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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 27, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EST

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"strange inheritance." thanks so much for watching, and remember -- you can't take it with you. we really appreciate it. now i'm going to leave it to the man himself. lou dobbs on fox business. >> good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. this is officially the most entertaining presidential race in history. and a lot of folks are contributing to it all but special things dove to go to donald trump. the republican front-runner is battling all comers seeming to relish each and every skirmish and today carrying the fight that began with last night's debate and press conferences into rallies and tonight trump is blazing toward the republican nomination. the republican establishment and its chosen candidate marco rubio and sidekick ted cruz are pulling out all the stops to stop trump. but trump today showing off
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not only his toughness but his tragic nimbleness. demonstrating even for the all powerful gop establishment that it's awfully hard to beat trump at his own game. >> last night in the debate in two of the breaks, he went backstage, he was having a meltdown. first he had this makeup thing applying makeup around his mustache. because he had one of those sweat mustaches. and then he asked for a full length mirror. i don't know why because the podium went up to here. maybe to make sure his pants were wet. i don't know. >> but i saw with rubio. i saw -- and he's a nervous wreck because here's a guy -- no, he's a nervous basket case. here's a guy -- you had to see him -- you had to see him backstage. he was putting on makeup with a trowel. do you ever see a guy sweat like this? it's rubio.
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>> and then trump rolled out his strategy surprise as if he had just been waiting to ambush the entire gop establishment bringing out a powerful new endorsement arguably the gop establishment's brightest star none other than the man who crushed marco rubio in the new hampshire debate governor chris christie of new jersey. >> what donald trump is about is about the people of this country. you know, you heard -- i heard some of senator rubio's comments this morning. none of them were about the people of this country. when are we going to start talking about them? the fact that middle class folks in this country are suffering. >> we've been talking about that all along. and we take driver up tonight with the weekly standards fred barns and conservative commentator kathy lynn taylor and talking with the political science professor who has created a statisticallal model that predicts presidential
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elections. of stonybrook university very good at those predictions. in fact, he hasn't missed in decades. >> when i look at how a candidate does in the primaries against the opposition, the strongest opponent. and donald trump has beaten the opponent soundly and new hampshire and south carolina. >> well, critics tonight are blasting apple for its hypocritical fight against the federal government and its fight against radical islamist terrorism. apple has no qualms about defying the united states government. but when it comes with to china's government, apple will puke the compromised user privacy to make a sale. we'll take that up here in the broadcast. our top story tonight a dramatic escalatinglation in the feud between outsider donald trump and establishment insider and chosen candidate marco rubio. the republican establishment is now acutely aware. it has little to no chance of stopping trump from winning the nomination.
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but it seems if they're going down, they're taking donald trump with them. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron with our report. >> i am proud to be here to endorse donald trump for president of the united states. >> new jersey governor chris christie helped donald trump try to shift away attention from what many saw as a debate drubbing last night to a news conference and ethic rally in fort worth lasting nearly three hours in which he ridiculed marco rubio as a nervously sweating lightweight little puppy. >> he was just trying to cover up the sweat -- i never saw -- did you ever see a guy sweat like this? it's rubio. [laughter] >> yet to win any state, rubio today marked trump's vanity after ridiculing his tweets. >> lightweight marco rubio was working hard last night. this is true.
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the problem is he is a chalker. then he asked for a full length mirror. i don't know why because the podium goes up to here. but he wanted a full length mirror. maybe to make sure his pants weren't wet. i don't know. >> in the super tuesday state of tennessee and attacked trump for pouting his personal greed. >> his actions demonstrate that the only thing he's cared about is putting money in his bank account. >> rubio and cruz hit trump both sides on his business record last night. >> you're the only person on the stage who has ever been fined for hired people to work on your projects illegally. >> no, i'm the only person on the stage who has hired people. >> marco is exactly right that a federal court found donald guilty of being part of a conspiracy to hire people illegally and entered a $1 million judgment against him. >> trump was consistently aggressive too. >> this guy's a choke artist and this guy is a liar. i know you're embarrassed, i know you're embarrassed but keep fighting. keep swinging, men.
