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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  February 27, 2016 6:00pm-8:01pm EST

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cavuto. stay with us. welcome, everybody, and now it is the democrats' turn. weren't we just doing this last week at this time in south carolina? the primary for republicans. that was the one that was just the plurality of the vote suddenly you saw donald trump win all that state's 50 delegates. 59 delegates at stake in this democratic matchup between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. 53 conventional delegates, vix the so-called superdelegates. we have a lot to get into there all of this previewing what will be the big battle for republicans and democrats on
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super tuesday. is for republicans, 595 delegates at stake there. we have a busy, business say di for you already in the next couple of hours and an hour away from polls closing in south carolina. we are just getting, feeding into us now, rubio's tax returns for essentially the last four years. nothing out of whack here but putting pressure on the likes of ted cruz who we're told is gathering the documents but has missed his deadline and donald trump who earlier on today said he's in the middle of multiple audits so he get this out any time soon. but, again, back to this democratic primary in south carolina and the crucial vote here and this momentum that had going into it hillary clinton in a pretty good position. exit polls are in so we have a good idea of how voters were feeling in the palmetto state as they were leaving the voting
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polls. >> we have some brand new exit poll information. i want to tell you more about what quality the voters wanted the most in the south carolina democratic primary as people continue to vote here. you've got 31% saying they want the candidate to care about who they are and what they believe in. 28% care about honesty and trustworthiness. also tied for second you see the right experience bringing to the table potentially headed to the white house and 11% care about electability and beating the republicans. only 11% here care about actually winning in november. so some very interesting data there. i also want to tell you about who is concerned about the economy as they vote tonight in south carolina. south carolina democrats, 82% say yes they are very concerned about the economy, no, 18%. so this is an economic focused election as hillary and bernie duke it out. finally we want to show you the racial breakdown of the south carolina primary. 61% of people identify as black,
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35% phi as white, 2% hispanic latino and 1% asian. neal. >> thank you very much. an issue that has come up in the race the last few days has been taxes. it started with former republican standard bearer mitt romney mentioning that and the fact that, well, maybe this should be an issue. take a look. are you saying you think he's worth significantly less than that? >> i don't know. the fact that he is so aggressive in avoiding any discussion of taxes and is not willing to put them out so far suggests that there's something in there he doesn't want us to see. >> okay, we won't know that. and obviously donald trump again today saying he wasn't going to get into that because he's in the middle of multiple audits and that you have to wait for that, if you get it at all. we should say though that that dare to get taxes out was raised for all the major candidates in the race. one of them has delivered the goods. marco rubio coming out with returns that would be decidedly
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less than the figures we'll see out of donald trump, we're getting the last four years of returns from marco rubio. on average he has paid about 24% in taxes. again, keeping with the prevailing rates each year. he made almost a million dollars in 2012. that was the year his book "an american son" came out. without that, it probably would not have been as dramatic because in other years by and large he's made about $200,000 to $300,000. roughly his pay as a u.s. senator and other things that come up. i don't need to go into the weeds with you here. but he's said the he's not certainly compared to the other candidates a very, very rich man but through those years he has made north $2.2 million and paid the prevailing rate of about 23%. we're told ted cruz is going to
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release his tax data. the pressure has been on donald trump to release hisened and all sorts of nefarious charges back and forth as to why mr. trump won't do that. it was odd that it was raised by governor romney because he winced that harry reid said it on the floor of the senate that he had it on good authority that mitt romney hadn't paid any taxes. that was later proven wrong, an issue i raised with governor romney as to why he's raising this issue now. nevertheless, people say it's a matter of time before mr. trump does. so i want to get you up to speed on the tax battle although for some it's a taxing issue. we have liz clayman and i think you just saw this fellow, lou dobbs. lou, i'll begin with you. is this tax thing going to be a big issue? we're used to candidates releasing taxes. they don't have to but they do it anyway. what do you think? >> i don't think it will be a big deal. i don't know of anyone in our
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business no matter how attuned we are to the weeds as you say who's excited about the prospect of getting into donald trump's depreciation schedules, his various capital accounts around the world. there's nothing much more boring. the only thing more boring than our own tax returns are someone els. this is not to me a big deal. you have to remember romney comes out here and drops the dirty mi y mitt bomb, obviously working for the establishment, coming out of nowhere. his conversion to dirty tricks player was almost as dramatic and unexpected as that of marco rubio to junkyard attack dog. but we have to recall, he didn't release his until september of 2012 saf all of the cajolely. >> he did release a return in january. >> but they were summaries though. i think we need to remember as well. >> bottom line, that tax issue
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could be an issue, we don't know. this attack dog role on the part of marco rubio, we'll give you examples of that. i agree with what john roberts mentioned to lou dobbs that, yeah, it's a different marco rubio but it's funny. >> well, it's certainly fascinating to see he's completely changed the tenor of his voice. something woke him up and maybe he started to get a little traction and he began to immediately take on donald trump. he did the live read of the tweets, folks, it's come to this where the day after the debate he was doing that. now you see that as much as donald trump might try and diminish marco rubio, whether it's his stature or age, both being younger, smaller, it's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog. rubio woke up and said "i've got fight." >> that sounds like something the senator would say. >> this is what we're talking about here because it got non-stop. here's an example. >> he bankrupted a casino. how do you bankrupt a casino?
