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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  February 26, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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our police are being abused. our police are incredible people. in fact, i just saw pictures backstage. what a group of people you have. they are incredible people. we have to put out the plug every once in a while. whether it is a mistake or a bad apple, displayed for weeks and weeks on the news. the tens of thousands of great jobs that they do, they do not get appreciated. let's hear it for the police. [cheering and applause] so, i am in laredo. they are telling me how sad it is because they can stop it. we want to stop the drugs. there will be a real wall. i am the only one that knows how to build it. all talk.
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no action. by the way, the beauty of that, the beauty of self funding is the insurance companies, the drug companies, all of these companies, they will not take advantage of trump because they never gave me anything. big difference. [cheering and applause] i do not know if i get the credit for that. jeb bush had $150 million. what a waste of money. i would imagine at some point between him and romney, they will be supporting rubio, do you think? romney. how about this beauty. runs one of the worst campaigns in the history of politics. he should have beaten obama easily. obama was on jay leno. every show.
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romney was like a lost soul. i do not know what happens. did he comes out and tells me about my taxes. if you know the real story, harry reid shamed him and made him look like a baby. what is today's date? come on, tell me. what? okay. you know when romney filed his return? seth kamber 21. that is a long time from now. i endorsed him. about two weeks later, i said he is never going to win. you cannot walk like a ping when. you walk like a penguin. take some steps. romney turned out a disaster.
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if you wanted to support me, i would not accept is support. we have to be honest and i will say this. i support it did mitt romney and weight loss. the border patrol is incredible. they are told to stand back. we do not have a country, folks.
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they will be very powerful voters. it will stop. we will have people come into our country. they are coming into our country legally. legally. we want we want people to comment. they have to be the right people. look at kate. beautiful kate in san francisco. five times came across the border. his father became a friend of mine. going to college on a football dollars shipped. maybe stanford. he was shot in the face three times by a guy that did it because he was just hoping to
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shoot somebody. you have the female veteran, 65 years old, recently in los angeles. rape, sodomized and killed. we will be different, folks. we will be strong. we will be tough. we will not play games anymore. we will not play games anymore. not going to happen. not going to happen. we will be the strongest on borders and we will set the example for other parts of the world. we are not taking in theory and that we have no idea where they are or where they come from. [applause] we have already taken in thousands. thousands. we do not even know where they are. i spoke to the top law
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enforcement people. they said, mr. trump, they do not have papers. they have absolutely no identification. i say you build a safe zone and i will get other people to pay for it because i do not want to pay for. we own $19 trillion. we will not pay for it. we have more money than anybody. they are not spending their money. we have to loosen up our wallets. i liked the like the idea of a safe zone. did you ever notice that migration comes across? they are there. they are not there like they should be. mont forsman is telling me, is that a protester? oh, good. turn the cameras.
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i love protesters. look at this. look at this. we have 10,000 people here today. look at this. is that a protester? please be a protester. the only way we can get the cameras turned, the only reason they change the cameras is if there is a protester because that is a bad thing. right? i am going to develop mild protesters. look. it cannot be a protester because those cameras will not turn. they will not turn. i tell you what. i think the media is among the most dishonest groups of people i have ever met.
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probably will not be around that much longer. keep it going for a little while longer. the worst media outlets i have ever seen in my entire life. they are run by incompetent people. watching the post. we have a different company than we used to have. he wants political influence. believe me, if i become president, oh, do they have problems. [cheering]
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>> one of the things that i will do, this will only make it tougher for me. one of the things that i will do, if i win, and i hope i do, i will open up our laws so when they write purposely negative and horrible articles, we can sue them and win lots of money. [cheering and applause] we can open up those laws. the washington post. they are there for other reasons. we can sue them and win money. they are totally protected. you see, with me, they are not protected. i am not making money. i am not making them money. we will open up those laws, folks, and we will have people
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sue you like you have never been sued before. [cheering] we have many things to do. we have many, many things to do. when i came down on the escalator with my wife, it was june 16. i said, look, let me tell you, it is not easy running for president. you get lowlife like a guy like rubio saying horrible things. horrible things. who needs it? this is a lowlife peered crews lies. at least it is reasonable lives. the southern guy says terrible things. i will tell you, when you do this, it takes guts to do it. it takes guts. especially if you are not a politician. i am not a politician, thank goodness.