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swing for the fences. >> trump flatly declared that he's changing the republican party. >> i'm bringing people, democrats over. and i'm bringing independents over, and we're building a much bigger, much stronger republican party. >> john kasich went out of his way to be positive. >> a lot of young people watching tonight. you can do whatever you want to do in your life. >> while ben carson joked about being left out of the brawl. >> can somebody attack me, please? [laughter] >> trump said he would not release his back tax returns until an ongoing audit is done and his rivals pounced. >> donald says he's being auditds. well, i would think that would under score the need to release returns. >> into a barrage of trump ridicule. >> you guys want to have some fun? let's read some tweets. >> at every event today, rubio referred to trump as a conman or conartist. the front-runner was clearly on defense but still leading most of the polls in the super tuesday states.
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and even if cruz wins texas, his home state, if trump wins everything else, he will be hard to catch. >> thank you very much. trump is holding a rally at this very our in oklahoma city, okay. they will be part of voting super tuesday there on tuesday. we'll be going there live as soon as trump does step out onto the stage to talk with the assembled supporters. and a special programming note if i might. we'll be coming to you live tomorrow. we begin at 5:00 p.m. eastern here covering the south carolina democratic party. we hope you will join us. next thursday we're heading-to-national harbor maryland where we'll be covering the conservative political action conference c pac. that's thursday, march 3rd. so please be with us for that. and, by the way, be with us for every single show of every single day monday through friday 7:00 eastern. i thought i would just add that in. democrats in south carolina go to the polls tomorrow but hillary clinton is acting as, though, she's already won the
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nomination and running in the general election. listen to clinton target trump. >> i am not going to ask you to contribute your tax dollars to send donald trump's youngest child to college. people who can afford it should have to pay. >> competent words from someone who is an ever worsening e-mail scandal. the state department adding to it all releasing another nearly 900 pages of e-mails including 88 of them considered confidential. this new release brings the total number of classified e-mails on her private e-mail server to more than 1,800. and the final batch of a roughly 35,000 allegedly work related e-mails, we are promised will come out monday. well, the u.s. military flexing its muffle at a time attentions with both russia
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and north korea. the military last night tested an unarmed minuteman missile. the second icbm test in a week. the missile went out of its silo in california, landed half an hour later in the islands of the south pacific. amazon now the latest technology giant to support apple and its on going fight with the fbi. microsoft, google, and facebook have all sided with apple saying that unlocking the iphone used by one of the san bernardino terrorists sets a dangerous precedent and puts customer privacy at risk. but apple's loyalty appears to be divided. it devise the u.s. government but not the government of china, its second largest market. the los angeles times reporting that since the iphone was introduced to china seven years ago, apple has censored apps deemed unsatisfactory to chinese government. moved data owned by the chinese government and has
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submitted to so-called security audits by the chinese government. that is a sharp contrast to its most recent actions in defying the government of the united states, reducing to even cooperate in the opening of a single iphone. powerful testimony today on capitol hill where a fired disney worker broke down before a senate panel. watch as it engineer leo peraro describes the humiliation of having to train his replacement, a foreign worker who entered through the h11bbc program. >> going through the public sale and having to tell the kids i couldn't buy any that year because my job was being turned over to a foreign worker. i started to think what kind of american i was background. was i begun to become part of ruining our country to exchange for foreign replacement? how many other american
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families would be affected by the same foreign worker that i trained? >> sued disney after he was laid off and forced to train his replacement. he is now endorsing donald trump because he says trump is the only presidential candidate who will take immediate action to ensure no american worker ever again has to train their foreign replacement worker. we're coming right back with much, much more. a lot to talk about tonight. stay with us. >> donald trump picks up a big endorsement in the trump train just became a juggernaut. >> i am proud to be here to endorse donald trump for president of the united states. >> is trump unstoppable? does he even have to win florida and texas? fred barns and cathy lynn taylor are here with their views. and one urban free climber reaching new heights at the top of the tallest residential building in all the world. and we've got the video to
