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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  February 26, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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so if you are conservative you are somehow white. if that's the way it works, does that mean hillary clinton and bernie sanders aren't exactly white? deirdre: charles payne is with you. charles: if you thought last night was a donnybrook, the hate makers are at it today. >> i am proud to be here to endorse donald trump for president of the united states. there is no one better prepared to provide america with the strong leadership that it needs at home and around the world than donald trump. charles: many people considered that to be perfect timing after marco rubio's strong performance at the debate. >> you are the on person on the stage find for hiring people to
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work on your prongs illegally. >> i'm only one on the stage who hired people. >> the clothes you make are made in mexico and china. >> this guy is a choke artist and this guy is a liar. you have a combination of factors. he can't do it for the obvious reason and he can't do it because he doesn't know how to tell the truth. >> donald, relax. >> i'm relax. you are a basket case. charles: florida senator marco rubio having fun with a series of donald trump tweets. >> next week marco rubio looked like a little boy on stage, not presidential material. he meant to say lightweight. but he spelled it leight. looks like a little boy. i wouldn't even be the youngest president.
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but he would be the oldest president ever elected and it's an 8-year term so you start to worry. charles: the narrative is trump, maybe rubio came into today with all the momentum. and then the christy endorsement. >> rubio drank his coffee before that debate. he was totally prepared in terms of not getting flat food the way he did in front of governor christie. now he's on stage and they built the expectations game up ahead of the debate. they were signaling they were going to spend all their time attacking cruz. but donald trump was not prepared for these hay makers. i think he kept his head above water. but it was a cuban missile crisis for trump with cruz and rubio coming at him like crazy.
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charles: we came in this morning and all of a sudden trump says i have got this announcement. you talk about earned media coverage. it was all about chris christie jumping on board. the narrative is trump is luring the establishment and a lot of people think this is a major deal, a major coup. >> there is no question it is. what we are seeing this year is a muscular election. this is favoring the extroverted over the introverts. those who have attitude over policy. trump and christy can bring it. i think we have the beginning of maybe a move in the more establishment quarters to start quietly and surely moving in the direction of donald trump. i disagree with the first comment. i thought donald trump won the debate last night.
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i think he dominates the debate because it wasn't about the substance and policy answers. it was about attitude, and he's communicating with an us versus them message resonating across america. charles: people think it was the best performance by rubio. there were nine times christy has gone after donald trump saying he's not qualified. take a listen to we had to say about donald trump back then. >> donald is a great guy and good person, but i don't think he's suited to be president of the united states. i don't think his temperament is suited. >> show time is over. we are not electing an entertainer in chief. show time is fun but it won't change america. charles: i thought that christie
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was work up to this for a while. i thought his hit on rubio was to position himself for a vp or ag slot. but i'm a cynical person. how surprised are you, and how does it impact the race here? >> i was surprised when i first saw it. the last 24 hours have been dizzying. this is a huge get for donald trump. chris christy brings that swagger and attitude. of course chris christie was going to discredit donald trump. but he started to dial back criticism of donald trump because maybe this was in the making or something on the horizon, he maybe saw the writing on the wall. but it puts a chink in gears of what many thought was a 24-hour comeback by rubio. there is still a lot of momentum because he found where to hit trump.
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charles: after trump's announcement with chris christie, rubio got back on the air. i don't think he's used to the so-called earned air time. he was rushed to an appearance. but he actually did take to it donald trump more today and he said donald trump was sweating. it was pretty interesting. it feels like after today, i don't know where ted cruz was. but it feels like it was all about marco rubio and donald trump. what with chris christie i vas slate between disgust and pity. i think he sold his soul for donald trump's word. charles: that's some strong stuff. i think rubio did put on some
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high -- did take off the high-heeled shoes and put on some sneakers. >> this election is about americans looking for a leader who will bring it. even though chris christie didn't prevail in the primary process. if nothing else, he can bring it. i think those two belong together. >> he's somebody who is now taking the cowardly perspective endorsing donald trump. this is a point where you take a stand as conservatives and it means something to you. >> this election right now is not about partisanship and party and ideology. it's about who can bring it at a time when america needs leadership. that's why chris christy is united with trump, that's why trump is doing so well. you can arm on the other side of the fence that bernie sanders is
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with a totally different remedy. america is tired of government that doesn't work. >> chris christie has never been a movement conservative. so this is not about conservatism for chris christie. when you talk about bringing it, i think a lot of conservatives and republicans looked at rubio and cruz and thought finally people brought it at trump at his own game. what about your trump university, what about your taxes, what about all the things that have been mentioned there? people have looked at the carcasses of jeb bush and christie and tried to attack them. this isn't about conservatism. they want to see strength. that's what rubio and cruz did and it could be effective. charles: donald trump magnificent at zeroing in on people's weakness.