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the house always wins. >> unlike the united states senate, president of the united states is not a no show job and you're not qualified. >> the guy with the worst spray tan in america is attacking me for put l on makeup. >> little mouth on him. bing, bing, bing. bing, bing. >> donald trump likes to sue people. he should do whoever did that to his face. >> he is going to work every minute he can to become the nominee for president. that would be a switch for senator rubio since he doesn't work much at all. >> you know, hearing those back-and-forths and i thinking imagine if lincoln and douglass had reduced themselves to "hey, you're a lanky loser." "you're a short freak." >> how about hamilton and burr? that didn't end well. >> what do you make of that and who it might or might not step in. >> i think marco rubio -- this is not his authentic self, is it? i don't know but where was this guy the last eight months. >> but i have to tell you, i
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agree with that sentiment. but i've seen it on the stump, i've seen it in interviews but he's very button down and stiff. i don't know if that's the answer returning salvo to salvo like that but that's -- that is the candidate i've covered. >> it was hilarious. mike gallagher was talking about people wincing in the airport when they were watching it. i thought it was fun. i'm excited about this race although you talk about the mitt romney firebomb. you talk about this, the articles that have come out about all the gop establishment members who are trying to ban together desperately now to take trump down, it's because people underestimated trump from the get go, myself included. now this is out of desperation and it's probably too late. >> we shall see. i think i have newt gingrich on the phone with us. newt, we are getting anecdotal evidence by crowd sizes that people are respond iing at leas
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in marco rubio's case to this new in-your-face marco rubio. we've seen crowds today of 5,000, 6,000, 3,000. a lot of his crowds typically number in the hundreds. that doesn't necessarily translate into votes and this is, again, i stress anecdotal evidence from the stump, people following him today. what do you make of that? >> well, i think he has responded to the reality that everybody who hoped donald trump would disappear has been disappointed and if that donald trump is going to be beaten, somebody has to stand up to him and take the fight to him both cruz and rubio have tried that. rubio is being much more aggressive than cruz. rubio has more at stake. i think the odds are good that cruz will carry texas and as of the last poll rubio's behind by 20 something points in florida. you can't lose your home state
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and be viable in this kind of a race, so i think rubio is doing what he has to do, a little like a football team down at the beginning of the fourth quarter and has to force big plays. >> do you think things would or could have been different had he been this in your face earlier? that he might stand a better prospect on super tuesday with these 595 delegates at stake? he might have acquired a bit more? >> well, what we don't know -- the polling data i've seen, which is the same you have, nothing seems to hurt trump. people who are for trump -- and some of my most sophisticated friends have decided they are for trump -- they don't care what attack rubio or cruz makes. they shrug him off. so this is truly a phenomenon unlike anything we've ever seen. >> what about this tax stuff, newt? is this that going to be an issue? >> well, let me make a simple prediction. donald trump, unlike romney, is very happily proud of being
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rich. he is also very willing to publicly defend paying the lowest possible race on the grounds that he doesn't like giving the government money to waste. so he's going show he used every legal means he could to minimize his exposure. he made a fair amount of money and, again, part of the difficulty of doing what trump's statement of wealth is that he counts the value of his brand very highly. "forbes" and others don't think he's worth the amount he does and the biggest difference is whether or not you think the name donald trump is a big enough brand. of course, he's successfully licensed that name to lots of different people and they've made a lot of money out of it. >> final thought from south carolina. this is a state you won four years ago, switched to democrats. for hillary clinton many argue eight years ago her husband killed it for her when he started wondering about then
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senator obama and whether he really was the sort of african-american phenom he was painted to be. that surprised a lot of folks who think he went too far. jesse jackson among them, reverend jackson will be joining us later in this show. hillary clinton ends up losing the state by almost 30 points. do you think she mend it had bridges. >> first of all, it's a different situation. if you remember, one of the great breakthrough moments for then senator obama was being able to bring in oprah to a huge, huge crowd and she basically said, look, this is the chosen one, we should all be for him. so in a state where the black vote matters enormously in the democratic primary, he had all the advantages and i think the clintons were in a state of shock because they had historically had such great ties to the black community. so the biggest thing we're looking i think is that when obama is not on the ticket hillary clinton regains most, not all, but most of the loyalty
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and the fervor and the support she and her husband had worked on and built up over a great number of years. my prediction is she'll beat sanders by a big margin tonight. the fact that sanders did not win nevada i think hurts him. i think he will be beaten pretty badly in most states on super tuesday, although he may carry some states outside the south. her delegate lead is going to become massive and the question, the danger for sanders is does he simply become a protest candidate trying to move the party to the left or can he find some method of becoming, again, a serious contender? >> all right, newt gingrich, thank you very, very much. again, this is about winning over the base, right? for hillary clinton, if you think about it liz claman, this is her base. she has stressed and her campaign has stressed it's more representative of the democratic electorate, the percentage of minorities, women, this falls more in line to her sweet spot. >> it's interesting.
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she has successfully but not necessarily correctly managed to shift that narrative of the black vote. specifically in south carolina to say, oh, bernie sanders is a johnny come lately. he really wasn't there in the beginning. well, just go back to 1988, i can't wait to hear what jesse jackson says, he's coming up on the show in just a bit. because it was bernie sanders who was the mayor of burlington, vermont, at the time in 1988 who won vermont in the primaries for jesse jackson. so he is not some phony "i've just arrived on the let me try to get the minority vote issue." but it's not working for him. hillary clinton has managed to grab that. >> she has problems, she clearly has problems, maybe it shows up in these numbers tonight. however, on wednesday she was targeted at a private fund-raiser by two black lives matter protesters, bringing back comments she made the the 1990s and her support of some -- like the three strikes rule by her husband. and then the day after, because
6:16 pm
of bernie sanders' supporters, number one trending topic on twitter almost all day long #whichhillary, highlighting her basically shape shifting nature on policies. how she's flipped on these issues. there's a lot of force throughout in social media to highlight what her problems are. >> what do you make of this that right now on google trend the number one most googled thing in south carolina right now is bernie sanders. right now at this hour. >> i would have thought it would have been ben carson's fruit salad. that was weird. >> word salad. >> that made per sefect sense t me. >> i know the bible, clearly you don't. >> well, they do mention fruit in the bible in proverbs but they never went to salad. the wiggles did, but not proverbs. i want to bring in chris christie's former finance director ray washburn. he has not committed to any candidate, i don't believe. but you had to be a little surprised by his trump endorsement. or not? what do you think?
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>> c can you hear me, ray? >> yes. >> what did you think of the trump endorsement? >> i was not surprised about the endorsement, i was surprised at the timing of the endorsement. i was at the rally in fort worth and i went over to the rally not knowing he was going to endorse him. he came in in secret at night. he had had breakfast with mr. trump that morning, had flown in and then came out and did the endorsement and so i was surprised as everyone. i found out just a few minutes before he was walking on to the stage. >> now a lot of people read that as a very significant development. certainly it allowed the narrative on the media to change from, you know, how poorly or at least how battered donald trump was in the debate and the follow-up attacks from certainly senator rubio that morning to all of a sudden chris christie, an establishment figure backing donald trump. now establishment is always in the eye of the beholder but certainly more establishment
6:18 pm
than was and is donald trump. what do you make of that pairing and are we seeing a future ticket there? >> there are a lot of people that want to come out and support mr. trump. i have not endorsed anyone at this time, i just want to be clear about that. but governor christie came out, the star power that he brings and the concerns he had on the economy and national security, he just didn't see any of the other candidates showing that they had the same ability that trump has had and governor christie's been very close to trump for many, many years and they think a lot. i know a lot of people show clips from previous comments that governor christie has made but the great thing about the way trump thinks, he's a businessman, he has to be quick on his feet when he's in business deals and over decades. >> and they all do that, bygones are bygones and going back to jfk and lbj. but having said that and this idea that we're looking at a future team there, some say chris christie as attorney general. if you buy the old role of a
6:19 pm
