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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  February 24, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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with lou dobbs followed by neil cavuto and mark your calendar for supertuesday, march 1st. fox business will bring you breaking analysis on this important day starting at 6:00 p.m. eastern. liz: oh my gosh, he is back on the business network has an inter 42-. stay tuned, great to see. eric bolling, we are witnessing a significant turnaround with markets fighting the color war between red and green, the nasdaq is a 14 points, the some be straddling the flat line as oil moves on to gains after shedding some bread. donald trump finds gold on the silver state trailed. the movies on after the sterling performance last night winning the nevada caucus by score the double marco rubio and ted cruz finished second and third respectively, trump's third win giving him momentum as the real meaning gop candidates scattered across the nation to campaign in
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the 11 state voting on supertuesday and alaska six days away. jtb the fidelity account, 595 delegates in the jackpot, the biggest pride is texas, for a big chunk, 155 delegates in texas up for grabs but more importantly the senator ted cruz's home state, if ted cruz cannot win texas experts are saying he will likely have to give up his bid for the presidency. marco rubio and john kasich face a similar three way from florida and ohio and their primaries, political panels, the gop race could be over before march madness has started. the wall street ornament is on, dow jones industrials down 15 points after having been lowered by 265. it is a mix up as the markets try to beam to the green. jawboning over the phrase ends toying with the american markets and your money as we speak.
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former state department official, fox news middle east terror experts walid phares live to tell you if america is less safe for $30 oil and how iran is holding the leash right now for our market. that start the countdown. in a frenzy even as the market swing to the green or tried to sell financials are the worst performing sector in the s&p which is just slightly positive. look at this turnaround, you can see at one point we were down 30 points for the isn't the end we are just buy a tiny fraction of a point, this will be touch and go, you must stay with us, the nasdaq has been the muscleman, we have a 15 points at the moment a you can see below of
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the session, the nasdaq down 77 points but right now holding on to green numbers, energy well off of highs of the entire year but look at chesapeake, a great session as we jumped 20% for that stock, the shale drillers surging after announcing it will pay off the remainder of its half billion dollar debt, markets love that news but it is the out wire, trans ocean, ticker symbol rig is taking after announced it is seeking to suspend the quarterly dividend. you have seen this with a lot of oil companies and joy they are not going bankrupt they're trying to hold on to dry powder some cash, cutting or eliminating the dividend and that is down nearly 4%. no rest for the weary or the winner of last night's nevada republican caucus, donald trump hitting the ground running in virginia after landing his first congressional endorsement and breaking news he is hinting at a
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potential vice presidential selection. the billionaire real estate mobile thank his family and friends and another particular group of supporters. take a listen. >> we won the evangelicals, we won with young, we won with old, we won with highly educated, we won with for the aged hated cause i love the poorly educated. if you listen to the pundits we were not expected to win too much and we are winning, winning, winning the country. and soon the country is going to start winning winning winning. liz: but what happened in vegas? and not staying in vegas whether he came first, second, third or fourth, candidates heading to texas, george and north dakota, minnesota, nearly a dozen other states as white house hopefuls set their sights on the high-stakes supertuesday, blake berman has late breaking news on the campaign trail, for some endorsements and he is talking
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about a vice presidential candidate. >> donald trump said today at a speech, qualifications or qualities of what he would look for in a vice-presidential candidate and said someone who would be political, someone who would help him work the system and get lost through, donald trump is the outsider, he would want somebody with experience on the inside. so long for the days of campaigning county by county. we are on to supertuesday where candidates go state-by-state, 12 states all over the map, many are in the south, donald trump ventures with a bead on the delegates scoreboard, the momentum following three straight victories, trump will campaign in the upcoming days that he was at pat robertson's regent university in virginia where he held the town hall type session. he was still celebrating last night's win. >> we have a really extraordinary night. one of the things that makes me happy is week of lee won we evangelicals.
