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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  February 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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closing bell sounds on wall street. [closing bell rings] this is where we end the day. take a look at markets. big crowd at the nasdaq and the dow is down 1.1%. a little more than. 190 points here as we head into the close. s&p 500 down 24 points. the nasdaq down 67. look at crude oil, down two bucks today. remember i said that was a bs story about united arab emirates would cut oil production out of saudi arabia, sure enough -- i mean out of opec. sure enough -- baloney. boo loan any. neil: we both said that. gold bugs out there, it is happy day for them. 27 out of 30 stocks are in the red. let's go straight so lori rothman at new york stock exchange. markets are following oil once again. i wonder when it will stop? >> gosh i need to look into my crystal ball, right, david? no one knows. we had fan at that time tick
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rally that put dow and s&p in positive territory for the month of february. there were bad comments from the iranian oil minister that plans to freeze-out put are laughable. that was it for oil. it was off 4.6% after rising yesterday. it's a seesaw, follow oil and you follow the markets. closing bell will close off the lows, off 188 points. oil and dow falling in tandem, same thing for s&p 500. some technical analysts report that the s&p and dow are bouncing off some resistance levels that with the moving average. that is significant as well. if you look at the vix, obviously the fear index, that had a gain of 1 1/2 points to a level of 20. that is gain of nearly 7%. shows all the calm reasonable minds in play yesterday got a little more nervous today. that is where we're at today. again, just building on the oil
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story, the losing sectors were oil, basic materials and then financials. the third worst performer because a lot of big names have a lot of exposure to oil and gas companies. all ties together. all roads lead back, right? melissa: that's right. neil: by the way, keep the traders out, from getting in front of you. i don't like it when they cross right in front of you like that. >> what can i say? neil: lori rothman at nyse. melissa. melissa: few hours until the next votes are cast for the 2016 election. donald trump is currently addressing supporters in sparks, nevada. "the donald" is looking for his third straight victory in tonight's caucuses. fox business's peter barnes in las vegas with the latest. peter, what's it like there? reporter: hey, melissa, that's right, donald trump trying to make his closing arguement right now and urging his supporters to get out tonight and with the controversy around ted cruz and some of his tactics still
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hanging in the area, without naming cruz specifically donald trump told his supporters that they should watch out for dishonest tactics tonight's nevada caucuses. here is what he said just minutes ago. >> watch out for dishonest stuff. we have tremendous poll numbers here but you never know. dishonesty can knock out a poll very quickly and that is only way we lose in my opinion. reporter: now of course trump's competitors have also been out rallying their supporters today. turnout will be very important to getting a share of the delegates, even with trump, likely winning this tonight, according to the polls. but the argument for trump's competitors is, been basically, they're not trump. >> you have a very hardcore majority of republicans that do not want donald trump as nominee. >> even the one who claims not to be politician is a politician.
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>> i frankly don't care what position donald decides to support today or tomorrow or the next day of the they change every day. reporter: that is ted cruz going after trump, saying that trump is the one who has been a liar in this campaign. so we're going right down to the wire with these charges and countercharges. we can't wait for the caucuses to start. melissa, back to you. >> politics as usual, peter. thank you so much. david. neil: fireworks between republican candidates might make entertaining night at caucuses but my next guest says it ultimately could cost the republican party the presidency. joining me fred barnes "weekly standard" editor and fox news contributor. great to see you. >> thank you. neil: you ticked off rush limbaugh, a guy you used to substitute for back in the old days by suggesting radio talk show hosts were partly to blame for the rancor. explain. >> they have certainly egged on the split in the republican party that we've seen develop
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over the last few years but between the grassroots and really the leadership in washington and at the national committee and so on and donald trump jumped in and just exploited that split and look what's happened. neil: yeah. >> he jumped out in front. probably will win tonight and certainly closer to the republican nomination than anybody else. neil: but as to his main selling point, what he says he is running for, you said the republican base egged on by conservative talk radio accused congressional leaders of knuckling under to president obama, thus the notion of betrayal. don't you think there really has been a betrayal of conservative principles by the republican leadership? >> i don't. neil: really? >> no. come on. neil: let's take a couple things for example. what about the budget deal? the last budget deal we had which looked to be betrayal to me? >> i wouldn't call that a betrayal. i would call that probably best they could get. you have to remember the democrats, even in the minority,
