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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 25, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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it with you. i'm jamie colby. thanks for watching "strange inheritance." charles: the bottom line, the president of the united states, everyone should be part of his -- ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. republican presidential candidates taking the day off from the campaign trail, but this always seems to happen, donald trump finds a way to make news. tonight courtesy of the former mexican president, vicente fox. fox unleashed a profane attack on the gop front runner. listen to president fox responding to the trump plan to build a wall on the mexican border and have the mexicans pay for it talking with jorge ramos on fusion. >> i'm not going to pay for that [bleep] way. he should pay for it. he's got the money.
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>> you afraid that he's going to be the next president of the united states? >> not at all. >> what would that do for mexico? >> not at all. no, no, democracy cannot take us to crazy people that doesn't know what's going on in the world today. lou: donald trump tweeted this response: former president of mexico vicente fox horribly used the f-word when discussing the wall. he must apologize. if i did that, there would be a uproar. the attack unlikely to dent trump who keeps soaring in the polls. quinnipiac university out with a new survey showing trump with a 16-point lead over marco rubio in his home state of florida. it is, of course, a must-win for rubio to survive. we'll be taking up trump's candidacy with the first congressman to endorse donald trump, republican chris collins of new york. he says it's only a matter of time before the republican party comes together for trump. >> it's not going to take very
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long for people to realize that donald trump will be our nominee, and while some may be waiting for super tuesday and and a few other states to get by, you'll see a united republican base behind him. lou: well, we'll take that up. we'll be talking with the national review's rich lowry, fox news' jedediah bee la here tonight. also tonight, china quaking in its boots over a possible trump presidency. the communist country's foreign minister, well, he appears to think he can just throw out a warning to the united states; in this instance against cracking down against china's currency manipulation. that's right, china in all its arrogance understands it would be better off with the chamber of commerce and business round table running the country. i'll take that up with former united nations ambassador john bolton. the justice department, by the way, just pushing back against apple over its refusal to help the fbi gain access to that iphone used by one of the san
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bernardino terrorists. fbi director james comey telling the house intelligence committee the bureau is not trying to set a precedent with their request. >> the fbi focuses on case and then case and then case. i've said this to folks, and i've said it because it's true. the san bernardino litigation is not about us trying to send a message or establish some precedent. it really isn't. lou: the fbi director trying to persuade people but also dpowpg to court -- going to court. apple ceo tim cook still refuses to cooperate, and today apple asked that federal court to vacate its order compelling apple to open the iphone. the latest details upcoming here tonight. our top story, donald trump firing back after mitt romney unflatteringly suggested the republican front runner might be hiding something in his tax returns. dismissed as part of the desperate attempt by the republican establishment to take trump down, but to no effect in the polls. fox news' chief political
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correspondent cal cameron with our report. carl cameron with our report. >> reporter: pressures on texas senator ted cruz in his home state with five days until super tuesday when texas has 155 delegates up for grabs, offering more than half the delegates to clinch the nomination. >> it is good to be home. >> reporter: the latest monmouth poll shows cruz leading with 38%. trump and marco rubio are virtually tied for second. ben carson and john kasich are way back in single digits. cruz supporters know he needs to win texas for his candidacy to remain plausible. it's a big night for rubio, too, who wants to derail cruz once and for all. rubio's yet to win a state, but neither has john kasich, and kasich's going after rubio. >> washington politicians and lobbyists are rushing to crown marco rubio, but national polls show john kasich is the one who beats hillary clinton by 11 points, not marco rubio. >> reporter: in the latest poll, rubio's getting crushed by
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donald trump in his home state of florida, a winner-take-all primary voting on march 15th. trump's at 14%, ted cruz a distant third and john weaver tweeted, quote, with a florida implosion, marco rubio needs to withdraw from the race and support john kasich who will win ohio and trounce hillary in november. though cayic's also -- though kasich's also trailing trump, his camp tweeted: >> reporter: trump's the undisputed front runner and is being called out by mitt romney. >> every time he's asked about his taxes, he dodges and delays -- >> reporter: trump too long to twitter and shot back, quote: mitt romney, who's one of the dumbest and worst candidates in the history of politics now pushes me on tax returns. and romney countered. show voters your back taxes, hashtag, what is he hiding?
