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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  February 26, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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party built on optimism and limited government. last night you had the frontrunner in the republican debate defending planned parenthood. you had the frontrunner in the republican debate saying will not take sides between israel and palestinians that would be a stunning shift for this party and quite frankly make us indistinguishable from the democrats. [inaudible]. >> do this every day against donald trump. >> i will do it often. >> senator your campaign guaranteed. >> we will win florida. >> guaranteeing. >> we'll win florida. >> what happens if you don't? >> we'll win floor. >> are you confident in anti-trump. >> he is the frontrunner only if voters coalesce around someone to stop him. significant majority of republicans don't want donald trump they're divided among all the people running. time to coalesce that can someone can beat him and stop him. someone that can unite the party and grow. that is the argument i'm making. >> last night and this morning
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about the direction we'll see -- >> guys, donald trump is frontrunner. he won the last three states. leads in every poll likes to remind us every day. so the time for action is now. goes back to what i said. sense of your sendgy is not just about winning. idea that the party of reagan and conservative movement can fall into hands of someone who is con man. pulling ultimate con job on american public. he claims to stand for working class when in fact his entire business career stick it to working class americans. claims strongest anti-immigration person in the race and uses illegal workers to build trump towers and imported workers to take away jobs from my home state. he portrays himself as tough buy. he is not a tough guy. he inherited $200 million. if had not been for that he would be selling watches in times square. my point we're not going to let someone like that take over the conservative movement. after everything that this party has bonn through and this
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country gone through. the last thing we need is con man for president. >> is there a space you think you can win? >> i have to get out there. [inaudible] oklahoma, jobs and economy what is your plan of attack for -- [inaudible] >> way to grow our economy make the country easiest and best place in the world to start a business or grow existing one. right now we're not that we have the highest combined corporate tax rate. i have a plan to lower that not only lower tax rate but -- [inaudible]. we need to room back massive regulations. we need to deal with social security and medicare so we can save those programs and bring our debt under control. we've outline ad plan to do that. we need to fully utilize our energy resources. critically important to oklahoma but also manufacturing across this country. plan to do that. we need to repeal and replace obamacare. that involves a lot of more than
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donald trump's plans to get rid of lines. we have comprehensive plan to help all americans. quality health care in the way that allows them to -- [inaudible]. guys. >> [inaudible] liz: there you see marco rubio, leaving oklahoma city, responding, audio was a little difficult to hear but responding to an attack to rubio's attacks, counterattacks are flying in what has become, folks in the last few hours, a somewhat stunning and some might say, i know who you are, what am i fight between rubio and trump. speaking of donald trump in the past hour, people were asking this question, this man tossing water be our next president? maybe. by the way, ted cruz, senator from texas is slotted to speak in just minutes from nashville. we'll be watching that as well. the fur is flying among republican candidates at this hour. by the way, marco rubio, first finding his voice last night during the debate as he targeted donald trump.
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in rally today, earlier this morning he lashed out at frontrunner billionaire during live, reading of trumps misspelled tweets came out in the wake of the debate where some say donald trump may have become flustered. was it too little too late for rubio and cruz to get a lead. as trump gets ringing endorsement from former rival new jersey governor chris christie. perhaps no gop candidate will get endorsement of corner watch salesman in new york city after what happened at last night's debate. we take it to the the sidewalk sellers. wait until you hear what these guys think of the gop after their profession took center stage during the rubio trump tongue-lashing. will we see two weeks in a row of gains for major u.s. markets? we've lost the lead. it has been back and forth all morning, all day. legendary wall street veteran bob doll will join us with a revelation. he says that doesn't matter.
