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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  February 29, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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>> he tweeted about gandhi, how can you follow that? stuart: the man is running an endless entertainment reality show. playing out live on television, and we're all watching. >> there it goes. stuart: we're out of time but, neil, you've got a whole couple of hours, i believe. neil: indeed, thank you very much. i don't know if this counts a hail mary pass to stop donald trump, but the head of hobby lobby is coming on this show to explain why he is coming out for marco rubio. he is saying, david green, that is, that enough is enough with donald trump, says that his lack of humility scares me to death. david green talking to us first since making this staggering announcement. of course, it was hobby lobly vindicated by the supreme court saying that if it finds court rulings objectionable when it comes to providing contraception measures for its workers, it was defended in so doing. nevertheless, all of this occurs at the very same moment a trump
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rally is awaiting here ahead of, of course, super tuesday. ahead of that rally, ahead of the hobby lobby, we go to blake burman on what is now a push for many of the delegates up for grabs tomorrow as possible. blake. >> reporter: yeah, neil. it's super tuesday tomorrow, but we've got a really busy monday here this afternoon. eight of the eleven super tuesday states will have candidates drop by for events at some point today. i'll run through the list here, we had to write it down as you were just showing that live shot of the donald trump event. he will be at that event in virginia, he's also be in georgia later today. marco rubio is all over the map. he will be in tennessee, georgia, arkansas, oklahoma. ted cruz has three stops in texas, he just got on the stage for his first. john kasich is in a different portion of the country, in the northeast. he's in vermont and massachusetts. dr. ben carson is in virginia and kentucky. kentucky not a super tuesday state.
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they vote this weekend. back to rubio though for a second, neil. he picked up the attacks on trump earlier today in tennessee, especially on trump's delayed disavowal of david duke's support during a sunday morning interview. trump had the chance to bat things down yesterday. trump blamed that whole episode on hearing problems with his earpiece, basically, this thing that we put in our ears so we can hear back and forth. rubio jumped all over that this morning. take a listen. >> he's unelectable now. he refused to criticize the ku klux klan. he's now been given three interviews. yesterday -- this morning on today show, he blamed it on a bad earpiece that he couldn't hear the question. i don't care how bad the earpiece is, ku klux klan comes through pretty clearly. we cannot elect the dog that caught the car. get it? [laughter] [applause] think about it. the dog is always barking at the car. what are you going to do when
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you catch that car? >> reporter: well, this is clearly a more aggressive marco rubio as we have seen in the last four or five days or so. every poll that comes in, neil, and we've had a lot of them either today or yesterday, shows donald trump leading in these super tuesday states, the exception being ted cruz who, of course, has his backyard of texas. back to you. neil: all right. let's go to the hill's a.b. stoddard right now. as you know, a.b., when you think about it, it's all about acquiring those delegates and eventually getting to the 1237 you need to be the republican nominee. donald trump is going to get at least 300 of them, possibly more, and that he could be well on his way on the, you know, the winner-take-all primaries just two weeks after that. do you agree with that consensus position? >> oh, yeah. the math looks wonderful for trump and terrible for everyone else. they say that it is possible because only 5% of the delegates have been allocated that, you know, something calamitous could
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happen which could switch the direction, and someone else could actually end up taking a lead on him later. but that would have to be a really drastic collapse, something would have to happen that is very unlikely to happen. so if you're donald trump, you're really on the glide path to the nomination, and the question for everyone else trying to oppose him is whether they try to convince each other to get out or hang together. there is a theory among some of them that they have to stay together, they have to stay in to end up sort of blocking and tackling, to come together in some sort of open convention. that's a desperate act, but it seems to be what their planning is at the point. neil: you know, a.b., few nominees get to the convention site with all the delegates in place. as the convention ening sue, they usually put together the last few they might need for an outright majority, and then we in the media can guess what state puts them over the
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proverbial top. the argument against donald trump is even if he is just within a hundred or so delegates, they will do everything they can to stop him and not make him inevitable. do you hear that? >> oh, yeah. neil: what would they do? >> the rival campaigns say the pledged delegates are only pledged on round one, and after that they're free to break from trump. now, that could cause rioting in the streets, but that's what the rules permit. and so there is already -- that is being discussed by the rival campaigns, the cruz campaign official said today if we get out, only of our voters could go to trump, and it'll help them. there's a real thinking that kasich, you know, feels that he has to stay in for ohio instead of ceding it to donald trump. this is why you see, you know, i think some of them staying in. i'm not going to be surprised if we hear they're beginning to talk to each other, particularly the rubio and cruz camps. you're not seeing rubio attack cruz anymore, if you've noticed. and i think the way they're decided to stop him is at the convention, and although it
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could be done by the rules, it sounds unthinkable. i mean, it sounds like it would be just a crazy act, and they would lose his supporters. but when they look at the map, they believe that by hanging together that could be possible. neil: wow. a.b., thank you very much. good seeing you again. >> thank you. neil: it is rare for this guy to step his toes in political waters. he fights battles in the supreme court and wins, but by and large, he is dedicated to running his business. what does it say when a man of god who sticks to his view of things and doesn't budge enters the political fray to say enough is enough when it comes to donald trump? hobby lobby founder david green is coming out in support of senator marco rubio. we have the pleasure of having mr. green with us right now. thank you for joining us, sir. how are you? >> very good, thank you. neil: i likened this in the beginning of the show, david, to a hail mary pass maybe for anyone but donald trump. and and it's -- why now?
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why are you taking this strong position now? not trump, rubio? >> well, it just seems like it is a hail mary, and i think a lot of us came in hate on this. late on this. a lot of the contestants came in late and didn't really know how to handle this situation that we have. but we have a situation where we are really forgetting decency. it surprises me about the faith world taking on someone that didn't learn what he should learn in the first grade. and that is not to call people names and not to win by scorched earth, and this seems like what we have today. neil: but, david, how do you feel about the candidate you like, obviously, returning that very type of salvo, kind of to hear some say getting in the gutter with donald trump talking about, you know, soiling himself, talking about his spray-on tan. you've heard all that stuff.