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in congress in the senate, can block anything with a filibuster. and then they have somebody called president obama who is willing to veto anything. that is what is unusual. obama, usually a president is reluctant to veto things. obama will veto anything that he doesn't like. neil: that's true, but fred, this goes back to george bush, george w. bush. let's be clear about it, he spent a lot more money than conservatives wanted to, expansion of medicare. involved in the bailout. that is the betrayal of donald trump hooked on to. >> he hasn't hooked on to it by being conservative him several. he doesn't seem to be. what he is i think is a very, very good candidate and has been able to build up constituency
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that is based partly on, he sided with people who, rebels in the republican party who are so critical of the leadership in the party. he sided with them and he has done it very well and has exploited that where, as i say he is close to winning the nomination. i think he is a, only two primaries away from winning. david: okay, but if he wins, here is the ultimate question, fred, if he wins the nomination is there no way that republicans could knit together all of their disagreements and win in november? >> would be very, very hard. there are some people, david. you must have talked to a lot of them. i do all the time. friends of mine, even conservative who is say under no circumstances will i vote for donald trump. now i think when, you know in a general when he is faced against hillary clinton -- david: things might change? >> they might change. but right now there seems to be an awful lot who will break away if trump wins the nomination. david: fred barnes, stirring things up as he usually does. that's what you're supposed to
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do in his position. fred, good to see you. >> good talking to you. melissa: dr. ben carson coming in dead last in south carolina hoping his luck will change tonight. bill o'reilly spoke to carson last night on "the factor." asking a tough question on a lot of people's minds, how can you possibly win the nomination. >> it would take a miracle not only you but john kise sick at this point with the -- kasich, with the delegate situation being what it is to overcome trump. for you to catch fire as far behind as you are, very difficult. >> a lot of things can happen, bill. you have to recognize, particularly now there is only five candidates in the race, it's very possible that we might actually turn to the issues, rather than personalities. if that were to happen, things could change pretty quickly. melissa: tune in tonight to see if he can pull it off. fbn has got you covered. david, you will join neil cavuto to bring in all results live as they come in starting 11:00 p.m.
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do you have some of that death wish coffee? david: remember four years ago. the thing went on two days. poor neil was up to 4:00. melissa: you will be awake for two days? basically sit here -- david: as long as it takes. as long as it takes. >> i love it. david: marathon may be coming. another bombshell in investigation of hillary clinton private emails. a state department judge ruled that state department and top clinton aides will be questioned under oath, whether they intentionally broke the law allowing use of a private email server during secretary clinton's time from 2008 to 2013. this is the brought about by judicial watch. lou dobbs will speak to the man behind that suit, tom fitton, head of that organization, 7:00 p.m. eastern time tonight. president obama sending his plan to close gitmo to congress. a plan that would relocate what could be some. world's most dangerous terrorists from cuba to american
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soil. >> these are literally enemy combatants, in essence soldiers, not soldiers, terrorists, of a foreign terrorist organization, many of whom as soon as you release them rejoin the fight against us. david: where president obama says these prisoners could be headed next. you want to stay tuned. melissa: chaos and confusion leading to a nightmare in nevada four years ago. it took days to count the republican ballots. nevada's gop chair will tell us about the big changes we hope that have been made to insure history doesn't repeat itself tonight, david. david: and we're going to go over something we went over together on "outnumbered." the breakfast test. how one ceo is using the first meal of the day, melissa's favorite, but very dangerous. melissa: very essential meal for me. david: to test job applicants. you want to hear about that coming up. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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david: president obama outlining his plan to close gitmo buy, a push that -- guantanamo bay, a move that would put suspect the terrorists to u.s. soil. >> it has been clear for years that the detention facility at guantanamo bay does not advance our national security. it undermines it. it is counterproductive to our fight against terrorists. because they use it as propaganda to recruit. david: here is fox news's doug mckelway, live from the pentagon. the whole question appears whether gitmo keeps us safer or as the president claims undermines our security, right? reporter: that is one of the issues at at press briefing. peter cook says closing guantanamo bay is national security imperative. tell that to senator tom cotton who calls it a national security disaster. that sums up in a nutshell very two opposes points of view here.