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he will show you how to make money. appull meeting in cupertino, california. it just wrapped up. we were talking about the debate about hacking a terrorist's phone. we'll tell you what happened. one share holder is outraged by apple's lack of compliance. complains in a minute. good guy hacker who says live and let lock. pulling out all stops at last night's republican debate, marco rubio and ted cruz double-teaming in attempted takedown of donald trump. the heat did not end there, telling you last couple hours, verbal grenades flying. marco rubio continued the hot streak hitting out at donald trump. >> let me tell you something, last night during one of the breaks, two of the breaks, he went backstage, he was having a meltdown. first he had this little make up thing applying make up around the moustache. he had one of those wet moustaches. he asked for a full length mirror. i don't know why, the pea --
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podium goes to up to lear. i don't know. maybe to make sure his pants weren't wet. liz: not to be outdone at a press conference where chris christie snapped back saying rubio is not presidential material. >> i watch ad part of his little act. he is desperate guy. i've been watching him. he is not presidential material, that i can tell you. doesn't have the demeanor. he is a nervous nelly. i watch him backstage he is a mess. the guy is a total mess. i joked recently can you imagine putin sitting there waiting for meeting and rubio walks in and he is totally drenched. i don't know what it is. i never seen a human being sweat like this man sweats. i don't think he is presidential, i don't think he is of presidential caliber. liz: the issues weren't really, weren't really talked about there. they were talking about each
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other and sweat and later rally trump mocked rubio's water drinking habits during the debate last night. >> it's a rubio! [cheering] [laughter]. liz: what were these three remaining candidates doing today? kasich, carson, what about, ted cruz? well, quite a bit, as rubio trump noise drowns them aday after super tuesday event. we'll get you very latest developments. to the latest breaking developments we need to tell you on apple versus fbi fight. apple shareholder meeting just ended. one day after apple filed a motion during this hour to deny a judge's request to help apple with the fbi to access a terrorist's phone. shareholders are on balance in support of tim cook's decision as they gave him a standing ovation during the meeting.
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robert gray, live from outside of that shareholder meeting in cupertino, california. robert, tell us what the atmosphere was like at the meeting. reporter: liz, that is exactly right, when he took the stage, there was standing "o." there was a lost cheers. he was playing to the crowd you might have heard we've been in the news a little bit about privacy. made a joke about taking pictures. joke about social media taking him to task for out of focus picture he took after the super bowl. seriously on this matter, there was a lot of talk. we talked to a lot of folks lined up. 200 investors lined up all of them as you mentioned backing tim cook and ceo apple. some were unsure. no dissensions amongst the crowd. no one getting up during the q&a part to challenge what apple was doing. you know, apple of course very widely-held. according to -- 8th most widely-held stocks in mutual fund. this affects so many people out
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there. some 200 voices here. one person who stood up for apple and talked about it was shareholder we all know, reverend jesse jackson. he says hopes apple will uphold principles. he believes apple is constitutionally correct and morally correct. as for the government, reverend jackson says, you can't trust them. >> it is an overreach. we have a sad and tragic history of government overreach cooperating with telecommunication industry whether it was mccarthy, whether it was dr. king, his home phone, car phone, house phone, hotel phone, and we have been down this road before. reporter: liz, investors here and including michael holley, former roommate of steve jobs back in his next days doesn't think it will be overhang on the stock. it clearly underperformed since february 16th when they got
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the notice from the bost. we'll have to see how it plays out. back to you. liz: the stock is down 23% over past year. very interesting to watch, interesting to see jesse jackson weighing. robert gray, thank you. while tim cook may have got standing oh vision at the meeting we have apple shareholder for years completely disappointed by the company's refusal to help. ross gerber. he owns the stock. been apple bull. we're joined by so-called good guy hacker david kennedy, standing by and standing up for apple. good to have both of you. ross, most are standing by apple. why aren't you? >> you know i'm standing by apple in the sense i don't think the government has gone about the right way. there is the right way, congress needs to pass a lou, but i lived -- pass a law. i lived through the september 11th era. i think we're at war. i think about howard hughes in world war ii, dropping everything to help us make better bombers and fighters to
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defeat the nazis. truth of the matter we're fighting worst people been on this earth in a long time, these isis people. they will continue to attack and kill us. the truth everything is on the phone. if we have no way ever to get into this stuff, we're just making america a safer place. and until somebody lose as relative to terrorism, they're going to feel, oh, privacy is so important. when you lose a relative you will chuang your mind. liz: maybe, maybe not. you know, we had apple's lawyer, ted olson whose wife was killed during 9/11. she was on one of the planes, the plane that hit the pentagon. people are really siding with you, david. you as a hacker believes we should be able to let apple deal with the situation up until they won't. but what ross says? there comes a point where your duty to your country really matters. this isn't, jesse jackson made the point about, audiotaping of people that were suspects. that is not, that is not america certainly, but to the issue of
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this is pretty clear. this guy was a terrorist. he killed 14 people in san bernanadino. why are you standing by apple? >> first i can relate to ross. i served in the military. i spent two years in iraq. i was in combat situations and combat zones. i was there for september 11th. i can understand, if this was one specific phone we needed access to data go after the terrorists i wholeheartedly agree with ross. the problem is what the government specifically is requesting and language they're using sets precedents for any other phone in the future. this is the first time in history the government publicly has come out and said, apple, you need to produce code that does not exist in order to allow law enforcement access to it. the problem with that this doesn't impact apple. this impacts everybody. could impact encryption and could impact privacy. i agree with ross there has to be some sort of balance to get access to information. we technically need to talk about that in the industry. the problem how the government went about to go in backdoor essentially a large percentage
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of technology. liz: what is interesting to both of you? people are saying apple is hypocritical here, in their own fine print when you buy an iphone, this is in there. we took this out, wanted to put up there, quote, this is apple's privacy policy may be necessary, by law, legal process, litigation and or request from public and governmental authorities within our outside your country of residence for apple to disclose your personal information. ross, it almost feels like they are, that they're flouting their own privacy policy and they won't give up this information. >> well, and that's the crazy thing. up until two years ago you could get into an iphone without a problem. it only happened with apple pay. this isn't really about privacy per se. it is about making apple phones secure because it has so much information like your credit cards. liz: is it bad enough you will sell the stock? >> no. liz: how about your iphone? how about give up your iphone?