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>> yes. yes. it proves my point. when you have a leader that's leading -- and mr. trump is leading -- then that's the way you win. and it scares me because that's exactly how our society is going to go. neil: so you don't blame -- i'm sorry, sir. you don't blame senator rubio for responding the way he's responding. >> not so much because i think he's a decent person that did exactly what i think a lot of us will do, and we will follow mr. trump in his indecency of calling people stupid and even causing possibly suicides in our schools. bullies causes suicides. when you make fun of people that are less than perfect, when you talk about people's ears, when you talk about their face, this is exactly what we do not need as a leader, because people follow leaders. and we even see that in decent people making a couple mistakes that they shouldn't have done because they see a leader
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leading and getting ahead, and then they follow that leader. the last thing we need in this country now is an individual that leads us by a scorched earth attitude and no matter what it takes, get ahead. i cannot for the life of me understand why the faith world would come alongside someone that completely is different than what we would like our children to be and what they will be. if we elect someone that wins at no matter what the cost regardless to decency, and that's the last thing we need in this country today. neil: all right. i know you're a deeply religious man yourself. you've argued all the way to the supreme court for those views and strong, deeply-felt views. but jesus also argued for turning the other cheek. marco rubio is not doing that. he is also talking about his opponent's fake tan, he's also talking about his little hands. you've heard all of that.
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is that appropriate? do you think you've put your money on the wrong guy now? >> no, i don't want, because i think it exactly proves my point. i don't think this is who marco rubio is. he didn't start this way, but it's exactly what all of us can do atom point -- neil: but he's still doing it, you know? he's still doing it, david. to your point, he's fighting fire with fire. and it might help him in the polls, it might not. it's hard to say. what do you think? >> i think he's a decent person, and before this race he has been proven as a decent person. and i think that it's coming back in a way that it's not him. it is not who marco rubio is. neil: so do you think it's a mistake, what he's doing? >> i think it's a mistake and also proves my point. we will all be doing this because a leader -- why do we follow a leader? because he leads and he's ahead. he's head of a company, he's head of the country? we don't want a head of the country that leads us in a way to act in a way that we shouldn't act. whether we are christian or not, whether we are a person of faith
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or not, we don't want our children to emulate a person that would win the way he's winning. calling people names, everybody's stupid. that is not who we want our country to be, and that's who we're following. neil: i'm sorry, sir. if he were the nominee, would you support him over, let's say, hillary clinton? >> under no circumstance could i vote for someone that i feel like can do much, much damage to this country to the extent of maybe even students following him and talking about -- [inaudible] of which god created them, and he is criticizing god when he criticized someone's anatomy. and i cannot under any circumstance when i know that this that could cause other people to do it because he's the leader, why not follow the leader, and i could see as much as suicide --
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neil: just to be clear then, david. it's hillary clinton v. donald trump, you would vote for hillary clinton? >> i don't believe i could vote. neil: oh, wow. >> i would have to stand aside. i'm afraid i would have to. neil: we hear manien on the religious -- many on the religious right feel this way. not to typecast you, sir, but there are others who are also considered, you know, deeply evangelical for want of a better term. senator sessions, for example, who has recently decided to back donald trump because he says evangelical voters as well, to paraphrase, want to get things done. even if the process and the language and the tone can be a little in your face, a little crude. it's about getting things done, making this country move again. what do you think of that? >> i think to do things under any circumstance to get things done is not a godly thing to do. and i think you're going to just wreck this company and put us deeper in debt in terms of debt,
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in terms of who we are, the society that we're in, our culture. our culture is going downhill. this will only take us further. i apologize, and i don't have to apologize and i shouldn't, but i pray for those religious leaders that have, are blinded to the fact of an individual that they're supporting that is totally without decency in terms of the way that he gets ahead in life. it is not the way we would want our children -- we need to ask ourselves, is this the way our children want to get ahead and how we want other businessmen to get ahead is the way that donald trump gets ahead by no matter what it takes? he's going to get ahead. i don't want things done, i don't want a loose cannon to take care of the problems we have. we're all angry at where we've been, but to do someing because we think someone's made a billion dollars, we've made billions of dollars. but that doesn't make us have the ability to run this
12:14 pm
company -- country. neil: that's an interesting -- you have made billions, you're worth $5-$6 billion. i hear that's conservative -- >> that is very, that is conservative, but that doesn't make any difference what number it is. that should not have anything to do with who runs this country. neil: fair enough. would you apply that same standard to any businessman or woman who wants to run? mike bloomberg's name comes up, for example. >> i have to look for character and the freedoms that we do or don't have in the future. neil: so the argument that donald trump has made, i'm sure michael bloomberg would make if he has a third party run, is that when you're that rich, no one can buy you, no one can buy influence with you, and there is that advantage. what do you make of that argument? >> well, hopefully none of us that is going to run for office cannot be bought. hopefully, we have people of integrity that is going to make the decisions that are right. neil: but we've learned the hard way, right, we've learned the hard way, david, in some
12:15 pm
cases -- hopefully, to your point, rare cases -- people can be bought, they can be influenced. they can be -- whether you're a education lobby, hillary clinton will be very loyal to that lobby, some say a republican candidate would be very loyal to the oil lobby. and i guess what i'm saying is, is there a danger to that, or period? >> i don't think there's ever a danger for us to follow good's word, and that's what we should do. -- god's word. and until such time that we do, we will not see our country turn around. neil: finally, sir, and i know you're pressed for time. we do appreciate you taking the time. the president wants to name a replacement for justice antonin scalia, and he plans to go about doing so, but republicans want to wait until after the election. in other words, deny this president with 11 months or so left in office that right. what do you think of that? is that a good move? bad move? risky move? what? >> the president should do what
12:16 pm
he should do, and that is he should appoint someone. the congress should then do what they should do and either decide or not decide whether that person should become our supreme court justice. neil: is that david green's way of saying hold confirmation hearings? you free to reject that nominee? >> i think they should both do what they have been elected to do. and they should listen to whoever it is. but then they also should make sure that we have a justice that would follow the, our constitution. neil: dade, finally -- >> and keep us with our freedoms. neil: i apologize. i keep apologizing, don't i? david, finally, if donald trump becomes president, if he wins the nomination, goes on to become president, he has narrowed a30-point gap with hillary clinton to in some polls to a few points. what is it you fear so much? what do you think will happen? >> i fear that we are going to have a country that follows his lead. it happens. i've opinion in business for
12:17 pm
many, many years -- i've been in business for many, many years, and i always see people following the leader. and i'm fearful they will follow his lead of how he gets ahead and how he gets things done. he gets things done, it is totally, totally un-christlike. neil: david green, thank you for speaking your mind. we appreciate it, sir. >> thank you. neil: david green of hobby lobby. all right. fair or and balanced, we have put out calls to donald trump to get his reaction. that is a very major development when an influential person in the evangelical community and the business community has said enough is enough to donald trump. the fallout, i assume, very fast and furious. after this.
