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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  February 29, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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ted cruz is do or die tomorrow. charles payne takes us through the first hour. a very long night, i suspect. charles payne joining us right now. in for trish regan. you are a very busy guy. do not lose your voice. >> that could be worse. thanks a lot, neil. indeed heating up and getting very nasty. voters in 11 states will hold for the polls. allocate. 600 delegates up for grabs. welcome. this is the intelligence report. 49% of voters say they will support the billionaire while only 6% are backing rubio.
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with the stakes so high, doing this for nothing. the race is, indeed, getting even nastier. >> they always called me little marco. that is why do not understand why his hands are the size of someone that are 52. you know what they say about men with small hands. a total, total featherweight. he is not cool. he sweats too much and i do not want him negotiating for us. we have a big show for you today. our very own blake for men. a war of words between the gop candidates. >> donald trump says even he is surprised with one recent whole.
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tromp out 49% among republicans. this is nationwide
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need. easier to beat than some of the other names. the political process. as for what this says about the gop. you look at every state. fifty out of 50 states. the republicans favor and support donald trump between 30 and 50%. i feel that it says that we have people that are angry, angry at various people based on skin color, ethnic origin, very divisive and very dangerous in the multicultural america that i know and love. i am sad for the political process. the laughingstock that we have the calm of the world. how dangerous it will be. >> here is the thing. you look at turnouts in these early states. you can talk about the passions and mission and against among the republicans. one thing is clear is the
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enthusiasm. a large degree, donald trump gets credited that. it does help republicans, no matter who the nominee. >> you have to remember, we still have five candidates. we have one that is an african-american. donald trump has more delegates then either mitt romney or john mccain in the last two cycles. he needs to be consolidating support. more divisive. lead to a tougher time of the party: saint if he becomes the nominee. it leads to a hillary clinton legacy. charles: you look at a poll and trump is at 39%. why would cruz or rubio linger on? people who believe donald trump
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should be the nominee. trying to pull something off. something that fails the nomination away from them. maybe that is why he is keeping his foot on the pedal. >> he gets well over the 50 year mark. here is the thing. this deal narrows. ted crews were out of the race. even john kasich. if he were to win ohio and you could consolidate -- charles: ohio. rubio and cruz dropping out. a midnight phone call while he is drowning his sorrows. >> yes. ted cruz does not win texas tomorrow or if he comes in tomorrow, georgia, alabama, where he should have one, i
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think there was a good argument for ted crews to get out of the race. people want to give a shout. you have to start narrowing the field. >> you know, the narrative will see different to mainstream. >> a general election. the american people after elect him twice and african-american, would not be quite so racist. unfortunately, donald trump is bringing back very negative stereotypes of the gop voter to be true right now. although, i agree with kevin. i have always said that donald trump had a chance at it. i do believe that he will be the nominee. i do not understand if the republican party does not want this guy to win.
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they should have had a sitdown with kate kasich and crews and carson and rubio and decide who they are going to put forth. it would be marco rubio. they had a while to do this. i think that they missed the mark. now they are looking to the senate. i think they will try to help hillary wins just to maintain majority in the senate. >> that is amazing. maybe they should have sat down with jeb also. guys, we welcome back. we will see you later on in the hour. whether, david duke, take a listen to one of the soundbites. >> i do not know anything about big bad duke. i do not know what you are even talking about white supremacy or white supremacists. i do not know.
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did he endorse me or what is going on? i do not know what group you are talking about. you would not want me to condemn a group i know nothing about. >> that was yesterday. he blamed the exchange on a bad ear piece. >> i disavowed david duke and i'd disavowed him the day before. it is surprising. cnn was at the major news conference. they heard me very easily. now i go when they sit down again. it has been provided by him. frankly, he talked about groups. he also talked about groups. i would at least like to know who they are. >> mitt romney weighing in on it all. this qualifying and disgusting response by donald trump to the kkk. his bigotry is not america. will all this make a difference
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to voters? we will head to the polls tomorrow. scott brown joining me now. senator brown, i know that you and i have talked about this, going down this path, it is not necessarily the path taken. what would your advice be to him right now? do you feel like he has done enough on this topic? >> trish, i love you. [laughter] see, i have a sense of humor, too. david duke. gosh, son-in-law and daughter are jewish. obviously, the kkk is a somatic.
