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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 24, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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in our online poll, 7% said the f.b.i. and the justice department do not have sufficient integrity whether to decide to prosecute hillary clinton. good night from new york. kennedy: i'm watching the unmanageable become real. if you told me zombies would walk among us and snack and time fas square brains i would have considered that more likely than the transcendence of donald trump. as the sweet nectar of nevada dribbles down the chin of your next president. donald not only won among angry
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voters. he won the republican hispanic vote by beating two hispanics. in nevada people are stranded in a state they hate after losing everything on slots. what was the going wisdom? always beat open white. and the voters did. don't take my word for it. he was pretty impressed with himself last night. >> if you listen to the pundits we weren't expected to win too much. now we are winning, winning, winning the country. and soon the country is going to start winning, winning, winning. we get greedy, right? now we are going to get greedy for the united states. we are going to grab and grab and grab. we won with highly educated and we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated.
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kennedy: if you are looking for an entertaining free world leader you have got it. his rivals were hoping lady luck would blue on their dice. rubio has been so humiliated getting those flashy second and third place speeches. and cruz ignored rubio trying to make the case getting beat by 24 points is the new victory. at least ben carson has good sense to drop out. >> bring on the lions and tigers. >> we have a bunch of fire extinguishers and we are going to put the fire out and put the fire in our bellies. i believe things are starting to happen here. kennedy: you know what's happening, ben? you lost your mind. coming in a dismal fourth place,
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you are doomed. if you don't pull the rip code soon your legacy will be a cruel joke that is the 2016 member of congress. the most liberal member of congress just endorsed ted cruz. there is a new website for bernie sanders fans look for dates. tender for people who failed econ-101. i'm kennedy. last night donald trump thoroughly dominated in nevada. so is super tuesday the last chance to topple the donald? let's talk it over with the party panel. she is new to the show, it's. sandrait -- --it's sandra smithm
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"outnumbered." and bonnie mcfarlane. wow, photographic evidence. >> i had the same haircut. welcome, everyone. i feel like the show just got classy. it might look familiar to you. so i want to ask you about donald trump's victory. how? how did it happen? >> how did it happen? as i said earlier today, seven years of mom jeans will make you gram for strength and power and authenticity which people think they found in donald trump. it's not about conservatism. it's not about his policies. it's about the man, the myth donald trump. they are selling inevitability
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that he can't be stopped. i think for conservatives there is somehow a path. it's getting smaller and smaller and thinner and thinner. consolidation would have to happen quickly. 46% win with hispanics, evangelicals and others. >> 4 out of 10 evangelical votes he won. kennedy: ted cruz has been massaging and milking evangelicals for 10 years. >> you can't listen to an expert on policy because no one has been calling this. whether it's evangelicals, hispanics or the uneducated. people want to back a winner. and not only -- he tells you
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he's a winner, but he's now winning. he will pick up more momentum here. kennedy: something you and i talked about on "outnumbered." there was a disconnect between the polls and what voters would do. they made the choice. they are pulling the lever for donald trump. sandra: donald trump knew that. he said i'm as good as the people who actually show up. is it true he's selling vials of his seed for campaign donations? >> is it nevada? or nev-awda? i think anger is a great motivator. it gets plea out of bed in the morning. kennedy: and i heard your parole officer gets you up in the morning. >> that's true.
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i did a nickel in juvie. the only thing that motivates as much as anger is sex drive which is why it will come down to trump and bernie sanders. kennedy: these are two hot, hot men. if 2008 taught us anything, the country is tired of old white guys. >> a little balding jew. kennedy: we are going to shift gears some something that's so serious. our panel is pete hegseth with an infantry platoon leader in guantanamo bay when he was serving in the army. president obama released plans to close it. republican candidates are
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promising to keep it open. pete, you were there, tell was we don't know about gitmo. >> the caricature the president creates is it's a gulag. it's the finest detention facility in the world. if you compare it to what it would cost to send them here and try them in our court. it wouldn't be that substantial. the land release from the cubans is for $2,000 a year and they don't cash the check. we bent over backwards for these guys. 300 satellite television channels. they get all the amenities they might want. the same healthcare the guards get from the same doctors. dvds and video games. kennedy: the way you describe is sounds like beaches.
