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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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for children. 700,000 views on youtube, it hasn't hit facebook yet. "making money" with charles payne starts now. charles: spacex attempting to land a rocket at sea. it was a big night for gop frontrunner donald trump. will super tuesday derail it or will everybody get on board? first we have breaking news for you. former presidential candidate mitt romney told neil cavuto there could be a bombshell in donald trump's taxes. >> the fact that he's so aggressive of avoiding any discussion of his taxes and not willing to put them out so far suggests there is nothing there
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he doesn't want us to see. the first time he was asked about his taxes on the "today show," he said they are big and beautiful. he likes to tell people, why isn't he willing to let us look at his taxes. i think in donald trump's case it's likely to be a bombshell. charles: my reaction is et tu, mitt romney? the trump train keeps moving along and now it's become a locomotive on the verge of crashing through local orthodoxy. even the world is passing them by. our country is crest fallen, they are looking for solutions and they want a plan. you have a backdrop that allows an individual to create air own
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destiny. mitt romney in 2012 you were the epitome of american success. your success at creating jobs at bain capital. you gave us staples, dominoes, sealy, experian, the sports authority. brookstone. waters. steel dynamics. like many voters i'm still making up my mind. but there is no denying the nation is ready to get back to its roots. i don't think delayed tax filing will change any of that. also with me, mercedes, let me start with you. what are your thoughts? is the establishment rolling out marco rubio to do its job right
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now? >> he sounds like he's taking a page out of the obama campaign playbook. obama and bind said are you hiding something from your personal finances? it sounds like mitt romney is holding a grunge. let the candidates release their tax returns. charles: i'm shocked romney hasn't endorsed anyone yet. but we know it will be someone from the so-called establishment side of the aisle. why is he picking this particular fight? >> we don't know who he's going endorse. if you want to have a discussion about releasing tax returns, there is a precedent for presidential candidates going
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back 20 years to release 9 to 10 years of tax returns. mitt romney only released 2 years of tax returns when other presidential candidates released much more. he said he called on donald trump and marco rubio and cruz and the democratic nominees sanders and clinton to also release their taxes. in general i have no problem tax returns and as many as possible. but let's not single out trump. charles: i think what i heard was in addition to the sound bite we listened to, what was trump hiding and has he not been as charitable to vets as he claims he is. has he done some hankie panky? is he worth $9 billion? that's what i'm hearing from this interview. but now people are piling on. >> this is purely speculation. it could be the fact that donald
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trump's tax returns are probably as high as the tax code. mitt romney, he didn't believe his own narrative. so he's firing back on somebody who does. you have $40 million in overseas offshore accounts, he should have said let's talk about why i have my money overseas and talk about changing the law. charles: this sounds like sour grapes. but by the same token he did miss an amazing opportunity and trump saw that and he's taking it. he started out saying i'm greedy, i want it all. >> romney has to be unbelievably frustrated by this experience. one billionaire versus another. romney the coherent serious candidate and he's being upstaged by donald trump. i would love to see donald
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trump's texas returns for many years going back. it won't tell us much about his network because you don't have that in your tax returns. but his income -- >> he's worth $250 million. >> and we don't know what trump is worth. charles: there is a different between someone who is a business owner and someone who is an executive. the buzz mitt romney is throwing out there is donald trump has become something now in the political arena than wasn't before. it seems like they want a blast grab something they can cling to to slow down the trump train. >> what romney is missing is donald trump has come out clear live saying there are problems with our tax code. the rich are making too much money. he's the first one to be
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critical of what's going on with the american tax system. that's something marco rubio did not do. where the gop voters are look at donald trump being the success story, it's working, which that was not the case back in 2012 when romney won. >> it could have worked. he allowed barack obama to take a handsful of failures and illuminate on those. mitt romney helped stock the shelves at staples. he never stood on a podium or platform and bound away on that -- and pounded away on that. >> sending out mitt romney isn't going to do anything. >> i would argue this is something that could affect his popularity, trump's popularity. because he made it all about how successful he is.
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what if he isn't quite as successful. we know he exaggerates and puffs everything up. it will be interesting to see the numbers. it's never been the case in the past that his net worth measures up to his claims. charles: his battle with forbes goes back 20 years. do you think morgan there could want to speculate. charles: that's why we asked yo.