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a last-minute effort by me to affect outcome tomorrow. romney teaching us a lesson. not too conservative. now, we have the establishment. apparently showing the outsiders a lesson. not coalescing around the eventual nominee. seventeen people running. even if it is not donald trump. i find it really ridiculous. >> i think it was hashed out not trump. really at the top all weekend long. a lot of conservatives. being the senator, says he would not vote for donald trump on any circumstances. hobby lobby echoing those same
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sentiments. this is kind of nuts to me. if he is the nominee, they will walk away. >> i find it fascinating. i am somebody that was not supported either so-called establishment. do they really not want to have the white house? we will have the senate and we will have the white house. you also have the supreme court. i am not ready for another four years or eight years with bernie sanders or hillary clinton. somebody that is being investigated by the fbi to be our leader? really? if it is ted, if it is marco, i am there. it is time for our party to wake up and make sure that we can actually control the white house. >> senator brown, before i let you go, we will talk later on
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tonight. i do not know if this is speculation or not, but gop leaders helping you get elected. >> i think quite frankly, ultimately, they will want to keep the senate. the biggest problem that they have in the biggest complaint, it is that they have no access to the white house. they do not have that to actually get things redone. it is completely disregarding them. doing things through executive orders. do you really want four-eight more years of that? come on. fox business special coverage. super tuesday. i will kick it off. chris will be joining us as well. trust me, it will be an amazing
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night to grab a big tub of popcorn. apple. squaring off on capitol hill. launching one phone. it did not even belong to him. the standoff continues. coach of the year. trying to stop the flood of migrants. it is not working. hundreds of thousands more expected this spring. the migrant crisis, putting in into the very expensive existence of the european union. ♪ at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey.
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>> will years heading to capitol hill tomorrow. just before the house judiciary committee. the app vi director james call me. apple senior vice president. they hearing's were a debate and whether they should develop encryption that would allow the fbi to hack into the iphone. developing this technology will not only while late the users privacy, but leave it all open. elizabeth macdonald. matt welsh. i would think that perhaps on apple's side of this. to do work for it. not conducted any wrongdoing in this case. >> the government said it will compensate you for that. does that mitigate at all? >> the question is can that government do that?
2:19 pm
rather than apple just saying, gas, you can go ahead and do it. liz: compensation. to the broader issue of due process. arguing that you cannot do it to make apple produce a product that does not exist. that is what the attorney will save. the decisions about this should be made about you and your colleagues. rather than through a warrant request. the issues, they are not black-and-white. there is a lot of gray in here. we do have a fourth amendment. >> when this particular thing was written, there was no technology world and such.
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there would be times when the government would ask citizens and perhaps corporations to step up. is that where we are right now? we play this scenario out. we had just a certain amount of time. what is the obligation of this corporation to the american people? >> their obligation is to themselves. their technology has developed. greatly from being an american. >> one thing they all americans is to not give the back door into their iphone. there was a meeting in the white house in november. gruber recorded this 10 days ago. looking for this. they wanted to blow up in
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individual case. so people could play on their emotions. so that they can create a tax case to open up the dark cloud of encryption. >> here is what is interesting, too. opening their operations to wiretapping. this goes beyond wiretapping. essentially, if you have the software, getting into russia or chinese hands, for example, it is different for wiretapping. >> it is different for wiretapping. there is a technology argument. i cannot argue with apple. i think that i am with a lot of folks. i find it kind of interesting that they say that there is not. >> there may be. the government wants there to be a key. they will use this.
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liz: so what apple is saying, retaining custody of it. a mystery right now is what are apple solutions? it will come up with legislation. what would apple want? >> tim cook has said he wants congress to talk about it. >> what is apple's answer to it? thanks a lot, guys. appreciate it. >> look at this, guys. fences that were meant to keep them out. hundreds of thousands expected to override this spring. we will be right back. ♪
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>> the crisis in europe is getting much worse today. new video just then. trying to stop migrants from tearing down a barb wire fence. police have began to clear out a big area. three makeshift shelters were set on fire. bracing now on top of that. this warm weather approaches. many worry it will be put into overdrive. the very existence puts it in jeopardy. kt mcfarland showing me now. we have been seeing this for some time now. it has really been a sore throat -- a source on.
