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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  February 27, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EST

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61% said vincent fox was laying in real life. john: hollywood depend on good out an initial bargaining tool guys and bad guys. the idea we all play a role is on the wall. we begin at 5:00 p.m. tougher to digest. part of the big short i didn't like was the many references to the bangers' greed. good night. -- was the bankers' greed. john: it's so stupid. of course, the banks got greedy. we are all greedy in a way we would like to make more money. john: gmos aren't bad and that's the purpose of being in business. it doesn't mean your breaking steve jobs wasn't this bad. laws or cheating. everybody wants more money. fortunately this year hollywood the question is are the got some things right. incentives to make more money doing something to lead people to do bad things or not? >> the film's conception of also, are the oscars races? greed is a little bit off. it basically said the banks >> i won't be at academy award helped to rig the system. and i won't be watching. >> then our awards for best so in some ways there was bad
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behavior on the part of banks. performance by political but wouldn't the bangs have not candidates. wanted the system to melt down? who will win best naked pandering. best lie. wouldn't they have not wanted to be in a situation where little >> the rich get rich errant poor get poorer. guy and vestors, the heroes of this movie could short them and make tens of millions of dollars? john: that's our show tonight. >> they would like to be in a position where they didn't lose all that money and their stocks went down to 2 and 3? >> it was they didn't understand the system and they were not clear on the products they were selling. john: what did movies this year in fact no one was. get right and what did they get wrong? this idea it's easy to tell the of course they get lots wrong. heroes and villians they are clear bad guys and they are out usual thing they get wrong is they constantly make to get you and out to hurt corporations the villian. little people. in the movie "antsman" that idea is i think too simplified. corporations want to get their john: there is one part in "the hands on a suit of armor. big short" that fill traits how >> it will blow up in your face crazy lending got in a scene and destroy everyone you care about. >> in james bond, the villian is taken from michael lewis' book.
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he learns stripper have gone an evil corporation. into debt to buy lots of houses. in the new jurassic park movie >> you won't be able to refinance. >> on all my loans? it's a corporation that tampered with nature. >> what do you mean all your loans? in real life tampering with >> i have five houses and a condo. >> there was this idea that was natured our lifespan. built into both the kind of individual end where people were buying houses and getting loans, and into the models themselves the big short tackled the that the up investment firms and complicated. the ratings agencies were using, >> the housing market is rock this idea that housing prices solid. could never go down. it wasn't in the model. >> there was some shady stuff so people weren't thinking about going on. movie makes complicated things this. yawn * the monday morning exciting. quarterbacks say it was obvious these were bad loans. let's ask peter suederman. the big short does touch on that. "the big short. >> that's not stupidity and it glosses over the role of the that's fraud. government.
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it does at one point briefly >> tell me the difference mention the kind of revolving between side and illegal and i door between government and the will have my brother-in-law financial sector, although even arrested. john: everybody thought it was in that case i think the story is more complicated than they going to go up and you were dumb want to tell you. for not participating. where are you going to get >> the movie and the book are financial sector expertise except from the financial system. right to lionize the few people i think ultimately the issue i who had some idea this was have with the movie is it wants coming. john: another best picture no to be a story of fraud and greed and how the system is rigged. knee the movie "jobs" spend type when the financial crisis was a story about stupidity and criticizing jobs as a person and complexity and the inability for parent. people to see all parts of the system. >> you are worth $41 million but it never points out that your daughter and her mother are government was encouraging all on welfare. >> she is not my daughter. these bankers to loan money to people who didn't have such good credit. yawn * i read the biography of >> you did see some jobs and he was a jerk in many ways. what's wrong with pointing it encouragement from fannie mae and freddie mac pushing lenders out in the movie. to lend more to people lower income.