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>> my juvie wasn't that good. kennedy: judge napolitano calls it devil's island because there is no due process. and it's easy to propagandize this place that it's impossible to get off of and have your day in court. sandra: the republican candidates turned this into an opportunity for them. donald trump said not only are we going to keep it open, we are going to put more bad dudes in it. you guys were talking about the money savings. isn't it shocking kennedy that the president is talking about ways to not spends money? this is the president who has been criticized for spending too much money? kennedy: it us because it was one of his initial campaign promises. he said he was going to close it
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within the first year. i think this is a political move on his part. but i don't think he's totally wrong on this. did you get to see the wei gerks rs? >> they were there. unlawful enemy connecticut combatants don't deserve the same day in court americans do. they fight in civilian clothes and live among the civilians. we are at war. kennedy: the war is so vague. the war on terror ... a garden hook and silly putty. wires. a federal judge orders hillary
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clinton's aides to testify in court about her server. she gets asked by the. but what does she say. the most libertarian man in congress, justin amash endorsed ted cruz. he will tell me why.
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kennedy: yesterday a federal
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judge ruled hillary clinton's aides will have to testify in court about her potential server. she responded to the order last night. >> i turned over 55,000 pages of emails. nobody in any cabinet position has been as transparent or open. i know there are challenges about what the state department did or didn't do. that will be worked out. it's not something that's going to have any lasting effect and i'm not worried about it. kennedy: you should be in is an active criminal investigation on your behalf, and this is separate from the investigation. they are back. sandra, how significant is it? sandra: how out of touch can she be to say she is not worried about it and it shows up in every poll and every word association game they do with voters. this is an extremely serious matter and one that won't go
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away anytime soon. there was a time in my life where i would have said the clinton machine is going to be prepared for this. they will have a strong response. no, we haven't seen that. she is not prepared. she doesn't have a scripted response. you see things like she just said, you think who told her to say that? kennedy: this has to do with the foia request from judicial watch. the judge overseeing this case was appoints bid her husband. but she is literally daring the agents. >> when you look into a camera and lie and you say what you have to say because it's the on thing you can say because they lost complete control of the process. it has gone to the f.b.i., the courts, the judges who have neither an interest or the
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clintons and their legacy and are hopefully trying to find the truth. she knows she is in really bad hot water. she can't say that in the middle of an election. she'll hem and haw and tell everybody she is okay but inside she is panicked. kennedy: at what point does this start influencing the election? there is a judge some says something mischievous is afoot. >> hillary is in trouble and i lay it out in my book. kennedy: i have to wonder, at some point people are out there voting. i know it seemed like it started to hurt her in new hampshire. she didn't have a massive win in nevada after a 25-point lead in december. but at some point, do you think she'll be indicted?
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sandra: i'll lean on judge napolitano. he believes the recommendation will come. but where it goes from there is the big question. it does feel like it's inevitable. you see this with her supporters. it is hurting her. people are worried about it. whether she is or not. and it's not going away. and it doesn't feel good for her right now. >> will this bear more fruit than benghazi? >> i think so. benghazi should bear more fruit. but i think this is the one that ultimately gets her. >> compromising national security. having that s.a.p. information on her server. sandra: no one is okay with what she potentially put at risk. it's a scary situation.
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kennedy: there some who continue to apologize for her, and i don't want you to miss fbn's coverage of the democratic primary in south carolina. it's starting saturday at 5:00 p.m., 2 paper. there is a dating website for bernie sanders fans. it's a one-top shop for white college tude who shop at whole foods. justin amash is here to tell me why he endorsed ted cruz for president. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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all beds on sale right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. kennedy: rand paul entered the 2016 presidential race as the
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libertarian flag-bearer but after dropping out there has not been a clear choice for freedom lovers to rally around. justin amash is one of the most libertarian members of congress. congressman amash joins me now. welcome back. you are chairman of the house liberty caucus. you love liberty. but ted has a spotty record. >> well, there are certainly areas of disagreement. but when you look at his overall record, i think he's more inclined to support the libertarian position than any of the other candidate in the race. what we need is a good strong constitutional conservative who will respect our views, listen to our views and take them into considering when that person make decisions. kennedy: he certainly knows the constitution. some of the problems i have with
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his views, he backtracked on sentencing reforms an has cop out against apple which to me smacks of someone who has come out against civil liberties. >> i don't know all the details about that case. i'm hopeful he will look into it a little more. i didn't endorse ted cruz because it's a libertarian. i endorsed hip because i believe he can work with us. when you look at other candidates in the race, these are people who are far from the libertarian position. they won't work with us, they haven't worked with us in the past. and i don't see a lot of hope there. i do see hope with ted cruz in the sense he will talk with us and try to tun our per peck tough and at times on a number of issues he has come along with us including his opposition to the super sharing act and a up in of other bills.
