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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 23, 2016 7:00pm-7:56pm EST

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issues, and if republicans want to win talking about wanting to win in november, they've got to pick someone who beats hillary and bernie sanders in the polls. marco rubio does. that i think he's the face of the future. charles: we got to leave it there. you were fantastic. lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. it's 7:00 on the east coast, 4:00 in nevada where republican voters are preparing to caucus one hour from now. unlike from what we've seen in iowa or new hampshire and this past weekend in south carolina, turnout in nevada is expected to be low. 7% of nevada's 400,000 republican voters turned out to caucus in 2012. however, a new nevada party official now says preregistration has hit 41,000. so we will see. the political savants are also expecting this to be a huge night for donald trump. the heavy favorite.
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he's looking for third win in a row, and earlier today a wary trump told supporters in sparks, nevada, to watch out for dirty tricks. >> watch out for dishonest stuff. i tell you what, a lot of dishonesty. be careful. they have paper ballots, the whole deal going. paper ballots, right? just watch out. if you see anything, let us know about it. we have a lot of people watching because what's going on and what on is quite terrible. lou: we'll take up trump's hard-charging anti-establishment campaign with one of his most important and enthusiastic supporters, south carolina's lieutenant governor henry mcmaster. he turned out to have more endorsement power than governor nikki haley and congressman trey gowdy combined. a federal judge ordered top hillary clinton staff and state department officials to be
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interrogated under oath about their motivation in setting up and using the clinton private e-mail server system, which brought the lawsuit seeking information about huma abedin and her employment terms. i'll be talking with the head of judicial watch tom fitton who calls the judge's ruling a major victory toward learning the truth about the clinton scandal just last week he gave us this assessment. >> my question is not when, why she hasn't been indicted yet, and this is kind of the sword of damocles hanging over the presidential contest, and neither party is talking about it with the appropriate seriousness it demands. >> microsoft's bill gates breaking ranks with silicon valley saying apple should help the fbi unlock an iphone, gates
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declared this is primarily an issue of what the government needs to know. i'll have the latest on apple fight tonight. our top story -- donald trump poised to continue his winning streak tonight in nevada. senators rubio and cruz, however, doing everything they can to assure that doesn't happen. the war of words getting uglier. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron is in las vegas and has our report. >> reporter: hoping to rack up his third win in a row, donald trump rallied nevada troops and attacked ted cruz. >> he is like a little baby. soft, weak, little baby, by comparison, for lying, he's the best i've seen. >> reporter: trump was live in las vegas and trashed cruz as well. >> evangelicals didn't vote for him. they don't like liars. this guy is sick, they don't like this guy. >> reporter: team cruz has urged supporters to use phones to video tonight's caucuses.
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calling it, quote, election shenanigans and concerning because of intimidating effects on voters. marco rubio is second and racking up national endorsements since jeb bush quit. before heading to nevada and minnesota rubio warned frustration is dangerous. >> frustvation not a plan, being angry is not a plan. this election cannot be about making a point, electing the loudest person in the room, that will not solve the problem. >> reporter: rubio is blasting trump and cruz who fired communications director for dirty tricks and ramped up rhetoric about consistent conservatism. >> i don't care what position donald decides to support today or tomorrow or the next day, they change every day. i don't care what they are. but pick one and defend it and don't pretend when people point out what you said, nope, never mind. >> reporter: on the o'reilly factor last night, cruz who in
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the past downplayed mass deportations took a tougher stand. >> federal law requires anyone illegally apprehended should be deported. >> mr. trump would look for them to get them out. would you do that if you were president? >> look, bill, of course you would, that's what i.c.e. exists for. >> reporter: cruz aides say tough position on immigration hasn't changed and rubio's past support for amnesty has him at odds with the president of the immigrations and customs enforcement council. rubio's dismissed him as union boss with ideological axe to grind, john kasich continues to focus on super tuesday a week from now. dr. ben carson struggling in the polls and attention. today suggested barack obama grew up in white america and did not have a typical black experience because he was raised by white grandmother and mother. >> doesn't mean there's anything wrong with that, just when the claim is made that he represents the black experience, it's not true.