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>> they are working to show something we can learn from the character of jobs as he was portrayed in the movie. capitalism and technology are in some sense -- they are i am compatible with basic human decency, and i don't think that's what you can draw from steve jobs. it's always a little bit funny to see that coming from hollywood which is -- a giant profit-seeking trifilled with big corporations. in the case of antman, this corporation trying to steal an individuals' creative product and trying to turn it into something soulless and profitable, which is kind of what hollywood has done with comic books and comic book movies for years. they have taken this little guys' art and turned it into a
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big corporate product. john: thank you, peter sutterman. john: the movie "joy." >> i am joy, by the way. john: jennifer lawrence is up for best actress. she was a woman who created a business based on a self-ringing mop she invented. it shows how she had to struggle to get financial and fight sleazy competitors and a patent trol. rent still is a business where people can aren't tools to each other. >> i think most entrepreneurs will feel the same way. john: somebody told you to build
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a website would cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars so you could give up. >> i found a way to outsource it which is unfortunate. to india and mexico. yawn * you were told you had to get a lawyer and lawyers are expensive. >> you learn to do it yourself or find people who can do it cheaper. yawn * what did you do to not pay a lawyer. >> i met a lawyer and she mentioned how much she loved mexican food. >> i gave her an offer she couldn't refuse. i said how about i make you mexican food, taco, and you check my legal agreement, and she accepted. john: you like joy are a single mom. it must be tough to run a biz and raise your child.
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>> my son helps me deliver flyers and my daughter, she is my math manager. it is very cool. every type we have a rental in that state we didn't have before, she paint it. i share on social media. i share were picture and say we made it to 15 state. i get an free my new customers saying tell penelope i just listed my motorcycle in ohio. john: joy goes into debt to start or business. >> i'm fairly familiar with credit cards, yes. john: do you think jennifer lawrence will win best actor? >> i think she should win an
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award. john: we should give award to the beths best political actors. >> the rich get much richer while almost everybody else gets poorer. john: that's a lie. the poor did not get poorer. they got richer, too. bernie also says people are working longer hours for less money. but people work with fewer hours today. it's just a lie. the next stosscar award i award to rand paul after chris christie said he would shoot down russian plays over syria. >> if you are in favor of world war iii you have your candidate. at least chris christie is not in the race now.
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>> frankenstein ... john: science gone wrong, it's always been a big hollywood theme. i like frankenstein. these days a big theme is that our inventions will destroy us. the novel "jiewr as i can park" was written by michael crichton. this year hollywood made it fourth movie. >> we have our first genetically modified hybrid. >> what kinds of dinosaur did they cook up in that lab. >> evacuate the lab.
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>> she is a highly intelligent animal. she'll kill anything that moves. john: a smart dinosaur that wants to kill people is scary. but in real life genetic modification has made things cheaper, better, more abundant. andrew clevin is a screenwriter. he says movie makers vilify gmos because they believe in superstitious these. >> today's hollywood with its leftist bent has taken the story and add to it this environmental hysteria and anti-militaristic hysteria and anti-capitalist hysteria and turn it into
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anything we try to do or striving on better things on man's part will result in a disaster and the end of the world. it's part of leftism and by extension hollywood. john: movies need villians. why not capitalists? >> it's not that they tell stories from the left, it's that they almost never tell stories from the right. there is nobody covering the conservative or libertarian way of looking at things. john: they find it romantic to go back in time. "dances with wolves" show the indians dancing around the campfire and they all had teeth. but in real life their teeth would have fallen out by then.
