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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  February 26, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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received a tweet from donald trump. he is teasing the big announcement coming up at 12:3 eastern. we will be at fort worth, texas convention center, 12:3 eastern. big crowd, get there, big announcement to be made. you are going to find out. neil: i have an idea, great show, thank you very much. the big announcement in half an hour after the big debate last night. i suspect more to the point the follow-up from that debate. you note the drill, donald trump tweets and candidates, the victims of tweets or targets. then something went very of ride. marco rubio taking all of those tweets and responding to them in real rapid-fire time.
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>> you want to have a little fun? what is donald trump doing when things go wrong? he takes to twitter. i have the right here. let's read some. we will have fun. number one here is the first one. light weight marco rubio was working hard last night. this is true. the problem is he's a talker. once the talker, always that choker. guess what that is what he meant to say. he spelled it choakechoaker. he called me mr. meltdown. he went backstage during one of the breaks and was having at melt down. he had this make a thing of lying to make up around his mustache. one of those wet mustachees. then he asked for a full length mirror. don't know why because the podium goes up to here but he wanted a full length mirror. maybe to make sure his pants weren't wet.
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i don't know. [cheers and applause] >> then i see him picking back and forth that he is of in that corner talking to someone waiting his arms up and down trying to calm down. i am a talker. next week. white we choker marco rubio looked like a little boy on stage, not presidential material with him and light weight but spelled it leightweight . looks like will stuart: on stage. i would not be the youngest president that he would be the oldest president ever elected. it is a eight year term so you start to worry. last one. every poll said i won the debate last night. this was him about himself.
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great her owner. here is what -- that is what i am thinking. three tweets, misspelled words so badly. i only reach the conclusion, number one, that is how they still those words at the wharton school of business or number 2, just like chuck tower in must have hired a foreign worker to do his own tweets. neil: we don't know weather that had anything to do with this announcement from donald trump in 27 minutes he's going to make a major announcement in fort worth, texas. it has a lot of folks thinking it will be in response to marco rubio's comments the short time ago in dallas, tx. this week we are getting, at fort worth convention center, big crowd, big announcement to
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be made. we don't know what is in store but we are positing possible guesses. we have dagen mcdowell. what is going on? dagen: marco rubio has been drinking some energy. he is certainly energized by his performance last night. hard to tell when you are watching on tv but marco rubio is acting like he really got to donald trump. maybe he saw something and felt something. last night we couldn't even see on tv. the only problem is you have vote is going out supertuesday and march 15th to these primaries and they are not coalescing around one non trump candidate. it is marco rubio and ted cruz taking almost equal share of the votes. that is going to prevent them from overtaking his lead. and marco rubio is doing
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something people feel is in authentic. this is not the marco rubio people have gotten to know. he's being very sassy and funny but if they think he is taking it, that won't help him. neil: hard to judge these things. it was unusual these comments out of marco rubio of all people, a few weeks ago chastised for being robotic, repeating himself, trying to shed that image. when you engage donald trump on the tweets and responding to the tweets and risking his wrath is it the case for the candidacy, nothing to lose or he has got a giant on the ropes. what do you think? >> he has caught on to two crucial points and one is the only way to hit back at donald trump is to be insulted, that gets under his skin and the only thing that gets under his skin, talking about his policy record
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or donations to democrats, effective in getting at him and rattling him and throwing him. neil: what do you think, the approach he has taken in the past? i don't want to engage in the insult game and he is going indeed the, is he doing so because to my poimy point he ha >> when you look like you're having the new court the voters donald trump is courting. he is doing standup comedy routine and people really like that. you don't really get into the weeds of policy details but marco rubio realizes that is not going to win the nomination contest and that is why donald trump has been so successful and he did really well. i thought he was funny.
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those 1-liners. neil: if he was in the debate last night, we are replacing those clips as well. others you didn't catch but i always think of it as some candidates, or are pigeonholed into this thing and people didn't discover, this woman dagen mcdowell is fantastic sense of humor, off the charts. when people see that, at they see you in a different perspective. is this marco rubio's way of saying i am not robotic? i have a pretty fast which on this, you can agree or disagree, but he's clearly responding and reading in salts against him, and i don't know if i would always do that, they referred to my weight and i get vulnerable when they happen. is this opening up the new light
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on marco rubio? you could argue too little too late, or is it a good time for this? dagen: is never too late because he did need to do this some months ago but part of is you have been booby for so long by this guy who towers over you, once you get the best of him when you talk about his parents and inheritance, donald trump got really ain't free. there is energy and excitement that marco rubio is getting from that. may be this is part of marco rubio's personality we haven't seen. laura ingraham said politics is supposed to be fun. we are supposed to kind of
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enjoyed this. >> people like it and nothing i can think of with george bush, he was seeing al gore and there was a little moment in the first debate when al gore stepped into his space and bush looked back and not his head. it was a little thing but that'll things like that can define an impression, donald trump has a great sense of humor, now how all hilly and respond to a guy with a pretty good sense of humor himself and unafraid to unleash something. >> the two candidates, this has become more of a two candidate races after that debate and it
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was before. neil: ted cruz could do a stand-up act. not so fast. >> i thought ted cruz came off as stodgy. he was on offense but he didn't have the same punch each humorous almost dramatic flair we saw from marco rubio. whether that was staged is almost irrelevant and ted cruz maybe not as much of that type of politician. that could hurt him in an election where for better or worse entertainment seems to be the driving factor. dagen: one quick thing, marco rubio gets major major respect last night for being able to kind of land punches against donald trump when he is bullying him and do it with a smile. how many people have i had to take on over the years and i get to the point i really want to bite the tip of their nose off. neil: i would never know that. very interesting.
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trump is the master at this game but i am wondering if we see marco rubio like a little yoda apprentice saying i get things back here. the secret carrying card as i see it or donald trump is thrown right back at his opponent, characterizing in a clear, concise way and here you have a candidate who is willing to ticket lumps and all and throw it right back at you. it could be dior point about responding to the bullied by wonderto your point about responding to the bullied by wonder if it refines things. will it move the knee let this point? >> it is more response to a redefinition any redefinition itself. is from phenomenon has turned everything we thought we knew about presidential politics on
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its head. when we came into the race there was a consensus that this would be a policy focused election with a lot accomplished governors and legislators that will do it out on policy details. it could not be further from the truth. marco rubio is picking up on that. better late than never but he is the only one who is. neil: that policy stuff and position, for news ears, thank you very much. it is interesting. we are having fun putting this in perspective because after that knockdown drag out debate last night we are seeing at least marco rubio and ted cruz later today responding in kind, doubling up, a lot was said at that deep the as to whether marco rubio and ted cruz decided to team up against donald trump. it looked that way but the bottom line is whether this is just coincidence or just a keys of unusual timing, donald trump
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is ready to make a major announcement himself. weather that will be a broadside against marco rubio and/or others or is it just coincidence, we are live in fort worth, texas when donald trump engages. he says he has a major announcement and normally when he says that he does in fact have a major announcement. what will it be? who will it be? get ready. i have a feeling this is about to get quite interesting.