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late this morning the pentagon delivered the proposal for closing guantanamo bay to congress. the plan does not endorse any specific facility but considers 13 different locations to house gitmo detainees, including seven existing prisons. two for the leavenworth, kansas, locations and several locations in colorado including the supermax prison. many congresspeople are rejecting it out of hand. cory gardner saying it is illegal pure e pursuant to the law signed three months ago. the president is prohibited from assisting transfer of guantanamo detainees to the homeland as confirmed by defense secretary ash carter and attorney general loretta lynch. it putting the employees of the pentagon who would employ such a directive in a very precarious position. >> pentagon is prepared to work with congress resolving this
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issue, responding to a request from congress for a specific plan, a request we honored today. we will work collaboratively with congress to resolve these issues and move this process forward. reporter: that is cook's response is he prepared to follow an illegal order. earlier this morning the president defended his position to try to close down guantanamo. >> deeping this facility open is contrary to our values t undermines our standing in the world. it viewed as a stain on our broader record of upholding the highest standards of rule of law. reporter: the president today also again cited several cases where dangerous terrorists were convicted in federal courts. to bolster his case that guantanamo bay should be closed down. he also said it will save hundreds of millions of dollars over the next three to five years. these are arguments however not likely to win over skeptical members about congress, nor win over the american people. the latest "fox news poll" shows
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that 68% of americans favor keeping guantanamo bay open. david, back to you. david: doug, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: a lot to digest in that report we just heard. rob o'neill, former navy seal. fox news contributor and he is here to help us with just that. let me ask you about one of the first points. what is the danger of bringing these detainees to u.s. soil do you think in your mind? >> melissa i don't think it is really danger of bringing them to the u.s. soil. i think it is legalities. congress doesn't want them here. i'm not a legal analyst. once you get them in a place like florence, colorado, or for the leavenworth, put them in solitairely they will not be a problem. i think if they figure out a way legally problem, caught up in the legal process to give them rights. we have moussaoui, richard reid, shoe-bomber, and sheikh that tried to blow up the world trade center in '93. they will be there forever.
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melissa: in physical sense those that are being released as we're having this conversation, a report out today, about a man arrested in spain who is operating there as part of a cell. they were making bombs, they were buying weapons. they were recruiting people. he was released from guantanamo bay. we got this news out of spain today as we're having this conversation. your thoughts on that? >> that's the problem right there. just because they say they will cooperate and fine once released this is exactly what happens. they go back there from guantanamo, they're like jihadi superheroes. melissa: right. >> ibrahim al-qosi, released to sudan. by 2014 he is in al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. he is in charge of aqap. he is calling for attacks. they're coordinating attacks. they're planning attacks. these are bad, bad people. melissa: they become superhero folk heroes.
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they can go back to say i was in gitmo and now they go back and i was there. it is amazing. last question before you go, rob, if gitmo is closed what happens to other detainees we may get in the future on the battlefield if we shut down gitmo? >> i imagine on the battlefield they will have to find places over there where we have like abu ghraib and iraq and bagram in afghanistan, they will have to keep them there. that is pretty much what it is going to be. if we find partners like country oman took 20 detainees, first world arab country that wants to help us we could transfer them there, just to get guantanamo catch and release. regardless where we put them they will be back on the battlefield. melissa: without question. seems so logical. rob, thank you very much for your time. >> thank you, melissa. david: i would be happy if he was the next defense secretary, rob o'neill, wouldn't you? good man. republicans taking a stand
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uniting against any supreme court nominee from the president. burger king, could it be going to the dogs? melissa: oh. >> hot dogs grilled to perfection. break out the burners as we grilling this dog my way. mart tierneys, zucchini, you know the rest. where my dogs at?
