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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  February 23, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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down 183. watch fox business tonight for special coverage of the nevada republican caucuses hosted by neil cavuto. kicks off at 11:00 p.m. eastern. liz? over to you. liz: so much breaking news here. look, for the markets not quite a red scare but the bears are driving the dow and the s&p into the red for the month as wall street erases yesterday's gains, take a look at the dow industrials barely off the lows of the session down 186 points. energy? financials? do you own any of those? tanking in lock step with oil. the culprit of the day, iran directly responsible for oil's fall taking stocks with it, after iran's oil minister calls opec's plan to freeze production to january levels ridiculous. after first saying they would do it. cruise closing down 4.5%, settling at $31.87. just below that right now. so as oil falls, the republican
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political campaigns are rafrming up, ahead of this evening's nevada caucus. 30 delegates are up for grabs and divided among the top finishers. while the delegate count may not be that high compared to other states, any win or solid silver second place performance in the silver state could provide much needed momentum ahead of super tuesday, one week away. donald trump hoping to capitalize, about to host a rally in sparks, nevada. we've got our cameras trained on it. vegas casino owner and businessman in the lead, but nevada polling is known to be unreliable. leaving las vegas after spending the morning in sin city. senator marco rubio left nevada to gather endorsements and fund-raising from the establishment. while ted cruz is hoping to revive some of the iowa caucus
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magic to help shake off yesterday's campaign controversy. the resignation of his main spokesman, which you only saw right here on "countdown" because we were the only news network who got that story and was on that story at the very second it developed. one candidate nowhere near nevada. ohio governor john kasich, spent his day in georgia getting ahead of the herd to super tuesday. neil cavuto on what he is other candidates must do to win tonight. trent duffy on john kasich's strategy to do just that, to win, and former reagan campaign adviser ed rollins along with former schumer aide chris hahn on the plan tonight. the president's gitmo plan. jeff flock plays fix-it at home depot. and wait until you see the next barbie, involves hoverboard and pink spandex.
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the we're less than an hour to the closing bell. let's start the "countdown." breaking news, less than four points from the lows on the dow. the bears are back for now. at this hour, the levels matter, below the levels for the dow, the nasdaq and the s&p that shoved the indices into negative territory for the year. 1940 for the s&p and 4614 for the nasdaq. if you are driving, listening on xm, glad you are with us. we are below all of them. shares of fitbit tumbling after issuing flabby guidance, the stock tanking 20%. the wearable technology company said it would bring in two cents per share as opposed to the 23 cents previously cited. and down but not out just yet. macy's not only beat estimates but gave investors encouraging
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signs of things to come in 2016. the stock is responding appropriately here. up 3%. neat trick considering the entire market is pretty much coming down at this minute. we are five hours away from the start of the nevada caucus, and it could mean a three man race in the silver state. party officials scrutinizing tonight's voting nervously, only the third time since cementing the first in the west status. in 2012, in case you weren't compos mentis at the time, took officials three days to determine mitt romney had won and only 8% of republican voters turned out for it. voters have been pretty slow to catch onto the caucus process and how it works. look it's complicated for experienced voters like those in iowa. remember this? several of iowa's democratic precincts had to flip a coin to determine if hillary clinton or
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bernie sanders won contested delegates. in the gambling world, the democrats use cards. cards to decide the winner of the delegates. the highest card that flips out wins. the republicans do not do coin tosses, card cutting or rolling dice, they let the voters choose and the polls show donald trump will be poised to win. fox news washington correspondent peter barnes with more on the importance of the nevada caucus, peter? >> reporter: liz, the candidates were making closing arguments to nevada voters and urging supporters to get out tonight. trying to encourage the turnout because of the problem us that mentioned and the newness of this caucus, and the low turnout in the last -- the first one was in 2008, the next one in 2012. first time around, 40,000 or so, last time around -- first time around, 50,000, last time, 40,000. they're all out there urging
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supporters to come out tonight. they all want to get a share of the delegates. donald trump about to start that rally in sparks, as you said. here's how he put it to his supporters last night. take a listen. >> i don't want to turn on the television and say you know trump has the biggest crowds, the highest popularity, everybody loves the job he's going to do, but his people were too damn lazy to go out and caucus, all right? don't do it. don't make me have a miserable evening. >> reporter: the other candidate sending the same message to supporters today, just a little more gently, liz? liz: though you know the hard sell seems to work for donald trump, peter, thank you very much. it's going to be very exciting. we are five hours away from being off to the races in nevada where the state's gop supporters will caucus for candidates, but as nevada stares us right in the face with the prize of 30 delegates.
