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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  February 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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over. david: you love this story. you absolutely love this story. melissa: i do. i have to say it doesn't sound real. alas we're sure it is real. i'm sure you're thrilled we brought you update. meantime that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. david: see ya. >> we love nevada! we're winning, winning, winning. the country -- [cheers and applause] and soon the country is going to start winning, winning, winning. you're going to be proud of your president and you're going to be even prouder of your country! deirdre: donald trump makes it three in a row after winning the nevada caucus last night. turnout was amazing. total vote exceeding the total number of votes for every candidate in the same state in 2012. they went to donald trump. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. here is part of donald trump's victory speech. >> we won the evangelicals, we
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won with the young, we won with old, we won with highly-educated, we won with poorly-educated, i love the poorly-educated. 46% with hispanics. 46%, number one with hispanics! [cheers and applause] deirdre: ply political power panel is with me now. conservative commentator tammy bruce, democratic pollster jessica tarluv. jessica, after donald trump's win last night, senator rubio said a majority of republican voters don't want donald trump to be the party's nominee. who is right? >> i think donald trump is right. i don't think i ever said that before but i think this narrative that the country really wants the republican party or really wants marco rubio has got to stop. they have to consolidate on the establishment side. i think basically everyone else has to kind of get out of there. going to be more difficult with ted cruz obviously. much easier with ben carson and
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john kasich. i think the country is telling the republican party loud and clear they're not interested in the establishment politics anymore. deirdre: the vote of rejection i feel like. >> totally. deirdre: tammy, donald trump won by a lot last night. he says the victory puts him on track to win the nomination in 60 days. here's his comments. >> we're going to do very well in ohio. we're beating the governor. that's good. always nice to be beating the governor. and michigan, whole thing. i mean it is going to be an amazing two months. [cheers and applause] we might not even need the two months, folks, to be honest, all right? deirdre: former presidential candidate mitt romney just dropped a bombshell moments ago with our own neil cavuto. we're playing this sound now. okay, so essentially i'm going to paraphrase. he said that the american public are not aware of all of donald trump's tax returns.
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details on them, we're going to play the clip now. >> we have good reason to believe that there's a bombshell in donald trump's taxes. deirdre: >> what do you mean? >> i think there is something there. either he is not anywhere near as wealthy as he says he is or hasn't been paying kind of taxes we would expect him to pay or perhaps he hasn't been giving money to the vets or to the disabled like he has been telling us he has been doing. deirdre: okay, didn't give money to the disabled. that is a pretty heavy charge. i will come back to the taxes and estimated personal wealth in a minute but, tammy, if that is true, that to me seems very damaging. >> well, i have to tell you though this is really juggernaut. i think mitt romney particularly sensitive because the taxes were used effectively against him in 2012. all the rules, we have to admit, i haven't been on the trump train but all of the rules have changed. that the things that the establishment believes has matter, they don't matter anymore.
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i think even at this point, regardless of nuances of donald trump's taxes, whether he files individual versus how he files as a corporation, et cetera, can be explained but i don't know if the base cares. they're thinking now about the future of their families. >> i hear what you're saying. they may not care about his business. they may not care if he is worth one billion instead of two billion. i feel like not giving money to vets or any other charity he publicly committed, to me there is a difference, rightly or wrongly. >> normally you would think that will affect things. i think he will have a way to answer for that. he will make up for the difference. these are things, we're forgiving people. we are. we don't like to be lied to. this will be up to other candidates if they use this as spin. even if democrats use it against them they will sound like harpies. it will remind everybody what it is we're rejecting. this constant haranguing about what it is we're doing and who we are while letting the world
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and our way of life slip away. so, it is strength with trump at this point. i think it is undeniable -- look his number, number of votes trump got last night -- deirdre: they were outstanding. >> eclipsed total amount of 2012 for every candidate in the republican caucus last time. this is statement about enthusiasm and the fact that the gop base at least is looking at the future and they want something different. deirdre: so, tammy, i want to pick up on two points you made with jessica. jessica, trump so far teflon, right? the more outrageous he is, more people love i am. to tammy's point, maybe mitt romney in this case has an axe to grind because he took a lot of heat on the tax issue, but, jessica, do you see building a case especially from someone as much as mitt romney as establishment being against donald trump? >> i do. i think every time anyone who is allied with the establishment and mitt romney, could not be a clearer case of this, speaks out against donald trump, his voters
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dig their heels in even deeper. if we think back to the veterans event that he threw when he decided not to attend the fox news debate, everyone was overjoyed about that. we saw his poll numbers go up. he literally used the cause benefit, spur of the moment, right. i don't want to do this other thing, so i will use veterans. they didn't even mind. they turned out in record numbers for him in south carolina, overwhelming support with the veterans community. i'm sure that will continue. >> let me add to that. this is where i have to address my framework what is happening with trump. he lost iowa. i now believe specifically because he avoided that debate. i thought it was evangelicals. now that we've seen the evangelicals in south carolina -- deirdre: they showed up for him. >> they showed up for donald trump. i think in fact it wasn't the evangelicals for ted cruz, that he was damaged by not going to that debate. he was damaged by that rejection. that is why he lost iowa. if he had gone to that debate, you guys i think he would have won iowa as well.
