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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  February 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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like this. melissa: i was starving. david: my roommate did same thing. melissa: i poured cream of wheat on my hand and burned it. if i can't eat, i can't operate. i would never go on breakfast interview. david: you should tell the mayor of new york. he will ban breakfast. here is "risk & reward." >> we will leave for our children what our parents left for us. what americans always leave their children, the single, greatest nation in the history of mankind. i need your vote tomorrow. >> we're going to grow the economy both with wages and jobs for every american. [applause] >> it is going to be a new generation of leaders in the republican party who stand and fight for liberty. who stand and fight for the constitution. >> we'll make america great again and we're going to keep winning, winning. i love you. we're going to win. go out tomorrow and vote! [cheers and applause] deirdre: we are less than three hours away from the start of the
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race for 30 delegates in nevada. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. gop presidential candidate donald trump looking for his third straight win. fox business's neil cavuto will bring you the results late into the evening but he is with me now, calf fin nated -- caffeinated, ready to go, neil. trump saying bluster, flamboyant that goes pretty well with iowa spirit. unlike iowa, the republicans closed to non-republicans. >> closed to anyone that didn't register 10 days ago. not like iowa where you can show up and vote. that is why you generally get such small numbers here. that doesn't minimize the importance. it tells you with very small numbers you can have very big movements. that's why trying to poll what nevadaance are thinking,
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particular ily republican nevadans, that is why donald trump imploring on legions of fans, show up. you need ground game here. the ground game is, making sure people that showed up today registered 10 days ago to vote for their guy. it is anyone's guess. deirdre: neil, seeking of this call to action, here is donald trump calling on his support is to show up. >> forget the word caucus. go out and vote, okay? the most important thing we can do is, i'm not going to use the word caucus. i use the word just vote. just vote. people say, i don't want to give you an excuse. what the hell is caucus? nobody knows what it means. deirdre: maybe caucusing is confusing but if people show up for donald trump, neil, this is an opinion question, is it really for him? or is it a vote against senator cruz with these allegations of dirty campaign tricks and ail eighting some of his -- ail yen eighting some of his supporters? >> nevada did little bit like
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south carolina with respect it is not winner-take-all state but if you do well in key presents, if you win them by one vote he could grab that, donald trump, all 30 delegates from the state as he did in south carolina, winning 1/3 of at vote, way it is precincted out, if there is such a term he got all 50 delegates from the state of south carolina. to play off gambling term, he wants to run the table. get out of nevada and to super tuesday where he leads in nine out of the 12 states and other winner-take-all states towards the middle of march and look inevitable. rarely does it pan out that way. we've seen in prior elections the front running candidate can win a lot of states but never as many as hopes. so we'll see. but obviously donald trump wants to make himself inevitable. he is looking forward to, as you might have heard earlier in his comments, i want to beat john kasich in ohio. i want to beat ted cruz in texas. i want to take out marco rubio in florida. deirdre: ready to fight and
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ready to compete, that is certainly clear. neil cavuto, we know you will bring us the results all evening. looking forward to the coverage. >> same here. deirdre: results from the republican nevada caucuses brought to you by neil cavuto starting 11:00 p.m. eastern time right here on fox business. well, earlier today in georgia governor john kasich told supporters this. >> i don't know if my purpose is to be president. my purpose is to be out here doing what i think i need to be doing and we'll see where it end up. deirdre: so is off-the-cuff remark made to supporters who were encouraging him to punch back at his rifles, particularly donald trump, and senator rubio? john kasich will hold another town hall in sandy springs, georgia. we'll bring you the latest from that event but one reason his supporters may be trying to get the ohio governor to be tougher on his competitors, a new "qunnipiac university poll" shows that donald trump sending out governor kasich, neil just
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mentioned this, even in kasich's home state of ohio, 31-26%. governor kasich told stuart varney how he thinks he is perceived. >> i've always been a guy that has shaken up the establishment. the establishment has always been fearful of my. look, they were fearful of reagan. they were fearful of my friend newt gingrich. they're fearful of me. nobody tells me what to do except my wife and at the end of the day i think the establishment gets nervous around me because i'm a guy that shakes things up. deirdre: kasich supporter and senator rob portman of ohio is with me now. senator, thanks so much in advance for the time. >> thank you, deirdre. deirdre: what do you make of kasich potentially falling behind in his home state? do you believe those polls? >> well, look, i mean every poll has been wrong so far but i think if the polls were right, it shows john's up there at the top. he and trump are probably within the margin of error with each other. i think we'll do well in ohio.