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trump's rifles are piling on -- rivals are piling on. >> you know, an awful lot of people speculate he hasn't made as much money as he has said, he doesn't release his tax returns. >> i released them during my senate campaign. >> we'll figure out what the right years are, but we don't have anything to hide there. >> reporter: all the candidates come into tonight's debate with something to prove and something to gain. they know the super tuesday contest next week could change the traject of the race. lou? lou: carl, thank you very much. carl cameron. on the democratic side, hillary clinton breaking ranks with president obama who was reportedly considering republican governor brian sandoval of nevada as a supreme court nominee. >> i know the governor has done some good things, but i sure hope the president chooses a true progressive who will stand up for the values and the interests of the people of this country. lou: well, apparently, president obama didn't have time to
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conjure up something of a game to play with the republicans, but not enough time to actually talk with the man whose name the white house floated in the washington media ether. just moments later governor sandoval issued a statement saying he doesn't want to be considered. it's proving to be a tough week for the once-assumed democratic nominee. during an appearance on the steve harvey show, clinton suffered this slip-up while talking about gun control. >> so we've got to say to the gun lobby, yuk what? there is -- you know what? there is a constitutional right for people to own guns, but there's also a constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. lou: the famous life and liberty line is, of course, from the declaration of independence, not the constitution. turning now to the legal battle between apple and the justice department over unlocking that iphone used by one of the san bernardino terrorists. three technology giants -- microsoft, google and
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facebook -- will reportedly file legal papers backing apple's refusal to help the fbi. microsoft president brad smith told lawmakers today that microsoft, quote: wholeheartedly supports apple. despite founder bill gates' comments this week in which he sided with the fbi and its need for help. apple ceo tim cook has argued that creating a code to unlock the phone would jeopardize the security of millions of its customers, and apple today filed a motion to vacate the government order that requires it to help the fbi. turning now to efforts to stop the spread of the zika virus in this country, sad news out of florida where health officials have confirmed that three women, pregnant women, tested positive for the zika virus. all of those women had recently traveled abroad. zika poses the biggest threat, of course, to pregnant women because of the link to microcephaly, a condition where babies are born with abnormally small heads.
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there are about 90 confirmed cases of zika in this country, most of them in florida. all of the cases are associated with people who were infected while traveling to either central or south south america e zika, the zika virus has been an outbreak for some time. we're coming right back, there is much more ahead here tonight. please stay with us. a new poll shows donald trump beating marco rubio in his home tate of florida. -- state of florida. >> and soon the country is going to start winning, winning, winning. lou: and with the south looking ever more like trumpeter story, do cruz and rubio have any real chance at the nomination? national review's rich lowry with us next. and to this truck driver, flashing red lights don't mean stop, they mean go around. they may have an entirely new meaning now. the shocking video coming up right after these messages.
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that can beat donald and the only campaign that has beaten donald is our campaign. >> for those that wonder about donald trump, if i go head to head with him in ohio, i'd beat him by 18 points, and i'm running about even with him right now. we'll win ohio. >> i'll admit he's the front run exercise that i'm certainly an underdog, but i've been an underdog my entire life. we are not going to allow the conservative movement to be defined by a nominee who isn't a conservative. lou: actually, that's exactly what presidential nominees do. they take over the party, the agenda, they work to unite the party and then try to win in november. they win in november. that's the deal. it hasn't worked like that since 2004. we'll see this time. joining us now, editor of the national review, fox news contributor rich lowry. great to have you with us. >> hello. lou: which one of those gentlemen will do the chamber and the business round table's bidding and derail donald trump? [laughter] >> i think the guy who will be trying hardest is ted cruz.