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neil: why now? why are you taking this strong position now? not trump, rubio? >> well, it just seems like it is a hail mary, and i think a lot of us came in late on this, a lot of the contestants came in late and didn't really know how to handle this situation that we have. but we have a situation where we are really forgetting decency. it surprises me about the faith world taking on someone that didn't learn what he should learn in the first grade. and that is not to call people
12:22 pm
names and not to win by scorch earth, and this seems like what we have today. neil: all right. that is david green, he runs a company called hobby lobby, the crafts maker that got international fame when its pitch against the administration on mandatory birth control for its workers was nixed by the supreme court on religious grounds. the company that has fervent religious standards are free to exact the policies that they wish on their workers, that he has become sort of an iconic figure certainly in the evangelical community and says that donald trump would not be that kind of figure and would be a very divisive figure. going on to say he thinks an election of donald trump would be bad for the country and going even further than that, that he could never vote for him and if left a choice between he and hillary clinton, he would sit the election out. reaction now from former john mccain adviser douglas hot eken, of course, the former head of the cbo.
12:23 pm
what did you think of what he was saying, doug? >> i thought it was interesting from a number of perspectives. the first, obviously, it's a big get for marco rubio to have a prominent evangelical endorse him on the eve of all these primaries. that's a big help to him. it's also, i think -- neil: a big help where, doug? a big help where? >> oh, among the evangelicals in those southern primaries. that's an important bloc -- neil: virginia being one of them where donald trump is speaking now. i didn't mean to jump on you, go ahead. >> yes. absolutely. if you go through that list of places, rubio needs to show some real strength, and he needs to, ultimately, win something if he's going to become the nominee. so this helps him in that way. it also helps him with the christie endorsement of trump. one of the things that chris christie did was attack his preparedness, said he wasn't ready, said he was a boy in a bubble, he was scripted. david green said he's ready to be president, and that's a big p counter to that argument as well. i think it works two ways. and then, you know -- neil: the religious right, whatever you want to call it, it
12:24 pm
feels sort of like they don't know where to go. they want to stay loyal to republicans, they don't know what to make of this in your face business titan who assures them his heart is in the right place. they don't know what to do. so david green comes occupant, as he just did, and says marco rubio's my guy. eye -- ironically, rubio is now responding in kind to donald trump. where does all of this go? >> you know, i think it's a really interesting observation, neil. what he said was the tone of this race is unacceptable. i think a lot of people think that. donald trump has set the tone in this race, there's no doubt about it. you hate to see marco rubio stoop to the same tactics. i mean, that's something that i don't think anyone wants. i think what he's saying is, you know something? if you don't know where to go, don't go to donald trump. i've chosen marco rubio, but it was very clearly a not donald trump statement coming out of mr. green.
12:25 pm
neil: you're right about that. doug, thank you very much. we're going to weigh the implications, the fallout of this. we were told that prior to the chris christie announcement that he was going to back donald trump that rubio had been making some headway and a lot of the crucial states, particularly virginia and georgia, missouri among them where he was gaining some traction, and then that announcement just stopped it. now, we don't know if this turn around or the fact that an iconic symbol on the religious right now has gone in favor of marco rubio and clearly repudiated trump whether that's too little or too late. we do know this, it is a big deal, and we are all over it.
12:26 pm
with ..
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tree into a tamil child becomes president, and the nomination,
12:29 pm
goes on to be president, it's a few points. what is it you fear so much? what do you think will happen? >> i fear we will have a country that follows his lead. i've been in business for many, many years and i see people following the leader. i am fearful that will follow his lead of how he gets ahead in how he gets things done. he gets things done and is totally, totally un- christlike. neil: albright, david green talking about donald trump's donald trump speaking in virginia at this hour saying he would not vote for trump if he was the nominee. in fact, he writes about the election election in that event. other religious leaders have come out in favor of donald trump in putting jerry falwell, junior. evangelical states even with voters, certainly in iowa and south carolina. what would be the impact is someone like a david green,
12:30 pm
hobby lobby founder famously known for taking on the president's birth control and contraceptive provision all the way to the supreme court and winning. what do you think? >> i think mr. green is trying to make a point that we don't like political correctness, but you can go too far in the other direction. when you have a candidate like trump who is mocking people with disabilities and things like that, maybe that is just going too far. that's the point he was trying to make. neil: part of that point as well insane in an evangelical field we don't slip over the language donald trump uses. but we are not a one issue type monolithic community. we too are concerned about the economy. we too are concerned by me is the lord's name, sometimes we do use an insane expressing frustration at the way things are going. so they put aside some of these issues before the bigger
12:31 pm
argument of getting things done. when you make of that? >> i suspect that's true. when i give speeches and talk to communities of people that a religious conservative, they are not comfortable about the fact that some of the things donald trump's personal life, but they are so upset about what they view as a corrupt washington culture and establishment that mostly six to line its own that they are willing to overlook those things do not have to challenge for other candidates like ruth and rubio. heidi attack and that please discontent about washington without crossing over in the way of donald trump has been the behavior that just isn't very same way. neil: i was talking to a catholic bishop not too long ago, dan, who expressed some frustration of the language in the town of the trump campaign but eventually american people are not going to find that president. keep in mind this is a bishop telling me this.
