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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  February 24, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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bernardino killers. this much is not. it in sue's. thank you. look at what we've got. >> take you, neil. it is great to be here. >> thank you, neil. donald trump with a big victory in nevada. a lot of momentum. it will be the biggest prize so far in the election season. the nearly 600 delegates at stake. welcome, everyone to the intelligence report. marco rubio and ted cruz placing a distant second and third to donald trump. plus, senators vowing to block any nominee. they will not even meet with any possible nominee is it a winning for republicans?
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nearing an end. thirteen states now. breaking in your tax dollars. plus, the war between apple and the fbi intensified today. providing new software to unlock the terrorist cell phone. opening a virtual pandora's box. and we have a market selloff right now. oil is just about unchanged. up and down a little bit for the day. the gop front runner is showing confidence. clinching the nomination any day now things to a wide range of support. >> we won the evangelicals. we want with young beard we've
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gone with old. we want with poorly educated about the poorly educated. >> a tight race for second place. >> that is an overwhelming majority that do not want donald trump to be the nominee. >> a reality that the first four states have shown that the only campaign that has beaten donald trump and the only campaign that can beat donald trump is this campaign. >> the director of the democratic party. first, let me go to blake bergman. what is on for donald trump? >> a time when the private plane really comes in handy.
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super tuesday. donald trump will be stopping in seven different states between now and monday night. that is a very heavy footprint. georgia, alabama, arkansas, tennessee. also visiting texas and oklahoma. just a little while ago, he wrapped up a town hall style event. this was a more subdued trump from last night. he was still celebrating nevada's victory. >> we had an extraordinary night. one of the things that makes me so happy is we totally one with evangelicals. it was such a good thing. we worked very hard. >> trump now heads to texas. all the candidates will be there tomorrow. that state could be the one to watch on super tuesday.
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ted cruz backyard. the latest polled their shows cruz leading. trump within reach. >> taking on. >> you have been saying this all along that trump is unstoppable. we have a primary now, a caucus in the books. he is unstoppable. >> by far, the nominee. the other two were joking. he got 46%. 46%. rubio and cruz had the same in south carolina. fourteen points between the two. what does that tell you? it does not go to anyone. it is going to drop. >> it looks like he is the inevitable now. they are looking for a way to
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give marco rubio a path to this nomination. some of the more institutional support seems to be going in the way of a reality. i do not get matters. >> the last couple of days. >> i do not think donald trump cares about endorsement. it looks like he is the nominee right now. >> their heads are exploding right now. >> he has gotten third, fifth, second. he will not be the nominee this time. coming in second. up nicely for 2020 or 2024. >> super tuesday. two weeks later on march 15. another 400 delegates. divvied out. getting to a nominate.
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to be trump, ted cruz or marco rubio dropping out of the race. >> you do need to start one of these individuals. having to start gathering enough institutional support. being able to not donald trump down. i do not think that that is there four anyone of them right now. even taxes awarding 100 delegates. ted cruz may not even win that. the question is, where is the math? >> a vast majority are proportional states. doing very well. >> florida is a winner. trump in the last poll that we saw was leading by a huge number. >> rubio and cruz not realizing
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that. neither one of them can win if the other stays in. they cannot be a three-man race going into these big elections. >> the electorate. it is favoring either one of them. trump is winning. highly educated. high income. beating rubio by 15% with hispanics in nevada. it is a huge difference. >> what are they playing for? second place? a horse race in a baseball game. the runner-up in the world series. >> i think what they are also trying to do is represent the establishment wing of their party. they are also playing for the future of their party. i actually talked about this earlier.
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the republicans have had an incredible turnout. in incredible operative. all on the shoulders of donald trump. how do you stop it? how do you change it? you seem to not have any way to talk to them. >> second place, gentleman, does not matter. bush was second to reagan. dole was second to hw bush. we do have a history. >> no, no, no. reading gop politics. >> if you were second in the primary season before him, 1980, he was the nominee. >> he is not running for it. >> stay in the game now.