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when you're on hold, your business is on hold. that's why comcast business doesn't leave you there. when you call, a small business expert will answer you in about 30 seconds. no annoying hold music. just a real person, real fast. whenever you need them. so your business can get back to business. sounds like my ride's ready. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. lou: it's been a gop slugfest today. donald trump firing back at both cruz and rubio after last night's contentious debate. >> a couple of words about senator cruz. the deal of the night was when i looked over to rubio, and i
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said do you remember -- you're a choker and we don't want chokers in our administration. i said you're a choker, and you're a liar. and i have had -- you know, i've had a lot of difficulties with ted because he lies. i've dealt with much tougher -- a guy like rubio's a baby. but a guy like ted is tougher. i'll tell you he's actually tougher and smarter in all fairness. lou: quite a confession from the front-runner. executive editor from the weekly standard and fox news contributor fred barns and former white house advisor kathy lynn taylor. good to have you both here. >> thank you . >> thank you. lou: and the great news of the day was the stunning endorsement from chris christie of donald trump. your reaction. >> well, i think it gives chris christie a job in the private sector at the end of the day. and i don't think it's as notable as folks are making it
3:17 am
out to be. chris christie is coming off a campaign with pretty unfavorable ratings at home. lou: uh-huh. >> and he's an establishment gop, and i think he figures i'll align myself with the front-runner. if it works out well -- lou: i thought you bushies were all compassionate conservatives. >> from some point of view of course he doesn't deliver much. he doesn't deliver a big delegate state, i don't think it does a whole lot for trump something. charles: do you agree, fred? >> no. i don't agree. here's what christie delivered. he changed the story. last night it was really a poor debate for donald trump, but he has this uncanning ability when things appear unfavorable for him to change them and make them favorable. what was the -- last night the story was trump got battered. today the story was chris christie endorsed him. his former opponent and also
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the governor of maine. so a negative story turned into a positive story for donald trump. it's amazing because he does that so often. lou: you know, we're watching also open hand-to-hand combat between donald trump and the entire republican establishment. and two of its designated if you will champions that is marco rubio and ted cruz. sort of a sidekick right now. i don't know if that's the intended role for him in perpetuity. but it makes donald trump if you will more dramatic in the singular existence in the various establishment that voters have nothing but conenforcement in this country where the democratic republican it seems. kathy lynn, your thoughts? >> i think so. these guys through more punches than rocky balboa throws. but at the end of the day this is trump's -- this is his mission. he says what he wants. he knows what gets these people excited.
3:19 am
every time the wall goes up a couple of feet, he gains exponentially more supporters. lou: you know, that wall is going to be about -- it looks somewhere around 60 or 75 feet by now. >> sure. easily. lou: can you imagine his luck? in a day where he had no event scheduled, it's -- controversial former president of mexico fox comes out and says he's not going to pay for mr. trump's wall in more colorful language. trump gets lucky and also brilliantly -- brilliant strategically here. >> there's no question about it. i think an awful lot of republicans are recognizing that now. particularly because he keeps winning primaries. the other thing that helped -- trump so much today were the five new debates. polls rather of it came out. and trump was ahead of rubio. i think i have these numbers right by 23 in virginia, 21 in
3:20 am
massachusetts, 24 points ahead of rubio in michigan, 17 in illinois, and 20 in florida. rubio's home state. lou: right? >> when people look at those, they are -- they may be amazed, but trump has been able to -- lou: hitting nails because he's so angry here. he had the idea he was somehow more than speaker of the house. he was going to set the agenda and suddenly donald trump is running rough shot over every kind of resistance he can put forward. the rnc, the coke brothers, the business roundtable in the chamber of commerce -- >> he's been notably silent right now. but trump is on a tear. there's not anyone is going to do on any particular day that's going to stop him, and he has a knack for the media to go for him. >> he sure does. the media loves him because he's interesting and fun and
3:21 am
gets ratings. lou: you mean even more fun than the republican establishment that has done so much for this country over the last decade? i apologize. friend barns. >> you're more fun than the republican establishment. lou: even more? i appreciate it. >> even you. lou: thanks so much. >> thanks, lou. lou: kathy lynn taylor, thank you. breaking news now. the centers of disease control are warning pregnant women of going to the 2016 olympic games in brazil. this warning today is very dangerous. the epicenter of the zika outbreak in brazil. federal officials say there are now nine confirmed cases of zika among women in this country. and the c.d.c. is expected a ten more cases. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. the question is has donald trump demonstrated he's in control of the 2016 primary election narrative? what do you think? cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs news. a reminder to join me on twitter. follow me on twitter, like me on facebook, follow me on instagram.