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>> no. my iphone is great. nobody can get into it. liz: david, look, you would obviously keep whatever apple products you have, if given a chance could you hack open that iphone? you have people like john mcafee telling fox business, give me three weeks, i can crack this thing open. could you? >> i put a lot of weight what john mcafee says unfortunately. he is out there quite a bit. there are a lot of folks in industry could do it. nsa has ability. a lot of security researchers said they have the capabilities of doing this. this is not about one specific iphone for fbi. they're wanting hundreds to force precedent and get access to other things. definitely we could get access to it. >> i agree. liz: david, ross, good to have both of you. stay tuned, tuesday, lawyer versus lawyer. james comey of the fbi, facing off against one of apple's lawyers. we'll watch this closely for you. the stock is up 21 cents. closing bell, 45 1/2 minutes away. what goes down must come up?
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banking behemoth, jpmorgan and goldman sachs moving higher on the dow jones industrials, recovering from earlier losses this week. durable goods data helping boeing bounce. caterpillar and dupont too. dupont also a beneficiary of two price target upgrades today. we're live at the new york stock exchange. in just a second we're taking to you cme and the nymex. the floor show, the famed floor show is next. don't go away.
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♪ liz: welcome back, folks. the dow jones transports are on track for their sixth winning week in a row. by the way, that is longest winning streak in 15 months. we have this breaking news right now. natural gas hitting the lowest levels, in a century! get to the floor show. traders on the floor, cme and nymex. let me get to the nymex. jeff, looking what is going on with natural gas, even as we see temperatures in 30s in new york, and terribly cold january and huge snowstorm what is going on here? at the moment we're 36 degrees in new york city. that what we look at, right outside of the window of our "countdown."
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why aren't natural gas prices reflecting that? >> we didn't have the winter say in the midwest that would really draw down a lot of the narrowly gas. these are tremendous oversupply here. doesn't mean it will never go back up. but right now it will be bottoming out here next couple weeks. now something you will have the situation where everyone will start thinking already hurricane season. so they will start, you know, tempering that selling fervor. we'll see this market work its way. i don't know about any crazy numbers. but the market will see other side of two dollars. don't worry about that but it will take some work, that's for sure. liz: two dollars we can handle. gary in chicago says, keep it low. use it to warm my own house. let's get to equities here. it is real push me pull me moment. dow jones industrials crossed unchanged line 75 times. intraday of the dow shows it's up and down, up and down.
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at the moment we're down. does this change the picture starting for the bulls next week? >> what we have next week, what a lot of people will be looking at, we'll be looking at, we have employment numbers on friday. following week we've got mr. draghi and euro central bank. right after that janet yellen and fed is coming in. i think people will slowly start to pull back a little it about because there will be so much uncertainty we'll look at very near-term future, everybody is pulling back a little bit. we had the nice run-up last couple days. now we'll sell it back off a little bit. end of the month is here. liz: as we go to you, rob, at the new york stock exchange, we have gdp revision, revised number for the fourth quarter turned out to be better than the original number which was .7 of a percent. measly and horrible, compared to 2% in the third quarter. at the moment, we had pretty good durable goods number.