12:32 pm
what do you make of that? by that argument, these are the same people that said seven or eight months ago trump wouldn't get this far, yet here he is. >> what you said is exactly the key issue. all of us have entertained at least in the beginning by donald trump. he was doing something different and refreshing. whether we agreed or not, it at least made it interesting to follow politics to how people are like he might wrap this thing up. why are the american people sobering up. thank you my friend. we have put out goal is to donald trump to get his response to the founder and head of hobby lobby and the fact use a modern favor of mark or rubio pretty much based more on tone than issues. the hobby lobby founder with saying no. no matter what you say about the issues, i don't like your tone.
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>> i'm not allowed to say that. i am not been chained to a fox. he is the asked bomb. can you imagine if i used this word? while we are on it, i want to say i watch that display. i watch the hatred your
12:37 pm
neil: talking about a major religious and corporate leader, founder of hobby lobby talking about coarse language. and donald trump speaking to a virginia audience, coding vincente fox, former president of mexico. talking about maria bartiromo to disparage donald trump. you could argue trumpeter brings out the best or the worst of people and that is why david green of hobby lobby says enough is enough. we can't have this language on display. this support will go to mark or rubio who oddly enough in the last 48 hours has picked up this baton and said more things about donald trump. you know, and then tear the former republican new york candidate for governor. who knows, maybe a future one of the very successful businessman. we were talking about that. how do you reconcile all of
12:38 pm
these crosscurrents? you personally like donald trump, but it's been known to get in people's faces. >> it is albright to have a little bit to say about something and to emphasize it by using a little bit of course language. we are not politically correct anymore. true to what david green of hobby lobby is to mean in our process. it's not presidential. >> let me tell you, the establishment is to mean in our process. the washington, these people over the years have conditioned us to think as they want us to think. they commissioned us to act the way they want us to act. that is the injustice. using some rough language to put people where they belong, people that deserve it. i don't see any problem with that whatsoever. in the case of green, that is a pretty lame excuse for going in
12:39 pm
backing the establishment guy. obviously he has other things on his mind like donations or whatever. neil: that is the guy -- >> mobile is in a state of panic. he slowly becoming irrelevant. he will be a relevant in a couple weeks and that's right into them. neil: what he think of chris christie supporting donald trump? >> he is running to get on the bus. they are slowly see the light. they are seeing what the people want. the second political revolution we are going through is not an election. it's a revolution. people have been been waiting for a leader and all of a sudden he arrives. it was a light in the distance now it's getting closer and closer and the people are waking up. this group, the giants of business in the elite media and these blowhards from washington, their future is --
12:40 pm
[inaudible] >> it becomes where. when i spoke to christie in new hampshire, he said i don't want to rule out the vice presidency, but certainly a few years ago, like six years ago as he was just warming up as governor of new jersey, he certainly did this way back in 2010. another thing that came up as he would make a heck of a running mate. is there anybody around the things that could be a number to anybody? i kind of have my own views. neil: dallas abiola go. exchange. he may or may not entertain that. they do have the look of a ticket together touring around the country. >> it is politics. anything that will promote donald trump i am good with.
12:41 pm
neil: body like him so much? >> because he is so much like me and i can see myself in him. after the brashness, but i see the commitment. i see the strength of the later. as teddy roosevelt and the man in the arena said very clearly, you are not living unless you are in the arena fighting. i put the american people have been fighting for. somebody who's going to stand tall. tree into teddy roosevelt around on stage but the disposition. >> levity. somebody gets command, let the audience know you're the type of person in charge. you are that comfortable with dealing and speaking to them. neil: do you balance it out? you are a black guy running for governor. you didn't quite go over the hedge. many people argue donald trump
12:42 pm
does. >> i don't think so. he has had some bad remarks he's pulled back on. but that is human. neil: does he make friends with these people afterwards? >> that unofficially wants to. i don't know who the people want a lot of these guys sticking around. mitch mcconnell, wonderful, you certainly told us where you are at. you're afraid of being irrelevant? it's the same thing with brien. the government is going to shut down. but the government shut down. who cares. we don't care. neil: you are not in the campus as i nominated donald trump. >> it is over when it's over according to karl rove. karl rove and i were texting the
12:43 pm
other day and i said that was you that was you'll be better at talking about a follow. [laughter] neil: thank you very much. the former new york state editorial candidate. in the meantime, here on the campaign trail. leo and speaking for him on his behalf. one of the states that at least is confident and. we will see. anything can happen. super tuesday.
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neil: already.
12:47 pm
donald trump speaking to clouds in virginia. 49 delegates up for grabs. they still favor mr. trump and some of them by 10 points. that could change. obviously george of the second largest delegate up for grabs tomorrow. mark or rubio, nikki haley speaking on his behalf because the good senator lost his voice. the delegates up for grabs in the state. texas were 155 delegates are being held overall proportional delegates. caitlyn had earlier on, the head of hobby lobby, founder of hobby lobby same donald trump is bad for us, kind of the religious right. he is not our guys. both have been a beatles? >> that certainly helps rubio and takes a little bit away from ted cruz who has made the
12:48 pm
evangelical religious conservatives part of his firewall. you know, ted cruz has the biggest night of his campaign tomorrow night. i think he figures to win texas but probably not all that delicate and he really needs to do well and other southern states, arkansas, other places where he's really staked his campaign. the endorsement of rubio from hobby lobby goes to show that rubio has been competing with cruz and has taken up a lot of time on the airwaves and in terms of momentum from ted cruz. neil: do you think that david drucker, that any of this tone under senator rubio where he is going for tat on the name-calling that some call it childish exchanges are helping or hurting? you fight fire with fire. do you have any evidence early on? hard to tell this will help the
12:49 pm
senator and many of the states tomorrow. >> go look, we haven't seen any fresh data. on the believe taken into account the debate and marco rubio's change in tactics over the past few days. even if we stipulate donald trump will win virtually every state tomorrow, which i think is true and the fact he will roll out more delegates. i am expecting ted cruz went texas, but i expect donald trump to whenever where else. i don't think that would rubio has done over the past few days is going to change that calculus in terms of the topline numbers. or rubio was doing before as much as everybody liked it wasn't going to work and it was a working. since rubio changed tactics and he's getting more earned media coverage, more television coverage from people like us. neil: and bigger crowds. that doesn't always translate to more people showing up at the polls. neil: if you are looking that
12:50 pm
this is a fight to florida where he has to manage some of the winner take all states coming up, a delegate math site, this is his best option. it may not work, but it's better than what he was doing before. >> i definitely agree in part of rubio's strategy has to be until he can win a state, every turn he can to get this down to a two-man race before it gets to florida. that is still unlikely and not almost makes it very difficult for rubio going forward. florida will be make or break for him. >> how about ladies, gentlemen, thank you. mark or rubio you have to render state of florida. john kasich of ohio to get 66 delegates there. texas is not proportional to win
12:51 pm
it. 55 delegates tomorrow with the other states with the subway to take all state up for grabs. more after this. we live in a pick and choose world.