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melissa: the gop taking a stand in battle for justice shall yaw's seat on the supreme court. -- scalia. all republicans are united in decision not to hold any hearing on a nominee from president obama. fox news's peter doocy is on capitol hill with the latest. peter? reporter: here is how dug in republicans are now in their position to not allow a confirmation vote or not even have a hearing to schedule a confirmation vote for the open supreme court seat. leaders just announced they
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don't want to commit to courtesy meeting with the president to talk about it. >> i don't see the point of going through the motions. we know what the outcome is going to be. we are united on that. i don't see the point in going through the motions and creating a misleading impression that something else is going on here. reporter: there has been a lot of talk on the hill today about recently unearthed joe biden comments from '92, when the then senator said a republican shouldn't be allowed to nominate a new supreme court justice in an election year. republicans think that set a precedent. some are even calling those the biden rules but the vp is claiming he is being taken out of context. today though gop members of the senate judiciary committee wrote a letter staking out their position making it clear, there will be no hearing, no vote on a supreme court justice until after the next president is sworn in. they think the constitution backs them up here, writing quote, nowhere in that document does it say the senate has a duty to give the president's nominees a vote. it says appointments shall be
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made with the advice and consent with the president, that is very different than every nominee receives a vote. senator harry reid the minority leader disagrees and is very upset. >> appears senator grassily will follow through on this plan. go down in history as most obstructionist judiciary chair in the history of our country. now that says a lot. reporter: still despite all of that, the president does plan to nominate somebody before leaves. for the supreme court spot. melissa. melissa: biden didn't mean it. his words were taken out of context even though there is video of him saying exact words. we can watch it. everybody is being unfair about that. peter, thank you so much. >> funny how that works. david: i love calling it the biden rule. the biden rule. here is another look where the markets ended the day. we can start towards the bottom. look at oil there. the saudi oil minister said, he
4:26 pm
just shot down the notion there would be production in oil. that led to 5% drop in the price of oil and that led the markets down. the dow ending the day almost 200 points to the downside. s&p by even greater percentage margin. they're all down. started with oil once again. melissa: there you go. hours away from the nevada caucuses polls say trump is in the lead. could be anyone's game. more on the wildcard in the west. polling is -- david: indeed. from the west to the heartland kasich is hoping for a big win in his home state of ohio, how will he stop guess who, the unstoppable donald trump? >> my challenge in this election has been that you didn't have a clue who i was a month ago. and now all of sudden, for the first time because we broke through in new hampshire, people are beginning to say, i would like to hear who this guy is. kep the soda pop flowing we need fresh ideas! >>got it. we slow, we die. >>what about cashing out?
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thousands of hours of painstaking craftsmanship. and an infinite reserve of patience... create a vehicle that looks, drives and thinks like nothing else on the road. the all-new glc. the suv the world has been waiting for. starting at $38,950. david: the final stand in nevada. the wescasting its first votes for the 2016 election in tonight's caucuses in the silver state. fox news east carl cameron on the campaign trail in las vegas where it is a lot warmer than new hampshire. you still have the coat on, carl? reporter: there is a breeze and a little chilly here. it will be a cold night for some of these candidates and a long
4:31 pm
one for all of us. they don't begin the caucuses until 9:00 local time. things don't get over on the east coast until very, very late. donald trump was favored by the polls which aren't very reliable in nevada but he does have a lead in them. this is a state known not for its caucus successes but more a lot of fiascos. there haven't been that many of them. third time they have done it on republican side. turnout supposed to be about 50,000. mr. trump has been increasingly aggressive going after ted cruz as what he calls a liar to lies and yesterday sent a letter to the republican party here in nevada warning that the cruz campaign has told its supporters that they should take their cell phones out and go rolling video when they caucus tonight incase there are any irregularities or problems with the process. the trump organizations believes that is an example of potential poe dirty trickery and intimidation.
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trump told the republican party about that. he said cruz is weak baby. mr. cruz it has been a rough week. didn't perform as well as hoped in south carolina. comes into nevada perhaps battling for marco rubio for third. he had to let go his communications director yesterday for one trick too many. he for that getting hit by marco rubio, suggested all the candidates including cruz and trump should be suspect of some gamesmanship in the caucuses tonight. again 50 to 75,000 voters likely to turn out. which means the winner could easily capture nevada and become effective presidential nominee for at least the silver state with as few as 20,000 votes. david? david: trump says the only way he could lose if there is chicanery in the process. we'll see what happens. go ahead. reporter: he has been making that argument since he didn't win iowa. that is when the allegations against cruz came out having
4:33 pm
