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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  February 25, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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the texas poll, just received this one, shows ted cruz in front of donald trump, 15 points. must win texas ted cruz. >> much better news for ted cruz, commanding lead in his home state going forward. stuart: neil cavuto, it is yours. neil: sort of confirm the desperation to find any way to take down donald trump. that is proving easier said than done. the fallout today from the former republican mitt romney who thinks there's something there, something potentially explosive when it comes to donald trump. >> we have good reason to believe there is a bombshell in donald trump's taxes. neil: what do you mean? si jeter he is not anywhere near as well be as he says he is or he hasn't been paying the kind of taxes we would expect him to
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pay or perhaps he hasn't been giving money to the vets or disabled like he has been telling us he has been doing and i think the reason i think there is a bombshell in there is every time he is asked about his taxes he dodges and delays and says we are working on it. we are not talking about the taxes that are coming do this year. of course they're working on those, they won't be ready for months. we are talking about taxes already filed, back taxes and my back taxes in 2012 i put out in january of 2012. we are now in late february and still haven't seen donald trump's or marco rubio's or ted cruz's taxes and the voters have a right to see those tax returns before they decide who the nominee ought to be. neil: i know you have heard a lot about this network, not what i anticipated. much more from that interview, what specifically we would be
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drawing on here, with is this would be akin to a witch hunt, whether there is anything bad in said taxes that would warrant this, much more from that exchange that has gone and not much play since it was warranted and put it in perspective but blake berman has more on the reaction to all of this at the very latest. >> following your interview with mitt romney, donald trump was asked last night on cnn about his tax returns. trump said he would not commit to releasing his tax returns, he said he will make that determination in the upcoming months. he did say his returns are extremely complex due to the many companies he owns and he says he gets audited every single year. right now the last couple hours or so trump has been on a roll on twitter on this very issue. a couple tweets, he posted in the last 20 minutes or so a picture of himself signing one of his tax returns.
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you concede the pages stack up several feet high and he writes isn't this ridiculous? other tweets have been directed at mitt romney. a few over the last 24 hours or so endures one saying, quote, mitt romney who was one of the dumbest and worst candidates in the history of republican politics is now pushing me on tax returns. dope. and he has a near -- 0 to do with network sec statements are, quote, great. the topic of trump's net worth doubted by many of their. ted cruz was one of them, ted cruz also said he thinks mitt romney has a point. >> an awful lot of people speculate he hasn't made as much money as he said. who knows? he doesn't release his tax returns. i think mitt romney has a good point that voters are entitled to know before the vote because you better believe the democrats if there's anything in their democrats are going to go to
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town on this. >> for comparison we looked at when the last few eventually nominees released their back taxes like mitt romney is calling for. amid criticism to do so romney release his in january of 2012. he was still locked in a primary battle at that point. john mccain released his in a row of 2008, that was after he was the presumptive nominee and barack obama released his first batch in march of 2008 when the contest was still in question. another batch the next month. neil: when it comes to releasing that, doesn't necessarily show your worth, but the amount of income generated and your investments that came through in a given year. note way you are going to be able to apprise someone's net worth so the argument was by releasing that data donald trump
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might expose himself whether he was worth more or less than was thought prior to a tax attorney or a series of the would be hard-pressed to do that. however, the message is out there, release the returns, see what you are all about. david asman. ashley, is it going to be a big deal? it is another issue when the former nominee raises it for political reasons but what do you think? >> nothing has been able to take down donald trump yet and this is a clear shot by the establishment who is in full panic mode and the gop as a whole the donald trump could be the nominee of the party and i think this is a very clear shot at donald trump who right now is still the front runner, a fire wall he built his enormous. winning new hampshire and south carolina and there hasn't been a republican president who has
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lost the nomination has been able to do those two things so right now again gop is in full panic mode and this shot by mitt romney as the front runner is a clear clear evidence of this. neil: one thing that ensued is be careful what you wish for because you found out hard way even when you try to be transparent on the up and up, releaser returned it much lower tax rate built on capital gains and dividends and all of that, all of a sudden to many media made him look like he was getting away with irs murder. that was not the case. it is really in the eye of the beholder. dave: talk about throwing stones in a glass house. completely inappropriate for failed nominee to be harping on somebody's tax problem when he himself was very late in coming
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out with his tax returns. i should mention the tax returns of mitt romney he only released one until just two months after the 2012 election and that return, the 2011 return showed he paid 13.8% in his federal taxes. i don't know about you but i paid a lot more than 13.8%. for mitt romney to be attacking a member of his own party for not doing something he had a lot of problems doing is totally hypocritical to me. neil: i am not taking sides. i understand your point, perfectly legal lower rate for capital gains or what have you. what he was also saying in the interview is take it from me, you delay on this kind of stuff beat that as it made it is pretty clear to me that obviously he wants to do something to get donald trump. would a tax return even if it chose donald trump my have less money than people think, not easy to prove in tax return or
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that he doesn't get nearly as much to charity, maybe military causes just to embarrass him with that move the needle? >> they are trying, they are putting everything on the table and no one knows that better than mitt romney had a lot of trouble after he released his returns. for mitt romney the problem was related of the. his message on the campaign trail had been that he understood the working man but once tax returns were released it showed he was in different situation. for trump it is a different situation, nobody can get anything, there's no way to attack it because it doesn't prove anything. doesn't back anything up. neil: good points all. it could be just me but i don't notice needed the same zeal for democrats to release their taxes. even the wealthy democrats. bill and hillary clinton made more money in the last few years man did mitt romney but having
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said that, there does seem to be a 1-way deal here. answer the rich guys, the guy ran four years ago as the republican nominee, now the guy who could be the nominee, if the rich cloth through everything. >> that is what is the fascinating. mitt romney was demonized for his wealth in 2012, he really did struggle, trump has not been demonized by the former nominee. and hillary clinton, bernie sanders and accepted money as well, but hillary clinton took so much money from wall street she charged public universities upwards of $500,000 for a paid speech and to top off, she was the establishment.
