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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  February 29, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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policy and politics. but you have to come together. maria: we will see about that. thank you for joining us. dagen mcdowell, always a pleasure. we will see you in a minute. "varney & company" begins now. stuart, over to you. stuart: good monday morning everyone but monday morning after 100 politics. just wait until you see the latest haul. an extraordinarily extraordinary change of insults. cruz says trump is in bed with the mob. who could remember an election campaign like this one. the day before super tuesday, trump retains a dominant position. wait until you see the poll. a landslide for hillary in south carolina took almost the entire african-american vote as he won by 50 points. she retains a dominant position, too. it sure looks like trump versus clinton in november. bombings in baghdad, isis claims
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they did it. he's using terror against his neighbors. yet again, a highly political ceremony of saw chris rock on racism. leo dicaprio and vice president biden on sexual assault. to degrade and go down again? but very important week because "varney & company" is about to begin. stuart: monday morning, this is how we are going to open up. remember, it's media. this is february 29th. this is the day in some countries were some countries where women asking may ask a man to marry her. more on that. oil -- i'm going to say it is in lockstep with stocks. kind of. it is up this morning 40 a
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sense. thirty-three dollars a barrel this monday morning. never forget about gold these days. i've taken $9 higher. $12.29 per ounce. that's how we start the week on the market. this is looking a lot more at the donald trump versus hillary clinton contest. that is not a typo. this is a cnn national poll out this morning. trump way out front. 49. review of 16, ted cruz 15 comment or send, kasich 6%. hillary 55, bernie sanders 38. barry castle at "the wall street journal." am i getting a bit ahead of myself saying it's clinton trump? >> is claire donald trump is the front runner. thursday night debate cruz and rivera finally going after him. on this poll, if you look at the
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numbers, cnn only took 300 registered republican voters and not poll was done the day before last week's debate through friday or saturday. that's very important. stuart: the margin of victory, 49 to 16. you have to take out the grain of salt. like you do, but a "wall street journal" news poll showed ted cruz ahead by a large margin in texas. we don't know how that might've changed after the debate. stuart: give me a serious fight when i say it sure looks like trump clinton in november. >> you would have to live in an alien planet to not say trump is the front runner. super tuesday is the test. did the attack come too late to make a background? stuart: that as a hedge. the voting is about as meaningful. super tuesday is the big test. stuart: the producer said to me
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move on for heaven's sakes. give it up. welcome back. a new state in connecticut. super tuesday at the republican race has turned really ugly. watch this. >> i think is a lightweight. he couldn't get elected dog catcher. if he does back to florida is going to lose big leagues. i call him little marco. he's a very nasty guy. so was ted cruz about by the way. >> donald trump as saying he will sit down with harry reid and chuck schumer. we schumer. we need a president to go to democrats to give away her right, but rather stands at the working men and women of state. >> i believe a first-rate con artists who sign this stage. >> he doesn't >> he does this work because spores are clogged from the spray tan. he will make america great. he will make it orange. he's always calling me of little marco.
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you know what they say about men with small hands. you can't trust them. you can't trust them. stuart: he really went there. come on in. former arkansas governor mike huckabee. your daughter works for the trump campaign. governor, do you think that kind of backwards and forwards, does not mean all republicans? >> it is not healthy. i will tell you, whoever wins the nomination, they will remember all of these things being said. those guys who maybe want a prominent place on the platform to speak, they may be opening in silent prayer the morning after the convention closes. you know, it is one of the most awkward things. i think it is one of the reasons i have always sounded a little distasteful to get too dirty in a primary because one of two things happen. you either have to eat those
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words if you become the nominee and invite the person up on the stage, or you are the one who has to go up on the stage and pretend you think this guy now that you said was horrible is now the greatest thing that ever happened to come along and i'm thirsty. in the long term, it is not good. stuart: can i just isolate the marco rubio the same for a second. the thing about the orange, the makeup, the small hands. i think -- >> that is out of her for marco. i want to do a judgment on this. >> i totally agree. i have no marco rubio a long time. he was my florida florida cochairman is that there is i like him and i knew his family. frankly, this is not darker rubio. he has been handed a script and he has been told by his inner circle that he's got to go out
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there and say these things. those are not landmark or rubio came up with did this have been handed to him. it is not like him. frankly doesn't come across as being natural. donald trump has a long history of the bravado and bluster and that is part of his brain. it is not part of marco rubio's brand. the one thing people look for in a candidate is authenticity. if you are who you are, that assigned good but if not it doesn't come across well. stuart: i've got mary kissell here. >> governor, rubio was losing with his playbook the last time. do you really blame him for trying to change it up? >> i blame him if it is not who he is. if you are not who you are, why are you asking voters to send you to the white house? i would rather lose and come away -- and i did. i've lost, but i came away with my self-respect and dignity intact and i didn't come away having to be embarrassed of anything i did or said in the
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campaign. stuart: are you about to endorse donald trump? >> no, no i'm not. i'm not endorsing any primaries. i made that very clear. my daughter is 34 years old. she has kids, she's a professional and do what she wants to do. i like donald trump and i'm angry at the party for pretending donald trump been loyal to you, but they don't know him loyalty. if he's the nominee, i'm sick of republicans in d.c. and the establishment then we will leave the party. we are not going to vote for him. he demanded of him the loyalty. you demanded that is made. whoever gets that nomination, put your big boy pants on and show up then let's beat hillary clinton. from a grandfather to another, things have been on the show. >> good to see you guys. stuart: this is a big issue. of course it is taxes. a very big theme of this program.
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we constantly asked the question, what should be the top-rated tax wealth? last week we got an answer to the question. what should the top-rated tax be? in your opinion, what should be the top rate of tax? >> i should say it should be higher than it is now. it should go as high as 83%. true to do you think you should be 83%? >> income inequality is one of the greatest problems of our time. stuart: you are taking off these people. >> that is exactly how you do it. stuart: i repeat 83%. former reagan economist art laffer is at best.
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at 83%, those people in that bracket would spend 83% of their energies trying to reduce taxes rather than earning income. that is exactly what happened. it's a 100% they would spend that much time trying to reduce taxes. everyone knows people don't work to pay taxes. stuart: let me turn it around. they say we tax the rich and we spend a and give it to everybody else. we have a massive influx of government spending. they say that raises the rate of economic growth. i think bernie sanders is looking up 5% rate of growth. what rate of growth would we get if we added 83
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administration. why don't we do a debate sunday where i can -- what we know -- stuart, please, whenever we raise, they go down, not a good it happened every time.
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stuart: we are going to do it. i will bring you back, but you i will have a debate. >> in a civilized debate where we can go through these areas. you seem like such a nice person. stuart: i've got to go. >> i really about what huckabee said. he really is on it. stuart: art laffer, thank you. the largest attacks on the iraqi capital in many, many years. roadshow the so-called california high school. don't count me among the outraged. let's see what ralph peters has to say about joe male aggression.
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stuart: look at those. a high school in northern california investigating three videos that appear to show students in boxing gloves pummeling each other. what is being called fight club. there is outrage out there because of this cause to suspend
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or worse those young men. lieutenant colonel ralph peters is here. i want to talk about it. of course it is. i don't think you can ever take aggression out of young men. i'm not going to condemn this fight club. they wore gloves, use weapons. no banging out. i am not outraged. are you? >> no, not in the least. this outrageous part of the feminization of boyhood among the middle class and above. it is one more area in our society. young guys are aggressive. in my high school, my school from first grade up we didn't wear gloves. kids are regulating themselves, whacking each other. when they make this very quickly. i've got to tell you. one of the best things my parents did for me was they started me dear early in school in first grade. i was one of the smallest guys,
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the youngest guy in the smartest guy. i got worked up on for years and it gave me a sense of reality valuable for the rest of my life. stuart: would look what happened to you. >> i'm not a bully. stuart: i want to talk to you about the isis attacks in iraq. they attacked abu ghraib who was a suicide am in in, killed 54. president obama called this a crime ring. it seems to me that isis is now a fully functioning state and they are attacking neighbors and there's no pullback on isis. it is an experiment. >> colonizes a crime ring is like on drug cartels undocumented immigrants. president obama is out of touch with reality. you might as well write the guy off. but yes, we should be worried because these amundsen bag dad
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in syria, desired pregame festivities for isis. the real game for them is the last, but in the meantime, while our government insisted, isis on the defensive commit european seymore fighters are flocking to isis even now despite the setbacks. what we see in baghdad, we consider city at 26 bombs up to 73. that is the sunni shia fight. abu ghraib was isis versus the government. in syria, you've got sunni shia fight. libya has sunni moderates versus extremists. they are standing the old borders. they don't comply and we are clinging to the past and that's a losing position. stuart: that is a good hour? ralph, thank you indeed. i grew to 100% on the fight club issue.