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sounds like my ride's ready. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. >> marco rubio was working hard last night, this is true. the problem is he is a choker.
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once a choker, i guess that is what he meant to say. he spelled it choaker and call me mr. melt down. during two of the breaks he went back stage, having a meltdown. neil: it is not commonly used word for someone who jokes, but i am told the rubio people were referring to an earlier spelling in a donald trump tweet where he spelled it choaker. why am i saying this? that is the level of debate we are dealing with among the two premium candidates for president of the united states in the republican party. this is something that not too long ago marco rubio vowed not to do, to engage donald trump, but he did last night in the debate and is following up known media because his people
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reminded him time is wasting ahead of the supertuesday primary but more than that these kind of a tax weeked out with your spelled correctly do resonate with voters and tell donald trump. is it mutual destruction time? in ten minutes we will hear from donald trump. but they can do anything about this i have no idea. donald trump will be making what we are told is a major announcement. bullied berman more on this. >> we are awaiting donald trump, but 12:30 eastern time should be coming in a moment. what exactly is we don't know but getting to your point about the level of all this indeed have the for marco rubio it was a couple days ago when you said he wanted to stick to the issue is and then you have this debate last night in which he went after and after donald trump and did so again today. i will tell you this, just got
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off the phone a few minutes ago with a top aide to one of marco rubio's opponents in his 2010 senate race, marco rubio the republican against charlie christian became an independent, i asked that top aide be remembered this kind of marco rubio? in covering those debates and watching them in florida i don't remember that marco rubio at all. someone who is very on message, on point talking to the issue is that this aid do one of the candidate said to me know, never. couldn't have gotten more concisely she said to me marco rubio never got feisty, was always cool, always prepared but what this person saw in the debate last night had nothing to do with the way marco rubio ever handled himself at any of the previous debate. certainly a stunner, change of course, for those watching here
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now for six months. neil: you are a great reporter and you talk to a lot of folks. one thing i heard after the back-and-forth with chris christie where it looked like marco rubio had been destroyed little did we know a few days later it would be chris christie who would drop out of the race. it really bud marco rubio that he was portrayed as a stiff, dumb robot. this wasn't who he was so we quickly noticed he would engage reporters as he was traveling around the country, i take more questions, respond in the flow of the event, take more questions at town hall, meetings and the like because he didn't like the way he was portrayed as this pretty boy who was being overhandled at that came through the debate last may. it is almost like revenge of the inert. i am a card-carrying inert, the biggest and inert at fox, you
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want to show wait a minute, this isn't meet these does he risk or talk to you risk going too far and scaring people if you go this way. what do you think? >> marco rubio is a declared candidate for president, seven, eight, nine months and has been talking about message message message, issue issue issue and last night you have him saying donald trump will be selling watches in midtown manhattan had it not been for his dad. it was a pet that there. when you interview marco rubio you know this better than me he will look you in the eye, been into the camera and give his message and do that over and over again. weather that comes off as robotic or somebody issue oriented is for each person to decide but it came off and chris christie went at this as robotic in that debate and there is a
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shift from marco rubio laughing, taunting donald trump here today and last night. neil: i am showing my years here, the power of a sense of humor, not to wipe out the substantive arguments, john kennedy responding to critics that he was a ridge pretty boy and his dad was behind the election, jfk made the comment but dad never said he was going to pay for a landslide. ronald reagan, with jimmy carter, there you go again, four years later when it look like he was getting the rap for being senile and confused, turning to his opponent walter mondale and saying i won't all my opponents have youth and inexperience against him. the idea that with a quick one liner, may be lots of them, you can respond to the guy who has a
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lot of 1-liners. very different motif. >> kind of taking from's advantage and trying to turn it on him. you heard the reaction from the audience in virginia. they were just eating this of. one line after one line after one line. i remember marco rubio's announcement speech in april when he got into the race and i was asked on air what did you think of the speech and i answer was it sounds like that marco rubio speech. it has been the same one he has been giving as he did as a senate candidate and after that and for president. he stayed to that over the last two nine month and one we saw last night. very different, this was a 180. neil: i think they call this going outside your comfort zone. a button-down serious candidate just sort of letting it all fly
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and i have a suspicion that donald trump is going to respond to that and he is going to let it all fly. this is going to be like an italian dinner table. this i know. it gets ugly. everybody got. .
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neil: we are watching this podium in fort worth, texas, making a major announcement, could be a response to the broadside attacks, one liner after another after marco rubio responding to some critical trump tweets. first arranged by mitt romney who demand that candidates released tax returns to find out if he was as rich as he says or there's a bomb shell. has certified public accountant who knows about this stuff, in
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the middle of an audit, can't release these returns. might be a while. is it true when you are in the middle of an audit is not to show the press documents you are later going to be showing the irs, i assume the irs would not take kindly? >> he is under no obligation to release his tax returns. he has a right to privacy, a right to confidentiality with his personal affairs. neil: when you are a presidential candidate the requirement that they release or returns, many of them do, not all of them but the pressure is on him because obviously fairly routine for major candidates to do that. >> made the routine but not obligated to do so. if i was representing donald trump my advice to him would be do not give up your tax returns
12:29 pm
to anybody, basically 101 about representation from the government, last thing you want to do when being investigated by the irs or any agency is to speak about your personal affairs and disclose them to the public. presidential candidate or not that is the advice i would give donald trump and i hope he sticks to that. neil: people mistake the when you reveal a return in will review your words, it will reveal the income you make. >> when i heard that from mitt romney i couldn't stop laughing. as a financial guy your tax return does not reveal anything about your net worth. you could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars and your income tax returns represent how much income you earned that year, has nothing to do with your net worth. where that was coming from i have no idea and the bigger question is where did mitt
12:30 pm
romney get the information he was talking about? where did he come up with the idea that donald trump did this or that? donald trump has a right to try to sit here and my question is did mitt romney break law? there should be an investigation not of donald trump but mitt romney. where did he get that information? donald trump did not read disclose his tax returns to anybody where did mitt romney get the nerve to come up with what donald trump had. neil: i talked to some lawyers on that subject and one person's definition of explosive could be another lawyer's definition of a lawsuit. one thing people are trying to get to the bottom of is as rich as he says he is or does he -- is he generous with charities as he says he is, some of that would come a cross on his tax returns but i am wondering about the other issues i think mitt romney was intimating, that he makes a little in taxes. what would be the news when he
12:31 pm
said he tries, his goal is to paid the least he can in taxes? >> as americans we have a right to pay the least amount of tax possible within the parameters of the law. donald trump was following his right as a taxpayer, as a u.s. citizen to basically pay as little tax as the law requires. it doesn't matter if he is paying zero income tax. that is the bottom line when it comes to taxes. neil: we are waiting to hear from donald trump. he will make a major announcement in fort worth, texas with his timing is interesting coming minutes after we heard marco rubio -- sometimes humorously -- lot of people looking at that. liz macdonald, a separate issue he could make good on donald trump on suing ted cruz for what he said, blaine applies, but tae
12:32 pm
is about to read. >> with a tax return it , but he is about to read. >> with a tax return itlies , b is about to read. >> with a tax return it, but hes about to read. >> with a tax return it is interesting, ted cruz and marco rubio said they would release their tax returns, they have yet to do that and we have hillary clinton, jeb bush releasing years of tax returns. the question for donald trump, he said yes, i if you are a fairy bridge candidate, there may be a different kind of role for you. you are not like marco rubio or ted cruz. they are in a whole different money league.