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mitt romney is allowed to support ted cruz or whoever he wants. the's focus on the democrats. they take hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars from wall street. can we stop beating up on each other? let's focus on the democrats. this is silly what we are all doing. >> this is good advice for mitt romney. tell him to stop beating up on republicans and have mitt romney focus on hillary clinton. charles: the attorney general said today the investigation into hillary clinton is still going on. you know this is a blood sport. the so-called establishment wants to find ways to derail donald trump. i don't want you guys to miss fox business. this saturday we have lou dobbs who will kick off our south
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carolina democratic primary coverage. next week we have the biggest day of 2016 so far. it's super tuesday. we have got you covered right here on fox business. time for donald trump in nevada. he passed that 40% mark. can the trump train be stopped? we'll be right back.
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and keep lowering it $100 annually, until it's gone. then continue to earn that $100 every year. there's no limit to how much you can earn and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. charles: it was a huge night for donald trump in nevada. he passed the 40% mark for the first time in the election cycle. now donald trump believes he will continue to win.
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>> a couple months ago we weren't expected to win this one. we weren't. if you listen to the pundits we weren't expected to win too much, and now we are winning, winning, winning. the country. soon the country is going to start winning, winning, winning. charles: trump won every category including the hispanic vote which he promised he would do and he did it. he also continues to do well with evangelicals. he keeps adding to the big question, can donald trump be stopped? we want to start with you. you had a series of tweets i thought was interesting. it felt like you were coalescing around donald trump and saying let's stop this infighting. we are get together point where we'll have a candidate and we need to support that candidate.
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do you think it will be donald trump? >> not necessarily yet. cruz and rubio tomorrow night in that debate have to show that they can change a campaign fundamentally. back in 1976, ronald reagan was way behind jerry ford. he came up with a winning issue, the panama canal, turned it around and won primary. reagan got clobbered in iowa. he put a big proposal for big tax cuts on the table and won against george h.w. bush. charles: i know you are not a donald trump fan. do you have an alternative you prefer? >> i have been backing marco rubio in this race. i think marco rubio is our best chance to take on and beat hillary clinton.
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charles: rubio, he hasn't won any state yet. he's overperformed the last couple states. but you have to win. we are looking at a super tuesday map. >> marco rubio has just gotten jeb bush out of the race. and he has been competing with jeb bush, john kasich and other candidates for a particular voting bloc. donald trump has had a voting lane to him self and everything is consolidating. >> here is the deal. it's running out of time. trump is not inevitable. i would point his percentage of winning at 70%. i do believe he can be stopped and i believe marco rubio gives the republican party the best chance to stop trump. but the way super tuesday is stabbed and the march 15 primaries are stacked, if marco rubio doesn't win florida, trump will be the nominee.
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charles: in the 4:00 hour neil todatoday cavuto interviewing mt romney. could there being something inside trump's taxes that he's trying to hide from the public? >> i don't think anything that could derail his candidacy. by the way, cruz and rubio have to issue their initial tax returns, recent tax returns. but this is a side issue. cruz and rubio have to put something exciting on the table, whether cruz advocate the flat tax instead of having a checklist on it. rubio fleshing out his aspirational message. >> i think cruz and rubio need to top hitting each other and hit trump head-on.
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charles: we can all agree super tuesday will be make or break for everyone. we are going to come back and talk about it. donald trump's lead in nevada was more than marco rubio and ted cruz combined. we talk about the establishment lane or alternative lane is getting narrower and narrower. we'll hear from supporters of would-be trump challengers.
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charles: ted cruz's campaign continues to deal with allegations they are not being honest. representative, your guy is ted
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cruz. he came out of iowa, he pulled off the shocking victory. it seeped like he had the wind in his sails and he stumbled since then. >> he wasn't expected to do anything in new hampshire. he did better than expected there. much better actually. then in south consider he did pretty well. but when he started -- charles: about a month ago we thought he would do better in south carolina and nevada, particularly among evangelicals. >> i think you touched on it. you started having trump who doesn't lie but he's on both side of most every issue. kind of like romney. you can find video of him on both side of most every issue. you have got rubio and the
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biggest weakness, the reason why he would not likely win florida is he promised them no amnesty, he get to washington and immediately joins forces with shierm and mccain to sell amnesty. they haven't forgotten that. the people whose greatest weakness is their credibility. when they come after you they come after the strongest thing you have got. with ted, it's his credibility. he did have somebody who was not using good judgment and he's gone the rid of them. but i'm one of self people in the house meeting with ted cruz week after week, usually in his office. tips other places. we were so dejected and depressed when marco rubio got on board with mccain after being so excited when he won. we were struggling week after week.