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>> i think that is totally possible. not discounting it at all but i also wonder about, you know, how donald trump is doing better, will increasingly do better in more diverse states. deirdre: that is something i want to ask you both about. if we look ahead, donald trump won nevada, hands down, blew the cover off the ball but super tuesday, 11 states with gop primaries. we're not counting colorado because there is no republican voting there. but trump leading in the polls in almost everyone of those states. he is most vulnerable arguably in texas. where home state representative senator cruz is ahead. none of these states is it winner-take-all. but what does this mean when you you talk about the diversity? tammy, latino voters showed up for donald trump in nevada, much to the chagrin i'm sure of the two candidates who actually come from hispanic backgrounds? >> look, his numbers were actually even, if you combine the rubio and cruz number for latinos, trump matched them individually.
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when a candidate is talking about how they have to win their home state, whether kasich or rubio or in florida, or ted cruz, when they're looking to their ted state they're already in trouble all right? so trump is not thinking about will i win new york. he may, but it's not so much of an issue. so, actually trump is now a player in texas, interestingly enough. he is leading in ohio. in florida. so this is all pre-nevada and message that this is sending. so, tuesday is key. you will not see him win every state. but he will win a good lot of them. that then becomes the train that goes into march 15th, for ted cruz, also even for donald trump. it would be cherry on top of the cake there. if he, if he was to win texas, that is a statement of being invulnerable. this is key. deirdre: if he wins texas, that i feel is complete shift. tammy bruce will join us later
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as will jessica tarluv. thanks in the meantime for your contributions. donald trump arguably getting greedy after last night's big win. >> i will tell you what we will do, right? we get greedy right? now we'll get greedy for the united states. we're going to grab and grab and grab. [cheers and applause] deirdre: this saturday we'll see if hillary gets greedy as well. lou dobbs kicks off coverage of the south carolina democratic primary 5:00 eastern time followed by neil cavuto. coming tuesday, super tuesday. 12 states voting that day. fox news has coverage for all the results that start coming in at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. look at choppy markets today. the whiplash. the dow down 250 points at the lowest point before closing up 50 points. oil eking out gains. money manager market bear, gary kaltbaum is with me.
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gary, oil down up 13% year-to-date. will we eventually see oil and stocks divorced eventually? >> eventually, if oil goes up that hurts consumer but right now they're pretty much in lockstep. as far as market is concerned i've been bearish more months, months and months. few days ago we got sold out. i think it goes higher, higher 16s. i'm not sure you get much more than that. earnings are heading south. revenues are heading south. i don't think the market cares too much about the fed anymore. they keep yapping and doing things, market is not listening. continue to be careful and sell up. >> taking your words to heart. gary kaltbaum with me there. the hillary clinton rather, got another shot answering whether she has ever lied last night at a democratic town hall. >> have you always told the truth? >> i have always tried to. always. always. >> some people are going to call that wiggle room that you just
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gave yourself, always, always tried to. i mean, jimmy carter said i will never lie to you. >> you know you're asking me to say, have i ever i don't believe i ever have. i don't believe i ever have. i i don't believe i ever will. deirdre: hillary's newer, shorter answer coming your way. apple supporters taking to the streets in 30 cities across the u.s., protesting the fbi's request to unlock a terrorist iphone. coming up what apple attorneys told fox business. >> he is aiding and abetting terrorism. the fbi hasn't asked they be given a key, universal key to unlock everything. they're asking for apple to unlock one specific phone. apple is afraid if they do that, oh, my god, we might lose sales. who is apple selling to around the world? a lot of decent people of course. but people really drawn by unbreakable encryption, is terrorists, human traffickers,
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drug cartels. pedophile rings. >> that mexico might not agree to pay for his border wall, donald trump said, the wall just got 10 feet higher. [laughter] people in mexico were like, okay, well, our tunnels are exactly the same. doesn't matter. [applause] there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95."