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he's obviously lived in a life and death struggle in texas. if he loses in texas on tuesday to trump, it's all over for him. so he has every incentive to go after trump. lou: he's the first man up, if you will, because he will be defending his home state next tuesday. he's got a 13-point lead in the most recent monmouth poll. does that look to you to be a safe lead? >> i don't know whether it's safe. there are other polls that have it closer. but i would expect him to win texas. but this is a very low bar for ted cruz. the sec primaries were supposed to be to his big deal. lou: right. >> the south is supposed to be his area. if he only wins texas and underperforms and doesn't win in any other state in the south -- which, unfortunately, i would expect -- it's still going to be a pretty bad night for him. lou: yeah. it's stunning to see those numbers out of florida. marco rubio has got to be just pulling his hair out here to see a 16-point lead for donald trump
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in his home state. >> right. and this is another poll that blows through the idea that there's a trump ceiling at 30 or 35%. now, there's another -- lou: by the way, a very narrow feeling amongst the commentary. i don't think many folks in the real world bought into that. >> well, yeah. it always seemed a little unlikely to me because every front runner in a multi-candidate race gets about 33 or so. that's what mitt romney was winning. and then as you rack up the momentum, you go hire. now, there's a florida poll that showed it closer, seven points, but he's still behind in his own state. i think what's likeliest to happen, lou, maybe there's something that really upsets the momentum tonight and changes the dynamic. but a very big night for donald trump on tuesday, and then a desperate effort to pull it back when he's on the cusp of the nomination mar 15th -- march 15th in those big winner-take-all states, florida, ohio and illinois. lou: can you believe vicente fox, the former president of
11:17 pm
mexico, came out and attacked the trump wall and used profanity that guaranteed nationwide saturation? [laughter] the donald trump brand. he, the man is unquestionably a gifted campaigner along with so many other accomplishments. but his lock is extraordinary. >> yes. well, he's been very -- lou: i'm going to pretend -- >> -- lucky and his enemies as well. so getting attacked by the pope, getting attacked by a former president of mexico -- [laughter] this is all, obviously, very good for donald trump. lou: it's also very good for the cup. i mean, i think about -- for the cup. i think about how the national media has tiptoed around a fellow named obama for seven years. i mean, it's thrown everything at one another, there's everything being thrown against every wall to see what sticks. this is truly a public arena invigorated as never before in my lifetime. and i think it's wonderful, to be really honest here. >> certainly, the excitement on the republican side is extraordinary, the new voters
11:18 pm
that are coming into the party are extraordinary -- lou: absolutely. >> i welcome every single one of them. i just wish the vessel in the form of donald trump were different -- lou: which boring candidate would you support? [laughter] >> i'll take any of the boring guys. any of the boring guys. what we'll see with trump, you know, what we haven't seen against him so far is a really robust advertising campaign. it may never materialize, but certainly the democrats will do it immediately, and it'll be a big question whether he can withstand that. lou: one other quick question. "the new york times" tweeting out, i mean, this is -- do we have that tweet just to share with folks? basically saying, as you know, referring to a movie with an assassination scene. i mean, what's your reaction to that? >> well, raz is a -- ross is a friend of mine, columnist of ours. it was in poor taste. he recognized it, deleted it and apologized for it. appropriately. lou: so i guess that you're
11:19 pm
going to be somewhat less judgmental of mr. trump as he -- [laughter] in the ensuing editions of the -- >> just a few f-bombs. i'll let the next few go. lou: you're a kind, generous and forgiving man, and i admire that. rich lowry. >> thank you. lou: breaking news in the downfall of johnny football. dallas police announcing they're referred the domestic violence case against johnny manziel to a i can't imagine. to a grand jury. the jury will now decide whether to charge the troubled cleveland browns' quarterback with misdemeanor assault for allegedly attacking his girlfriend. such a charge does carry a maximum punishment of one year in jail and a $4,000 fine. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. the question is do you believe that, one, president obama in the spirit of bipartisanship should demand that mexico's former president apologize for cursing and refusing to pay for
11:20 pm
the trump border wall? or, secondly, that vicente fox was merely laying out an initial bargaining position on the trump wall with excessively colorful language? we'd like to hear about your thoughts. cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs news. like me on facebook, follow me on instagram at lou dobbs tonight. links to everything at and please check out this must-see video. not a good omen. the semi truck plowed into the moving train. i said the truck plowed into the train. the truck is dragged about a quarter of a mile taking on, as it did, an unfair opponent. down the tracks. minnesota highway patrolman who caught the whole thing on his dash cam reports that, amazingly, the driver of the rather aggressive truck was uninjured.