12:33 pm
>> it is an interesting question. neil: it is all or nothing. >> treating out an image of what his tax returns look like. they are up to here. they are about 3 feet high. >> providing financials. i am told that they can be exhausted, but they are not the same thing. can you go on a witch hunt here? no matter what you release, the media opponents, everyone else will be all over you. >> yes. donald trump's strongest argument is saying, it yes. i am constricted and what i can do. neil: a week that proves they are not over $1 million. i assume it is substantially more than that. >> yes, it is. he is a prime target.
12:34 pm
what is the big explosive news? >> he has already said that i pry to pay as little taxes as possible. romney was changing. the legal capital gains. tax rate. this would be a different thing. liz: we will draw in the whole income inequality. neil: even dented. we know nearly two thirds of american households pay more than they pay in taxes. waiting to hear what donald trump has to say. >> lake birdman back. rebecca berg. waiting for donald trump. your thoughts on this. he may be in the situation of
12:35 pm
going after his opponents. filing a lawsuit. misrepresenting him. does he just go another route on this. remind people my reputation, my record is important. i will stand for and buy it. >> i do not think it is much of a concern for donald trump. he reacts basically to everything in this cycle. that probably is not the biggest concern for him. probably more about taking back the narrative. that is what he does so well and what he has done so well for this entire election cycle. some of what we will see in the next few minutes. neil: did you get a sense that close to the debate last night that he wants to put this tax
12:36 pm
thing to bed once and for all? it could be a wild. stray in that kind of stuff out. he would not release it. regardless of the trend in recent politics. no one else's business but donald trump. >> it did not strike me that he didn't necessarily want to put this to bed. he needed the excuse that he is being audited. neil: i am sorry. that is his definition of putting it back to bed. >> that is true. that is true. we talked about this yesterday on your fox news show. maybe this is all the timing for him. why would he release his tax returns now when he can release them in a few months when he has already wrapped up the nomination. he does not have to worry about the performances. any time to release his tax
12:37 pm
returns, now would not be the best time for him. neil: all right. do we know what rubio's next event would be? what cruises doing today. >> a are flying all over. i can tell you, neil, ted cruz just wrapped up in event in, let's see here, in nashville, tennessee. donald trump saying, say that donald trump last night, at the debate, had a "tough one." that is a note that i'm reading here. they are all flying all over the place, really, for super tuesday. four and five days from now. i would add that we do not know what will be happening at this trump announcement. i can tell you, i have reached out to the campaign. they have not gotten back.
12:38 pm
they are probably quite busy right now. the last major announced it was an endorsement. that being sarah palin. almost the worst kept secret that it would be sarah palin. going from alaska to des moines. that kind of connected the dots. no one could get it before hand. the trump people would not confirm anything. neil: liz. liz: it could be chris christie endorsing donald trump. we do not know. that could be coming. it could be an endorsement of donald trump. that donald trump could be announcing. neil: christie that just brought down marco rubio. rubio was finished. all of a sudden, two days later, it was chris christie that was
12:39 pm
finished. a way to deflect all the stuff that has been going on lately. >> or any of the other candidates. neil: we will take a very quick break here. if mister trump -- ♪ parnell is focused on delivering innovative solutions to unmetanimal health needs in the 70 billion dollar pet market. we have core competences in drug discovery and development, regulatory filings, we have our own fda approved manufacturing facility and we have a significant commercial presence in 14 countries. zydax is our lead compound that we've been marketing in australia zydax affectively regenerates cartilage and can literally save lives. we had one of our sales executives tell us a story of seeing a dog in a clinic that just four weeks earlier had been brought in to be euthanized. the pet parents had to carry the dog
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12:43 pm
that was marco rubio's way of calling donald trump a loser. this comes out of snl material. we do not know exactly what he is going to say. we do know that donald trump is expected to make a major announcement. what that is, no idea. this whole issue is alive and well. i spoke to the former president of mexico. dropping the f bomb twice against donald trump. happily building a wall along the u.s. mexican border. he does not believe that would be the case. sheriff, the crazy zone here. what do you make of where we're going? >> i think that we need a sheriff to come in between these
12:44 pm
guys. dennis: the candidates were calling out trump last night. what are you going to do with this wall? presumably, the mexicans will pay. is that your solution for the immigration next? they were demanding specifics. i am just wondering, what has happened to this issue? >> president obama has literally failed to protect the country. that is why people across this country are so flipping angry. they have been releasing actual murderers and rapists. all of these things that donald trump has been saying. that smaller portion makes up a large number. 67,000. 90,000 in the last couple of years alone. when you release these violent criminals from other countries back into our communities, back
12:45 pm
into our countries, that dings are going to happen. not just build this wall or this fence, which i physically did with my soldiers, we do not need to thousand miles of border friends, we need 700 miles. >> the other 1300 national geographic divisions that would make it tough to cross. >> combat. the train expert that advised the military, you have these various interlocking with rough terrain. >> he was mentioning this. he just added a megaphone to it. >> absolutely. >> obviously they were criticizing the solution to this problem. they went on. particularly, rubio.
12:46 pm
a lot of simplified solutions. talking in circles. what did you make of it? >> finally, we have a leader that will stand up and say, we will put america first for once. trade, to be unbalances to our foreign-policy with dealing with iran and the enemies of america. how about the border. people in my state, i hear it everywhere, are screaming. putting america first for once. neil: we shall see. thank you for tuning in. we are waiting for donald trump. he is supposed to be making a major announcement. everything they say. huge debt. okay. elizabeth macdonald is back with us. charles payne. charles payne, donald trump after last night and then this
12:47 pm
drive, marco rubio, we are entering a home in this campaign. >> there is no doubt. watching the debate last night was really tough at times. the part of it, that is correct. never been anything wrong with an occasional apology. i have to tell you something, talking about the wall. even donald trump has mentioned he has had to hire illegals. you want more details in this. when illegals come over, there will not be jobs for them to get
12:48 pm
geared we really want to talk about a broader solution. donald trump. believe me, i do that, too. every other tweet. >> i think that i know what this is about. certain former presidential candidate. >> winning big. i am very nervous about that. a very interesting experience. >> there was a a lot of great moments. should. >> we were very happy with the reviews. describing to people outside. it is my honor this morning to introduce somebody that is a real standout. he has been my friend for many years. a spectacular governor.