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when i came down the escalator, there were cameras. look at all the cameras out there. how are you doing, it you son of a guns? we have cameras like the academy awards. it looked like the academy awards. i looked at the iran deal. we give them $150 billion. we get absolutely nothing. we did not think. and then they attack. they take us hostage. the only reason we got them back, why did we get them back? the money was not paid. they gave them back. they would have kept them otherwise. believe me, they would not be keeping them. if i was president, the hostages would have been released four years ago. i would not have negotiated
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until they release the hostages. i would have increased the sanctions. we would then have had those hostages before 24 hours years ago. i will tell you one other thing. your second amendment is under siege. guns, guns. it is under siege. every time you have a mentally disturbed person like you had last night and like you will have, they immediately look to the guns. like the guns pulled the trigger. the guns do not pulled the trigger. we will protect your second amendment 100%. 100%. if you look at what happens, if you look at what happens in california with the 14 people radicalized, she probably radicalized him.
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how about this country. we can even get the cell number. i want safety. i want security. with it comes to terrorist, we have to knock them out. bigley. when you look at california many people in the hospital that are in bad shape. this couple, so-called couple, you know what i would like to call them. it gave this couple anniversary parties and baby parties and showers. they went in and just blew them away. and then you look at paris. 130 people that were killed. bravely injured. these animals just walked in. took their guns and said you get over here.
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you would not have had that big of a problem. we will protect our second amendment. it is so true. take california. you, you are a tough cookie. this guy right here looks like an x-men. if these guys, i have to pick a woman. that is right, you. raising your hand. if we had a few people, right, if we had a few people with a gun on their side or a gun around her ankle, when these animals start shooting, the bullets start going the other way. paris is probably the toughest place in the world to have a gun. except if you are a bad guy. we had people were we had people
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in los angeles, that would have been a whole different story. it would have been a whole different story. your second amendment with the is correct it. common core. common core. common core. it is out. it is out. in the top 30 nations, in the world for education, we are number 30, but we are number one by a factor of there is no second. we are number one. we are number 30. we are last. you have norway, sweden, denmark, china. you have some countries that you have not even heard of. ahead of the usa.
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not going to happen anymore. we will start climbing up that list. you know, the american dream is dead. we will make it bigger and stronger and better than ever before. remember that. [cheering] >> it is very hard for a person to live the american dream without good education. we will work very hard on that. common car is there. i have seen the local. it is unbelievable. it is a beautiful thing to watch. it is a beautiful thing to watch. another thing we have to talk about, i have had tremendous support from the evangelicals. and from questions. i have had tremendous support.
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pastor jeffers is here right now. pastor, where are you? i saw him. get him over here. he has been so supportive. he said don of trunk may not be perfect. he is the best leader. he is strong. he will knock out isis. he may not be perfect, i did not like that, but that's okay. highly respected. also, gerri junior. so incredible. should we have unbelievable support from sarah palin. she is incredible. she is a great person.
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come on up here, reverend. pastor jeffers. i love him. say a few words. number one, he sincerely loves this country. you know, he has 10 billion reasons he does not have to do this. he wants to make america great again. the second thing i knew about donald trump is that he is truly pro-life. he believes in protecting the unborn. that is an issue that we as christians care about. i do not know if the pro-life conversion was real. let me tell you something, hillary clinton does not claim any pro-life conversion. there is no doubt that you will have the most pro- abortion
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president in history. here is what i finally know about donald trump. donald trump cares about and loves evangelical christians. you know, one time when ronald reagan was running for president of the united states, he met with a group of evangelical leaders. even though you cannot endorse me, i want you to know that i endorse you. i have met, i have met with mister trump on several locations. i can tell you from personal experience if donald trump was elected resident of the united states, we and the jellico questions will have a true friend in the white house. god bless donald trump. chair mac how about that.
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how about that. i am telling you, i saw the pastor on television a year ago. he was saying all of these good things. saying all of these things. thank you very much. very important for the christians in the room. christianity is under siege. every year it gets weaker and weaker and weaker. i had various ministers and pastors two months ago. i was pretty good at figuring things out. i sat with them.