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ted cruz not having anyone to support him. and maybe this is it. maybe they continue to go after trump where it hurts him host. the notion that maybe he's got some issues coming up. i think the university thing sticks around. that gets higher and higher, too. >> i think they will try and undermine him. i think ultimately every candidate up to and including last night in the debate have all misunder. the media d have all mississippl mississippmisunderstood donald . they are seeing a guy with wild opinions. they see him moving ahead and succeeding and that's been compelling.
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>> he not on talks the talk. he walks the walk. and his record is incredibly problematic. if you are looking at his trump university. and repeatedly lie together american public and his history of racism. charles: some of niece things whether it's the polish workers, they will say that was 38 years ago. i think the thing we hit on is this core -- donald trump's core supporters aren't going anywhere. in the meantime others continue to flop. it's gaining its own momentum, if you will. i don't know if any of that will top this. >> i think rubio is trying to prevent any higher feeling for donald trump. if they did leave cruz or kasich that they are coming to him. at some level electability will
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matter little bit. chris christie said he thinks the person the clintons fear the most is donald trump. i find that hard to believe. they are so indicted themselves if they run against donald trump it's a mud match. charles: general election early on the conventional wisdom was it was marco rubio. who do you think it is in a general election. >> we can predict what a campaign would be like if marco squared off against hillary. or if anyone squared off against hillary except for donald trump. i'll tell you why this is doable. i'll tell you why donald trump is a candidate who can win. he has take it to the system. he's an outside were who has a message. people have someone they can believe in anne that will voice their interests that aren't represented by the elites.
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i think that's a whirling dervish that heaven knows where it ends up. hillary clinton and her team will have a devil of a time find out how to engage and defeat a person like this. charles: you don't want to miss fox business, lou dobbs will kick it off at 5:00 p.m. he will be followed by neil cavuto at 6:00 p.m. then next tuesday it's the biggest day by far. they call it super tuesday for a reason. we have it covered for you on fox business. schoolyard taunts aren't above candidates. rubio and cruz went on the attack against trump. did it work? i don't know. trump kind of used to that kind of stuff. when it was all said and done and the dust cleared, three were standing.
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charles: the candidates are racing to super tuesday and this thing is heating up. will all the negativity damage the gop brand come november? van, you have been associated with the republican party for a long time.
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i have spoken to candidates that say their primary process leaves them so discussed up, they go into november wound. if that's the case what will happen this time around? >> i talked to some people, my sources tell me internal tracking polls taken today since the debate show donald trump increased his lead in those 12 super tuesday state. some of the states he's going to move up into the 40s. i have got to tell you these establishment experts starting to jump out of windows right now. come tuesday, those who have it, their family members will be well advised to get them move down to the first floor before the election result come in. charles: a lot of people will have to call in sick wednesday. what do you make of it, carl? >> the issue is you have all these republican strategists in
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the game for three or four decade. they are applying conventional elect long toik an unconventional race. they are trying to attack him and bring him down. it just doesn't matter. his supporters are standing strong. charles: as somebody not involved in politic, they are flipping the channels around and they are like what the hell is this? a school lunch cafeteria fight? >> but they are watching. do i think it will hurt the republican brand in i don't think so. i don't think we'll see anything nastier and the hillary clinton in the 2008 primary. what trump is doing for politics whether you like the or hate it, people are tuning in and they are paying attention. charles: con artist, lying ted,
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they don't stick, it won't matter come november? >> you know, it's different. and what the republican party has got to do and what they didn't do the last cycle is they have to bring out new voters. we saw 100,000 new voters coming out. people who pay the taxes, they go to church, they feel like their government has let them down. that's how they are going to win in 2012. mitt romney won the independents. john mccain lost the independent. but they got same amount of vote. we republicans did not turn out our base in 2012. charles: there is no doubt the enthusiasm gap favors any candidate. super tuesday will be the big showdown.