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up next, congressman chris collins says the last thing we need in this country is a career politician for president. >> you would see a very proactive president in donald trump, i'm very confident or, as opposed to the arrogance, outright arrogance of president obama who doesn't want to interact, who pontificates when he comes to congress. lou: you just listened to a very rare creature this washington, and we're -- in washington, and we're going to be talking with him here tonight. and justice served for a driver with a bad case of road rage. oh, yes, that video coming right up. you don't want to miss it. we'll be right back.
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lou: a few thoughts on a new effort by house republicans to stop donald trump. we all know speaker ryan is the head of the stop trump no matter what movement. "the new york times" today declared ryan is on a collision course with trump. the times making it clear, by
11:26 pm
the way, that ryan's ideas should prevail over trump's. i wonder who fed that story to the times? be i hope you won't think i'm being coy if i say here tonight ryan has been set on that path by lobbyists and his bettors on k street. when the speaker finds himself allied with k street billionaires and the two leading liberal newspapers in this country, it is, in my judgment, highly likely he's about to destroy his political career. which, personal l i believe, would relieve the party of what is now clearly a burden. but the speaker does have followers in the house, troublingly so, and some of them take seriously their obligation to the republican establishment. and, of course, the washington cartel as senator cruz calls them. take congressman trent franks. franks is calling on republicans to help take down trump. franks wants house republicans to urge either senator ted cruz or senator marco rubio to drop out of the presidential race for
11:27 pm
the good of the party. notice he did not say for the good of the country or good for democracy or electoral politics in this great constitutional republic. no. congressman franks wrote, quote: lou: that, congressman, is what we call a run-on sentence. who are these characters who believe their judgment's so superior to that of the people? to the judgment of the voters? it is the establishment and elites who are splinting -- splintering, in my opinion. less in fear, frankly, of trump than fear of a constitutional republic suddenly reinvigorated. a government, perhaps -- maybe,
11:28 pm
possibly -- once again that is responsible and responsive to the governed. we're still far from that reality, certainly, but we are closing the distance. the last time i saw the republican establishment declare war on the party's presidential front runner was in 980 -- 1980, and ronald reagan was that front runner. it turned out to be a great year for the establishment to lose and the people to win. perhaps, perhaps if we get real lucky, this is another such year. coming up, i'll be joined by a rare elected official in washington, d.c., rare because he just endorsed donald trump. congressman chris collins of new york is our guest here next. stay with us. the quotation of the evening, this one from jonathan swift who said: for in reason all government without the consent of the governed is the very definition of slavery. stay with us, we're coming right back. donald trump, nearly everybody in the establishment is trying to stop him.
11:29 pm
now he's getting a little establishment support. >> he is going to help make america great again and will be a great president. lou: congressman chris collins becomes the first member of the house of representatives to endorse donald j. trump. he's our guest here next. these cigarettes may be bad for your lungs, your health, your pants if they're on fire. we'll show you what happened to this convenience store customer this convenience store customer when "lou dobbs tonight"
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lou: endorsements are rolling in for donald trump -- i'm being somewhat facetious. only two members of congress are standing be behind trump as the republican establishment is ratcheting up its attacks against the republican front runner. congressman duncan hunter of california and chris collins of new york are the first and only congressmen to endorse trump. and despite this, trump has made it clear he's not entirely sure whether he needs endorsements. >> now, as of yesterday, people were calling, and a lot of people were calling, and i'll have many endorsements soon. it's not something i want to work for, to be honest for you, because it's a waste of time. endorsements mean very little. lou: joining us now to talk about his endorsement is republican chris collins, a member of the house energy and commerce committee. congressman, first of all, i just want to say it takes considerable courage what you
11:34 pm
and cup can hunter have -- duncan hunter have done, because the man spearheading what is the establishment, the republican establishment, if you will, crusade against trump or jihad, if you prefer, you know, you know there can be repercussions for what you've done. so i salute your courage. >> well, lou, i was proud to endorse donald trump. the only chief executive standing tonight at the debate, an individual who has created jobs, signed the front of a paycheck and is calling it out for what it is. we need to take our country back. we need to make america great again. we need to be a country where our children and grandchildren can live the american dream like many of us did. the leader is donald trump, and you're seeing his support surge. i was proud to be the fist to endorse -- the first to endorse him in congress. and i will tell you that on the house floor today one after another after another fellow house member came up to me,