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lou dobbs tonight links to everything at lou well, let's -- let's take a look at video with a british dare bedevil risking arrest as well as sudden ditto complete a wild stunt. this 25-year-old climbing the marina 101 in dubai without any safety harness. nearly 1400-foot from the tallest skyscraper. still under construction. it will be the tallest residential building in all the world when it is completed. and something tells me that this daredevil -- look at that. will be back. up next we await donald trump's campaign rally in oklahoma tonight. we'll be going also to ted cruz has an event. we'll be checking in with him, and i'll be talking with the professor who has the winning formula for predicting elections. without fail. >> the election of the past, and i have seen that the new hampshire primary in particular is a very good predictor of what happens.
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lou: joins me here next. we'll introduce you also to a driver who may be having one of the worst weeks in history. that and more straight ahead. we're coming right back. stop. stop.
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lou: a few thoughts now on donal donald trump's continued control of the 2016 campaign narrative. take today, for instance. the republican front-runner commanding the headlines moving forward from last night's hard-hitting debate once again outwitting and shocking the establishment opposition news development governor chris christie's surprise endorsement. >> i'm here today to say i proudly support donald trump for president of the united states. america must have a strong leader again that can restore american jobs. that can restore american confidence and donald trump is just the man to do it. america needs someone who's
3:28 am
going to make sure that hillary clinton doesn't get within ten miles of the white house. donald trump can do it. lou: and the donald also swatting away attacks by senator marco rubio with a number of counterattacks, insults, mockery, even. >> low-lifes like marco rubio saying horrible things, horrible things. and who needs it? really who needs it? this is the low-life. and cruz lies but at least it's reasonable lies. it's rubio. lou: i have a feeling we're going to be seeing a lot of that video. rubio not the only one shut down by the republican front-runner trump hitting fox after the president of max used explaive. >> that's the way countries are used to talking to united states.
3:29 am
he couldn't believe that someone said mexico has to do something. >> my response is the wall just got ten feet higher. lou: and sticking aim at romney for sticking a so-called bombshell in trump's tax returns and effectively shutting that conversation down. >> i'm just going to put you people to rest. until my audit is finished very simple, you're not going to see anything. when it's finished, you're going to see it. but i'm not going to complicate things by doing it. lou: and super tuesday is now four days away. trump still in commanding of the campaign narrative. since he jumped into this race back in june. and setting the agenda that's resonating with so many primary voters, new voters, and focusing on issues by creating jobs for workers, restoring prosperity, illegal immigration, china, free trade, rebuilding our infrastructure, even his call for a robust military but a modest foreign policy. attacks by rubio and cruz are driven by a desperate republican establishment and more -- more desperate by the day it seems.
3:30 am
rubio behaving today as someone we haven't seen before in these debates his antics only validating voter resentment of the establishment and those uses as tools. trump is the greatest threat to the establishment in 35 years. the greatest threat since ronald reagan. and it is of course not a coincidence that trump has chosen to use exactly the same campaign slogan as reagan in 1980. make america great again. our quotation of the evening. two tonight because i thought it would be appropriate to quote the great ronald reagan on this night after 24 hours of rough and tumble hard hitting, eye gouging, ear slitting, toe to toe brawling among the republican candidates. and president reagan said at such times when you can't make them see the light, make them feel the heat. and in the spirit of bipartnership wit partisanship. who was among many other things.