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hollywood racist? you've grown accustomed to it. every thing is not sexism. everything is not racism. stuart: there you have it. chris rock hosting the oscars which is all about race and politics. vice president biden talked about sexual assault, leonardo did attacked about global warming. why is everything infused with politics and race? >> i can't stand this debate, stuart. this is the height of absurdity. because we don't somehow have a quota for the number of awards to go to a certain minority group, just one minority group, by the way, that somehow that is racist. this is the politics of victimization. these are malpractice on stage. conifer quotas is the opposite of what civil rights leaders like king wanted. they wanted to be treated equally. they did not special privileges
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did i flipped it off after a while. stuart: can we just want tape on what leonardo do rio said about global warming that his acceptance speech. he won the oscar. >> make in the retina was about man's relationship, the national world where climate change is real, happening right now. let us not take the lineup for granted. i do not take tonight for granted. ashley: while they were filming it, it was snowing every day. montana come in the next day down in the u.s. from alberta. down the rockies on the eastern side. it happens fairly often and it can melt the snow very quickly. i'm in the middle of global warming and then told everyone about this. the snow was melting another run, of course the locals were like what an. stuart: how long did you last if he started at the open?
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>> about four minutes. i couldn't take it. i get it. don't bring me over the head with it. >> isn't it sad because a guy like leonardo dicaprio could do a lot of good. the inner cities of america and said he had its absurdities. stuart: i'm waiting for the ratings. how many washed it all the way through? ratings have gone down for the academy awards ceremony. i expect it will go down again tonight. check the futures market, please. how are we going to open up this monday morning. still in the month of february. this is leap year, february february 29th. to be much black. i want to know where people are making money. what are the stocks? what are the companies going places? more and assist as the current crop is the luckiest in history. the economy is doing just fine, thank you very much. the opening bell.
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>> all right. we've got what, 15 seconds to go before that open -- before trading actually begins. they ring the bell now with ten seconds to go and clap and cheer and at 9:30 eastern time off we go to the races all over again. it's monday, february 29th. leap year day. this is the day, liz, when a lady can ask a man to marry her liz: ain't happening. stuart: the aforementioned is definitely here, scott shellady along with keith fitz. let's see how we want to get on here. i want to make some money, i want serious money to be made by me and viewers. where should i put my money to make some money? go. >> i think you want to short the weakest companies out and there look for the strongest. quality matters, stuart, that's how to defend your money and make it in the next five to ten years. stuart: does that include the
9:31 am
high-tech companies that did so well for so many last year? >> some of them. stuart: which ones? [laughter] >> well, i didn't want to take any thunder out of here. stuart: we've started with thunder, that's what you do in tv. >> let's get some thunder and lightning, how about that? i think that facebook is interesting because facebook has got oculus coming on-line. apple is debatable because of their terrorist stance. and alphabet because they're a lot of companies. stuart: that's it, and we're down a mere 12 points, 16-6 is where we are now. and scott, i want to come to you. in china, huge layoffs. they're cutting 2 million workers in the coal and steel industries in china, 2 million. that seems to me to be a sign that global commodity prices ain't going to recover anytime soon and you say?
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>> yeah, i've said it before, you know, it's not about the price plunge that we've seen in recent years in commodities, it's how long we're going to be in these levels. until we see something new around the corner. stuart, we've finished a record sub-3% growth. and the last time we saw that was four years after the great depression. we don't have any growth, china doesn't have any growth and until something happens to change that story, they lower the reserve department overnight, they're struggling and negative rates in japan, negative rates in europe. where is the good news is this we'll struggle until we have an innovation to solve the problem. stuart: scott, keep it right there. where is the good news? surprising we had a conservative elected president in the united states in november who has cash cuts all across the board. would that be the good news you're looking for? >> 100%, and i did happen to see art laffer on the show earlier, i cannot agree with
9:33 am
him more and i cannot agree with your earlier guess with 83% taxes. that's ridiculous. it got to be fiscal reform. we have he an exhausted the monetary policy we've had, but we have to wait, that's the problem. stuart: yes, all good, it's a great opening to the show. gold on the month, 1225. what's new on this, ashley. ashley: best performance in four years. the amount of money that came into gold. stuart: that's in february. ashley: in february, the amount of money that came into gold last week was at the highest we've seen in seven years. why? well, it's a safe haven because of the market turmoil and also the belief that the fed is not going to raise rates this year is supporting gold and many analysts say it will support it at least at the 1200 level. >> another reason. stuart: go ahead, scott, yeah. >> you know, another one is that people aren't paying attention to this, stuart, but the reason why gold is also seeing an influx of capital is because, again, only three things can happen to gold
9:34 am
between now and this time this year, it's lower, it's unchanged or higher and investors are willing to take the risk it's going to be you think changed and higher rather than guarantee is loss in the banks with negative interest rates. >> that's fascinatinfascinating. >> the negative interest rate. you give the money to the bank and they give you no interest whatsoever liz: 6 trillion worth of bonds. stuart: liz chimed in there,. >> you're paying the government to save, yeah. stuart: how about that? and we've got two big losers, firstoff, lumber liquidators is the story? >> this stock is off more than 80% in the past year and it's continuing to be disappointing and sales are disappointing. and fears as ashley pointed out, cancer risk basically underestimated to begin with
9:35 am
from the c.d.c. and now it is the high risk of formaldehyde causing cancer. stuart: taser? >> taser is popping. that's okay. essentially taser has lost half its value since the summer. what is taser doing? it has great relationships with military, but police forces across the country, body cameras. so, it's not just taser guns, it's moving into the space of where will body cameras for police departments. stuart: it's got other products alongside. >> the stock is popping, look at that. stuart: the canadian drug maker valeant, down roughly 5%. nicole, tell me what's going on with that stock. nicole: a couple of things, the analysts say. 74.88 and here are two things that are happening. first of all, the ceo, michael pierson is returning from medical leave immediately and analysts say that's good news for the company and should bring some calm for investors. the bad part is that they've postponed their quarterly
9:36 am
results here, they're going to reschedule them on the earnings call. they're with drawings the forecast and that's down about 7%. stuart: okay. nicole, thanks so much indeed. we're now five, six minutes into the session and the dow is up 12. the price of oil is at $33.25 a barrel. in lock step to come agree. the knock down cast on the economy, quotes warren buffett. let me tell you exactly what he just said. it's election year, and candidates can't stop speaking about our country's problems which, of course, they can only solve. at that viewer is dead wrong. the babies born in america today are the luckiest crowd in history. what's that all about. ashley: probably because he booked a, $24 billion profit. it's reasonable, however, having said the economy is doing fine, the climate is not. there's a reason to worry about it and they're going to put out a voter-like proposal,
9:37 am
berkshire hathaway to prepare a report what the climate change can mean for their insurance. stuart: climate change as in weather, not the economic climate, but the weather. ashley: weather. stuart:'s concerned about it. ashley: in fact, he says they're going to do a big report. stuart: i can hear scott, a big sigh. make your point, go ahead. >> well, it seems to me that i actually heard that interview and he seemed more to be interested in some-- in life expectancy and health, but all it really means to me when i liston what he had to say, i'm just going to be miserable a little longer, that's all. stuart: you did draw our attention to for ten straight years we've not had a singer calendar year with 3% growth. less than 3%. it's been ten straight years and we haven't seen that in a long, long time. nicole: and buffett says the economy is doing great. where is the dividend? they've not given a dividend since 1967 despite shareholder
9:38 am
proposals. where is your dividend? >> i hear keith fitz chuckling away liz: he's demanding dividends from the companies during the bailout and where is your dividend. ashley: make your point. >> absolutely, give me a couple hundred million, i'll give you a good time, too. he's talking about this stuff, and he's not giving it out. so he's talking his own book, great, he's a cheerleader, but, 0 being, where is the middle class american in this? he's made his money with highly engineered deals well behind the individuals. stuart: all right, moving on. look at weight watchers, big drop last week. keith, come back in again. you say that the oprah bump was merely temporary, right? >> oh, absolutely. you know, this is one of these cases where everybody gets excited because a celebrity buys a stock. a celebrity buys a stock doesn't mean they're smart with their money. she got a sweetheart deal and a bump. the companies are shifting to
9:39 am
other methods. all kind of hand held devices that will monitor your health. stuart: oprah is up $28 million on the initial investment. she's still up. we have ratings from last night's oscars, i've not seen these. just in, i think, yeah liz: it is one of the worst performances in oscar history, hit an eight-year low. stuart: knew it liz: this is going to set the academy officials back on their heels. chris rock came out with a searing introduction and the rest of the show was a dud. they're looking at the key demo possible slows since 2007 and 2009. stuart: show me the movies and the conflict between the actor and director. show me the movies all the time liz: it's tedious and people starting to turn off. stuart: i'm happy. i lost in four minutes liz: after a half hour, i went to bed. stuart: average around the
9:40 am
table, four liz: maybe a half hour. stuart: before we go, real quick, super tuesday. the net result of tomorrow, it's clearly trump versus clinton after all is said and done, will the markets be up or down on wednesday morning? i'm asking everybody around the table on that, first to you, keith. >> i think they're going to be up a little bit. [laughter] >> scott? >> if donald does well, i think the markets are going to be higher. stuart: all right, liz liz: i don't think it matters. stuart: and is the market up or down on wednesday morning? liz: slightly up. ashley: it's going to be up because there's going to be more clarity and i think that donald trump will have the clear path. stuart: he goes away for a couple of days and in the mansion in connecticut and-- . [laughter] >> not a mansion. stuart: good, everybody. the dow is up 12 points as we speak.