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charles: it's all about super tuesday. many people are saying look at this map, donald trump who is overwhelmingly favored and virtually everyone, i think you have got ted cruz in texas and arkansas. he could have the delegate map wrapped upcoming out of super tuesday. then it would be all over for rubio and cruz. a lot of people are saying the worst thing that could happen to the folks chasing donald trump is cruz winning in texas because that keeps him in the race and keeps the race muddled for a little longer.
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>> these guys are hoping that happens. super tuesday will mean a tremendous amount, especially if rubio can't get his first win in a state, and also if he can't get enough across the pore poring at threshold in texas, it's really gig for rubio. all the states super tuesday will work delegates proportionally. these candidates will be able to split up the delegates. march 15 when all the winner take all state begin. >> it's likely they go to the basketball gape and they pull someone out of the crowd to make the half court shot. >> there is a scenario. he's doing it backward, though. charles: when you take that kind of shot it's all about luck at that point. how do you see this shake out, eboni?
6:25 pm
>> i appreciate vincent's candor and honesty. i just don't see anyone catching donald trump. what we saw last night, if we had seen it earlier perhaps it would have played out differently. but you can't wait this late in the game to get in it. charles: the their o -- the narrative is the establishment brought his on themselves. you follow up, they shot themselves in the foot because if they did have a goal of defeating donald trump, their egos got in the way so once again they defeated themselves. any shot at all? >> it's difficult. looking at it from a pure political math level. if there were any other frontrunner we would be calling this pretty much over at this point. it's an important day for rubio, but it's even more important for cruz.
6:26 pm
if cruz can't win texas, he's been laying in the sec primary. there is a case that rubio will make it's time to consolidate immediately. then you get to the winner-take-all races on the 15th. still the deck heavily favored and stabbed heavily favored toward donald trump. charles: i follow a lot of experts. people who have done this for so long, and they keep saying it's not over. i wonder, what the hell? i know technically it's not over. and i'm starting to wonder when does the assistant, when does the rnc tart to rally around donald trump and say let's figure this thing out. >> we are seeing people in serious denial because they are having a hard time wrapping their mind around the legitimacy
6:27 pm
of this trump candidacy because it's something they did not anticipate in any scenario. >> for so long there have been conversations about first, second and third place. kind of ignoring the elephant in the room. if that ceiling is 35 or 50, it's lights out pretty quick. >> he will hit a ceiling and he won't be able to grow from there, it's not playing out from there. charles: you want to know all the secrets to real estate? my man, bob massey, you know him, you have seen him, you love him. you will get to see more of them. you will be able to tune into his new show bob massi, the property man. while candidates duke it out our allies are adding their own two cents and some are using
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6:32 pm
>> i am not going to pay for that wall. i am not. and he should know that. and i'm not going to apologiz. charles: all right. well, a lot of people saying he's gone too far. let's bring in our panel jillian, pete, carl and peter mauricey. let me go to you first, peter. aside from the vulgarity and all of that stuff. economically this trade war that donald trump is hinting at, you think many times that you think it's going to work. >> i shouldn't say we need a trade war, we're in one. our allies are taking terrible advantage of us and learning to view us with contempt. and this example the first time the president said it, i could forgive him the heat of the moment. but in front of maria, it was premeditated, he knew he was going to use the wort, it just shows you what contempt they view the united states because we don't enforce things like trade agreements. back up our allies.
6:33 pm
do the things a leading nation should do. we failed them. that's why they view us this way. charles: donald trump at one point floating a 40% tariff on china. we know it wouldn't be that egregious. but in a global economic situation. what do you think? what path should we go on? because obviously the gauntlet has been thrown down. how should we treat our friends and foes? because to donald trump's point and peter's, they don't respect us right now. >> well, i think this is affordableness. donald trump saying he's the most free trade candidate on the stage yet he can't find a single deal that he agrees with. to your point you were previously making about him swearing. i mean donald trump is the king of vulgar language. charles: well, he's sworn off swearing. >> for the time being. for the time being. but there's no one more vulgar than donald trump and that kind of bluster, it may get you a quit sound byte. it's not strength internationally. and we're talking about a candidate who thinks, you
6:34 pm
know, putin's a cool guy. talking about a candidate that kim jong-un at least had leadership skills. so -- charles: yeah, he better be careful because kim jong-un and marco rubio have the same shoe maker. ingram micro founded by a conservative family in tennessee a week ago lost in the news. people are getting upset. a lot of people think so it's the way global economy works and indeed it is to a certain degree. where is the fine line where we intimidate where we suffer or can trump pull it off? >> trump can pull it off and of course mexico is annoyed because we going to poll off the 50% trade with me of. so i think this is the last-ditch effort to try to project some level of strength against donald trump, and it's just feudal. it's not going to work.