3:31 am
truman said if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. and what a hot place that kitchen is tonight. we're coming right back lou: he's a political science professor who's spot on with all of his presidential forecast and his forecast is looking very good for -- you guessed it. this guy. >> since i started this whole thing, i've been practically number one. lou: so does he stay number one? we take it up with the man who has been 100% correct in his forecast for the last 20 years. he joins us next. and these pier goers are about to get a one of kind close-up look at one of the ocean's largest creatures. the amaz
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. lou: right now, you're looking at donald trump, these are live pictures from the cox convention center in oklahoma city. oklahoma's primary next tuesday, super tuesday. trump, you're not going to believe this, apparently he's hitting marco rubio pretty hard here. let's listen in. [cheers] >> so today i heard little marco say the 200 million, now all of a sudden he was talking about i got a million-dollar loan from my father, which i paid back.
3:36 am
and in the meantime, i've made billions and billions and billions of dollars. so pretty good, pretty good job. not many people can do that. lou: it's great to hear a crowd cheer a man's success, and it is remarkable success. we're going to be going back to donald trump whenever the comments move to a little change of direction. more something of more immediate impact. we're going to stay with him, and i'm going to introduce to you now to helmut norpoth, a political science professor. great to have you here. >> thank you for having me. lou: and he's at stony brook university in new york. he's come up with a way in which to accurately forecast, predict the outcome of elections, both primary and general elections, right? >> actually only general elections. i take the primary election as my predictors. >> i just warm up with it. >> use it to make the prediction about the general. lou: you have a little more
3:37 am
trouble with the primary, it's good to know. >> yes. lou: and your success rate when you are doing this, not with historical information, but with current, realtime elections and campaigns. what is your accuracy? >> realtime the last five of five. lou: five of five? >> yes, popular vote. lou: that is impressive as it could possibly be. is there one thing in particular you look at? is it historical trends? is it some shift or change in the balance of voting, both turnout as well as popular, party popularity? >> i look at cycles of the vote, which you can track back to 1828, and really shows that after about two or three terms, the party balance changes in the white house. so this is an election that's at the tipping point, and in particular, there's a way the vote was in the last two elections, it gives the
3:38 am
republicans an edge. the republicans are favored to win even without trump. even without trump they're ahead. lou: don't tell donald that. he's talking in oklahoma city. >> he's going to get more. he's going to get more, and that counts for the primaries. because if you do well in the primaries and it just -- if you do well in the early primaries like new hampshire and south carolina, because that sets the stage for the others. after that, a lot of primaries aren't a big surprise anymore. lou: well, the expectation is he's going to do well tuesday, he's leading at 12 out of the 14 states. looking at almost 600 delegates up in the super tuesday contests, including of course, oklahoma city, where trump is speaking right now. people want to know. what does your model say of who will win the general election this year? >> yeah, well, i think if you have that pattern where you win the early ones and favored in the next one, that's really
3:39 am
what i would expect because if that weren't the case, i couldn't use the early ones. lou: so your model suggests what? >> model suggests that donald trump will win the general with a fairly high certainty. 97%. that's a little scary. lou: 97% certainty? >> yeah. i'm inviting bets against that. lou: 97% certainty? what is the highest percent of certainty in the five previous? >> i've had 90% certainty four years ago that obama would get re-elected, as early as now, in january. after new hampshire. lou: wow. and 97% certainty for donald trump. you might ought to call. [ laughter ] >> i appreciate it. great to have you here. thank you so much. come back, we'll talk more. >> okay. lou: about odds and probabilities and electoral politics. >> yes. lou: presidential. >> not if i'm wrong. lou: i'm sure you won't be.