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>> she can't be for the middle working-class when she is jeopardize thing that every step. >> trump has already won wishy pre-empted this by saying time and again he prides himself on the factory pays as little in tax as possible. if he paid more than what he should have paid in taxes, this is a tempest in a tee storm. the other panelists are right, shows desperation, republican establishment, something they had problems with and trump has preempted the whole thing. neil: what is wrong with getting out there. i agree with you, when you get tax returns out, something to go
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on about, to give to charity no question whether you are trying or not. on the left or right. all i think is disproportionate going after the right hon this issue. >> if we are talking about transparency, emily might have something to say about this, why is it that hillary clinton hasn't been transparent about her e-mails and everything else but nothing sticks to her because she is completely fine and dozens of privies. have we not talk about her e-mails for multiple years? neil: that is another -- >> go after her allies and transparency. neil: that is david's whole show. we shall see. we heard a lot of things one way or the other, mitt romney is free to state that. and tax returns don't prove
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anything. this idea that a tax return is going to indicate someone's net worth it just doesn't, it won't do that. some will be very disappointed with that. the big debate, to help the government or not. into the fbi director with a few choice words on that. >> we love privacy. you want to hear corporations say we will take into a world where no one can look at yourself. part of me thinks that is great, i don't want anybody looking at my stuff but then i say law-enforcement which i am part of really does save people's lives. rescue kids, rescue neighborhoods from terrorists and we do that a whole lot through core borders that are search warrant and do it a whole lot through search warrants and mobile devices so we are going to move to a world where that is not possible anymore? the world will not end but it will be a different world and where we are today. neil: try telling that to ted
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olson or for that matter to him quote who was giving a different presentation. very much like doubling down i heard from their chief counsel on this show. and on that phone might be the very identities of those who might be plotting something. >> you are talking a parade of horribless. everybody can say that, there will be terrible things happening. neil: we already had on this phone with this guy.
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when you're on hold your business is on hold. that's why comcast business doesn't leave you there. when you call, a small business expert will answer you in about 30 seconds. no annoying hold music. just a real person, real fast. whenever you need them. so your business can get back to business. sounds like my ride's ready. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. neil: you don't expect the immediacy of what is at stake. whose whereabouts and contacts
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we don't know. we are looking at legal wing. to excuse the actions to delay it right in your constitutional argument no doubt you are. in the meantime that phone is inaccessible. >> you just decided the need is sufficient to throw off the judiciary, throw off -- neil: the need is sufficient. indeed israel. a dozen people is real. that is your urgency. that is sufficient. >> the hell with the constitution is that is your position. neil: the hell with more people buying as a result. that went back and forth almost 20 minutes. my point was the need was urgent
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and sufficient to open up this phone as fast as we can but tim cook doubling down on abc news last night trying -- he is going to hang tough on this. fbi director comey weighing in this is not cowboys and indians tight deal, this is not about constitutional crisis or when that apple shifted attention from. liz macdonald has been trying to take the heat out of this and look at where we stand right now. where do we stand and where is this going? liz: fbi director james comey fighting again against what tim cook is saying essentially when you read and hear what james comey is saying he is feeling ats tim cook and that side of the aisle is seriously distorting the issue. here is what james comey said, the fbi is not trying to send a message or establish a precedent here. that is not what the fbi is saying.
12:19 pm
is saying it is adhering to what the judge directed apple to do, to write code for one iphone owned by the county health department in san bernardino, that the shooter was using and the code would only work on this one phone, the code would not be let into the wild idea that that would get out of the wild and that code for that one specific phone with than working everybody else's phone he is saying his experts are telling him that is simply not the case. comey is also saying the code according to the court order would sad apple, apple would retain custody of the code and he says think about it. have you ever heard of apple's co getting out into the public and being used? he's an apple is pretty good at protecting and keeping save its software code, never heard anybody say or any indication that apple's software somehow got out into the public.