running mate as your attack dog, there are few that are as effective at th. later on this show we'll replay an exchange i had with governor christie on that very issue in new hampshire. but what do you make of that, that he could fill that role certainly as a former prosecutor very, very well? >> well, look, governor christie, as you saw on the debate stage, what he did to rubio, there's no one better up there when it comes time to prosecute an issue. so i don't know where there this goes. i know there wasn't a deal made. it was just governor christie was going to wait a while to give his support but after he saw the debate the other night he felt it was time to do it now. he wasn't going to do it for anybody else and the great thing i enjoyed about working with governor christie is when he makes a decision to do something he does it. he doesn't pontificate. >> no, he didn't. i raised that issue with him. just a couple weeks ago in new hampshire when i asked him when he would only found out hours later that he hadn't done well
6:20 pm
in new hampshire and would quit whether he would entertain the number two spot. so as a running mate for somebody, you could be the guy to be that attack dog. what do you think? >> i certainly could be but i won't be because i'll be the one picking the running mate. and i just -- you know -- >> but you wouldn't rule out if it didn't happen? >> i allowed mitt romney to consider me the last time, right? so the fact is that you don't run for vice president. >> he could be running for vice president now, right? >> we have not discussed that issue so i don't know. this is as new to me as it was to you 24 hours ago. >> i hear you, we're all in the same boat. back to south carolina real quickly. lou dobbs has emerged here so i can't wait to pick his brain on all of this. we generally try to provide a seat after the fact but he's arrived. here's what's at stake for these two for the heart and soul of the democratic party and those super delegates because more of them are in play tonight as well. there's a great story on that to
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tell you right after this. i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
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6:25 pm
uranium tuer turnout versus democrats. in new hampshire, 19% more republicans participated in go round. obviously you can see here in nevada it was almost 70% more. i must stress, that's a low level. bottom line for republicans thus far the overall change in voter turnout in south carolina looks to be about 71%. again i stress these are very low numbers than the percentage. for example, in nevada i understand it was about 8% of the eligible republican voting electorate. but, but, by comparison much stronger than the democrats it seems. what do you make of that, lou dobbs? >> it's clear those are dramatic numbers by any definition. and republicans in the swing of this thing, you're looking at twice the turnout when you look at the swing and the decline of democrats and upswing for republicans, this has got the democratic national leadership very, very concerned and obviously the clinton campaign. >> congressman elliot engel
6:26 pm
joins us from new york. you must worry about that because that base is a voting base and ultimately a winning base, democrats don't seem too jazzed. >> i think it evens itself out. you look at the contest, the republican contest has been sexy, almost like a reality show from one point to another with trump and all the kinds of insults being hurled at one another. >> yours has been a sordid drama, too. >> i don't think it's been as bad or sexy, probably more interesting when you have all these candidates yelling at each other. i've never heard anything -- >> maybe the base is bored. >> maybe. but i don't think so. i don't think so. i think that ultimately it's going to boil down to two candidates, the democratic nominee and the republican nominee. i think depending on how each of them do, that will make the decision about how the base is motivated. i'm not worried about it. i think democrats will be motivated. >> are you concerned, though, that in getting motivated and in dealing with bernie sanders that hillary clinton has driven so
6:27 pm
far left even repudiating her husband's old trade policies that it's going to be hard to dial that back should she become the nominee and race to the middle? >> well, you know, then you have to bernie sanders people who are saying she's not left enough so, you know, poor hillary. >> but that's not what i asked. do you see her as having problems. >> no. because i think hillary clinton essentially on domestic policy is a progressive and on foreign policy defense, international events she's a moderate and i think it's a combination of those two. frankly, that's where i feel comfortable and i think a lot of democrats feel comfortable that way. >> this is going to be a jump all for everybody here. 59 delegates are at stake in south carolina. six of those are these superdelegates. what do you think of them congressman? there are a lot of them. if you look at how many delegates each candidate received, hillary clinton and bernie sanders, they're dead even. but if you add in the super delegates, she's got 500 more. >> as a super delegate myself, every democratic member of congress is a super delegate and i think it's a good thing.
6:28 pm
>> why? >> because i think members of congress have a big say in the direction and should have a big say in the direction the party goes. members of congress are on the firing lines day in and day out and i think it more accurately reflects the base of the party. it's not to say others should be excluded -- >> republicans don't have it. >> but if you speak to my republican colleagues, they think they should have it. >> they do now with trump running away with it! >> that's a very good point. >> i think the congressman would acknowledge it creates an inequity between the voice of the voters and that of the establishment and specifically incumbent congressmen and others who are serving as superdelegates the result of this is to, in point of fact, dilute the impact of the voter, one man, one vote. in any other area where democrats talk about disenfranchising voters that would be screaming from the roof tops and now congressman we're hearing you say it's a perfectly
6:29 pm
wonderful thing. i understand since you have this super status, but it's a horrible thing for democracy that a party would disenfranchise voters by diluting the will of the people. >> i don't think it disenfranchises voters at all. >> how could it not? >> well, because i think that when you look at what the party is, certainly the base of the party, the congressional base of the party is an important part of the party. >> but i can see you guys -- 193 of you guys, 46 senators, but 436 with dnc members including the chairs and vice chairs of each state. that's freaky. >> well, i don't know the exact things as to who is absolutely -- >> i just gave you the numbers. >> i know is democratic senators and democratic house members are delegates. >> these are dnc party guys? >> there are plenty of delegates running. there are delegates running in my district. >> and they're not obligated. at first with hillary clinton eight years ago they jumped to barack obama so they're not
6:30 pm
obligated to vote for her. >> when you talk to other super delegates that you know, have they decided yet? because everybody keeps saying they're all going to go for hillary but there is a storm cloud over hillary clinton right now and that is this fbi investigation and people look at that and wait and see what may come out of this and could it really change the actual narrative of what's going on in the democratic party? >> i think hillary is going to emerge fine from it, but i think it potentially could change theoretically because members, delegates, are free to essentially vote what they feel and, you know, we're the ones, quite frankly -- which is not to take away, lou or anybody else, people who are running as delegates -- but we're fighting for the party values and the kinds of things -- >> and they can switch. they can switch. we have to go to a break. i know lou dobbs is sweating this out but the florida pensacola news journal has just
6:31 pm
endorsed marco rubio for president. and he's up now. >> yeah, 20 point plus deficit. >> we'll hear more bragging on who's endorsing him and when. it's only just started a couple days ahead of super tuesday. stick around, you're watching fox business, you're getting the results in about a half hour. your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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spade a spade. there. >> whoo! >> there we go. >> she was also the lady yelling during the rubio debate but i digress. don't you love that lady? >> i do. >> somebody in the back -- >> yee haw. >> exactly. >> we're getting some quasi-final numbers on texas early voting done -- they've had to have done it by now and we're getting word of as the latest numbers, not the final numbers, 668,000 texans have voted. they've already voted in early voting which is allowed in that state, which is double what it was eight years ago. further more in tarrant county, which is -- >> fort worth. >> 55,000 republicans have already voted versus 27,000 democrats. it was the mirror opposite, i'm told eight years ago when it was twice as many democrats to
6:36 pm
republicans. what that means i have no idea but there was great passion for barack obama then which could explain the heavy turnout, it could be great passion for either senator cruz or donald trump in texas. senator cruz acknowledging today the el nant the roephant in the must win his home state. 155 delegates at stake. donald trump saying he'll have another message for senator cruz, that he thinks he has a good shot of not just winning the state but at worse maybe picking up quite a few delegates. it's possible that even if you win texas, they do have proportional voting but the way it's rejiggered with congressional districts in the state, you could still see both of these guys at a draw and depending on the polls they're separated by very, very little. we were showing you the donald trump plane here, he's in tennessee tonight. he's been all over with chris christie campaigning today. katrina pierson first on what
6:37 pm
she makes of these texas numbers in at least the early heavy voting, the spokesperson for one donald trump. what do you make of that? >> well, you know, i've spent many years here in texas helping to grow the grass-roots movement and i can tell you it's been working and it's been great and now that we see an overwhelming turnout on the republican side, it makes me feel great. these numbers are very interesting -- >> why would it make you feel great? are you assuming they're all for you guy? >> i love when more people get involved in the process. that's what makes things go better. we need more people involved in the process. i heard you mentioning earlier about a very low percentage of registered voters who even turn up. that's always been the case. we have to change that, we're losing our country to special interests so people have to get involved. >> do you think there will be any dustup for your candidate with the whole tax return thing or is it like everything else that's come his way, not a big deal. >> no, not at all. people know donald trump. he's been out there for over four decades. there's nothing they can do to
