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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  February 25, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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to have you on the show. deirdre bolton will be back tomorrow night. coming up you have charles payne to help you make some money. and a lot to talk about when it comes to the political landscape. "risk and reward." charles: do or die for several republican candidates. marco rubio seems to be change his tactics. blasting out an email to reporters point out how donald trump has hired foreigners overwhelmingly over americans. is he going to go for the jugular of the gop frontrunner? >> the frontrunner in this race alluded to the fact he thinks parts of obamacare is pretty good. there is no honeymoon period in foreign policy. you can't say when i get there i'll hire the smartest people
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and they will tell me what to do. front runner in this case says he won't take sides on israel versus the palestinians. when i'm president we are going to take sides. we are going to be on israel's side. charles: joining me now, tammy bruce, crystal wright and fred barns. fred, it's interesting, there was an article rubio making a fatal mistake if he doesn't attack trump. i think he heard this over and over again and now he's on attack. >> a poll showed him 16 points behind trump in florida. the primary isn't until march 15. but rubio will have to win that. that's a big comeback for him to pull off to do that. foreign policy is rubio's strong suit, and it is also i think the weakest suit of donald trump. so that may be good grounds to
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plow for rubio tonight. >> i are disagree that foreign policy is rubio's strong suit. collar * can't both of -- charles: can't both of them be good internationally? negotiating hotel deals is different. >> if you are negotiating big international transactions, you need to take advantage of any business opportunities, government opportunities and you need to know the law. donald trump has shown to be successful in that. rubio has been not present in the senate. he hasn't had any achievement. so you can't attack donald trump with that.
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>> i think there is something personally very different. donald trump is simply more intimidating. our enemies around the world think about strength and intimidation. marco rubio exudes youth and inexperience. that's a major difference. but i think rubio is a reflection of the current establishment which has failed in foreign policy across the board. sow this is the reason why trump is exciting so many people. there is a genuine difference in him with what we know now, we know what we have got. with donald trump there is a chance we could be better. charles: one of the things rubio pointed out. at marlago. 20% of them were non-americans. you know, he has hired people who are not americans over americans in the past. >> i think it could. and i think marco rubio brings
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up a valid point. donald trump has bent one candidate leading the charge against illegal immigration. even on his website his immigration plans talk about reducing the number of h1v visas and it allowed him to hire foreigners at maralago. he needs to make this a case where he stands. but when it comes to illegal immigration marco rubio is standing on quicksand. he was for amnesty before he was against it. instead of constantly attacking trump, he needs to win contests and win delegates. charles: before we even get to florida, we are talking super tuesday. he's not too far away in some polls that other states.
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but for him to win, the strategy is laying back, letting everyone fight. it seems like they have only battered each other. at this point, is it the right thing to do to go all out and say let me go after donald trump even though he's intimidating? >> i don't think he intimidates rubio an certainly doesn't intimidate ted cruz. super tuesday may be a rough day for rubio. there is no state he's assured of winning. there are a lot of states it's clear donald trump is going to win. ted cruz to his benefit is ahead in higgs home state of texas in polls. i think trump could still beat him there. if trump does beat him, beat cruz in texas next tuesday i think cruz is out of the race. and that more than anything else will help rubio. charles: there is a lot of pressure on both of those
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candidates, rubio and cruz to step aside so there could be just one challenger to donald trump. how do you see the debate playing out. >> i think rubio will go after trump and donald trump has been in favor of legal immigration. i'm a legal immigrant. to make that distinction is important. charles: giving foreigners jobs over americans. mexicans taking your job, isn't that the same thing whether it's legal or not, doesn't it go to the core of his foundation? >> the crux is people are here illegally. charles: you think it's okay for foreigners to come here legally to take over americans' jobs. >> i'm saying we need to have rules in place that allow americans to get the jobs they want.