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and what i'm saying is ted is the most honest guy in the race. i think that's eventually going to be very clear. the question is how long before people realize it. charles: it's got to become clear. it has to happen immediately. people say his opponent are using the saul alinsky handbook. how can he get in front of this? should he expand his message beyond evangelicals? it's a particular niche in the electorate and i don't know that they are coming out for hip anymore. >> the other thing we have to do i for the millions of christians that for years have been saying second chronicles 7:4, my people
6:25 pm
called by thy name will humble themselves. if you will select the on person who never asked god for forgiveness, sought his face or humbled himself. if you select hip as leader god will heal your land. you can't go with a guy who never asked for forgiveness. ted should do extremely well in texas because they know him in texas. it's going to get interesting from here. charles: the polls are tightening up but i know ted cruz is glad to be back in texas. you have been a patriot in washington. thank you very much. thanks so much. charles: the establishment candidate is marco rubio. he was in second place in a number of state here.
6:26 pm
lieutenant governor tantaro. i'm sure you are happy with the momentum marco rubio is starting to build up. but the big question is is it too little too late? >> marco is a once in a generation conservative leader, and i believe he will be able to take our conservative principles and take our message to those who are clearly diseven fran chiesd by the failed promises of the hope and change agenda and what hillary clinton and bernie sanders are trying to give away for free. charles: conservatism sees to be blurred and muddled. what are conservative principles as marco rubio sees them. there are many people who think it old school conservatives don't represent the gop anymore. >> marco is a florida republican
6:27 pm
and i'm a florida republican. we believe it means less government, more personal freedom and less taxes. we have added a million new jobs. 365,000 people moved to florida last year and we are investing in infrastructure and education. florida, i believe, is a shining example of conservative principles being put to work. i'm running for marco rubio's senate seat. that what we are talking about. charles: i just want to ask a question or no. will marco rubio win florida? >> absolutely. charles: we have breaking news for you. mitt romney telling neil cavuto he believes there is a bombshell in trump's taxes. the same situation played out in 2012. the villian that time was harry
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charles: breaking news. mitt romney telling our very own neil cavuto he believes there is a bombshell in trump's taxes. the same thing played out in 2012. harry reid accusing romney of the same thing. >> the word is out he hasn't
6:32 pm
paid any taxes for 10 years. let him prove has paid tax base hasn't. charles: trump responding, romney totally blew an election that he should have won. i remember when harry reid played this card, i thought it was despicable. i thought the things he was insinuating were unfair and dirty pool. but harry reid built a career oe evening. i think mitt romney and individuals that are like minded are concerned about his possible
6:33 pm
inevitability. this is a guy with donald trump who said he could go out in the middle of the street and shoot someone and still win. given the results of these past contests and the substantial leads and wins he might have had, that might be true. nothing stuck to this guy. he disparaged a war hero and went over george w. bush. i don't think an attack from mitt romney is going to do anything. charles: why would mitt romney not pick a candidate and say i endorse him because of this. why aren't we at the stage where you start to articulate to the voter why there is a difference between individual candidates. why do we revert back to dirty poll? >> because no one knows how to
6:34 pm
stop trump. you have to paint him as a con artist who won't help the little guy. they will try anything they to be bring trump down a notch. they are run can out of time so they have to throw everything at the wall. charles: to be victimized by one of his under handed shenanigans and then pull it from your own playbook, i think romney hurt himself a lot. >> i agree. i think mitt romney is the wrong messenger telling another rich guy, release your tax. when he said 47% of those people who don't pay taxes and are getting government handouts, he blew up his entire campaign.