12:20 pm
so he is disputing practically everything tim cook has been saying along with what tim cook is saying in the interview with abc last night. neil: to my memory i have not heard the government saying we want a code we can always keep with us all the time. that could be just me. thank you very much. liz touched on apple coming up with another phone that it can't hack. i don't know about that but i do know information, security expert, on this so-called not have a double phone -- packable phone, what do you think of that? can the company come of with the device it can't control? >> they are working on a really good madcaps apple to make it harder for these exploits to happen. nothing is unbreakable. the real problem is how long and
12:21 pm
how many people, how much money does it take? if the chinese want to devote 100,000 computer scientists to breaking into the newest iphone they might find a flaw but here is the big issue. you don't get this data somewhere else. the date is it on these phones are connected to the network so the vast majority of the data, usable data almost always is in other places. you don't need to spend 100,000 computer scientists and all that money to get to this data. you can get this data almost always somewhere else. neil: a lot of the hard data, the contacts, the phone numbers etc. would be including text on this particular phone. >> and somewhere else. neil: let me ask you if apple is
12:22 pm
concerned about the government not getting its spying little hands on the technology that allows them to open that phone, why can't they download all the stuff on that phone on the disk or the u.s. the device, handed to the government and say you we go, everything on that phone. >> great question. law-enforcement wants to use this to prosecute people in court. there has to be frantically sound data, and special forensic tools. apple is not, has not been a forensic toolmaker. now they have to become of forensic toolmaker. digital forensic tools must get into the hands of third parties to validates that the school is frantically sound. has to leave apple's hands in order for it to be frantically sound, in order for the data to
12:23 pm
be used by law enforcement in court. this is the red hearing that apple will keep control of this tool. if they do the tool is useless and the entire discussion and segment is useless. it everything about this is useless if the data is not frantically sounds. neil: you are smarter than i am. i bet i could take that phone, walk to the apple store down the block here, and brilliant guys in blue shirts look at it and get the information i need, no constitutional crisis, discussion, everything i want is on that phone. i have invaded no one's privacy. i am done. >> almost always you get the useful information you need. don't have to get 100%, and the phone itself.
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neil: this were not a cool apple. things are a little different. in the more into getting that ceo. it would be quite different.
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on how long this is going to be going down. larry says, we may have a very different. you are right about that. it is not about protecting on civil liberty. this is about corporate image. in this case, selling a lot more apple products.
12:29 pm
can you imagine a major saying ceo taking this stance? buying a sandwich at the deli. apple makes the iphones in china and somehow that is okay. i think we can change those rules. roughly 100,000 people. you would think that walmart is selling asbestos to babies. neil: let's say it was not sharing financial data. they would not give the details on that. they would argue as much as tim cook has. look i mean, the government -- i would not give it.
12:30 pm
i do not think so. it is how they are presented here. they are required to comply. they are all been forced to live with this. the financial institution is always held accountable. they are the ones that are blamed to your. a second set of rules. just related to privacy. they have tax avoidance. they are considered unpatriotic. when apple does it it is in their cost of doing business. it is certainly not just apple. amazon also has another set of rules. it is a very high profile situation. what are the motives of bob -- what are the motives behind
12:31 pm
this? >> close to 200,000 jobs from the times. i have not seen any in washington shedding a tear over that. >> energy is a great example. a lot of middle-class high-paying jobs. just recently, a story of out air conditioning shutting down and indianapolis plant. i think that there is a different set of rules. not just manufacturing overseas. >> they are all vilified. that is a double standard. >> that is what we are seeing here folks. you want to go after apple go after apple. your call. be consistent. much more on donald trump and whether wealth matters.
12:32 pm
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neil: there is a problem.
12:36 pm
or the fact that he does not give as much to charities or veterans groups or whatever. >> a good list there. not as much income as we may think he would have. he does not pay taxes or he plays very low taxes. >> i do not know. so aggressive in avoiding anything. not willing to put him out so far. suggested that there is something in there that he does not want us to see. mitt romney arguing with me yesterday. telling the truth. getting it out there. if boomeranged on him. a little later in the show. why is he paying such a low rate. capital gains, dividends. etc.
12:37 pm
he is saying, in donald trump's case, talking a good story about this stuff. proving it and showing the information. charlie gasparino on that. i do not think that it will hurt. in the same way he plays interesting way well against hillary. the clintons have no shame. they will take money from a mobster communist. >> i do not know about that. they will take money from anybody. the quote "charitable nomination. donald is cut from the same. he admits that he is a crony capitalist. i paid hillary to come to my wedding. neil: yesterday morning, i want to pay the lowest.
12:38 pm
she will turn this around. neil: the financial forum. they were pretty detailed. they were detailed. >> those are legally binding. >> one of the things about donald, he leads. he fights back. think about all he said. he called bill clinton a rapist. based on whatever he did. based on the allegations with sexual assault. neil: if you're going to call me and a salsa gnashed, you are
12:39 pm
talking to the wrong guy. charlie: he will say, are we going to put a rapist in the white house? neil: if he is not as rich, i think trump was getting at that, you know, you are all -- i do not know how they prove it. the tax returns show how much money you made. neil: you would never be able to get this. >> here is where he can potentially get in trouble. there were some things on the forms. showing that he made a certain amount of money from nbc. when that figure came out, i cannot remember that amount. it was a lot of money. making more than jennifer aniston. those tax return say something else. they could put a charge against
12:40 pm
them. i think this stuff about, you know, using tax loopholes, he has admitted that two friends of mine. neil: he has admitted four years. >> he said you could get my lawyer to get you some tax breaks. endorsing marco rubio at some point. running against some nonissues. i do not think it is going to work. it has not worked so far. >> we will see what happens. leaking federal forms. it would just be a sideshow. anyone's guess. she has already made it clear. the president wants to appoint a
12:41 pm
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neil: hillary clinton. south carolina primary. she has already made clear that the president is pushing the former republican to be a work placement for justice scalia. republicans in the senate who say they are not owing to even consider. it is a no go. i hope the president chooses a true progressive.