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we were a big lead with evangelicals and it was such a good thing and we worked very hard. >> reporter: trump picked up his first congressional endorsement, and duncan hunter and they are backing the businessman. meantime the heat is on to those victories, ted cruz and marco rubio, ted cruz has three straight third-place finishes, rubio back to back second, marco rubio has yet to win a state but said this morning he feels good about supertuesday. >> we are going to surprise some people, we feel optimistic about it. a week later there are other elections and we will get into march 15th, ohio and florida and other key places. >> reporter: mentioned taxes. a lot of candidates were there today but they will all converge there tomorrow for the next presidential debate. cheryl: no rest for the weary.
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stay with fox business, the entire election season we are on the story because it matters to your wallet. next tuesday charles payne will kick off coverage on supertuesday starting at 6:00 p.m. followed by lou dobbs tonight and neil cavuto. they will bring you instant results and analysis, don't miss it, lock and load fox business on your remote, on your tv and you don't have to think about it because we are on it for you. will they are won't may turn green? less than an hour of trade to go. we have a real reversal on our hands, the dow is down 266 points and now you see it is down 11. the s and p tried to stay in the green. it is there right now by 3-quarters of a point. nasdaq by 17. let's get to the floor show. horsetrading goes on, down to the cme, the stock exchange and the nynex. this is more than a reversal. it comes back by 266 points for
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the dow. has to have been pushed by something. what on the trading floor are you saying it was? >> we came in with negative energy headlines hot of saudi arabia and the meeting we have been having. the will minister for saudi arabia at punishing oil companies, fracking companies and the market reacted negative, sold off hard and that was the primary reason. oil reversed and the market reversed with and as we see, the dow down eight points, essentially even on the day with nasdaq and the s&p on the front side. the day is not over. you can do a lot of damage in a short time. if we can hold them here chances are we will probably close on the plus side and these reversal days when you get these reversals they used to be
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significant. liz: we just turned positive. this is that major piece of news because as ted mentioned it was oil turning around but it took awhile because that happened about an hour-and-a-half ago, maybe longer ago. katie particulate why it was down but tell us why but tell u move higher. >> the russians approached the saudis and said the keep oil production steady. that was last week. the saudis said it sounds good and the oil shot up. iranians said opec production is great except we want a better perception of it free 2011-2010 sanctions and the saudis said no way we are going to hold production and oil went down. cheryl: we will talk about that in a minute but let's get to what is the present moment, the
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second action, it is up 1%. it is moving higher by 3-3/4%. what are you seeing? quick turn reversals with stocks? >> not only stocks in crude oil but gold is reversed, treasury is reversed. i am seeing some shallowness in the sell-offs and the sentiment changed a little bit. the worst may be over. if crew holds up $30 it led the way, delayed reaction with all asset classes but led the way on the downside and overnight and back on the upside. i think yesterday was a little bit of a pullback but overall look at how resilient the markets have been. liz: it is whiplash and we see the dow up 34. quick comment because when we started the show ten minutes and 30 seconds ago bait byrd down
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16, down 66 for the dow. >> if we close on the plus side after being down 260 earlier in the day normally that is a positive side going into tomorrow's day of trading. on the plus side, all three averages set us up pretty good for good day tomorrow. liz: great to watch if you are a bull. if you are a bare not so happy. we love our bulls and bears. thank you so much. great to see our traders. oil stocks correlation is cantering ahead like a wild horse. it is happening right now. oil moving higher and the dow is too, up 20 points. we will see if it holds. closing bell 49 minutes away. boeing was taking some heat. it is the lagger here and it is taking the biggest blow because goldman sachs cut boeing's price target after concerns that lower fuel prices could delay fleet upgrade so boeing is down 1-3% and iran has anything to say
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about it there won't be a turnaround anytime soon in an oil. iran mocking opec and creating big headaches for our stock market. how iran's about-face on an oil price freeze is jerking the chain of the markets and your money and national security. former assistant secretary of state is with us with middle east expert walid phares who says iran has a plan and we better try to for will it now.