6:38 pm
try to change that image or perceptions but that the average american has for donald trump even though they'll continue to try. i don't want him to release his tax returns until the date mitt romney released his just because he can. these the tactics that have been hurtful to member republicans over the years because they a pitch is late and want to sit back and take it and donald trump won't do that. >> are you saying don't give your tax returns because -- if recent campaigns, just recent ones, really, it's become sort of like the requirement. >> well, that's my point. this isn't something that will make or break a candidate like it did with mitt romney because he allowed it to. he's been the loudest voice on demanding mr. trump to release his tax returns when that's what harry reid did to him. mitt romney didn't release his tax returns until september. >> no, he released the turn and backing financial data in january. you're right, it wasn't detailed
6:39 pm
and it became later detailed in the fall. but go ahead. >> well, that's what they want. they want a very detailed irs form from mr. trump and i think mr. trump should give it right back to him at the same date he gave it. mr. trump will, however, release his tax returns after the audit as he has said before. but i want to talk about texas real quickly since we opened with that. people need to be reminded that senator cruz did not win this state outright. he had to win in the a runoff and so that's really important considering how we've also had endorsements for trump. >> well he had no chance at all when he was 50 points above -- >> katrina lou dobbs. >> hi, lou. >> how are you doing? you make sound like you're not sure how well dlump do when you start talking about runoffs for cruz and a weakening history. i know one thing for sure, the supporters of ted cruz are very confident about these early votes that neal has just reported, talking about 650,000
6:40 pm
or thereabouts. this looks like maybe a problem rather than a solution for the trump campaign. >> no, not at all. i bring that up to show the strength that mr. trump may have going in into super tuesday simply because senator cruz did not win the state outright and with form eer dallas mayor tom leverett that kept him keeping the state outright has endorsed donald trump. so i think it will be interesting to see how close the race is. i don't think anyone is expected senator cruz to lose the race but i do think donald trump fan stands a good chance of pulling it off in texas. >> we'll have to see. in the meantime, waiting for donald trump to come off his plane. the plane itself, did you ever notice this, has become part of the whole theater. >> do you know what club seating is on a plane? >> no, we don't because we fly commercial. >> so i learned this because talking to all these ceos when they're designing their planes. club seating is when the chairs can swivel and face each other. so i would imagine he's got club
6:41 pm
seating on this thing but at some point somebody will want to ask and see what it's like and he will say sure and americans will love it. he's not afraid of showing his success. >> there's a video online, katrina's probably been on the plane, we can watch the people get off. there's a video you can watch when he bought the plane and renovated it so the american people can go and look and see how tremendous the interior of the plane is. >> who are these guys getting off the plane? are they all his handlers? >> the pilots and people who -- >> i love the idea that he has handlers. >> they're coming out with whips and chairs. >> he embraces his wealth and he's not ashamed of it. >> they fill the faucets with evian and fiji water. >> you don't? >> as vicente fox would say "viva capitalism." >> he bought that jet from paul allen so it's a used jet and much more fuel efficient than the one he owned previously. that will help him in november,
6:42 pm
right? >> a 727. that thing sucked up -- >> that was a -- >> tens of thousands of gallons. >> that was not a fuel efficient -- >> you passed up that plane, lou? >> i was never in the bidding for that. that thing is a monster. >> these are the entourage as it were, team trump. earlier today chris christie was with him. i assume he's still with him as he makes this barnstorming campaign tour across the dozen states that will be part of super tuesday. in the meantime, we have luis miranda with us right now, dnc communications director. very good to have you. >> thank you, good to be on. appreciate it. >> we talk about this battle that hillary clinton and her folks seem to think is turning to more friendly states, south carolina today, a lot of these super tuesday states and i'm wondering if her confidence is overstated she could bump into some troubles. whether the momentum is such she can clinch the nomination or get
6:43 pm
to philadelphia without the gel d delegates needed? >> the democratic national committee is neutral so we don't handicap that race. but the race is good for democrats that it's been competitive. it's been good we've seen strong campaigns working very hard to get voters out because that works for us in november. >> we're talking to you when you see donald trump and chris christie together now in tennessee do you ever envision that as a ticket? do you ever envision donald trump as a formidable opponent? because many of your colleagues -- while not taking sides on the issue -- secretly tell me boy, they wish he would be the nominee because they're confident they could wacould wa him. >> i'm glad you asked that question. i think republicans didn't take him seriously. we're taking him as seriously as every other candidate. we're doing our home work and
6:44 pm
we're preparing. we're ready for him or any of the other candidates but it looks like he's running away from this. florida will be a similar dynamic where there will be an extended period of early vote in key counties and what that means is that somebody like a marco rubio that's trying to recover in his home state doesn't have as much time on the calendar when you think march 15 is just around the corps sore we'll take him seriously. we feel good we'll be ready. but if you look at the turnout, one of the things that's happening on our side is we're turning out almost as many voters or in the case of nevada we turned out more voters than the republicans did on their side even though we have two candidates and they have had 11, 8, and 6 in the first three contests. so we feel pretty good that will work for us in november because what's also happening is our candidates are using the same database. so at the end of the primary, every door that's been knocked on, every phone call made, every volunteer, is going to be part of the database of whoever emerges. republicans don't have that.
6:45 pm
it's fractured and chaotic and that works in our favor. >> we shall look more at that database. i want to thank you very much. in the meantime, i don't think these gentlemen are talking much about databases. let's listen in. chris christie and donald trump. >> the man who will do that for us is donald trump. [ cheers and applause ] we need to build jobs again for american families and the man who knows how to build jobs is the man who's done it all his life, donald trump. we need someone who understands that the american people want to be treated fairly at home and around the world and won't put up with being treated badly anymore. he'll stand up for us. donald trump. [ cheers and applause ] now i have to tell you, i've been amused traveling around today with donald to hear some of the things some of his opponents have had to say.
6:46 pm
[ boos ] i found it fascinating this morning to hear that senator rubio -- [ boos ] senator rubio said he's going to work as hard as he can and as long as he can to win the republican nomination. that would be something new for senator rubio to show up to work at all. [ cheers and applause ] senator rubio has been in the senate for the last five years and let's look at his record. let's look at senator rubio's record. when you get a job, you're supposed to actually do the job. he's missed, he says he's an expert on foreign policy because he's on the senate foreign relations committee do you know he missed 60% of all the meetings of that commit see in [ boos ] senator rubio says he knows how to create jobs even though he's never created one in his life and he's on the small business committee, he missed 80% of those meetings.
6:47 pm
[ boos ] in fact, of all the different meetings he was supposed to go to in washington, he's missed 68% of them. how about you give us a refund, senator rubio? [ cheers and applause ] and one other thing we have to make clear to him, the united states senate may be a no-show job but president of the united states is not. this man will show up to work everyday to work for us. [ cheers and applause ] >> all right, we're monitoring this, we're showing this, marco rubio is also speaking. we're efforting -- i hate when people say "efforting" -- >> that's a tv verb. >> we are waiting just momentarily for marco rubio. these two are a powerful team and they don't get into databases it would appear but they hit you here in the gut. >> and they certainly do. but what did i say in terms of people debating like what job is
6:48 pm
chris christie who looks like an opportunist, let's be real. he hated donald trump a couple weeks ago and now he's standing side by side -- >> well, everyone when they're campaigning hates the other guy. >> so is he going to be the vice presidential nominee? no, as i said with you yesterday, to paraphrase my mother we don't want two loud finger pointing yankees on a presidential ticket. >> i think it's just anti-italian. i do. >> but, see -- >> if the last name was dobbs, it would be okay. >> everyone's all in. >> i'm genuflecting to the dobbs of the world. >> what do you think of those two together? >> i think it's brilliant. i never thought i'd say this about governor christie but he's got a modesty streak because he could not be as self-promotional as he needed to be on the campaign trail, he is born to the role as we have seen of prosecutor, attack dog. >> the role of a running mate. >> but he's also born to the role of taking the candidate
6:49 pm
he's chosen and i mean blown the doors off here as he introducs s donald trump. brilliant the way he's performing. >> but you have to ask, neal, does he bring anything different to the donald trump campaign? they are both very similar when it comes to those personality genetics. >> he's an establishment figure. >> that part of it i get. but the tough talking in your face jersey guy with the new york tough talking real estate guy. you've got a rottweiler and a doberman pinscher together and you've got -- again, with the new jersey and the new york i think people in nebraska or peoria will say "it won't play here." >> well, they won't be intimidated? >> these are concurrent events going on. i just want you to know. >> concurrent? >> i'm trying to learn my s.a.t. words. marco rubio going at it here and on that issue do you think anything comes through post debate.