12:45 pm
the interests of working people. corporations. it would not fly with her. she is not progressive enough. dammed if he does, dammed if he doesn't. i know the contest. i ended with peter here. after the nevada caucuses, he became a rock star. i want to tell you exactly why. >> we have our very own elvis impersonator. yes. thank you, thank you very much. thank you. neil: peter barnes, you are an animal. that is very good. we somehow contributed to ruining your career. how are you doing on the
12:46 pm
rebound? >> i am feeling great. i am glad i could make everybody laugh. you know, coming up in a little while. >> peter, there is a difference. all kidding aside. how the primary vote will go down in south carolina. hillary clinton has a big lead in the polls there. she knows it. is that setting up expectations? >> yes. i still think she will probably win by 20 plus percentage points. that will help her get the momentum going into super tuesday next week. she has an advantage going into super tuesday with that. i think she also wins a lot of
12:47 pm
delegates next tuesday. >> this is more representative of the base. the face of the democratic party. now, we're getting out of the stronger areas with bernie sanders and this is a real hillary clinton territory. our folks telling you the same? >> look at how she is pulling in south carolina and the super tuesday states. in nevada, she did well with the wind. she needs to increase that momentum and build support. she needs to focus on the latino vote. for much of the last day, the number one trending topic is hash tag -- highlighting how she has not been aggressive enough in her political career. how she has flip-flopped on issues.
12:48 pm
two black lives matter protesters. challenging her on comments she made in the mid- 90s about at risk youth and we have to bring them to heel. this is haunting her. they are going after her in a state where they need to win. bernie sander supporters, they are vicious. they are going after her. 80,000 tweets to say hash tag switch hillary. >> keeping a close eye on it. we have some breaking news. i want to get back to the markets before we -- out of here. normally, something like that happened and you can kiss it goodbye. not so. not so at all.
12:49 pm
we may be advised by lots of stuff. apparently not china. that, my friends, is weird. ♪
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neil: all right, gun makers for a democratic president. not now, maybe in the future. they have been soaring, of course, under this president. out with its earnings. chief dusek it is. i think we will see a step up in demand. a democrat wins the election. particularly so if they win the senate, they do not have to move to get on sales leading up porting of guns. that is exactly what happened under this president. a horrific crime incident. whatever you are views on the topic, gunmakers, weapon makers,
12:54 pm
the buying gets more buying. it would be nice to see a democrat. okay. take a look at this. concerns that china attacks together. it happened again today. the world could not go into the tank. making it relatively okay. the dow up 60 points. what are we to make of that? >> you know, the advisor expert. i am looking at this and saying, that is a big deal. we do not make a big deal of a huge china selloff. >> two big moves always concerned me.
12:55 pm
the world's focus is more than anything else on the price of oil. it was a significant move in china. a significant move for very worrisome reasons. i am really surprised. >> i was surprised we did not see more reaction. the reed i god, whether it was one off. we cannot get our act under control. our real estate. what have you. it seems kind of unique to them. >> you remember the term. what happened last night when banks are lending to each other. those rates shot up. when you start to hear rumblings about this bank not trusting
12:56 pm
this bank, you have to wonder how much control they have. this is particularly awkward here at they are hosting the g 20 starting tomorrow. >> the trouble with things lending to themselves in china that is them having the difficulty doing that. that is not like u.s. bankers having that problem here. >> every time the chinese try to pull back control. they want to have their cake and eat it too. they want to have an open financial system. they want to communicate to the world. by the same token, it is a commie menace regime. they keep going back and forth between control and not control.
12:57 pm
if we pull back like what happened last night, then there is havoc in the market. they are trying to do too many things at once. >> well put. >> we have a lot more from this bull about what mitt romney was saying about donald trump did after this. ♪
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
neil: all right. i put this under the category when tony and there's tweets. but the former republican said. taxes. what do you think all of this is going? governor romney wanted to see donald trump.
1:01 pm
proving he is who he says he is. just the key. obligated to do this. what do you think? >> it is strange coming from governor romney. both grew then rubio. it will be on to other issues. people are not so concerned with the past. they want to know is what you are going to do in the future. whether donald trump did not pay must taxes. it is a one or two day story. >> there is a separate argument. it is a no-win game. especially with the media, they love to go after republicans on
1:02 pm
this issue. >> mitt romney was trying to be transparent. leading people focus on this. it is a legal way. a lot of people thought they were getting away with murder. what he was coming after with donald trump. his issues are bigger. having to prove that. donald trump is bigger shenanigans. bigger lies. bigger misrepresentations. cash in the bank. the asset side, we have estimated four and a half billion. he says four and a half. >> he argued with you guys. most of those guys do not like
1:03 pm
that out there. they like the lower figure. he would be one of the few. i am worth, much, much more. >> that is right. the complexity of the code. a charitable contribution and the like. what the people are interested in. what will you do next. what really hurt him was not just below tax rate. he came out so late. >> that is kind of what he was saying. we do not address this right now. there will be held back to pay later. in a way, doing something for the good of the party. the other candidates worth a lot less. what do you make of that or whether any of this will change anything.
1:04 pm
>> at the end of the day no. senator cruz worked for goldman sachs. senator rubio. unless there's something really egregious, bad or illegal, i do not think you will find any legalities throughout those terms. he knows how to operate the tax code. >> he is worth only a few billion. >> a tax return is about income. >> you will never know. he could always come out and say i have that on the return. it gets complicated. >> the company does it in various ways. >> i do not think so. i hope all of those people get those returns out now so they do
1:05 pm
not become a story and damage in the general election. >> always a pleasure. thank you. now backing marco rubio. your tax return would show you are a very wealthy person. >> i will not go into your tax return. >> mitt romney was saying they should all get the concerns out there. take it from me. i learned the hard way. what do you make of it? >> i agree. they should get them out early. they should be as complete as possible. others have raised this.