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liz: breaking news, the fact that we are up 36, we were up 37, that would be the session higher after being down close to 300 points we had a market whiplash where we were across the board and right now we are green across the screen. the s&p up 6, the nasdaq has been appended is higher in the double, gains at a top of the show. now it is of 32 and the dow is up 45 points. we have fear coming out of the market, the vix is up 1%. fact number one, clearly what is happening this second has something to do with this. the u.s. has no control over the direction of the stock market because the market appears to be
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stuffed to the oil side. whenever oil does our market seems to follow. the price of oil is moving, now not on whatever opec says but on what iran says it will or won't do when it comes to crude output. therefore iran appears to be in the master position of controlling our stock market. here with more insight is former goldman sachs vice chairman and former deputy secretary of state under hillary clinton and fox news's middle east terror expert, walid phares live from d.c.. the death spiral because oil is moving higher by 1% continues but now it seems iran, whatever it says or does or doesn't do is moving oil and they in turn is taking our market. >> don't know why people are surprised. the fact is russia and saudi arabia went to other countries
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and said will freeze oil exports and production at current levels if everyone else will. who would have imagined that iran would agree to that? iran for the last four years essentially has been under sanctions so oil exports are down by 1.3 million barrels a day. liz: they want in on the open market. >> they say sanctions are off, we are going to export oil. we need the money and are entitled. liz: a week ago and we could see a one week charge of oil, we consider that freeze. the market and oil started to move higher and then just yesterday they used the term joke. the idea is a joke. fine, we love it here in the united states because it makes our gasoline cheaper but iran has got to be sitting there rubbing its hands together saying look what happens to the market every time we decide to do something. >> they are not doing it necessarily with the market in mind but because they think they
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want to get back into the oil market in a bigger way than they were able to do under sanctions so they are not much focusing on our markets but there additional exports and the additional revenue they will bring to iran. liz: you have said that iran has a master plan here and there is chaos within opec, but what else to the tentacles of iran reach to in its master plane? >> iran could come back to the international market after sanctions are off in a normal way to integrate and become a normal member of opec and international community in terms of producing oil and other energy but iran has drive right now to gather as much supercash. why would they need that? they are producing 400,000 or maybe a million barrels a day. there are two reasons. number one, geopolitical issues on the ground. they are conducting a war in syria against isis, supporting the iraqi government in iraq
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against isis and hezbollah. that costs money. plus the arab/saudi television forming in the south, they are very concerned about that is the most important point iranians are looking at is they have those sanctions off but what will happen next year here? what will be the next policy? they're trying in this nine months to gander as muther as m, as much dollars -- liz: they got the better end of the deal and a lot of people in the country's a look at what they are doing is they have broken the rules by testing missiles and things like this and they are looking at the fact that opec has allowed it, they have control in a way over opec. >> they don't really have control in the sense that they are the marginal supplier. if they export more oil which they plan to do, cut out of the
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market, they have been in the market that they have been at a lower level because of sanctions. they were exporting one.2 million barrels a day roughly. they will go up. liz: they have a bazooka whereas before they had a water gun. >> now they don't find sanctions restricting their exports. they have been selling to china, japan, now they will sell more to europe which is restricting their imports from iran so they will sell more. the fact is we don't know what they will do with their money. it wouldn't surprise me if they use some of its to support their allies and other parts of the region. and strong demands by the iranian people in deep trouble. they spend trouble creating more jobs. liz: they have not care about their people since the fall of the shop. will they help their own economy
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or are they going to take and funds terror wars and other wars? >> in iran we all know the economy of the regime and the people of the regime who the regime use to maintain their survival and the people of iraq is a different story. invasive and the money on the people of iran they have reformed the regime. they don't know if they can survive that reform. they need to restructure foil refinery system. is very old. it may break down and of course the second is to review their arsenal, the military arsenal. they have a contract with the russians and chinese so they need that influx of money as fast as possible to meet those goals. >> it is true they want to do both of those things, support their allies are around the world, they have to build their refinery against this. the fact is there is a difference between the regime
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and the rouhani government. there's the revolutionary guard and the supreme leader but there is a government and a reformist one and they are under a lot of political pressure to deliver more benefits to people on the street. have had demonstrations. we don't know how they will allocate the money. it will go to the things we are talking about, and external arms, all sorts of other things when they allocate the money. we don't know the proportions. they got more money and they will spend it and we need to figure out how. rouhani has a different view from the supreme leader of the revolutionary guard and they are up to debate it. it will be a big debate. liz: money will go to arms and we will watch closely. thank you so much for joining us and walid phares, appreciate your perspective. look at this market, we continue to see some real moves, a 49 points. we are still at session highs.