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the big kahuna for republicans and democrats is next tuesday, otherwise known as super tuesday. citizens from 12 states and one territory will head to the polls to make their decision. so if nevada has 30 delegates, 595 delegates are up for grabs on super tuesday. is that why ohio governor john kasich and florida governor marco rubio moved on from nevada. left las vegas? fox news political analyst is with us, ed rollins, and chris hahn, former aide to chuck schumer. no wonder kasich and raoux rubio moved on. i assume donald trump is going to win. >> i assume donald is going to win. so far he's been in the lead. cruz and rubio are fighting for the second place, that will give them claim on the second place. rubio is starting to get a lot of money people, name people endorsing him. cruz has the strong grassroots organization, and both have the
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best operatives in the state on their side. right down to the wires, again, trump's going to win it, who comes in second will have momentum. liz: not the democrats' night tonight, chris, you have a sense who might take second place? >> yeah, look, i think it's rubeio. i don't think the primaries are like a second grade soccer league. shouldn't be a medal for second place here. donald trump has all the momentum going into super tuesday, somebody should have put time into nevada. if you can bring your vote out as ed rollins is one of the best to bring this to the table. only 8% of the people turning out. if you get your people to the polls, you win. liz: who's second place? chris is right, who gets second place, right, ed? >> it does, second place in south carolina didn't matter, nobody got delegates. liz: who gets it this time? >> i think rubio comes in second this time, even though cruz had a strong organization, the chaos yesterday with getting rid of rick tyler added
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to the story. liz: let's talk about that, that was the controversy that broke during this hour yesterday, and does it hurt his momentum because donald trump, of course, is tweeting. i don't know if you saw, this chris, he's tweeting saying throw that guy under the bus, you can believe it? here rick tyler was such a great employee for ted cruz. >> i don't know all the details, he's a first rate professional, he's gingrich's guy. you can't take one of your principal players and throw him out. he made a mistake, you throw him out and created chaos in the campaign, you don't want to create chaos at this point in time. >> he threw him out for what the campaign had been doing all along, probably how they won iowa. so to throw him under the bus speaks to the character argument of ted cruz which his opponents have been making. does he have a steadfast
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character? is he the right guy to be president of the united states? hard to balance that line and appeal to evangelicals, which is why he didn't win them in south carolina, in my opinion. liz: let's get to rubio then. a big vote of confidence today. he is racking them and stacking them when it comes to endorsements. here's endorsement of a different kind. the koch brothers, the voice of conservatism, top political adviser mark short is on board with rubeio. how big a deal should we make of that? it'a bideal i dot ca abo theob dole of e wld, eir endoemendoest me as muchs moy. rubineedthe sours to ay ithe ce f a lg ti. what you d't wt with the big names endorsing you is you don't want to be the establishment candidate of the cycle. you need the money of the establishment. liz: this just broke the past couple of minutes. there is a federal judge who is saying, he's ruled that the state department officials and
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top aides to hillary c questioning under oath about whether they intentionally thwarted federal open records laws by using or allowing use of the private e-mail server through secretary clinton's tenure as secretary of state. what does she do in advance of the south carolina primary on saturday to turn this one around? go ahead, chris. >> i think she fully embraces it. the judge is saying let's put sunlight on it, let's put sunlight on it. i don't think she did anything wrong. no laws broken. we have a constitution that prevents ex post facto law, there was no law that said she couldn't use a private server, so let's talk about it. i don't think anybody did anything wrong. the more we put out of it, the less we have of the story. >> the danger obviously when you put federal judges, fbi agents, under oath creates a stigma. she has serious problems with integrity.