played games against ben carson. if you ask donald trump he is actually 4-0. david: there you go. carl cameron, thank you very much. good to see you, my friend. >> you bet. melissa: candidates make the final push into nevada. turnout in the silver state is expected to be low here to weigh in, mercedes schlapp, former george w. bush spokesperson and. carl cameron talked about the name-calling and the fact it has been a fiasco in the past. makes you want to watch it very closely. betsy, let me start with you. they're saying it will be low turnout. there hasn't been low turnout anywhere else so far. what do you think will happen tonight? >> there was lower turnout for democrats in nevada last saturday. turnout was significantly less than it was in 2012 caucuses. possibly something is going on out in the silver state or
4:34 pm
whatever it is nickname is. if turnout is lower, probably good for most enthusiastic base. conventional wisdom holds that person is donald trump but as carl said we don't really know what is going on. it is small voter base. caucuses are weird. kind of a wait-and-see at this point. melissa: mercedes, i can see that. nevada, they're gambling and drinking, why would you caucus, you're having a great time at a casino. you don't need to do that. if whoever goes out who do you think wins the fight for second? if you take the assumption trumps wins who battles it out for between rubio and cruz? >> clearly, i spoke to a political operative on the ground, rubio has stronger ground game than cruz at this point. rubio has a lot of endorsements. lieutenant dean heller, the lieutenant governor who happens to be mormon. one of his pitches to the mormon community in that area. rubio has a narrative. he talks about the fact that he
4:35 pm
spent time in nevada as a child. so he is able to make those connections. where ted cruz is focusing on evangelical christians. he get as little stuck in this issue. didn't work out too well in south carolina. guess what? nevada is not too much of a religious state. looking for rural voters competing for donald trump. melissa: dan, how important is this? super tuesday is just a few days away? >> i don't think i minimize the importance of nevada, melissa. the mormons out there make up under 10% of the population but participate in these caucuses to about 25%. in the previous two republican caucuses, 2008, 2012, mitt romney won. in that 2008 caucus the guy who came in third was john mccain, got 12%. he was the future nominee. i don't think the mormons, to whom both ted cruz and marco rubio are making very strong pitches, i don't think they vote necessarily along religious lines necessarily. they're very plugged into public policy.
4:36 pm
nevada is not in great shape. it has the third highest unemployment rate currently in the united states, about 6 1/2%. so i think something serious is going to be reflected in -- not huge but i'm not minimizing the nevada caucus vote. melissa: meanwhile marco rubio may have been the republican party new favorite. new donors and endorsements are coming his way but don't count out kasich. >> i've always been a guy that has shaken up the establishment. the establishment has always been fearful of me. look, they were fearful of reagan. they were fearful of my friend newt gingrich. they're fearful of me. nobody tells me what to do except my wife and at the end of the day i think the establishment gets nervous around me because i'm a guy that shakes things up. melissa: everybody gets nervous except his wife. "qunnipiac university poll" shows kasich within five points of the frontrunner in his home state of ohio. our panel weighs in on the kasich's gameplan. let's go in reverse order.
4:37 pm
dan, does he have time to win his own state? tough to get going if you don't win your own state. >> he is done in ohio if he doesn't win ohio. he faces same problem with ted cruz in texas and marco rubio in florida, and it is called donald trump. everywhere donald trump shows up, he gets 33% of the vote. if he ran for the president of mexico he would get 33%. melissa: yeah. >> that is what john kasich has got to overcome. he has to find a way, if those other two guys are also in the race with him, how will they divide up in remaining votes that puts john kasich over the top? i think it is uphill climb. melissa: hope i haven't used that joke a lot. i will steal it. >> for you, melissa. melissa: thank you. >> mercedes, a lot of republican party rallying around marco rubio putting pressure on kasich to get out, like anti-trump candidate. how long do you think he can withstand that pressure? >> i think kasich will place his
4:38 pm
bets on ohio and also looking at michigan of the those are the two pillars in his campaign. the problem we've never seen a candidate pull off a presidential nomination when you're basing it on those states. you need to take the earlier states, like a south carolina. florida's critical, getting those bigger states like texas. those are important states for you to be, being able to play in. i think for case i can, although he is the last governor standing it will be for difficult for him to play catch-up. melissa: absolutely. betsy, do you agree with that and how long do you think that kasich can stay in and withstand the pressure to get out and throw his votes marco rubio's way? >> without a doubt he has to win ohio, not only because it is so important symbolically, but ohio is winner-take-all for delicates. unlike other early states like new hampshire or iowa, where you come in really strong second, you still get a portion of the delegates that get allocated n ohio second place equals zero. you don't get anything if you come in second. just from that perspective,
4:39 pm
kasich has extremely difficult haul, making any sort of case that he is competitive if he doesn't get any delegates out of the state. if he doesn't do well i think he probably has to ask dad dell. melissa: if he makes it that far. we'll see guys, thank you. david: dan, copyright the joke. i can hear -- melissa: he gave it to me. i already wrote it down. it's mine. david: battle between apple and the fbi, she is writing it down, is heading to the streets. supporters rallying for the tech giant all over the country. we'll go live to one of those locations next. every dog has its day. this breed is america's favorite for the 25th year in a row. melissa: really? i don't even know which one it is. david: see if yours is at the top of the list. of the ♪
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david: standoff between the fbi and apple continues and now
4:43 pm