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that indicates selling for orders of big big-ticket items t last four or five years? >> gdp revision up to 1%, thinking .77% it might be lower. it might be revised lower to .4%. started nice move up. issue with afternoon in selling, inflation numbers. inflation was higher than anticipated. that will look to set up interest rate hikes next couple months. possibly june later into december of the year. liz: guys, great to see you. have a good weekend. rob, gary, jeff. nutty week for both news, politics and needless to say markets. bob doll of nuveen asset management will be here in just a few minutes to discuss whether this two-week rally for markets is real, why that matters less than something he says matters the most for your money. stay tuned for that. closing bell. we're about 38 minutes away. let us dip into ted cruz.
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i'm sorry, senator marco rubio once again who is speaking. he was just speaking a minute ago. now he is on stage. this is oklahoma city. we'll listen just a little bit. >> look, i'm so honored to be with you. thank you so much for coming. this is great turnout. lifts our spirits. if i already have your vote i'm here to convince to you get other people to vote for me because we need, we really need your help, okay? jim talk ad moment ago, i'm always grateful to him. back in 2009 i was private citizen and there was an opening for the u.s. senate in florida. and the republican party came forward and said we've got perfect candidate. sitting governor of florida. he is republican. he is a 70% approval in the ratings. and his name was charlie crist, okay. i said i know him. i was speaker of the house his first two years as governor. he is not a conservative. he is not even really truly, republican. hold on. i'm not there yet. [cheers and applause] i'm not there yet.
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these guys taking away my punchlines. okay? i know thisfy. i have worked with him. he is not a conservative. he is conning everybody. okay? i'm going to run against -- i was huge underdog. i was 50 points down in the polls. he was outraising me 50 to 1. entire establishment. at beginning only people thought i could win all lived in my house, okay? four of them under the age of 10. not a good sign. jim believed in me. one of the first people that endorsed me of all the people in senate. for that i will always be grateful. thank you for that, jim. [applause] we came back and we won. in fact i was proven right before the race was even over. because i took on charlie crist, even before the primary began he switched to independent. we beat him as an independent. two years, four years later, he came back and became a democrat, running as a democrat. and he lost.
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now, so he -- republican independent, democrat and now i heard he has become a vegetarian. [laughter] i ran then because i believed that ours was the party of reagan and conservative movement is the way forward for america. i was not going to let a con man take over the -- [cheers and applause] now, fast forward five years. i'm an underdog right now. i've always been an underdog. always, my whole life because my parents didn't make a lot of money. i didn't inherit $200 million. you i didn't start out with a small loan of a million dollars from my dad. [laughter]. only loan i ever started out with was a student loan i just paid off like four years ago. [cheers and applause] i never met her but i paid sallie mae a lot of money. [laughter]. i always been an underdog. because america is a country of
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underdogs, people that come from challenging circumstances that work hard to get ahead. this is a state founded by underdogs. and many of you have faced challenges in your life. i wasn't supposed to be in this election. the entire republican establishment told me stay out, it's not your turn. you needed to wait in line. i didn't know there was a line. this is to time for waiting because after eight years of barack obama, if we get this -- liz: you're watching marco rubio who is giving a speech in oklahoma city and again the verbal grenades i guess you could call them continuing between he and donald trump. we're switching now to better feed. you saw it was little bit unclear. i believe we have better shot. continue to listen. >> years of barack obama if we get this election wrong it will be too late. so i decided to run for president. [cheers and applause] i decided to run for president because i do not want the reagan revolution to end. because 36 years ago ronald reagan defined what it
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meant to be a conservative, for my generation and for yours. america has been better for it. and this election is about defining what does it mean to be conservative in the 21st century? ultimately we have to decide what is america going to be in the 21st century? that is why i feel so passionately about this race. last night we had a debate. [cheering] all right? and, and let's be frank, donald trump has been winning some much these primaries. if you watch the media is some unstoppable force of nature. who will stop them. let me tell you something. let me tell you something. i will never quit, i will never stop until we keep a con man from taking over the party of reagan and conservative movement. [cheers and applause] he is a con man. he's a con man. he's a con man.