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>> reporter: nevada's caucuses start to wrap up 9:00 local time, that's midnight eastern time. it will take a couple of hours to tally results, assuming there will be no glitches, otherwise it could be until tomorrow. lou. lou: carl cameron. the next democratic primary is saturday in south carolina where hillary clinton has an average 24-point lead over senator bernie sanders. sanders hopes to cut into that support among black voters with the endorsement of director spike lee. lee featured in this radio ad now running in south carolina. >> i'm officially endorsing my brother bernie sanders. bernie takes no money from corporations, naueda. he's not on the take. when bernie gets in the white house, he will do the right thing. how can we be sure? bernie was at the march on washington for dr. king. lou: lee referring to this picture, this is a picture of
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young bernie sanders, being arrested by chicago police during a civil rights rally in 1963. it was recently dug up by the "chicago tribune." spanish and moroccan police arrested a former guantanamo bay detainee and three others on suspicion of recruiting fighters for the islamic state. his arrest comes on the same day that president obama announced he's making a final effort to shut down guantanamo bay prison in cuba. president obama sent congress a plan calling for transfer of the remaining 91 detainees to a facility in this country. the plan does not specify where that might be. republicans finding a backbone, all 11 republicans on the senate judiciary committee today said there will be no hearing for justice scalia's replacement while president obama remains in office. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell making it clear in no uncertain terms earlier today.
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>> presidents have a right to nominate as a senate has a constitutional right to provide or withhold consent. in this case, the senate will withhold it. the senate will appropriately revisit the matter after the american people finish making, in november, the decision they've already started making today. lou: mcconnell's statement prompted criticism from democrats arguing the gop-led senate is failing to do its job and believe the obstruction to be unprecedented, but actually it isn't. back in 1992, vice president joe biden, then himself a senator, argued against weighing a supreme court nomination during a presidential election year. microsoft founder bill gates throwing support behind the fbi in their battle with apple over hacking into the locked iphone used by one of the san bernardino terrorists. gates is the only silicon tech
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giant to seemingly bactfederal government. here's what gates had to say about the controversy earlier today. >> i do believe that with the right safeguards, that are cases that the government, on our behalf, like stopping terrorism, which could get worse in the future that, that is valuable. lou: apple ceo tim cook has argued that creating software to open that phone could threaten the security of millions of apple users. google, facebook, twitter, their ceos have publicly backed cook's decision. we're coming right back with much more. stay with us. a federal judge has ordered hillary clinton's longtime aides and state department officials to be questioned by the fbi under oath. we take it up with the president of judicial watch. it was his organization that brought the lawsuit that resulted in today's order.
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. lou: a federal judge today
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ruled that hillary clinton's aides, state department officials, should be questioned and questioned under oath, about the former secretary of state's use of private e-mail server. judge emmitt sullivan also suggesting he might order clinton herself and top aide huma abedin to return all records related to clinton's private e-mails, not those deemed work related. the order comes as the fbi continues its investigation into clinton's e-mail server. more than 1700 classified e-mails have been found on the server, including 22 e-mails considered top secret. my first guest tonight brought the lawsuit that resulted in today's order by the federal judge. i'm joined by the president of judicial watch, tom fitton. tom, congratulations. this is an extraordinary, seems to me, development in that a judge is ordering under a foya
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request that there be interrogation, deposition under oath of officials of the government as well as campaign officials. it's extraordinary, is it not? >> it is, it's rarely granted and freedom of information act lawsuits like the one my colleague filed for judicial watch. deserve a great deal of credit for getting this result. we had investigators asking all the right questions as well. it's a team effort and the court recognized our team asked questions about huma abedin special government employee status uncovered this issue because we shut down the lawsuit thinking they'd looked for hillary clinton's imails and looked through them. they hadn't. we had to reopen the case. lou: over what period were those e-mails that were being sought? >> they would have been -- the e-mails from the period mrs. clinton was in office and