9:41 am
tomorrow super tuesday coverage starts at 6:00 sharp. i will be involved at 6 p.m. eastern time. i will be involved in this, you better watch this thing, that's tomorrow, super tuesday. breaking right now, new details on the hillary clinton e-mail scandal and judge andrew napolitano on his way about this one. ♪ ♪ another brick in the wall ♪ ♪ all in all, you're just another brick in the wall ♪
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chaos in europe, would you like at it. migrants at the border between greece and macedonia. ashley: it's going on for some time.
9:45 am
migrants going through greece and headed to germany and europe. and they said no more. greece says wait a minute, he can't handle the situation. some of the migrants tried to make a run for it through there, the border guards responding with tear gas and stopping them from getting through. stuart: you haven't seen the last of that. ashley: no, and also in northern france across the english channel from the uk. french authorities are taking down what's called the jungle, literally a shanty town that's popped up with migrants trying to get into the u.k. french police moved in there, too, tear gas and-- >> and jude law, the actor got hit with bottles of the refugees. stuart: there is a headline. we're going to quote signet jewelers, they're raising
9:46 am
dividends, up she goes. and here is this, according to letters obtained by fox news, former chief of staff to hillary clinton, cheryl mills, maintained her top secret security clearance while her boss was being investigated. judge napolitano was here, what does it mean? >> a couple of things, over the weekend, as it does, the state department released e-mails on friday, among those were a half dozen in which mrs. clinton was talking about drone strikes. stuart: all right. >> by definition top secret and some of those were with cheryl mills, her then chief aide in the state department. when mrs. clinton left the state department she asked john kerry, her successor, to retain cheryl mills' top secret security clearance so that miss mills could be a researchers for mrs. clinton as she did whatever research she's going to do after she left the state department. then we learned that ms. mills sent materials while she worked for mrs. clinton, top secret
9:47 am
material, to the clinton foundation. stuart: to the foundation? >> yes. that's called a felony, katherine herridge reported 15 minutes ago, that senator chuck grassley was just informed that ms. mills still has her top security clearance, even though there's prima facea evidence that she committed a felony. >> charl mills would be charged with a felony and could be used as leverage with what went on with secretary of state clinton. stuart: precisely. >> the bad news continues to mount for mrs. clinton. this has nothing to do with bernie sanders and the primary. this continues to look grave for her and last week in the freedom of information act case, a judge presiding, a bill clinton appointee in washington d.c. ordered depositions of
9:48 am
everybody in the case except mrs. clinton. one of the people depositions ordered, cheryl mills, she'll either have to testify under oath or take the fifth amendment under oath. stuart: it appears to me that hillary clinton is clearly the front runner, virtually sure to be the nominee for the democrats. >> yes, which raises the stakes on any possible indictment because can you imagine, the obama team indicting the clear nominee for the democrat party, one of two people who could be president of the united states of america? that raises the stakes on this enormously. >> i suspect what you just said to me, our colleague bret baier will say to attorney general loretta lynch when he interviews her at 6:00 on special report. i suspect that's the type of question that bret will gear into, are you concerned that your justice department might do a favor for the democratic
9:49 am
party when the evidence of wrongdoing is well documented and known to the public and overwhelming? >> are you prepping bret? >> no, i'm not. if i were bret in another world that's the way i'd ask it. he'll ask it the way he wants to and we'll see how she answers. stuart: with all of this excitement around politics and emergence as the front runner and hillary as the landslide winner in south carolina. with that it's taken the e-mail scandal and indictment not off the table, it's very much in the background. what you just reported and katheri catherine herridge. it never recedes for the front bunk eke e bunker-- burner for the hundred or so fbi agents. they couldn't care less what the media knows. in fact, i honestly think they know this stuff long before we do.
9:50 am
stuart: are you really telling me if an indictment is recommended, but it is not pushed forward by the obama team, that hundreds of fbi people would walk out en masse? >> i don't know that to be so. i believe that some would and i believe that the materials that they sent to the justice department will suddenly start showing up here, here. stuart: quite something. judge, another dynamite performance on your part and katherine herridge, of course. ashley: she has sources in places that people don't know are places. stuart: you're the one leading the charge on the legal front. you know what you're talking about, too. >> catherine provides the data. stuart: see you in two hours. the nasty back and forth between marco rubio and donald trump included a debate on health care. next, a doctor on health care plan. >> what's your plan on health care? and the--
9:51 am
>> the biggest problem he's got, he doesn't know. >> what plan? when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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>> what is your plan on health care? >> you don't have a problem-- >> the biggest problem he's got is he doesn't know. >> what plan? >> i watched him melt down two
9:55 am
weeks ago with chris christie. i've got to tell you the biggest problem he's got. he doesn't know about the lines. >> i know what that is and what is your plan is it your only thing is to get rid of the lines around the states. >> what the line around the states mean. stuart: it's hard to decipher, but that was all about health care reform. marco rubio mocking trump's health care plan. now, trump wants to increase competition by allowing insurance to sell plans, any plan they like across state lines without regard to a state's own insurance regulations and that's called the free market. marc siegel is with me. sounds like a great plan. free competition, national insurance companies, offer any plan you like, buy whatever you want, what's wrong with that? >> it's great and sometimes trump uses a verbal shorthand, lines, lines, sounds like doctors lines. >> if you have a plan in
9:56 am
legislation and bring it to new york, there's essentially a monopoly in each state, and all three agree with that and it's huge. stuart: trump is talking about negotiating for medicare drugs, this blockbuster drugs, he would negotiate the price down. that's what he says. is that a good idea. >> hugely important idea. it's controversial, stuart, listen, we talk on the show all the time how expensive new cancer and heart disease drugs are, medicare sets the standards and the rest of the insurance companies go along with it. if medicare could negotiate you might not see some of the news story here, some wild guy taking advantage of a poor dying patient with a cancer drug on medicare. i'm for that. stuart: you like that? >> i like that, too. stuart: last one, he wants-- rubio and cruz say no mandate. in other words, the government can't say, you've got to have this coverage. now, where is trump on that? >> well, and they're playing gotcha football with that and cnn nailed him on that, i don't
9:57 am
want to repeal the individual mandate. you have to get rid of the mandate if you get rid of obamacare and backtracked on twitter the next day, he wants a back stop for preexisting conditions. that's like what-- >> what's that mean? >> poor people have some kind of catastrophic coverage, maybe they pay into it, the catastroph catastrophic. not medicaid. it's a narrow network of doctors. and medicaid scaled down. that's where it's going. stuart: got three subjects in, all good. doctor, like it, to the migrant crisis, chaos in europe, that's not an understatement. migrants at the border between greece-- not an overstatement. between greece and macedonia. they're trying to break through the barbed wire fence, riot police are called in. that's part of the action in europe this morning. donald trump tricked into retweeting a mussolini quote by
9:58 am
left leaning bloggers. second hour of "varney & company" minutes away. they say you shouldn't spoil your kids. but your grandkids? how about front row seats to the best show in town? and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade®.
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10:00 am
>> monday morning, precisely 10:00 here on the east coast, breakfast in california. the dow on pace, by the way, to end this month, that's february shall it's leap year day and it will end the month probably on the up side. unless there's a big falloff this afternoon. we have a new development in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. last hour, judge napolitano calls it a serious blow to her. donald trump emerges as a clear front runner in a g.o.p. race that's turned nasty. we've got it all coming for you. hour two starts now. ♪ >> breaking news, details in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal, ash, what's new. ashley: very interesting, katherine herridge at fox news
10:01 am
basically saying that cheryl mills, the former chief of staff of of hillary clinton at the state department. she's maintained her top secret security clearance, despite the fact she's been deemed to have sent classified e-mails to the clinton foundation. stuart: to the clinton foundation. >> to the clinton foundation and also to hillary clinton's private e-mail in chappaqua. stuart: the judge called it a felony. >> it is, a breach of the rules. stuart: by charging cheryl mills with that, the justice department, fbi has leverage over cheryl mills to tell other stuff. >> clearance should have been suspended liz: hillary clinton deemed cheryl mills after the fact as a research assistant for her and cheryl mills has reportedly been stymieing by state inspector general why cheryl mills was thwarting foia requests in these e-mails. stuart: got it. we have new video from europe and this is important, too. riot police ka you willed--
10:02 am
called in after the migrants are at the greece and macedonia border. angle merkel says she has no plan b for dealing with migrants in germany. she's the door who opened the door to a million and has no plan. >> she was pressed on the interview, and she's refused to back down. i have no plan b, she says no point in-- a unilateral foreclosure of border, well over a million into germany, that's conservative, over the past year liz: putting the pressure on local police. ashley: she's also under political pressure. stuart: she certainly is. she started this, it is a disaster in many cities and countries in europe and she has no way of getting out of it. that's what she said. ashley: she wants other countries to accept quotas to take that.