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kennedy: how does senator paul feel about you endorsing nor cruz? >> you would have to ask senator paul. i have had conversations with him. i think he decided not to get involved in the race. we as libertarians should stay involved. i don't think we should stay at home. i respect all the different perspectives. but i think i'm in a position to make an impact by working with constitutional conservatives in congress and possibly in the white house and that's what i tried to do as a congressman. kennedy: senator cruz had a rough night in nevada coming in third. he needed to do well in that state. he and senator rubio, their combined vote totals not close to what donald trump got. do you have any regrets after last night? >> no.
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donald trump has been the frontrunner for some type. type. -- for some time. i think it will be a challenge for senator cruz or senator rubio to catch up to them. i have to do what i think is right. ted cruz is the on one i trust to work with us, and i have a lot of respect for hip because of our past relationship -- for him because of our past relationship and the way he worked with me in song. kennedy: why does he have such a bad reputation in congress. >> you would have to ask his senate colleagues. they are not the most friendly people themselves. it's not surprising they wouldn't like someone like ted cruz who came in to fight the establishment and stand on principle. there are people who don't like me as well. it's an attitude in the senate and the house as well. kennedy: i like you and i wonder
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if you might shift your endorsement to governor gary johnson. >> no, i won't be. i'm a republican. i'm going to support republican candidate. i think at the end of the day we have the best opportunity to influence people toward liberty within the republican party, and that's where i will be standing for mew at least. kennedy: this presidential cycle is pretty much a disaster for liberty. do you think you will run in 2020? >> we'll see who wins this type around. i'm open for anything. i think we need a libertarian voice in these races. i think a strong libertarian voice could win these elections. kennedy: coming up, find out why this man is pushing a robot with a pole. is it a new sport?
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>> eva longoria in topical store next.
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kennedy: this is the "topical storm." topic number one. we all know it's a matter of time before we are even slaved by robots and the best job people can get is human foreman. but boston dynamic seems to be doing everything it can to to beckon that android even sooner. why are you telling the robot to pick up a box and then knocking it over with a stick. that's a bangup idea. good job google.
8:31 pm
first build a super robot, then piss it off. we can only hope robots don't combine forces with sharks. topic number two. there are three thing i can't stand. all in one video. look at this idiot in west palm beach florida. pulling a shark out of the water so he can pose for a selfie with a cinnamon sensitive man bun. nice short. i'll bet you don't even surf. it's all right to be filled with boiling range. but don't worry, he got his come
8:32 pm
upens. later that day he was attacked by a pacific saw shark and here is the grisly foot and. i told you it was brutal. topic number three. the academy award will pass out tiny hood ornaments who by law they must affix the ornaments to their cars. let's look at screen junkies on a trailer. >> a comedy made about the cold war your dad definitely saw. from the different of your favorite side-by movies comes the film that's cast away in space which was technically already gravity which makes this gravity on mars.
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so hold on to your side for what the golden globes called the best comedy of the year. bring his body home. topic number four. it can't be the 90s forever despite all our best wishes and wanting to hit the buy it now button for that new delorean. but we can take a trip back to 1992 when the spice girls were new. and thanks to a reading from the former mrs. tony parker. era longoria gives her dramatic interpretation of spice girls wannabes.