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we love you. i said, what is this all about? that takes you and it makes you less powerful than a man or woman walking up or down the street. you actually have less power. 250 million, maybe even more. we have more christians than we have men or women in our country. we do not have a lobby. they are afraid to have a lobby because they do not want to lose their tax status. i will work like held that to get rid of that prohibition. we will have the strongest christian lobby. it will happen. it will happen. [cheering and applause] this took place during the
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president of lyndon johnson. it has had a terrible chilling effect. it has to be a temporary ban. on certain people. coming into this country. there is something really wrong. when i said muslim, i was met with fewer. if i would have said krishan, people would have said we cannot do anything about it. bat will end, folks. we will say merry christmas now. [cheering and applause] we will start going to department stores and stores and you will see big beautiful signs that say merry christmas and happy holiday.
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we will have a big, big, big, a lot of fun. we will work very hard. politically, if we use that power, we will go up, up, up. just remember that. just remember i said it. pastor, it starts here. he is happy. that is the biggest smile i've ever seen on his face. i will do it. you are responsible. you were going to have a great company again. we will have a smart company again. we will have real borders. we will have some of the best business people in the world. the biggest deals in the world.
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we have people that do not have the slightest clue. we will get rid of obamacare. we will make something great. we will get rid of common core. we will have local education. we will protect our second amendment. we will protect christianity. folks, i will tell you, and it is very simple, my whole theme and your whole theme, our whole theme is make america great again. thank you very much. i love texas. get out there and vote. thank you. thank you. >> you have been watching quite a campaign event. donald trump announcing the endorsement. the former candidate for the presidential election.
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he did not hold back. i am eric and for trish regan. welcome to the intelligence report. we have a political panel here. i am not mistaken. every single television network in america was glued to that speech. democrat and former george w. bush advisor. i want to start with you. i am, my jott was dropped. they want to know what the guy was saying. >> i was surprised that he got chris christie's endorsement. i will admit that. it was a smart lyrical middle.
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i am a little surprised in that regard. i guess it is some establishment type figure. it is a good day for trumpet he is taking all the attention away from marco rubio. c&s kind of the establishment type. he did not put his support behind marco rubio. >> all political gravity. he figures out a way for trump to figure out what happened last night. not only was the announcement taken. you have a full rally being taken by all new sources.
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trump is an amazing political character. a loss last night into victory today. >> what trump seems to be doing is very well. governor of south carolina and nikki haley endorse marco rubio. making an impact in the south american primary. donald trump. getting into it with the pope. going right back. endorsing rubio. all of these endorsements that rubio was getting, it is way too late. the republican party should have tried to consolidate months ago. you can see it in the foreseeable future.
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twenty points in florida. i understand that all of these people are endorsing marco rubio. >> seems to have a very good debate last night. marco rubio gaining up on trump. it was good for all three of them. marco rubio today, regarding last night. >> three tweets. number one, that is how they spell them. number two, just hiring a foreign worker to do his own tweets. a big debate.
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again, the christy endorsement, the big speech that everyone was watching, put the cameras back on trump. it was all too little too late. trump may not be where he was today. this is a game of king of the hill. they let the king take the hill and they're trying to dethrone the king. donald trump is leading by double digits and almost every single super tuesday primary. is it too late? it is a challenge of math. also a challenge of public relations. people like to go with the winner and perception. the map becomes secondary.
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momentum kicks in. they go with that person. tuesday, if cruz does not take his home state, he is in serious trouble. he is done. he is done. in effect, guess, the map is still available. you cannot get there because you cannot win. >> the liberals heads are exploding, two. everyone will have to go up against, possibly, a man with more momentum than we have seen in decades. >> i do not inc. that trump will have more momentum than we have seen in decades. >> a lot. >> questioning anyone who has won a nomination by a lot. >> i am looking for a name. who has had more momentum?
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did you say romney? let me get back to my republican. did romney have any of what donald trump does? >> no. he could have never garnered. trump has a phenomenon. taken not only the gop by storm, but he has also requested bernie and hillary. >> i would disagree with that position. the reason is we could see that donald trump is not getting, there is a big chunk of the republican party that does not want donald trump to be president. i agree with you. trump's momentum carries him. what we have also seen from independence and surveys about the general election, more than 50% of the country saying they would be embarrassed if donald trump was president.