10:03 am
stuart: the brits will take one look at that and say, we're out of here. take a look at the big board. february 29th, leap day, we're down 15 points. not that much. 16-6 is where we are. how about the price of oil, steady as she goes today. $33 per barrel. lots of big names in the news and they're moving. how about netflix? that stock is up 2%, 96 on netflix. higher profits at taser and that stock is up significantly. liz told us earlier they're going with the police camera operation now liz: police cameras. stuart: as well as the electric stun gun liz: that's right. stuart: taser is up. let's get to politics, the latest national poll shows trump with an enormous lead over his competitors, 49, r rubio 16, cruz and so on down the line. on the democrat side, hillary clinton solid lead over senator bernie sanders, 55-38. these are national polls, got it.
10:04 am
from cnn/orc. look at who it is. it's rich lawrie. clinton antrd trump. is he 50? no, he's 49. stuart: you're not going to give me that. >> he's in a strong position. he's not that strong in any of the states, but he's leading in every single one except for texas so what we're looking like, we're going to have after tuesday is a desperate struggle to pull him back from the cusp of the nomination, because in rubio and kasich win rubio -- florida and ohio. thaen all the states are proportional. it's true, ultimately a delegate race. so, trump can win all the states and doesn't have an
10:05 am
overwhelming delegate advantage unless he also wins the big winner take all states. the effort to stop trump is going to focus on florida, ohio, illinois, and missouri on march 15th. stuart: i'm not part of the political elite. i'm not in the political class, i suppose i am, but i don't think of myself like that. i'm out and about over the weekend talking with regular folks. to a man, to a woman, they're saying trump, it's trump. and if it's not trump, we ain't voting. i've heard it so many times. >> this is a party on the verge of a breakup, you hear that from a lot of people and other people are saying, i'm not voting for trump. stuart: i hear that, too. >> this is a party that the faultlines are beginning to crack and not pretty to see. look at the tone of this race. we have an argument over who is sweating more and who is peeing himself more. and this is the party of lincoln and reagan. stuart: it's a shocker, isn't it, when you see that. and did the chris christie endorsement came, i think it
10:06 am
was friday afternoon, big surprise for a lot of people, myself included. doesn't that pull things together a little bit here? >> no, but it definitely helps trump and it's validating for trump. it helps wipe out the story of the debate that didn't necessarily go well for him and it gives trump a vicious and eager attack dog to go after his rivals. stuart: we had the sound bite. what was that just in that we got? oh, yes, a lot of people didn't see this, didn't hear it, but this is videotape of donald trump sort of patting christie on the back, go home now. watch this. >> you go home. stuart: and he goes. [laughter] the plane is over there, go home. >> i think he was doing it in kind of an at a boy way, but enbaring for christie given that he endorsed this guy and in violation of executive
10:07 am
experience and now he seems to have trump yanking his leash like that, it's embarrassing. stuart: you're giving me a fight when i say it's trump-clinton? >> i do not think it's inevitable. stuart: 99%. >> no. give me odds. >> 60-75. stuart: what was that? >> 60 to 75%. stuart: that's it? >> 75% is pretty high, stuart. i'm not going 99. a bidding war here? >> are you booked for next monday morning for this show? >> you have to ask your producer, i'm at your beck and call. stuart: rich lawrie, you're all right. i don't care what they say. thanks for joining us. back to the democrats, hillary clinton has the momentum, huge win in south carolina, and she's getting a lot of support from black voters clearly.
10:08 am
mercedes come in, what's your view on this. >> how are you, stuart? >> i'm remarkably well, surprisingly enough. the turnout in south carolina amongst democrats was down 16%. i think that's very important because the turnout in all the democrat caucuses and primaries had a been down significantly and the turnout in the republican camp has been astronomical by any standards, i see that as a negative for hillary, what's say you? >> it's an absolute negative for hillary. for democrats, for example, you look at past caucuses and primaries, the democratic turnout is down by 28%. on the republican side, guess what, stuart, it's up by 26%, so, clearly, the party that is enthusiastic, despite the fact there's a civil war currently going on in the party is on the republican side. so, i think that it's for
10:09 am
hillary, she's having the backlash of what are we looking at? know the a great economic recovery. people get tired after eight years of one party being in control, and the other factor, is hillary clinton, which is the fact that, we don't really like her, stuart. stuart: i'm going to ask you to speculate. i don't normally ask you to do that, but if it's the african-american vote which has clearly put hillary clinton as the nominee, and i think that's the case, what will the african-american voter want from hillary if she is successful and becomes the president? what's the quid pro quo? >> well, i think for the african-american community, it is about similar to the latino community, it's about the economy. it's about getting, improving the wage stagnation we're seeing in our country. i think for the community, what they feel is that they've kind of been left behind and that's why there is a sense of, they're hoping that clinton can, you know, make things better in that way. now, clinton does talk about
10:10 am
other issues, for example, on the criminal justice reform, and income inequality. but i think there, the enthusiasm is lacking. i think when you look at black voters, there was a poll that recently came out that said that less than half of prick less than half of the vote,the establishment part of the african-american leaders are with hillary clinton and are we going to get these voters out, not like it was in 2008 and 2012 when it was a historic moment to elect an african-american president. stuart: thank you, you've got this one. >> thank you. stuart: the house judiciary committee is holding hearings on apple's iphone encryptions. the big hearings tomorrow. can you in any way give us a preview, liz? >> yeah, fbi's james comey,
10:11 am
he'll say they only one one iphone, they don't want a back door, they want to get into the i have phone of the san bernardino terrorist. they feel that tim cook has been melodramatic and overstating the issue. the counsel for apple will be testifying as well. that the laws are outdated and-- no, it's brian sewell. and to get into the iphone is nearly as olds a the country itself and that we need congress to act to solve this. stuart: they had phones in 1700's? tim cook is not testifying. >> no. stuart: not this this round. no tim cook. that's the moment that everybody is waiting for. he holds up his hand and swears to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing, but the
10:12 am
truth. >> that's right. stuart: that's what they're waiting for. not going to get it tomorrow. and the big board, please. soared of a go nowhere monday morning, leap year day. the lumber liquidators hitting another new low. they reported lower sales and down 7%, $10 a share on lumber liquidators. republican race, at that you can about a weekend of nastiness, attacks and insults from all sides. coming up next, one of the country's top religious leaders, he calls donald trump a true friend of evangelicals. how about that. >> he says that i'm sweating all the time. it's hot in here, am i sweating now? all right, he doesn't sweat, he doesn't sweat because his pours are clogged from the spray tan that he uses. donald is not going to make america great, he's going to make america orange.
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
>> pretty much dead flat on this leap year day.
10:16 am
we're down four points, that's it. how about signet jewelers, we're quoting this because it's the top performer of the s&p 500. it's up 10% right now. now, my next guest appeared on stage with donald trump on friday. my next guest says trump will be quote, a true friend to evangelicals. robert jeffers is with us now. i've got to say welcome back to show. it's good to have you on this monday morning, but i don't quite understand this. donald trump has used vulgarity and obscenity in public as part of his campaign, he has called a former president a liar, and he's saying the kind ever things, he's having the kind of tone which us just don't associate with religious people and his stand on abortion some years ago is contradictory to what religious people are feeling. so, why are you supporting him? >> well, first of all, let's talk about the tone issue, a prominent evangelical denounced
10:17 am
him because of his tone and his vocabulary. look, when i am searching for a president who is going to be sitting across the negotiating table from a nuclear iran, or who is trying to defeat isis and radical islamic terrorism, i don't care one thing about that candidate's tone or even his vocabulary. i want to find the meanest toughest son of a gun that i can find anywhere. somebody sent me a clip of general patton's speech from the movie patton, he didn't care about his tone or vocabulary, he was intent on winning the war. we're in a war and we need someone whose intents is to win the war. stuart: it sounds like evangelicals are tired of losing and your he a going with trump because you think he can win. >> that's not it, to say that we just want him because he can win means we're willing to sacrifice our values in order to have a winner.
10:18 am
i don't think that's it at all. we're intents on right to life and issues, two issues i talked about friday at the rally, but we realize in many ways that the church is going to have to uphold these values as well, but we're not going to sacrifice those values. i talked about friday morning that donald trump has had a pro-life conversion, he speaks about that. he says he's going to protect the unborn, and look, some people say i doubt his conversion is real. let me tell you something, hillary clinton doesn't claim a pro-life conversion and if we have her as president we're going to have the most pro-abortion president in history. >> and the pope says trump is not a christian, what are you talking about that? >> he's talking about building walls as un-christian. i think that the pope is sin veer, but he's sincerely wrong. god told nehemiah to build a wall around jerusalem and the
10:19 am
purpose of that wall was not to keep the jews from going out, but to keep the enemies from coming in, protecting citizens is a role, a biblical role of the government. stuart: one last time, i think i've asked you this before, but i want another explanation. define evangelical, please, because i'm an episcopalian. am i an evangelical, in that group of voters? >> there's really three litmus tests for evangelicals. they believe that jesus christ is the only way to heaven, which is the theme of my book, not all roads lead to heaven. they believe that the bible is the inspired word of god and that christians have a mandate from jesus to share the gospel with as many people as possible. stuart: that's an evangelical. that's a pretty narrow and i think in political terms, people are using a much broader definition. anybody who claims to be a christian is an evangelical. i think they're referring to
10:20 am
the christian vote as opposed to just the evangelical vote. >> i think so, but remember jesus said the way to heaven is a very narrow way and few are those who find it. he said i'm the way the truth and the life no man comes to the father, but by me. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. stuart: more problems for that royal caribbean cruise ship, you know the one that was battered by a storm earlier this month. now what, liz. >> this is a ship the royal anthem of the seas was headed to barbados and st. kits and they had to cut it short because of a brewing hurricane off the coast of north carolina. there's talk on the ship about an outbreak of the norovirus as well. an estimated ten people a day getting sick and the ship's captain reportedly made an announcement about that. scrubbing down the surfaces and we're watching the stock action. stuart: not much stock action
10:21 am
because of that. that's the truth liz: that comes on the heels of the anthem of the seas, 30 foot waves and people were injured on that boat. stuart: let's not do it, all right. check out the price of oil, please, it still to come degree dictates what's going on on the stock market. bottom line this morning, $33 a barrel. a liberal blog tricks donald trump into re-tweeting a quote from mussolini. you're going to hear trump's reaction to the trick in just a moment. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom?