2:27 pm
that way it will end up in germany and france and other places. even a germany development minister. 10% of the people. 10 million by the time next year. what does that mean? it stretches and stretches your social where -- welfare system. they become a huge problem there. there is also a security problem. look, we will hide some terrorist sleeper cells among those migrants. it will tear your above par. as more and more common, there is no country that is wanting. countries are wanting to put up barriers. there is no back. any migrants back to a country
2:28 pm
that is a war country. the migrants come in. i am from syria. i am from afghanistan. there is no paperwork. >> denmark. you guys had a right when you became hard on this issue a few years ago. each of these countries now, their borders deflect game. changing the trajectory. no country wants them. it just feels like a place of greece, they get there. they cannot get there. the other countries are building border walls. this could hurt the eu. we do not know we want to be a part of this anymore. >> not just tens of thousands,
2:29 pm
but hundreds of thousands. wandering around europe. no state will want them. they will be wandering around the european continent with no visible needs our support. >> the ones that are already there. they have id. the key to the eu was this one confident will work as a single unit. no borders. asia and america. they get these passports. they can travel anywhere in europe. >> once they get paperwork from the european company, they do not need a visa. there visa is waived. they are automatically here. the european union, as you
2:30 pm
pointed out, formed that there would be no borders. that is what is now coming apart. june, 23rd. they will probably vote to get out of the european union. other countries will want out, too. all glue that has kept the european union together four decades. >> thanks a lot. appreciate it. now, loopholes showing 20 points ahead of bernie sanders. why is he racking up some major endorsements? serving with hillary's husband. we will tell you why. next. ♪ strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird.
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>> hillary clinton. a very big win in south carolina. heading to their super tuesday. bernie sanders. 55%. could tomorrow, be sanders last stand? leslie marshall. first, to peter who is in fairfax for genia. peter, she is riding the big wave of momentum right now. for genia, a critical super tuesday state.
2:35 pm
coming from massachusetts. here in virginia, trying to reach out to the younger voters. so far, flocking to bernie sanders. younger voters went for bernie sanders. it was one of the few demographics see one in south carolina. according to fox news accept polls. >> i do not think america has ever stopped being great. we need to make america whole. the blaming. the finger-pointing. what is going on. >> 865 democratic delegates up for grabs.
2:36 pm
tomorrow in 11 states. about one third of the total delegates needed to clinch a nomination. you can tell why this date is so important. sanders is targeting for states. also colorado, oklahoma and massachusetts. a new poll in the bay states. >> peter barnes, thank you very much. bernie sanders has been sort of remarkable. i think he is showing the vulnerability. this sort of anti-establishment lying on the gop side. donald trump and senators
2:37 pm
sanders are making a lot of promises. give me something that i can sell. there is a difference between me saying, hey. it is good for grandstanding. great for rallies. it is not practical. a democrat senate and a democrat in the white house. did not do well with african americans. we're seeing that stay for state. senators sanders needs to really pull it out.
2:38 pm
massachusetts. three out of those and the game is not over. most of the predictions i am seeing. >> the enthusiasm, if you well. the total voter turnout. significantly lower than it was the last time around. is this a concern for the nominee? >> certainly. the air of the criminal charges that could come against hillary definitely have people concerned. she will be this nominee. she will win the delegates. she will win this thing. she is trying to focus towards this general election. the people on the left are trying to pull her back. endorsing bernie sanders. we need you to keep pulling towards the left.
2:39 pm
it will hurt her even more so than even some of the criminal stuff in the general election. >> she was the vice chair of the dnc. she quit to endorse bernie sanders. that says something about hillary clinton. >> no. no. absolutely not. look at robert, for example. does not address hillary last time around. we have seen much bigger names endorsing left and right. clinton, her husband, the former president or kennedy. no, if you look at robert wright, for example, you look at his documentary. you look at his work in addition to his tweets. senators sanders before making po official endorsement.
2:40 pm
talking about income inequality. >> isn't that a core democratic issue? it feels like hillary is drawing a line in the sand. is that a mistake on her part? >> no, not at all. there is a reality. a difference between what you can promise and what you can deliver. hillary clinton is speaking about what she can deliver. look, capital is not bad for america. that just is not going to work in the general election. it will be, i think we will see some women on the republican side. i think he will be the nominee. the moderate censure asked. wanting to align themselves with a political party that are undecided, perhaps, right now.
2:41 pm
charles: maybe the old reagan democrats will come out. thank you very much. make sure you tune in tomorrow for our very big fox business coverage for our super tuesday. trish regan will be there as well. today marks a court order deadline for the state department to release all of hillary clinton's detainees. this on the eve of super tuesday. what about those e-mails. next. that will go
2:42 pm
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♪ >> i am adam shapiro on the floor of the new york stock exchange. the dow is down about 54 points. the s&p 500 is also down. the dow is just about up 1%. some of the stocks winning today. hitting a new 52 week high. also, disney is up. seven tenths of a percent. giving you a discount. paying even more depending on when and where you go. $119 for an adult. stock losers today. a lot of energy stocks. chesapeake energy down.
