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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  March 10, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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perspective. liz: mark travis looking for ways to invest around volatility. intrepid funds. >> thank you. liz: this is bitter fight to the end of the trading session. a win for the bulls. volatile day on wall street. more than 300 point swing. [closing bell rings] 21st century fox ringing the closing bell at nasdaq to celebrate the third anniversary of the hit show, "sleepy hollow." david: 300 point swing for the dow. here is where we ended. >> i'm melissa francis. david: i'm david asman. this is "after the bell." new at this hour, hillary clinton is about to take the stage at a rally in durham, north carolina, one of the five major states up for grabs we're talking about super tuesday .0. that is five short days from now. melissa: clinton and rival bernie sanders are back on the campaign trail today. fox news's ed henry is in tampa, florida, with the latest. ed. reporter: great to see you,
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melissa. there was debate in miami, florida, big battleground for the democrats. more delegates, 248 next tuesday. hillary clinton has a big lead over sanders. his michigan win has put her on defense. maybe win illinois, ohio, missouri next tuesday. it is all about florida. clinton hit pretty hard about emails, asked by at one point by a moderator whether or not she might be indicted and have to drop out of the race. clinton insisted she doesn't want to engage in that kind of talk. she was out here trying to look past sanders in tampa, behind me at this theater, she is about you can taking on republicans in november while sanders said, not so fast. >> people ask me all the time, who do i want to run against? that is not for me to decide. given what they have all said i will take anyone of them. [cheering] >> we just pulled off a major
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upset in michigan the other day. [cheering] on tuesday we have five states coming up, including florida. if you guys come out to vote, we're going to pull off an upset here as well. [cheering] reporter: sanders was speaking at gainesville, university of florida, a key part of his base, young people. has to get them to turn out here, ohio, ohio state, other big campuses as well. bottom line the email controversy still doing clinton. several top democrats like dianne feinstein come out defend her over the controversy because today by the way is the one-year anniversary of her news conference at the united nations where she first got tripped up on the personal server. insisted there was no classified information on that server. that obviously has been called into doubt ever since. rnc, the republican national committee, giving us an idea of playbook in the general election by the way. they came out with two lawsuits urging more records to be released. for example, blackberry and text
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messages that clinton sent and received as secretary of state. it is clear, one year after infamous news conference at u.n., this email controversy is not goings away. melissa: i can not believe it has been a year since the news conference. time goes so fast. hah r thank you very much. david. david: bernie sanders turning his win in michigan into cold hard cash. the campaign raised five million dollars between the closing of polls in michigan on tuesday until midnight last night from 175,000 different donors. that works out to $28 a person. unbelievable. >> amazing. breaking news right now. ted cruz getting his first senate endorsement from utah's mike lee. that was just moments ago. this as republican candidates for the 2016 race are gearing up for tonight's debate in miami, florida. as donald trump still leads the pack for the party's nomination. blake burman is in washington, d.c. with the latest how important this endorsement is
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for cruz. how the candidates are preparing to do battle tonight. are they going to be nice? i heard they would try to be kind and loving to each other. do you believe that? reporter: they keep saying that, but said that for like 12 debates now. melissa: fair point. fair point. reporter: we'll see. as for mike lee, you mentioned this might be big, the question, melissa for ted cruz had been posed by donald trump, many of his detractors if you've been in the united states for five years how come none of your republican colleagues endorsed you? the underlying theme pushed by many cruz's opponents that cruz doesn't have any friends among his colleagues. would make him potentially tougher president to deal with one day. those lines got silenced a little bit when senator mike lee of utah announced he is endorsing cruz. >> he is the only republican candidate who can defeat donald trump and who can defeat hillary clinton. i believe he will. the time has finally come. the time is finely at hand when
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we as republicans need to unite behind one leader. reporter: couple things about endorsements here. this endorsement was unveiled at the site of tonight's public debate in miami which is marco rubio's hometown. the lee endorsement come as day after carly fiorina endorsed cruz in miami. this is now a trend from the cruz campaign of trying to grab the headlines away from rubio, not only if his own home state but in his city. for rubio it is more tan likely win florida or bust. every single poll in florida shows him trailing donald trump. he will try to cut into the goop later tonight on the debate stage. melissa, it might be too little too late potentially as more than a million votes have already been cast in florida. back to you. melissa: numbers really running against him so far. we'll see. blake burman, thanks for that. david. david: more on this, with five days before the florida republican primary senator rubio wants to put an end to reports he is dropping out of the race. take a listen. >> that is 100% categorically false.
