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  Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  February 26, 2016 12:48pm-1:18pm EST

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will not be jobs for them to get geared we really want to talk about a broader solution. donald trump. believe me, i do that, too. every other tweet. >> i think that i know what this is about. certain former presidential candidate. >> winning big. i am very nervous about that. a very interesting experience. >> there was a a lot of great moments. should. >> we were very happy with the reviews. describing to people outside. it is my honor this morning to introduce somebody that is a real standout. he has been my friend for many
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years. a spectacular governor. a wonderful person. a wonderful, loyal person. doing a wonderful job. totally destroying marco rubio. i said, are you all right? you know, giving credit for that. he is a real talent. i would like to introduce him. he will say something that i think you will find very, very interesting. thank you. >> think you for being here. i am proud to endorse donald trump for president of the united states. i am doing this for a number of reasons. donald and i have been friends for over a decade. he has been a good and loyal friend to our family. over the years, we have had a lot of wonderful times together. not only for the stated
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university, the charities that we have worked with. i absolutely appreciate. secondly, i have been on that stage. i have to know all the people on that stage. there is no one that is better prepared to provide america with the better support that they need. he is looking at the five people on the stage last night. a clear standout. the person that will do exactly what needs to be done. he will provide strong unequivocal leadership. he will do what needs to be done to protect the american people. both in the homeland and creating jobs for this country. he will make sure that people around the world now. donald trump keeps a promise. i have experienced that over my own friendship with them.
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what the american people and allies around the world will understand. third, there is no doubt in my mind. i have been saying this right from the time i answered my campaign. nominating the person who gives the best chance to be close. i can guarantee you, not wanting to see on that stage, come september is donald trump. they know how to run the standard playbook. against the junior senators. rewriting the playbook. rewriting the playbook of american politics. providing strong leadership that is not dependent on the status quo. the best person to beat hillary clinton in november on that stage last night is undoubtably dom of trump. i am thrilled to be here this morning. i will lend my support now and
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november. in any way that i can for donald. and even better campaign that it has already been. helping him do whatever he needs to do. everything that we wanted to be for our grandchildren and children. he is somebody that will lead the republican party to victory in november over hillary clinton. the single most important thing we can do. i think him for his friendship. i thank him for all the kindness he has shared over the years. for seeing that there was a need for strong leadership in this country. for being willing to step out of the private sector. at a time when our party and nation so desperately needed. i am happy to be on the trump team. >> thank you very much, chris. great honor.
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okay. [inaudible] >> listen, the fact is, desert people do desperate dings. i have seen it throughout politics and so have you. marco rubio getting side knowledge from ted is an interesting thing. what donald trump is about is people of this country. i heard some of senator rubio were marks. when will we start talking about them? middle-class people in this country are suffering.
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the fact that we cannot any longer as a country stand up and defend ourselves. for any of that from senator rubio. flailing punches in the last days of a losing campaign. the fact of the matter is, no one can get inside this guys head. he has lived a lot of life. he has had lots of fights and battles. there is no better fighter than donald trump. he will fight for the american people. >> this is a big endorsement. >> generally speaking. i could have had many endorsements. i did not want to take the time in the two hours in the dinners and everything else. it just was not worth it.
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our standing family. he has done a great job. i think that this is the one endorsement that i felt very strongly about. that i wanted to get. >> i will tell you about that. i walked back there. he is with a pile of makeup putting it on his face. i said marco, easy with the makeup. you do not need it that much. he was right over here. i actually looked at him. he just looked like he cannot if they swimming pool. he was a mess. i saw him backstage. [inaudible] >> never even had that discussion. we have this great relationship.
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i just said wow. that is really great. to me, this is something that makes sense. ask any person. [inaudible] >> excuse me. a civil case. i have warned much of it. it is a punic case. it is a very small case. i will end up winning. i could have settled it many times. i could settle it now. i do not want to. i have a very good record. most of these people signed my report cards. they will win the case. much of the cases have already been one. >> a decision to make.