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abedin was working for her at the time. they told us they looked at mrs. clinton's records in the executive secretary's office. we didn't know there was a separate e-mail system. the court authorized discovery. why was the system set up, to thwart freedom of information act requests? who knew about it? the court asked the justice department today at the hearing, who authorized this? and the justice department said they didn't know. it's almost a year since the revelations and don't have the basic info, and we may get it now thanks to the discovery order. lou: and thanks to a judge who is obviously concientious and concerned about law in this case and not politics. the fact of the matter is you brought the case almost three years ago, it's taken this long to get to result. this is moving awfully slowly, and we know there's been an fbi investigation under way since last august, and what we infer is they haven't done anything
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about these e-mails and haven't talked or -- to these officials of either the state department, that was the last word we had from the state department, nor the top officials of the clinton campaign who presumably would have been using, or known about, the private e-mail server. >> you know, the court made the point today there's an office of inspector general investigation by the state department, the fbi may or may not be doing a substantial investigation, but the public doesn't necessarily know what they're doing or getting information about the key issues. so that's why this right to know case is a perfect vehicle for getting the information that is now before the court, and asking the court's questions about whether the search for records has been adequate, and these are not mrs. clinton records. these are our records, the taxpayer records that should have been searched and produced to judicial watch and other requesters and all of the requests were thwarted by what she was doing with the separate
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e-mail system. think of the outrageous expense by the court. this is what the court said. the expenses by the court, by the government, by groups like judicial watch, it is something mrs. clinton set up. >> as a taxpayer, spend the money. the public right to know takes precedence here, we are being treated as if this is an elite branch of monarchy that is too royal for us to even be remotely worthy of them. i mean, this is gut-wrenching to watch this kind of nonsense go on in an american government. we are way over time. let me ask you this, tom. why is it necessary for you to bring a lawsuit? why don't we have an inspector general who is working here to drive toward the truth and to secure the records of that period in office? why isn't the fbi moving quickly here?
7:19 pm
why is there a slowdown at work, it seems from all corners of government in this case? >> really is outrageous, happy to do all this hard work that the government ought to be doing. isn't it outrageous that it's judicial watch, and not congress and not the official investigative arms of the executive branch. the state department isn't owning up. the fbi and the justice department. the justice department is opposing us every step of the way and defending mrs. clinton's conduct here. you know, it shows that the rule of law in this town is not present in large respect, but thankfully present when the independent groups like judicial watch are going to the federal courts because those enforcing the rule aren't doing, it and the official government offices. >> tom, again, congratulations, our thanks, appreciate it as always. >> thank you. lou: tom fitton, judicial watch. >> thank you. lou: thank you, tom. be sure to vote in our poll tonight --
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we'd like to hear what you think, what you feel, cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs news, and a reminder to follow me on twitter, "like" me on facebook, follow me on instagram at lou dobbs tonight. breaking news now, the centers for disease control investigating 14 new reports of sexually transmitted zika cases in the country. several involve pregnant women. officials say in each suspected case, women were infected by men who recently returned from countries where zika had an outbreak. this new development could further complicate cdc efforts to try to stop the spread of zika. now, let's take a look at another video, if you would, please. amazing rescue of a dog whose leash got caught in an elevator
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door as the elevator itself was moving. the dog is violently yanked, as you see there, it's extraordinary. as its owner moved to a higher floor. a maintenance worker got there, he ran there and saved the dog's life. owner didn't realize the dog wasn't in the elevator with her and we're told he's in okay condition. up next, a few thoughts about the republican establishment, efforts to take down trump, cruz, whomever, and trump supporters, south carolina's lieutenant governor henry mcmaster will join me on his thoughts about an establishment that isn't exactly, well, enthusiastic about mr. trump. we'll introduce you to the daredevil using a city's roof tops as his own personal gym. that video is coming up next. you don't want to miss it.