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i think that this momentum is a small segment of republicans and does not carry over. >> we will leave it right there. the gop candidate say that they will repeal obamacare as we are now learning that 811 of the surviving obamacare are on the verge and could close before the end of the year. that is next. ♪ your path to retirement... may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. for over 75 years, investors have relied on our disciplined approach to find long term value. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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whei just put in the namey, of my parents and my grandparents. and as soon as i did that, literally it was like you're getting 7, 9, 10, 15 leaves that are just popping up all over the place.
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yeah, it was amazing. just with a little bit of information, you can take leaps and bounds. it's an awesome experience. next! come on, come on. i haven't got all day here! it doesn't come with peppers! you know you told me you wanted mustard. back of the line! excuse me! what! great sandwich. thanks. ♪you didn't have to be so nice♪ get outta here. ♪i would have liked you anyway♪
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eric: the candidates hanging out there healthcare agenda. take a listen. >> some of the people in the audience are insurance people. i am not going to point to these gentlemen. repealing obamacare completely. putting americans in charge of their health care again. >> understanding your hospital bills. what we need is transparency with hospitals. we give it to everybody. i will repeal every word. obamacare co-ops. herewith analysis. is i get it director. the council. joining me now.
2:37 pm
kevin, you heard a lot of the plans last night. the one that seems to jump out, ben carson. some form. what is the right answer? >> and interesting problem. they have been around long before obamacare was passed. the affordable care act is not really infringe. in fact, it empowers them. it is important to point out that they have been there already. they will be there regardless of how the laws have changed. >> just needs to bend across. we have not seen that. how do we really bend the cost curve down? >> if you want to find the poster child, go to indiana. they did send the healthcare cost curve down. it is not affordable.
2:38 pm
it really is not even attainable anymore. that was to convert their government plans to aj -- hsa's. as far as i know, the only program that complained credibly that it has and the cost curve down. >> eight of the 11 remaining healthcare costs are a financial bind. >> all of those co-ops and a large number of exchanges, all the people finding insurance. there is no healthcare underwriting anymore. they are paying a huge number of expenses. they cannot float themselves financially. they will have to find replacement coverage, if they can. can they afford it?
2:39 pm
>> where did they go? did they go on medicaid? is that what ended up happening? >> they could go back to their exchanges. they could find it to their bank. if their bank has an individual broker. they will end up losing coverage. >> the government. will we be on the hook for any of the finances that they have put themselves in debt? >> you may. they are creatures of the government. taxpayer money. that taxpayer money, if the exchanges are going down, will probably go down with it. the irs. more than twice as many taxpayer accounts may have been hacked. 700,000 accounts. all stemming from a cyber
2:40 pm
attack. about 330,000 taxpayers were impacted. they gained access through the irs app. they will begin notifying those taxpayers affected by this. starting on monday. a battle with the fbi. that is next.
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>> a very good afternoon from the floor of the new york stock exchange. oil settled lower today. oil up about 2% on the week. down about 2% on the day. as you know, so goes oil, so goes the stock market. down 66 points. oil did the same thing. a couple stocks to keep an eye on today. it came out with new saying it is not too impressed. honeywell expected to take them over. shares of both of those companies are lower today. weight watchers down 27%.
2:43 pm
oprah winfrey. the largest shareholder. $27 million today alone. ♪
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>> capital shareholders gathering right now for the attack giants annual meeting. is apple addressing the giant elephant in the room? our own robert gray is live.
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importantly, are the shareholders ready? >> not a lot of grilling. tim cook came out and made a joke and the annual meeting. we have been in the news a little bit lately. relating to privacy. there were some questions. we talked to dozens of folks out here. probably 200. little opposition to be found. talking to investors, they were not really concerned about the overhang. receiving the order from the government to open the iphone. the stock has trailed. you can see that there has been a little bit of a lead there. they, you know, the question to hack or not to hack. even from florida. there were concerns not only
2:46 pm
about whether apple opened, there was also concerns about their security for the nation as well. >> i feel security is probably more important than privacy. if we did not have our security, privacy would not be an issue. >> absolutely right. the problem is not breaking into one person's phone. we just need to get into one phone. here are two suspicious guys that are on our no-fly list. buying stuff at the pizza place. we have to buy stuff from the pizza place. i think that that is chilling. >> another computer scientist, steve jobs, he also is not concerned about the overhang. creating the first iphone. the security was important.