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we have strong state party and the party is strongly behind john. his approval ratings in ohio are astronomical, compared to any other governor running for president very high. people in ohio like him. they know he is guy who gets things done. the reason he would be such a good president, deirdre, he has done for ohio what has to happen in washington, d.c. get the budget deficit under control. not by raising taxes but by growing the economy and dealing with economic growth issues in the nation he did in ohio, taking us from 48th in the country to top 10 in the country. that's why people like him in ohio. i think he will do very well. deirdre: okay, senator, i want to ask you one thing that kasich is known for is the so-called power of positivity. there have been very clear fights let's call it between other candidates. texas senator ted cruz recently fired his communications director for spreading a false story about senator rubio. we'll play a quick clip t was about the bible for people who have not been following. >> incredibly disturbing.
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you guys have to be seeing this. now it is every single day something comes out of the cruz campaign not substantive and untrue. every single case goes after me. we're starting to have to ask about accountability. >> this guy cruz lies more than any human being i ever dealt with. [booing] unbelievable. he holds up the bible and he lies. this guy is sick. there is something wrong with this guy. deirdre: so do you see a consistent problem of tone in the cruz campaign? >> i think as you said john kasich has been positive, trying to stay above the fray. that is one reason he has great crowds showing up at his town hall meetings. having a town hall meeting in georgia. they're blown away by the numbers. every day people are looking for somebody talking about issues, to the extent criticizing other candidates, it is criticizing democrats.
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plenty r plenty to criticize bernie sanders and hillary clinton. that is what kasich is focusing on. he has more than just a itch in. he has republican primary voters looking for a positive campaign. deirdre: speak of the other side of the aisle shows hillary clinton leading bernie sanders by 15 points. sanders making controversial comments. in one case he calls pope francis a social it. >> call you a socialist. >> yes. >> people say you will talk to bernie sanders, he is a socialist. saying same thing about pope francis. >> yes. >> do you think he is a socialist? >> yes. >> what does it mean to be a socialist. >> what it means to be a socialist in a sense what the pope is talking about, what the i'm talking about, saying we have to do our best and live our lives in the way that alleviates human suffering. that does not accelerate the disparities of income and wealth. deirdre: what do you make of senator sanders trying to put
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himself and the pope in the same category? >> looking for the halo to start rising over my colleague bernie's head. look, i think the difference is not that he and the pope want to help people who are suffering. i think the pope does, he does. republicans certainly do. we believe that we have the right approach to that. every single developed country in the world who tried socialism in the last century, they have all rejected it. it doesn't work for very people you're trying to help because it is working families in ohio and around the country suffer from higher taxes, bigger government, more regulations. look, i don't know why people would think that socialism works because it has been tried and it's failed. i would hope we would instead say, you know, let's get back to the situation where we actually have economic growth, where we actually have opportunity, where people can achieve their dream whatever it is. that is what kasich is talking about. i think he has shown he can do it by his actions in ohio.
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reaching across the aisle. getting bipartisan support. getting to deal with real problems, debt and deficit and economic growth. give people real opportunity. that is what we talk about for republicans. >> guests in other fields whether hollywood or different walks of life. my parents came from social it regimes and -- socialist regimes and it was terrible and that's why we're here. i want to ask you, senator, about the debate between privacy and security, the line between the two. microsoft's bill gates backing the fbi over apple in the san bernardino iphone battle. what is your take on this issue? should lawmakers be trying to come up with a new law, saying let apple save face but still let the government and law enforcement get what they need? >> i think there needs to be some more statutory boundaries around this we just passed legislation as you know that helps companies to be able to share information to avoid cyber attacks. that's good but it doesn't handle the fundamental question of privacy, balanced with the
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need for to us protect our security that you're talking about. i do think congress has a role. legislation we have in place is couple decades old. legislation changed dramatically. i hope we find the balance. i think congress has a roll. deirdre: senator, are you surprised no one from california has proposed? silicon valley is there. some of these companies are implicated? >> well, look, i found bill gates's comments are interesting. i have a lot of respect for tim cook and what apple has done. one of the great things about apple and their hardware, they are secure. people say it is a marketing thing. it's a mark connect thing but also about our own sense being concerned about cyber attacks, hackers getting into our phones. i think we have to have a balance here where we provide security we all want for our own privacy but also insuring in a situation like this where there is a terrorist attack we get the information we need. this is where i think we need
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some more guidelines. frankly it is very confusing right now. deirdre: senator rob portman, thanks for the time. >> thanks, deirdre. thanks for having me on. deirdre: president obama laying out a plan to close guantanamo bay today. as a former detainee is arrested in spain for having ties to the islamic state. when we come back congresswoman who does not want to see any detainees sent to her state. and self-incrimination on social media? we have yet another example. >> don't, don't, don't, don't. deirdre: three men arrested after they streamed a mass shooting threat on the social media app periscope. we'll give you more details. hacktivist group, anonymous strikes, exposing personal information of cincinnati police officers. he says this is part of a group of the nation's growing anti-police sentiment. >> we have a message not only
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cincinnati police department but to every law enforcement officer. when you murder a human being, when you have other choices containing the suspect available, we will make your officer's information public record. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like...