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>> have you always told the truth? >> i always tried to. always. always. >> some people are going to call that wiggle room that you just gave yourself. >> well no -- >> always tried to. jimmy carter said i will never lie to you. >> you know you're asking me to say, have i ever? i don't believe i ever have. >> is that a question you would like another shot at answering? >> i will just say no.
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[laughter] [applause] deirdre: updated answer from hillary clinton on whether or not she lies. she is looking for a big victory in south carolina on saturday. recent "fox news poll" shows she is ahead of senator sanders by 28 points. one judge says:on aides should testify under oath about the former secretary of state's emails. clinton says, she is not worried. >> i have turned over 55,000 pages of emails. nobody in any cabinet position has ever been as transparent or open. that will all be worked out. that is just not something that is going to have any lasting effect. and i am not at all worried about it. deirdre: fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano is with me now. judge, great to have you here. >> good to be with you, deirdre, thank you. deirdre: i want you to listen if you don't mind to attorney general loretta lynch. she is very quiet on this issue of prosecuting hillary clinton. she was asked a direct question.
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sheer is what she said. >> with respect to our investigation how information was handled by the state department, how they handled classified information, as i'm sure you know that matter is being handled by career, independent, law enforcement agents, fbi agents as well as the career, independent, attorneys in the department of justice. they follow the evidence. they look at the law. and they will make a recommendation to me when the time is appropriate. deirdre: it seems silent. she said a lot without saying anything. >> a lot to read between the lines and there is a lot of wiggle room in there, no question about it. she's in an awkward position of being barack obama's appointee to be attorney general of the united states, about to receive a recommendation from the fbi, which is independent. at that point the recommend loses its independence because it is passed upon to her political appointee. that is the system as we have it.
5:18 pm
i think recommendation will be to indict mrs. clinton for public corruption and espionage. i think if the justice department rejects that recommendation, the fbi will go public wit. you will see resignations from the fbi, perhaps by the director himself. attorney general lynch will real be in a squeeze between the white house doesn't want hillary indicted and fbi that does. deirdre: judge, what is the timing. we're in election year. what do you think about the timing of that potential indictment? >> fbi director comey was asked that question in october. he predict ad recommendation by january 15, a little more than a month ago. however, since then the fbi received a treasure trove off documents that caused it to investigate another aspect of mrs. clinton's behavior, public corruption. what are they investigating now? in addition to failure to protect state secrets, espionage, they're looking to see if mrs. clinton made official governmental decisions as secretary of state to favor
5:19 pm
foreign groups that gave money to her husband's foundation. that investigation requires fbi to scrutinize hundreds of thousands of pages of documents. i believe that is the reason for the delay. deirdre: judge, great to have you on that. i want to ask you while you are here there is this whole case against apple. before we talk about that. mitt romney dropped a bombshell on donald trump moments ago. here he is with neil cavuto. >> on that issue and urgency of that issue, especially given trauma you have gone through, wouldn't you want to make sure something like that never happens again? >> if you can make sure that nothing like that happens again, by throwing the constitution in a dustbin, in the first place that probably wouldn't succeed, because there are some ways in which we can potentially be threatened. but the one thing that we ought
5:20 pm
to stand for, the way of life that terrorists wish to take down. they want to us overreact. they want us to disobey the law. they want us to throw away our constitution. they want us to throw away our civil liberties about because they don't like what this country stands for. deirdre: all right, judge, i want to get your take on mitt romney, what he said later, right there, of course is the lawyer, representing apple, fighting essentially the fbi. which have apple, fbi fighting. where do you come down on that? >> very eloquent defense of the constitution and i strongly support apple's position. apple has the right not to be conscripted by the government and forced to attack its own business model. deirdre: said that0 times, since 2008 -- 70 times, since 2008 apple made concessions. why now? is this tim cook lying down on the railroad tracks, i have to send a message. >> apple doesn't have to work for the government if it doesn't want to. no one does. 13th amendment which prohibits involuntary servitude
5:21 pm
explains that. if i understand tim cook's argument, the unique encryption on this phone that belonged to the monster, if apple creates a key, and fbi has the key, everybody that knows how to hakobyans into the key and that will destroy confidentiality of millions. deirdre: fbi says that is not true. we're just asking for this one. >> ronald reagan once said, nine most dangerous words in the english language, i'm from the government. i'm here to help you. who could trust the government saying we're only going to use this for this one purpose? deirdre: judge, stay with me, please. tons more to talk about. i'm back in a few minutes with judge andrew napolitano. in meantime we'll talk more about apple because ceo tim cook went on abc news and spoke about how unlocking an iphone would be bad for america. you just heard that point of view from the judge. colonel ralph peters, totally opposite view. this is what he told me last night.