12:49 pm
a wonderful person. a wonderful, loyal person. doing a wonderful job. totally destroying marco rubio. i said, are you all right? you know, giving credit for that. he is a real talent. i would like to introduce him. he will say something that i think you will find very, very interesting. thank you. >> think you for being here. i am proud to endorse donald trump for president of the united states. i am doing this for a number of reasons. donald and i have been friends for over a decade. he has been a good and loyal friend to our family. over the years, we have had a lot of wonderful times together. not only for the stated university, the charities that we have worked with.
12:50 pm
i absolutely appreciate. secondly, i have been on that stage. i have to know all the people on that stage. there is no one that is better prepared to provide america with the better support that they need. he is looking at the five people on the stage last night. a clear standout. the person that will do exactly what needs to be done. he will provide strong unequivocal leadership. he will do what needs to be done to protect the american people. both in the homeland and creating jobs for this country. he will make sure that people around the world now. donald trump keeps a promise. i have experienced that over my own friendship with them.
12:51 pm
what the american people and allies around the world will understand. third, there is no doubt in my mind. i have been saying this right from the time i answered my campaign. nominating the person who gives the best chance to be close. i can guarantee you, not wanting to see on that stage, come september is donald trump. they know how to run the standard playbook. against the junior senators. rewriting the playbook. rewriting the playbook of american politics. providing strong leadership that is not dependent on the status quo. the best person to beat hillary clinton in november on that stage last night is undoubtably dom of trump. i am thrilled to be here this morning. i will lend my support now and
12:52 pm
november. in any way that i can for donald. and even better campaign that it has already been. helping him do whatever he needs to do. everything that we wanted to be for our grandchildren and children. he is somebody that will lead the republican party to victory in november over hillary clinton. the single most important thing we can do. i think him for his friendship. i thank him for all the kindness he has shared over the years. for seeing that there was a need for strong leadership in this country. for being willing to step out of the private sector. at a time when our party and nation so desperately needed. i am happy to be on the trump team. >> thank you very much, chris. great honor.
12:53 pm
okay. [inaudible] >> listen, the fact is, desert people do desperate dings. i have seen it throughout politics and so have you. marco rubio getting side knowledge from ted is an interesting thing. what donald trump is about is people of this country. i heard some of senator rubio were marks. when will we start talking about them? middle-class people in this country are suffering.
12:54 pm
the fact that we cannot any longer as a country stand up and defend ourselves. for any of that from senator rubio. flailing punches in the last days of a losing campaign. the fact of the matter is, no one can get inside this guys head. he has lived a lot of life. he has had lots of fights and battles. there is no better fighter than donald trump. he will fight for the american people. >> this is a big endorsement. >> generally speaking. i could have had many endorsements. i did not want to take the time in the two hours in the dinners and everything else. it just was not worth it.
12:55 pm
our standing family. he has done a great job. i think that this is the one endorsement that i felt very strongly about. that i wanted to get. >> i will tell you about that. i walked back there. he is with a pile of makeup putting it on his face. i said marco, easy with the makeup. you do not need it that much. he was right over here. i actually looked at him. he just looked like he cannot if they swimming pool. he was a mess. i saw him backstage. [inaudible] >> never even had that discussion. we have this great relationship.
12:56 pm
i just said wow. that is really great. to me, this is something that makes sense. ask any person. [inaudible] >> excuse me. a civil case. i have warned much of it. it is a punic case. it is a very small case. i will end up winning. i could have settled it many times. i could settle it now. i do not want to. i have a very good record. most of these people signed my report cards. they will win the case. much of the cases have already been one. >> a decision to make.
12:57 pm
what does it come down to? >> first of all, let me respond to that. i am a former federal prosecutor. the mishandling of classified information. we have to go to specialized rooms that were sealed from any kind of intrusion. those were sitting on a private e-mail server. trying to compare that to a civil lawsuit where someone is suing for money is a complete misunderstanding. excuse me. you are setting up a question. you are trying to equate a civil lawsuit against him with the mishandling of classified information that could put
12:58 pm
american national security at risk. it is ridiculous. the fact is after the campaign was over, mary pat and i went home and we took a deep breath. i needed to do that a week after the new hampshire primary and present that to the people of new jersey. then we sat down as a family. me, mary pat and my children. i concluded that we wanted to be with the person that we sought to provide the strongest leadership for america in the person that could best make sure that hillary clinton never gets within 10 miles of the white house. the only choice was donald trump. the best choice was donald trump. one that prides loyalty. we have been good friends with donald and his family for many
12:59 pm
years. there was no choice in my mind. yesterday morning, coming out in the road to taxes with me. we did it. that is how the process went. [inaudible] >> somebody who barely shows up for work. talking about somebody else being unprepared.
1:00 pm
senator rubio has shown himself to be wholly unprepared as president of the united states. nothing has changed my mind now. making executive decisions. executive decisions throughout his life. putting together budgets and making sure that money is spent efficiently and effectively. making sure that the company is moving forward. this guy knows how to do that better than anyone on the stage. this campaign has a long way to go. there will be lots of conversation still to have. he is strong enough to take on the d.c. establishment. that is what is represented by senator rubio. akins a guy that will come together to fight the d.c. establishment. the failure of both sides doing something that is worthwhile.
1:01 pm
i intend to be a resource in any way that i possibly can before him. i have absolute confidence of his ability to get in there. >> i think i told you about 12 times yesterday. many years they have been under audited. i am audited every year. many of those have been in the finish. we have some left. a routine audit, i think. i will not be going and releasing because that would not be a very good aim to do. yes, though i had. >> i did not even know he endorsed. yes. go ahead.
1:02 pm
[inaudible] >> the wall just got 10 feet higher. i gave it to you yesterday. chris can tell you, can you imagine if i use that language? it would be a major scandal. you would have five times as more. it was disgraceful the way he went about saying it. mexico will pay for it. mexico will pay for the wall. the reason is very simple. fifty-eight, $58 billion in trade deficits. the wall is a fraction of that. we will get it done and mexico will pay for it. >> do not be nervous. do not worry about it.
1:03 pm
[inaudible] >> good question. thank you. i think a lot. people are angry. they are upset by what is going on in the economy. they are upset by virtually everything. nothing good happens. there is a very angry group of people out there. they are angry at what is happening to our country. [inaudible] >> stay with me. we will get you jobs. they work hard. they put that up to their neck and then they cannot get a job when they graduate. we are not creating good jobs. they are going out of our country. pfizer is leaving and moving to ireland. it is disgraceful. yes, go ahead.
1:04 pm
[inaudible] >> how did you know i was talking to mister trump? listen, i think you watch what rubio has been putting on over the last few weeks. part of his talking points are to be entertaining and talk a lot. it is one act after the other. that is why it is a governor from the state capital. what i most consistently said was the problem is washington, d.c. this is the person that took washington, d.c. and will turn the place around. we do not need any more washington politicians.