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when someone is swearing under oath, you face perjury, be very careful all the way through. not enough to say i've never told a lie, you can't tell a lie when you got your hand up in the air. liz: great to see both of you. you say rubio has a shot tonight. >> after trump. liz: i know it's come to second place. >> i agree 100% with ed. rubio second, but i don't think there's a prize for second. and unless rubio starts winning soon, there are people who are going to wonder how we make an open convention to stop trump and pick a name other than rubio or cruz. maybe ryan makes a comeback. liz: "lou dobbs tonight," lou is talking with tom fitton of judicial watch who brought the lawsuit. and, of course, the nevada caucuses later, kicking off, fox business' neil cavuto and kasich for president national communications adviser trent
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duffy are joining us in the next couple of minutes. stay tuned for that. moments ago we touched and broke through the floor here. now market lows, down 215. right now down 209. a rocking closing best. stay with me every second of the way here. when the ceo comes before an investor crowd, he hopes the stock will jump. not so can jpmorgan, ceo jamie dimon kick off shareholder meeting today. jpmorgan is one of the top two laggards, falling 4.33%, after continued warned energy losses due to the shocking slide in oil over the month as well as concerns in weakness in levels in mining. ready to set aside 600 million to cover losses for the first quarter alone. first china, now iran running stocks off the road as the country takes aim at opec.
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the latest mideast oil brouhaha and what it is doing now from the floor of the nyse, the cme and the nymex. we got the floor show, in stay tuned.
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. liz: it's an ugly day right now. getting uglier.
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down 211 points for the dow industrials. there are a lot of blame it on the songs. blame it on the rain. the jackson five's blame it on the boogie. the red on the screen, blame it on iran. to the floor show, keith mccullough who says sell oil at every sign of a rally. said that on the show, along with tim anderson, larry shover and jeff grossman. >> it's a statement, and we'll leave it at that. and again, let's not forget all those terrible speculators that we used to blame for the high prices. don't we get credit for the low prices? >> i know we're laughing at that. you cannot blame the speculators. blame them on the way up, blame them on the way down. >> interesting listening to the saudi oil minister, fair, pragmatic look at entire market, and basically we're going to go about our business
3:19 pm
here, and he expects, like i do, that demand is going to increase here, probably 1-2% this year, and it will catch up again. seeing all the weak players. the ones that can't handle at these prices. rigs closing down. fields closing down. i'm still friendly this market, as bad as things look today, look to the next three to six months as a slow gradual grindup. liz: keith's eyes are bugging out of his head. keith, what jeff calls fair and pragmatic, others call total denial on behalf of the saudi oil minister who said i believe there will be no production cuts, deal with the low price because it's not going higher, right? >> if you look at what's going on, liz, more broad-based than that. consumer confidence is a huge surprise to the downside. that is one of the top three leading indicators of a recession. when you look at energy,
3:20 pm
corporate profits. consumer confidence falling, and finally jpmorgan. i mean, surprise to some, one of our best short ideas within the favorite sector which is financials. jamie dimon did not walk on water today. he can't get interest rates to stop falling. can't get net interest margins to stop falling and can't fix the credit signal in the market. liz: and can't go back on how much money the corporations lent to the shale corporation. can one exist without the other? people say we may dip into a bear market and stay there for a while, doesn't necessarily mean we're going into a recession. >> it doesn't, the economic data has shown signs of life in the last couple of weeks. last week, the atlanta fed said they're looking at 2.6% q1 gdp growth. that's the regional fed that
3:21 pm
had very, very low numbers for a quarter. liz: i believe we had a .7 reading, right? that could be a market jump. >> yes, the last two years, the q1 gdp was abhorrently low. we get around 2 or better, that should be viewed as a little bit of a bump. we also saw late last week that the cpi came in at 0.3. doesn't sound like a lot but the trailing 12 month cpi number comes in at plus 2%. liz: larry, look at a lot of red on the screen. people say iran refused to comply, oil is tanking and bringing the rest of the market with it. you have macy's moving higher. couple of slice of green on the screen. is today the day you see flows of the faster, smarter money saying i'm going buy bigger opportunities here? >> you know, liz, you think so,
3:22 pm
it's quite the opposite right now. all position, all sentiment. right now traders continue to be renters of equities, renters of stock. at the first sign of trouble, they're selling them. what i found amazing over the last two weeks, not even two weeks, bad pmi's, a bad earnings report out of hsbc. market rallied 1100 points. the market, like today, it's a small case of digestion, as it was. when you hear the news come out of iran, iraq, to me it's like a report of the hindenburg every single days, it's not changing the fact the market will go back into balance by the end of this year. i predict we'll have a draw by the end of this year. right now a lot of volatility. wouldn't pay attention of it. liz: the horror, the horror keith mccullough where. do you see the sunlight here? long the bond here?