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. lou: a few thoughts now on an establishment that seems completely out of touch with mainstream, middle-class america, and as bereft of clever and bright ideas as anyone imagined or feared. just look at the gop's choice of presidential candidates back to john mccain in 2008 or mitt romney in 2012, and jeb bush this year. the big boys still think a pile of money and hands on the levers of power mean they don't have to think, that they don't have to be smart or shrewd. that as long as they've got theirs, the hell with those who don't. when their favorite candidate quit the race saturday night, the smart money turned to marco rubio, throwing their money at him and all but screaming we just sold a bush and bought a rubio. today rubio told reporters he hasn't spoken with but plans to meet with former mentor governor bush soon, adding
7:27 pm
solemnly he's not asked for his endorsement. let me let you in on a secret. he will, and he'll get it like the other establishment endorsements that are rolling in now. former senate majority leader bob dole. that's right, he didn't win either. tim pawlenty, governor asa hutchinson, a slew of congressmen getting behind a first term senator does. this sound familiar? who hasn't done much but knows the game. and the game is the status quo, ladies and gentlemen, bought and paid for by the chamber of commerce, the business roundtable and handful of billionaires and today we learned the koch brothers, the favorite hired gun savant mark short is joining the rubio campaign. in this year of the outsider of anti-establishment mood gripping the country, the establishment just can't help itself. rubio's up, why not just brand
7:28 pm
rubio's forehead with a block letter e and call it good. the more endorsement rubio gets, the more establishment he is. the anti-trump super pac called ironically our principles funded by the ricketts family sent a playbook to establishment leaders and donors desperately urging them to stop donald trump, and don't doubt that the establishment may yet win, they may yet stop trump or cruz or whomever it. all depends whether enough voters figured out the establishment, the so-called elites, have abandoned social responsibilities, ethics and duty to country and our people. abanded any sense of noblesse oblige, abandoning american working families, abandoned middle class and small businesses, we'll all soon know. quotation of the evening is on obligations to others and this one from roman philosopher who said --
7:29 pm
i'm thinking our establishment isn't as keen on the humanities as once was. well, let's turn to something a little lighter, perhaps a gym, but a gym in an unusual place, and the man in our video tonight is 21-year-old khaled teny, workouts on the roofs of morocco have gone viral. he spends up to eight hours a day using the city's landscape as exercise equipment, hanging on roofs, using metal bars for pullups, insisting that it is dangerous but he's very cautious and safe, but his unique routine helps keep his brain active. a little more active than some of us might like. we're coming right back.
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stay with us. the gop establishment throwing money at their newly anointed candidate, senator marco rubio. do you suppose the establishment has learned anything? we take it up with monica crowley and chris plante next. coming right up, what could be cooler than a kick flip on a skateboard? we'll show you what is much cooler? what it looks like when a skateboard meets the water and a talented athlete in the midst of it all. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ or building the best houses in town.
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. lou: marco rubio looks more, well, some say like a robot as has been the charge on the campaign trail. last night on o'reilly factor, rubio repeated the same line eight times during his interview with bill. listen. >> only after we've secured our border, then we'll see what the american people are willing to support. >> we'll see what the american people support. >> i don't believe the american people support. >> i think it's something the american people might be open to if we prove to the american people that illegal immigration is under control, i think the american people will respond in a rational, reasonable way. >> what is that? >> first of all, it depends what the american people are willing to support. it does depend what the american people will support. >> i think that's something the american people might be open to. lou: technically, he didn't say support each time, but anyway -- joining me now the host of the chris plante show and wmal, chris plante, fox news contributor monica crowley. i'm surprised that bill didn't
7:35 pm
call him out on that. are you? >> well, a certain turn of phrase, that the american people will support, unlike what he did in the debate which is we must dispense of this fiction about barack obama. look, i don't have a problem with politicians or candidates using the same term or phrase or phraseology, they need to get to voters and hit the themes over and over again. the problem is that he's now up against a candidate in donald trump for who nothing is scripted, lou. he will go out in front of a crowd with 20,000 people and speak without a script for one hour. when you put a standard politician like marco rubio next to a candidate like donald trump who speaks off the cuff, like a guy from queens, like a hard hat on a construction site, the contrast could not be starker and rebounding to the benefit of trump and hurting scripted candidates like marco rubio. >> yeah. [laughter] >> thanks, chris! >> that's true, every bit of