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it is christmas in february for targets, the big box retailer jumping 3-1/3% hitting a holiday bullseye racking up a 34% increase in online sales feeding both walmart and amazon. investors rushing off a few debt to profit due to aggressive promotion that help target's holiday sales and the hotels that host everyone from president obama to hollywood's biggest celebrities, the waldorf-astoria, supposedly the most secure location in the city but a couple hours ago a group of activists breached its doors temporarily shutting down one of the most well-known wall street conferences, developing as we speak, but charlie gasparino has the exclusive story and the man behind the protests. charlie breaks it next. don't move.
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>> breaking news security d sending on the waldorf-astoria as protesters stormed a financial conference. let's listen in. >> it is time. [chanting] liz: they are called the hedge clippers. neighbors in the hotel to interrupt the capital conference yesterday. former president george w. bush spoke. joining me in a fox business exclusive is charlie gasparino along with the leader of the protesting group, charles con. >> you picked a good conference if you want to protest lee janzen lobo was there. he was a hedge fund guy and he is pro school choice. >> i think he has invested a lot of money, a lot of politicians to push his agenda and schools are something he has interests
3:30 pm
in. >> i see a lot of merit in some of the things you say about income in the quality. school choice is something that helps poor kids, particularly minority, 04 kids, either that or you get stuck in one of these crummy new york city schools. >> these crummy new york city schools were vastly underfunded. if you have something you're not investing in it won't do well. charles: almost more than any in the world. >> when you look at new york state, they were spent. >> the highest per paris student. liz: this is one of the more secure hotels. this is where a lot of
3:31 pm
presidents, going all the way to fdr, talk about that moment, we can roll the tape as it was happening, you just walked in with this group. >> took a back door in. not sure what security was like but we had a message for the hedge fund managers, we want to make sure they are paying their fair share so that we have money to invest in the important things americans indeed like infrastructure, bridges and rhodes falling apart across america. charles: you guys just walked in. it is not like they tricked the people in the waldorf. you come back with a few reports, you think they know they are coming. >> there were some police officers bear, but we were able to share our message. liz: a well-known hedge fund
3:32 pm
guy, hedge funds employ people too a it is your issue with the tax structure of kerri interest, where they pay much lower tax rate than you need because the way their income is calculated is on capital gain. >> it is a loophole. liz: donald trump this against that. >> donald trump, jeb bush when he was there, they all -- charles: let you guys in on a secret, hedge fund managers don't get hit with this. it is different. >> hedge fund managers do. charles: they get the benefit. why not go after the private equity guy. >> when you look it hedge funds. >> what is the fair share.
3:33 pm
what would you define as fair share? >> we have a policy the says people making the most money should be paying the highest rate so we can afford to fund the things we need and what we see with private equity guys they are paying a lower percentage in taxes than teachers, nurses. they spent lots of money on accountants, mitt romney a few years ago was paying 14%. charles: hedge fund guys take their income and capital gains to get a lower tax rate than others but so does warren buffett, he was a big liberal. >> then tax warren buffet. anyone with the carry interest loophole. for a fee for this money. charles: the hedge fund is mixing it. i hate to be too technical but
3:34 pm
they are taking capital gains which by the way helps people build capital, invest including teachers' unions. stocks of teachers' unions would go down if you raise the capital gains. >> anyone that is wrongly used in capital gains, anyone that is wrongly carrying interest. liz: are you looking for donald trump for bernie sanders? >> they have the right idea at that paying your fair share, new guys are getting away with murder. liz: why not protest congress? they hold the key to changing kerri interest. >> what you hear from donald trump to bernie sanders is the people who hold the key are the people funding these campaigns and a lot of these people are private equity, hedge fund managers, million dollars to marco rubio. charles: say you got rid of the interest loophole you don't create more jobs, for people won't go back to work.