3:23 pm
>> long long-term bonds, long utilities and municipal bonds. the dow could fall another thousand points in the next week and resume what's going on out, there recognizing the profits are in recession. liz: listen, great to have all perspectives here, and we're going to save that piece of tape and see whose predictions are right. great to see you guys. thank you so much. closing bell, 37 minutes away, and it is a tough day, watching the markets every step of the way, and hang on sloopy, ohio's john kasich maybe the last governor standing in the gop race for the oval office. how does he plan to stop front-runner donald trump from winning the buckeye state? kasich spokesperson trent duffy with me next on "countdown."
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. liz: less than five hours before the nevada caucuses kick off, and one prominent gop
3:28 pm
candidate nowhere near sin city today. that is ohio governor john kasich, campaigning in georgia. making stops in atlanta and sandy springs to make his pitch to super tuesday voters, he shared his vision with stuart varney on fox business. >> i clearly have the best record, the best accomplishments of anybody in the race. we balanced the federal budget with my friend pete domenici, we created jobs, had surpluses, paid down debt. reformed welfare, i was a pentagon reformer. liz: new polls show governor kasich solidly in second place in his home state of iowa, polling five -- ohio, polling five points behind billionaire donald trump in the buckeye state. that's basically within the margin of error, folks does. the last governor standing have enough support to make the last minute push at trump? with us now, trent duffy, communications adviser for john
3:29 pm
kasich's presidential campaign. first to nevada or beyond nevada because governor kasich is not there. what does he stand to win by moving onto super tuesday states. >> running advertising in nevada. see what happens there. he's moving to super tuesday, that's the path to nomination. he is in georgia today as you noted. he'll be in mississippi tomorrow where senator trent lott is running his organizational effort then onto louisiana and texas where he picked up two key endorsements from newspapers, and tennessee on the pathway to michigan and winner take all in ohio. that's the plan he's always had in place and everything that's had to happen to win the nomination is happening. he did well in new hampshire, competed in south carolina, cleared the governor's lane, and he is going to now be able to show record of accomplishment to the republican voters and independents. >> interesting. you talk about a record of accomplishment. he actually has a record. he's not a first-time anything.