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i'll tell you why. number one, people are angry and frustrated and scared about the future. okay? people are working harder than they ever worked in their lives and running in place. he swoops in is taking advantage of that. he is taking advantage of that he is telling people, i'm going to fight for the little guy. i'm fighting for works class. here is what he doesn't tell them. he has spent a career in business, 50 years, sticking it to the little guy. sticking it to the little guy. when his companies went bankrupt. the first people that didn't get paid were the subcontractors, the plumbers and pipe fitters and people that laid bricks and all people that worked for a living, they didn't get paid. he got his money. they didn't get theirs. he is going around telling people i'm fighting to keep other countries from taking our jobs. what is he talking about? you ever bought a trump tie? if you bought trump tie, you're buying a tie made in china or in mexico. [cheers and applause]
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he portrays him seven as strongest guy an illegal immigration. that's fine. trump tower was built by illegal immigrants from poland who he paid $4 an hour, 12 hours a day, okay? a judge found that he was involved in a conspiracy to defraud these workers of their pay. even now, even now, in florida he has a hotel or something down there, and 300 americans have applied for jobs at that hotel. all of them got turned down. instead he brings workers from other countries. he acts like he is some sort of tough guy. he is not a tough guy. this is the first guy asked for secret service protection. first guy. the other day he told a protester i wish i could punch you in the face. donald trump has never punched anyone in the face, okay? [applause] he has born -- inherited $200 million. he has never punched anyone in the face.
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[applause] he thinks nuclear triad is punk rock group from europe. liz: one-liners continue. if video develops we'll take it, appears if marco rubio has found sort after less robotic which was one of the criticisms of him, more confident voice. it may be because he is getting some high marks for his debate performance last night, where the florida senator came armed and ready with anti-trump one-liners. like this one. listen. >> this is what we're going -- >> a guy inherited $200 million. if he hadn't inherited $200 million, where donald trump would be right now? selling watches in times square. >> you're wrong. you're wrong. that was so wrong. >> the selling watches in new york city? who really felt the burn on that attack? we decided. let's head to the streets of manhattan, to find out what real new york city street corner watch salesmen think of both of
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these guys. you only see this on fox business. wait until you hear these guys and what they think. ..
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♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world.
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and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at lori: i and lori rothman at the stock exchange where stocks are lower as crude oil turns out it's close. the nasdaq is down 41 points. trying to look at oil, it is up a couple percentage points for the week but to date it is down about 1 present, $33.02. it is a close today and you have a couple stocks that are big losers, specifically we watch risley shares down 20% at last check. revenue shocking, down 21%,
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membership shrank for the twelfth consecutive quarter, oprah winfrey, we watchers' largest investor, she lost $27 million on her investment. much more "countdown to the closing bell" after a quick break. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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>> marco rubio continues to speak before a a crowd. here he is. >> disqualified. cannot lose this election. if you give me your vote and nominate me you will not lose this election because we will unify this party, we will bring it to get there. we can have differences on some issues. we are going to unify this party. we cannot win if we are fighting against each other. i am the only one who can bring us together but we can't just unified. we also have to grow which means we have to take our message of conservatism to people that
3:37 pm
don't vote for us and i can and i will. i will take our message to people who live today the way i grew up. i grew up paycheck to paycheck, i lived paycheck to paycheck. people asked me how do you define paycheck to paycheck? paycheck to paycheck is when you write a check on wednesday but you know the money doesn't get there till friday so you dated saturday. hi am not saying i ever did that. i am just saying -- we are going to take our message to people living paycheck to paycheck and we will say to them i lived the way you live now. i grew up in faith let things you are facing now and i am a conservative and you should be too because that is the right way for me, you and the united states of america. we are going to take our message, we are going to take our message to young americans some of whom are living with
3:38 pm
student loan debt. by the way if you took out a student loan to go to from universities the only thing you got was a piece of paper and a picture with a cardboard cutout of donald trump. my apologies if you went to that university. and their football team is no good either. so there are millions of americans today, we have 500% increase in student loan debts, i am the only republican who talks about it all the time because it is personal. i have a plan to deal with this issue. we will take our message to families raising their children because it has become harder than ever to raise your kids with values they teach in our church instead of the values they try to ram down our throats in popular culture. [applause] >> we will unite this party and give we do that we will win and that is why democrats don't want