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and allow people to use the legal process and feed their families. we should allow people to do so, but not at the expense of jobs. charles: the problem is we are in an economy where it's hard for the average american to do that, feed their families. >> the problem, too, is trump can't say one thing and do another on illegal immigration which has been his key issue which propelled him to the top of the gop field. it looks bad where he's favoring foreign workers at a resort over american workers and he claims i'm going to build a wall. so i think tonight rubio -- that's rubio's window. if rubio can kick that door down and hammer trump on that. we'll see, maybe he will change the paradigm for himself. charles: let's bring in tammy. nothing has stuck. if my mind if you are going for
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the gusto. rubio opened this up. he sent this email out to all the reporters and it's starting to leak in. >> when donald trump skipped that debate he lost iowa. if he's perceived as mock or ridiculing the voter by being hypocritical or by thinking first of himself and not presenting things truthfully, because he's supposed to be telling it like it is. if it can be shown he doesn't, that's the kind of thing that's inspiring people. that could have an impact. but i do think rubio has to go after trump because the new florida poll where he's so far behind. if you can be president of the united states, both rubio and cruz have got to show they can deal with mr. trump. if they can't, they don't deserve of to be in the white house.
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charles: what about ted cruz? i think he's wasting a lot of time going after marco rubio particularly on these intricate -- the things they talked about in deet baits has gone over people's heads. he just failed at doing so. he won iowa by a small margin. cruz has no shot of being the nominee. the longer he stays in the more chances trump will be the no knee. if it was another candidate who won three states in a row we would be saying he's the nominee. charles: there is historic precedence where people have come from behind. it wouldn't be unheard of in presidential elections. let me go to you, fred. do you think it's true that it's 99% locked up right now?
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>> he certainly is the favorite and a long favorite at that. i agree winning three contests in a row and losing iowa has never been predictive of who the nominee is going to be. so trump has put himself in a commanding position. if we can win 8 or 9 of these pry 45euries and it's -- primaries, and it's possible he will, it will be hard for him to stop. if he beats cruz and trump -- trump beats cruz and rubio march 15 -- charles: we know the trump train has become a locomotive. at home you don't want to miss the fox business powerful political lineup. next we have lou dobbs. he will be followed by neil at 6:00 p.m. then this could be the last nail
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in the coffin, we are talking super tuesday. all the details as the polls close. we hava you covered on fox business. [vet] two yearly physicals down. martha and mildred are good to go. here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend. it might not seem that glamorous having an old pickup
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charles: tensions are rising ahead of this gop debate. the republican establishment growing desperate to stop the trump train. there is a letter urging either
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rubio or cruz to drop out. sir, thanks for joining us. your letter says disunity and hatred in our ranks, conservatives are in danger of splintering their voice. you talk about donald trump become can the nominee in not too kind word. what is it about a donald trump mom nation that scares you so much. you mentioned this is from the establishment. i'm considered one of the most conservative members of congress and would never be considered establishment. charles: the letter says everyone who is not for trump is establishment. >> the letter does not call for anybody to quote drop out. what he talls for is for mr. rubio and mr. cruz to come
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together so that if either one of them simply drops the out, then whatever votes might come from that are split in different ways. so they need to join forces. it's not a political problem. it's a mathematic issue. we don't know what the future holds. but if the paradigm isn't changed. the mathematics, you can't repeal those laws of mathematics easily. if that pair dime is not changed, i think the outcome is pretty specific. you asked what my problem is with donald trump. i'm hoping his i i have any to become a conservative republican is a good thing. charles: we don't know the fundamentals. so you are worried about that -- who are your fellow republicans who might have signed on? >> i'll let that manifest when it will.