3:30 pm
he's not a first-season anybody, and he's been in this game as a congressman and, of course, governor of ohio where he was extremely successful at the worst possible time. that would be during the recession. however, you know when you're pulling second in your own home state of ohio. why isn't he winning in his own state of ohio. >> as you pointed out. almost tied, if you talk about the margin of error, five points. no one is going to beat john kasich in ohio. he won re-election with 65% of the vote, liz, including 25% of the african-american vote which shows his crossover appeal. and way you judge your own strength is by who's attacking you and who's attacking john kasich is hillary clinton. he attacked us twice yesterday because she fears john kasich's candidacy. that's what we think about in november, we've got to remember that this country is pretty
3:31 pm
split and usually the 1, 2, 3% of independents and right voters who decide it. liz: when things get ugly in the world, my mother always says rise above it. with all the mudslinging, particularly in the gop party right now. john kasich has done that. risen above the mudslinging, he is looking at something bigger and better and that is the trust of the american people. however, there's a piece in politico running right now that says that big names like tim pawlenty are suggesting he step out of race so marco rubio has a better shot. that's got to be annoying as heck right now. what does he do with that? >> you're always going to have those kinds of speculative comments from people, but the fact of the matter is the establishment was wrong about governor bush and probably wrong about senator rubio right now. the fact of the matter is there's a long way to go in the primary race and people are starting to understand that
3:32 pm
impressive record of achievement that governor kasich and chairman kasich of the budget committee who led the most conservative transformation of the federal government our generation has had. the more people see his record as well as attitude of unifying america and leaning us forward together, that gives us the chance to move forward and secure the nomination. liz: imagine that, unifying. people hope for something like that. keep us posted. trent duffy, president for kasich communications adviser. we are going to have more on the nevada caucus with neil cavuto. yesterday, i hope you were with me, we were the only news network to show you the ted cruz news conference where in a stunning move demanded the resignation of his spokesman rick tyler. that took off on social media. social flow tracks the data of
3:33 pm
these thick things and the mentions of rubio, bible and tyler, rick tyler asked for resignation and cruz all shot up as we reported the news. the only news network to be on the news conference, and at its peak during our hour, they recorded 350 mentions. the message here folks is you've got to be with fox business. do me a favor, follow me on twitter, i tweeted it the second we heard about it,@liz claman. you can "like" our facebook page. we're pushing to 20,000. find all the links and exclusive archive video at come on. join liz's army. the closing bell 27 minutes away. just a few stocks in the dow are bucking the downward wrath. home depot, walmart, nike, home depot better-than-expected boosted by improvements in the housing market. and we all know home is where
3:34 pm
the heart is, but could housing be enough to revive the economy, and should these names be where your portfolio is? jeff flock live on the ground at home depot in chicago where, people aren't putting extra pennies under the mattress, they are investing in their houses instead. more "countdown" with jeff, coming up.
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3:37 pm
oil down about 4.6% today after the iran oil minister said any plan to freeze output is laughable. there's the close on light sweet crude. 4.5%. fitbit taking another step back falling more than 19% after reporting latest earnings before the bell saying production costs of next two products are going to have material impact on next earnings. after the bell earnings will influence the day tomorrow. much more "countdown to the closing bell" after this. every year, the amount of data your enterprise uses goes up. smart devices are up. cloud is up. analytics is up. seems like everything is up except your budget. introducing comcast business enterprise solutions. with a different kind of network that delivers the bandwidth you need without the high cost. because you can't build the business of tomorrow on the network of yesterday.
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. liz: as you look at markets at this very moment, we're off the lows, but still a rather ugly picture. look at the dow jones industrials, down 164. but let me soften the blow for you here, not as bad as we were. we were down about 217 points, and there is this, let's make a deal. viacom ceo says the company is looking for minority
3:40 pm
shareholder in paramount. the movie part of this business. shares are moving higher by 1.25% but slammed in what we've been talking about over the last couple of weeks is what charlie gasparino has broken time and time again, that is the former chairman, sumner redstone is not apparently mentally competent according to shareholder lawsuits. we're looking at this one very closely, the stock regaining a teeny percent at 1.25%. 4 1/2 hours from the start of the nevada caucuses, grab a cup of coffee, polls close at 9:00 p.m. local time. after midnight on the east coast, neil cavuto will be here with his latte. it's going to be a long night. we spoke to the kasich campaign folks. >> i was hearing that. liz: they are forging ahead,
3:41 pm