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>> when we have the money to invest in a world-class education that america deserves. >> new york city schools pay more for capita and have a lousy education. >> don't know when was the last time you were in a new york city school, they have all that. >> they spend a lot and they is inefficient. liz: where does your funding come from? >> we are funded by community groups across the country. from teachers to janitors to working class people, we are supported. a corner does not exist anymore. >> we are fair and balanced, appreciate your coming on, show a little bit of the tape one more time because charles and his group did interrupt an entire financial conference at the same waldorf-astoria. they better get better security.
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>> better security would be great but we want to make sure people are hearing our message. we want to hear from people who don't have voices. charles: you are a smart kid. i really think so. you should be working on wall street. you have a good job, at the money, give back to society. >> people on wall street are doing great. i take great pleasure fighting for people who don't always get the benefit of the doubt, people struggling to make ends meet. charles: we give you a hard time. >> thank you for coming on. we have breaking news, the white house is that in republican nevada governor bryan sandoval for the supreme court seat vacated by the death of antonin scalia. this according to two people familiar with the matter, wall
3:37 pm
street journal says he is the guy and he is a republican that may be vetted this minute for justice antonin scalia's seat. he is the nevada governor who obviously this is interesting, this is where president obama is going. charles: john roberts to republicans. >> we wonder what the senate judicial committee will do with that. we are jumping 62 points. it has been 37 minutes in this last hour where we have seen a massive move for the dow, watching it closely, don't go away, we are right back.
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liz: breaking news, is just moving courtesy of the wall street journal, governor bryan sandoval in nevada is apparently
3:42 pm
being vetted by the obama administration, the vacated seat of antonin scalia just died over the weekend, this according to two people familiar with the matter as we look at this, let us bring the political panel, democratic strategist simon rosenberg with fox news contributor murdoch. this is an interesting one. the president had just written on a blog related to the supreme court. he would float a name and now simon, this according to the wall street journal but it may be nevada governor bryan sandoval who is a republican. what is the thinking with the obama administration here? >> the obama administration will fulfil their constitutional obligation and appoint someone in the next few weeks, they said repeatedly they want a consensus pick, they won't try to drive a wedge, they know this is a tough time for the republicans and
3:43 pm
they want to get this done. this is a signal they are looking far afield and really want to try to bring somebody forward to can get the support of republicans. liz: i am reading the washington post headline, floating brian sandoval's name for the supreme court and a maverick role of republicans? why would they say that? is more of a centrist republican. >> he raised taxes, he has got a lot of criticism for that. obama is many things, a crafty way to handle this, he could have picked a left-wing judge, and republicans say we don't want a left-wing judge to flood the courts. an actual member of the same party. >> mitch mcconnell, no way at all. >> it will be hard for a pr standpoint to say we won't hold a hearing for someone who is a sitting republican governor.
3:44 pm
liz: let's get to what is happening on the campaign trail, waiting for bill clinton who is something for his wife at the moment. looking at what is happening here, she handily won the most recent caucus and what you see here is an opportunity in advance of south carolina, the democratic primary, could it be to wrap this thing up or bernie sanders holding -- vermont still on the calendar, mass. states that could go in his favor. >> both parties are in a similar place now. there is a prohibitive front runner, someone who has emerged as the person in the driver's seat, clinton and trump but the key is voters have to vote, things could happen. we have seen this, very unpredictable race but we will know a lot more in next couple weeks and is hard to see now how it isn't clinton and from the few months from now in the election. liz: the same sentiments people
3:45 pm