6:35 pm
trump has made some outrage just comments and ahas not blown up his campaign. mitt romney going after donald trump because of these tax returns, i think romney doesn't watch well. charles: trump just retweeted this. romney is doing a senator reid. he's a fool. i don't understand this attack. it could have backfired. could it have hurt rubio and cruz to a certain degree? >> what romney is going for is to under cut the narrative of donald trump, oh, i'm so successful. charles: the only reason harry
6:36 pm
reid's attack was successful is he aloud harry reid and obama to make him feel ashamed of his american success story. >> donald trump is -- charles: is the establishment that road in the old playbook that they will borrow a page from harry reid rather than trying to focus on alternative ways of dealing with this. >> he's trying the harry reid strategy. charles: we are going to come back in the meantime i want to alert the audience, they can't miss our powerful political lineup. we have lou dobbs kick off our south carolina primary coverage. then next week, the biggest of 2016, they call it super tuesday. we'll be bringing minute to
6:37 pm
minute details. as polls close we have you have covered on fox business. i think today was the best session of the year. but is the worst over? i have got a lot of great guys joining me next.
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6:39 pm
charles: the dow with a reversal off the lows. we are using that cheap gasoline.
6:40 pm
charles: i think today could have been the most impressive session in 2016. the major indices were collapsing. and it looked like the bears were starting to make their move again. then we had a large than expected draw-down on gasoline.
6:41 pm
the big question is are we going to turn the corner here? is the worst over for stocks? and what is the true state of our economy. my man, there he is. steve, let me start with you. we understand that under president obama we'll never have robust gdp like we should, but can we lumber along and resist going into recession? >> i think we'll resist going into recession. but what this under scores is we'll stay stuck in second gear. every good economic report is followed by a disappointing report. the federal reserve is mucking up the credit market. a stagnation at best. it will be sluggish. we are like a baseball player who started spring training hitting .250.
6:42 pm
>> or like the baseball player and we have taken away his share eyeds -- his steroids. where should the stock market be? >> i think it's probably a little bit high relative to where we are head. i don't agree with steve necessarily, but i don't think the economy is in the greatest shape. i think we are prone to a recession. if we see external factors that marks the mark -- that knocks the market down, we could slip into a recession. charles: i have got to tell you, i think the strong dollar be one of the things that saved the stock market. can the dollar be too strong and what is your take on the role of the fed. >> what you want is a stable dollar. a dollar that's to that's -- tor
6:43 pm
too weak is like a watch that's too slow or too fast. this ricocheting of the dollar shows the federal reserve don't know what it's doing. and they just sort of are stuck in a rut. you see it in europe and japan. failure doesn't seem to deter them. charles: a december hike in hindsight and foresight was a mistake. do you think they are doing a good job of after he laying fears? >> i think they are trying to do that. but you have so many voices coming out it's hard to determine who has the say there. i don't understand why they can't speak with one voice. the commit reshould be able to speak with one voice. i think that's difficult for the
6:44 pm
market to ascertain who has the power there. charles: you still relatively short? >> yes. charles: the spacex rocket launch has been scrubbed because of weather. they will try it again tomorrow. when we come back, more on the race for the white house. can donald trump be stopped? we'll be right back. i know you're my financial advisor, but are you gonna bring up that stock again? well you need to think about selling some of it. my dad gave me those shares, you know. he ran that company. i get it. but you know i think you own too much. gotta manage your risk. and you've gotta switch to decaf. an honest opinion, even if you disagree.
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6:48 pm
595 delegates are up for grabs. take a look at the map here. those are polls from each state. different bunch of polls out there. trump is ahead in eight of these states so far. how do you say super tuesday playing must-win for cruz. he has the endorsement of rick perry. the governor of texas came out supporting cruz. i don't see the justification of cruz or rubio if neither one of them can win their state. cruz is well organized on super tuesday. after south carolina and nevada, where cruz lost the evangelical
6:49 pm
vote to trump, i think his candidacy has been hurting. have, then he has justification for going forward. charles: there are a handful of state where donald trump has a single digit lead. do those running in second place use their political capital and what's left of their war chest to pull off the upsets or how should that be played out? >> they definitely have to do that. when you are looking at these southern state it's going to be tougher for him to be able to hold on to that second place because of the fact that senator ted cruz is hoping to break further in with the evangelical voters. cruz specifically focused on the southern strategy. where you are seeing arkansas and texas which are more favorable to cruz. we are not seeing have many states here saying favorables.