11:35 pm
congratulated me on making the endorsement and said we're going to be with trumpen when he does win the mom -- trump when he does win the nomination, we're just not in a position where we can step out today. they've got different issues with the politics of their district, with primaries. they've got donors that may be chirping in their ear. i'm a little bit more of a free agent, if you will. i'm a private sector guy. i came out of the private sector as a ceo for other 30 years. so, you know, there's some similarities with mr. trump and myself. he's got a few more zeros in his net worth than i do, but i know we need a chief executive in the white house. we don't need another politician, and so i'm very proud in supporting donald trump. and, actually, the reaction from the house floor today was extremely positive. lou: the house floor, but the speaker's office obviously, i mean, ryan is making it clear, he's putting forward an agenda which he expects the republican nominee to swallow like a, you
11:36 pm
know, like a baby bird. this guy is out of control, congressman. i mean, does he know how a convention works? does he know how a party works? does he know the role of a president whether it's trump, whether it's cruz? does he really think any person worth his salt would sit there and put up with that nonsense from a speaker? >> you know, lou, here's what i do know. we need the majority leader, the speaker and our next president to work together on a republican agenda to bring our country back from seven-plus and what will be eight years of decline under president obama. and i am confident they will work together. lou: all right. >> these are smart individuals -- lou: they're smart, but they're being awful kind of silly, a couple of 'em. and subverting the will of the voter in a republican primary system is not the smartest thing that the establishment, k street, the lobbyists, potential
11:37 pm
interests and the leadership of the republican party are obviously trying to do. i mean, it really makes people's blood boil. >> there are individuals -- and i'm not going to name names, but there's individuals who very much would like to stop donald trump. they're not going to do it. as you pointed out, the of the people has -- the will of the people has already been noticed in new hampshire, south carolina, nevada. come super tuesday i would say donald trump will be unstoppable. that tends to be a con consensus that i'm picking up from my fellow members. and as they're now understanding, they're going to be running with donald trump at the top of the ticket. by and large, they're very comfortable with that, because we're going to coalesce as a party to make sure hillary clinton is not our next president. lou: congressman chris collins, the first perp in the united states congress -- person in the united states congress to endorse donald trump. great to have you with us, we wish you a lot of luck. >> thank you, lou. and let's keep up the good fight here. lou: you've got a deal. breaking news, vice
11:38 pm
president biden bowing before mexico today. listen to the vice president's comments in mexico city just moments ago. >> some of the rhetoric coming from some of the presidential candidates on the other team are, i think, dangerous, damaging and incredibly ill-advised. but here's what i'm here to tell you: they do not, they do not, they do not represent the view of the vast majority of the american people. lou: well, technically that's not true. but biden went on to say he almost felt to blaminged to play -- obliged to apologize for the republican rhetoric. and i feel obliged, i have to tell you, ladies and gentlemen, to apologize for the vice president. but we should be useed to it by now, right? justice served for a bad case of road rage.
11:39 pm
nature sometimes works. take a look at this driver in south africa tries, tries to sideswipe the guy next to him after he won't let him switch lanes. he ends up -- well, overcorrecting, if you can call it that. and then there he goes. crashing into a ditch. a good lesson for him and a reminder not to let rage overcome you at any time even and especially on the road. up next, china worried about a president trump too? i mean, china worried about donald trump? who do they want to run the country, a daffodil? listen to this. >> what china has done to our country is the biggest theft and the greatest theft in the history of the world. >> this is the one i didn't want to hear. give me china, give me china. china. you ever see china's tone? china, china. china, china.
11:40 pm
we don't win anymore. when was the last time we won? we lose to china. lou: we lose to china because, apparently, a lot of people -- there's john bolton, we're going to come right back to me for a second, if you would. there we go. have you heard of crop circles? of course you have. we're going to show you something next in the winter that's closely approximating crop circles but with an explanation. it's coming right up, stay with us. ♪ lots of vitamins a&c, and, only 50 calories a serving... good morning, indeed. v8. veggies for all.