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i have never discussed dropping without with anyone on my time or anyone on the planet earth, or anyone on any planet for that matter. i'm not dropping out of this race. i'm only one that can beat donald trump in florida. every poll would say that. david: but recent polls show rubio is struggling to woo voters n reese rally, look at this, supporters filled one end zone of a football stadium. ed rollins, former reagan political director and fox news political analyst. does rubio have any chance winning florida? >> no, absolutely not. he is way behind in the fox poll. he has been behind for substantial period of time. it is expensive state. 10 media markets. all he could hope so some of the outside groups beating up on the front-runner will have some impact but so far they haven't. david: what happens, by the way if he does suspend his campaign with his delegates? >> they're up for grabs. david: can he direct them? >> he could try to. first there aren't very many.
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even if he won florida, he would still be way behind. my sense is he was a bright shining star. people appreciated his optimism for a while. then he got, into old saying you don't get into mud with a pig. the pig's happy and you get dirty. to certain extent that is what happened to him. david: the interesting thing people are getting dirty, the clean guys, establishment so-called, now you have neil bush signing on to the bush campaign -- cruz campaign for the bush family. the establishment lost on jeb. that is fair to say. now they lost on rubio. will they lose on cruz? >> cruz will being one the finalists. i don't care whether he is establishment candidate or not. he cares about their money. david: could it be albatross around his neck the way it seemed for rubio? >> it was more than that for rubio. rubio ran a different kind of campaign. he didn't have conventional campaign with ground game and all the rest of it. more his personality on free tv.
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trump took all the air out of that oxygen. cruz has a good campaign team and they have won every time there is closed, meaning republicans only. he wins those races. wins caucuses. they will go all the way, basically very competitive. they need to get kasich out of the race and rubio on out of the race and make it one-on-one which is what their desire is. david: cruz is going all the way. you think trump will not have all delegates, 1237, by the convention. >> if it is two of them, one will have 1237 i i'm not sure which one at this point in time. certainly trump has big advantage at this point. i'm telling you cruz should not be underestimated. he has very substantial team and they know how to run a real campaign. david: he pulled out surprising wins. if it is trump can he be unifier he claims he will be? >> not when you're insulting candidates. he knocked out candidates months ago and still kicking them.
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lindsey graham, not only infighter, knock you down, once he gets you into the gutter he kicks you three more times. if you have to be unifier sit down with people like ryan, mcconnell. let's come together. you don't come together with people calling you names. david: if he is not unifier, can't bring republicans back into the fold in november, is go egg to lose? >> at this point in time in michigan, 50% of the voters against him are against him very strongly. especially women. the he had a 15-point gap between republican men and republican women. he needs to close that gap. needs to basically bring them together. a lot of that happens once you become the nominee if he becomes the nominee. david: the sage, ed rollins. >> thank you very much. david: melissa? melissa: from the fight for florida over to ohio now here are the results of a new "fox news poll" out of the buckeye state. john kasich out in front at the moment leading donald trump by 5% but case i can says he is confident he will keep the lead in his home state.