3:39 pm
to run against me. in poll after poll ibm hillary clinton and the democrats know that a attack me more than any other republican in this race because they don't want to run against me. hillary clinton does not want to run against me but i cannot wait to run against hillary clinton. we will win. [chanting] >> we will win this election and get to work. what kind of president will you have? when i am pressing you will have a president for the first time in eight years that follows the constitution of the united states of america. that means the constitution that says you have a first amendment right to live out the teachings of your faith in every aspect of
3:40 pm
your life. a constitution that says you have a second amendment right to protect yourself and your family. 810 amendment that says that the power of government should largely reside in the states and local communities. if it is unconstitutional i will be against it. when i become president of the united states on my first day in office i will repeal every single one of barack obama's unconstitutional executive orders. by the way, there is an opening in the supreme court. we should not do anything on that opening until after this election. you have a right to weigh in on it. you know what kind of justices we are going to appoint? people like antonin scalia god
3:41 pm
rest his soul, and understand the constitution is supposed to be applied according to its original meaning. is not a living and breathing document that means whatever you wanted to me. if it means whatever you wanted to mean it means nothing at all. we are going to have judges that apply the constitution according to which the original meaning. by the way, if you want to change the constitution there's a process. it is called article 5. article 5 says you the citizens can call a convention of states. or former senator tom coburn is leading that effort. is not an effort that will do anything with the first amendment or the second amendment, all those things stay in place. the only thing he is seeking is term limits on congress, term limits on judges and a balanced budget amendment for america. [applause]
3:42 pm
>> when i am president of the united states you have a president who believes in free enterprise. i always laugh when i hear political speakers say when i was mayor we created 100,000 jobs. you hired 100,000 government workers? because unless you hired 11,000 government workers he did not create the jobs, the private sector did. i say that because my parents had a job as a bartender and the made because the private sector created their jobs, someone with access to many risk that money to open a hotel and tired of them. that is how they were able to buy a home and raise a family and retire with dignity and give us a better life. we are going to make america the best place in the world to start a business or expand an existing business when i am president of the united states. [applause] >> we don't have time to go through all the details that go to my web site and you will see that i have the best plan to bring our tax code into a global the competitive one. we have the best plan to roll
3:43 pm
back all these crazy regulations, getting rid of all these crazy regulations. we have the best plan out there to save social security and medicare. my mom is on social security and medicare but also bring the debt under control. we have the best plan to allow the liaise energy resources. god bless america with oil and natural gas. when i am president we are going to use it. [applause] >> i am the only one running for president that has ever done anything against obamacare. wasn't a long speech. it was something we did. they created a bailout fund. when obamacare passed the insurance companies got them to create a bailout fund. they will bailout insurance companies that lost money with your taxpayer money. i led the effort and we got rid of the bailout fund and when i am president we will get rid of the rest of obamacare and put
3:44 pm
you back in charge. [applause] >> love federal government is involved in all kinds of things is not supposed to be involved in. one thing it does have to be involved in his national security. it is not doing a very good job because we have a weak, very weak commander in chief. and so look at the world today. eight years of barack obama the world has gotten most dangerous. there is a clinlunatic in north korea with nuclear-weapons, iran will get sanctions, and spreading all over the world especially isis. in the face of all these growing threats we are getting our military. we are getting our military. our army will soon be the smallest it has been since the
3:45 pm
end of world war ii. the navy will be at its smallest size in a hundred years and the air force will be smaller than it has ever been so the world is getting more dangerous and we are getting our military and how unfair is that our men and women in uniform? we are still putting them in harm's way but we are putting them in harm's with older weapons and less people along side the man rules of impeachment that don't even allow them to win. that is going to change. when i am president of the united states we will undertake a reagan style rebuilding of the u.s. military. >> let us head now to ted cruz who is also speaking to balance some of this to a national religious broadcaster's annual convention in nashville, tennessee. >> unemployment for americans is dropping, carpenters and construction workers are seeing their wages going up.