12:52 pm
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12:54 pm
neil: there is the mother is going on today and it's pretty important, especially if you're into the district committee chairman bob goodlatte holding the apple fbi debate. the chairman is kind enough to take some time to chat with us now. what do you want to hear out of apple, sir? >> i want to hear from both parties that they are doing to solve this problem. i also want to hear from both parties that the nature of the problem is. they obviously, there's from very different vantage points. one thing you start out with is
12:55 pm
to strong encryption is a good and important thing because when you see businesses, banks, government agencies, what they are doing is getting around encryption, protecting pieces of information. so having keith out there into his hand we don't know are going to fall is an issue for them. on the other hand, obviously with the change in technology occurred over the last 20 years an increasing use of strong encryption which is going to get stronger and stronger does pose problems for law enforcement and therefore we need to find a solution to the problem. the problem should be solved here in the congress. it shouldn't rely on the courts looking at a 220 road statute that never contemplated anything like this and it shouldn't in my opinion above an outside commission. the congress has addressed these issues many times over the years
12:56 pm
. neil: apple would rather you guys do with it and satellite. having said that, donald trump wants to boycott apple products because of the decisions passed on terrorists here. how do you feel about that approach? >> this is about american citizens privacy, consumers, all that tech companies. the other ones are all happy that it is apple that has to take this fight. the fact of the matter is this is an issue that is very far-reaching and it's important to law enforcement. we need to solve it, but why can't an apple were defeating strong encryption, doing things that don't keep us on the track to make people's data of all kinds financial, medical safer
12:57 pm
is not the solution. there's got to be another solution. it will be figured out by engineers in a small room and the congress is to be the one setting up admitting those folks to solve it. the fbi would like to solve this as well. neil: chairman, thank you very much. mark or rubio is speaking right now. we are on that and much more.
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
neil: all right. anyone's guess. we may see evidence of it tomorrow. founder of hobby lobby, known for battling the administration and winning the supreme court on forcing contraception be provided for all of its workers. now saying that donald trump is not. it is about getting things done. making this country move again. what do you think?
1:01 pm
>> we need to ask ourselves, is this the way our children get in. getting ahead by no matter what it takes. i do not want wings done. i do not want a loose cannon. to take care of the problems that we have. >> david green. usually skews politics. entering at this very late stage. furthermore, trump got the republican nomination. he would not vote. other religious leaders that have backed donald trump. by m large liking donald trump. certainly in south carolina. blake, very early on, marco rubio, this late in the game, ahead of super tuesday.
1:02 pm
>> rubio, at this point is trying to pick up any support that he can. look at the polling all across the board. if you believe the polling, they show that donald trump is leaving in just about every single one of them. the one exception up to this point being texas. look alive right now. marco rubio thayer at an event in atlanta georgia. he flies all of the the country. four different stops today and for different super tuesday states. the governor they are of south carolina, nikki haley, joining him. separate from marco rubio, we have also been monitoring the donald trump event that has been going on in virginia. we know that trump loves the polls. he started off his speech there with once or import. that poll from cnn.
1:03 pm
even trump said that caught him a little bit off guard. take a listen. >> just an hour ago. and it even surprised me. i will tell you. just came out. trump, 49 -- [applause] share mac just came out. little mark rubio 16. ted cruz, 15. >> how potential polling data showed that hillary clinton, in a hypothetical general election, could lose to tromp in the state of new york. that would be a huge game changer. trump also told the crowd that he is looking ahead. >> i will be campaigning in new york. i love new york. okay. i will be campaigning in new york.
1:04 pm
if we win new york, it is over. we have picked up so many delegates. >> donald trump in the speech from what we have been watching, calling him the little marco. neil: we shall see. thank you, buddy, very much. certainly, that will be the case. march 15. john kasich doing the same. say nothing of ted cruz tomorrow. i am not a year. take a listen. >> are you kidding? of course i do. >> 66 delegates. changing the math. >> yes. we pack up if we do not win in
1:05 pm
ohio. that is for sure. you know what, i went in ohio, it is a whole new ballgame. >> gop fundraiser extraordinaire. all three of the tromp alternatives. to win their own states. it is all or nothing. >> i think i really enjoy. if you do not win your own state, you should pack it up. marco rubio not being able to win his own state in florida right now did i felt cruz was very confident in that. inching out a win in his home state in texas. if cruz does not win texas, there is a possibility that maybe he gets out. you have to look at taxes at what it represents. that is the motherland, as far as fundraising with the gop.
1:06 pm
a lot of people take care of their candidates. they cannot manage to pull out a win for texas. >> a win is a win. a win is a win. announcing his support of marco rubio. taking it all the way to supreme court. marco rubio and if campaigned on. the major reason why. avoiding donald trump. insult them the rest. now we are hearing from john roberts with you rubio. saying that i could stand here. i have done that on occasion. not today.
1:07 pm
referring to his own views. the way god made them. bygones and the extreme language will ratchet down a bit. do you think that tit-for-tat is healthy? >> i think that it was horrible. rubio is better than that. i think that his campaign is better than that. when rubio started the tit-for-tat and started making fun of donald trump and his hands and this and that, r to the bully. let trump do this. it is not rubio stich. i do not think that a lot of people enjoy that from rubio. >> doing everything else and nothing was working. >> no. hard to raise funds for marco
1:08 pm
rubio. he is a good candidate. a good senator. neil: thank you very, very much. let's get a read on this from charlie gasparino, dagen make towel certainly beefing up the crowd. >> a big gap to make up in a lot of these super tuesdays. super tuesday, she really needs to get to that 20% threshold in texas, for example. some delegates in that state. he is very, very close on that mark. it would be nice to see him win a contest, which he has not yet. everybody is betting on florida for him.