7:36 pm
that is true. absolutely right. old model has been smashed on the ground, and you're talking points all you want, but you're made to look like a piker, like you're a politician from another century, when you come out and continually and begins with if and maybe and the american people, and we'll wait and see and deflecting and delaying and slow rolling us. i don't want to bash marco rubio, i don't think he's a bad person, but that's not going to work this year. the message isn't getting through. instead, what is getting stlout repetition of the message which sounds tired and makes people roll their eyes. lou: what do you think of -- the ricketts family with the our principles pac, the koch brothers sending in marc short to help rubio. they have everything but a sandwich board that says establishment. at what point do these guys not
7:37 pm
understand this is an anti-establishmentarian year. chris, what do you think? >> i don't think they're going to get it. too late to get it, honestly. i get this every day, my audience is like a focus group every day, and people have just had it with this political talking point stuff with saying the same thing over and over again in every speech, and with deflecting and slow rolling us, people are done with that. they're done. and they're not going to get it. if they haven't gotten it now, they're not going to get it. donald trump is making it up as he goes along, everybody is loving it. they're sick of politicians, sick of washington, sick of people with the word senator before their name or the word governor, sick of it. people are sick of it. lou: how about first-time in front of senator? these guys are acting like we haven't had the obama experience. there is consistent repetition of phrases for voters.
7:38 pm
>> they are in rejection of anything that smells like the establishment or the status quo. the establishment which includes big donor cloud is desperate because they feel power slipping away. they're throwing the spaghetti against the wall. they did it with jeb bush, now marco rubio, hoping something sticks, but what they don't understand here is that we have now reached a point of diminishing returns, so that the more endorms rubio gets, the more money thrown at him, actually it hurts him, it doesn't help him and helps donald trump. lou: i've got to say to you both something that amuses the dickens out of me, that is to tune into various left-wing, well, folks on the air primarily at msnbc -- i'll just say it, cnn, whatever it may be, and there will be a panel discussion with liberals talking about how they help republicans understand how they should attack trump. it's remarkable what they're doing. >> it's called concern
7:39 pm
trolling, lou. so the left decides to concern troll the republicans and conservatives. you really don't want donald trump. he's not good for you. thanks for your concern, but we've got this. >> right. and honestly i think part of the rebellion here is against the media telling us which republican is best for the republican party. it's not just against reince priebus and the rnc. not just against the donor class, it's against the media's role which is seen as very corrupt and self-serving and people have had it with the news media too, and the more anti-media you are, the more politically incorrect you are, the better you do with the huge swath of america that is sick of it, lied to enough, done with it. lou: i always thought this country, it felt best, behaved best when voters and citizens were most skeptical of government and all of the so-called others who got their druthers and didn't think enough about the folks who
7:40 pm
didn't. monica crowley, chris plante, good to have you both here. >> thanks, lou. >> thanks so much. lou: from waikiki hawaii, a surfer nailing a kick flip while riding a paddleboard. let's do that again, shall we? all right, i'm impressed. here we go. look at that. that's cool. that's as hip as i get by the way, saying cool. very few people have the athleticism to pull off that feat or imagination. up next, south carolina lieutenant governor henry mcmaster joins me to explain why he wants donald trump to be president of the united states. and astronaut scott kelly, a whole year in space. demanded to do some strange, strange things, we'll show you here next. rgies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes
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. lou: we're going to henry mcmaster, the lieutenant governor of south carolina in just a moment. breaking news first, a dramatic escalation in the military tensions between the united states and china. china has sent fighter jets to a contested island in the south china sea, that is in clear
7:45 pm
violation of all agreements concerning those disputed territories. the fighter jets are going to woody island, the very same island where china deployed surface-to-air missiles last week and deployed advanced radar as well. in testimony before the senate armed services committee, china is clearly militarizing the south china sea. the chinese foreign minister scheduled to meet with u.s. officials in washington this week. turning now to presidential politics. a new poll shows ohio governor john kasich struggling to lock down his own state against donald trump. the quinnipiac university survey has trump leading in ohio, leading with 31% support, five points ahead of kasich. governor kasich nets 26%, ted cruz 21, marco rubio at 13. must win primary for kasich as the favorite son only three weeks away, and now a deficit to overcome as well.