3:46 pm
i think arizona is a great example where in this debate the people getting left behind are the hard-working men and women of this country. it is also the legal immigrants, people come here following the rules, standing in line, waiting in line are staying there wage has driven down as well and when it comes to immigration i think our immigration law should americans first. [applause] >> doesn't the idea that so many illegal immigrants fled arizona, does that not argue for the idea put forth by donald trump called self deportation? is that if you begin seriously to enforce deportation, and these rules that many people will quickly leave, there is no
3:47 pm
doubt we can solve this problem. >> i have laid out a detailed immigration plan on the web site, it lays out chapter and verse how we solve this. we will build a wall. i have someone in mind to build it. >> is it mentioned fox or donald trump? >> it will be donald. we will put in place a strong verify system so you cannot get a job without demonstrating you are here legally. we will put in place a bio exit entry systems a you cannot overstay your bees that. it is people coming on a legal visa and not leaving. we will end sanctuary cities and you do that by cutting off federal taxpayer money to any
3:48 pm
sanctuary city. and we will end welfare benefits for those here illegally. [applause] >> we know how to solve these problems. one of the biggest lies is you can't solve this problem. what utter nonsense. they say a wall doesn't work. if you build a ten football people will come with an 11 foot ladder. you don't think a wall works travel to israel. look at the wall there. when you try to stop hamas terrorist you have a wall with enforcement. it works. if you have fixed wing in a rotary wing aircraft and technology you can spot someone doing any attempted incursion ended is not hard to spot someone carrying an 11 foot ladder. but the critical point on this, it is not the we don't know how to do it. what is missing in washington is the political will. democrats don't want to do it and too many republicans don't
3:49 pm
want to do it. donald trump has made illegal immigration the core of his campaign. there is more than a little cubs but in that given that donald trump's record on illegal immigration is terrible. donald trump had $1 million court judgment against him for being part of a conspiracy to hire illegal aliens to build trump tower. right now a resort in florida which donald trump loans was just reported yesterday brings in foreign workers, hundreds and hundreds of foreign workers and by and large won't hire americans. there was a striking interview on cnn after the debate where donald was saying the reason i bring in foreign workers is no americans want to be winners or waitresses or bellhops. what complete nonsense. >> i saw that and i was stunned that he said that.
3:50 pm
>> with the new york times reported was 300 million americans applied for those jobs, donald hired 17. he -- americans wanted them. you are telling me, go to t g i friday, no americans want to be waiters and you don't think people want to be waiters at some nice hotel where people kit with $100 bills? big business wants foreign workers because they are captive, you can pay them less, they have no the waist, and they are often like indentured servants and this is the person who is claiming he will be the champion of the working man and woman. every deal donald does whether it is eminent domain or using illegal immigrants to build from tower the people who get hammered are the working men and women, he gets rich and everyone else gets left holding the bag, the difference, i believe between me and the other people on the stage is when i say
3:51 pm
something i will do exactly what i say and we are going to secure the borders and end illegal immigration. >> i want to move on to star parker who has another question for you. >> another place working men and women of america are concerned is the war on poverty, and poverty rates, $22 trillion war, a quarter of the budget every year, $900 billion, out research and data shows the correlation between single-parent homes and poverty. according to the brookings institution, in 2009 the poverty rate for children in homes with married parents was 11%. poverty rate for a children and homes headed by a single mother in the same year were 44.3%. yet giving birth outside marriage has become an increasingly part of the american culture. in 1970, only 7% of american
3:52 pm
children live in a home with a mother than never married. 48% of american children live in a home where a mother has not been married. my question based on a gallup poll from last year shows 61% of americans say giving birth outside of marriage is morally acceptable. gee you think it is a problem that more and more americans particularly young americans think having a child outside marriage is morally acceptable and if you think it is a problem what would you do as president to restore traditional marriage and return fathers to homes? >> it is an incredibly important question and all of us know the deterioration of the family in recent decades has been one of the most heartbreaking developments in our society. the challenges facing single moms is something personal. i come from a family with a lot of single moms. both of my ands were single moms. my sister was a single mom and fort period of time my mother
3:53 pm
was a single mom. when i was a little boy my father left us before he became a christian. thankfully he was saved and came back and reunited our family. [applause] >> there is no harder challenge in being a single mom. our prayers need to lift a single parents that are raising kids. raising kids is hard enough with two parents but with one of those having to work it is unbelievably difficult and our prayers need to lift, but the best cure for poverty is the security 2-parent home with a mother and father caring for those children. [applause] >> many of these issues are not going to be cured by government and any presidential candidate who says i am going to wave a wand and fix this is not being honest with you. many of these are issues for the church, issues for the community