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i on talked to maybe a dozen people. we might get half that. charles: are people receptive to it? >> almost to a person they understand the reality of the issue. they understand unless the paradigm changes, unless mr. trump's tax returns show something of significance or unless the numbers change -- charles: i'm getting -- i only have a little bit of time. i have got to ask. people will say what about the gop pledge that donald trump was forced to sign publicly at the beginning of the process. why doesn't it apply to the rest of the republican party? >> i think they note rest of the traditional candidates in this party have no intention of running as a third party person. we don't know that about trump. this is an unpredictable person. i learned arrogance is always a
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self-correcting condition. but i don't know if it will correct itself in time. charles: the big question, can trump be stopped? we are going to evaluate when we come back. you owned your car for four years, you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls, and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. then your eyes may see it, differently.ave allergies.
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charles: donald trump's prospects for the nomination look pretty good. right now he has 65% 66%, almost twice as many as the other candidates. you can see his delegates are double what he has gotten in the vote total. joining me back, tammy bruce, steve rogers and kell kel -- key wright. it's easy to see where the
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bifurcated field makes it easy for him to seize the nomination. >> a report today said all he needs to get out of the delegates on super tuesday is 39% and he's still well on track to get the number he needs for the nomination. you need to remember the 20% fresh hold mark. in texas if you don't get above 20%, you get zero delegates. so you have a marco rubio there who has 21%. with ted cruz and donald trump in the race, if he doesn't get above 20%, he doesn't get any delegates. with this crowded field you can see how it can become a one or two-person race after tuesday. charles: you do the
6:23 pm
extrapolation math and say if bush or kasich was out it would have made a difference. obviously trump would have got on of those votes. but the point is, dose put it in neutral? he's your guy. does he stay as bombastic as ever in or dose coast to the victory here? >> i think he will work as hard as he has been work. the republican establishment will have to get at a defile vote and realize it's the will of the american people. it's the will of the republicans across this country to see this fern president of the united states. they need to consolidate all their power behind donald trump. charles: the non-trump supporters are saying he's not winning a majority. he's winning a plurality. so i know to a certain degree that's rationization. but there is a little merit to
6:24 pm
the argument. >> there can be 60% of the people who don't like mr. trump or are undecided. but the process with delegates is byzantine for a reason. romney was pushed through to april having to fight for that nomination. the arrangement is to speed up the choice. maybe they are regretting it, but that's what they wanted to do. for in trump, his dynamic will have to be a mandate. there will be so much resistance. you wanted to see somebody who has won many delegates and does well on super tuesday. this is where trump can create his mandate and move forward. charles: do you see this as inevitable or do you have see this as a true legitimate challenger.
6:25 pm
>> you have to do some arithmetic gymnastics. either rubio tore cruise could challenge. you had in a segment before, if they come together and they unify and drops out of the race before super tuesday, that could happen. charles: five days until super tuesday. texas senator ted cruz is leading in his own state. the lone star state. could thought propel him back into the game? we'll be right back. ce, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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>> the crown jewel of super tuesday is the great state of texas. 155 delegates. nearly 15% of what's required for the nomination will be decided by the men and women in this room and the people all across this great state. charles: i would say's being mellow dramatic, but he's not. the senator ted cruz is leading in the state. donald trump 23% and marco rubio at 21%. let's talk about it with boris epstein and beginna freedman,
6:30 pm
there are so many polls we are almost sick of them. more recent polls showed the gap narrowing in texas, but this is something of a shocker. >> ted cruz should win his own state. if we were talking about this three months ago we would have said it's a no-brainer. but if he does win, it's just his own state. it depends on what these polls are using for their likely voter model. if they are using people that voted in the last election, since this is an open primary, that means there will be lots of crossover, and lots of independents and trump's numbers are bringing those people. so all bets are off. if you know what i mean. >> it's so different from other polls. generally when you are in a campaign. if you look at own out liar poll, you generally dismiss that. another big issue, cruz did not
6:31 pm
say, texas is not a winner-take-all state. it's a proportional state. he won't sweep 155 delegates. main he will beat trump by 5 to 10 delegates. charles: christian. in neighboring oklahoma there is a local poll that said when you just poll registered republicans who always voted. the top three guys are in a dead heat. but when you start to add in particularly lower income white males 45 and older and those who rarely ever voted, trump soars to 29-21. that could be the intanning be we can't figure out right now. >> you are seeing more people being drawn into the race, and we also saw it in iowa and it wasn't necessarily to the benefit of trump.
