed direction. this was awful. commuters apparently leaving the subway staying during the morning rush were sent tumbling down. and only five people injured, china has a history of escalator accidents. >> and look at the people on the stairs. >> i feel sad for them. >> the people on the stairs, what are you doing? >> well, we'll play that over and over. and this is david's favorite story of the day because burger king is going to be selling hot dogs, starts today. >> yes. >> two different kinds of grilled hot dogs, more than 7,000 new applications, the
8:46 am
classic grill dog or the chili dog. >> looking for the closest burger king when we're done. >> and like love handles, that's special. [laughter] >> and i know you know this story and bring it to you again, a free on-line dating site for supporters of bernie sanders, called bernie singles. signed to help sanders fans find like-minded people and more than 5,000 people have registered so far. >> or capitalism, operate opposite of what he's professing. >> and steal pat millsap's line, do you want to feel the burn on the date. >> don't know where to go with that. maria: talking with bernie sanders a lot. i spoke with sanders supporter and ben and jerry's ice cream about bernie's tax plan and the so-called political revolution we're all in for. >> you have all of these really profitable corporations that end up paying zero tax and
8:47 am
that's not fair, that's not what everybody wants. maria: why not just change the tax code? rather than just turning the whole system upside down and going towards socialism, why aren't we just changing the tax code? >> the real problem is influence in big politics, that determines what kind of tax codes we have and laws we have. maria: joining us is capitalist pig founder jonathan hoenig, your reaction to that interview? >> not surprised, but they could have summed it up. ben and jerry, what they didn't say is essentially bernie sanders' main message is that you don't matter, you as an individual don't matter. whether it's bernie sanders, socc soccer-- socialism, or communism or collectivism, your life, your liberty, your pursuit of
8:48 am
happiness, and that's why their ice cream taking a spoon and distributing that chocolate and that chocolate is you and they're going to break it up and throw it to the masses. maria: and that's no secret, distribution of wealth. >> i think there's an intellectual dishonesty what he's talking about. socialism in europe is a broad value-added tax on everybody, what you consume, services and goods. everybody gets hit. they think that, bernie sanders' supporters think that the super rich are going to pay for everything for everybody else, it doesn't work that way economically. >> we know that everything can't be free with everybody, they believe in the idea behind bernie's philosophy, that self-sacrifice, that your life doesn't matter and bernie says that explicitly, greater good, you are your brother's keeper. your money isn't yours, but
8:49 am
your neighbor's kids are yours, they're your responsibility. maria: and they kept comparing it to social security. in social security everybody pays in and i said are you aware that social security is on the way to bankruptcy? >> and a triumph. . those of left of center of social security, and trillions of dollars of bankrupt, to be a triumph under their watch. it's all about in my opinion, eliminating the individual. socialism is the reputation of the individual. america is based on your life and liberty and happiness, none of that matters. dagen: who makes better decision about you, your life, your money, you or the government? and bernie sanders and his followers think that the government deserves to make decisions about your money and health, that's the direction we're going. >> we have jonathan from the capitalist pig next to us. i love that about jonathan.
8:50 am
we want to share, grow the wealth and share the misery, venezuela, greece, castro, cuba, where did it work? for you budding new socialists, where has it worked? >> there's no pushback, one guy, kasich i think is the only one who said that is a capitalist economy, don't keep killing the banks, they're the ones that provide the money. i don't understand it, exactly, but everybody is shifting to the left. they're not shifting toward the more practical approach on the right. >> that's frustration if you're a capitalist in this election, most of the elections, where is the capitalist alternative. those on the right, including the republican front runner are not advocates are capitalism, and proposing eliminating government involvement in housing and health care and economics, none. and wall street and banking is that goes to the root of what
8:51 am
drives the global economy. we are over 20% of the global economy. shutting down the engine for that makes no sense to me. >> and profit. >> for some reason nobody will say that. maria: unfortunately, i don't think his supporters understand his plan. >> i think they understand it perfectly, maria. and they don't know the consequences of it. they don't believe their lives matter. it's all about sacrifice for the greater good. >> they shouldn't be in charge. maria: jonathan, thank you. joen than-- jonathan hoenig. we'll be right back. [bassist] two late nights in tucson.
8:52 am
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8:54 am
>> i'm nicole petallides live on the floor of the new york stock exchange. we saw stocks turn. they had been much lower earlier this morning and back to the green, dow futures up 16 points and that's likely to tack on the 228 point gain we
8:55 am
saw yesterday while the s&p and nasdaq are off the lows as well. big focus on fitbit. great numbers for the quarter, comfortable quarterly profits and the outlook, they're going to be investing heavily in new products and with that guide, that puts the stock to the down side and closed at 16.52, 14 and change. fitbit under serious pressure. much more on mornings with maria coming up. thousands of hours of painstaking craftsmanship. and an infinite reserve of patience... create a vehicle that looks, drives and thinks like nothing else on the road. the all-new glc. the suv the world has been waiting for. starting at $38,950.
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8:57 am
>> welcome back. today marks the 71st
8:58 am
anniversary of u.s. marines raising the american flag five days into the battle for iwo jima during world war ii. nearly 7,000 american lives were lost and 20,000 more were injured during the battle and lasted over one month. these pictures became some of the most iconic war photos in american history. becoming a symbol of victory in world war ii. you just get chills thinking about it. >> totally. maria: this great country and all of our servicemen and women, thank you for your service. guys, final thoughts right now, david webb? >> i'm going to go to this. i was in iwo jima last year with 49 of the veterans, and a japanese sold was wounded on the island. and america committed ourselves to the fight and you think of the marines at the time the military was segregated, but they fought in iwo jima and peleliu and out of this came a greater america, a commitment
8:59 am
as a nation and that's what we need now, we need leadership by the citizenry and a leadership that's going to step up and demand more of our elected officials and ourselves. we've got to be an unselfish nation in order to rebuild that reagan promise. maria: it's an important reminder, that's why we fight for the america we have. >> i don't think we need to make america great again, america is great. i think we have to remember that we're great. i think from a market standpoint as a strategist, i don't think we're going to zero. the u.s. economy, the federal reserve, interest rates, oil prices, they're all a driver of a consumption-based economy and it's okay to be optimistic once again. it's become so in vogue to be pessimistic. maria: the reality is reality. you're optimistic on the economy? >> i have one of the higher targets out there and sticking to it. the historic back drop and the fundamental backdrop. dagen: i think many people in
9:00 am
this country need a history lesson, read "d-day", and remember what unity was like, self-sacrifice and tip of the hot to my uncle gordon who enlisted to fight in world war ii when he was a teenager, lied about his age and fought in the pacific like so many men. maria: thank you so much. tony webber, and david, dagen. stuart, over to you. stuart: maria, thank you, indeed. the post says socialist, so says bernie sanders. the campaign is entertaining, engaging and bizarre. we have it for you. good morning, everyone. today it's the nevada republican caucuses. in the polls trump is way out front and he's being furiously attacked by the pundits this morning. ted cruz's campaign reeling he's under attack for the dirty tricks and trump calls him the biggest liar. marco rubio, well, he has


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