1:06 pm
not giving as much to charity. how would it move the needle on this race. any real way. >> i agree with steve. what is important here is where people stand on the issues. how they conduct themselves as candidates. who can win the general election. that will not be the case. it has been brought up. filing with the federal election commission. they do not jive with any of these returns. that could be an issue. as much as a donald trump did. multiple. that would be an issue.
1:07 pm
leave it at that. >> i would much prefer to focus on the issues on this race. i am willing to take the word of the candidates. act up by the returns. ted cruz does not release or marco rubio. a bad thing. >> i think everyone should. i think he did sell in a timely fashion. i think we are making a mountain out of a mole hill. i really do not think that this is what we should be talking about right now. the point was that it will be an issue. democrats will make it an issue. what i have seen in general
1:08 pm
media coverage is they never let go. they never let go. i hate to make it seem that slandered. nobody presses about john kerry. lots of big issues. they romney through this. >> hillary clinton is not exactly poor either. >> there is no longer this deal. a lot to get donald trump. >> this is the story today. there will be other stories tomorrow. i do not think marco rubio will ever be accused of being a billionaire. >> less of an issue for them. >> that is common political sense. >> all right. thank you very, very much. very good having you.
1:09 pm
>> a preacher. what does he make of the right thing to do on this sort of thing. >> governor michael huckabee. ♪
1:10 pm
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1:13 pm
twenty years of tax returns. people would really get an credited for the transparency and honesty. the only people that care were flitted opponents. never gave him credit for his giving. all about finding some secure thing. it may have push some great attack ads. that young man is me. never help somebody you load a gun when it is pointed at your own head. you are not going to find that it ends well. here would be my counterpoint to that. donald trump has two release the financial information by law. it is available on the internet. anybody can look at it.
1:14 pm
they release detailed personal information. >> is that legally binding? you misrepresent something? use aware and you signed under oath the information that you gave is correct and accurate. there would be credible penalties if you committed perjury. >> i think that it is in many ways better. having somebody prepare our taxes. if release somebody's tax returns as complicated, some junior reporter over at the washington post dating through that will understand the tax returns. my gosh, they would be a seven-figure cta. they would not be working in the research room. i understand all the bluster that people have, we have a
1:15 pm
right to see them. we have a right to see someone's tax returns if they have given us what the wreck government requires. after he has secured the nomination, and less something dramatic happens, he probably will, somewhere between that moment in the general election, he can release his tax returns if he wants to. a single publication to be president. when mitt romney said that to you yesterday, i happen to be listening while i was in the car. he was saying, you know, there is something in those tax returns he does not want to show. the word is out. they said up. i was really disappointed that mitt took that approach. you are the victim of that kind of thing.
1:16 pm
what will happen is we will look at a denial or unwillingness. they do not get along. tweeting nasty stuff about each other. just today, for example. whatever your personal views are on the subject. pretty soon, they will. >> the media will be them up over it if they do not release it. newsflash. if he does really sick, the media will beat him up over what he releases. the media will beat him up anyway. >> preparing people. just yesterday. the lowest number of taxes possible. i do not like paying taxes. that is ridiculous. much to your point. you know, yeah, you darn well
1:17 pm
better pay the least in taxes. or could it be? everyone will start, why don't you. >> i think that at some point you probably will. the nature of donald trump, he has been amazingly transparent. here is what, here is what i think will be different about the way he releases that sir terence and the way mitt romney did. he kind of downplayed that he was a wealthy man. he wanted to see how wealthy you was. donald trump said i am very, dairy rich. i am really, really rich. you cannot imagine how rich i am. i am not going to pay any more taxes than i have to. is that cool?
1:18 pm
nothing has been the rules in the game prior to this year. map stuff that is what we can guarantee. it is very good seeing you. good to see you, neil. neil: mike huckabee. now we know that tim cook is speaking out. turning aggressively. on today's show. were they linked? let the legal process take its place. >> do you think we have that ahead of time? i take it what we are saying is you throw the legal process out. we forget about congressional authority. we forget about the powers in this country. we want to do something right now. he hinted on that very thing. ♪
1:19 pm
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♪ neil: all right. microsoft. plans to back apple in court. the company president brad smith feared they have called a couple days ago. microsoft founder bill gates was sympathetic to the government's argument. apple be more forthcoming. the perpetrator -- i think that argument is that his position was misunderstood. closing that circle. supporting apple in this fight. let's get some thoughts on this. you are all about keeping people safe.
1:23 pm
i understand that. making a great deal to you. more important to you. where do you come down? >> a simple man here. from a public safety standpoint, we cannot expect the government to keep us safe from terrorists. one hand. putting a patch over the eyes. this is a blind spot. it could lead to additional information. these particular terrorists being involved in this. this one, very clearly. quite crisp. the fact that it is a narrow issue. they just want out both to turn off the feature. they want it to be never. they will take it from there. they will try to break the password.