6:50 pm
any of you? i interrupted you for this. do you think this inpunches through for marco rubio? >> i think so. the headlines say "marco rubio woke up." "marco rubio on energy drinks." >> too late, though? >> well, why are we saying is it too late? it's like calling a baseball game in the second inning. it's not too late and it does a disservice to all of the candidates to say hillary's got it, trump's got it, rubio doesn't, bernie sanders doesn't. >> i will jump on that. you're right. we talk about turnout and i wonder just in conversations with voters in these southern states, people are feeling like my vote might not count. that there's a greater sense of inevitability with donald trump at this point and there is this sense of -- >> do you agree with what liz is saying, that we're ahead of ourselves? >> these other candidates have to be worried about not getting the voters out if they feel like
6:51 pm
there's a sense of inevitability, particularly in states where there's the delegate threshold, where it's not purely proportional like virginia. that people will stay at home because they already think donald trump has it in the bag. >> i don't think donald trump's voters and supporters if what we're looking at holds up throughout the south, throughout the country, there's an intensity about the supporters and the voters who are behind donald trump. they're not staying home: >> that's my point. it's the other guy's voters. >> look, i don't think these guys are timid timmys. i mean, this is getting preposterous. the reality is, donald trump has an overwhelming amount of momentum and you can talk about whether it's petroleum which you are of us to talk about that momentum or premature to talk about the polls but the reality is he has a huge lead in the national polls and state by state when you look at texas
6:52 pm
it's an open ended question but in florida. >> he is right. eight of the 11 contests he has double digit leads. >> but, again, let's go back to dewey defeats truman. it's still america. >> he didn't? dewey didn't? >> he did not. he did not and everybody thought he had. >> you're right. >> so it's our duty that we can't sugar coat it. if the numbers are overwhelmingly for hillary and donald trump it's our job to say folks, these are the numbers. however, it's presuper tuesday but reince are priebus constructed this number of delegates decided on the ides of march this is what they wanted. >> but it was meant to avoid this trump phenomenon.
6:53 pm
>> there is such anti-trump sentiment out there. do people go out and vote just to make sure he doesn't win too many delegates. >> they haven't thus far. >> this goes to the general election in november. the number one trending hashtag on twitter was #nevertrump. >> oh, no! not on social media! >> some people were liberal, some people were conservatives who don't like trump. >> now they don't like marco rubio because he's trying to sound like him. >> i think it was started by erick erickson the never trump hashtag but later in the day it was hashtag always trump. >> that doesn't always translate into the votes. >> no, but it's sentiment. >> we have a statement out of a top strategist from marco rubio when it comes to florida we a. "we are going to win florida, take it to the bank they can not
6:54 pm
be embarrassed in their own home state at least before the debate when marco rubio found his voice people were saying he might pull out before florida so as to avoid that embarrassment he would have by getting beaten in his own state so i don't think that's going to happen because he did get momentum and traction there. >> of all of them, cruz has the best shot in his state. kasich is an uphill battle in his state but i told you about pensacola. >> and trump is weeping tonight because he's conveyed how little any endorsement other than christie's means to him. it will be interesting. the prosecutor has been burning rubio all day. 80% absentee rate in small
6:55 pm
business committee. 80% in another. 60% of the foreign relations committee. >> isn't that the pat calling the kettle black? >> absolutely! >> he's no longer in this business he's out of the kitchen. >> but when he was running. >> you can go through that but rubio has been an absentee senator and the people of florida he is stating, christie, are holding him to account. will they change their mind? i don't know. >> rubio hasn't won one contest yet. and and he's still being talked about. >> at this table we have three new jersey resident, lou, neal, liz. >> hallelujah. the new jersey credit rating was downgraded nine times while chris christie has been governor. we don't like that kind of stuff. >> you also hated -- >> i despite him, i'm a jew, we have the same amount of guilt. >> we are about four minutes away from the polls closing in
6:56 pm
south carolina. it's not off the charts for democrats. that's the case in a lot of these other contests where republicans just the opposite. it's appreciably up from what it was eight years ago. not dramatically so when you look at the overall percentages in real life. we went, for example, in nevada from 7% participation to 8% but in some key districts a lot. so if you are hillary clinton, you are looking at the trump phenomenon, they keep talking about him saying he's going to be -- you almost get the sense they want him as the nominee. >> neal, they also, some democrats are saying this is the guy we wanted from jump street and wright now you're seeing a campaign that has now moved to a positive environment. that is the south specifically south carolina where they're expected to not only do well but very well. but they still have the -- as trump would put it a low energy
6:57 pm
problem and that's the electorate is not galvanized. >> you hear marco rubio say "they fear me the most as the nominee." a loath of times they bring on -- much as the carter people hoped ronald reagan would be the nominee in 1980 because they thought they could trounce him. they learned otherwise. >> well, the polls in the real clear politics average trump does lose to hillary clinton in a head to head matchup. i don't know how much that matter this is early on. rubio in the most recent fox news poll rubio did the best of the remaining candidates. that was before bush dropped out. >> but kasich in ohio beats her by 20 points. >> i want to point out because lou you mocked this social media thing a bit. >> i mocked in the terms of its relationship to votes. >> i will tell you what it does say. mike berlin, the political strategist early on, was monitoring the command of the social media conversation and donald trump was rolling and rolling and rolling and every
6:58 pm
bit of data he collected from facebook and twitter it says that donald trump was a forbiddable and cforbi formidable candidate that people loved him and that data said when everybody else dismissed donald trump that he could be the gop nominee so it's critical to watch the volume of the conversation around trump. >> social media is critically important in this but as a determinant of voter out come, we should add to this not only does he have over six million followers on twitter, but he also has over 14 million people on facebook. this man -- >> social media sites? >> sorry? yes, they are. >> there's also something called tinder, neal. >> this internet -- >> swipe right. >> but it's funny, that's how he's effectively campaigned. barack obama got this ball roll ing but that's the new way to campaign. >> and the folks in south carolina talking about it
6:59 pm
foremost. does the gop have a technology gap with the -- does the republican party have a gap with the democratic party? right now the former head of the republican party this believes in a the national gop is in a huge deficit in technology to turn out the vote and he's very worried about november irrespective of who the nominee. >> i can just see here at the last count hillary clinton is gaining on donald trump. she's got 5.5 million followers, certainly not 6 million but she's getting up there and she has worked it very well at this point and it's working for her in south carolina. >> she had the advantage of bill clinton who could go to any one of these states, he's treated like a rock star where he goes. >> you know who the rock star is in all this? trump kids because they're adults and they work and i've said it all along, there's nobody more pim pressive than his children. >> they're remarkable. >> and they are -- you know what? when donald seems like a loud mouth, his kids seem the opposite on the campaign trail and when he's rude, they are not.