who are sticking up for marco rubio, ted cruz and john kasich are saying and ben carson as well. is not over and is not fair for the media to act like it is. >> a lot of voters have not voted yet. there are big contests to come. who knows what will happen tomorrow or in 48 hours? and talk more about the donations. >> he handily won. >> nothing seems to stick. got a fight with the pope last week. liz: we can laugh but it is no laughing matter about the democracy and our country works on this. bernie sanders, people said he is surrendering south carolina, he is not spending a single day in the state of south carolina in advance of the primary. will that hurt him even more? >> he will lose south carolina and what is important for him is
3:46 pm
march 1st, there five states that he is sticking the stake in the grounds, massachusetts, minnesota, colorado, oklahoma and vermont. he has to perform very well. he doesn't win three or four of those states the window which was already narrow starts to close and we are going to know a lot on the democratic side next tuesday, very consequential day in our race. >> if i were bernie sanders i would tell voters hillary clinton is not under investigation only by the fbi but the department of justice prosecutors and whether she's guilty or not he needs to raise the question with democrats what will happen on october 15th she is not campaigning in pennsylvania, minnesota or michigan but sitting in a courtroom delivering testimony under oath? there is a real possibility of our were democrat i would be concerned that is what my nominee will be doing before the election. liz: make sure to stay tuned
3:47 pm
saturday night with neil cavuto on lou dobbs, doing overtime this weekend for you at the democrats out carolina primary coverage begins at 5:00 p.m. eastern and we put that your money everything that matters to it, your portfolio, stocks and howard affects the economy into perspective with this. that is why you should be watching fox business in the meantime closing bell 13 minutes away. the dow has pared some of its gains but still what a swing from down 265 to 38. stay tuned, we are watching the closing bell and we are literally drowning in an oil. new inventory numbers came out today in the u.s. keeping oil in check. u.s. stockpiles are even bigger than expected, the u.s. adding 3.5 million barrels of oil last week versus an expected 3.1 million barrels so jeff flock live in the pits of the cme to sell as if years of a
3:48 pm
market glut are poised to drive oil lower them is slightly higher today. >> not today. talk about a slingshot. the oil market was cute slingshot, down one dollar in the morning, look at the interday, we are now up more, closed $32.15 up but even more up in the after-hours. at noon we got a report from the american association of railroads. look at the numbers. they reported that u.s. railroads shift 46,000 fewer carloads of oil in the fourth quarter of 2015. it is fresh evidence shale producers are starting to capitulate. gasoline inventories expected to be down 1 million barrels legions that it was 2.2 million barrels so gasoline out there more than we thought, that could be an indication gas prices soon
3:49 pm
on the rise. don't know if that is good news or not but it was good for the stock market because foil has turned around. liz: still at 12 year lows. all we ever talk about is the rig count coming down but you showed us how oil by rail is coming down. listen to jeff flock, you get smarter about your money and what is happening in the markets. >> don't check my bank account. liz: the closing bell, the 11 minutes away as we watch the market come back eight months ago, everyone was bidding against one particular stock in the dow. mcdonald's. and except for one account down closers. jack oliver mention that months ago and literally almost the next week it started its climb up 20% since his college became before the stock took off like lightning.
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liz: here we have the dow jones industrial average up 47 points after a very dramatic swing from the downside to the upside here. we're looking at a pretty significant day here. even though we got new home sales for january plummeting 9.2%. we'll get to that in a second. look at etsy shares. website that makes hand made clothing and accessories a great fourth quarter revenue exceeding estimates. it is quarterly loss came in higher than expected. etsy's price is trading below, here's the problem, trading below ipo price of $16. it is $7.93.
3:54 pm
they have a whole bunch of st. patrick's day merchandise. there is cute t-shirt i think i will get, i pinch back. my eyes are green. that is my thing. if i forget to wear green, can i say my eyes are green? don't pinch me. financials continue to lag even though the market turned around. let's head to new york stock exchange. take it away adam shapiro. reporter: talk about jpmorgan talking about loan defaults tied to the oil industry. that spooked financials. financials worst-performing sector in the s&p. down year-to-date. looking at wells fargo, wells fargo is down 11%. jpmorgan is down 28%. citi down 26% year-to-date. today is no different. they're having a bit of a rough ride. there is the homebuilders. you talk about what happened with housing sales, new home sales, 238 new homes for sale.