they left nevada so, has marco rubio who spent time there but has gone onto the super tuesday states and this seems to be going straight to donald trump. >> so it would appear, i think your guest was pointing out, tough to gauge, caucus sites are very difficult. they can move by the virtue of a few people. in 2012, better than 400,000 republican voters in the the state of nevada. 33,000 participated in the caucuses last go-around, about 7% of that eligible vote, and that was diced up pretty much between ron paul and newt gingrich and mitt romney. if you think about it, mitt romney escaped that after losing south carolina and he was the comeback kind of kid in a weird way with just a few thousand votes. but that's the nature of this state. and caucuses can be problematic to those who don't have good ground games, though it's a small number and different
3:42 pm
precincts, not as organized as it is in iowa. this is a recent phenomenon in nevada. anyone's guess how it could go. liz: people focus on second place and have you this cruz-rubio bitter and increasingly bitter rivalry right now. ed rollins was on the program a few minutes ago believe ands rubio gets this one in a squeaker for second place and we see there are a lot of endorsements piling higher and deeper for marco rubio right now. >> yeah the endorsement could cut both ways for marco rubio. someone like a donald trump could seize on that and say yeah, you know, have you these losers supporting you, and that's not the ticket to fame. look at establishment figures who rallied around jeb bush to little avail. i think what's crucial here is regardless how this state turns out tonight, eventually whether you are cruz or rubio or kasich or even ben carson still in the race, you have to starred winning, not enough to gather
3:43 pm
delegates along the way. and the way the precincts work in caucuses and primary states, it's kind of weird. it's not winner take all, but if you don't get a threshold in a district, you don't get that delegate, so it's very conceivable that donald trump, even with proportional voting could end up with all of the state's delegates. >> have you thought of making a career of this? >> i'm such a nerd, i think i feel at home right here. >> i think we're all nerds, but guess what, neil, keep it right here on fox business for all the action at the nevada caucus tonight because neil is live at 11:00 p.m. eastern, he'll stay on the air until a winner is named, and neil, do me a favor, buddy, can you warm up the chair for saturday night? >> looking forward to having it. that's an interesting night because a lot at stake for the democrats now. it's their turn to gamble in the palmetto state. liz: lou dobbs and i will join you, overtime this weekend for the democrat south carolina primary.
3:44 pm
>> pumpkin spice lattes for everybody! [laughter]. liz: that's what i like. >> there we go. liz: a man after my own heart. great to see you. see you on "your world." stocks feeling that pinch of oil once again, but consumers are taking that money, saving on gasoline, and guess what? maybe final ready to spend that cheap oil and gas savings on the home front, literally, right jeff flock? >> this is my dream day to spend the day walking the aisles of a home depot. look what they're selling? that's a lot of dry wall compound. back in a moment with good financial news. home depot is the place to be. stand by. was only 16% italian. he was 34% eastern european. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors we thought was italian was eastern european.
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liz: we had a really important business discussion last night on fox news channel's red eye. tom shillue, andy levy talking about mattel's decision to create this, a drone called -- it's a mouthful, barbie star light adventure rc hoverboard. okay, a little freaky, a little weird, a little green goblinish, mattel hopes the toy will sort of attach to the red hot trend of getting girls interested in s.t.e.m., science, technology, engineering and math? really? nothing says engineering like barbie in pink spandex strapped on a hoverboard, really? liz: it will be in the stores in the fall of 2016. the price, 60 bucks. so while our pithy thoughts did little for the stocks it's down just about a percent.
3:50 pm
mattel is just $3 off its 52-week high. it may be an ugly day for the markets but a huge day for economic data, particularly the housing sector. the case-shiller home price index says home prices increased 5.7% from december with the portland, san francisco and denver markets reporting the highest year-over-year gains in the markets. sales of previously owned homes, existing homes, sales unexpectedly rose from january to december adding to continued momentum in the housing market. sales increased 4/10% while economists looked for 2.9% decline. one company getting a solid boost, home depot, shares up 1.75% after they reported better-than-expected earnings this morning and said they expect sales to increase 5-6% this year. what is the big reason?
3:51 pm
one of them certainly is low gasoline prices putting money back into people's pockets who are then after saving a little bit, have turned to spending more on home improvement projects. jeff flock live at a home depot. get me aa batteries, i need them. >> reporter: how about a tv with a -- a washing machine with a tv in it. that's a display. not a bad idea to put a tv in a washing machine. they're killing it at home depot. if you look at the december numbers for case shipper over the course of the past four, five years, nothing but run-up, and that compared to, for example, you compare home depot's stock performance with the energy xle, the energy exchange traded funds, couldn't think of that, there you go. i'm overwhelmed by what i see at home depot. huge run-up compared to energy.