1:05 pm
donald trump is the best person. there was a period of time that i was running against him. he wanted to beat me. we had open conversations about it. who is the best person. this is the best person to do that. turn away from the amateur acts. and on mac. >> no. anyone that is willing to
1:06 pm
listen. not just members, the american people, you need a strong, tough leader to restore america's greatness. this is the best person to do that. i think they can take whatever message they like. people do best with me. they just listen. they listen to what i say. i do not send smoke signals. i am endorsing the person that they think is the best person to be. restore the faith and confidence of the american people again. mitt romney to donald trump. feeling very different. >> doing what you think. polls are all over the place.
1:07 pm
>> i think that we have a great shot. i have many friends in texas. many, many friends. i am here a lot. i think that we have a good chance. look at south carolina. that was a stronghold. i won by 22 points. i want military. i want the vets. i want everything. i want every single category. the same thing in nevada. we came in and we want every category. you know, it was supposed to be a stronghold. he lost by a lot. a really good chance of texas. i saw the bloomberg poll came out. massive leads in every state. doing very well in texas. i think that we will do very well. i am here now.
1:08 pm
my relationship to taxes. so many friends. >> a little bit more about senator rubio. >> look, he is a desperate guy. i have been watching him. he is not presidential material. does not have the demeanor. he is a nervous nellie. i watched him backstage. he is a mess. i joked recently. sitting there waiting for a meeting. rubio walks in and he is totally dressed. i do not think he is a presidential. i do not think he is a presidential caliber. i do not think he has demeanor. he is a mass. i love florida. i invested hundreds of millions of dollars.
1:09 pm
i own many clubs. i own many. >> a lot of other people. i am a major investor. one of the biggest. frankly, the people in florida like me. having a 20-point lead over the sitting senator, remember, the city senator abandoned florida. if you think about it, he defrauded florida. they elected him as a young senator. he starts running for president. he is not the right guy, in my opinion. i think he has the absolute wrong temperament to be president. [inaudible]
1:10 pm
>> they did speculate that he would be my vice presidential. i will be honest with you. i never even had it in mind. i do not think he had the right temperament. i watched chris. i almost had never seen a melt down in that in my life. i have watched people choke over the years. once a choker, always a choker. it never ever changes. the guy that misses the kick, this is the kick. it does not work. once a joker, always a joker. that was one of the epic meltdowns. good going, chris. [laughter] [inaudible] >> i want to discuss that. we did not talk about it. we actually did not talk about
1:11 pm
it. >> releasing your taxes. >> let me tell you something. we joke about establishment. i think it is very unfair. for many, many years, i have been audited. they have never been audited. i was with someone the other day. a very rich guy. he did not know what i was talking about. i have many, many rich fans. why am i audited every single year? until my audit is finished, it is pretty simple. you will not see anything. i will not complicate things. put yourself in my position. every year doing his ceremony. every single year, i am audited.
1:12 pm
it is not fair. i can't tell you why. many, many people that i know that are very wealthy are not audited. >> marco rubio. in the business. >> i totally would. $200 million from my father. i wish. i got a very small loan from my father many years ago. i built that into a massive empire. i paid by father back. chris was telling me. he understands. my father left me some money. by that time, many, many years later that my father passed
1:13 pm
away. this guy, this lightweight, 200 million. i got a call from my brother. how does he say that? that is not true. they understand. we have five in the family. it is really a shame. i call it the failing "new york times." really an accurate reporting. they go out of their way. they try to make a correction. they made a statement about it. i do not know where they got it. growing by a fact there. by a fortune.
1:14 pm
it is now worth billions and billions and billions of dollars. trump tower. the bank of america building in san francisco. ninety avenue of the americas. some of the best land. home of the open championship. referring to as the british open. my property like nobody would ever believe. among the best properties anywhere in the world. >> my father gave $200 million. in the early 1980s. the 1970s. there was not $200 million. the first call i got was from my sister. the second was from my brother late at night. why are they allowed to say
1:15 pm
this? because he is a liar. now, i will also call marco rubio. some of those companies are very successful companies. for instance, a lot of money. i got a lot of money for it. he mentions the wine company. that is having to do, i make vodka all for my clubs. i have many clubs. we make vodka for the clubs. he said it was closed. it is not closed. [inaudible] >> i would certainly think about it. for some reason it did not work out for me, he would understand it. i do not need to do this.
1:16 pm
we're going to make america great again. politicians are not going to do that. they will not do it. marco rubio is a lightweight. he can never make us great. >> do you know if he can write the money off? >> as you said, you are a former federal prosecutor. >> i am the governor of the state of universities. i have every expectation that i will fulfill the end of my term and then go on to private life and make money like trump. that is what i intend to do. i have not been offered a position. i do not speculate on those sorts of things.
1:17 pm
i intend to fulfill my term. like i said, going off into a private sector. one year in our marriage. we have been married 30 years in march. making more money in a year than she did. that will be my goal. >> thank you, everyone. we have thousands and thousands of people. you will be very impressed. >> thank you, all. >> a test pass, it if you will. trying to work around that the publicity. today, some zingers with donald trump. coming out and supporting a guy a little more than a few weeks ago. a very good entertainer. chris christie said he thought of all the candidates still in
1:18 pm
the race and decided to support donald trump for president of the united states. a very powerful backing. he was seen as sort of an establishment guy. if there is such a thing. who could sort of take out donald trump. he was among those names of consensus figures in the party. it is fair to say, that is no longer the case. once more, making it very clear that they are not big fans of marco rubio. whether he and chris christie spotted sent chris christie had dropped out of the race. they exchanged voicemail messages. it is very clear that the children continues. coming up with this today. whether chris christie is a potential running mate for donald trump.
1:19 pm
last with the governor in new hampshire. this very issue came up. this is what chris christie said that in a new hampshire. >> as a running mate, you could be that guy. >> i certainly could be, but i won't be. i will be taking a running mate. neil: if this did not happen -- >> i had allowed that romney to consider me last time. >> okay. you never run for vice president. you never turn it down either. what does all of this mean? fundraiser extraordinaire. blake birdman. we have scott brown. the former massachusetts senator. we begin with you. what do you make of the endorsement?
1:20 pm
whatever intros the two senators were making last night in that debate. >> a dear friend. a lot of respectful or him. i think that it is very good for donald. a sense of stability. you saw how he handled the questions. that is why i never really liked him. a great move. i am glad he joins me. there are others coming on board. a wide base of people coming on board. kicking some butt and taking some numbers. >> i wonder what this means to the big donors. gravitating to marco rubio. and whether this is a former
1:21 pm
establishment guy for lack of a better term. i don't think you want to call me that. i don't like this guy trump. >> here is what folks are reminding the voters on. while the establishment is inking a moving towards him, they do not like the establishment. taking on being the establishment. neil: what do you think of that? >> a lot of people like i have been hearing. looking out marco rubio. if you are going to be double hammered i chris christie and donald trump on marco rubio, they will not be sure that he is
1:22 pm
ready for the job. they still think he is kind of green. i think that this does not have much at all for marco rubio. donors are sitting a lot on their checks right now. i do not want to throw good money in the bag. they are sitting on the check. again and again and again. our question for you is this. do you consider that that is a possible running mate? and excellent -- >> yes. neil: you wanted your running mate to do something that the presidential candidates do not feel like doing.