1:09 pm
he is still down 19%. neil: good point. nikki haley campaigning with marco rubio. charlie. chris christie and donald trump. >> i do not think christie gives that much, to be honest with you. i tell you, speaking with some of the rubio people. the popular vote getting out there for tromp. it takes away his rationale. neil: i assume that covers the debate. >> i assume so. rubio has a strategy. that magic number. whatever it is. testing the convention.
1:10 pm
>> that goal, donald only gets 35%. obviously, i will say one other thing. rubio going back against donald is absurd. >> amen and halley lieu yet with that. the mac making fun of everybody's everything. some very legitimate issues. i am not saying that you should charge over trump university, but, you know, let's be clear. >> one man's negative attacks are not a legitimate issue. dagen: i raised the issue of i thought it was too late. people saying this is not really
1:11 pm
marco. voters had -- jabs super pack was running one negative ad after another. >> did not have time to go after trump. >> right. >> here is a real problem for rubio. he was a teen party guy for a long time. if donald, with these cnn polls, if really getting 50% of the popular vote in the rationale for a contested convention just goes away. you cannot say that the people are not for them. 35% of the people will only go for donald. new delegates change on the second ballot. karl rove knows this better than i do. it is hard to do that when
1:12 pm
donald is pulling 50%. dagen: people will wake up and read the news today online, on fox business. i was going to vote for rubio. it is not going to matter. virginia is purely propulsion will. in states like texas, my vote will not really count and then they don't vote. charlie: the rubio people and my sources, right now, they are in a state of panic and depression. maybe it will change tomorrow, but they were not feeling good. maybe, just maybe, a change. setting expectations really well. that is the scenario. neil: the inevitability of trump. just kind of walking away.
1:13 pm
>> if donald trump gets the nomination and sills atop then what do they do? eric aric sent last week said, if he is the nominee, i am not voting. >> do the republicans go out and say, for the good of the party, we are not going to support him. >> no. they would never do that. >> mitch mcconnell is talking about it. all talking about me being a worm. he is a politician. >> hillary clinton. by the way, small businesses and raising the minimum wage at the same time. it is kind of like an oxymoron. that could be my quick interpretation of this headline coming out. how far you push government in this race. ♪
1:14 pm
1:15 pm
1:16 pm
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1:17 pm
call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. neil: chris christie coming out for donald trump just in the middle of the debate performance. traction gaining responding fire with fire.
1:18 pm
the singing donald trump. a signature moment when these guys were seen together. my next guy may be scratching his head. still likes the idea of trump. was not a big fan of chris christie. what do you think of it? >> i endorse donald trump last october. caught a little bit of heat. i think he recognizes the winner. we have not seen polls in new york state. do you think chris christie has helped him? this survey covers that announcement. >> governor christie has been part of that establishment. nationwide. all of these relationships built up nationwide.
1:19 pm
i think he has more credibility to the trump campaign. governor christie is a smart politician. >> how does he reconcile? >> this happens in politics. donald trump. his support. democrats, independents, bringing people into the party. >> the hobby lobby founder. a conservative community in general. coming out in favor of marco rubio. he actually told me he would sit out in election. what do you think of that? >> he may have a personal relationship. liberty university. is there a bigger evangelic he
1:20 pm
is huge for donald trump. it sort of grows on you. >> i agree with you. your e-mail voter. maybe back community with the hobby lobby founder. holding his nose with donald trump. a businessman. it offsets a little. because of what he loves about the economy. some of these international trade agreements. higher wage jobs. now we have two decades of experience. how is that working out. the current crew that runs our country does not work.
1:21 pm
if it does not stop. >> i heard his argument that he would force him. companies are not compelled to do what he did. >> i think that mister trump has stated that. the highest for print tax rate in the world. i am sure that donald trump as president would try to get the tax rate. a guy dropping a handle on their head. getting strangled. >> a lot of these corporations. the current status quo. checking that a little bit. he will get these folks in a
1:22 pm
room and work with them. this is what he has done for 40 years. that is what the united states needs right now. >> donald trump has a lead because of the issues. he should focus on strong issues. having a foreign policy. trying to get these jobs back in the united states. that is where he is strongest. >> he had a two on one in that most recent debate. two guys bringing in all of these personalattacks. donald can't does best when he talks about big issues. >> huge issues. not doing much. up about 45 and a half points. the market sort of trying to coalesce around increasing security of donald trump,
1:23 pm
hillary clinton as the democratic nominee. i quickly concluded they have no idea. they have no idea. i was on the third page. the professor quickly concluded. i will explain how the media is once again after this. ♪ i know you're my financial advisor, but are you gonna bring up that stock again? well you need to think about selling some of it. my dad gave me those shares, you know. he ran that company. i get it. but you know i think you own too much. gotta manage your risk. and you've gotta switch to decaf. an honest opinion, even if you disagree.
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1:27 pm
no wonder. it is up to you. pick them up. all right. peter barnes has been following some other developments. not always going to hillary clinton. in fact, some big old face names. >> yes, it does, neil. we are in fairfax university. holding an event later on this afternoon. younger voters. the kind that bernie sanders has been subtract eight.
1:28 pm
some headlines on bernie sanders fundraising machine. grassroots. he is on track to lose $40 million in individual contributions. averaging. he tweeted "make a $2.70 contribution and help us hit our goal in february before tonight. we believe that this would be a record for any candidate for a month. on his website, keeping track of hitting that goal right now. just a little bit shy of $38 million this hour. this amount would be nearly half the 95 million he raised up to date. the end of january. an amazing fundraising haul for bernie sanders. 130,000,004 hillary clinton to the end of january. he almost has super pac money. a congressional this weekend.