7:46 pm
our next guest shook up the republican establishment with his endorsement of trump in south carolina. joining us tonight is south carolina lieutenant governor henry mcmaster. governor, great to have you with us. congratulations on a great win in south carolina, and i've got to say -- >> thank you. lou: i don't know -- you have surely put out the governor, senator scott, congressman trey gowdy, senator graham, i mean you trumped all of those in endorsement power. how do you feel? >> well, oh, we had people going all over the place like a coveted quail, but the winner is primary, that's why he won as handily as he did. lou: it was, many people thought he couldn't replicate any part of his win in new hampshire, but he did. again, a double-digit win. he won across nearly every demographic group. did you see such a high level
7:47 pm
of performance as a candidate, when you decided to endorse him? >> well, like most other people, i think, at the very beginning, i was a little bit puzzled about what was going to happen. but the more i watched, the more i became convinced that this is the man that we need. he's different. he's getting attention and support from people everywhere, all kind of people. in south carolina, he won everybody in everywhere. he speaks the truth. he speaks in a language that everybody can understand. he's a man of action, he's a leader. he's a natural leader and a great accomplishment and people trust him. and trying to determine the popularity, i think nature's taking over. people are worried about the future of this country. they're worried about the future of themselves, their children, and when people get worried, they turn to a strong leader who can get things done. somebody they can understand,
7:48 pm
have confidence in, and that's donald trump from stem to stern, right there. lou: when we talk about the anti-establishment mood in this country, you are about as anti-establishment as anyone can imagine. former attorney general of the state. former gop care man, you are lieutenant governor now. do you think the change on the establishment first in south carolina toward trump, do you think you'll see a change in the establishment broadly in this country if he continues to win, and particularly the way he's winning now? >> yes, sir, i think so because more and more people, as they pay attention to donald trump, they like him more and more. some it's love at first sight. others it's got to grow on you in a little bit. as they watch him and realize what he brings, what he's bringing to the people. people of south carolina love this man. he loves them, he says so, and
7:49 pm
alwaysing are not every time, ends his speech saying he's going to make us proud of him. he loves the country and never let us down, and people believe it, and he's speaking in terms, in words and in a way people have not heard before, and it's refreshing, they like it, gives them hope, and it is a wonderful experience, and i think the more exposure he has, the more people will support him. and i think he's going to be a strong winner, and i think that the world will take notice and things will get better for us. lou: governor, great to have you with us, appreciate your time, and again, congratulations on donald trump's win in your great state of south carolina. lieutenant governor henry mcmaster. >> thank you, thank you. lou: on wall street, stocks today closed lower, the dow fell 189, the nasdaq down 67. volume on the big board, slipping a bit, to 3.8 billion shares, but not bad. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day on the salem radio network.
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space going to the apes? watch this. ♪. lou: you spend a year in space, things happen, strange things. that's astronaut scott kelly playing around with a gorilla costume. it was a birthday gift from who else? his twin brother mark, also a former astronaut. he comes back in eight days and i would guess not a day too soon. up next, fox sports reporter erin andrews in court today. the lawsuit where she was secretly filmed through a peep high school. attorneys lis wiehl are on the case and with me here next. stay with us. rs, you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together.
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lou: rapper 50 cent ordering to appear in a bankruptcy court. the judge is concerned that 50 cent is not honest about his financial problems. a jury ordered him to pay $7 million to a woman a jury found
7:55 pm
he posted an online sex tape. let's start, lis, 50 cent, i'm sure it' paper money. >> of course it's paper money. the thing about bankruptcy is you are supposed to have transparency. you don't have to pay your creditors off. this is bad for him. and he could look at some criminal time. you mess with bankruptcy and you could do some criminal time. >> 50 cent loves to show off. he might just be worth 50 cent after this judge is done with him. when you list your assets and what you owe.


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