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>> tell me what you really want. i want a hug. i want a hug. i want a really, really want -- ... kennedy: even if that clarity makes you wonder what the hell they were thinking when they wrote that song. good lord. i officially apologize on behalf of the 90s, and that means something. topic number 5. birthdays are fun but tough. when you are older you have to throw a good party. then the next day you wake up in a tree. when you are a toddler, blowing out candles is hasserred yet like this adorable little guy.
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>> blow like a dog. kennedy: everyone knows dogs are horrible at blowing out birthday candles because they are hypnotized by frosting. the butter cream does look delicious. go ahead and tweet me @kennedynation. and find me on instagram and use the #"topicalstorm". let's see if we can combine re maps are i literacy. >> there are so many comments about just building walls and getting rid of the mexicans.
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kennedy: there are a lot of nasty people in the world, and you can speak to almost all of them if you volunteer to phone bank on a political campaign as one bernie sanders supporters discovered after she says she called a few trump supporters. >> the people voting for him are really sick people. they refer to human beings as animals. it actually made me sick hearing that for hours. it was so horrible. ken require's so horrible.
8:40 pm
to be fair there is some speculation she made up the story to make donald trump look bad. we can't confirm the tape's authenticity but it's too much fun to make fun of. doesn't it make you pray for a call from a sanders supporter? >> she makes me want to vote for trump. that turns me around. anyone who doesn't agree with you becomes bullying. i really was bullied when i was in school. i was too pretty. i matured at an early age. i had a full beard in 8th grade. my mom said, bonnie, there are people out there that have it worse off than you, and you can bully them. once i started doing that, my world opened up. i said this is good advice for you. go out and bully someone else.
8:41 pm
know how good it feels. kennedy: why is she so sad? i feel bad for her actually. that's the kind of emotion that is involved in behind bernie sanders. that's the reason for his success. his supporters -- kennedy: i don't know if she peoples as passionately for bernie sanders as she feels against donald trump. kennedy: can we glean anything from bernie sanders supporters from this? >> they were raised in safe spaces. i'm telling you, this is millennial softness off the rails. kennedy: don't worry, we have more of that.
8:42 pm
if you like mixing medications you probably wonder what it would be like to slum it on a bernie sanders dating website. someone created bernie i love this. don't you think trump supporters are going to flock to this site? and grudge date some sanders supporters? >> apparent in their words this is a way to meet cool bernie loving dudes and dudettes who have a general understanding of how the economy works. kennedy: or doesn't work. >> maybe it's a bit of an overgeneralization. kennedy: how would we measure.
8:43 pm
>> i haven't showered since last saturday and i don't think you can tell. kennedy: what does a bernie sanders singles date go strike in. >> their mom drops them off and their stepdad comes and pays. that's why they like bernie sanders. that's how they think the country should take care of them the way their parents do. kennedy: grandpa will take care of everything. at some point i hope bernie sanders starts doing. kennedy: since we are beating up on millennials, let's keep the dream alive. cereal sales have been down for years. 40% of millennials say they avoid eating cereal because it's inconvenient to clean up after eating it. because cleaning up after eating it involves complicated things
8:44 pm
like soap. >> a government official will come to your house and clean your cereal. kennedy: aren't you sick of this constant sociological survey of millennials? >> i love the over generalization because it's largely true. take it to the sink. doing it yourself. kennedy: there are certain things that are difficult to clean up. >> i do a lot of dishes. >> have anybody in our house who eats granola? >> >> this is generational warfare. cereal is delicious. i love cereal. it's one of the perfect foods. you can eat it at night.
8:45 pm
>> i was scared me were only going to talk politics. this is fantastic. kennedy: shouldn't we skip this generation entirely? >> what's that when they force someone into a coma? kennedy: that's even better. until they turn like -- a medically induced coma. >> millions of lazy americans. kennedy: think of the money we can save. >> you can say whatever you wanted. you could walk around doing microaggressions. every space would be dangerous. i thank you so much. bonnie, congratulations on the book. >> i don't want people to read it. i just want them to buy it. kennedy: pete and sandra, thank you so much. thanks for being part of the party panel.