1:24 pm
>> we showed you how to do that with this phone. that is bad. >> they may just be saying that. we do not want your code. they have been working with apple. engineers trying to figure out a way around this. some technical issues. take it away. they were not able to use some of those techniques. this is not a culmination. failed attempts of working. failed technology working with a fbi. we need to turn this feature off. here, apple, turn it off. >> i agree with you on this one. also, brilliant lawyer. one of the world's best.
1:25 pm
i argued with him that we are making a big constitutional crisis. one perpetrator. one and done and leave it at that. the government will be able to find out how that feature was turned off. >> iris back that people have different views on all of this. how it may be propagated throughout the world. i respect that. i understand where the issues are. having 14 people that were killed in san bernardino. who knows what other events may take place. maybe it is something, we have something that is unfolding. i do not think people will stand by and say, concerned about turning off that feature.
1:26 pm
we left the other incidents in a occur. i think, finding a court case. taking it forward. the fbi has been very forward with this. testifying before congress. they helped task force meetings. some of what you just mentioned in silicon valley. neil: now it looks like we are. thank you very, very much. a former nevada governor. the president with a potential replacement for supreme court justice scalia who died a little over a week ago. that was meant to mollify republicans who want to put off the vote after the election. many conservative republicans are against this. hillary clinton then came out.
1:27 pm
i had that i would reject him as a choice. off the table saying that he is not interested in the position. saying no to his supreme court. earlier today, i notified the white house. possible nomination. the supreme court of the united states. pressing the same designer. beyond humbling. i am incredibly grateful. he does not want the job. thanks, but no thanks. yikes. more after this. ♪ this weeks btv spotlight features parnell pharmaceuticals, parn on nasdaq. parnell is focused on delivering innovative solutions to unmetanimal health needs in the
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. . . .
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1:31 pm
neil: all right you heard a lot of these social media sites and other online companies that trying to get ahead of the bad guys by getting rid of bad guys from using their sites and that has got ice sis threatening the -- isis threatening likes of zuckerberg, even putting bullet holes around that are images around their sites to emphasize the point. connell mcshane, jo ling kent. jo ling, what the bad guys are say, don't make it tough for us to use your site. >> this is group that supports islamic state. they post ad 25-minute video. they said for every single that you person you take down,
1:32 pm
account you disable, they will add 10 more and threaten they take down twitter and facebook entirely. unclear if they have capabilities to do that but what we've seen is new pushback from supporters of the islamic state from pressure washington has put on social media companies. neil: how much you cooperate here they're trying to be proactive and now -- >> they have done their part to certain extent. i think the two companies are different. easier to know on facebook, if someone is quote, real person than on twitter. fake account, not that i have any of them are easier to create on twitter. you see them all over the place. that said, twitter has tried to stay ahead of this. neil: they tried to stay ahead by if you use offensive language. >> shutting them down. >> they have accounts, 125,000 in six months related to isis. >> and grows, yeah. >> it tells me it is easy to create them. get rid of 125,000 isis
1:33 pm
accounts, there are 500,000 pop up next six months. that is problem -- neil: nothing to do with isis who don't like the way twitter and facebook are handling this they're creating their own fake accounts in free speech sympathy. >> right. >> i can see that happening but also if you look at the analysis of the twitter accounts that have been taken down by twitter, according to george washington university, they're actually they have been relatively effective because once you take down certain number, becomes harder or less willing to go that route. where do they go instead? the dark web. there are much less monitoring and much more effective recruitment. neil: free speech advocates say this is really intrusive even if you're doing it to bad guys? >> yeah i mean, i think the companies have taken a fairly strong stand on this i do. i think it's a little different than what we've seen with apple. twitter made a legit effort to fight terrorism, to say, and mark zuckerberg, i know he had to comment day, make the move themselves. not the government.
1:34 pm
>> made comment at conference recently overseas, we're on this. we're doing it. i think they have made an honest effort. it is just a matter of -- maybe to jo's point they are having effect but long term -- >> like whac-a-mole on high level. personal threats on dorsey and zuckerberg has been happening. nothing new. these images sprung up before. facebook twitter not commenting specifically on safety but very well-aware what the push back. >> apple, no mater what you side you come down on the argument, apple's argument they are protecting our security. they are trying to say we are more secure if we have phones encrypted and safe. >> at large. >> free speech is part of it. this versus just saying hey we'll let anybody, terrorists whoever they be speak their minds. >> tim cook last night in the interview, he was so clear his argument is public safety.
1:35 pm
neil: i didn't buy a word of it. >> depends where you come down on it. that is his argument he is trying to put forward. neil: open that phone. we can have the public safety argument later. >> right. should be a way to do, just stop jo cold. >> no opinion on the matter. neil: but it is a mess but now it will go i think all the way to the supreme court. >> probably. >> they're ready for that fight. neil: they're eager for it. thanks, guys, very, very much. we told you if he was considering a former nevada governor to go to the supreme court he wants to take himself out of the fray here. comes at a time when the president might not the get the chance anyway because the republican senate said, you can come up with this maybe after the november election, which would effectively nullify a choice on the part of this president. but it also comes as this president is saying,i've got to find a way to get around these guys, when it comes to gitmo
1:36 pm
one go way to do it empty it out now by executive order. on the phone socom commander general john kelly. he was in charge of gitmo, seeing it was safe, secure, and all of that. i don't know how you feel, general, if this ultimately does get to the executive order stage, but if congress is not entertaining it or allow the issue to come up we told the white house might leave president with no choice. if it gets settled via executive order, the place empties out then what? >> neil, i think the then what is, if he declares executive order, i'm not a lawyer, the people down there would carry out the order profit president of the united states. if that was to bring them somewhere in the united states that location would have to be significantly modified. remember they're not prisoners. they're detainees down there.