6:35 pm
charles: here's the thing, pete, the trade deficit a little bit less than that. it's all billions. but when we take those trade deficits, it means we're going to be paying more for the things we like right now. carrier air-conditions when you like this back, it may be 600 bucks later. are we positioned as a nation to fight with that? >> well, i don't know if this nation wants to enter another era of protectionism -- charles: but would you agree, though, that our trade policies. we're at a disadvantage. >> slanted in the wrong direction. no doubt. if a ton of manufacturing jobs were coming to the united states and folks were paying a little bit more, i think people would be fine with it. but the question is whether that's exactly what would happen. and what you're seeing is a lot of baring trump. no doubt. but also anger about barack obama and this country an absentee friend, an absentee -- we haven't stood up to enemies around the world for the last eight years.
6:36 pm
and everyone looks at that and sees free reign. charles: wie got to go. but i'm just not a fan of him. he's said negative things about america, said negative things about black people. really been a jerk his whole life. so what we're seeing is not a put on. it's him in the flesh. well, we would like to people to keep it real, and he kept it real. we don't want you to miss our powerful lineup on fox business. lou dobbs going to kick off our south carolina democratic primary coverage that's at 5:00. and then followed up by annually cavuto at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. so keep it here tomorrow. and of course the really big, big week next week. 2016 is that super tuesday. it might get all wrapped up that night according to some those internal polls shifting big time to the trump locomotive. no matter what, we're going to bring you minute to minute details as those polls close. and the state department releasing a new batch of e-mails. 88 of them we're told are quote confidential. we're going to bring it all down to you shortly.
6:37 pm
we'll be back in two minutes. >> confident that this process will prove that i never sent nor received any -- any e-mail that was marked classified.
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6:39 pm
. charles: breaking news right now more hillary clinton e-mails are out it is not good news for hillary clinton, nor this country. 88 that we know in this next batch confidential. joins me next
6:40 pm
charles: we do have breaking news for you. the state department just making 800 new documents from former secretary of state hillary clinton's e-mails public. it's available online. that's in addition to 1,500 pages -- this is for the latest we have to bring in our fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge. you've been following this throughout better than anyone i know. and give us the latest on this last round or most recent round of e-mails. >> okay. we've got this
6:41 pm
release, charles, and then another release monday and that's basically it with the e-mails from the state department and this is part of a court mandated deadline. okay. the big headline in this latest group is that 88 contain classified information. the state department says at the confidential level, which is a more junior level within classified but kind of like saying you're a little bit pregnant. basically it's classified. it doesn't work that way. it has to stay in secure government channels and that's not what happened here. final point the state department says this information was upgraded to classified or it was retroactively classified but that's really -- i would say a really disingenuous statement too. because when you talk to career intelligence officials and those who are outside of intelligence now and retired, i mean this information is born classified. it should have been in the right handles and labeled as such at the get go. so it's an after the fact
6:42 pm
cleanup with that term. charles: so what do we know -- we know so far 22 have been classified top secret. any new on those? >> a couple of things. we were able to kim a story that was first reported by which the 22 top classified e-mails that will never be public. these sections were lifted out of highly classified government documents or the language tracked almost identical to that language. so this was not a situation we were told where they accidentally got into the e-mails. it was a situation where the language was copied in some form. i suspect that people took photos of the screens with their iphones and then copied the language into the -- charles: wow. >> unclassified e-mail system . charles: and these would be people that work for hillary clinton then? she probably -- i mean she wouldn't be doing that. >> uh-huh. okay. so almost all the e-mails that are being
6:43 pm
sent to mrs. clinton come from her closest aide. so that would be her chief of staff at that time, cheryl millions, also jake as you will vin who is the career state department person. but she herself has sent e-mails that have been released and heavily redacted where classified information is involved. so it is simply not a question of her receiving this information. she also sent information that falls into that b one classified bucket. charles: lieutenant general loretta lynch saying earlier in the week the investigation is still on going. which i found odd that she had to remind everyone that this investigation still going on. any sort of time horizon or timeline? any sort of estimated time where we may be able to get some conclusion to this? >> well, you know, i mean there's such powerful forces that play here, charles. like, tectonic plates if you will. i wouldn't want to hazard a guess. charles: okay. >> by a couple of things, though, on lynch's testimony.