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10:25 am
knocked over the motorcycles you can see in the foreground there. eventually, it was brought to a calm situation. ashley: having a bad day liz: that's what happens when you tether animals. not out doing road rage right here. stuart: quiz, what is the name of the person who sits on the elephant and drives it liz: stuart varney. >> an elephant jockey? >> no an mahute. >> who knew. stuart: and the biggest loser on the s&p 500, down 13%, it's closing its women's health division because of lawsuit concerns. down it goes. a left-leaning website says it tricked donald trump into re-tweeting quotes from the italian fascist mussolini and trump re-tweeted this quote. it's one day to live as a lion than a hundred years as a sheep.
10:26 am
trump then defended that re-tweet. roll tape. >> it's a very good quote, it's a very interesting quote and i know it, i saw what-- and i know who said it, but what difference does it make whether it's mussolini or somebody else. stuart: what difference does it make? i heard that before. what difference does it make? jo ling kent, speak. jo: what happens, they created a twitter bot and tweeted at donald trump and they attributed the quotes to trump and not mussolini and you see here, finally after the mentions and the tweets, he re-tweeted it, it was a joke, intended to be a joke, but-- >> it was a dirty trick. it's a trap, they wanted to trap him into-- >> when you look at the twitter handle, there's like a picture of his hair and it's clear, you look at the twit are profile for a second, you know that
10:27 am
it's fake and also probably a joke. >> it's trump's hair and mussolini's image. >> and leader 2016 is the twitter handle. and it's a thing and-- >> it wasn't a joke, it's a dirty trick, designed to trap him. i know that donald trump has been around a long time and said very, very many things, but to look at that quote and think it's yours and to be re-tweeted is remarkable. it is. stuart: all right. warren buffett says, he's a pal of yours, i believe. warren buffett says, don't worry, the economy is doing just great and kids born today are going to be the luckiest generation ever. more on that. and "varney & company" what is a fair share that you should be paying as a tax rate. what is your fair share? we're going to see what a conservative economist thinks about this. >> what should be, in your opinion, what should be the top rate of tax? >> well, i would say it should
10:28 am
be higher than now, some economists say as high as 83%. .... ....
10:29 am
10:30 am
10:31 am
stuart: for a while we have been discussing what is a fair tax rate. what is fair? the top tax rate should be 83%. again. roll that tape, please. what should be, in your opinion, what should be the top-rated tax? >> it should be higher than what it is now. i do. stuart: you think it should be 83%? >> income inequality. that is exactly how you do it.
10:32 am
>> steve moore, i want your comments here. >> secondly, you end income inequality. giving it to somebody else. your critique. >> my critique is out of economics. they have been cutting their tax rates. the business tax rates coming down all over the world. what she is talking about, by the way, bernie sanders has been saying the same thing. we are talking about a tax rate when the economy crashed. i think that it is a terrible idea. we favor a flat tax. get the rate down as much as possible. we will never get growth with the highest tax rate in the world. stuart: he has been on the air
10:33 am
today. everything is fine with the economy. the luckiest ever. what is your critique of that? >> warren buffet is right. he has not had a very good year over the last year. i wrote a book called it is getting better all the time a few years ago. we are living in the digital age. children born today will be better off and richer and enjoy a more prosperous future than any other generation in the history of mankind. we have to correct what is going on right now. these kids will be having google cars. every person on the planet will have an iphone. it is huge.
10:34 am
>> suppose we do not make any change in november of this year. then what was should mark. >> then all bets are off. no matter who is the next president, unless it is bernie sanders, will be in improvement over what we have had the last eight years. the regulation. you will see a big boom in this country. you cannot hold us back. this is, they're not talking about our country anymore. they want us to be like greece. they want us to be like north korea. they want us to be like cuba. stuart: other issues. >> that is the big problem, stuart. talk about growth. talk about jobs. that is what we want to hear.
10:35 am
they are not even talking about the number one issues. >> this is your sign from here on out. >> there is breaking news. >> another suicide bombing this time. reports that at least 14 people dead. that is claimed by the islamic state. >> thank you very much indeed. voter interest.
10:36 am
period across the board, actually. if you look across the board, some of that was down 30.9%. all the caucuses and primaries. thank you for joining us this morning. >> pleasure. the republicans have in our mess support. down significantly. pointing towards who is firing up the electorate here. they compare this turnout 22,008. that was a very special election on this side. i can talk about south carolina.
10:37 am
we had barack obama, hillary clinton. all contesting. they started that campaign much, much earlier. >> okay. the truth is, if you look at 2012, not just south carolina, but across the board, the turnout among democrats this year is way below what it was in 2012. >> that tells you something. >> there were no contest on the democratic side. those numbers are going out the window. >> take a look at 2000. the 2000 election is very similar. you only had two people vying for the democratic nomination.
10:38 am
you had a number of, i think it was about seven or eight on the republican side. republicans outpaced the democrat. it is because when you look at turnout and you look at the numbers, having a number of candidates all of that impacts turnout. >> you are dismissing the lower turnout. i have one last question for you. black voters, african-american voters, clearly way over the top. what the black voters want. >> they want what every american wants. good schools. good jobs. to be able to provide for their family. those are the things like every other person in this country.
10:39 am
i think hillary clinton has been able to articulate a message that resonates with them. stuart: thank you very much for joining us today. we appreciate that. the majority of markets are down this year. one area that is not down, you may not noted country -- you may not notice this. what do you have for us today, please. >> you lay down with dogs, you will get a little money. you may actually get rich, too. most of them are down for the year. take a look at the numbers. "x factor" to be up. the biggest winners of all. hog prices really got cheap.
10:40 am
it is like oil going from 30 to 35 or 40. it still does not necessarily make them a lot of profits. right now, a huge run-up. >> i will get more from you later. earlier today, we showed you the riot at the greece border. now we have france using tear gas. >> yes. being there for quite some time. it is called the jungle. many migrants from north africa in .php. trying to get here from the uk. desperately trying to get underneath. kind of a standoff. trying to get off on an english channel. enough is enough.
10:41 am
they are trying to dismantle. known as the jungle. police they are facing off. >> an investigation into a high school student fight club. having a go at each other. off the internet. i have to tell you. i do not see that as a huge problem. i am not outraged by this. more in a moment he had. >> is full outrageous part of the feminization of boyhood. you know, in my high school, or my school, for first grade up, we did not wear stole ♪
10:42 am
to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer.
10:43 am
♪ nicole: i am no called petallides with your fox business brief. right now the dow jones industrial average is down. 16,618. s&p 500 down, too. for the month, we're seeing that dow and the s&p higher. united technologies under pressure. we are seeing healthcare and financials. at the worst sectors of the day.
10:44 am
trying to sell off a health division. not able to do so. down 15%. also lower. groupon. 1 billion. $11 for a pizza promotion. start your day at 5:00 a.m. i will see you there. ♪ asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you
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10:46 am
>> flowing out of iraq today. fourteen people killed in a suicide bomb inc. after that, 70 people killed after that. the navy seal. author of extreme ownership. welcome back to the show. >> you are that guy that fought the terrorists face to face. a separate state. they are attacking their neighbors. >> many that fought isis. we have to do something about this. another example that it will continue to attack. continue to cause a lot of damage. a coalition of muslim forces over there.
10:47 am
can we do that? >> i think we have to lead the way and not fight. taken back a couple months ago with u.s. support. the planning process. we lead the fight. other folks can follow, but we have to lead it. stuart: the president says that isis is a crime ring. how do you respond to that? >> there is an ideology that they are following. isis is not islamic. i think that they would disagree with that as well. enemy so that we can take them on. stuart: thank you very much. i want to move on to one other subject. they put the gloves on. they are doing it now. they talk about a fight club. showing aggression.
10:48 am
the outrage about this is extraordinary. i've maintained that that is what young males have always done. wear gloves, no weapons. that sort of thing. i am okay with it. how about you? i think that those are great. ways for people to take out their aggression's. >> young men have always and will always be aggressive. you cannot stop that. you can channel it. you can control it to some degree. you can beat up a bully that was picking on you. a very different world from how i grew up. you can stop a leading.