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>> we're going to win ohio. that is not even question for me. about what we do after that and all the places we have to go. but we're not taking it for granted. i'm working very hard there now. so are all the team. our team out there and i will go down for the debate and i'm back and living in ohio. all over the state which is what i always do. melissa: and kasich picking up hometown endorsements today from ohio state head coach urban meyer as well as former space shuttle commanders and retired naval pilot steve oswald and bill readdy. david: president obama welcoming justin trudeau, first official state visit from canada in 20 years. they held a press conference made of tonight's state dinner where the president made a following comment. >> every time we have presidential election our friends to the north have to brace for exodus of americans that they swear they move to
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canada if the guy from the other party wins. and so, but, typically it turns out fine. david: fox news's kevin corke live from the white house with details of the prime minister's visit. kevin? >> good afternoon from the white house. as you you know the u.s. and canadian economies are intertwined, perhaps like no other two countries on the face of the earth. so it stands to reason, right, that in the first visit here to the u.s. soil by canadian prime in some 20 years would center around trade, yes, obviously climate change as well. those were two major topics discussed by the president and prime minister justin trudeau as he made his way here to the white house. by the way, speaking of climate change, the president also went to great lengths to sort of poke a little bit at the prime minister about the fact that the stanley cub is back on american soil thanks to the chicago blackhawks. over in the oval office the two men had a chance to talk and discussed importance of this very strong bilateral
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relationship they say has been envy of the world despite noticeable differences in the natural resource sector for example. later in the rose garden the conversation shifted as the president was asked if he felt partially responsible for the rancor between democrats and republicans here in the state and resulting rise of the gop front-runner donald trump? >> what i'm not going to do is validate some notion that the republican crackup that has been taking place is, is the consequence of actions that i've taken. reporter: we also learned today that the president has been invited to address canada's parliament. now that visit will likely happen during the so-called three amigos summit, u.s., mexico and canada. that will happen during june. there are myriad topics they
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could discuss and president could talk about a conversation with leaders in canada, among them, climate change, arctic security, for example, given russia's recent incursions there, talk about natural resources, who knows maybe a little hockey along the way. back to you. david: kevin corke, thank you very much from the white house. melissa: huge development in the war on terror. we know the identities of thousands of isis fighters coming from around the world, including americans by the way. what global authorities plan to do with the list now. david: here is the question of the hour. did hillary clinton lie to one of the mothers who lost her son in the attack on benghazi? >> i certainly can't even imagine the grief that she has for losing her son but she's wrong. she's absolutely wrong. david: well, she doesn't think so. former navy fighter pilot lea gabrielle has a lot to say on this matter. she joins us next. melissa: targeted just for supporting donald trump.
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melissa: hillary clinton really feeling the heat in miami. the former secretary of state facing tough questions about the benghazi attack that left four americans dead. clinton denying a claim from one of the victim's mothers that she lied to her about the cause of the attacks stemming from an anti-muslim video. >> i certainly can't even imagine the grief that she has for losing her son but she's wrong, she's absolutely wrong. melissa: patricia smith, the mother of the victim, responding in an interview on fox business earlier.
4:18 pm
>> i want the government, not to call me a liar because that's incredible. i don't lie like that. she is proven liar. that's neither here nor there. i want to know why my son was dead when he asked for security. melissa: here to weigh in is lea gabrielle, former navy fighter pilot and fox news correspondent. does it come down to that, when you put those sound bites back to each other, that one of those two people is lying? is it that straightforward? >> you know, i don't think you can -- look only people who know the truth are people inside of the administration who made the decision to say what they did and only know what information they had at the time. listening to sean smith's mother talk is so compelling. what i know from my experience in the military and intelligence community, when people die, send our children to serve in foreign lands, and they die we expect answers. as somebody in the military you
4:19 pm
expect there will be dangers, certain dangers, as mother of a diplomat, information management officer she did not expect her son to be in that level of danger. she certainly expected if he was, when the requests were made for more security and they are weren't given. melissa: written in 13 hours, told by team people on the ground, still can't figure out why they didn't send anyone. don't want to get off track. you were talking about something interesting we were talking in the break, hillary clinton talking about, you saw some things in her body langage that she was denying when she told that woman that. what did you see? >> when she is wants the person to ask the questions shut up, hand wipe. melissa: stop. >> shut up. put those words back in your mouth. really in this situation, melissa, that is all she can do. this is issue for her political campaign. this will hurt her political campaign. best-case scenario for her,