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>> civilized man goes into a i am tough situation and finds they are more civilized than the civik and civilized people. they have sexual equality. but you have need oil and technology. women can't compete on the battlefield unless there are guns. as long as life depends on upper body strength to wield the sword women won't stand a chance of having see quality. john: another best picture movie depicts a horrible world after man has squandered most our resources. >> it was hard to know who was more crazy. john: this is basically the
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theme of all mad max movies. >> it's based on a fallacy that energy is goo that come out of the grounds with oil written on it. that oil that comes out of theground only becomes energy because the human imagination turns it into energy. john: not all this year's films were anti-progress. "the martian" was nominated for best picture. >> i have enough food to last for 50 days. so i'm going to have to [bleep] out of this. john: some good news. >> that unprintable line may be my favorite sentence in a movie this year because here you have got matt damon stuck on a planet, no water, no air, no
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nothing. but by signing the blank out of the situation damon's character manages to thrive on this planet. it's the human spirit, the human imagination that produces energy and civilization. fraught with danger no doubt but still good things that brought us so far from that primitive state we were in which as you know was not fun. it's not fun to live in a primitive state. having energy and oil and cars is a lot better. john: a lot better than running around in the dark trying to kill a rabbit with a stick. let's give out another stosscar award to a politician for the best imagine cal thinking. it goes to donald trump. >> we are going to build the wall. believe me, the wall is going to be built. the warm is going to be built. and who is going to pay for the
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wall? john: now he's got crowds chanting mexico. coming up, more awards and an example of hollywood getting something right. you can't predict... the market. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments
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john: some hollywood movies get things right. another movie that gets things right ... >> you better be careful with these people. >> nothing makes sense. yawn * in the end what the viewer comes away with is mayor cap drug war corrupts so much. it's hard to know who the bad
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guys are because all kind of people get corrupt. let's turn to neil franklin. he was a narc and police officer for 14 year. "sicario" portrays the confusion? >> at all levels. even at the levels the agencies fighting the so-called war on drugs. the f.b.i., the derek a, local law enforcement in phoenix. they are all confused, and the corruption that take place. john: what confusing? >> we don't like to share information among agencies. then you have law enforcement like us who real. >> i the policies of pro hi big are extremely problematic. they are counter productive to public safety. they make our community and neighborhood more dangerous than they need to be.
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giving total control over to cartels and neighborhood gainings included. >> you say just legalize the stuff, that would make it better? this after arresting people and prosecuting. >> i worked undercover. i commanded drug task forces in the state of maryland. and yes now that i have taken a good look at what we have been doing the past four to five decade fighting the war on drugs, it's about the environment we create for it to exist and pro hi big doesn't do it just like alcohol in the 1920s. john: in "sicario" who plays this cop who thinks she is going to fight the bad guys a little further from home discovers she doesn't know who the bad guys are. that was your experience?
12:26 am
>> in the movie you have this naive woman. you have her who believes we are fighting this valiant noble evident we have going on here to rid our community of these drugs. then her eyes are opened when she gets behind the scenes and learns what really is happening. and we have occasional what appear to be victories, like the recent capture of again of he wil -- ofel chapo. but it doesn't mean a thing. john: there will be another guy because there is so much money to be made. >> when you take someone down, you are just creating job openings for people to fight using violence and guns to fight for that vacancy. john: >> the movie neil says shows the
12:27 am
harm the drug war does, though i don't know it's the intention of the movie maker, is "straight out of compton." this is an example of police brutality. what does have it to do with the drug war? >> they go into the poor black and brown community in search of drug dealers. and this is what happens. the police being the enemy. they are merely occupying territory. you don't know who to trust. you don't know who the drug dealers are. you don't know who's carrying the guns. you just treat even the same. that's the safe way to do it. john: a big problem captured accurately by two movies this year. thank you, neil franklin. one for stosscar award for the best north korean-style theme song. this one is the actual north
12:28 am
korean one. you see similarities in this clip. that's why the award for best north korean style theme song by an american presidential candidate goes to donald trump. that donald trump, he knows how to make america great. coming up, the stosscar for best unintended honesty. are the ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at
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john: another area where people say hollywood gets it wrong is its bias towards white people. last year no black actors or actresses were nominated for an oscar. some actors and actresses said
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they will boycott the award. >> i will not be at the academy awards and i won't be watching. john: anderson has been covering the oscars so white controversy. are you boycotting? >> i'm not boycotting because of my job, but a lot of people are. john: is this about the establishment white people are racist? >> i don't think people called them racist? it's a conversation about values. academy in hollywood broader speak is not valuing actors of color at all. that shows up in the academy. john: it's not about valuing. it's about who the voters think did the pest job. >> when you have certain type of people who get snubbed. john: is that racism? >> no one used the word racist