10:49 am
>> anybody at any age at any time in your life. >> you are 12 and there are 15 and 16 -year-olds that shove you around, you have to stand up for yourself. [laughter] >> great guy. thank you very much. north korea operating. what is this all about? he was toying north korea with a group called young pioneer. here we are. this is the public humiliation part of all of this. apologizing for stealing a political banner. a member of a church back home that wanted it as a trophy.
10:50 am
a bit of a convoluted thing here. i just said it because they made made. he can be used as leverage. >> got it. donald trump. hillary clinton. big leads going in towards super tuesday. the odds of winning very much in their favor. trump and clinton in november. 6:00 p.m. eastern time tomorrow. i will be there part of the team. starting at six. going through the night. trying to figure out who wins. ♪ but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. then your eyes may see it, differently.ave allergies. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that.
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10:54 am
>> some staggering numbers. 49% of republicans nationwide. the highest total get. this comes ahead of super tuesday. one of them is alabama. jeff sessions. trump made this prediction yesterday. >> you have to get out. you have to vote on tuesday. we will win so big.
10:55 am
we are leading in every single state. we are almost meeting in texas. i have a feeling we will win texas also. >> the biggest challenge appears to be in texas where ted cruz is a sitting senator. stuart: whenever we start a new week this election week, there is something new. always interesting. do this monday morning, trump is about to clinch it. odds are it is clinton versus trump in november. they do not really want to say it out loud. they have been so wrong before. how we do not know if hillary will be indicted. if she is, will it matter? busy with their statistics. but too many many people, it is
10:56 am
much more cut and dry. they are not doing the math. they are watching two steamrollers. in the court of public opinion. much more entertaining. hillary, that has pushed up bernie sanders back to the french. a biden run is now highly unlikely. characterizing this election, it is clinton versus trump. that sums up the electric. a guy who says he will berlin make some changes versus a woman with something that we've are to god. trump, clinton, in november. that is what the bookkeepers are telling us. they are making the odds. where is the money flowing? it is hillary and trump.
10:57 am
very short odds on both of them. standing way out in front of anyone else. trump clinton in november. ♪ thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪
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11:00 am
>> first to the market. this is the third hour of finding and company. tomorrow, super tuesday. donald trump and hillary clinton have shown up their parties and nominations. the video, has the internet buzzing. a high school fight club in california. they slug it out. my take coming up at 11:25 a.m. also, dramatic video. migrants overrunning the border. germany's merkel has no plan b. here we go. the third hour.
11:01 am
♪ a top hillary clinton a. keeping her top-secret clearance. even after it was revealed that she sent classified information using a private server. judge andrew napolitano calls that espionage. >> we learned that she set materials. >> the foundation. >> yes. that is called a felony. >> releasing a final batch of clinton e-mails. ashley webster and elizabeth macdonald. they released these release these e-mails and this news about cheryl mills right before super tuesday.
11:02 am
>> a drip, drip, drip with the classified e-mails. this particular one is yet another example of, wait a minute, a former chief of staff for hillary. at the state department. she still has top level security clearance. even though she was sending classified e-mails to the foundation. why was that not disbanded. >> it is a new serious negative for hillary clinton. >> is e-mails contain things like information about drone strikes. >> all right. got it. they made it. after the breach. tear gas fired.
11:03 am
the barb wire fence was in fact not the way. meanwhile in germany. angela merkel says she has no plan b to do with the market flowing into germany. she is upland a lady. now she says nothing i can do about it. >> estimated. serious issue. we know that we have been reporting this on the show. we don't have a plan b. this problem will continue to arrive. >> more video coming in from northern france. this is europe breaking up. >> that is my opinion.
11:04 am
>> getting back to angela merkel. this port town. french authorities trying to dismantle this camp. relocating this migrant. >> come into this please. we think of you as a market analyst. most of the year in italy. i am saying that europe is breaking up. is that the way that you see it? >> really falling apart. immigrants are seen as the enemy. looking at this a little bit bored optimistically. a new young hard-working people. an aging population. all the fear right now about the economy, i think it euros on will really struggle.
11:05 am
merkel is losing credibility every day. stuart: president obama is about to award the congressional medal of honor to a navy seal. credited with saving an american hostage in afghanistan in 2012. used his own body. we will take you right there. you will see it on this program. to the markets. the last trading day of the month. it is leap year day. we have a 16.8. how about the price of oil. where are we. we are up today. 3347. that is why you have a very modest gains for stocks.
11:06 am
i told our audience earlier. we are trying to make people some money. you organize money. where should i put my money to make some serious money right now. you have to tell me. >> lien on the safe side. looking at the guild of u.s. treasuries. we are still very high. global growth continues to slow. everybody else trying to devalue their currencies. >> called on a second. you are telling our viewers that the safest place is in 10 year treasuries. giving 1.7% interest. that is the best you've got? >> the interest rate on those will continue to push down. negative yields. meaning you are paying for the privilege of them lending you their money.
11:07 am
the gold mining companies. >> u.s. treasuries. we are listening. if you watch this show, if you watch this show, you have seen me at several leftists. you have seen me ask them. what should be the top rate of income tax? last week, i finally got an answer. 83%. 83%. here is art laffer responding to 83%. >> it was a story in the economy. you would not get any money in it either. those people will spend 83% of their energies trying to reduce taxes. that is exactly what happened.
11:08 am
spending 100% of their time. >> , on into this, please. how about an 83% tax rate. >> we do not use the tax code as a way to penalize success. how about having some of that red tape go away. those that want to lift themselves up can do so more easily. income inequality. making it so difficult for people to get out of income inequality. >> well said, lenore. you rescued yourself. to me, this is my opinion. more and more like a donald trump hearses hillary clinton in november. trump leads by a huge margin. forty-nine. rubio 16. now, switch to the democrat
11:09 am
side. lopsided poll for hillary clinton. fifty-five-38 against sanders. this is the all-star hour. it is a pleasure to have you with us on the set in new york. i am saying, look, it will be trump, clinton. are you going to fight me on this? >> not really. this is about the national polls. less relevant now than ever. we have no national primary. it goes state-by-state. it is likely trump will have a great day. the delegates are allocated proportionately. all the other contenders will have a chance. his lead, i do not take it is anywhere near insurmountable. >> i want to talk about donald
11:10 am
trump. he cannot possibly run the country. he cannot put in place all of these policies. my responses to not take donald trump at face value. all he does is constantly establish a negotiating position. >> someone who's says one thing one day. >> ager magic -- >> politics is about negotiations sometime. i want to build a wall in mexico to pay for it. they will not do that. he will withhold foreign aid or haps or something. he knew the other players to join him. will congress join him on one of those things? i dow it.
11:11 am
>> he said, look, do not mess with me. i am the king of the hill. washington is a place in the federal government is a place where we shared power. will he be able to do it well? we will see. so far, not so much. >> i do not think you have ever seen an election might this one before. you go back a ways. you look like you are having a blast. >> the most interesting election i have ever seen. it is interesting. you cannot take your eyes off of it. trump is fascinating. even now. after we have seen this sort of behavior. getting into these adolescent matches with people.
11:12 am
it is kind of poor a flying in some respects. it is interesting. >> you put the man on set. people watch. constantly. a reality show on live television. that is what he is doing. >> a ratings man's up. keep putting him on the arrow. people like to watch him. welcome to new york. such a good time. >> take you for being with me, sir. stuart: the oscars were very political last night. race, sex, lime and change. and eight year low at the oscars last night. more varney after this. >> everything is not sexism.
11:13 am
♪ you can fly across welcome town in minutes16, or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪
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11:16 am
>> yes, we're back to the breaking story. this is from northern france. seeing what is known as the jungle. trying to cross from france to england. teargas fired. rock thrown. >> demolition teams from france moving in there. trying to rip this town apart. move well over 1000 migrants. coming from afghanistan. africa. they want to get to the uk. more open arms when it comes to asylum seekers. this is a situation that is just a mess. >> last night's academy awards. they are apolitical. let's start with chris rock. roll tape.
11:17 am
>> is hollywood racist? growing accustomed. everything is not sexism. everything is not racism. >> everything is politicized. those oscars last night were at 88 year low. >> people love hollywood and they loved the movies. they get to escape all of the drama and politics of everyday life. you get to put that aside and enjoy some talent. we did not really get that. even the speeches were politicized i have to be honest, i watched him tonight when two other channels. >> how about this? leonardo dicaprio. he gives his acceptance speech.
11:18 am
roll tape. >> making it was about climate change. it is real. it is happening right now. let us not take this planet for granted. >> i do not know where you stand on global warming. i have no idea where you are coming from. i do not want to see that. >> leonardo dicaprio is getting older. he may never be able to give an academy awards speech ever again. you will spend that time talking about that. all the people that helped me get there. maybe a motivational speech for young people. working hard and you may finally achieve your dreams. >> i am with you on that. all public locations have to be
11:19 am
used by celebrities. i do not know why they do that. i do not think it works with the electorate, quite frankly. >> i think that is because viewers are not invested. it really has become a very elitist sort of thing. maybe they are trying to make it real. that is not working with the viewers. >> i am in the middle. it is like conflict. >> i will give you some conflict. if you are in the middle, what do you think should be the top rate of tax? top federal income tax. a couple of surcharges. what do you think it should be. >> 35. a solid dirty five. i plan on making a lot of money in the future. >> you are back on the program tomorrow morning.