4:20 pm
families to go away, for all of these issues to go away until she can get elected into office. she would like everyone to shut up, put the hand up and shut your mouth. get through this but the problem the families will want accountability. they deserve to know what happened to their children, their family members. melissa: closest she got, i watched that part of the debate over and over again. at one point she said there is the fog of war and sometimes we tell, we tell families one thing and we have to come back later and tell them that wasn't the right information. we got other information that was different. of course his mother is saying this mother we saw, nobody ever got back to her. >> wrong answer. melissa: do you believe that first of all? that seems reasonable. you say something and find out what happened later that didn't happen. >> i see this in the military. they all too often take message to family members. they're careful not to give bad information that is the worst thing you can do. melissa: not to give them
4:21 pm
misinformation. >> when family member has died. fog of war is very good argument though. this was rapidly developing situation. they had assets, intelligence assets on the ground. predator feed coming in, within hours after the attack took place. of course analysts, intelligence officers, everyone will be getting together to try to assess what is happening here. there will be misinformation, new information. that fog of war is actually a good argument. what is not a good argument you don't give misinformation or wrong information to family members. if you don't know the answer you say we don't know, we'll keep you updated. several family members, doherty's family, wood's family, smith's family, they were all fed misinformation that proved not to be true. that is absolutely the wrong answer when you're dealing with family members of someone who died in the service of our country. melissa: your point is great. that is unusual, if they don't know the details say less rather than more. suspicious in and of itself provided extra detail that turned out not to be true.
4:22 pm
thanks so much for your insights. appreciate it. david? >> pick up a phone and call mrs. smith it is simple. isis unmasked. at least good news on this front. terrorist identities as thousands of names are lee leased to intel authorities. four americans are on the list. severe flooding forcing evacuations all over the south. >> really this is an event, kind of sneaks up on you. it faces as much rain came down at one time, it's not proactive for. you kind of become reactive to it. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
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legal help is here. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. melissa: more than 22,000 documents containing the personal details of islamic state fighters have been leaked to sky news by a former member of the terror group. fox news's greg palkot has details. reporter: potentially huge breakthrough in the efforts to break up the isis terror
4:26 pm
organization. a possible treasure trove of some 22,000 documents contain one thumb drive obtained from a defector from isis by correspondent stuart ramsey of our sister network here in london, sky news. incredibly, allegedly, they are employment applications for thousands of foreign jihadis from over 50 nations including the united states. at last count 12 americans were listed including 33-year-old douglas mcarthur mccain a minneapolis native. went to fight for isis in early 2014 and was killed in fighting near aleppo in syria in august of that year. on his questionnaire, he gives his name, his nationality, his phone numbers, his former job, how he got to syria, who referred him and whether he wanted to be a martyr or not. he did not. now german intelligence authorities who also have a documents believe that they are authentic.
4:27 pm
as for their importance, here is what one former u.k. spy chief had to say. >> it is fantastic coup and it will be an absolute gold mine of information of enormous significance and interest to very many people but of course particularly the security and intelligence services. reporter: many fighters like that american we just mentioned have been killed in combat. what could be key for investigators though is breaking up the networks that are bringing these fighters to the battlefield and making sure that they don't return to their home countries including the united states. the justice department tells fox news it's aware of the media reports. can not vouch for the ought thin of the of the documents -- authenticity of the documents. back to you. melissa: more to follow i'm sure. thankthank you, greg palkot. david. david: we have this business alert. the justice department just filing a response to apple in the fight over the encrypted i phone belong to one of the san bernardino shooters, actually the city of san bernardino used by one of
4:28 pm
the shooters. it says, apple, quote, deliberately raised technological barriers in order to prevent the government from executing a warrant on that particular phone. we'll wait to see how that works out. melissa: trump gives voters what they want, anger and outrage, but "the donald" is now promising to show a more presidential version of himself. coming up we'll see. we'll ask michael goodwin is if that is what voter really want. david: michael is a good guy. hillary's challenge didn't come from sanders. listen to the question that hillary clinton really couldn't answer. >> so who specifically gave you permission to operate your email system as you did? was it president barack obama? and would you drop out of the race if you get indicted?