2:47 pm
obviously, making sure that it was complete. basically turning down to the innovations that will come. future conquests. incremental improvement. he did notice that it could ward investigators. lastly speaking of -- someone did ask if there was anything new. there was some chatter out there about maybe some new products next month. for now, the ball is back in the tennis court. eric: this legal battle could stretch on for years. very important that the shareholders are behind tim cook.
2:48 pm
>> yes, they are. this is a privacy issue. they are not backing down. a report has not come out to say anything negative about what terror cook had said. the board is backing apple as well. >> you have the shareholders on board. not hacking into his own product. it looks like this will be dragging on for a while. i'm guessing that the fbi will not say, okay, we are done now. essentially, the government cannot presume a company into creating a product for us to use. and then, also, that ninth circuit, where this battle is being fought out, it has already ruled that software is free
2:49 pm
speech. >> if it ever did get bumped up to the supreme court, especially now, the supreme goes back. albright. can apple hack into this encryption? having a new encryption on a brand-new product. maybe a christmas day release. keeping the security. the encryption. >> that is the talk. yes, they can help out the government into getting into the san bernardino shooters iphone that he was using. there was also talk that there is tougher encryption and security in the works. the issue for the fbi is, yeah, break into the phone. james call me has refuted tim cook saying, you know what, get out into the wild. tim cook is pretty good.
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all you trading. breaking into their own product. it does not look like that. >> let's check on the markets. as we head into the final hour of trading. the dow jones down 53 points. the nasdaq up. small moves across the board. that is where we stand right now. ♪
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eric: we are heading into the final hour of trading. the dow jones down 62 points. the s&p down four points. a little bit more than that. how about oil price. down just a little bit.
2:54 pm
down $0.29. $35 a barrel. breaking analysis. $835 oil price. that is important to you. you look at the daily chart. you look at the charts every day. $35 key resistance line. failing three, four, five different times. that is the decision level barrier line. all of this headline jargon that comes out, oil has had great difficulty coming from there. oil is down $2 from a high today. >> let's talk about that a little bit. why is the stock market following the oil market? we had a gentleman talking about that as well. oil and stocks attracting each
2:55 pm
other. the oil market is, the equity market is 400 x. >> correct. our friend bernanke had his own hypothesis on why the stocks are following oil. he kind of called it a short-term correlation. it is hard to argue with that. the reason why stocks are following oil, look, the recent news came out. they have massive loan exposure to these energy companies. oil keeps going lower. that is not a good thing for this. it is really almost as simple as that. >> also, a lot of people with jobs tied to the oil sector. generally, going forward. a good thing for equity market. trickling its way into the
2:56 pm
bottom line on companies. >> alternately, i agreed. here in southern california, i see gas prices in the ones. people are coming out more. they are more comfortable. making discretionary spending choices. oil cannot go too low. if it gets out low, i do not think it will, we will see some serious pain with these banks. eric: we will be right back. ♪ with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse,
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where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at . .
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eric: here is marco rubio responding to donald trump. >> someone who basically has conned a significant number of americans into believing he is something he is not. this is important. this party of reagan.
3:00 pm
party built on optimism and limited government. last night you had the frontrunner in the republican debate defending planned parenthood. you had the frontrunner in the republican debate saying will not take sides between israel and palestinians that would be a stunning shift for this party and quite frankly make us indistinguishable from the democrats. [inaudible]. >> do this every day against donald trump. >> i will do it often. >> senator your campaign guaranteed. >> we will win florida. >> guaranteeing. >> we'll win florida. >> what happens if you don't? >> we'll win floor. >> are you confident in anti-trump. >> he is the frontrunner only if voters coalesce around someone to stop him. significant majority of republicans don't want donald trump they're divided among all the people running. time to coalesce that can someone can beat him and stop him. someone that can unite the party and grow. that is the argument i'm making.


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