1:23 pm
would you have room for chris christie in your administration. the answer was, yes. what -- out of his element. christie is repeatedly doing it going after hillary clinton. just time and again saying i would serve a subpoena. i have convicted harris. he said, right now, chris christie's said he is protecting the american people. protecting the homeland. getting them uncomfortably out of the element. >> we will have much more on this. chris christie the former presidential candidate. chris christie has come out and announce he has supported donald trump for president. donald trump in that same press
1:24 pm
conference. he is weighing all sorts of running mates. echoed again that he is looking for a politician. someone with a national half. could it be christie? we will seep. ♪
1:25 pm
1:26 pm
1:27 pm
. . >> i am proud to be here to endorse donald trump for president of the united states. neil: all right, politics makes strange bedfellows. they are indeed friends, donald trump and chris christie. but they became fierce political rivals. when the donald trump phenomena non-became so big, eclipsed other straight-shooter in the race, chris christie and ultimately forced him out. there wasn't enough room for all of these guys. chris christie comes back to support the man he once said was good entertainer but wouldn't make good president. that was then this is now.
1:28 pm
are we looking at republican ticket? that is anyone's guest. when i raised it who would he like to be a possible running mate for a possible nominee, listen to what type of guy he was looking for. let me ask you a if you don't mind me indulging, do you look at certain types of people, i know it is early, you remind me of that, do you look at certain types, governor, senator, or look at those offset, they're outside the box guy with someone kind of inside the box or what? >> i would think, and i'm not even, you know, discussing it with you because you're asking to discuss it. number one, i want to win. after i win i can think about this. there are legally, really good people we know. while i'm the fact i'm political, i'm not a politician i would want to choose a politician. neil. he went on to explain choosing a politician, governor, would be senator or didn't get into individual names but someone already in a political, in a political office.
1:29 pm
john kasich's name come up, ohio governor. anyone's guess where this goes. but i do want to get a read from lizzie macdonald who has been listening and watching all this. what do you think? >> interesting what he said he want ad politician because donald trump went after chris christie, the new hampshire newspaper, union leader endorsed chris criminality. donald trump brought out cannons what were political skills embracing president barack obama during the 2012 election after hurricane sandy? what about bad credit rating for. and questioning his gubernatorial skills. and did you seriously not know about the the george washington bridge scandal? that is nasty game of politics. i think it can be set aside. what does chris christie bring to donald trump. it makes donald trump look presidential and chris christie can be attack dog for the trump campaign.
1:30 pm
neil: what you used to want with a running mate, tim carney, "washington examiner," you want vice-presidential, running mate to be attack dog. we veered from that in recent memory. what do you think of these two on a ticket? >> i think christie will be a good attack dog. if that is who he goes with, chris christie as running mate the kind of coalition he is trying to build. his weakness is now, he is totally, trump is totally outside the republican party. his weakness is with conservatives, people who follow issues and care about conservative issues because trump doesn't. with the republican establishment because he is trying to burn down the republican party. that is what he is campaigning on. this is corrupt party. i'm torring it down to rebuild it. reaching out to the establishment. chris christie always irked conservatives. is there any way to reach out to conservatives or push them aside and push populist establishment coalition? for me the next question, will christie donors, will lobbyists who love chris christie, will think be convinced by this to
1:31 pm
come on board with the trump campaign? they often signaled they prefer trump to conservative like cruz. this could be beginning of trump establishment piece that can push conservatives to the side. neil: i always got the notion during the campaign, however, though, that to the establishment i know that is overused term. anyone compared to trump is looked upon favorably. maybe with the exception of ted cruz. >> yeah. neil: so if, if you're chris christie, establishment remembers about the sandy hurricane and his dealings with president obama, i think you know, the governor got a bum rap on a lot of that stuff but nevertheless it did irk a lot of romney loyalist who is felt just when romney was surging in the polls, that storm and his behavior with the president hurt that momentum. so he is not exactly that is governor christie, a warm and fuzzy, cuddly guy with the establishment either, is he? >> no. this actually, one of the other
1:32 pm
effects chris christie just ended his career with the rest of the republican party. sort of situation where he either has to trump, has to win and give some, you know reward to christie in the white house, vp, ag, tons of money, who knows what. or chris christie is just done. i think he is happy to be done with the rest of the republican party, in part because he got beat up for that hug of obama. but, yeah christie will either be in trump administration or future of him in the republican party is over. neil: all this a time marco rubio making gains after good debate performance i remember chris christie had rave reviews after his debate performance a few weeks ago. you know what happened to him. is the same thing ironically going to happen to marco rubio as a result of what transpired in the last hour? who knows. we'll debate it and get into it after this. ! i'm trying to build something here.
1:33 pm
>>how about using fedex ground for shipping? >>i don't need some kid telling me how to run a business! i've been doing this for 4 long months. >>fedex ground can help us save money and deliver fast to our customers. not bad, kid. you remind me of a younger me. >>aiden! the dog is eating your retainer again. let's take a short 5-minute recess. fedex ground is faster to more locations than ups ground.
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>> let me tell you something. last night in the debate during one of the breaks, two of the breaks, he went backstage, he was having a meltdown. first he had this little makeup thing applying makeup around his moustache. he had one of those sweat moustaches. he asked for a full length mirror. i don't know why, podium goes up to here. he wanted full length mirror. maybe to make sure his pants weren't wet. [cheers and applause] then -- neil: so it went, it looked like
1:37 pm
the wind was at marco rubio's back from great reviews of the debate last night. then this sudden stunning development, great -- on part of donald trump. chris christie backing him for president of the united states. many are saying it's a seminal event in this race. newt gingrich saying chris christie endorsement of trump, is signal to the gop establishment they better begin thinking about trump as future. noelle nix pour is here. molly hemingway as well and lizzie macdonald. molly, what does this mean now? how does this change things or does it? >> really only thing it happens him this news cycle. he had horrible, donald trump had horrible debate performance last night. everybody knew it. both marco rubio and ted cruz landed serious punches about punches, his insults were bad. he had really bad night.
1:38 pm
anybody paying slightest bit of attention to this cycle, new by 10:00 a.m. or so he would do something outlandish. this is his best effort. it is good. it changes news cycle. chris christie is another liberal authority tearian bully likes to bash conservatives in the republican party. it reminds us who chris christie is. how crave enis is. maybe donald trump has information on him. neil: that is a little brazen. >> if donald trump is willing to go after people criticizing them by threatening them, we have entertain the possibility he is going after people in order so get their support. works both ways. neil: i think you're -- >> everybody knows chris christie has a ton of skeletons in the closet. neil: you have no proof of any of that. careful, careful. >> we should entertain the possibility. neil: noelle, what i want to ask you, what this does mean, that point molly raises look, chris chris hety is not exactly uber popular in his state.