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melissa: donald trump really inching his way to the gop nomination while critics say he is not presidential. the front-runner says when the time is right he is going to play the part. >> at the right time, at the right time i will be so presidential that you'll call me and say, donald, you have to stop that. that is too much. but you know what? it is true, i think you understand, when they attacked me i have to attack book. i'm a counter public cher. melissa: -- counter puncher. melissa: here is weigh in, michael goodwin.
4:33 pm
he told megyn kelly last night he regretted way he has based. everyone is taking tone they will be polite and nice tonight. what do you think? >> no. trump may want to be because he has most to lose but as he said at the i'm a counter puncher, i think they will have to because so much is at stake. next tuesday is it for certainly for rubio if he doesn't win florida. and kasich, i think, if he doesn't win ohio. now kasich has not been the attack dog that cruz and rubio have been but i think cruz too is fighting for his life. they're all, they're all i think having incentive and real reason to go after trump. i think he will not be able to resist the bait. melissa: he is unable to resist. you had a great article talking about three things you think trump needs to do right now. it started with talking about himself less and the american people more. perhaps what he might do with them, do for them. his need to develop a brain trust that can get him up to
4:34 pm
speed on hot spots. and you also talked about keeping congressional candidates interest in mind so that you're voting down the ticket. it strikes me, those three things are sort of go against the grain of what he is all about. >> well, that's true. but i think that's why it is a challenge for him. and i meant that as a challenge, because i think he can kin a general? >> and the general, yes. he has a lot of repair work to do, in addition to winning the nomination. he has to begin. there is not a lot of time. summer doesn't count a lot. people are not paying as much attention. you win the nomination, say july, no later than the convention, next thing you know it is labor day. you have two months left. melissa: okay. >> he has done some damage to his reputation. melissa: talk about himself less but, i have done all these great things. i can do the same thing for you. i'm a winner. that's worked for him. looking at congressional candidates interest, that is really a tough one, because he says, i don't want anything to
4:35 pm
do with all these people. that is what his voters like. >> yeah, that is dilemma for him. what he needs to explain to his voters, if they don't like this, this is how to get things done once i'm elected. i need a republican congress. if i'm going to appoint someone to the supreme court, nominate i need a republican senate who will confirm that person. so i think there's a practical el it, to carrying out this agenda. i think the concern i think a lot of people have about him is that he has made so many enemies that politics is a game of addition, not subtraction. melissa: interesting. michael goodwin. thank you so much. appreciate your time. david? >> the days of hillary clinton being able to dodge questions regarding her emails may be coming to an end. listen to this. >> if you get indicted would you drop out no oh for goodness -- that is not going to happen. i'm not even answering the question. [cheering] david: she didn't answer the question but for months the
4:36 pm
mainstream media has been hesitant to mention hillary's troubles in interviews or debate but is the mood changing? richard fowler, new leaders council senior fellow, hadley heath manning, independent women's forum. richard, first to you. is the clinton camp maybe they're not getting a pass on email issue anymore? >> i don't think they are concerned at all. it has been very clear. hillary has not gotten a pass. she spent 11 hours on the hill testifying about it. all emails are turned over to the public. i don't get the story, to be honest with you. in the beltway people are trying to make believe a narrative. headline is not there. david: you may not get it plays into part of the trustworthy issue. every time there is new revelation her trust worth think goes down. let me to to hadley. one issue clearly not believed by the media anymore, she says there was security review. nothing criminal about this investigation at all. we've been saying it for a while from our sources inside the fbi.
4:37 pm
now "the washington post" is calling it a criminal investigation. here's what "the new york times" just said. the fbi's case did begin at security review, but multiple law enforcement officials said it quickly became an investigation whether anyone committed a crime handling the information. they're not buying her narrative anymore on this. >> that's right. the mainstream mead craw will be much tougher on thissish through, it will be the, during primary season the first problem is over coming challenge from senator sanders. someone on voters on the left see much more honest and trustworthy. not so much as you email issue. richard like a lot of other democrats dismiss the e-mail issue because there are other honest and trustworthy problems clinton has, including failure to release transcript of speeches before wall street firms. that is bigger issue for many democratic voters than the email server.