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we will be right back after this. ♪
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>> it has finally happened. the last batch of hillary clinton's e-mails will be released today. the latest revealed that cheryl mills has captured top-secret clearance. it was revealed that she was
2:46 pm
being investigated. ed henry has been following a scandal from the very beginning. lay it all out there for us. >> good to see you. what is significant is george mason university in northern virginia. hillary clinton wants to do well. more e-mails coming out. i think the bottom line is, anticipating more classified information. over 1000 of them already. remember, almost a year ago now, that now infamous news conference. no classified information on the personal e-mail server. they have said again and again, she did not know that it was classified at the time. various experts pushing back on that. it has not really impacted her
2:47 pm
march towards the democratic nomination. bernie sanders who has given her a little bit of a run, but has now fallen behind, has made it very, very clear. that democratic primary voter did not care. even as getting closer and closer, this is an issue for her as she gets closer to the nomination. largely not finding her honest and trustworthy. especially independent voters. it will matter in the general election. they often decide general elections. hillary clinton has a lot of work to do. >> think you very much. really appreciate it. jeff flock. as you can see, a bunch of pigs. why pigs? there is a big winner this year. it has nothing to do with politics. jeff will explain next.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> they have been all over the place. down so far this year. jeff flock is at the old farm in sycamore. >> it is pretty amazing. you look at, you think gold was a big performance so far this year. trading at the cme. outstripping gold. 18% so far on the year. you really only reach and breakeven with these numbers.
2:52 pm
audio for 30s to 40s. >> the fourth quarter of 2014 was really depressed. hoping to get it to break even a little bit. back into negative numbers. >> these prices have been high. a lot of people have switched. consumption is up. obviously, the big losers we know about. a lot of the markets have been losers. not hogs. perhaps, that outlook going forward. pretty positive. you know, we may have some positive wind behind the sales here. wish you were here. it smells funny. >> it will be.
2:53 pm
>> of course, the market has been all over the place. we opened relatively flat. two very important economic reports. less than expected here at probably at least for today. giving it all up to ashley webster. >> that is exactly right. >> perhaps bad news is good news. this week economic data. taking off the chances of another four rings this year. i cannot see the fed raising rates. >> the chicago pmi comes out. prices paid at a four-year low. it feels like we are in a recessionary. it makes them feel like a do not know what the hell is going on here and.
2:54 pm
>> what are they going to do now anyway. raising rates too late. making a bad decision. there is really little for them to do. china playing a role. figure oh zone is really struggling again. the big picture is not great. is it bad enough to suggest a recession? maybe not. >> no one thinks that it is good enough. they insist, a number that do remain vocal. >> that is exactly right. a big mistake given what we are doing. mentioning gold. gold has been an amazing performance. the money going into gold last week was the most in seven years. >> having to buy it. that is good. i have a few people in gold.
2:55 pm
it is not that good all the time. it is also something of an indictment on our leader. people do not know what is going on. some place you go when you just do not believe that the people in charge know what they are doing. it has been the most hated assets. it really does speak loudly for the lack of leadership. shipping the cargo companies saying we are not shipping. what are we going to do with it? they have filled up the ships. >> it is historic. we have the most out of it. the gasoline inventories. lower than expected.
2:56 pm
we have the job support. that could really, it could ruffle some feathers. coming up. we have more on these markets as we head into the final hour of trading. the cat among the pigeons. stay with us. ♪
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>> breaking news for you right now, a high school in arizona, boulder creek high school, is in lockdown right now on reports of a student armed with a .9 mm gun. now, no shots have been fired and no injuries have been reported. of course, we're going to continue to monitor this breaking story for you and bring you the latest. of course, you don't also want to forget to watch fox business tomorrow, breaking analysis all day. super tuesday, i'm going to kick off the big special beginning at 6 p.m. eastern time with my
3:00 pm
show, "making money," also joining us with special coverage will be trish regan, so you do not want to miss it. and of course, tune in tonight at 6 p.m., on tonight and every single night. liz claman, you had a rally, maybe you can resuscitate it. [laughter] liz: we shall try, and we will get any details as soon as we get them on that possible student with a gun story. in the meantime, major mud slinging on the gop presidential campaign trail. finish everything from little hands to orange skin, the irs, the kkk dominating the headlines ahead of tomorrow's all-important super tuesday primaries. donald trump a big target of the attack but also leaving an opening with a clumsy response to the fact that a former grand wizard of the ku klux klan has thrown his endorsement to the billionaire businessman. and then there's this: a "time" magazine photographer getting roughed up by the secret service at a trump event in virginia. take a look.


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