1:39 pm
he left the presidential race right after, ripping apart marco rubio and as marco rubio still contender he is former contender. so you could argue, to molly's point that, you know, conservatives are never satisfied with either of these guys or take it to the next level, this is donald trump's race to lose. conservatives you have to get over it. these are the new sheriffs in town. maybe new ticket in town. what do you think? the. >> you know what? it may be the new ticket in town but i will tell you one thing people are forgetting about, this could be a game-changer, neil, for one reason and one reason only. i look at money. there is one, big, big donor that chris christie is very close to. he opened up his home for first time in california to do a huge fund-raiser at personal home, that is mark zuckerberg. that is a big donor. that is -- neil: zuckerberg didn't help out christie. he didn't help him out? >> well, but i'll tell you what, he does have access to him, we
1:40 pm
don't know what he is thinking. to my knowledge, i could be wrong, to my knowledge, as of yet he has not jumped in behind anybody with his money. this could be a very interesting introduction that christie could, you know, take trump to. this is something that i don't think anyone has thought of are some of the connections that chris christie does have. maybe think haven't supported him. maybe they're not doing anything but that doesn't mean he can't make the introduction. neil: liz, for money and donors and support not that donald trump needs that but, it's as much, i think to noelle's point, stalling donors who might run to alternative candidates, right? >> i think you're absolutely right. in other words we're talking about now is momentum going into super tuesday. we don't see a lot of endorsements right now. this is a shock and surprise that chris christie came out in front of super tuesday. usually see endorsements rolling in after that. possibly then money starts rolling in after that.
1:41 pm
it's a good question whether chris christie will open money taps. north important point of this, anytime a candidate like rubio, hey, he is gaining ground. he is throwing sucker-punches and jabs and right hooks at donald trump. donald trump has done this time and been. ben carson was rising in the polls. trump comes out picks it unsavory aspects of his autobiography to knock ben carson. ted cruz rising in the polls. trump said i will sue him. he is liar. questioned him on evangelical christianity. rip out the headline for rubio. looked like internet, wow, rubio, what a performance. but now, i think donald trump just stole his thunder. neil: we'll see. just to let you know in case you just got to tv or some sort of communications device, we have changing of the guard within the republican party and leadership here trying to see the future to the next nominee. and donald trump, after sort of,
1:42 pm
you know, what stumbling performance last night, fair to say, has rebounded with a suddenly, you know, side wind hook by putting chris christie in charge to say that he is going to back him for president of the united states. now would that be a sign of things to come? i don't know. what do we have? all right. donald trump again, talking to supporters in texas. >> we had a debate last night. [cheers and applause] now, i have to say, because i don't hear it from pundits as much, some of the pundits are honest, say trump won the debate and some did well, but some of these people are so dishonest, so incredible. online polls where they have hundreds of thousands of people voting we won every single online poll. [cheering] we won drudge, who by the way is fantastic guy. won online polls. that means so much. what does that mean?
1:43 pm
when you have hundreds of thousands of people calling in, believe me, i can't have my secretary sitting in calling in to get a couple of extras. so that was an honor. it has been an honor. we've been winning those polls literally from the first debate. obviously something is going very good in the debates because the big poll is really the polls coming out. in texas they just came out with a poll that we're effectively tied, the emerson poll. [cheering] and i have so many friends in texas. we are loaded up with friends in texas. and i think, i think we're going to surprise a lot of people, i'll tell you. [cheering] we're going to surprise a lot of people and it's going to be great. so i will talk a little bit about the competition. then we'll talk about our borders which we will build a wall.
1:44 pm
there will be a, will be a great wall. [cheering] and can you only imagine your ex-president of mexico, vicente fox -- [booing] you see, that's the way other countries are used to talking to the united states. no more. [cheering] he couldn't believe that somebody would say mexico has to do something, and by the way, it is that way with japan. it is that way with india. it is that way with china. it is that way with vietnam, a new one coming along. they want to be treated with tremendous respect even though they don't treat us with respect. it is going to change, folks. it is going to change. not going to be this way anymore. [cheering] so, he dropped the f-bomb and i said to myself, can you imagine
1:45 pm
if i said that? nobody mentioned it. not a big deal. not a big deal. for him it's okay. i wouldn't use that. i would not go there by the way but when he did it was absolutely fine because that's the way it is. double standards. but here's the story, we're being ripped on trade by every nation that we do business with in the world. we are going to become so good, we are going to negotiate so strongly and so tough. we're not going to have a $58 billion trade deficit with mexico. we're not going to have a $500 billion trade deficit with china. $500 billion. not going to happen. we're not going to be billions of dollars behind with japan and we're going to talk about all of that in a second but, let's talk about our lightweight senator from florida who is losing big
1:46 pm
in the polls. [cheering] so, i heard he was on television saying negative things. i see him, it all started about three or four weeks ago in new hampshire, which i won. i love the people of new hampshire. we won it big. we won it big. and we won south carolina, big, big, big. in all fairness that was going to be your senator's place. he said he was going to win south carolina and i won women, men, evangelicals, military, vets. [cheering] i won everything. we won every category. and, we won with hispanics. i love the hispanics. [cheering] because people that are in our country legally, they don't want our jobs taken away and they don't want their jobs taken away. i'm going to bring a lot of jobs back to this country. [cheering] remember that.
1:47 pm
but i saw with rubio, i saw and he is nervous wreck because here's a guy, he, no, he is a nervous basket case. here's a guy, you had to see him backstage. he was putting on makeup with a trowel. [laughter]. [shouting] i don't want to say that. i will not say that he was trying to cover up his ears. i will not say that. no, he was just trying to cover up, he was trying to cover up the sweat that, never saw, did you ever see a guy sweat like this? so, a number of weeks ago we were in new hampshire, and i got to tell you, chris was so wild, what he did. that was one of the great prosecutions i have ever seen. [cheering] and, and i'm standing in the middle, which by the way i've
1:48 pm
been for every single debate, the middle. [cheering] and i said to cnn, i'm in the middle all the time, and i say to these networks but cnn this case, so i'm in the middle, i'm number one. will you announce me as number one? o oh, no, sir. who knows you're in the middle, big deal, right? but i watched chris take a man apart, and i looked at him, honestly, i thought he was going to die, rubio. he was so scared, like a little frightened puppy. and he kept saying the obama phrase, over and over and over. so i heard it once. and i said that's fine. big deal. i'm standing here. he is right here. chris is over here. and chris was sort of cool because he was like this. [laughter] i couldn't do that. you know, i want to stand up sort of straight, i don't know. but this looked like perry mason. that's what it was.