7:00 pm
very powerful. >> you're nodding your head. >> absolutely. i was in an elevator and ivanka, the daughter came in on the elevator and she was on the phone. first of all dressed to the nines very appropriately and speaking on the phone and i'm thinking she's so impressive. i was nothing like that at her age. >> the polls have closed in south carolina. and we can safely estimate that hillary clinton has won the palmetto state. that was widely expected. this is something she had to do. a lot was said about where she would build up her base and retain that base and right now she did. the question is the size of the victory going into this. she was up by anywhere from 25 points to 30 points so we're showing you these numbers right now.
7:01 pm
it's safe to say that anybody anything fox suspect playing on a screen any early read on the exit polls that tipped off this night. >> a lot of interesting data here, neal. she lost white women by bernie sanders 48% to 52% according to exit poll data. people say their top quality in a candidate was honesty and trustworthiness. hillary clinton losing that vote 48% to 52%. now looking at white voters, almost half say clinton is not
7:02 pm
trustworthy, this is going to play out in super tuesday states all across the country on tuesday night. among white voters who say that their top priority is honesty and trustworthy, that and trustworthy, that group goes to sanders 9 to 1. it would be like a phenomenon for donald trump where he got the 50 delegates available for republicans. there's six super delegates we keep hearing about. she will increase her lead over bernie sanders. i found out he has 22 super delegates of his own.
7:03 pm
20 for bernie sanders. not surprising. the party rank and file. >> it's a trounce, which is what was expected. did hillary see any improvement on the trust issue. did bernie sanders make any end roads with the younger black vote. did he see any opportunity where they could get some of the youth vote. >> a state that's been very kind to this gentleman joins us right now, the reverend jesse jackson on the phone. as far as i know you've not endorsed anymore in this race. >> no. i have focused on voter turn out. the polls showed south carolina
7:04 pm
one-fourth the state in poverty. a million people are medicaid eligible. even the hospital governor haley was born in has been closed. the great concern there, more than trust has been about economic justice as well as access to health care. >> does that benefit hillary clinton over bernie sanders? >> i think her biggest advantage was familiarity. he's been working across the south for 30 years. many places that bernie is going to is his first time around the league. he has great appeal as he talks about banks.
7:05 pm
hillary has been focused on voting rights protections. that's a big deal in the south. he was at the funeral of the charleston nine. he was not there. >> many said he disparaged you and barack obama. i guess bygones are bygone, all is well. >> reveals nine people being shot in the church, surely can forgive in the heat of the campaign. i think that was not the issue that mattered the most in south carolina.
7:06 pm
in reality, between the blacks who can vote now and let me say quickly blacks did not vote or sit on juries. they couldn't vote on campus. those new categories of voters has changed the demographics of south carolina in basic way. >> they'd have to turn out. it's lower than it was eight years ago. lower than four years ago. they don't seem to be too jazzed or excited. >> the level of excitement for barack obama was high. when i ran it was usually high, people involved for the first time.
7:07 pm
i think given the alternative, it could be high again come november. >> what do can you think of that? >> i think it's interesting he's talking about the turn out effort and you point out disappointing turn out for african-americans. disappointing turn out for the democrats. i understand to talk about the lack of energy and excitement about the race and the nominee. this is a big, big problem. >> he looks like, as the front-runner, he is generating actual growth in membership of the party.
7:08 pm
that is a positive that the party, the gop establishment, campaigns of each of these candidates. they have to be rejoicing. >> you were not anticipating. it was not anticipated to win this. we don't have an idea on the exact gap here. it's looking appreciable for clinton. where do you set your sights. >> this has been long and ideal state. she sdervdeserves a lot of credr the work she put in. going forward, we're going to see, i think just because of how anticipated this win was for secretary clinton, this isn't going to daunt enthusiasm.
7:09 pm
we're going to continue to see growing momentum. there's real momentum despite south carolina. >> we do this one state at a time. a dozen states on tuesday. i could see the fighting chance in vermont. i could see -- >> more than a fighting chance in massachusetts. maybe minnesota. colorado is dicy. one poll had been split. >> there are a number of states on super tuesday that i think senator sanders has a really good chance to lead. once you get beyond super tuesday, there are a number of states that can start going his way.
7:10 pm
>> like what. >> a lot of western states. once we get to california we start talking about washington state where there's a ton of support in those places. as we go further through this calendar and once we get beyond the southern states that we'll see in the next three days, i think there is chance for senator sanders to continue to build on this national momentum that he's building. >> you're quite right about that. you get to some of those states, he has to hope a winning there. do you think the game plan is, you can slow just enough she's well shy. that would do it. that would be enough to say she's not inevitable. is that the game plan. >> the fact he got close to
7:11 pm
winning in nevada with exit poll suggesting she won 7% of the latino vote. i think those point to momentum existing on its side. this is very much a jump all race. honestly, i think secretary clinton deserves credit for the win tonight. i don't think it shifts momentum in any considerable way. >> i know you have to go but the super delegate situation we were getting into here, if he didn't have any super delegate, you'd be even. >> that's right. we would be near even. the point is on super delegates, i don't anticipate any democratic party is about democracy. >> listen, i think on super
7:12 pm
tuesday we're going to win states and have strong showings in a lot of states that people did not think were possible. he's been the underdog throughout this race. >> i appreciate that as the fact that you spell neil correctly. we do have a rnc state. the democratic party continues to deteriorate with voters faced to make an impossible choice between within candidate facing and fbi investigation and another proclaimed socialist. nothing new there. >> i think democratic voters must feel better hearing from the rnc.
7:13 pm
>> i think it's funny. >> important development. >> news you can use. this gives them a chance. bernie sanders is a socialist. in the interest of the republican party, i'm sure they are correct in that judgment. >> okay. >> how can i follow up with such an eloquent reaction. one of the things i wanted to point out that joe was talking about, hillary clinton needs to have greater momentum with the voters who are not in her corner. with women, with younger people and hillary clinton, according
7:14 pm
to those exit polls lost the vote of white women down in south carolina. >> are these numbers right? >> she needs a big win. she also needs to show increasing momentum among these groups of democratic voters who don't like her. that looks difficult for bernie sanders to overcome. he would have to get the massive states like california, new jersey. how likely is that? the climb will get more and more difficult. >> the goal was we can't get
7:15 pm
ahead of her, but bernie sanders people are saying if we leave her a few hundred shy of the delegates she would need, it's a contest. >> sure, it's a contest. if you look at how the states are coming through, super tuesday may give us more clarity. colorado is a big one. you have a lot of delegates there. you wonder what does ohio do. what does florida do on march 15th when those the delegates. >> marijuana is legal in colorado. alaska has a primary for super
7:16 pm
tuesday for democrats and not for republicans. we're waiting for hill clinton. this was widely expected. now it's just running up the big numbers. >> bernie sanders needs to maintain that excitement about his campaign. a big victory for her, needs to keep raising money. he out raised her in the month of january. he's got to keep those small donations pouring in. if people feel a little salve on the burn and feel thatless les lessening, they might not contribute. >> i assume the candidate has entered the room. this is an important state for her. i don't see her yet. i understand she is there with her husband.
7:17 pm
we'll see. she could conceivably run the table. >> yes. with that parody, you'll start hearing as i perhaps too early suggested they are the presumptive nominees. they have the ability after tuesday, and to greater degree, march 15th, they can start changing the tone of the campaign entirely and pivot to one another. hillary clinton will be in that position. >> you get down to the issue. health care is something that joe has said is extremely important to viewers. donald trump in the past 72 hours have said several times i'm not going to let people die
7:18 pm
on the streets. >> can donald trump unite the republican party? there's a lot of deeply conservative voters talking about i want to make it easier to sue the press and it bothers them. can they get behind him? >> it bothers me. >> can he unite the republican party in. >> i think the answer is question. three contests who lost one and to be on the verge of winning. >> i don't think so. i was just in florida speaking to conservative business people and they were telling me no way.