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>> keeping this facility open is contrary to this -- our values. it undermines our standing in the world. it is viewed as a stain on our broader record of upholding the highest standards of rule of law. deirdre: president obama laying out his plan for the closings of the controversial detention facility in guantanamo bay. almost 20% of gitmo detainees reingauge in terrorism after release. just today a former detainee was among four arrested in spain and morocco having ties to the
5:17 pm
islamic state. ibrahim he will -- ibrahim el cozy one the most performnant once. we have a congresswoman representing representing indiana and against detainees coming to your state. are the detainees going to come to your state. >> not if i have anything to do with this. i appreciate the opportunity to chat with this, deirdre. this issue is nothing more than campaign promise. they had no details. there was no plan. this was press release to the country, i'm making good on my promise. this is what we're going to do. i will tell you no chance we should be bringing those terrorists, these are the worst of the worst, to come to this country. they already have american blood on their hands. we're talking about people that are the most dangerous people in the world as we know it today. no way should they come to the united states to the u.s. prison system.
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deirdre: congresswoman, i also presume you don't want them in the prison system mixed with, let's say regular prisoners because there is this chance for conversion. so i'm assuming that if they are released into regular prisons they need to be somewhat secluded which costs taxpayers for money. >> that is part of the plan that is missing. nothing in here talks about cost. i think there is a bigger issue than just about costs. when we're talking about bringing the worst of the worst into this country there is a lot of issues that the pentagon talked about today they think they might know other they surmise they might know. this is such a dangerous group of people. we have to err on side of the safety of american people, not be happy stance here and not -- happenstance we could be wrong. there is not error to have margin of error on and there are no details in his plan. deirdre: congresswoman, i want to pull up a map we showed to our viewers. some of your fellow lawmakers are going to accept, there are
5:19 pm
13 locations with very been earmarked. south carolina's one. colorado, an army base in kansas. do you speak with your colleagues about this? are they as worried as you are? >> so i will tell you that my worry about this, supersedes just one prison here or one prison there. there is the overarching concept should we be bringing terrorists, the mastermind, shake share, the mastermind of -- khalid sheikh mohammed, mastermind of 9/11, most dangerous people regardless where we keep them. they don't belong in this country. these are people we don't even know how to handle inside of this country. they're safe where they're at. they're secure where they're at. the boundary of water and our military, the best in the world, guarding them has worked. my question is, why do we want to undo that and add more danger to our country. deirdre: why change.