6:44 pm
this was the first time that she confirmed publicly that the fbi is working with career lawyers at the justice department. that means that this has moved beyond any kind of initial review or initial inquiry. number two in the u.s. attorneys of handbook of best practices, it does say that they should not announce an investigation or indictment of a public official three months before an election. that's not a firm rule, but it's a recommendation. so if you use that as a guide if something is going to happen in this case, it really needs to happen before august. so there's actually more time to play with here than people realize. charles: wow. okay.. that's a great point. i had not heard that before, catherine herridge as usual. thanks for bringing -- >> i always enjoy it, charles. thank you for having me. charles: thank you. we also have more breaking news. the irrelevance says nearly twice as many taxpayer accounts have been hit by
6:45 pm
cyber crimes more than previously recorded. stolen tax data on up to 700,000 accounts. last august that number was around 330,000. it will be sending notifications to those affected taxpayers. so if you go to the mailbox, it may be a check. it may be something else you don't want to see. and donald trump mentioned last night's debate he won't release his tax records because he's under an audit and calls it routine. however, it's rare for an individual taxpayer to be audit every year, especially 12 years. in the meantime marco rubio continues to slam donald trump this time in israel. i want to take a listen to what he told fox news. after the break. >> and if you see his position on planned parenthood, his statement that we're not going to take sides on israel and the palestinian authorities. his notion unless you're in favorite of government-sponsored health care you're going to let people die on the streets. he was defending those positions better than harry reed does. he's a dream for the democrats
6:46 pm
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>> the position you've taken is an antiisrael position. here's what the palestinians do. they teach their 4-year-old children that killing jews is a glorious thing. here's what had a mass does. they launch rockets and attacks on israel on a on going basis. the bottom line is a deal between israel and the palestinians given the current makeup between palestinians is not possible. >> i'm a negotiator. i've done very well over the years through negotiation. it's very important that we do that. these people may even be tougher than chris christie. charles: well, of course that was donald trump and marco rubio. rubio criticizing donald trump saying, hey, this is not a real estate deal. we're talking about israel. this is in last night's debate. donald trump has changed his mind -- the minds on
6:50 pm
conservative on a whole lot of things in this election season. but one of the steadfast positions has been taking the side of israel and i think for a lot of people that seemed completely out of bounds but maybe not anymore. so should the next president of the united states should be neutral when it comes to palestine? carl back with me. carl, what's your position on this? >> well, what we need to look at here is donald trump has always done what's best for the business deal. and if that's working with israel, he will do that. the fact of the matter is israel is our only ally in the entire region, and we need to play very nice with them. charles: but do we put palestine on the same platform? do we make it clear, hey, we would like to put them on their backs first and foremost? >> personally i would back israel. charles: what do you think, pete? >> well, these things called principles. but i was proud of marco rubio and ted cruz who took trump to the leftist moral rel activism
6:51 pm
stance on israel versus palestine? we're going to treat themly? when you look at israel who they are, what they stand for, and i hear the surrogates saying, oh, this and that and you're the president of the united states, you repent the united states and our free world and our allies. you stand with them or equivocate. and we've had seven years of equivocating, why do we want more of that with donald trump? >> we've seen this before. you and i were over in iraq. we've seen it when you jump into a war like that, you have problems. if israel is being attacked, they're first and foremost our ally. but at the end of the day we're grant get drawn into more foreign wars and donald trump is being careful about that. >> not a war but draw in the palestinian peace process through neutrality, which a he's not going to do and as he articulated last night, there's been many great deals put on the table by others that the palestinians have
6:52 pm
reducing to take because their ideology. who the heck are the going to stand with? and just because he's the grand marshal of the parade, it doesn't make him israel. and puts them so many voters, when you think about national security, we're on the wrong side of so many things right now. charles: you are saying if we're talking about negotiating, you start all of these negotiations off with a clean state so to speak. >> exactly. that's how we got the iran deal. >> well, look, donald trump has made it very clear the iran deal was a terrible deal with everyone. charles: guys, we do know donald trump -- >> iran deal? . charles: i think we all agree on this. that this palestine israel is the toughest deal out there to be made. a lot of nobel peace prices have been given out thought they were solved. a lot of time magazine covers have been made. >> forever. charles: well, i hope not. thanks, guys, a lot. that was beautiful and passionate. in the meantime oprah shed more than $40 million. that's right. well, this morning weight watchers opened down huge. i think it was the biggest loser.