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a president down the road in other elections. >> if you are marco rubio, if you are marco rubio, you could have been the democrats in 1992. the young future of the party. it can happen for them any time. >> thank you very much. president obama sidestepping senate republicans today. vowing to block any supreme court nominee that he puts forth. the president laid out a list of qualities that he seeks in the next justice and encourage the senate to fulfill the constitutional duty. the gop says that that should be the job for the next president. >> the nomination should be made about a president that the people elect. the election is on the way right now. >> constitutional scholar. i have one of these fancy
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constitutions i keep in my pocket. where does it say that president obama, gap, that one, has to nominate someone right now. >> making a nomination. refusing to appoint someone for years and years and years. it lacking the duty. the senate does not have a duty. opposing no obligation. several scholars have found it with the academic leadership. this is a political election. we are too close to the election. it is too pivotal. i think it is a reasonable position. as i wrote in the "wall street journal" this morning, it is not
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unprecedented. fueling the justices. the judiciary or anything like that. >> reversed to the lower courts ruling. let's talk politics a little bit. perceived as obstructionist. why would they just say go ahead and nominate your person, president obama. we will take our time with this. there is a delay. that is a political compilation. >> i think that it is more honest and more clean. rather than go through the charade. voting that person down again regardless of the qualifications. i think it is a medical fight. >> before we move on to the next topic. the fed has to get to this. mitch mcconnell in his constitutional rights would say
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we will not hear it. they cannot hold hearings. they can hold votes. there is no constitutional duty. they can define for themselves. >> before you go, i want to get your opinion on apple standoff. apple is doing the right aim by holding off the fbi's request. >> it is a very peculiar request. searches and seizures. the company that owns the phone, they do not have any rights to object. the company does not object. this is more about compelling this private company to create new software for the government. show us something that you have hidden. nothing like that. forced to come to work for us. that plays a slippery slope.
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can the government -- >> it almost reminds me that opposite argument of president obama using the commerce clause. trying to get buy a product. >> sure. that makes it legitimate. that is right. this is what legal scholars are calling a commandeering. >> baby the government could do this. they would help you break the iphone. putting up the money to rebuild that firewall. a little too murky. >> that depends. >> i really think that the government should have done that. behind closed doors. without this big public fight.
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negotiated something in the background. rather than wait for this case. the government knowledge is it will not be the mother load of terrorism. that was on his personal phone. this is setting a precedent for his future. it will not be limited to terrorism. >> thank you very much. coming up. coming to an end. thirteen states are trying this new tactic. we have the very latest. a prominent conservative economists joining us to explain. stay with us. we will be back in two. ♪ ♪ i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type
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>> vernie sanders socialist economic policies have been blasted. why is my next guest a prominent conservative economist? joining me now is university of maryland economist. what about bernie's plan could you possibly like? seventy, 80, 90%. what do you like about that? >> that europeans have a friday of different approaches. the germans pay about one third less than we do. the britons pay about half as much as we do. clearly, they are doing something right and they're doing something better. their payment systems are simply much more efficient. they pay lower prices. while we pay higher taxes, the government will pay higher taxes. on the other hand, hold on, let me finish, we would not be
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paying health insurance premiums. you are making, you are earning a single-payer system. conservatives have a real problem with it. >> absolutely. we know that obamacare does not work. it is expensive and costly to use. it is just another layer of iraq christy on top. that was terribly expensive as well. it is no accident that trump and sanders have this idea. at some point, people have a right win the mainstream ? >> a better system than we have in place. i will throw one out there. savings account is one of them. we provide competition between health providers. that drives prices down.
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just letting prices flow higher. >> do we really have competition in the healthcare are? no physician can negotiate. we have had saving accounts and things of that nature. it kind of looks like the old blue cross blue shield. they pay about one third less than we do. everybody has to play. unless you are wealthy. then you post a bond. you show up without insurance. >> old on. i want to talk to you about this. i think that you are pushing back on government providing free tuition to colleges. is it the same exact thing if you provide it for free, prices will go up. >> our prices and costs are higher.
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most of the time, the market works better. i do not like the government as involved in education as it is. sometimes the market does not work. we do not have a private army. we do not have those anymore either. we would walk private fire departments competing with each other. your neighbor has one fire department and you have another. there are occasions when the market fails. >> to say that we should do this for healthcare and not do for education for the exact same reason blows my mind. louisiana provided free college tuition to any high school senior. they have done that for about 20 years now. they just decided that they would pull that. people were not doing any better. >> more than that, brookings.
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it has determined taxing the wealthy and providing a free solution will not help income inequality. why taxing the wealthy and providing free health care will not provide better healthcare. >> i would make everybody pay for what they are getting. i would have a payroll tax. only in the context. personal income tax and the corporate tax. >> think you very much. >> take care. the tax-free online shopping market. deploying an online tactic. we will have that next. ♪
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>> are the days of tax-free shopping on the internet coming to an end? deploying a tax take.