5:22 pm
>> i like to ask, apple's ceo, tim cook, one question. i mean, mr. cook, how many dead americans does your next $50 billion worth? deirdre: we'll be bringing you more from apple's attorney. also, supreme court putting a halt to the president's epa rules and amnesty executive orders. president obama planning to close guantanamo bay, by executive order. judge napolitano book with me on the president's overreach. >> i've got a pen, and i've got a phone. i've got a pen, to take executive actions where congress wrote. and i've got a telephone. i've got a pen and i've got a phone. >> officials at a super-pac aimed at taking down donald trump said recently there is no silver bullet to get rid of trump. of course not. trump isn't a werewolf. he is more like a vampire. >> no, get those lights off.
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>> i think it will be very difficult for mr. mcconnell to explain how if the public concludes this person's very well-qualified, that the senate should stand in the way simply for political reasons. we'll see what hams. -- happens. i think the situation may evolve over time. deirdre: president obama come mening on senate republicans on the fact that they will not consider an obama nominee to replace justice scalia so close to the presidential election n 1992 vice president joe biden oppose ad lame duck supreme court pick. here's the sound from then. >> the senate judiciary committee should seriously consider not scheduling confirmation hearings on the nomination until ever, after the political campaign season is over. deirdre: judge andrew
5:27 pm
napolitano, back with me now. is joe biden the, the vp, correct? >> i honestly don't think there is a right or wrong here. i think it's a game of political power. i don't blame the president for wanting to put a nominee who thinks way he does on the court, sort of opposite number of justice scalia and half of justice scalia's age, that is the president's legacy. i don't blame republicans for wanting to block such a person. there are some cutting edge issues. deirdre: four and four. >> correct. tie in supreme court means ruling below is sustained. supreme court court justice can refuse to release a tie vote or wait until a justice is added. this is game of chicken. usually when the republican senate plays chicken with this democratic president, he manageses to win. he manages to pick off senators, a few here, a few there. i don't know if they can stand firm this time. they maintain they will. they did extraordinary thing, signing a letter saying no
5:28 pm
matter who is sent over, no matter who it is, could be father paul scalia, justice scalia's son, gave the wonderful homily at mass. we will not consider the person. they maintain that more credibility before they see who the person is, rather than after the president releases the name. deirdre: all right. speaking of overreach, president obama has said he is closing guantanamo bay. a lot of people, his critics, clearly say he has overused executive privilege. is it true, in the eyes of the law? >> no. in the eyes of the lou the president is the jailer when the department of defense or department of justice is confining somebody. and the jailer can decide what jail you go to. and the jailer can open and close a jail. he could close gitmo overnight with perfect consistency with the law and congress can't interview whatsoever. whether he is doing this because
5:29 pm
he is faithful to rule of law in my opinion is weak argument for him. this president said you can kill people using drones. that is not faithful to rule of law. that is a political decision not a constitutional one. deirdre: congress's reaction to the president doing this. >> this morning i watched president obama talking about gitmo, right, guantanamo bay, which by the way, which by the way we are keeping open, which we are keeping open. [cheering] we'll load it up with some bad dudes, believe me. we'll load it up. >> this is all about fulfilling a campaign promise to close guantanamo. that will leave america more vulnerable. it is not going to happen. we'll fight it every step of the way. >> mr. president, don't shut down gitmo, expand it and let's have some new terrorists there. deirdre: so ideas there from gop
5:30 pm
candidates. >> i mean i don't blame the gop candidates for saying that. the republican base likes the concept of gitmo. but every time the government tried to avoid federal law and tried to avoid the constitution and tried to avoid due process at gitmo, every single time, the supreme court said no, you have to follow the law. you will confine somebody in jail, charge them, give them a trial, no matter how bad you think they are. the president argues trials would be fairer and more effective in federal district courts in the united states rather than military tribunal in gitmo. deirdre: judge, great to have you here. thank you for all. judge andrew napolitano, with me there on numerous important subjects. when which come back, mitt romney dropping a bombshell on donald trump moments ago, exclusively on neil cavuto's fox news program. >> we have good reason to believe there is a bombshell in donald trump's taxes. >> what do you mean? >> well i think there is something there. either he is not anywhere near