12:34 am
but there is a diversity problem. john where johanna pushed back. >> we don't have latinos and asians. >> if you look at twitter there are a variety of people who used this same hashtag to talk about the issue. john: i subscribe to the fancy cable channel so i have a million cable channels. if i watches those channels i would think most people would think most people were black men. >> i think it would be most people are white men. john: my team crunched the
12:35 am
numbers on network tv series. and found whites were under represent. blacks overrepresent. fox thanked 26% cast members black. you are less than 13% of the population. >> only as a race do you see as many black people we have seen. but the conversation about oscars so white is not just about black people. it's not. that's what a lot of people who oppose the boycott want to highlight and point out. john: the oscars will be hosted by chris rock. >> and it will be produced by a black man. but that means nothing. john: it means something. >> it does not when you have a broader conversation about hollywood. a five-minute speech is not going to solve the issue. jaw. john: whoopi goldberg said this
12:36 am
about the oscars. >> i won one so it can't be that racist because i have been black the whole time. >> i love whoopi with all my heart. but very few people are using the word racist. oscars so white, because they are. race is what you see, right? when you only see consistently white people, it's oscars so white. that's not necessarily saying the oscars are racist. i think people have been very particular about the language they are using when they are talking about diversity. people want to see people stop screen large and small that look like them. john: the economists crunched the numbers. oscar nominations have not underrepresented black actors. >> let's look at the roles the black people have been nominated
12:37 am
for won for. for black men they are violent, they deal with guns, drugs and gangs. the women are made or slaves. if we look at representation alone they don't capture the full humanity of black men. so that does not work. john: this is hollywood, they are known for being leftist and progressive. they are supposed to be into diversity. >> if you show me a group of progressives i'll most likely be able to show you have a group of white men. they have taken steps to diversify their ranks with women and minorities by 2020. john: we are going to make substantive changes to make the membership more diverse. >> they are changing how they are doing their voting. so after a certain period if you
12:38 am
are no longer active in the industry, they are saying you get no vote. john were thank you tra'vell anderson. next, a stosscar goes to ted cruz. >> you are pulling these people out because -- >> this is a government case, this is not donald trump. >> yes, it's donald trump, it's you and your cronies in government working together. john: i didn't give cruz permission. because we have free speech, i shouldn't have to. when we return the stosscar award for best naked pandering
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john: it's good to remember there are very close ties between hollywood and the democrats in power in washington. >> what did you come here to plug? john: who is he promoting? the president himself. >> the government works great now and millions of americans have gotten medical insurance plans. john: jennifer hudson promoted
12:43 am
obamacare, too. isn't that sweet? the reason ben shapiro wrote prime time propaganda how the left took over your tv. what do you mean they took over my tv? >> the left for a long time has been dominant in the television and movie industry. for quite a while they have been coordinating with the leftists in watched and across the country to push their message. john: give examples. you had celeb strits tweeting out gun control propaganda at the same time barack obama was pushing out gun control. lena dunham has been pushing barack obama forward. you have saw an abortion story line on "scandal" and gender
12:44 am
jones. it always mirrors a particular points of view. john: when the white house wanted taxpayers to pay for free community college they got celebrities to make this video. >> community college for everyone. >> there must be cases where people on the right work with republicans. 237. >> no. i'm hard pressed to think of a case where people on the right formally or inform haley worked -- or informally worked with republicans. john: if there are people on the right in hollywood, why do they stay hid snn. >> they are afraid of getting fired. i spoke with several, many, many of the chief executives and
12:45 am
high-ranking officers at shows and channels and a surprising number of them were willing to say they don't hire conservatives. if they finds out someone is conservative they try to fire them. because you are not a good person. in hollywood it's much more about the perception of people as human beings than particular policies. if you are anti-same-sex marriage you will never work again because it means you are a terrible homophobe. but if you are in favor of socialism usual a good person who wants to spread around the wealth even if you are hiding your money in an offshore bank account. >> the danish girl." was a mainstream topic. you had "carol." it's just -- it almost never
12:46 am
ends. john: cbs runs a series called "madame secretary." >> i didn't think it was a lack of cooperation between our offices that provided the conditions for the worst attack in history which was unprecedented. john: is she based on a real person? >> i can't imagine. i can't imagine they launched it just when the speculation started that hillary clinton was going run for president. it stays on the year every year even though it doesn't bring in big numbers. if a show is on the bubble they will give it a push if it's a show on the left. people tend to turn off their brains to politics when they watch tv. i love tv. i love watching movies. hollywood knows what it's doing. they are great at crafting
12:47 am
stories that appeal to the heart strings of people. i'm fine with them doing that as long as they are up front about it. john were thank you, ben shapiro. when we return, the award for best unintended honesty and naked pandering. >> i don't feel no ways tired. i come too far from where i started from. type 2 diabetes doesn't care who you are. man woman or where you're from. city country we're just everyday people fighting high blood sugar. ♪i am everyday people. farxiga may help in that fight every day. along with diet and exercise, farxiga helps lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes.