3:52 pm
as you point out, gas prices, naysayers saying people aren't spending the gas price dividend. no, maybe they were saving it to buy a house. we're at about $1.71 right now. i want to put one more thing up, the quote from the cfo of home depot today, and i think she said it more clearly than anybody could -- as you reported, sales are up between 5 and 6% over the course of the next fiscal year. they're killing it here. liz: you know what? i paid a $1.59 and took my savings and bought aa batteries. no, i didn't. but i'll take it. >> reporter: save it up, don't blow it all at once. liz: yes, sir. >> reporter: and eventually you'll buy tools or something. liz: okay. >> reporter: or bits for your drill. liz: i need drill bits. who doesn't? jeff flock, thank you very
3:53 pm
much, elbow deep at home depot. the closing bell 8 minutes away and just off the lows of the session here. we've come well off of them. down 165 points with home depot leading the charge trying to get the dow in the green, with nike, walmart and pfizer leading higher. despite another triple-digit loss that frightened some of you. our "countdown" closer says keep calm, carry on and buy names that guarantee you will catch the climb once beaten down sectors finally jump up. how to find the hidden gem? more "countdown" on the way. we're about to teach you.
3:54 pm
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ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. liz: you can see the market is still beholdenning to how oil is moving but is there such a thing as a good correction? our next guest thinks some he is officers eagle fund global value team equity head with 90 billion in assets under management. what does a day like this, where
3:57 pm
we're coming off a really big solid move from last week do to your psychology? i assume you're successful so nothing. >> i think people forget that volatility is a healthy thing, it is a normal part of the markets. even though it seems like return to volatility, it is actually fairly average now. and, i think other thing people forget it can afford investors with longer term time horizon with a chance to buy. liz: you're looking great chances to buy instead of saying the cup is half empty. you say it is half full. how do you tell people who look at dow down 182 and say i'm not nervous? >> we try to buy securities for what they are worth. overlay that valuation work with number of factors when we look for very persistent businesses. liz: folks here what kimball thinks is under valued right
3:58 pm
now. a chilean beer company. this is interesting one. south america is getting hammered and spirits is an interesting sector to be in the at moment. >> this is interesting company, called ccu. it has 75% of the chilean beverage market. >> liz: let's put up the chart. >> it is family that owns it. liz: don't try to pronounce that. say ticker symbol ccu. >> yes, i believe so. liz: all sector have been designated. 60 companies have gone bankrupt. you think flowserve will sure serve the ashes. >> flowserve is not oil services company. they make valves, pumps seals, those sorts of things. that stock is down we think because they have customers in the energy sector. liz: they do water valves. >> they do water. liz: down 30%. go in now, you say, because you're getting a huge discount.
3:59 pm
>> we think it is very good company, healthy balance sheet, well-positioned and we like the price here. liz: i like the fact you have 90 billion in assets under management. i like your ideas. claman. kimball. great to see you. that will do it for "countdown to the closing bell." we're gearing up for the closing moment. we're off the session, dave and melissa. melissa: liz, thank you so much. we're a few short hours away from the republican caucus. a lot is on the line especially for marco rubio and ted cruz locked in heated battle for second place to take on donald trump. neil: president obama making major announcement on his plans to close out the detention center at gitmo, relocating what could be some of the most dangerous terrorists that we captured, potentially put them in your backyard here in the u.s. we have all the details you need to know. melissa: first stocks sinking in final moments of trading.
4:00 pm
closing bell sounds on wall street. [closing bell rings] this is where we end the day. take a look at markets. big crowd at the nasdaq and the dow is down 1.1%. a little more than. 190 points here as we head into the close. s&p 500 down 24 points. the nasdaq down 67. look at crude oil, down two bucks today. remember i said that was a bs story about united arab emirates would cut oil production out of saudi arabia, sure enough -- i mean out of opec. sure enough -- baloney. boo loan any. neil: we both said that. gold bugs out there, it is happy day for them. 27 out of 30 stocks are in the red. let's go straight so lori rothman at new york stock exchange. markets are following oil once again. i wonder when it will stop? >> gosh i need to look into my crystal ball, right, david? no one knows. we had fan at that time tick


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