5:31 pm
as wealthy as he says he is or hasn't been paying kind of taxes we would expect him to pay or perhaps he hasn't been giving money to the vets or to the disabled like he has been telling us he has been doing. deirdre: reaction to this late-breaking development in just a few minutes. also you may remember the yelp employee fired for complaining publicly that the company that she worked for, yelp, did not basically pay her enough to survive. we have someone else, an age-mate calling her out for giving millenials a bad name. back to politics. hillary clinton says there is a double-standard when it comes to her wall street speech transcripts and republicans. >> you know everybody's not going to bring up their transcripts. there will be 100 reasons why. >> why is there one standard for me and not for everybody else? [applause] deirdre: donald trump may take her up on her offer. we're going to have the response after this. >> hillary clinton recently
5:32 pm
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>> why i there one standard for me and not for everybody else? i have been up front and strong on this issue for a long time,
5:36 pm
as strong i would argue as my esteemed opponent. if people are going to ask for things, everybody should be on a level playing field. deirdre: if clinton does release her speech transcript, republicans may do the same. she was paid six figures by wall street groups. >> the argument seems to be that if you ever took money from any business of any kind, then you can't fulfill your public responsibilities. that's not the case. president obama took an enormous amount of money from wall street in 2008 when he was successful in his election, then he turned around and pushed through the toughest regulations we have seen since the great depression. so the argument doesn't hold up. deirdre: tammy bruce is back with me. what do you make of this
5:37 pm
argument? >> she clearly doesn't realize she is being asked because nobody trusts her. this is a big factor in the election. she is not barack obama, she is hillary clinton. she seems to be perplexed about why there is not a standard. and this is why -- this is an opportunity, should be an opportunity for her to realize this is a way i can change the perspective of how i can be viewed, but the problem is she is coming out competing with bernie sanders in an attitude about wall street and how they are the big bad guy. it's not only the amount of money she made which is extraordinary by wall street. but what was she saying to them in the process? that she is speaking perhaps like aboard member or their best friend? i think that's what her problem is. deirdre: there are a lot of
5:38 pm
comments coming out unsourced. speak of big money, mitt romney dropping a trump bombshell. here is the clip. >> we have good reason to believe there is a bombshell in donald trump's taxes. >> what do you mean? >> either he's not anywhere near as wealthy as he says he is or hasn't been paying the kind of taxes we expect him to pay, or perhaps he hasn't been giving money to the vets and disabled like he has been telling us he has been doing. deirdre: personal net worth statements. it's only a problem if you say those things under oath which apparently donald trump did. it could be a problem for the irs. if he's worth less than he says, it's not a problem for taxes,
5:39 pm
but overall it's a credibility issue. >> the establishment is expected to hurt trump, his manner, his speaking, his boorishness. people might be trusting he won't release them. i don't know what a bombshell means in some ways. i think we can expect -- deirdre: it's the implication of a lie. he's been covering up something and we'll unveil it. >> he could say he's worth a trillion dollars but combining all of his business interests as well. i think it's interesting they have this information. we could bree resume donald trump is full of a lot of bluster. but if they have someone from the inside or someone from the irs, that could be interesting. but i think this is classic politics. it's unfortunate they are using governor romney to move it. deirdre: i'm sure it will be
5:40 pm
colorful. >> i think governor romney can handle it. but this is a last breath, if you will, of the establishment trying to see if anything they understanding have an impact on mr. trim, and i'm not sure it will. deirdre: remember the yelp employee who was fired for complaining publicly to the ceo she didn't have enough money for food? we have an age meat -- age mate calling her out for giving millennials a bad name. the legal age of marriage in the u.s. can be as little as 12 years old. one video maker took to times square to see if people were okay with that. the man who made this video is coming up shortly.
5:41 pm
>> you okay with this? >> yes. >> i don't think so, sir.
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deirdre: earlier this week a yelp employee wrote an open letter to yelp's ceo saying she is under paid. critics called her an entitled millennial. a woman in her 20s wrote a response. you think it's more impressive to write an open letter to strangers than putting on your big girl pants and take a job you might be embarrassed by in order to make ends meet.