6:50 pm
charles: it's yet. >> the tweet from donald trump. he has been on a rampage after mitt romney suggested that trump could be hiding something when it come to his taxes. he tweeted when mitt romney asked me for our endorsement he was so awkward and goofy we should have known he could not win. i do believe there was an old school playbook. there are certain rules. i feel like this election cycle is more like mma. mitt romney group those rules. no hitting below the belt, no rabbit punching. >> that's what we have seen particularly from donald trump and also ted cruz who has come out swinging. but what trump did not tweet
6:51 pm
back, no problem i'll release my taxes. >> the problem is everyone is saying what's the problem with trump? he's not strong enough? not presidential enough? ronald reagan had the same thing. he was pro-life, pro-choice, pro-am necessary city. all of the above. he was not considered conservative at all. we have had the conservatives since then and what have we got. we have a war we can't win because we are afraid of offending terrorists. >> we are talking about more information about donald trump. i think it's time we had more information about donald trump. people are voting for him on big and vague promises. other than that we don't know. >> have you been to his website to check out his policies?
6:52 pm
>> they are not fleshed out, they are very thin. >> maybe i can clear it up for you. charles: you don't want to miss fox business, our political lineup. we have lou dobbs who will kick off south carolina. he will be followed by neil cavuto at 6:00 p.m. then next week super tuesday 2016. it will be an amazing day. you have got to keep it right here on knox business. rnc chairman reince priebus. the tabment want him to go after donald trump. maybe he want to. maybe he's afraid and maybe they don't know what to do. we'll be right back.
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then your eyes may see it, differently.ave allergies. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. . >> has donald trump run too toxic of a campaign?
6:56 pm
>> that is the stupidest editorial that i've ever seen, that i'm called out for not beating up the front-runner of the gop. it's ridiculous. come on. that's not my job. my job is to put forward the fairest process that we can put forward, to not put my hand on the scale, to allow our delegates to make the choices that they want to make. charles: that was rnc chairman reince priebus resisting the establishment to trip up the front-runner. donald trump is all steam ahead and the establishment was flocking onto marco rubio, but is it all too little too late? in the meantime, what does ted cruz have left? let's bring back the panel. let me go down to you, mercedes. we know that the gop early on fought donald trump and brought up the pledge, donald trump
6:57 pm
signed a pledge and people rooting for donald trump feel like the gop wants to wiggleoud of the pledge itself? >> i don't think that's the case, reince priebus has been very fair in this process. he has taken no sides. he's sort of like the mother of the five children right now, the rowdy children trying to keep everything under control. he's too busy trying to get the debates organized, making sure the delegate process is moving along fairly. making sure the caucuses and primaries are not having voter irregularities. there are bigger issues he's dealing with right now. i spent time with reince priebus, he made it very clear, he's not going to favor one candidate over another, and i think that's been a very good process for him. charles: i got to tell you, liz, you are right how this all came. donald trump is really the result of ineptitude of both parties over the last few years.
6:58 pm
do you think that's sincere, reince priebus is not going to step in, maybe looking for a plan b? >> i don't think he's going to step in. he's scared to death of donald trump. trump has threatened to run on a third party and fight back against the gop does not treat him nicely, aka fairly. i had so many people say to me, why doesn't the gop get into a dark -- where are the cigar-filled rooms and let's sort this out and come up with it. charles: before south carolina. get around one person, jeb gets the heck out, kasich get the heck out. trump has been extremely critical of the gop. reince has to suck it up. you know he can't be happy about that. >> i'm sure he's not. the reason reince had the article written against him is the fact that historically we have not attacked the front-runner.
6:59 pm
the gop has not allowed the candidates to attack the front-runner the way it has been. trump has been fighting on his and own wing. amazing he's been winning and fantastic. the fact of the matter is reince needs to get out there and say hey, this guy is our front-runner, get behind donald trump and figure him out. >> morgan, do you feel that? >> no, i think being the chairman of the rnc is the worst job which is a ton of money in the super pac. if you're a front-runner, put big boy pant on, you get hit, decked and knocked down, you keep going which is what strump going.
7:00 pm
i think reince is put in an impossible situation. the only thing i would change for the next cycle is the debate structure. charles: speaking of which, five more debates and super tuesday, a lot to go through. now, here's the man himself. lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. political analysts have been dismissing donald trump since he first announced his candidacy last june. tonight some of those so-called savants are calling him the inevitable nominee after his blowout win in nevada. >> you know, we weren't expected -- a couple of months ago, we weren't expected to win this one. if you listen to the pundits, we weren't expected to win too much and now winning, winning, winning the country. lou: trump swept every demographic in nevada. trump so dominant that today he


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