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lou: joining me now, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, american enterprise institute senior fellow, john bolton, also a fox news contributor, also in addition to geopolitics, law, business, he has an extraordinary insight into domestic politics. it's great to have you with us. we've got a crisis here, ambassador. we've got international, we've got an international crisis. the chinese are threatening us if we elect donald trump. my goodness, and vicente fox is swearing at us and saying he won't, he won't pay for the wall! i mean, what are we going to do here? >> well, here's my theory. i think this proves that both china and mexico are in the tank for donald trump. [laughter] because it's only by saying the things that they've tone, the
11:45 pm
chinese saying, well, we don't want to get involved in an american election, but you better not do anything to disrupt our relationship and fox saying he's not going to pay for the wall, you know, if you wanted to write a scenario to help donald trump, you couldn't do it any better. and it's like they just don't get what the mood of the american people is that trump has seen and energized. lou: you know, i can almost forgive them, ambassador. we've watched this passive president for better than seven years now simply not respond to provocation, not react to crisis, not take any initiative. and for all the world, we couldn't have done less if we were, you know, a third rate, two-bit banana republic with two airplanes and its air force. i mean, it's unbelievable how we've behaved. why should they expect anything different other than the fact that trump is basically saying we're going to take you to the wall when he's talking about china and when talking about mexico he's saying they're going to pay for it.
11:46 pm
>> yeah. well, i mean -- lou: you can imagine their discomfort. >> well, i don't think they really believe that it's possible. i think they've been lulled into the view that the way obama's performed the past seven years is basically the wave of the future for the united states, honestly. that's one of the reasons i thought national security needs to be at the center of this political debate. because i don't think the american people view the obama presidency as anything but an aberration. i'd say that domestically as well as internationally. and that's why the debate over the republican party is so important here. because on the democratic side whether it's hillary clinton or bernie sanders, it will be a continuation of barack obama. no question about it. lou: i could not agree with you more. the continuation is from 1996 when we started watching from the balanced budget forward to running now half trillion dollar deficits, soon to return to trillion dollar deficits with 19 trillion in debt.
11:47 pm
you said it's a national security campaign year, and the focus of national security and every other issue is how this great superpower with $19 trillion in debt and deficits in perpetuity can rearm, can rebuild our military and assert our role in the globe. it's far from a certain thing. >> yeah, look, this is the truism, i think, that we're going to see brought forward, we need to, that you cannot have a strong american presence in the world without a strong domestic economy, and that means getting the deficit down and the debt down. but you can't have the strength we do without seeing the interrelationship between the policies. and if that means, frankly, cutting more domestic spending so we can have the military buildup we need, i think we need presidential candidates who are prepared to say that. lou: john bolton, i've got one last question. we're way over time, but i've got to ask you, romney suggesting there was a bombshell
11:48 pm
in trump's tax returns. do you think that mitt romney should apologize to donald trump for playing in all of that muck? >> well, i don't understand what the point of that intervention was. look, eventually, they're all going to have to release their tax returns anyway. the one i'm waiting to see is hillary clinton's. i just can't wait to see how much she's gotten in speakers fees and how she's going to justify that. put it all out there. i think trump is not ashamed of his tax returns. go for it. lou: and i know that in your concern about those other tax returns you knecht -- neglected my question which was whether or not mitt romney should apologize. was that an oversight? [laughter] >> no, that was not an oversight. lou: it was artful. >> another bump in the road here. lou: there you go. ambassador bolton, as always, great to have you here. >> thank you, lou. lou: trying to quit smoking? watch this. a kentucky man's e-cigarette
11:49 pm
battery explodes. i mean, look at that. good lord! exploding in his pocket. he ran out of the store, he fell to the ground. the clerks chase after him with a fire extinguisher to put out flames. you would have thought he would run toward them, especially with his pocket on fire as it were. he suffered second-degree burns, and that's all we can report tonight. turning to wall street, stocks moving higher, a lot high. the dow up 212 points, the nasdaq up 40, volume picking up to 4.1 billion shares. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day on the salem radio network. in other news tonight, new york giants' star jason pierre-paul is suing espn for publishing his private medical information. he blew fingers off his right hand in a july 4th fireworks accident last year. "sports illustrated" swim suit model chrissy teigen after she reveals she had chosen the sex of her child not yet born,
11:50 pm
obviously, during invitro fertilization. she chose to have a daughter. sea world admitted today some of its workers posed as animal rights activists, peta accused see world of organizing protests so that its members would be arrested. that's entrapment. and police in cincinnati searching for a thief who is stealing rogaine. police haven't released much information about the suspect who remains at large. they would only say he is bald. before we go to break, take a look at these spectacular shots. these are snow murals by artist simon beck. he uses snowshoes to create each elaborate piece on the snow. it takes him up to 11 hours. he walks about 25 miles in order to mark out the pattern that is you see there. he says he started making these murals as a form of exercise. now, that is an extraordinary exercise in art. up next, a new york times columnist joking that the only
11:51 pm
way to end trump's presidential bid would be an assassination attempt. where is the outrage? fox news jedediah bila and heath manning of the women's manning of the women's independent forum join me next.