1:29 pm
democrat of hawaii. also an iraq war vet. resigned as vice chair of the democratic national committee this week. to do this, remaining neutral. the statement, the u.s. must venture its military policies. bernie sanders would be better at that than hillary clinton. professor writes. better at fixing income inequality. >> thank you very much. hillary clinton. is that right? is that fair? everybody loves them and there. we like him here. save the political wind
1:30 pm
shifting. we are on board the hillary clinton bandwagon peered you didn't, why not? productivity coming to you from my home state of texas. i have been listening to voters for a long time. use the edit all across the country. and with bernie sanders. that is why think he has raised so much money. today, maybe arkansas. they give $27. there is something to be said would you give the american people their power back. neil: super delegates. hillary clinton. smart guys like you were reminding me. lately, it has. i am wondering whether your guys will be just numerical disadvantage. maybe soon. >> right.
1:31 pm
it is very much an uphill battle. everybody loves whose husband has been president for eight years. and easy thing to do. this $40 million. these people that have given their contributions. >> that is remarkable. donald trump. some democrats in general praying that donald trump gets the nomination. >> i know a lot about politics. i run campaigns. here is the nuts and bolts about how this works. you do not know what he will say. there will be so many new people to it. that is just the raw, honest truth. you weigh the good and the bad. so many people to the game.
1:32 pm
they may win every congressional district. no matter what he said. >> thank you very, very much. >> mitt romney. asquith he is tweeting. you will have to wait. after this. ♪ thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪
1:33 pm
. .
1:34 pm
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1:36 pm
neil: all right. mitt romney is speaking out against donald trump again last week with me getting those tax returns out. now tweeting disqualifying and disgusting response by donald trump to the kkk. his coddling of repugnant bigotry is not in america. referring to david duke, former kkk leader, among those backing donald trump and donald trump originally saying i disavow. question came up interview with jake tapper on cnn, one that donald trump said that he didn't hear correctly. looked like he was dialing that back. he since disavowed. bottom line, mitt romney to intervene this is repugnant behavior. whether that changes anything, certainly not by latest cnn national poll shows 49% nationally for donald trump throughout all of this. mark serrano joining us right now. he looks unstoppable with all of these detractors and all of
1:37 pm
these controversies. he keeps climbing not only in individual states and polls have him up in at least 10 of the 11 super tuesday states. and fighting competitively in texas but virtually all the winner-take-all states, now nationally. what do you make of this? >> if rubio was the guy who had 82 delegates and was up in all these states coming up tomorrow in the polls, you know the party elites and media would be calling him the winner. they would be saying it's over because it's trump they're not saying that. he clearly has the advantage, has the edge. there is specifically reason why mitt romney is now engaging on daily basis in this campaign. neil: they obviously want to plant seeds of doubt, just like founder of hobby lobby, rarely engages politics, fighting out battles in the united states supreme court and winning he largely eschews the political sphere. he is worried about donald trump, coarse language, style,
1:38 pm
his demanor, conduct, he thinks it would be awful if the country even going to far saying if he is the nominee i won't vote. what do you make of guys who say that? >> that does great disservice to the republican party, where everybody at this point, seeing what results are and getting hine our obvious point, pick for nominee. the reality is, neil, i think there is a master plan that is underway right now where party elites will give marco rubio two weeks. if he loses florida, they will kick him to the curb because he is damaged goods. they need somebody like romney who may be willing to get on the ballot in late states just to stop trump from getting up to 1237 delegates. neil: doesn't that grease the kids for a democrat? >> if the party elites try to do that? i think so. i think it really does cause a
1:39 pm
lot of turmoil but frankly, if the party elites, they're not just one monolith group. even the koch brotherses are putting money behind rubio now. i think they have done excellent work on economic freedom. the not one monolith. i think they do some damage but i think the damage can be repaired. what they will do, if that happens, if romney tries to get in trump's way, trump will come into cleveland with a fury, absolute fury. i think these party elites and establishment will be off to the sideline as trump build as whole new republican party as it seems now. neil: a lot of those, in the establishment who are part of that party hierarchy aren't happy with that. i guess donald trump's way, supporters way of saying bye-bye. >> romney campaign launched on "your world" last week, even though it was just interview i that was launch of his 2016 campaign. neil: very interesting. thank you, my friend very much. whatever is going on here, obviously to a lot of these
1:40 pm
guests credit here they're seeing something that is almost titanic in nature. by that i mean a big move. not necessarily a sinking move, but something changing the complexion, makeup, tone even basic dna of the party. is that a good thing or a bad thing? after this. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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1:42 pm
reporter: i'm adam shapiro on the floor of the new york stock exchange. we're watching markets trend higher on last day of trading session for the month of february. for the dow, the -- the month the dow is up 1.2%. nasdaq was at one point positive month to date but is actually fallen back into negative territory month to date, about .3 of a percent. some stocks doing well include caterpillar, up 2% caterpillar said they would dump dumb trucks. they got into business venture on highway vocational trucks, essentially dump trucks on highways. not sufficient market opportunity to justify the investment this is part of their streamlining and cutting $1.5 billion over next few years. also a winner first solar hitting new 52-week high, $73.71. up 4%. losers jpmorgan chase and m&t bank.
1:43 pm
more "cavuto" after this.
1:44 pm
neil: candidate you like obviously returning that very type of salvo, kind of, to hear something getting in the gutter with donald trump. >> yeah, well -- neil: talking about soiling himself. talking about his spray-on tan. you heard all that stuff. do you think that -- >> yes. it proves my point. when you have a leader that is leading, and mr. trump is
1:45 pm
leading, then that is the way you win. and it scares me because that is exactly how our society is going to go. neil: all right, that was the founder of hobby lobby telling me, i just can't voight for donald trump. i'm putting my support behind marco rubio. even when i asked him trump being nominee, could he support him, he said no. later on we hear from christie todd whitman, former governor of new jersey, has same mind set she would vote for hillary clinton over donald trump in that event. we have independent women's forum, hadley heath manning. if this is showing up in polls, fun way of showing it. by and large evangelicals are supporting donald trump. judging from the latest cnn poll, his over all national support has gone up and he looks being much more competitive with hillary clinton than he did a little more than a few weeks ago. what do you make of all this?