5:20 pm
>> secondly, deirdre in the future, we're sending special-ops teams into syria and iraq. we'll have future detainees. where are the future detainees going for interrogation so we get more information to completely destroy the plan of the enemy? deirdre: congresswoman, i hear your point. boundary of water along with military support seems to be at least the safest place to keep residents here safe. i want to switch gears, if you don't mind. >> sure. deirdre: federal judge is ruling, that top aides to hillary clinton should be questioned under oath whether or not they intentionally thwarted federal open records law by using or allowing the use of that private email server. this is throughout clinton's tenure of secretary of state, so twine through 2013. what do you make of these decisions, how this is unfolding, in your view as a lawmaker, what should be done? >> i think that everybody stands especially in position when we take oaths to uphold the constitution and united states
5:21 pm
and rules in those especially when it comes to secretaries. people should be looked at and held to fullest extent of the law like anybody else would be. when american people and people like me see skirting back and forth, rulings here, no rulings there, i think the law should prevail. americans are law-abiding citizens. folks that are secretary should not have any broader power or any prerogative to move in and out of the law like anybody else should. i want to say this i want to make sure folks understand about guantanamo bay, about gitmo. this president has never had a strategy to defeat isil. he missed that deadline. he sends out today a press release basically cover as broad issue, oh by the way i think we should bring high-ranking terrorists into this country. what the american people want to see, and what i want to see as lawmaker, i want to see the strategy to defeat isis. deirdre: i want details. >> i want to make sure we get details on that and details on this closure because the protection of the american
5:22 pm
people is all of our jobs. the job i signed up for. deirdre: i understand. >> sitting on the armed services committee we have to protect americans here and abroad. deirdre: congresswoman, very well-stated. we're glad so have you. thank you for the time. >> thank you so much. deirdre: judicial's watch's tom fitton who brought the lawsuit against hillary, going back to that subject, will be joining lou dobbs, tonight, 8:00 p.m. eastern time. self-incrimination, using social media, it is happening more and more. >> don't boom, boom, boom. deirdre: after they streamed a threat of a mass shootings on periscope. we'll give you more details. hacktivist group anonymous strikes again, this time exposing the personal information of cincinnati police officers. they say wrongly killed an unarmed african-american man shown in this video. my next guest says anonymous is just another victim of growing anti-police sentiment. >> we have a message.
5:23 pm
to not only cincinnati police department but to every law enforcement officer. when you murder a human being, when you have other choices of containing the suspect available we will make your officers information public record. >> it is outrageous. police officers defend us. keep our way of life. keep us safe. >> anytime you put information about where our officers live, names of their children, their cell phone records, it is always a very, very serious. ♪ when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini. that's why i run on quickbooks. details.
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>> we have a message to the cincinnati police department and the law enforcement officers. when you murder a human being we'll make your officer's information public record. deirdre: activists anonymous
5:27 pm
released personal information of a police officer who was involved in a shooting. >> police officers defend us and keep us safe. >> any type you put information out about where our officer live with naipts of their children, their cell phone record, it's all very, very serious. deirdre: crystal wright is with me. are groups such as anonymous making anti-police sentiment grow stronger to the detriment of us all? >> yes, they are. but this goes back to president obama, hillary clinton and democrats stoking anti-cops rhetoric saying black lives are the on lives that matter even when the blacks are criminals, and they are wrong. when you have got a gun to your
5:28 pm
head and your hope is being broken into and you call 911, you want them to be there to help you. deirdre: police released video of an assault on a decorated marine after teens aggressively questioned him "black lives matter. >> they made two arrests. they are charging the male with aggravated assault and the female about pick pocketing, but they didn't say anything about hate crimes so far. >> was it a hate crime, in your view? >> i think it was three black teen aged thugs who went up top the hispanic u.s. marines and said to him at the mcdonald's. do black lives matter? do black lives matter? when he didn't have a response they pummeled him unconscious
5:29 pm
and robbed him. democrats from the top of this country from president obama on down. it's something they and mayor deblasio have created. according to the f.b.i., it's blacks committing the murders, robberies and violent crime disproportionately in america. deirdre: on social media, there is a shooting threat that was live streamed on periscope. here is a clip. boom, boom, boom, boom, boom boom, boom. deirdre: the ohio columbus police say people went on periscope. they said if they got 100 viewers they would take an ar-15
5:30 pm
pistol and begin randomly shooting in the city. they got the views. they head out to complete the mission. a periscope user in south carolina alerted the authorities, so no shots were fired. the men were taken into custody and no one got hurt. what does this stay about the state of where we are today? >> everyone should be frightened by this. when i watched that periscope video, it's harrowing to think young black men feel emboldened. there is this apologistic narrative that young black men are not criminal and the media is playing that out. oh, no, young black men are the ones being hunted down by police. federal data shows police officers are called 40% of the
5:31 pm
time by black men and cops are killed at a rate of 2.5 types higher by young black men than blacks are killed by police officers. so thanks to what has been happening the last three years with trayvon martin and michael brown and the president helping it, this is what we have, young black men thinking they can brandish weapons and social media, then go out and kill innocent americans. why isn't the liberal media talking about any of this? you don't see the headline of armed black men. the truth, that's the real reality and that offend somebody apparently. deirdre: judge everybody by his or her actions regardless of black ground. crystal, thank you. a judge ruling the state department official and aides to hillary clinton should be questioned under oath. colonel ralph peters is with me
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next. apple may be forced to put back doors in all phones, but silicon valley companies say it's akin to creating the next atomic bomb.