11:52 pm
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lou: joining us tonight, let's
11:55 pm
start with the florida polls showing great vulnerability. rubio can't even get ahead in the polls in his own state. what's going on? >> like the rest of the country, in florida a large contingents of voters are siding with donald trump. candidates not named donald trump will struggle. lou: you make it sounds like once they are gone, then, oh, my gosh, that poll will change and rubio will be a white horse riding along the shoreline as the waves caress the beach. >> question quinnipiac asked voters cruz wins, rubio wins, rubio would even take a 3-way race. as long as there are five
11:56 pm
candidates in the race trump will remain at the front of the line. lou: that's the desperation for some of the candidates to get out. >> if you talk to people in florida, i have a lot of friends there. a lot of people have been unhappy with rubio. they feel he abandoned what he said he was going to do. they are not happy. a lot of the people i have spoken to. i don't think this is a state that -- i know it's his state, but that doesn't mean you get to bring home the bacon if you know what i mean. lou: cruz is ahead of trump in texas in most of the polls, significantly in one. it's hard to sometimes realize no one is talking about the fact these are two first-term senators. hadley, haven't we had -- don't we have scene experienced basis
11:57 pm
to say shouldn't you do something before you become president of the united states? >> one term in the senate is more political experience than donald trump has. but the people supporting trump -- lou: i didn't see you political experience, i said experience. what have they ever done, what have they ever achieved. >> he served as solicitor general in the state of texas and rubio was speaker of the house in florida. they have been working in state government and leaders in their state. lou: they are professional politicians. >> you can make that argument. >> i'm not make an argument, imjust pointing out the facts -- i am just pointing out the facts. >> they say you have got a jaded view of the country.
11:58 pm
the appeal of donald trump is he's a real-life guy. get somebody who has run a business and has seen the ups and downs of these policies when you talk about hiring and firing people, when you talk about how these policies affect your ability t -- to succeed. lou: let's turn to what is likely determinate and that's women. they will play a large role in the outcome of this election. both parties for ultimately who becomes president. why in the world are so many women, liberal and minorities voting liberal and what can republicans do about it?
11:59 pm
>> the conservative base and the republican party has a lot of work to do here. it's not just women as a monolithic voting bloc. lou: they voted for obama, that's pretty monolithic. lou: what can the republican party do about it if anything? >> first of all candidates need to stop saying things that sound sexist. i's been accused of making comments and he made comments about women. lou: we are talking about what they can do. we'll have to take that up another time. we are out of time. >> sounds great. i'll come back and we'll talk about it. lou: jedediah, will you come back, too? >> yes.
12:00 am
lou: 71% of you say governor abbott's endorsement of ted cruz will do no more to help him than governor haley's did for marco rubio. kennedy: well, you have to be out of your mind to run for president. and i'm watching an also ran try to trip up the frontrunner in a crazy sprint. mitt romney is going after donald trump after taxes and the irony is so rich it may name a building after itself. rich people don't like anyone peeping into their finances. when romney lagged with his finances in 2012, harry reid took to the floor to start big foot rumors that romney had been funneling his money. >> the word is out he hasn't


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