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what does it come down to? >> first of all, let me respond to that. i am a former federal prosecutor. the mishandling of classified information. we have to go to specialized rooms that were sealed from any kind of intrusion. those were sitting on a private e-mail server. trying to compare that to a civil lawsuit where someone is suing for money is a complete misunderstanding. excuse me. you are setting up a question. you are trying to equate a civil lawsuit against him with the mishandling of classified information that could put
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american national security at risk. it is ridiculous. the fact is after the campaign was over, mary pat and i went home and we took a deep breath. i needed to do that a week after the new hampshire primary and present that to the people of new jersey. then we sat down as a family. me, mary pat and my children. i concluded that we wanted to be with the person that we sought to provide the strongest leadership for america in the person that could best make sure that hillary clinton never gets within 10 miles of the white house. the only choice was donald trump. the best choice was donald trump. one that prides loyalty.
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we have been good friends with donald and his family for many years. there was no choice in my mind. yesterday morning, coming out in the road to taxes with me. we did it. that is how the process went. [inaudible] >> somebody who barely shows up for work. talking about somebody else
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being unprepared. senator rubio has shown himself to be wholly unprepared as president of the united states. nothing has changed my mind now. making executive decisions. executive decisions throughout his life. putting together budgets and making sure that money is spent efficiently and effectively. making sure that the company is moving forward. this guy knows how to do that better than anyone on the stage. this campaign has a long way to go. there will be lots of conversation still to have. he is strong enough to take on the d.c. establishment. that is what is represented by senator rubio. akins a guy that will come together to fight the d.c. establishment. the failure of both sides doing something that is worthwhile.
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i intend to be a resource in any way that i possibly can before him. i have absolute confidence of his ability to get in there. >> i think i told you about 12 times yesterday. many years they have been under audited. i am audited every year. many of those have been in the finish. we have some left. a routine audit, i think. i will not be going and releasing because that would not be a very good aim to do. yes, though i had. >> i did not even know he endorsed. yes. go ahead.
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[inaudible] >> the wall just got 10 feet higher. i gave it to you yesterday. chris can tell you, can you imagine if i use that language? it would be a major scandal. you would have five times as more. it was disgraceful the way he went about saying it. mexico will pay for it. mexico will pay for the wall. the reason is very simple. fifty-eight, $58 billion in trade deficits. the wall is a fraction of that. we will get it done and mexico will pay for it. >> do not be nervous. do not worry about it.
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[inaudible] >> good question. thank you. i think a lot. people are angry. they are upset by what is going on in the economy. they are upset by virtually everything. nothing good happens. there is a very angry group of people out there. they are angry at what is happening to our country. [inaudible] >> stay with me. we will get you jobs. they work hard. they put that up to their neck and then they cannot get a job when they graduate. we are not creating good jobs. they are going out of our country. pfizer is leaving and moving to ireland. it is disgraceful. yes, go ahead.
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[inaudible] >> how did you know i was talking to mister trump? listen, i think you watch what rubio has been putting on over the last few weeks. part of his talking points are to be entertaining and talk a lot. it is one act after the other. that is why it is a governor from the state capital. what i most consistently said was the problem is washington, d.c. this is the person that took washington, d.c. and will turn the place around. we do not need any more washington politicians.
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donald trump is the best person. there was a period of time that i was running against him. he wanted to beat me. we had open conversations about it. who is the best person. this is the best person to do that. turn away from the amateur acts. and on mac. >> no.
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anyone that is willing to listen. not just members, the american people, you need a strong, tough leader to restore america's greatness. this is the best person to do that. i think they can take whatever message they like. people do best with me. they just listen. they listen to what i say. i do not send smoke signals. i am endorsing the person that they think is the best person to be. restore the faith and confidence of the american people again. mitt romney to donald trump. feeling very different. >> doing what you think. polls are all over the place.
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>> i think that we have a great shot. i have many friends in texas. many, many friends. i am here a lot. i think that we have a good chance. look at south carolina. that was a stronghold. i won by 22 points. i want military. i want the vets. i want everything. i want every single category. the same thing in nevada. we came in and we want every category. you know, it was supposed to be a stronghold. he lost by a lot. a really good chance of texas. i saw the bloomberg poll came out. massive leads in every state. doing very well in texas. i think that we will do very well. i am here now.