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wenit gave me a leafput in the names almost right away. first. within a few days, i went from knowing almost nothing to holy crow, i'm related to george washington. i didn't know that using ancestry would be so easy.
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>> nobody is talking about a back door. that's not the right question. this is a specific case where the government is asking for access to information. apple has access to the
5:36 pm
information. they are just refusing to provide the access and will tell them whether to provide the access. you shouldn't caught access some special thing. it's no different should has anybody ever been able to tell the phone company to get information. bank records. should anybody be able to get bank records. deirdre: microsoft founder bill gates says he backs the government. colonel, what is the significance of bill gates make this statement. people say he can afford this kind of opinion because he's working with government on bigger issues. >> we have come to the point in
5:37 pm
american society where we are shocked when somebody tells the truth. he walked it back a little bit. but what he's saying is factual. nobody can argue with this technical expertise. he knows this can be done. the tech mafia where you have google and other companies. deirdre: everyone else in silicon valley is with apple. gates is a lone wolf on that. >> they are millionaire spoiled brats. they are trying to make it -- mark zuckerberg and others, and the people at google, they are trying to make this into a case of the american people will be in danger, the government can come after your information. they are siding with terrorists. i worked with intelligence.
5:38 pm
we don't collect on law-biding americans. i'll tell you who does collect on law-biding americans. it's google. but i would like to ask apple's ceo tim cook one question. mr. cook, how many dead americans is your next $50 billion worth? the market cap for apple is about a half trillion. deirdre: it's the biggest in the world. his argument seems to be if we give the so-called key, the bad guys can use the key as well as good guys. he's positioning it the business interest comes second. he's aiding and abetting terrorism. the f.b.i. is asking for apple to unlock one specific phone. apple is afraid if they do that
5:39 pm
they might lose sales. who is apple selling to around the world? a lot of decent people. but the people drawn to this unbreakable encryption is drug cartels and mafia and pedophile rings. deirdre: lieutenant colonel peters i love having you. a new national survey shows the majority of americans side with the government. 51% say apple should unlock the phone compared to 38% who say not. jeff smith is with me. you are completely on the opposite side of the arguments our previous guest.
5:40 pm
you say if this technology is out there it's akin to an atomic bomb. >> there is a method to understand why some of the events we are look at today should be taken more seriously. deirdre: as a techie, do you finds fault with what colonel ralph peters just said in the sense am is doing this for business purposes, not for altruistic ones. >> i disagree with that. i don't believe tip cook would stake the stand on such an issue. the core issue of is a security issue. i don't think tim cook has a choice. what's happening in our government is rather than having a collaborative approach with technology and how we can work together -- deirdre: there is a lot of tension. there are legal experts who
5:41 pm
points to the fact am has unlocked in the past up to 70 phones since 2008. people are saying why is tim cook changing now? >> it am not unlocking a phone it's creating a key town lock any phone. >> even though the f.b.i. is saying different. >> that's correct. they are wrong. the analogy would be your bank account. if you have the incorrect password three times usual locked out. why is that? the reason it's true is because if not that we would have nefarious elements guessing your password a million times a day and he convenient trial they would get it right and then have your bank account. it's a privacy issue, but really it's a security issue. if you think it through. if apple creates a key that unlocks any phone, then we have a huge risk.
5:42 pm
then we have created a cyber weapon that can be used against us by the industrial military come plesks our cold war foes, the mafia stealing our money. for us as the father of three children i guess i'm in the tech group as well, this ways i'm worried about. i'm worried about the security our country. the privacy issue is significant. but this is fundamentally a security issue of. despite the best intentions of a lot of people in our government, the lieutenant colonel and the rest, i don't think we thought through the implications of what this means. it's not unlocking one phone. deirdre: thank you very much for make your point. tune in tomorrow, box business, neil cavuto will be interviewing apple attorney ted olson. that happens at noon.