6:53 pm
and i couldn't know? it's the oprah affect. i'm going to tell you how oprah was her own worst enemy. next [bassist] two late nights in tucson.
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that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? charles: quick check on the markets. a lackluster session. still profit taking. nothing serious. sets everything up for next week. it will either be a launching pad for stocks or trapdoor because we've got that job report. it has to be perfect. not too hot, not too cold. in the meantime a lesson in buying and holding, guys. three stocks all-time high. they've got two things in common. everyone has used these products. they make baking soda, can i hearly clark and campbell's soup all at all-time highs. this investing thing is really easy when you have patience. of course if you bought weight watchers when oprah winfrey
6:57 pm
gotten involved you're going to need a lot of patience because they've gotten clobbered. and down $27 million today alone. as it turns out i think oprah may have been her own worst enemy in an effort to boost weight watcher sales. there was huge backlash with the first commercial she put out. >> inside every overweight woman is a woman she knows she can be. . charles: all right. guys, that line inside every overweight woman. it smacks fat shaming and a lot of things ironically enough oprah spent more than two decades fighting against. jillian joins us with fox business very own gerri willis. gerri, i think oprah's career over the last 20 -- >> see who you are. see who you are you don't have to like like everybody else our culture encourages women
6:58 pm
to look skinny and lose weight. the cover ashley stuart; right? she's a plus sized model. this is a big win. this is terrific win but not according to oprah. charles: well, she blew it. she went against her own ideology and i'm telling you. it backfired. it didn't work. >> yeah. societies disappointing. i mean i agree there's this toxic culture particularly for young women. but i think this is a sentiment of a culture where we don't really agree on our values for morality for what femininity means and with that it's easy to fall back overobsessing with your body issues. and i think that's what she's doing. she's taken the high ground and a lot of oprah book club books centers around being a good woman. this is letting her slide. charles: to your point with this si cover. this woman is beautiful. she's on the cover. really stunning. and yet cheryl today said while she is attractive, her health is going to be in jeopardy, and she kind of dumped on her a little bit. >> oh, she dumped on her a lot of bit. cheryl said you have to have a
6:59 pm
35-inch waste or less to be attractive. i mean this is just the kind of thing -- we don't want these one -- you've got to be a six, you've got to be a four. zero is the new size that you have to be. this is ridiculous anonymous nonsense. and i have to tell you when we were coming here talking about the diet segment because of the business we're in i was, like, i'm going to put on a black dress because people are going to talk about our weigh. charles: is this making a difference or is this going back to the phase of, hey, you have to be skinny? >> well, i think being a chubbier barbie doesn't help? but i actually think the bible has the great word on it that charmin is deceptive and beauty is gleaming but a woman of character stands. charles: two beautiful woman. have a great weekend and before we go we have to solute american success. taking a look at coyote ugly saloon. ini know, i know, they do songs, entertainment for customers, actually 21
7:00 pm
locations be the bar was inspiration for that movie. you remember coyote ugly. in fact, it has to start the meat packing district here in new york. that's it for us, guys. we really appreciate it. now i'm going to leave it to the man himself. lou dobbs on fox business. >> good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. this is officially the most entertaining presidential race in history. and a lot of folks are contributing to it all but special things dove to go to donald trump. the republican front-runner is battling all comers seeming to relish each and every skirmish and today carrying the fight that began with last night's debate and press conferences into rallies and tonight trump is blazing toward the republican nomination. the republican establishment and its chosen candidate marco rubio and sidekick ted cruz are pulling out all the stops to stop trump. but trump toda


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