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outside state lines. >> get a lot of money. let me go back. the supreme court said you cannot collect sales tax. companies that do not have a physical presence. amazon sells all over the country. they could have gotten away with not charging sales tax. $23 billion at stake here. we want a piece of the pie. we will start doing it anyway. that single presence, we will start charging. >> who gets taxed? people who live in one of these 13 states? is it a company that will get the product you are buying? >> e-commerce companies
2:27 pm
shoulders to charge that sales tax. you pay to the company. >> based on the delivery location. >> based on where the consumer is. >> whatever. i am in utah. i order something and i am going to get charged sales tax. >> not every state has sales tax, as you know. >> the same product from xyz company. >> you do not get charged with sales tax. states are moving to collect the sales tax in states where there are sales tax. you want a piece of the action. you know what bureaucrats are like. they want more money. >> tax avoiding things that you can do. you can have it sent to another
2:28 pm
state and avoid a sales tax. >> i am not really familiar with it. >> i live in new jersey. i will send it to your house. >> you do that because you want to pay the relative sales tax. >> correct. you buy something in new york. you send it to your home. >> i think that that is great. going out the window at these 13 states. >> is it really a victory for russians president putin? how big of a threat is he? that is next. ♪ i'm billy,
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>> the cease fire set to have been friday. vladimir putin said to be in the middle of it. promises of cooperation. will it actually happen? >> that is the big question. john kerry has talked of his potential cease-fire. they then agreed upon by the united states and russia. they are sort of climbing.
2:33 pm
several groups have not actually signed on to this agreement. there is real concern and a lot of skepticism. they are backed by saudi arabia. they said today that they are not on board. continuing the target ices. the al qaeda affiliate in theory up. it allows for some military operation. the saud regime is going to more moderate rebel groups. the job. it will just be on rubbles. the last few weeks, last few months, we have seen that were assad regime. against rebel groups.
2:34 pm
around damascus. they made a lot of progress. make no doubt about it, though assad regime is winning this war. they have just been impounded more moderate u.s. and arab back rubbles. it cannot begin on saturday. having the potential to lead to wider talks. no one right now things that that is very likely to happen. >> thank you very much for that report. pushing a cease-fire agreement as a diplomatic agreement for russia and himself. a transformation into a lyrical force. here with me now is four-star general and fox news military analyst. knowing the area very well. two things going on here.
2:35 pm
a potential cease-fire. america's influence was in the middle east. it will be dwindling. >> it will not hold. it is not even a cease-fire. some of the major players are not participating. what they improved on ukraine solidified the positions. the territory at the expense of their opponents. what the russians are doing overall, it really is quite remarkable. beginning september 30 into syria, the russians tactically, and operation we have succeeded, pushing back all the gains by and large, made in 2015, put this theory and regime in a position. that is no longer the case. they are solidified. politically, entering into these
2:36 pm
piece the gauche nations. the obama white house conceded to the russians that reversal of their four year position. assad must go. now they have agreed with the russians that assad can stay. huge political victory for putin. strategically, the greatest victory over all long-term. into the intro, this was at russia's expense. they have backed up. their only ally in the region. they contrast that against the obama white house. abandoning iraq. abandoning the gehman government let me ask you about that. >> ghadafi. when did it create the same stability within syria? >> i was trying to finish the statement, if i may.
2:37 pm
when then the advice of clinton -- believed that backing the syrian modest at that point would change the momentum against the assad regime. it is unbelievable. the gain is strangely and ironically, by russia that has now become the most influential country in the middle east. fifty years. the united states. talk to us about the importance of the russians bringing iran here to the situation. the obama white house has driven many of the policy decisions that i enumerated because i never wanted to rattle the
2:38 pm
iranians. the nuclear deal that they made with iran, prosecuting for four years trump doll of all of their other policy issues in the middle east. at the expense of overall security in the middle east. you are absolutely correct. obama, zero so far. general, thank you so much. coming up, marco rubio. picking up the support of congressman peter king. how he thinks rubio can turn back donald trump. what, as a member of the homeland security committee is with the battle between apple in the fbi. ♪ of clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no. your insurance rates go through the roof... your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect.
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.local i am adam schapiro. take a look at this. the dow is going positive. off of today's lows. they followed oil down. oil rebounded. to a positive territory. we saw new-home sales. down 9.2%. after the earnings of course. dr horton, kb home and canadian enterprises are all up-to-date. they are taking a beating today. all of them.
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more intelligence reports after this. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you?
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he has to win a primary fight. according to politico, he has racked up to 20 and doors meant. including from our next guest, your congressman peter king who joins me now. it is getting late. the clock is ticking. let me hear your path. marco rubio spath to the nomination. >> they have to stop donald trump. they cannot allow it to run the table. whether it is marco rubio or cruz. slowing trump down. hopefully, down to a two-man race. that is sort of asking for the daily double. marco being the last guy standing. it will be tough. >> do you think that it is a good strategy? neither one of them seem to want
2:44 pm
to focus the guns at the front runner donald trump. what are they waiting for? >> i am not the one running. marco rubio had much smarter people than me around him. this is the route to go. basically pushing himself into second place. going towards next week, more and more people realize he will be stopped. i think marco rubio is the one with the most. foreign policy, national security policy. obviously, to be elected, you have to get the nomination to stop donald trump. >> i am looking at the super tuesday. two weeks later on march 15, if something is going to happen, they better do this before super tuesday. one of them can drop out of the race and support the other.