1:46 pm
>> certainly mr. trump is putting together a coalition of voters who don't necessarily stick to party lines, don't necessarily stick to idealogical lines on certain policy issues but he has got broad appeal. he talks about issues from a populist point of view. he uses everyday man talk. doesn't use political jargon. that is the appeal. he presents himself as strong and aggressive leader. people looking for that quality, strength, someone who projects strength. those are people most likely to find in the trump camp. other candidates build their own collisions of voters especially if they look towards the general election but it will be a different coalition depending who the nominee is. neil: how do you think super tuesday is looking, winner-take-all states a couple weeks later? always hear this analogy that trump's contest to lose here. but how do you frame it? >> well, certainly expectations are important when it comes to political contests. as we've seen in the first four states, if you have high expectations going into a contest, even if you perform
1:47 pm
well, the headlines the next day will be you underperformed expectations. trump camp set bar high for expectations super tuesday. other candidates wisely being more tepid in the expectations game. neil: we'll watch it very closely. hadley heath manning, thank you very much. >> thank you. neil: super tuesday happening in a dozen states. hundreds of delegates at stake. former republican governor of new jersey, donald trump is saying wait a minute. i'm not talking aboutve chris christie. i'm talking about christine todd whitman. she's next. by looking at global and local insights to benefit from different points of view. and by consistently breaking apart risk to focus on long-term value. we actively manage with expertise and conviction. so you can invest with more certainty. mfs. that's the power of active management.
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1:51 pm
if donald trump was nominee the founder of hobby lobby says you know what? i would sit it out. i wouldn't vote at all. former new jersey governor christie todd whitman goes so far to say if it were donald trump she would vote hillary clinton assuming hillary clinton would be nominee. right now she is endorsing ohio governor john kasich. the former above of my fine state joins me right now to explain this. governor, good to have you? >> good to see you again, neil. neil: those are strong words, governor. >> i know. i don't want to. neil: explain why you have that position? >> because i just, if the choice is between donald trump and hillary clinton, i would have to think seriously about voting for hillary clinton. i don't see sitting out an election. that is unfortunately what too many people have been doing too long and gotten to us this place. i could write in. that is a possibility. but i just can't see voting for donald trump. he is so far based his campaign on the kind of divisiveness and bias that is going to cause real
1:52 pm
trouble in this country. i don't see him as presidential leader. i don't see him as leader of the free world. i, i couldn't get myself there to vote for him. neil: wow. what do you think of chris christie getting around to doing just that? >> i'm disappointed. i was very disappointed in it. i was surprised. i wasn't surprised but given all that he had said about donald trump on the campaign trail of the those were things which i agreed, it was a big turn around for him. i presume there is something in him for the future or has gotten some kind of a agreement from donald trump but, you know, for the governor of a state as diverse as new jersey to being able to be comfortable with someone who just dismisses whole groups of people because of their ethnicity, where they come from. mexicans coming across the border, they're rapists and murders, not murders he didn't say that. they are criminals and rapists
1:53 pm
he did say that part of it. to someone i don't know that he denounced super pack that was doing robocalls on his behalf saying don't vote for a cuban, new jersey has second or third largest cuban population outside of cuba. these are good hard-working people. to dismiss them like that is very, very divisive and bad things can happen. neil: do you think he is dismissing all of them, governor? or as his campaign likes to tell me, trump reminded me myself, i'm bringing far more into this party than anyone who left this party referring to latinos who might be offended saying look, i got 46% of the latino vote in the nevada. i'm bringing in people who never voted before period, let alone republican voters. so i'm adding more than i'm subtracting. what do you say to that? >> i worry about the hatred being fueled and tacit okay to behave this way.
1:54 pm
my 10-year-old grandsons watched that debate unfortunately the other night and i was appalled by behavior. not that cruz or rubio would take on trump but when they start yelling at each other and bullying. these bullying tactics are not with we want to see about this country. that is not who we are. i just can not get myself to a place where i think donald trump is the one i want to have in the white house representing this country. people will say, we want a businessman. okay, i get that. that is why i'm for john kasich, someone who can get things done. if you want businessman albeit been very successful, successful taking at least three, if not four of his companies through bankruptcy as way to do it, that is not what we want is my definition after successful businessman at end of the day. i want someone who can govern. someone who can bring people together at end of the day to get things done. you can't fire congress. you can't fire the federal workforce. you can't fire the supreme court. i don't know how donald trump plans to get things done if he
1:55 pm
doesn't have that capability and you can not bully everybody. neil: i hear what you're saying governor but one thing that is very obvious, he is increasing popularity and polling in all the states. nationally cnn poll shows him at almost 50% support, much higher than the 35% so-called ceiling he was at a little more than a couple weeks ago. so i guess what i'm asking you is, his very, emergence and continued success prompted candidates like marco rubio, for example, to return fire with fire. to return you know little zinger with little zinger. >> sure. neil: what do you think of that? >> you start descending downward. i mean we've seen this happen around the world before and it is not a pretty sight. i don't believe where they want to be. it does appeal, neil, we talked about this because they're frustrated and angry because government hasn't been working for them. it hasn't been. unfortunately that is continuing t will get even worse with
1:56 pm
somebody at the top who won't work with the other side. who absolutely refuses. who says they're all idiots. anybody that disagrees with him. he demeans that that kind of thing is not going to enable him to, he, being donald trump, to be able to run the country in a positive way. he is bringing people in because people don't know right now any other way to express their anger. i give both he and bernie sanders credit for at least getting the public to recognize finally that the way to make change and way to be heard is through the ballot box because again as we discussed again, people were not voting and not bothering. that is sending the wrong messages, governor whitman, thank you very much. >> a pleasure. neil: christine todd whitman. we'll have more after this.
1:58 pm
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everhas a number.olicy but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families that have supported them, we offer our best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. neil: all right. the candidates are crisscrossing the country. putting up some big numbers tomorrow.
2:00 pm
ted cruz is do or die tomorrow. charles payne takes us through the first hour. a very long night, i suspect. charles payne joining us right now. in for trish regan. you are a very busy guy. do not lose your voice. >> that could be worse. thanks a lot, neil. indeed heating up and getting very nasty. voters in 11 states will hold for the polls. allocate. 600 delegates up for grabs. welcome. this is the intelligence report. 49% of voters say they will support the billionaire while only 6% are backing


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