1:37 pm
and they fall under completely different category. so the lifestyle is very very different than if they were a prisoner in supermax. it has to be because of the international law and human rights groups and all that kind of thing. first of all you have to find location. section of all you have to modify significantly. i would have to say i think president talked in terms, the plan talks in terms of nearly half a billion dollars. i think it would go higher than that. the other issue you have to consider is, you know, it is very, very isolated post at gitmo. so no terrorists, no home-grown islamic jihadists can get to it. if you put this place in leavenworth or denver or anywhere in the united states, obviously you lose that isolation. oh, by the way, you can't turn these guys over, all of whom are bad guys. there is not a good guy there. all of whom have to be guarded
1:38 pm
by u.s. military personnel. it is not simple turning it over to a prison to say you're done with it. there is some heavy lifting. neil: even if you brought some and dispersed to states like colorado and south carolina where they have such facilities it wouldn't be quite so simple housing them there to see what happens. the other question, if the president by executive order the only way he could do this, congress certainly won't do it even if he were overturned in the courts, maybe even after he steps down as president, all those guys are spread out all over the world right? not as if they're going to be told come back, right? >> first of all, you get kind of several categories down there. you have ones that by anyone's measure will not be charged but will not be released until the end of the war. you have these other, that is about 50, by the way. the rest of them are eligible through the process. ultimately certified by the secretary of defense that can be
1:39 pm
transferred. we're releasing 30% recidivism rate is fairly high when you think of it but the point would be, no, they're not going to come back. the real argument on gitmo, i deal with the, i dealt with the human rights groups, icrc, and others is not where the location is. their claim is we're illegally holding people without due process. so whether you do that in gitmo or do that in new york city, or do that in vancouver, it is the same argument. so if you move them, i don't buy into this gitmo is a blight. we have great military people down there doing honorable work taking care of those guys in a way they don't deserve frankly but the point is, if you move them to the states, the argument still remains. we're not prosecuting them. i would tell you, in discussions that certainly i was privy to, there's not every lawyer in the world thinks once they move here, they will be in federal court over issues like, like,
1:40 pm
how long they have been held without trial, the ones we'll try. neil: read miranda rights. >> miranda rights. the ones that will not be charged but, no one, not even, i think obama administration would say 40 of them should ever be released. there is a sense if they were moved to the united states, that would be the first the know the first court challenge as to why we're holding them in the first place. again they're not prisoners. they're detainees, again i'm way out of my league. neil: i understand. i understand. but your fears are certainly legitimate. if you buy the odds of the government's lucky if it wins 60% of the its cases, you do the math. if -- . >> particularly -- neil: if 40% of those are let go.
1:41 pm
>> these are booed men. we can decide 13 or 12 years in detention they paid back, there is not an innocent guy, neil. i want to emphasize the young men and women down there on this very difficult mission should be commended, knot criticized. neil: general that's why we go to you. you know the situation better than we do, maybe a lot better♪ than anyone else does. we'll have more after this. ♪ ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪
1:42 pm
1:43 pm
>> it is time for our fox business brief. an interesting day in the markets which were mixed earlier but hardly are now. oil was down but it is now up. would you know its dow up 126 points. even when we break it down sector by sector the energy sector earlier today had been lagging but starting to come back a little bit. still with the spdr that tracks entire sector is down. down 1% or more for murphy southwestern and consol energy. the oil price, if you look there, that is where we see the move. it was down, and about 31.50. now up almost a dollar from that. higher by 32 cents instead of lower on the day. utilities that is a sector especially early in the day we see a lot of strength and still do up .6 of 1%. a lot of food stocks marking all-time highs. neil is back in a moment.
1:44 pm
1:45 pm
neil: all right. it is uncanny, right? stocks up as soon as oil moves up. that is what is happening right now. who knows this weird connection better than the commodities guy on the planet, terry duffy, cme group, executive chairman and president. terry good to have you. >> thanks, neil. neil: when does this all delink? boy this phenomenon has been the case for a while now. >> you know, neil, i think the
1:46 pm
delinking will be together for a while because when you look at what is going on geopolitically, we have election season going on. we have numbers about, growth is anemic. you have interest rates potentially going to negative interest rates. and market is looking for something to trade with. it found a partner. it found a partner in oil. when oil traded down significantly, the market started down eventually. new year follows it, but whole story is oil. look at global oil stocks traded today, there is roughly 350 different companies with market cap of 2 1/2 trillion. s&p 500 made up of 11% of energy stocks. that become as new story. market is up and down based on oil. neil: drawn to oil. a gazillion ways to leverage it, hedge it, arbitrage it. but do you think it made it too volatile as a result? >> i don't think made too volatile. market goes up to historic levels when it went to a buck 30
1:47 pm
a barrel, everybody in congress saying speculators driving price up. oil is $26 a barrel, where are the people saying speculators drive it down putting more money in consumers pocket. neil: you're right. they only look at it when it goes up. do you fear there is a notion traders are gunning the system in both directions and someone will get burnt here? >> no, absolutely not, neil. look at exploration of shales here in the united states. they were producing oil. we were on pace to produce 18 million barrels a day by 2018 at $80 a barrel. technology got bert and arab countries produce oil, have nothing else, saw the at that phenomenon coming on no way they could have it and hammered the market. it was not traders. it was producers of the product throughout the world. neil: saudi arabia is not cutting production.