5:45 pm
in your post you have point out you had to make ends meet the unglamorous way, sweat equity. what made you want to write this response that has gone viral in. >> i'm 29. so i'm a little bit older than her. but i think a lot of people read that article and thought oh, god, not another one that will make my generation look like a bunch of slackers who aren't willing to work. it wasn't until i found that she linked her paypal account asking for donations. deirdre: i loved your post. i didn't want to live with my parents, i had to. i worked at a bar while i was
5:46 pm
honing my writing skills. deirdre: you have to fight this label of being a slacker generation. >> coming out of college i graduated in 2008 from the university of maryland. i had my first big office job, and i was let go probably about a month after lehman brothers had gone down. it was right before the financial recession started. and i had gone into a bar where i had a family friend that worked. he introduced me to the gm knowing i was look for jobs. the paycheck after taxes was $168 a week. i took it gladly because money is money at the end of the day when north making any. i lived at home with my mom and did my best to stick it out and find other jobs while i was battling an economy where
5:47 pm
everyone else had been out of work for 15, 20 years at that point. deirdre: one billionaire investor says philanthropy doesn't work, but capitalism does. he's turning profit into a purpose. in the u.s. the legal age of marriage can be as young as 12. the producer behind this video with me next. how old are you? are you kidding me?
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billion dollar real estate business, gave to charities and saw his donations misused for wasted. bobby turner is pairing profitability called impact investing. bobby, thank you for coming in. you are a capitalist, you are also a philanthropist. but you said over the years you have seen where combining those two disciplines can have a greater effect than doing them on a single track. >> for many years i was a successful capitalist and philanthropist. as a capitalist i created great wealth and always thought it would bring a satisfactory level of happiness.
5:52 pm
the on thing wealth gave me was a for comfortable of misery. i gave millions of dollars away to causes near and dear to our family. we realized we were only putting a band-aid on the problems. there are hundreds of years of anecdotal evidence that neither philanthropy nor the government are good at creating sustainable solutions that stick. deirdre: mark zuckerberg famously gave $100 million to the educational purposes in new jersey and it was squandered. >> i think to be successful you have to have a passion toward
5:53 pm
the mission. but you you a oh have to be a responsible shareholder. not just a stakeholder. when you give money to organizes that don't have a history of being accountable for the impact they are going to do, it will lead to problems. that's what you saw with mark's investment into newark. i tell people if you address the anything and the issues you are passionate about, and make money at the same time, how i that a bad thing. >> we are a private equity reach. so we are a locked up fund where investors commit to give us money over a period of four years. we'll build a portfolio of schools. over a five-year period we opened 50 schools. we have 14 schools that will
5:54 pm
open in the 2016 school year. 34 howrk children's lives we have been able to change the trajectory of. deirdre: bobby turner, ceo and principle. >> this video is going vier. legal age of marriage in the u.s. can be as young as 12 years old. a producer went to type as square to see if people were okay with that. kobe joins me next to talk about it. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
5:55 pm
then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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>> what's the legal age for
5:58 pm
children to get married. in some state it could be as young as 12 years old. so we did a social experiment to see how people would react to an older man marrying a younger child. >> how old are you? >> are you [bleep] kidding me? >> i have parent' permission. >> that was a controversial social experiment showing a 65-year-old man taking wedding pictures with a 12-year-old girl. with me the creator of the video, coby persin.
5:59 pm
>> i saw a video online on the statistics of how many kids are married off a day. i thought this cannot be happening. i want to make a video about this. deirdre: people think about it happening in far off places. but it can happen here in the u.s. >> in massachusetts a 12-year-old can get married if the parent allow it. deirdre: what kind of reaction are you getting? >> the same reaction. new yorkers were not okay with it and nowhere in the world should be okay with it. dewere do you have people there trying to get the girl and get her to police. >> you see from the video, there was a girl who tried to take her and a guy who was literally ready to have a full-out fight with the 65-year-old. deirdre: i think that's good people are willing to stand up
6:00 pm
for children. 700,000 views on youtube, it hasn't hit facebook yet. "making money" with charles payne starts now. charles: spacex attempting to land a rocket at sea. it was a big night for gop frontrunner donald trump. will super tuesday derail it or will everybody get on board? first we have breaking news for you. former presidential candidate mitt romney told neil cavuto there could be a bombshell in donald trump's taxes. >> the fact that he's so aggressive of avoiding any discussion of his taxes and not willing to put them out so far suggests there is nothing there


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