protests are planned all over the country supporting the tech giant's refusal to unlock the iphone used by one of san bernardino murderers. jo ling kent joins us from the apple store in new york city where a protest is expected to happen. jo, i'm wondering who is behind these prohe tests? reporter: organization called fight for the future. we'll get into that. you need developing news, the justice department confirming to fox that they have 12 devices they would like unlocked. apple objected to unlocking 10 of those devices. two need further documentation. that is where we currently stand on the issue. this after microsoft ceo or former ceo cofounder bill gates saying he would support opening of a phone in the case of terrorism. he said that would be valuable after saying this is indeed a individual case. so he certainly is qualifying some of the statements he said earlier today but right here in new york city, at the flagship
4:44 pm
store, at apple, there is a protest planned for 5:30. that is where i want to bring in jeff lyon. he is one of the coorganizers of the protest. fight for the future is the same much your organization but specifically to today, what is going to happen here? what do you hope to affect and tell the fbi and the doj? >> sure. so here in new york city and across the country people from all political backgrounds are gathering to send a message which is that putting back deers in the iphone, which is what they proposed, is not just a matter of national security versus privacy, it is a direct threat to our national security because using a backdoors will endanger the security of our banks, our financial institutions, hospitals, water treatment plants. this goes a lot father than one phone like the fbi said already. the department of justice said they wanted to descript more phones. new york attorney general wants the same. people all across the country,
4:45 pm
police departments are lined up to get into these phones. what they don't understand this will dramatically weaken our security. reporter: but as you stand in solidarity with apple though very quickly, what do you say to the families of the san bernardino victims, the 14 people who died and 22 who are injured who really do want justice in this case? >> san bernardino people are not alone in mourning this terrible tragedy and senseless loss and the fbi should be investigating this aggressively however we expect the fbi to exercise restraint and be reasonable. right now we have ceo's from many of the most prominent tech companies wanting to express concern over this and so, we need to be able to protect both our security and our privacy. reporter: you are prepared for a long fight? because it does seem like this will go on for a while? >> that is anybody's guess but we're hoping these demonstrations send a clear message to the fbi and to the
4:46 pm
american people. >> jeff lyon, co-organizer, fight for the future. you're standing in solidarity for apple. thanks for joining us on this rain any day. we appreciate it. >> thank you. reporter: guys, back in studio, we should point out facebook ceo mark zuckerberg, twitter's jack dorsey, many other tech giants stand in solidarity with apple as we move forward and this very complicated case. back to you. david: jo ling, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: liz macdonald with more on apple as you've been covering the story from the beginning. what is the latest? what are you hearing? reporter: that's right, melissa in terms of how complicated this is. according to what we're seeing moving through the courts apple rejected 12 of 15 can requests to unlock i phones in various cases. appears justice department and prosecutors are using two centuries old law to get apple to unlock phones.
4:47 pm
this comes on heels of microsoft cofounder bill gates, seems like he was siding with the fbi because he was saying this is just one case, even though it is one incident where the fbi wants to get into one phone owned by that terrorist. he then later sort of dialed that back, said, well, i have a more balanced approach. he wants to see a more balanced solution to this problem. it comes on the heels of pew saying that a majority of americans side with the fbi. that a majority of smartphone and iphone users side with the fbi. so now this moves to capitol hill. there are various bills that are being proposed on capitol hill to get at the root of this problem. what i can tell you, talking to so many sources on this case, that it seems like both sides are right. that the fbi needs to get into that phone to solve the public safety issue but apple is essentially saying, you know, with the barrage of requests we're getting from the justice department we're being pressured
4:48 pm
to unlock iphones. we're worried there could be a backdoor built into the system. so we'll be tracking this story for you. it is moving through capitol hill. we're going to have that story, more on that tomorrow, all day tomorrow. back to you. melissa: emac, thank you so much. reporter: sure. david: whether it's on wall street or main street here's who is making money today. the streak continues for one type of dog. the american kennel club announcing the top breeds in america for 2015 and the labrador retriever topping the list for an incredible 25th year in a row. we love that dog. hoping for the same popularity for their dogs, burger king, the fast-food chain, debuting grilled hot dogs today in all 7100 of its restaurants, marking the first time burger king has ever featured hotdogs nationally. melissa. melissa: from one dog to another, i love how you did that. very good. the most uncertain contest yet for the republican party. nevada is looking to avoid another chaotic vote. ♪
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call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ reporter: there are a lot of precincts, bunch of precincts, there are disputes, more ballots cast than people signed up for precinct. after they get the rest of the ballots county, ballots in clark county they will resolve contested precincts. they invite the campaigns to observe the process. david: wow, what a mess it was. john roberts in nevada four years ago, when full results of the state's republican caucus was delayed two days, and turnout was awful. the man responsible for the caucus says it will be a whole new ball game. michael mcdonald, chair of nevada gop campaign.