6:32 pm
he spent very little and he's going to win his home state. there is another poll that showed marco rubio losing his home state. there is no state of the 50 states that marco rubio has a path to winning. so it changes the narrative completely. he will win the state, he will exceed expectations,ing this is cruz, if trends hold. he goats at thisw as someone with twice as much financial resources as marco rubio and someone who doesn't have to worry about his home state. and as someone already attacking donald trump. marco rubio got around to doing that kind of sort of yesterday. charles: you have been in this game for a long time. why is the gop allowing non-registered republicans weighing in on who their nominee will be? >> you know, a lot of primaries
6:33 pm
are open primary. i live in virginia where you don't register by party. i could go in and vote in the democratic primary. i don't intend to next tuesday. but, you know, you want to have -- open primaries can be good in building a party, bringing in people who aren't members of your party. they could be helpful. i wanted to say one thing about texas. trump would probably be better off if cruz wins texas. because that means cruz will stay in the race. he will be in the game. he will be taking 10 or 12% of the vote in florida away from rubio, and helping trump. so the best thing that can happen for rubio is for cruz to lose in texas and drop out of the race. short of that, rubio is going to be in trouble in florida as the polls indicate.
6:34 pm
charles: they are all in trouble now. the trump locomotive rolls on. tomorrow "mornings with maria," she has the former president of mexico. vincente fox. it's tomorrow morning 8:30 eastern time. for the second consecutive session markets stage a huge rally into the close. it look like this might be the breakout you might want to buy.
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charles: lots of breaking news. all the big names are up. after the market closed, cyber-security.
6:37 pm
ask. charles: the major stock market
6:38 pm
indices surging to the close. this is a solid follow-up. the dow is up 55 point from yesterday's low. when oil closed the market drift. the big spark came with the early release of earnings from networks. if technology beyond those four dominant names start to take off, investors will flock back to the market. we are seeing signs of people spending those gas savings. but it's not just low-price stuff. thing like washing machines and refrigerators through the roof. look at sherwin williams. strong volume. if you want to be in the housing play, that might be a good one for you. i'm real excited. i think tomorrow we can make it
6:39 pm
3 in a row. we have a lot of things coming up. apple filed a motion to toss out that order forcing the company to break open the iphone. many companies are out supporting apple. they have all filed motions to back their silicon valley rival. we also have more breaking news for you. the university of missouri fired melissa cliff. she was captured on video scrapping it up with a police officer and student journalist during a pro terse last year. i was shocked to hear this news. but gina, the behavior we are seeing from some of these folk on college campuses is appalling. >> this is my old home state. i taught in the university setting, and i can tell you
6:40 pm
there are 10,000 just like her that need to go. maybe more. because this he can poses the hypocrisy of the left in such huge ways. she confronted law enforcement, this woman. she basically encouraged physical intimidation of one of their own student. now they are saying she still has the right to appeal. she should have been fired on the spot. it's sad that we have to be shocked. but i'm shocked, too. charles: crystal, i love your tweets, especially when it comes to this kind of activity on college campuses. >> we have left-wing nut jobs and lunatics indoctrinating our young people on college campuses telling them they can stand down authority and the adult aren't in charge. the young journalist on campus
6:41 pm
who was trying to shoot the black lives matter chaos. she put her hand in his face and ruffled him up. who does she think she is. these kids pay her salary. i write about this in my book "con job." they are teaching black lives matter courses. they are teaching course on obama and race. really? let's try to shakespeare, aristotle. charles: and some skills that might help you be a productive citizen. remember that space launch last night the spacex rocket? real exciting stuff. we think lit happen in just moments and we'll bring it to you live. the life behind it. ♪
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charles: we are awaiting the launch of a spacex rocket that will be attempting to deliver a satellite. it's amazing. we are about 2 minus -- t-minus 2. maybe t-minus 1.5. that means in 1.5 minutes we'll see this beauty take off. spacex failed in its attempt to land the rocket. it stayed on that barge for a minute and then it was like, timber. we have lieutenant steve rogers