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john: in oscar time when america fawns over movie actors. i feel bad for other actors. so i created a stosscars. oscars for politicians. in this case politicians running for president. we have nine more categories to award. first, best adaptation of a stump speech. the as car goes to marco rubio. >> let's dispel once and for all that barack obama don't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's doing.
12:52 am
let's dispel with this fiction. this notion barack obama don't know what he's doing, he knows exactly what he's doing. >> there it is, the 25-second speech. john: bernie sanders the giver of free stuff. >> three months paid family and and medical leave. healthcare is a right of all people, not a privilege. yawn * apparently it won't cost the average taxpayer anything. hollywood magical thinking. the best political ad goes to the cruz campaign for this anti-hillary ad. [♪] this is a takeoff on the movie office space.
12:53 am
but instead of laid off workers smashing a fak machine, it shows an tores smashing her email server. the stosscar award for the actor who says he has the most friends, goes to donald trump. >> walker was a friend of mine. i have a friend from china. i have friend from china. mike huckabee has become a good friend of mine. john: he has friend everywhere. the next stosscar for best war mongering goes to ted cruz. >> carpet bomb them into oblivion. john: when the audience liked that, he added ... >> i don't know if sand can glow in the dark but we'll find out. john: give me a break. i'm glad rand paul was in the
12:54 am
race for a while. he deserves a stosscar for putting things in proportion. >> we need to quit arming the allies of isis. if we want to defeat isis, the boots on the ground need to be arab boots on the ground. the as car award for actor best at changing dialect goes to hillary clinton. for years she lived here in the northeast where she speak like this. >> what is the best way to change people's lives so we can all grow together. john were but when she talks to a black audience. >> i don't feel no ways tired. i come too far from where i started from. john: here is how she sound in memphis. >> i didn't live too far away for a long time, just across the river. we have anybodyn from arkansas
12:55 am
here tonight? >> i'm aware i may not be the youngest candidate in this race, but i have one big advantage. i have been coloring my hair for years. yawn * what a performer. the next stosscar tea ward is for actually sticking to principles. sadly there weren't many nominees. award goes to ted cruz for saying this. >> no mandate, no subject difficulties for oil and gas, wind, solar or anybody else. john: to say that before the iowa caucuses took guts. cruz said no but won iowa anyway. good for him. in our final award goes to donald trump of course. he wins the stosscar for best unintended honesty. >> i will be changing rapidly. i'm capable of changing to anything i want to change to.
12:56 am
john: what will he change to next. i don't know what's more frightening trump change or trump not change. i guess we'll find out. that's our show. see you next week. ♪ >> she's raised in daddy's junkyard... >> you would play here? >> this was the best playground any girl could ever ask for. >> ...that he fights city hall to save. >> john was absolutely the "hell, no, i won't go" center of the resistance. >> a one-man wrecking crew -- in more ways than one. >> i'd wished him dead so many times 'cause i was so angry with him, but i never wanted that for john, never. >> i honestly still have a scar on my knee from sinking to the ground so quickly. >> he leaves her a mess. can she make it her dream? >> the wedding was here on the junkyard. >> excuse me? >> [ laughs ] [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ]
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