7:19 pm
they said a rubio-kasich ticket they could get behind but they don't like what they heard from donald so far. we can sit here and talk about it. >> two things we have to keep in mind about the establishment. i'm not being insulting by purpose here. the fact is these are not very bright people. you ever people meeting to talk about a brokered convention. the odds of that small that it would occur.
7:20 pm
the people running jeb super pac who run ads over and over again going after marco rubio. it made no sense. >> go after attack ads for rubio to hit trump. >> a lot of nasty stuff. >> he's talked about a 45% -- what he talks about on some issues, 45% tariff on chinese goods. >> we did get a statement out of bernie sanders congratulating secretary clinton on her victory. no, he said more. >> it was an emoji. >> we can create an economy that works for all of us. it's a clear thing. he's fighting on the battle. we're waiting to see.
7:21 pm
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7:24 pm
good thing we're fox business because we can read numbers. i can comfortably say hillary clinton has three times as many votes as bernie sanders. this isn't just a win but a land slide win. >> you're right. she should be out at any moment. he says that bernie sapdsers best hope right now is that this
7:25 pm
is the high water mark. she has a big advantage with african-american voters. we're seeing that in the exit poll likely the same next week on super tuesday in georgia, arkansas and alabama. the point being that sanders hopes after super tuesday this map goes to the midwest, for example. ohio, michigan. about 150 delegates in each of those states. you have states where there's a lot of workers upset. they might be receptive to the bernie sanders message. they might be upset at hillary clinton for pro-trade policies. the fact that super tuesday there's about 900 delegates at stake over the first two weeks of march there's about 1800 delegates. if hillary clinton starts racking up these victories, it's proportional delegates. bernie sanders can keep coming in second place and rack up
7:26 pm
delegates, raise money and stay in this race. winning big like he did in new hampshire. it's something we have talk and about in recent days that's super delegates on top of the pledge delegates in states like south carolina here. you put all that together and this map could get very difficult for bernie sanders very fast. >> he is right. there's different ways the democrats continue the states. the possibility of picking up a thousands delegates on one day on march 15th. 264 in florida. 182 in illinois. 84 in missouri.
7:27 pm
121 in north carolina. 159. hillary clinton leads in all those states. we all recall what happened in 2008. great pressure on the clinton campaign in that instance to wrap things up. >> every other week weer going from hillary to barack obama. >> could this be the one thing that changes the course for both ril ri clinton and bernie sanders and the storm cloud about the e-mails and the fbi investigation. really bad precipitation over hillary then might you start to see some of the super delegates
7:28 pm
say this is going to be red meat for donald trump. we can't deal with this. you talk about that auction that comes in. >> they're running it. >> he'd never be a running mate. he's the boss man. he's the boss man. >> said that about chris christie. >> he's the boss man. >> another beneficiary could be joe biden. he's at san jose, california after visiting mexico and apologizing to the mexicans for donald trump's behavior and the
7:29 pm
wall. do we have that? this blew me away. twice he had used the f word last time with maria, but it was his apology to the mexican officials. any way, look this. >> i feel almost oblijed to apologize for some of what my colleagues have said. it was about mexico. it's a heated campaign season. >> he's campaigning and arguing on behalf of the mexicans and not wanting to offend them. >> it seems this administration has been doing that very quietly all along. >> tfrsit was vicente fox.
7:30 pm
>> her reaction was incredible. >> and yes. >> she's such a pro. >> had no idea this guy would do it again with her. >> donald trump has dropped some f bombs. >> let me show be this i'm sure maria loves it when i do this. imagine her surprise. >> i'm not going to pay for that [ bleep ] wall. i am not. he should know that. i'm not going to apologize. >> she's had all these great interviews and this we want to define her year. we have so many other golden moments like that. >> it doesn't have to define it, but a moment where a former mexican president feels empowered to talk like that to the united states, to the
7:31 pm
american people. i think trump nailed it. he did it because he knew he could get away with it because that's the way he's treated this administration. >> and vice president biden apologizing. send more people to trump's side. they're disgusted with that. >> stick around. we're waiting for hillary clinton to make some remarks. ♪ i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c.
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i thione second it's then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here.
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we're waiting to hear from hillary clinton. she'll pick up lions share of the delegates from this state. the question is the way it's going the rule out by district, i suspect she might get all of those delegates including the six super delegates which would bring her total to 59. dennis, what do you make of this? >> hillary clinton had taken another step along the way towards a nomination with this powerful showing in south carolina. she's showing that core base of the democratic party which consists of african-americans in communities and cities across the south is with her mightily. >> i was looking at more the
7:36 pm
winner take all states where the polls of florida and illinois, i haven't checked in the islands but anything goes there. she stands to pick up all of those delegates that day. >> bernie sanders on super tuesday had to take colorado, minnesota, vermont, he will take. he needs to take massachusetts, which at this point is slowly seem to be shifting towards hillary clinton. >> is that right? i thought he had massachusetts. >> it's going to be close. you can count on bernie sanders taking this campaign all the way to the convention. he'll be there with a huge glock of votes. he's running a competitive race. he has a very enthusiastic and engage base of support and he's going to fight this all the way
7:37 pm
through to the florida convention. >> i want to bring her in. >> there's a lot of demographic information that will play into super tuesday in really interesting way. we see an exit poll that shows that clinton loses white voters to sanders, 58 to 42%. among white men voters, 68 to 32%. that's a very large margin. you see all the exit poll data is showing demographics that favor clinton, but if you look at the states going ahead and
7:38 pm
the hundreds of delegates at stake, clinton will have to prove to potential sanders voters or swing voters that she will not necessarily alienate those voters going ahead if she want a decisive victory on super tuesday. >> i think that's absolutely true. she's got to look at where she's weak. it really did not sit well with women voters when they felt they had been pressured. >> i think she was joking. >> it turned young women off. i love you.
7:39 pm
>> a phenomenon with young women in this country that i talked about. did they live in a utopia of college campuses. they don't know if they never experienced sexism. if you're a young woman they don't feel obl galted to vote for hillary clinton. >> if you look at what stands behind him and the huge crowds from the beginning even at liberty university. there were a lot of women there who felt a connection with bernie sanders.
7:40 pm
>> bernie sanders gets 63% of the vote there. it's not the case in south carolina but if that turns around which is likely too, he has a serious problem. >> there's two impulses at work. one is she running very close with women because they have that huge margin that you just mentioned among white men. she has to be doing very well with white women. this after madeline albright --
7:41 pm
>> she lost. >> i understand. the point being madeline albright reserving there's a special place in hell reserved for a woman who doesn't support a woman -- >> it was a joke. >> it was not a joke. >> i do not think it was a joke. if she tries to pass it off. >> we'hillary clinton has left hotel. i don't know how far the hotel is from this convention center. she's going to speak. if you look what the she's got to do, she wants to look at that and she's got all these states
7:42 pm
next week. obviously, we can talk about the three or four she might lose. if they are close contests, is that looking at it. >> the sanders people have to figure out what they do next. when you look at the headlines a trounce, wallop is a word i'm seeing a lot. she's starting to really realize she's got some good velocity. you see she's figured this hoou months and months ago when she was standing awkwardly in a chipotle line not talking to anybody. >> she's rehabilitated herself. she has also, most importantly,
7:43 pm
done so in terms of the debate. the woman is absolutely spot on. her mind is organized. before it was scattered. she's on the balls of her feet an she's going after it. >> he was in a real hissy fit. he argued quite appropriately with the clinton folks agts years ago. he's gone onto support hillary clinton. to be fair, she was the one who tried to mends those fences and it worked. >> listen, let bygones be bygones and strange bed fellows that we all find in politics. >> we never let bygones be bygones. we hold grudges. >> southern folks do too.