2:45 pm
>> i do not see that happening. right now, my job when i signed on with mark go was to do all i can for him. what they do with ted cruz. that is up to them. i'm not there to show why think marco rubio has the best policy. >> let's talk about the others hot stories. a lot of people, you can almost draw a line. half the population on both sides of this. i may be on the other side of this. >> i am sure that we are right now. the fbi, talking about here is saving a human life. it is minimal compared to the loss of thousands of lives. finding a way to cooperate with the fbi.
2:46 pm
talking about this with the intelligence community. without the fbi or other agencies. having a right to monitor what they are doing. >> apple creates this key. who is the state of those same terrorists. >> all of our information. >> we can find out. we think that we have reason to believe that the information can stop future terrorist attacks. again, the fbi's request here is very limited. all i am asking for is apple to allow the f the i to go ahead. right now, there is software where the fbi tries to break in.
2:47 pm
it will destroy all the data that is in there. >> no, no. i do not know if it is so limited. that means it can be done at any phone. it is a tough decision. coming down on the side. we lost a lot of friends. we knew that the answer to stop that was in somebody's phone and we did not do it. they are exaggerating. going against everyone's health records. i am not sure. you could shut everything down. another apt with encryption. thank you for all of those. iran out of time, congressman. thank you for joining us. coming up. it has been a while day for oil and the markets. we have an update coming up
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>> all right. we are heading into the find out our of trading. market strategists. jeff woods with the latest. what is going on? oil is about dirty $0.03. hold onto the gains. we were down over $1. we got the oil inventory report. did not have any impact on the market. about noon eastern, we got reports from the railroads. in the fourth quarter, rail shipments of oil were dramatically down by one third. maybe some indication that our producers are finally capitulating on this.
2:52 pm
that is where we are right now. hanging onto the gains. >> think you very much. we have seen over the last few months, oil and stocks. one point. the stock market down 200 points. why the coupling? >> something like this. look at oil as a barometer. the global economy must be deteriorating. we do not get too much. demand has been ecstatic. we have too much. >> the size of the oil market. it has tentacles. nowhere near the size of the equity market. >> now we are going to lose jobs. nothing like 2008 and mortgages.
2:53 pm
mortgages are something like 45-50%. we get into this pattern. unless we can break into this fever, it is something a little more fundamental. it will continue. we have not exactly been here. >> the saudis said that they would not be a producer. opec said that they would not cut production. >> talking about lower demand. >> the cases, look at our peak production. how much we have come off, blower. the last few weeks, about 100,000 of that. you can face saudi arabia. it will be u.s. production coming off enough. the gap between supply and demand was one and a half to 2 barrels a day. >> the other big story we have been talking about is apple.
2:54 pm
a lot of people watching right now that have apple. if the government were to get their way, we will break this encryption. what would happen to the stock? >> big psychological panic. that is what you buy is for. the call of duty before they are doing that. the reason they buy the iphone is because it has encryption. you lessen the value of the product. >> it is out out far enough. apple put themselves in a precarious situation. it comes out on their side.
2:55 pm
>> apple should in fact ratepayer encryption. a financial interest in math. >> i would say that, you know, putting that 50%. it is important. you know, the person, trying to get into them. i think that that is where the battle lines are drawn. it is 5050. >> energy stocks. energy stocks have not taken anything this year. is it time we mac it is not time. >> they may not exist in three months. be very careful. they will make it.
2:56 pm
exxon mobil. they will be the owners of a lot. it is a big margin right now. the spread before that began. it is not as wide anymore. they lost part of that game. >> oil prices down from the highest. going by 70%. >> i will leave it right there. thank you very much. we will be right back with more on these markets. stay with us. ♪ announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪
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>> fox business will be live from the south carolina democratic primary, special coverage at 5:00 p.m. eastern
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with lou dobbs followed by neil cavuto and mark your calendar for supertuesday, march 1st. fox business will bring you breaking analysis on this important day starting at 6:00 p.m. eastern. liz: oh my gosh, he is back on the business network has an inter 42-. stay tuned, great to see. eric bolling, we are witnessing a significant turnaround with markets fighting the color war between red and green, the nasdaq is a 14 points, the some be straddling the flat line as oil moves on to gains after shedding some bread. donald trump finds gold on the silver state trailed. the movies on after the sterling performance last night winning the nevada caucus by score the double marco rubio and ted cruz finished second and third respectively, trump's third win giving him momentum as the real meaning gop candidates scattered across the nation to campaign in


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