3:54 pm
to work to encourage and build strong marriages as the foundation of the family of the community, where we lived. but i do think government policies can be changed so that they are not attacking marriage, undermining marriage and there's also a powerful bully pulpit of the presidency to speak out, of the virtues of fathers, take responsibility and care for your children. >> ted cruz in nashville, tenn. taking on discussions about poverty and donald trump, he and marco rubio double teamed on the billionaire businessman. rich lowery, "national review" editor and a columnist at news day. the past 12 hours have been stunning. but the past five hours have been explosive with the back and forth between these three candidate. what is your gut reaction when did this change is anything
3:55 pm
about front runner status for donald trump? >> marco rubio had a very good night and was the first step toward changing the momentum but then trump comes out, has a crispy in his back pocket, brings out the endorsement and changes the news cycle. we are heading to a big supertuesday for donald trump and the question is can he be pulled back from the cause of the nomination on winner-take-all state march 15th, florida, ohio and illinois? liz: seems like someone woke up marco rubio last night. he stopped repeating himself, not even close to being robotic according to a lot of critics and people who watch these things and he took on the guy in the center and donald trump looked like he was getting at least according to what you see in all but reviews here a little flustered or unable to battle back against marco rubio who came loaded for bull and bear. >> i love the school yard oh. everything i know about politics
3:56 pm
i learned in second grade and that was all i need to know. as the names they are calling each other. liz: you are offending second graders. >> the back to first grade. when you call people horrible names, at some point there will be a nominee, probably donald trump. how will these candidates rally around him? liz: it will be tough. i know you guys are watching it like we are every step of the way. i know we promised to show you the guys on the street corners of new york city thought about marco rubio. in a way insulting donald trump and insulting them by saying he didn't inherit a bunch of money, he would certainly be the guy who would have to sell watches on street corners. we will put that up on the web. i want you to check it out because these guys are honest workers on street corners. they were not happy with any of what the gop was saying. let's look at what is happening with the market's call this
3:57 pm
battling is not helping but when you stretch it out we will see a inert week for the dow, nasdaq and the s&p. we are down 45 points. bob dahl, senior equity strategist and fox business exclusive, let's put politics aside and talk about the oscars which are coming over the weekend. let's start to give some awards from your perspective of best sector and best portfolio plays. first the macro picture. >> things are getting a little less bad. won't say good, just less bad. china is not in the big black hole anymore, retail sales pretty good, durable-goods okay, employment numbers are ok and maybe we are not going to go into a big black hole so markets have a little respite. liz: we will be positive for the month as we close out for the dow and the s&p. that is good for the bulls. >> yes. after jan. we need a break.
3:58 pm
liz: let's just play on oscar fema. give us your best sector performance call. >> technology. of the free cash flow nature of technology and we think that is the winner in that category. liz: telecom and consumer discretionary. telecom the best supporting portfolio play. is that because they paid great dividendss? >> they are defensive end waiting in the wings for the first shot. liz: i of the lifetime achievement award, a consumer discretionary. lifetime really? discretionary is when you use money and extra for be on the toothpaste. >> americans are blessed with extra. sometimes it doesn't seem that way but it keeps happening. liz: looking at the market moves, the fed is meeting march 15th, and sixteenth. >> i don't think they will do anything but they still hang out there as if they are going to do something before the end of the year and i think they will because the dust will settle and
3:59 pm
it will lucky enough better to move from 25 to 50. a hole 50 basis points. liz: please come again. bob dahl, the market maven. we love to have him here. the dow down 49 points. a win for thoughe month. there you go. >> candidates have come out swinging with four days until supers of a tuesday, the most important contest in the race for the white house. dave: 600 delegates that one tuesday. today donald trump dominating the headlines this afternoon after making an hour-long speech that kicked off with a major announcement. >> marco rubio trying to seize on last night's debate moment holding a big rally as you heard in the last hour. dave: we will come to that in just a moment but first stocks singing as the closing bell
4:00 pm
sounds on wall street for the day, the week but all the major averages are up a full percentage point for the entire week. here is a look at where we are ending the day. it was that just barely within nasdaq again, the stock market was tracking oil, at first it was doing okay, and oil went down and so did the markets those so goes the markets this week but it wasn't up for a change. >> markets wait for monday, everything you need to know right now. a day after a heated gop debate donald trump out with a major announcement. blake dermott has the details. >> reporter: donald trump who said he could care less about endorsements picked up what many see as a potentially huge endorsement earlier this afternoon. the new yorker getting the backing of the governor from new jersey, chris christie called from a strong leader who can get things done. much of chris christie's campaign centered on attacking


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