1:48 pm
obviously doesn't mind slitting its own throat as long as they slit others. what do you make of that? >> their exports are oil only. when you have countries like ours diverse in products and other nations around the world we can sell others things. in saudi arabia they sell oil. that's it. they need to keep their people happy. they will sell the price down and not let us become independent. even at this price we'll produce 14 million barrels a day by 2021, according to the government standards that they have put forth. neil: that is very he well-put. interesting perspective. terry, thank you, very, very much on this crazy news day. we appreciate it. to his point oil is up and stocks are indeed up. what is up with donald trump and those taxes? do you think he will submit them? if he does, what is the fallout from that? joe piscopo what he thinks the done and does. might surprise you. ♪
1:49 pm
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neil: all right billionaire versus billionaire,man know emauney. this is what set the fire last night, mitt romney against one donald trump. take a look. >> i'm not saying that is the case, i have no evidence of that, but i'm saying things could be issue. when people decide they don't want to give you their taxes there is something they don't want to you see. neil: i was thinking about lying on your taxes. joe piscopo kidding. so bad, isn't it? no reason for me to lash out at you. >> but feel free. neil: what do you make of that he is saying, he hasn't released his taxes. charlie gasparino says released federal forms just like them but where are you on the whole mess? >> you were the news yesterday.
1:53 pm
everybody was talking about neil cavuto and mitt romney. neil: do you think -- >> it doesn't matter! if donald trump, look attacks he works for organized crime family in new york he will still win deal with it. deal with it. you can't take it away. what happened now? you're dealing drugs or something? no matter what comes out! trump is in in the leave it alone. deal with it. neil: comes out i work for the gambino crime family. >> john gotti was personal friend. i whacked three people, trump is still in. just saying. neil: i think what he is getting at though, one of the things he is saying -- >> shouldn't wear white pants anymore, mitt romney? neil: i learned hard way release the stuff too late, all over you. i disever coulded in his case trying to be transparent, media all over him for low tax rate, that rate perfectly legal. >> absolutely. absolutely. neil: it never ended. >> for romney you mean? neil: right maybe trump is
1:54 pm
looking at that. i don't know need that. >> i don't think so. i think it is much ado about nothing. it will come out. "the donald" will do what he will do. super tuesday, done deal. i'm backed up by all listeners in the radio show in the morning 970 the answer, if i may, if i may. neil: phenomenal. >> they call it is all about donald all the time. neil: you put them down a lot. >> no. no. neil: you do it in funny way. >> this morning apple, destroyed apple. apple should open up open the phone, look at me! make a billion dollars a week, with a "b.," bring no jobs to america. open the phone. neil: only two people in america saying that. >> tim cook in san francisco out that way, send two italian guys from jersey in a buick we'll find the phone. neil: don't have to go there. why romney would raise this issue. look over at trump. other thing he might look at rubio or someone else as mainstream alternative. or that he thinks that could
1:55 pm
implode trump and genuinely be an issue but what would be the issue? that he pays too little in taxes? trump says that is his bowl. he doesn't give as much to charity? trump could say i give a lot i don't report. i don't know what could be so explosive? >> i think that mitt romney is trying to throw "the donald" under the bus. gop status quo is so scared, i love it. we love it on the radio. love it in real life. citizens of the united states love it because, you need a reset, neil. you need a reset in washington d.c. lawyers and lobbyists. we work for lawyers and lobbyists. it is industry. politics is an industry. neil: he goes on the way to the nomination and -- >> the status quo got scared and romney was hit man. hit man in white pants. how sad is that? the wasp is going after donald. leave him alone. let donald run. neil: he doesn't always wear white. >> i never seen mitt romney without white plants. neil: incorrigible. let me ask you this, genuinely
1:56 pm
concerned as republican, trying to get his point of view across, we nominate donald trump, you and i know him, covered him for years. brilliant businessman. chapter nine of art of the deal. playing the book out beautifully. can get the nomination but can't get elected, i certainly think he can get elected but what do you make of that, that is a fear, that the party says -- john mccain we elect this guy, we nominate this guy, we'll lose senate as well? >> no. i think that "the donald" overrides it all. i really do. so i could hear, if i wasn't talking to people every day i wouldn't think like this. i always said before donald is good guy. tell you what, once i gets in, people are angry, look what happened in, 46% of hispanics in nevada? you can't stop him now. you can't stop the trump train. i love marco rubio. like rand paul says, marco marco. rand paul should use that, i
1:57 pm
mean going out there, i love that. ted cruz is nice guy but you can't stoptrump. can't stop trump. two italian guys from jersey coming after you.
1:58 pm
1:59 pm
2:00 pm
neil: we're up 14points right now. joe piscopo must be good for stocks. -- 143 points. we have gerri willis. >> five days before super tuesday do-or-die time for the candidates trying to take down donald trump. i'm gerri willis in for trish regan. welcome, everyone to "the intelligence report." marco rubio and ted cruz will have their chance during tonight's debate in houston but is it too little too late? we'll get to that. plus apple ceo tim cook is defending his company's decision to refuse the fbi demand to help crack the encrypted iphone of the san bernanadino shooters. >> some things are hard. and some things are right. and some things are both. this is one of those things.


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