6:46 pm
with me and tammy bruce. we have given up somewhat on the space program. but i would like to see this by the private sector, we heard virgin which is not this country, but another pioneer. they will go back out in space. we are getting back on course. >> i'm with you. what excitement for america's youth. when i was a kid i sat in front of that tv set with gemini and apollo. what excitement. american ingenuity and american power and it's all about america tonight. >> i agree completely. i want the private sector to do well. but for space flight and exploration i feel that should be a national thing. i think it's related to national security. it's something nasa should be
6:47 pm
doing so this genuinely is a national accomplishment like landing on the moon as opposed to musk landing on the moon, it is america landing on the moon. the downgrading of nasa and the sense of as a nation we are not accomplishing this. charles: the outsourcing of this. you think back to jfk. >> maybe this will be the sequence. get more grants and turning by congress. you need something to hang on to. spacex is the beginning of that dream. charles: i saw a poll recently. to your point there will be is a lot more interest in souter space and nasa. there have been a lot of movies out, "the martian." people are saying that movie
6:48 pm
encompassed american ingenuity. someone gets strands there and finds a way out. building wok ets. we wanted them on part of that. >> it's not just the space travel it's what we discover in the process of trying to get there. the discoveries we make trying to move us through this process. charles: when we came back from break i said it was t-minus 2. obviously it's been longer. perhaps they will scratch the launch. the real trick will be bringing it back, the booster rocket and landing it upright and that failed the last three times. we are listening in. >> you heard a little bit of that. the staging procedures are fairly standard and we exercise
6:49 pm
them on every falcon 9. in texas where we test the first and second stages of the falcon 9. the tanks propellants and electronics that go on board the rocket. we have had to hold the count, and that's going to bring an end to our web cast for the evening. we do not have for the moment a new launch attempt determined. this was our backup day. sow i welcome you to -- so i welcome you to check with us on our social media pages, and twitter. but as i said, that will bring us to an end. we would like to thank everybody who supported us today. and invite you to come back and watch us as we make another attempt to place the spacecraft ... charles: you can see the launch has been scrubbed.
6:50 pm
i'm following them on facebook and everyone is sort of obviously disappointed. this is the second day in a roast it was scrubbed. they are carrying a large communications satellite that's got to go perfect. i understand what you were saying. we have got and lot of twitter feed. people remember the days of the space exploration. with $19 trillion in debt with both sides arguing over the cut. to a large degree mass a has bent victim. but you have say maybe we argue from a security point of view. we could probably get government in a greater role. >> not on from a national security point of view, but let's give tour youth the ability to dream again. let's give them ability to say we are the united states of america. we could even conquer space. let's get back to those days you articulated. >> i think it needs on a pairing of the private marketplace and
6:51 pm
the government so things are efficient. government is so big, it's impossible to move. so there has to be a president who makes government smaller, understands what the priorities are including national security. this clearly is what china was doing with satellites and with what north korea accomplished. clearly it's in the national security framework. just an optimistic inspired american public is key. >> i would think the efficiency side would be the private sector with some government oversight. they have intricate relationships selling the rockets. but i would say, and you brought up the point in korea, i think we'll have to bring back ronald reagan notion that the "star wars" sort of thing, because ultimately they have rockets that can probably reach hawaii.
6:52 pm
it's only a matter of time. >> it gives us a chance to show us off again. let the young people know it many not all politics and what we are hearing. charles: do you know anyone who can build that program? >> the united states of america can build it. it's part of making america great again. charles: not everyone is convinced donald trump is the man. an unfavorable poll out about his support among hispanics. some say it doesn't matter. others are saying don't underestimate trump with hispanics. we'll be right back.