1:49 pm
and chris started going into him. so he said the obama phrase once. that was fine. twice? he just said that. that was strange but that's okay, right, twice? then a third time, and i said, it was like a robot. and then a fourth time and fifth time, this guy is cracking up on us. and he was sweating so badly, i have never seen anything like it. it looked like he just jumped into a swimming pool with his clothing on. and i said to myself, we have tough people to negotiate with. we have putin. we have the chinese. we have wars that we're in that we are by the way, we're going to build up our military, we're going to knock out isis. [cheers and applause] we're going to knock out isis fast. remember, the great days, general george patton. general douglas mcarthur.
1:50 pm
do you think they would even be thinking about isis? by the time they pick up the telephone it's over. what is wrong? you know we don't win anymore and we're getting to that. but i have to finish with this clown over here. so, i watched this and i thought, something bad was going to happen to him. and he got through it. but barely. i'll tell you what, barely. i was almost going to go over and hold him up. think of this. we have putin. putin will meet our president and let's assume it is marco. and. [booing] and let's assume it's marco. i agree with you. we don't want him. boo, boo. and putin is sitting there waiting for a kill, and he knows all about marco because, when they put marco on to refute president obama's speech, do you
1:51 pm
remember that catastrophe? and he is like this, and we will, huh, huh, i need water. help me, i need water. help. this is on live television. this total choke artist is refuting, and you know, you know about sports. do i love sports. we love sports. we're athletes. [cheering] so you notice in sports almost always true, when you're a choke artist, you're always a choke artist. it doesn't really change. you know sadly the guy that misses the kick, and coach says, i'm going to give him another chance, unfortunately the following year, he misses the kick again. so choke artists, they choke, they choke. what is going to happen, we look at this, and he goes in to see putin and he walks in, and he is soaking wet and putin looks at him, goes, what is wrong with this guy? this will be easy pickings.
1:52 pm
believe me it, will be. i will never forget the scene. we'll go to something else more interesting, just remember this, remember this, really, really weak on illegal immigration. marco. really weak. totally in favor of amnesty, totally. totally in favor of amnesty. totally in favor. so he is getting the thing and he is doing his speech and i notice, live television, you just don't see it. nikki haley did it last time and she was good. at least she wasn't sweating like that. she was fine. she did say we're angry people. when i was at the debate, they asked me about it, are you and your people angry? no, i was supposed to say, no we're not angry. we're thrilled with the iran deal. we're thrilled with all of the problems. we're thrilled with our education is terrible. with obamacare which is terrible. no, we're not angry at all. that's what -- but they asked me the question and i said, yeah,
1:53 pm
we're really angry. we are. [cheering] we're not angry people. we're not angry people but we're angry at incompetence. i will finish off with incompetence. so he is making the thing, i said what's wrong with him? then out of nowhere he goes, on live television, is our response he choked. just like he did with christie. he is a choker. he choked with chris. i watched it both times, one time i'm right next to him and i looked at puddle on the ground, i said what is that? what is it? i wanted to know what is that? but this time this wise guy, this lightweight is going over and all of sudden, he is being drained and goes like this remember? [inaudible] ah. where is he? and then he comes back with water. and honestly, water's fine. but it should be in a glass. he has got the label of the
1:54 pm
company here and he is drinking, honestly never seen anything like it. i have never seen anything like it. and so, we are going to beat guys like that. it is guys like that. he is a nasty guy. i called him a nasty little guy but i wouldn't say that, because he is a nasty guy. and we don't need nasty. we don't need nasty. honestly there is no place for it. there is no place. he said specifics on obamacare. let me tell you something, we're going to knock out obamacare. [cheering] and remember this, when we get the insurance companies who are taking care of all these people, i'm self funding my campaign. i'm putting up my own money. [cheering] so, when the insurance companies come to me because they want to keep it the way it is because by the way they're making a fortune, because it is like a monopoly in every state.
1:55 pm
i was watching in texas there is practical monopoly. companies are not allowed to come in very easily. they can't come in. be more specific. i don't have to be specific. what will happen you will create open bidding, getting rid of borders around each state and restrictive lines each state, you will have so much competition, you will have so much bidding, that you can't really say it is one plan. you will have hundreds of different options. you will have hundreds of different plans. it is growing to be so beautiful and you will pay far less money. far less money. [cheers and applause] so, i want to just mention just a couple of words about senator cruz, who actually was, i thought, i thought -- [booing] i thought he was better. you know, last night, i thought that, i thought the deal of the night was when i looked over to
1:56 pm
rubio and i said, you remember, you're a choker, we don't want chokers in our administration, i can tell you. you're a choker and you're a liar. and, and i have had, you know i have had a lot of difficulties with ted because he just lies. i have dealt with much tougher, a guy like rubio is a baby but a guy like ted is tougher, i will tell you, actually he is tougher. he is actually smarter in all fairness. ted is actually smarter. i have to give that to him. he is a smarter person than rubio. but i deal with people. last night it was mentioned by the way, it was mentioned by father gave me $200 million. oh, i wish, i wish. i would be right now worth $500 trillion if that were the case. you know, first thing i did, get back from a call from my sister who is fantastic person and get a call from my brother who is fantastic person, they said, hey, donald, that is not true. why did they say that?
1:57 pm
you know you have failing "new york times," it is a failing newspaper, i hate to tell you, like seriously failing and they wrote an article and put something in about $200 million. believe me, i got very, very little and i built it into many, many, many billions of dollars and i'm very proud of it. but -- [cheering] i just think, i just think we have to correct, we just have to correct the record. thank you. i love you. >> trump, trump, trump, trump. [cheering] neil: all right, i don't think he is finished. donald trump -- is on fire here. >> it's rubio. [cheering]
1:58 pm
unbelievable. we like to correct the record. spend a lot of time in the laredo, texas, by the border. i was invited by border guards. by the way, i got endorsed, i got endorsed by sheriff joe arpaio. [cheers and applause] the one thing you know about sheriff joe, he is picking the toughest guy on the border, there is no games to be played with sheriff joe, who puts pink, you know what on his people that are there illegally. sheriff joe does not play games. everybody wanted his endorsement but the toughest one on the border was endorsed by sheriff joe. so. i think it is incredible. i was called by border patrol. unbelievable people.
1:59 pm
i got to know them well. a big leagues. please, let's win texas. i want to win texas. i was called by the voter patrol. these people are incredible. they really want to do the job. that is why they called me. would it be possible for you to come to texas. i said, well, i think so. fine. i will do it. i met with a lot of the border patrol folks. they are incredible, smart, tough, great people. you know who else are great people, our police are great people.
2:00 pm
our police are being abused. our police are incredible people. in fact, i just saw pictures backstage. what a group of people you have. they are incredible people. we have to put out the plug every once in a while. whether it is a mistake or a bad apple, displayed for weeks and weeks on the news. the tens of thousands of great jobs that they do, they do not get appreciated. let's hear it for the police. [cheering and applause] so, i am in laredo. they are telling me how sad it is because they can stop it. we want to stop the drugs. there will be a real wall. i am the only one that knows how to build it. all talk.


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