11:20 am
>> it is the video that has ever one outraged. not me, far from it. fight club in california. i saved those young men just channeling their aggression and that is the way it ought to be. my take with that next. ♪
11:21 am
11:22 am
11:23 am
11:24 am
stuart: the top performer in the s&p 500. they are up 11%. lowers sales outlook for liquid daters. that is a new stock. higher profit. exploiting their police camera problem very well. 12%. later this hour. donald trump's plan to go after the media. what is that about free speech and the first amendment? judgment volatile know on that at 11:50 a.m. this morning. did you see the fight club video? have you heard the outrage? a group of young men. there they are. put on the gloves. they fight each other. it makes its way onto the internet. some parents are outraged. so are many other people. it is violence in high school. it is disturbing.
11:25 am
i will take a different point of view. i think those young men were doing something that all young men have done and always will do. at that age, men are aggressive. that is the young male human condition. if you think you can get rid of young male aggression, you are mistaken. how we must reduce violence in our society. you will not stop fights between youngsters. in fact, these particular teenagers are self regulating. they wore gloves. no weapons. no ganging up. dare i say it? they were channeling their aggression into a boxing match. is that so bad? in a way, they were being responsible. why not put some restraints on it. gloves, no weapons. strictly one-on-one.
11:26 am
the human condition is what it is. do not automatically condemn it. channel and direct what you cannot stop. ♪ you're an at&t small business expert? sure am. my staff could use your help staying in touch with customers. at&t can help you stay connected. am i seeing double? no ma'am. our at&t 'buy one get one free' makes it easier for your staff to send appointment reminders to your customers... ...and share promotions on social media? you know it! now i'm seeing dollar signs. you should probably get your eyes checked. good one babe. optometry humor. right now get up to $650 in credits to help you switch to at&t.
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stuart: dow jones industrial average up 31 points as we speak, this is the last trading day of the month. it is the leap year day, february the 29th.
11:30 am
why is the market up just a little bit? because the price of oil is up a little bit. $33.57. that's enough to put stocks up, oil up. that relationship holds. let's get back to the elections, shall we? looking more and more like a hillary clinton versus donald trump contest. former or speaker of the house newt gingrich is here. newt, welcome back. it's always good to see you, sir. >> it's always good to be with you. stuart: you going to give me a fight on this? i say this is virtually a done deal, trump/clinton. what say you? >> oh, i think 90, 95% of all futures have the two of them in the general election. stuart: yeah. let me jump in for a sec. what do you make of the personal insults that were being thrown around over the weekend? because you can't withdraw that. sooner or later -- >> well, then it's stupid. stuart: what are they going to do? >> first of all, i think they're stupid and demeaning. i don't think they help the republican brand. i wish all of them would agree to just cut it out and go back to issues and things that
11:31 am
matter. and, again, you can have fights over trump's business record or over rubio and cruz's senatorial records without getting down to the kind of stuff i've been particularly surprised at rubio, because he's really got a, basically, very positive personality. and the last couple days have been sort of off the rails. and, of course, trump's natural pattern is to counterpunch. so if you want to go off the rails, he'll go off the rails with you even though i think it's to his disadvantage in the long run. trump's got to start thinking about a general election and about the difference between what happened to goldwater and what happened to reagan. stuart: yep. >> you know, goldwater won the nomination but alienated the rest of the party and had no hope in the general election. reagan won the nomination but understood he had to bring everybody back together to win the general election. it's a big decision point. stuart: but that's not trump's style, is it? winning back those who previously opposed him? except maybe chris christie. he did it there --
11:32 am
>> well, look, but trump's buzz style was to -- business style was to win. it was to figure out what do i have to do to make this business deal work, and he did it in lots of places, lots of different people. he's got the same challenge here. he's going to have to go to the mitch mcconnells, the paul ryans, all the governors and say, look, we need to be a big team to beat hillary clinton. and i realize while i may be the leader of the team, it's going to be a team, not a dictatorship. unless he does something like that, the split will get so bad in the next 60 days that we'll have a very, very hard time putting the party back together. stuart: what about turnout in the republican primaries and caucuses? it's been astronomical. the democrats have not. is that an interesting indicator for turnout in the general in november? >> well, if i were a democrat, i'd be very worried that, first of all, hillary elicits no enthusiasm, and the people who are the most enthusiastic democrats are bernie sanders
11:33 am
people who may end up being for trump because they're really for an outsider. and i think i that that's a fascinating part in this. i also noticed in georgia, for example, i think we've had twice the number of absentee ballots as of today that we've ever had before in the republican primary. those are huge increases. we're seeing them everywhere. everywhere we've had votes so far, we've had a dramatic increase -- stuart: newt, i'm going to hold you up for one second. president obama is about to put the medal of honor ribbon around the, around ed eddieers jr -- >> the president of the united states in the name of the congress takes pleasure in presenting the medal of honor to chief special warfare operator edward c. byers jr., united states navy, for conspicuous gal plantly at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty as a hostage rescue force team member in afghanistan in support of operation enduring
11:34 am
freedom on 8-9 december, 2012. as a rescue force approached the target building, an enemy sentry detected them and darted inside to alert his fellow captors. the sentry quickly reemerged. chief byers sprinted to the door of the target building. as the primary breacher, chief byers stood in the doorway fully exposed to the enemy fire while ripping down six heavy blankets to clear a path for the rescue force. the first assaulter pushed his way through and was mortally wounded by enemy small fire from within. chief byers fearlessly rushed into the room and engaged an enemy guard aiming an ak-47 at him. he then tackled another adult male who had darted towards the corner of the room. during the ensuing hand-to-hand struggle, chief byers confirmed the man was not the hostage and engaged him. as the other rescue team members
11:35 am
call canned out to the hostage, chief byers heard a voice respond in english and raced towards it. he jumped atop the american hostage and shielded him from the high volume of fire within the small room. while covering the hostage with his body, chief byers immobilized another guard with his bare hands and restrained the guard until a teammate could eliminate him. his bold and decisive alaskas under fire -- actions under fire saved the life of the hostage and several of his teammates. by his undaunting courage and unwavering devotion to duty in the face of near certain death, chief petty officer byers reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the united states naval service. [background sounds]
11:36 am
[applause] stuart: there you have it. the story told by the gentleman introducing ed byers jr. newt gingrich, i know you're still there. that was gripping, wasn't it? >> it is gripping. and, you know, for all the complaints people have made about president obama, it is exactly appropriate for him to be engaged as commander in chief in this kind of an award. and i really thank him for that. we've had some presidents who wouldn't even go to the pentagon to put out awards. this is, i think, a very important signal to the country that these men and women are risking their lives for us and that we owe them the honor, and we owe them the recognition of the remarkable services they do. this is a place where i think president obama deserves some applause from conservatives.
11:37 am
stuart: and there is something about the congressional medal of honor. now, in britain it's the victoria cross. in america it is the congressional medal of honor. and when someone is awarded that, you know that that person is a brave person. you know it. it's gripping television. i mean, i couldn't take my eyes off it. almost reluctant to go away from it, newt. word to you, sir. ten seconds, that's all you've got. [laughter] >> well, let me just say i think we should keep all of our troops in our prayers. and remember, what this election's all about -- back to your point -- acting with enough dignity that the next president is worthy of the young men and women he will be leading as commander in chief or she will be leading. stuart: those are loaded words, newt gingrich. [laughter] i could talk about that for a long time. thanks very much for joining us. >> glad to do it. stuart: yes, sir. back to -- well, we never stray very far, do we? back to politics. hillary clinton's decisive win on saturday fueled by overwhelming support from black voters.
11:38 am
african-americans made up 61% of the south carolina primary vote, most of that voting bloc voted for hillary clinton. from the conservative review, danine is with us now. welcome back to the show. >> thanks for having me, stuart, it's a pleasure. stuart: okay. this is -- black support, essentially, is going to give hillary clinton the nomination. that would be my opinion, the way the math stands at the moment. >> sure. stuart: what will black voters want in return for putting her as the nominee? >> the way i see it, stuart, black voters aren't going to get anything, but more of the same of the failed progressive policies. hillary clinton will be a continuation of president obama's failed policies. his immigration policy is going to flood job market with low-skilled labor. when you look at the energy policy, his climate change agenda, more job losses, more companies will go bankrupt in the energy industry. and we're talking about higher energy prices as well, especially electricity prices.
11:39 am
stuart: but she, hillary clinton, is talking about reform of the prison system. reform of the criminal justice system. i don't want to be pejorative, but that is of interest to african-americans, and that's something they would vote for. >> but you know what? i look at this as a list of priorities. we want jobs, we want good schools, we want quality education, low energy. these are everyday, kitchen table issues that americans, black americans should be concerned about and are disproportionately harmed more than other americans are. stuart: yes. >> this is not what they're looking at. stuart: so why do so many black folks vote for democrats? more of the same? >> listen, i used to be a democrat, but when i started reading and learning about the issues and how i'm affected, how my family's affected, hillary clinton has an fbi investigation on her back. there are more e-mails that are supposed to be released today. 83% of south carolina voters trust hillary clinton. stuart: that doesn't explain -- >> one of the facts add up. stuart: look, i'm with you all the way.