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my relationship to taxes. so many friends. >> a little bit more about senator rubio. >> look, he is a desperate guy. i have been watching him. he is not presidential material. does not have the demeanor. he is a nervous nellie. i watched him backstage. he is a mess. i joked recently. sitting there waiting for a meeting. rubio walks in and he is totally dressed. i do not think he is a presidential. i do not think he is a presidential caliber. i do not think he has demeanor. he is a mass. i love florida.
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i invested hundreds of millions of dollars. i own many clubs. i own many. >> a lot of other people. i am a major investor. one of the biggest. frankly, the people in florida like me. having a 20-point lead over the sitting senator, remember, the city senator abandoned florida. if you think about it, he defrauded florida. they elected him as a young senator. he starts running for president. he is not the right guy, in my opinion. i think he has the absolute wrong temperament to be president.
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[inaudible] >> they did speculate that he would be my vice presidential. i will be honest with you. i never even had it in mind. i do not think he had the right temperament. i watched chris. i almost had never seen a melt down in that in my life. i have watched people choke over the years. once a choker, always a choker. it never ever changes. the guy that misses the kick, this is the kick. it does not work. once a joker, always a joker. that was one of the epic meltdowns. good going, chris. [laughter] [inaudible] >> i want to discuss that. we did not talk about it. we actually did not talk about
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it. >> releasing your taxes. >> let me tell you something. we joke about establishment. i think it is very unfair. for many, many years, i have been audited. they have never been audited. i was with someone the other day. a very rich guy. he did not know what i was talking about. i have many, many rich fans. why am i audited every single year? until my audit is finished, it is pretty simple. you will not see anything. i will not complicate things. put yourself in my position. every year doing his ceremony.
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every single year, i am audited. it is not fair. i can't tell you why. many, many people that i know that are very wealthy are not audited. >> marco rubio. in the business. >> i totally would. $200 million from my father. i wish. i got a very small loan from my father many years ago. i built that into a massive empire. i paid by father back. chris was telling me. he understands. my father left me some money. by that time, many, many years
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later that my father passed away. this guy, this lightweight, 200 million. i got a call from my brother. how does he say that? that is not true. they understand. we have five in the family. it is really a shame. i call it the failing "new york times." really an accurate reporting. they go out of their way. they try to make a correction. they made a statement about it. i do not know where they got it. growing by a fact there. by a fortune.
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it is now worth billions and billions and billions of dollars. trump tower. the bank of america building in san francisco. ninety avenue of the americas. some of the best land. home of the open championship. referring to as the british open. my property like nobody would ever believe. among the best properties anywhere in the world. >> my father gave $200 million. in the early 1980s. the 1970s. there was not $200 million. the first call i got was from my sister. the second was from my brother late at night.
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why are they allowed to say this? because he is a liar. now, i will also call marco rubio. some of those companies are very successful companies. for instance, a lot of money. i got a lot of money for it. he mentions the wine company. that is having to do, i make vodka all for my clubs. i have many clubs. we make vodka for the clubs. he said it was closed. it is not closed. [inaudible] >> i would certainly think about it. for some reason it did not work out for me, he would understand it. i do not need to do this.
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we're going to make america great again. politicians are not going to do that. they will not do it. marco rubio is a lightweight. he can never make us great. >> do you know if he can write the money off? >> as you said, you are a former federal prosecutor. >> i am the governor of the state of universities. i have every expectation that i will fulfill the end of my term and then go on to private life and make money like trump. that is what i intend to do. i have not been offered a position. i do not speculate on those sorts of things.
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i intend to fulfill my term. like i said, going off into a private sector. one year in our marriage. we have been married 30 years in march. making more money in a year than she did. that will be my goal. >> thank you, everyone. we have thousands and thousands of people. you will be very impressed. >> thank you, all. >> a test pass, it if you will. trying to work around that the publicity. today, some zingers with donald trump. coming out and supporting a guy a little more than a few weeks ago. a very good entertainer. chris christie said he tho