7:44 pm
>> if he's saying stay with clinton, is that going to carry weight with everybody in the party or just a very influential part, the minority part? >> it's hard to say. you have to look at every single state break down. the demographics are so different. if the youth photocontinues to turn out in a stronger way. >> they're not turning out in a stronger way. she has a problem. if you look back at '07, '08, what carried is a youth vote. 63% going for sanders then that's a problem. >> when you say that's exactly my point, were you saying i told you so and you weren't listening? >> no, i say thanks for making my point for me. >> quite obvious.
7:45 pm
>> what do you expect? you want us to kiss your butt all the time? >> i thought it would be nice on a night like this. >> spike lee comes out in favor of bernie sanders. spike lee's wife is still for hillary clinton. said, i'm not endorsing bernie sanders. >> real quick, is the party going to unify nicely with these two easier than donald trump, rubio, cruz? >> i think both parties have some bridging to do. the candidate has more to do in my judgment with that in the democratic party, i think that donald trump and the establishment are lusting so mightily for a return to the white house that, you know, self-interest will win out. certainly it always does with republicans. >> yeah, we shall see. hillary clinton, the big victor in south carolina tonight.
7:46 pm
and it was pointed out, she has been the energizer bunny, pounding away, getting better and better by these primary and caucuses. now, we should stress, she's a smooth campaigner. she is not her husband. but dogged, very much so. hillary clinton, the winner of south carolina primary. and likely 50-plus at that. >> thank you. thank you so much, south carolina! thank you! thank you! thank you. thank you so much from one end of this stage to another, i am so greatly appreciative because today you sent a message in america when we stand togeth
7:47 pm
together -- when we stand together, there is no barrier too big to break. we've now gone through four early states, and i want to congratulate senator sanders on running a great race, and tomorrow, this campaign goes national! we -- we are going to compete for every vote in every state. we are not taking anything, and we're not taking anyone for granted. i want to thank all the local leaders, legislators, mayors,
7:48 pm
pastors, organizers, volunteers who have worked their heart out for this campaign. i thank all of our great south carolina friends, going back so many years. i especially want to thank two of your former great democratic governors, dick riley and jim hodges. and i especially want to thank your champion, your statesman in congress, jim clyburn! i am so looking forward to working with the congressman to make the changes and continue the progress that we can build on the record and accomplishments of president obama.
7:49 pm
and to the almost 850,000 people who have contributed what they could, most giving less than $100, i thank each and every one of you. now, every day since iowa, more and more of you have stepped up. today grass-roots donors are powering this campaign. and to the millions of people watching across our country, please join us by making a donation to and here's why. because together, we can break down all the barriers holding our families and our country back. we can build ladders of opportunity and empowerment so
7:50 pm
every single american can have that chance to live up to his or her god-given potential. and then -- then and only then can america live up to its full potential, too. this campaign and this victory tonight is for the parents and teachers in rural south carol a carolina. they showed me crumbling classrooms in communities too long neglected. we're going to work together to give our children the education they need and deserve here in south carolina and across america! this campaign and our victory is for the entrepreneur who told me more dreams die in the parking
7:51 pm
lots of banks than anywhere else, and that's especially true for women and people of color. so we're going to work together to give people particularly young people the tools you need to start that small business you've been dreaming of. and this campaign and our victory is for the reverend, a presiding elder of the ame church who looked at all the violence and division in our country and asked me the other night, how? how are we ever going to strengthen the bonds of family and community again? well, we're going to start by working together with more love and kindness in our hearts and more respect for each other even when we disagree.
7:52 pm
despite what you hear, we don't need to make america great again. america has never stopped being great. but -- but we do need to make america whole again. instead of building walls, we need to be tearing down barriers. we need to show by everything we do that we really are in this together. today too many people at the top, too many corporations have forgotten this basic truth about what makes america great. prescription drug companies that increase the price of drugs for no reason than greed and then double and triple bills of folks
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and in your country's future, then we will stand with you. now, together we have to break down all the barriers. not just some. it's important that wall street never threaten main street again. no bank could be too big to fail. and no executive too powerful to jail. but -- but america isn't a single-issue country, my friends. we need more than a plan for the biggest banks. the middle class needs a raise! and we need more good jobs! jobs that pay well and can't be outsourced. jobs that provide dignity and a path to a brighter future, and we can create those good jobs by building on the progress we've made under president obama.
7:55 pm
so let's make new investments in manufacturing and small business, in scientific research, in clean energy, enough clean energy to power every home in america! and don't let anybody tell you we can't make things in america. i know we can, and i know we will! let's break down the barriers that keep people on the sidelines of our economy, especially women! don't you think we've waited long enough for quality affordable child care and paid family leave? don't you think it's time for equal pay for equal work? and let's break down the barriers that stop our children
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from getting the best possible start in life. we need to support great teachers and great schools in every zip code. let's break down the barriers holding back our young people, especially the student debt that makes it hard to imagine ever living the life you want. and we are going to give special support to our historically black colleges and universities which play a vital role in this state and across our country. now, breaking down all the barriers means we also have to face the reality of systemic racism, that more than a half a century after rosa parks sat and dr. king marched and john lewis bled still plays a significant role in determining who gets ahead in america and who gets
7:57 pm
left behind. we have to invest in communities of color, reform our broken criminal justice and immigration systems. we have to guarantee opportunity, dignity and justice for every american. and tonight, i want to pay tribute to five extraordinary women who crisscrossed this state with me and for me. five mothers brought together by trage tragedy. sybrina fulton, mother of trayvon martin, shot and killed in florida just for walking down the street. lucy mcbath, mother of jordan davis, shot and killed by someone who thought he was playing his music too loud in his car. maria hamilton, mother of dontre, shot and killed by police in milwaukee. gwen carr, mother of eric garner, choked to death after being stopped for selling loose
7:58 pm
cigarettes on the street. and geneva reed, mother of sandra bland, who died in police custody in texas. they all lost children, which is almost unimaginable. yet they have not been broken or embittered. instead, they have channeled their sorrow into a strategy and their mourning into a movement. and they are reminding us of something deep and powerful in the american spirit. by now, we all know the story of flint, michigan. how a city's children were poisoned by toxic water because their governor wanted to save a little money. but there's another side to the story in flint. it's the story of a community that's been knocked down but refused to be knocked out.
7:59 pm
it's hundreds -- it's hundreds of union plumbers coming from across the country to help install new water fixtures. it's students raising funds for water deliveries and showing up in flint to distribute supplies. it's the united autoworkers and general motors donating millions of dollars. we know there are many other flints out there. communities that have been left out and left behind. but for every problem we face anywhere in america, someone somewhere is working to solve it. our country was built by people who had each other's backs, who understood we all have to do our part. and that at our best, we all rise together. imagine what we can all build together when each and every american has the chance to live up to his or her potential.
8:00 pm
imagine a tomorrow where no child grows up in the shadow of discrimination or under the spector of deportation. imagine a tomorrow where every parent can find a good job and every grandparent can enjoy a secure retirement. imagine a tomorrow where hard work is honored. families are supported. and communities are strong.


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