11:40 am
that does not explain why black voters are so entrenched in the democrat party, and they are. there is no slippage in this vote, no slippage towards the republicans at all. >> and this has been going on for many, many years. stuart: why, why, why? >> i can't tell you why. because they're not getting anything in return of substance. stuart: do they feel like they are? >> evidently, because they keep supporting black candidates no matter where they stand. and, again, it's progressive policies that are harming urban communities. and this is what they should be looking at. all voters, but especially black voters in these urban communities that need jobs, that need quality education and lower crime rates. stuart: if republicans go to the black community and say, look -- >> they should. stuart: -- we want jobs, we want high paying jobs and we've got the program to get it, would they get a fair reception? would they be met with some nasty protests? >> you put the facts out there, stuart. leave the labels out of it. where do you stand on education? you have the naacp that doesn't want school choice.
11:41 am
even president obama doesn't support school choice. put the facts out there. that's what the conversation should should be from the republican candidate cans. but they've done a horrible job delivering the message of free policy initiatives that will spur economic growth, and, you know, allow individuals to be employed, less crime. that's where you need to go. that's where the message is. stuart: deneen, we appreciate you being with us. hard work. >> never ending. stuart: well said. up next, when facing the threat of nuclear terrorism, isn't it worth giving up a little privacy to security? full discussion, next.
11:42 am
11:43 am
♪ ♪ >> i'm nicole petallides with you fox business brief. back and forth action, moving to the upsite and not too far off session highs of 76 points at 16,716, the s&p 500 up 9 and the nasdaq up 27 at the moment. the winners that are worth watching here, taser and signet jewelers. both of those names came out with quarterly reports and both have upper rows, up 12% each. vera bradley will be joining the s&p 500 small cap 600 index, and that's to the upside by 9 percent. sonic also a winner, up 5% today. a keen eye on lumber lick question day to haves, they've been, obviously, very closely
11:44 am
watched because of formaldehyde in the flooring, cancer-causing, they had weaker sales. the stock's down 4%x there's a three-year chart showing a new low. ♪ ♪
11:45 am
stuart: donald trump is all over the social media today, again. ashley, now what? >> now he's channeling mahatma gandhi whose quotes were used to fight colonial rule of britain in india.
11:46 am
but he posted this: first, they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win. stuart: that's good. >> it's actually very apropos of his -- stuart: that is a quote from beganty, isn't it. >> gandhi also said an eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind. [laughter] sorry, he did. stuart: he also said there's room for everyone. it's the opening line of the gandhi movie. yes. you see? >> there you are. >> kind of an apt quote for donald trump. stuart: it's just donald trump quoting hah mat ma -- mahatma gandhi. there's something rare about that. >> we're loving it, aren't we? stuart: now let's get serious. the fight between apple and the fbi heads tomorrow. both sides scheduled to testify on this. i have a question. with the threat of nuclear terror very real, shouldn't we be prepared to sacrifice just a little privacy for increased security? former cia director james woolsey is with me now.
11:47 am
it's the all-star day right here on "varney & company." britt human, newt gingrich and james woolsey. you know, it occurs to me that the terrorists are laughing at us. they're threaten us on our own home turf, and we can't even decide whether we should get into a terrorist's iphone to get the information out of it. where do you stand on this? >> i don't think that's really the issue. the answer to the question of whether most any of us would give up a bit of privacy in order to stop terrorists from getting a nuclear weapon is, sure, we would. there's a balance here between security and privacy, and those are both important values. but apple has helped the fbi get into cell phones many times, dozens of times in order to figure out something related to terrorism. that's not what's at issue here. what's at issue here is that the fbi wants apple to design its operating system in such a way as to make it possible for the fbi to get into cell phones by
11:48 am
itself. it doesn't want to have to go to apple and ask. and what that creates is a situation in which the bureau has essentially designed the operating system for modern telephones and the ability to have privacy in your phone conversations depends on whether the russians' intelligence is trying to get into the system or chinese intelligence or a lot of people who would love to get into your phone system. stuart: thank you, james, because i've not heard it expressed that way before. and that really does turn and change the argument, doesn't it? i mean, that's -- >> it's, essentially, the argument that's in "wired"'s article, about four or five days ago, essentially what i just said. stuart: do you think -- look, supposing, is and you used to run the cia. supposing the authorities are flat out lying. sure, they can get into any
11:49 am
iphone they like. they're just putting up a front saying, oh, we can't do it. is there any chance of that? >> no, that's to not what's happening, i don't think. they have generally gotten into a number of cell phones with the assistance of apple, but apple had a back door in its most recent operating system that apple wanted to close. it didn't want to have its system out there with this back door that other people could come through. and the fbi doesn't want it to close the back door. stuart: right. >> and that creates a situation where, essentially, the fbi is designing apple's operating system, and any secrecy that might manifest itself in that system. and that, i think, should give us pause. suiter institute well, james, the way you're phrasing it, the way you're framing this argument sounds like in this specific case you come down on apple's side. am i right? >> i am is, i think, the apple folks and the bureau ought to
11:50 am
get together privately. not yet in any kind of big congressional hearing, and come up with a way to compromise this out and work it. this is an important issue. both sides have some right to their position. this is not a clear yes or no question, i don't think. stuart: okay. >> but they ought to be able to sort through this. this is a very important issue, it's a big issue, but i don't think it's the crystal clear issue on one side or the other. stuart: james, thank you very much for clarifying this, because that is a new way of explaining it, and i really see your point. for the first time, my eyes have been opened. extraordinary. james woolsey, everyone. [laughter] it really is all-star day, and that's a fact. thank you very much, appreciate it. >> good to be with you, stuart. stuart: donald trump wants to make it easier to sue the media if they give negative stories about it. what does judge napolitano think about that? well, he's next.
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stuart: attention, attention, attention, supreme court justice clarence thomas, first time in ten years, asks a question in court, and it's, what, about gun rights? >> yeah. he essentially was saying in his booming baritone voice, and you're right, he hasn't spoken in ten years, how long do you suspend second amendment rights for individuals who are convicted of crimes separate from anything to do with gun
11:55 am
violence? so, you know, the federal government is saying there should be a federal ban on gun rights for people who are convicted of things like domestic violence. so a very long -- stuart: i think justice thomas is speaking up because we no longer have justice scalia to speak up. >> interesting. stuart: all right. now this. donald trump says he will open up libel laws to make it easier to sue the media for negative stories about him. what on earth will judge andrew napolitano say? this is all-star hour, by the way. here's the judge. [laughter] >> you're very kind. stuart: he's not going to open up the libel laws. >> you know, the laws that give protection to people who challenge orthodoxy and criticize politicians are laws that emanate from the supreme court's interpretation of the first amendment. they're not statutes, and they're not edicts by the president. so the only way a president trump could change these laws would be to put people on the supreme court who do not have the appreciation for the first
11:56 am
amendment that in this area has been consistent for the past 50 years. stuart: okay. doesn't he want the british system? >> yes, he does. stuart: i'm not sure of the difference, but that's what he wants. what is it? >> in the british system if the statement is inaccurate, even innocently so, then the challenger has to pay money. stuart: really? >> yes. you like that? stuart: so that tones down the political rhetoric. >> yes. it tones down the political rhetoric because people are gun shy about criticizing public figures. because if you misstate a statement or what you think is a fact, you could lose the case when the person you criticize sues you. here the test is "the new york times" against sullivan which is the public figure, donald trump in our hypothetical, can only sue you for calling him whatever you want to call him. if he can show that you knowingly uttered a false statement or you were reckless in your disregard for whether
11:57 am
the statement was true or false. so if you have a good faith basis for believing what you're saying, you can say what you want. stuart: i agree with the law as it stands in america. >> i don't think it can change. even if he had one or two or three appointments to the supreme court, it'd take a generation of supreme court justices to change this. stuart: i know of a conservative member of parliament who stood up and said being attacked by the honorable member from -- [inaudible] is a little like being attacked and savaged by a dead sheep. [laughter] could you sue? >> remember win son churchill's famous boneless wonder church about clement atly. stuart: out of time. judge, you're all right. more "varney" after this. it was always just a hobby. something you did for fun. until the day it became something much more.
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stuart: this is happening now. moments from now you're going to see more of it too. donald trump is about to take the stage in radford, virginia. anything to add?
12:00 pm
>> he tweeted about gandhi, how can you follow that? stuart: the man is running an endless entertainment reality show. playing out live on television, and we're all watching. >> there it goes. stuart: we're out of time but, neil, you've got a whole couple of hours, i believe. neil: indeed, thank you very much. i don't know if this counts a hail mary pass to stop donald trump, but the head of hobby lobby is coming on this show to explain why he is coming out for marco rubio. he is saying, david green, that is, that enough is enough with donald trump, says that his lack of humility scares me to death. david green talking to us first since making this staggering announcement. of course, it was hobby lobly vindicated by the supreme court saying that if it finds court rulings objectionable when it comes to providing contraception measures for its workers, it was defended in so doing. nevertheless, all of this occurs at the v


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