5:43 pm
no sex in the office. a san francisco ceo is trying to rein in his employees during working hours. remember the yelp employee who was fired for calling out her ceo saying she wasn't making enough money to eat. >> this is all about personal responsibility. when i left nome my early 20s i lived in basement apartments and ate a lot of a man noodles -- a lot of raman noodles and i didn't spends money on things i couldn't afford.
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deirdre: a yelp employee wrote an open letter to the company's ceo saying she continues afford food because she was under paid
5:47 pm
in the bay area. you complain about the establishment, to you that's more acceptable than taking a job in a restaurant or a fast food restaurant. you think it's impressive to ask strangers for money by swroig open letter. the author of "grow a fair," i think i heard you cheering. this makes sense to you, right? that young lady is 29 years old. she said she didn't like it but she has to live at home and commute and work in a restaurant bar for a little bit until she made some money. >> people choose their lifestyle and buy their stuff and accumulate credit card debt and other debt, then they want everybody else to step up and
5:48 pm
meet the demands of their lifestyle that they chose. the way it should be done, you provide as much value as you can to the marketplace. we are all compensated based on the value we bring to the marketplace. if she was worth more she would probably be paid more. but she is worth what she is getting. she needs to get her wages and live on that, whatever it is. >> health insurance, benefits banning alcohol, cigarettes, partying in the office. what do you make of the so-called silicon valley culture. >> when i heard the story i thought the company should have covered that in the beginning. by the way, don't get drunk and don't have sex and if you do don't leave the evidence behind in the hallways and the
5:49 pm
stairwells. doesn't it seem like common sentence you shus the get drunk and have sex at work? deirdre: this is an official company memo. >> people should reintrect they work. respect the place they work, i mean the building where they work, so you don't do that sort of stuff. n if that's going on that's a lack of parenting and communication from the employer to the employees. deirdre: kanye west has debt troubles, his girlfriend has $8,000 raised. but according to our math that wouldn't put a dent in his $50 million debt.
5:50 pm
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deirdre: one philadelphia police officer has a solution to kanye west's $53 million in debt. he said we are hiring. starting somey $51,000. sergeant, great to have you here. this tweet has gone viral. 22,000 likes. how did you couple the idea? >> i spend so much time on
5:54 pm
social media. i handle it for the philadelphia police department and i saw kanye's plea for help last week. i was in a position to help. this is serious. we are the department that -- we have had three years of coinous recruitment and involvement so we need police officers. kanye needs money, the police department has open employment opportunities. complete's throw it out there and see what happens. deirdre: have you heard back from him or anyone who works for him? >> no, he's not paying attention to us. it's heartbreaking, but we have a candlelit. deirdre: it was an honest offer. i'm sure there are plenty of people happy to take up your recruiting call.
5:55 pm
a gir thought to be brain dead after the uber shooting gives a thumbs up moments before doctors were about to harvest her organs. a new warning from the cdc says laminates in lumber have a higher rate of causing cancer. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ wheall i can think abouthit, is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a
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deirdre: former uber driver jason dalton accused of killing six and injuring three in kalamazoo, michigan, a 14-year-old girl was believed to be dead just before doctors were ready to harvest her organs. she squeeze her mom's hand and gave doctors a thumbs up. she is still alive and fating for her life.
5:59 pm
-- and fighting for her life. you all want to be organ donors, but wait until i'm finishes with them? >> i don't want this story to cut down on organ donation. what this is is people jumping the begun. they hudn't be considering something like this until you are keeping the person totally alive on life support and they have nothing going on on their own. the heart is not beating on its own. i don't know the case, but i'm concerned. if you get a gunshot to the head and you have brain swelling you have to decrease the swelling. and it's unpredictable what's going to happen after that. swelling can make you completely out of it. in a million years they should never consider harvesting the organs of someone with brain swelling. get rid of the brain swelling
6:00 pm
then make the decision days later. move very slowly. deirdre: if it ever happens to me i hope you are around in the hospital. deirdre: thank you for joining us. "making money" starts right now. charles: the gop battle for nevada is on and we enter the fine hours of voting in today's caucus in the silver state. americans making their way to the polls, picking their nominee. the polling in nevada has been unpredictable. so what's at stake in we want to go to neil cavuto. a lot of narratives here. could this be the first election nomination process where we see donald trump playing more than 40% of the vote? neil: it's possible. you don't need that or much more to claim the nomination the way the de


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