4:38 pm
david: let me throw that back to richard for a second. if there is criminal referral, again she never completely answered question, if there is referral from the fbi from the department of justice, will bernie sanders, who took the issue off the table during the debate, will he bring it up in the campaign? >> there won't be a criminal referral. david: if there is. there is. >> she is the not target of the investigation. david: if there is criminal referral. >> with that being said i don't think bernie will bring it up, like me, a lot of other folks watching this studying story, there was not a criminal referral. david: you don't know that. you do not know that. >> i think what we do -- david: richard, hold on a second. how can you say that? you do not know that. what is your inside information? on what are you basing -- >> you can look, look at court records, right. over and over again when fbi went to court they indicated a hillary clinton is not target of the investigation. david: hadley, time and again, miss lynch herself, attorney general has said nobody, including richard has inside information where this will go.
4:39 pm
but if it does become a criminal referral, to the justice department, do you think that bernie will bring it up on the campaign trail? >> you know, senator sanders has shifted on this issue. initially at the beginning of the democratic primary no one wants to hear about your darned emails that represented democrat opinions. only 12% believe the email problem will be a issue for secretary clinton. i'm afraid democrats may be blindsided by issue not in terms whether or not an indictment will happen, politically how it is read by -- david: i'm thinking after the michigan -- hold on a second. i think after michigan bernie is beginning to smell victory. may be a pipe-dream, richard, don't you think he is very encouraged by what happened in michigan. >> no question ben bernanke campaign has momentum. he raised over five million dollars after his michigan win. david: absolutely. >> what this does show the media was wrong it would be hillary clinton coronation.
4:40 pm
david: that is true. >> she will have to work for every vote, like bernie will have to work for every vote. david: melissa, richard, thank you very much. melissa: one of the big topics on twitter from last night's democratic debate had nothing to do with the debate issues, did you see this? bernie sanders's suit. deirdre bolton joins us. there is great dispute over the color. >> you probably remember the dress, #the dress, is it blew or gold. the same thing, we're looking at pictures of senator sanders. is it brown, is it blue? some people were saying it was plaque. so apparently -- black. apparently it was cocoa brown. apparently his own team was having difficult time responding to all comments flying around twitter. only thing, my takeaway, here melissa, on every single one of these eye tests call it fail and i have to get my contacts upgraded. that is my takeaway. melissa: somebody else said maybe it was blue in the '60s. now it is brown.
4:41 pm
it has aged. >> like a fine wine. melissa: deirdre, thank you so much. see you at the top. hour for "risk & reward." david: i think bernie wears his 1960 suit. melissa: who debates in brown? you want to -- broken? david: meanwhile, there are historic floods swamping the south. now thousands of residents are bracing for even worse weather. take a look. >> got a lot more rain coming. we got another wave of rain. national weather service says three, four inches, greater than five inches isolated. who knows where that is going to fall. david: so it is the final day of public visitation for nancy reagan. the former first lady's funeral will be held tomorrow but one notable -- will not be in attendance. ♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
4:42 pm
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melissa: stream flooding in the southeast, three people have been killed and thousands of homes evacuated as historic
4:45 pm
floods bear down on parts of louisiana, texas and arkansas. with more than 20 inches falling in the hardest hit areas. the forecast is for the rain to end by friday afternoon. wow. david: wow. meanwhile, remembering nancy reagan. americans paying their respects to the former first lady during today's visitation. reagan's funeral will be held tomorrow but don't expect president obama to be there. fox news's trace gallagher is at the reagan library in simi valley, california. hi, trace. reporter: david, the buses are still pulling up here the public viewing for nancy reagan is supposed to ask 15 or 20 minutes. there are dozens of people in line. they may push that. yesterday some 3,000 people came here to pay their respects. at the time they were trying to close the library, there were 1000 people in line. they had to push the timeline there as well. 11:00 tomorrow morning is when the funeral is set to begin, rain or shine. we are expecting some rain here
4:46 pm
in semivalley. they may have a thousands guests and dig knit terries under -- dignitaries undoing big tent. it is emotional funeral. battle hymn of the republic being sung by a high school choir. former canadian prime minister, brian mulrooney who was in office, they became very good friends, read a letter written by ronald reagan to nancy reagan. the former president was a prolific letter writer, especially to his wife. eulogies are offered by former secretary of state james baker who was also the chief of staff for ronald reagan as well as "nbc nightly news" anchor tom brokaw and reagan children, ron reagan and patty davis. nancy reagan and patti davis had very public falling out in the 1980s. but when the former president was diagnosed with alzheimer's they began to mend their ways.