6:53 pm
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6:55 pm
>> i'm not going to pay for that [bleep] he should pay for it. he's got the money. it worries me, where was it, nevada? >> in nevada.
6:56 pm
>> he won 44% of all hispanics. i'd like to know who those hispanics are because they, again, they're followers of a false prophet. those are not the republican principles. he is not a democrat. he is just himself. he's egocentric. charles: that was the former president of mexico, vicente fox, and, of course, trump reacted on twitter and demanded the apology for use of a curse word. [laughter] that's really propelled him to the front of the gop nomination race here. he's earned some high unfavorable ratings among hispanic voters, in fact, a washington post poll out shows hispanics are unfavorable to trump 8 to 1, 7 to 1 very unfavorable. let's bring back kelly, crystal and tammy.
6:57 pm
i remember vicente fox, he was an arrogant s.o.b. too, and he would blame americans for mexican druglords. kelly, he's got a lot of nerve, i think. >> yeah, you know, one of -- this poll is not a good poll for donald trump. but there are a few caveats with it. first thing, a poll taken in the republican primary, you know, many months out from the general rarely reflects what the general electorate is going to feel come the summer and the fall. and secondly, this whole notion that a republican needs to win hispanic vote by, like, 40% in order to win the white house that the rnc has put out there, ted cruz has put out there, the mainstream media has put out there is blatantly false. be mitt romney would have won 40% of the hispanic vote in 2012, he still would have lost the white house. what he needed to do better was with the rust belt, in ohio with white, working class americans. and that is where you see trump excelling. charles: right. >> you need to win ohio if you're going to be a republican
6:58 pm
going to the white house. and so you need to also -- you can't do poorly with hispanics, but you need to improve the margin with every demographic, with women, asians. charles: what some people are saying, crystal, is at some point whether it's true this past election or this current election, considering the birthrate of hispanics and the aging of the whites that kelly is talking about, it's a no-brainer that you can't have them excluded from the party the way blacks have been, you know, non-gop voters, because at some point you can't win a national election. >> we know this. the demographics of the changing face of america are not on the sides of republicans. that's why mccain and romney lost in 2008 respectively and 2012. but, folks, trump did win the hispanic vote in nevada, and nobody's talking about that. this is part of a larger narrative that you have a small group of people inside the beltway who aren't necessarily concerned about trump. they're concerned about holding
6:59 pm
onto their power to anoint people and shove people down the throats of voters. and i think that that is really what this election is about. i find it incendiary, the narrative, because i'm going to get behind our eventual nominee. and those same people who want to hold onto power so badly here in washington, hut out minorities that -- shut out minorities that look like me and women. all the demographic groups, charles, we have said we need to win moving forward. and i predict that donald trump, even though he has negatives now, he will align a bigger coalition than we have seen. and that is really why the national review is calling him a virus. charles: let me bring, let me bring tammy in on this though. >> yeah. look, this is an end to identity politics. i think this is what we're seeing with donald trump. the reason the republicans fail is because they've fallen into the liberal trap of targeting sections of americans. a message like reagan had which covers the american experience,
7:00 pm
the issues that we are all concerned about regardless of our complexion or our gender, national security, jobs, immigration. this is what makes the difference. the enthusiasm rate for the republicans will make up for anything else -- charles: the bottom line, the president of the united states, everyone should be part of his -- ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. republican presidential candidates taking the day off from the campaign trail, but this always seems to happen, donald trump finds a way to make news. tonight courtesy of the former mexican president, vicente fox. fox unleashed a profane attack on the gop front runner. listen to president fox responding to the trump plan to build a wall on the mexican border and have the mexicans pay for it talking with jorge ramos on fusion. >> i'm not going to pay for that [bleep] way. he should pay for it. he's got the money.


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