3:55 pm
that is the largest inventory, liz, since october of 2009 yet some of homebuilders are doing just fine today. d.r. horton, hovnanian, d.r. horton are up. one that is down toll brothers. doing with a better-than-expected earnings report. barclays raised price target to $33. toll brothers one of the underperformers. they are taking a bit of a beat. back to you. liz: news on the wires about apple. apple versus the fbi. apple moving higher by 1 1/2%. here is the news, we knew he, he meaning tim cook would appear on abc tonight but they have now released somewhat he has said. tim cook is now saying there should have been more dialogue with the obama administration before the court filing regarding the iphone case. the iphone of course of the terrorist who is killed 14 people in san bernanadino. he is also saying that unlocking
3:56 pm
the san bernardino iphone would be quote, bad for america. so, that's the news on apple right now. let us turn now to the county down closer, five minutes, four minutes to go before the trading session. it has been a wild one. turned on a dime as we were speaking for the show. bring in jack oliver and along with phil orlando, equity strategist at federated. jack, i begin with you, dow is moving among the names, mcdonald's which you had pinpointed back in july, it was a mess up until then as the stock to buy right at that moment. since then we show what it has done. it had a big move. how did you know? >> i didn't know anything that any other investors couldn't have found out on their own. mcdonald's is great example being patient with your holdings. to be honest, couple years where mcdonald's did nothing. we held it through that period. but when management changed over and steve easterbrook came over
3:57 pm
as new ceo, that signaled to us things were about to change and they have frankly quicker than they expected and others. liz: if you listened to jack you would have made a lot of money buying mcdonald's. in a second you will give the new mcdonald's call is, saying that it will pull a mcdonald's move. where do you feel you stand when it comes piling into equities when one day we're up, one day you're down? >> you had very impressive rally the last two weeks off, when jamie dimon was buying some of his own shares two weeks ago. we're not convinced that that all the bad news is behind us. at 1950 level we hit a couple days ago, we could see us retracing back into that 1800 level. we're cautious on stocks. we're very defensively positioned. we think that is where clients should position portfolios right now. liz: you're defensive but jack,
3:58 pm
give us lightning may strike twice call because you're piling into one name in particular. >> i don't know if lightning strikes in the same place but we feel very strongly at current time, given headwinds of financials, concerns about negative interest rates in europe and japan that presents opportunity. namely we like jpmorgan. it fits all our criteria for great investment. number one, exceptionally well-run. hard to argue with jamie dimon's resume', what he accomplished with the bank. liz: you would be buying low. look at this chart. it has been a very tough two months here. >> right. jamie dimon himself as phil mentioned put full year's worth of compensation into the stock a week or so ago, just about 5% below where we are today. stock is trading below book value. it has tremendous earnings opportunity as rates normalize. our look is five years, five years from now, do we think rates are higher? yes. liz: phil, let's put names you like on the chart. as we do, let's finish by saying you feel defensive.
3:59 pm
how then do you moderate that? >> well in terms of individual stock selections when you have to do is identify stocks with much stronger unit growth than very tepidly-growing economist. two stocks we picked are names we think will be able to buck that tide. alaska air was the first one. airlines growing very strongly. the planes are flying full but with crude prices down 75%, profitability on these stocks is very strong. yet the stock is not reflecting that. liz: i know what, phil? we have to go. we appreciate you and jack being here. great county down closer. that is it for "countdown to the closing bell." david, melissa, my neck hurts from the whiplash. david: we'll take that whiplash. thanks very much. >> donald trump scoring another win in nevada. everyone is looking ahead to super tuesday the most important night in the 2016 race is less than a week away.
4:00 pm
david: can't wait for this. some dangerous terrorists could be relocating to u.s. soil. south carolina senator tim scott is fighting to keep gitmo inmates out of his state. he will be here to defend himself. melissa: apple's ceo says unlocks iphone used by one of the san bernanadino killers is bad for america? more on that battle heating up between washington and silicon valley. that is coming up. [closing bell rings] david: first let's look at stocks. a big what lash going on here but positive at end of the day. the dow was down close to 200 points at one point. it ended up 52 points on the dow. all indices were up. we're once again following oil which was down early on because of saudis continuation of their production quota for oil. they're keeping it going. gold getting a pop. that was up much more. ending the day up seven. melissa. melissa: here is a look at the dow's big climb today.


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