8:46 pm
>> can't wait to go for beers with you and hear those gitmo stories. kennedy: coming up, an australian tells me why america and the world needs donald trump to save us. more people are getting the zika virus through sex. we have the latest right here. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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kennedy: as donald trump continues his fiery march to the republican nomination people are wondering this is a prank. but one australian says donald is just what america needs. nick adams is the author of the new book "retaking america,
8:50 pm
crushing political correctness." is america the world leader in p.c.? >> i think america has a big problem with political correctness but it's not the worst. kennedy: it feels like it. >> social media has made political correctness bad. the college campuses have made it even worse. but america is the greatest country in the world because it has backbone. it's not western europe, it's not england or canada or australia, that's why we are doing everything we can to make sure political correctness doesn't ravage america the way it has elsewhere. kennedy: you are told four racist jokes. let's talk about donald trump. you are an international man of
8:51 pm
mystery. a lot of people are con founded by his personality and candidacy. other people are completely swayed. they are huffing what he is squirting into the factory. you are one of those people. why do you love donald trump. >> donald trump is american exceptionalism on steroids. he's outspoken, successful, he's a force of nature. america is going through an ego problem and donald trump is an ego boost. americans want to win again, they want their country to be great again and their potential restored. they see him as somebody who can do that. i think donald trump will make a great president. kennedy: what if he's a federal version of jesse ventura or arnold schwarzenegger? i lived through the arnold schwarzenegger era in california
8:52 pm
and it was a bummer. they are both big personalities, a lot of promises, very successful, and sold the electorate that somehow their ideology would change the shape of the body politic and they were not able to do that. >> that's true. but there is something different about donald trump. there is something different in his personality. it's not just a matter of his success or wealth. kennedy: but that's adirective to people. >> absolutely. particularly after the current occupant at the white house. kennedy: i think all of politic is reaction. i think donald trump is a reaction to the failed presidency of barack obama and the failed personality. >> people in as you trail why are not sleeping well because of president obama. because of his inability to keep the world safe. we are looking to get a president of the united states, the president of the united
8:53 pm
states, not just the president of the united states, the president of the entire world. kennedy: that's not true. that's weird to say. >> the world's fortunes travel with the u.s. what's good for america is good for the world. when america is strong the world is strong. when america is weak the world becomes a dangerous place. kennedy: the united states needs to do some crunches and squats and lungs. that's why you are seeing donald trump do so well. thanks so much. the cdc is investigating reports of 14 zika virus cases transmitted through sex. is ddt the next big after row [beekeeper] from bees to business expenses,
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kennedy: let's get into this. the cdc is investigating 14 new cases of possible transmission of the zika virus. in addition to issuing travel alerts to pregnant here to sort it out is an emergency room nurse practitioner. how are you? >> i'm great. thanks for having me. kennedy: if you catch the virus through sexual transmission, is it different than if you catch it from a mosquito? unfortunately this puts pregnant women at risk for birth defects and can transmit the illness itself which is relatively mild.
8:58 pm
kennedy: the illness itself is mild unless you are a fetus and you saw from microcephaly and other birth defects. how effective is bug spray? i heard the professional women's unfortunately we are not good at getting our ankles and our behind our knees. pregnant women want to stay in incondition and make sure they
8:59 pm
are behind screened in windows. buyerier protects aren't that effective. kennedy: what are governments doing? where zika is active. we have not seen spraying in the united states. what people should do is prepare their homes themselves. it's going to be very important. kennedy: with global warming we are all going to die. thank you for watching the show tonight. you can follow me on twitter and instagram on kennedy nation on facebook. email
9:00 pm i'll see you tomorrow night right here. good night. >> treasures stashed in the attic! >> they hadn't been touched for 40 years. that was like [gasps] shocking and exciting. [ camera shutter clicking ] >> history saved from the trash! >> she was a dumpster diver. >> she absolutely was. >> can these heirs cash in on their startling discovery? >> it's hard to believe that you had an ansel adams lining a drawer. >> and your reaction? >> "wow." [ chuckles ] [ camera shutter clicks ] >> but it's not so black and white. >> did you say to yourself, "uh-oh -- legally, maybe i can't do this?" >> i was concerned about that. >> will this photo finish... bring riches...or regrets? >> i was also feeling like, if i sold too many, then i would lose that part of my mother. [ door creaks ]


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