3:40 am
97% sure. a nail biting moment caught on camera in panama city beach, florida. this shark terrifying onlookers, you can just think how the person in that kayak felt as that monster shark swims toward him. look at him. just figuring out is he lunch or is he a snack in fortunately the basking sharks is second largest of the shark species and are not considered to be especially a threat to human beings. i don't know if that would have been any consolation at all to the fellow in the kayak if he had known that thing was there circling him. but apparently meaning no harm, and no harm done. up next, tim cook has no trouble doing what the chinese government says, demands. but when the united states government asks? well, defiant tim cook, a whole different fella, it seems, when he's in our great constitutional republic that
3:41 am
made him possible. we take up with the case with former fbi assistant director bill gavin, attorney rebecca rose woodland and former model slamming "sports illustrated" for putting ashley graham on its cover. i don't see the problem. we'll take that up next.
3:42 am
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. lou: joining us tonight, former assistant director of the fbi in new york, bill gavin. great to have you here. defense attorney rebecca rose woodland. great to see you. let's start with all of the briefs, amazon, facebook, google, microsoft, even though bill gates the founder of microsoft is supporting the fbi. yahoo! twitter, all of them filing briefs in support, rebecca of tim cook and apple telling the u.s. government to go stuff it. >> you know, i mean these briefs are all supporting each other on something i don't think they need to take such a hard line on. i think this should be a case-by-case basis, in this case, apple should absolutely unencrypt the phone. tim cook is saying once we do it once, everyone is entitled to it. whoa. who says everyone is entitled to it?
3:46 am
it can be a case-by-case basis that the government, the supreme court, the court of appeals, federal district court, whoever reaches -- wherever we go to the highest level makes a decision. on a factual basis. in this case, it's a terrorist act. so if he doesn't like that, maybe the congress changes the patriot act to add this in to be something that surveillance is allowed. lou: cook's hesitation and defiance of the government asking for his help, long before they demanded it in court, could cost lives. he is ignorant. he is wrong, and these companies supporting him, i mean, i don't know who the hell -- where the hell do they think they live? >> see this is what i don't understand. they're making this a big drama on a broad scale, but when you look at it, it can be factually specific to this case, and it's terrorism. this is not a random case here. lou: bill gavin, i have to say, to watch james comey, director of the fbi, trying to be
3:47 am
persuasive with congress, blogging on this, trying to be the reasonable man here, i would hope that he has exhausted all of that now and will go about the business of securing the nation by demanding, insisting and taking appropriate measures to get the cooperation of apple because i think frankly it looks like apple divided loyalties here and it's a very dangerous proposition for america. >> lou, you're absolutely right, and i agree with rebecca. jim comey is a very bright guy and probably one of the most ethical people on this planet. unfortunately, we have a complicated, convoluted issue, but rebecca is right on target. one case at a time. the bureau is only asking for somebody to look into this phone and pull off this one phone, the information that's needed. what if farook and malik have information on the phone, and god forbid another terrorist act in this country takes
3:48 am
place? it will totally destroy that apple brand. they love to say everything is secure. they love to have it encrypted, but there's got to be a way around it. my biggest concern is this all didn't have to come into the size that it is. >> i agree. >> i don't know where the potus is, the president of the united states, we have a president with no strength, a white house with no backbone, and therefore this has happened and been a disgrace in the eyes. what's tim doing in china? hello. not the right thing there either. lou: turning over everything to the chinese, doing precisely what the chinese government demands, doing the same thing in russia. he is here defiant and strong protective of his brand, and rolls over like a cowering fool in the front of authoritarian regimes. this makes no sense, and by the
3:49 am
way, all of the same governments and all of the same authoritarianism is influencing google, microsoft, all of these. >> how about the market share? because of the amount of people in china and russia that are using apple products. lou: bill, you get the last word? >> well, i just think this is a horrible set of circumstances that didn't have to happen this way. apple has to acquiesce to the judge's order to let the bureau in this one particular case as rebecca points out. let them into this phone to figure out what information is on there? maybe there is nothing that's detrimental, but you can't take that chance. lou: that's not their judgment to make. it is of that the united states government. >> absolutely not. lou: bill gavin, rebecca rose woodland, thank you for being here. breaking news, targeting taxpayers last may was far worse than previously reported.