4:53 pm
i don't envy you because of what happened four years ago. what went wrong and how will you fix it so it won't happy again. >> this is vegas where we role the dice on this one, we'll make sure we're good. we are under chairman of reince priebus and national republican party. i was elected four years ago. we met with the states that do caucuses, people that know this a lot better than we do. i did my homework and our entire board came up with solutions again through suggestions to find out with would be appropriate. that is how we have been able to put backstops on a lot of things and streamline -- david: there is popular revolt in this country as i'm sure you're aware. people like donald trump and bernie sanders are getting so many traction. >> yes. david: the candidates themselves are out, folks, carry your cell phone into the caucus procedure and take pictures. start taking pictures right away to make sure there are no irregularities. that takes it out of your hands and hands of the establishment. but the nevada republican party came out with something, no member about general public shall be permitted, to
4:54 pm
photograph, film or otherwise record the caucusing process. that is in direct contradiction to what they're being told about it candidate. >> right. we've, we heard from a couple camps have problems with that. in nevada it is against the law to videotape. it is form of intimidation. so i understand their problem with security but that can be done with volunteers. we have had preregistration for turnout. we have more people preregistered to come to the caucus that all voted in 2012. you can see the contrast. we anticipate there will be a large turnout. we have excitement from all the different candidates. david: let's talk about the turnout, in 2012 you only had 33,000 turn out for the caucuses. that was 25% than four years before, at 44,000 in 2008. then it went down to 33. what do you think it is going to be? >> i wish i knew. i, i'm from vegas. i don't ever predict anything. if you look at enthusiasm we have right now from all the
4:55 pm
candidates that are coming through, the people that will be across the nation i think this is trend. this is movement on republican side. we have been able to look at preregistration of the forms that have come in. we have over that 2012 mark already. that doesn't include anybody that is walking in right now. david: michael mcdonald, wish you the very best. i got to admit, i have some self-interest because i will covering from 11 to 1:00. i hope it is finished by 1:00 a.m. new york time. we'll wait and see. good luck to you. >> i appreciate the opportunity. thank you. david: absolutely. melissa. melissa: the most important meal of the day, at least to me, possibly to your career. why a job interview over breakfast is about much more than food. ♪ ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it.
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david: best managers say you make more mistakes than you have victories and key is how you turn lemons into lemonade. that is exactly what you want. i'm dying to know why melissa doesn't like it. deirdre: i can't operate machinery before i have breakfast. can't be trusted to make any decisions or send emails. those are ugly. that said if i was being interviewed over breakfast, tell you what, i would eat first. melissa: i definitely would eat first. "after the bell" on "outnumbered" where david and i found ourselves on different sides of an argument about an unconventional hiring method. david: it got ugly. ceo of charles schwab reveals he tests job candidates taking them out to breakfast, asking restaurant to intentionally mess up the order. sees how they deal with it. i was shocked to hear how dangerous a meal breakfast is for you. melissa: been to e.r. twice. both breakfast related injuries. right hand on left hand violence. david: you don't cut a bagel
5:00 pm
like this. melissa: i was starving. david: my roommate did same thing. melissa: i poured cream of wheat on my hand and burned it. if i can't eat, i can't operate. i would never go on breakfast interview. david: you should tell the mayor of new york. he will ban breakfast. here is "risk & reward." >> we will leave for our children what our parents left for us. what americans always leave their children, the single, greatest nation in the history of mankind. i need your vote tomorrow. >> we're going to grow the economy both with wages and jobs for every american. [applause] >> it is going to be a new generation of leaders in the republican party who stand and fight for liberty. who stand and fight for the constitution. >> we'll make america great again and we're going to keep winning, winning. i love you. we're going to win. go out tomorrow and vote! [cheers and applause] deirdre: we are less than three hours away from the start of t


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