3:50 am
they say it's seven times that number. 724,000 taxpayers. in other news tonight, former supermodel cheryl tiegs under fire for calling full figure models unhealthy. her word. she says curvy or plus-size models shouldn't be glamorized on magazine covers. controversy in san francisco tonight as well after that city says it will hand out condoms to middle school children without their parents' consent. students need only go to the nurse's office. in a high school honors student in pennsylvania actually a 23-year-old ukrainian man, he made up the fake persona when visa expired. he was also, well, homecoming king at the high school. and a reminder to use your parking brake especially if you park on hills. your car could end up rolling away or this. no, don't do it.
3:51 am
stop, stop, stop the car. stop the car. whoa! a little late there. attempted to stop the car as you saw at the last-minute but waited much too long and needed to work out more. up next, romney likely regretting he ever targeted trump and got into the business of dirty politics. >> romney was like a lost soul. the real story, harry reid shamed him and made him look like a baby, and harry reid pushed him and pushed him and really made him look so stupid and weak. lou: i'll be taking that up lou: i'll be taking that up
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lou: joining me a commentator and miss america 2008, kristen haglund. mark simone, glad to have you. >> thank you, mr. america. >> i just wanted to avoid saying the year. let's turn to this. this is as i said, a donnybrook on the republican trail. to me the establishment, whether it's paul ryan or whomever you want to throw into that bucket, they look crazy supporting marco rubio in the final moments as he flails. what's your thought?
3:56 am
>> when you look at the delegate totals and the polls leading up to super tuesday, it doesn't look like anyone else has a shot to go up against donald trump. he's the guy to go after. but it does look as though everyone is desperate. christie who is not a huge trump supporter, it doesn't look like anyone can challenge him to get the nomination. but it still could be a brokered convention. lou: the idea make america great again, most people don't realized this is ronald reagan's slogan from 1980 when he went up against the establishment with much the same result. >> if you get the newspapers from back then. reagan is a cloud, an actor, he's a movie star. if you talk brokered
3:57 am
convention -- lou: i don't think there is any way in the world it will be a brokered convention. rubio people had 200 big shot establishment guys in a room. >> all day -- lou: reince priebus made it so 60% of these delegates will be decided by the middle of next month. >> they reconfigured the schedule so they could have a contest where they knew who the nominee would be early on. now it's blowing up. if you try to think about people who haven't endorsed anyone yet. this not one big person everyone is waiting for their endorsement. that would move the needle. lou: christie moved the needle. >> rubio decided to keep calling him a conman.
3:58 am
so they have this u.s. attorney, respected federal prosecutor telling you this guy is okay. and you will have rudy giuliani telling you -- >> respected. >> west comes to -- >> when it comes to u.s. attorneys. >> it will be interesting to see base has just thrown his support behind trump. lou: everybody has run every opposition research on trump you can imagine. i love the idiots who say wait until clinton gets ahold of the opposition research. the republicans are inadequate to the task so they need clinton to do the research. >> prints all his successes, you would need three days of the newspaper. >> ronald reagan has dignity and
3:59 am
character. lou: which of these guys is filled with dignity? >> that's what i'm so disappointed at. i liked rubio going in. the american people do want another ronald reagan. >> couple with somebody better. lou: then the establishment would be threatened again. >> couple with somebody better and couple a real man who has dignity, honor and character. please. lou: we probably don't want to insult all those trump folks because this guy is wiping the table. >> don't you think the american people are better than that. >> i think the american people are a lot better than the establishment that rub their nose in it. lou: you can see i'm absolutely impartial on this discussion.
4:00 am
61% said vincent fox was laying out an initial bargaining tool on the wall. we begin at 5:00 p.m. good night. john: gmos aren't bad and steve jobs wasn't this bad. fortunately this year hollywood got some things right. also, are the oscars races? >> i won't be at academy award and i won't be watching. >> then our


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