4:47 pm
they reconciled fully by the time nancy reagan passed away. in fact they were very close. who will be here who will not. michelle obama will be here. both the bushes. all the living former first ladies will be on hand. president carter will not be here. and president obama will not be here either to this event. david. david: he will miss quite an event. sound like every detail is picked out by nancy reagan. thank you very much. trace gallagher. appreciate it. >> slammed by association. trump supporters are the new target of presidential race but that is not stopping them. >> i'm not backing down. i'm putting up a larger sign. i'm probably going to buy more signs to put up. i want to do this to show them they're not going to stop me as early as possible. melissa: steve moore said leave trump fans alone. we'll get his take coming up. plus honesty is the best policy. maria sharapova has the sponsorship to prove it. that's next.
4:48 pm
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melissa: whether on wall street or main street here who is making money today. maria sharapova, the tennis star maintained her sponsorship with racket maker head. in fact the company says they will extend the contract with her even after she announced she failed a drug test. ahead saying the decision is based on honesty she displayed admitting mistake. interesting. not making money, the world's most interesting man is not so interesting anymore. brewing company dos equis retiring campaign that nearly tripled it is business starting in 2007. the guy who is the most interesting man in the world, how do you let him go? david: that doesn't make a lot of sense. melissa: no. david: ted cruz not only railing against donald trump but taking a shot at his supporters yesterday. take a listen. >> donald does well with vote
4:52 pm
here's have relatively low information, who are not that engaged and who are angry and see him as an angry voice. where we are beating him is when voters get more engaged and get more informed. when they inform themselves they realize his record. he's what they're angry at. david: well, steve moore is here saying stop insulting your own. heritage foundation fellow and fox news contributor joins me now. so, steve, what do you make of this, calling trump voters low-information or even dupes? >> yeah, hi, david. i don't have a horse in this race. david: i understood. >> i like cruz but i truly don't. this is big mistake for republicans not just ted cruz and a lot of my conservative friend who basically say it is act of treason to say anything nice about trump let alone his voters. when ted cruz says they're low information voters, i've been to a couple of trump rallies. these are really patriotic americans that love our country
4:53 pm
and i disagree with them on issues. david: right. >> if, i'm a conservative, if republicans want to win this election, they need those millions of voters that trump is attracting to the party. i don't think this is the way to do that. david: peggy noonan doesn't have a horse to the race but come to the defense of trump voters or enthuse sifts. we don't have low information voters. we have a low information elite that thinks so poorly of people behind trump when this fact they have been more often right than wrong about what happens with the elite when they go into inside the beltway and don't do what they say they're going to dot. >> yeah, well who am i to disagree with peggy noonan.i lo. you're exactly right. the problem is, you and i are free traders, david, right? david: yes. >> we believe free trade is, if people are not buying into the free trade agenda right now the problem is us. we're not making the case to folks. we have to figure out how do we make the case free trade is good for everyone, especially poor people. david: donald, let me stop you.
4:54 pm
seemed to me donald in the last debate was beginning to make the case describing why it was he had a lot of his products made overseas. because they are cheaper. >> exactly. david: there is something called basic economics the law of competitive advantage. it is the most basic rule since adam smith. you go where it is cheaper and everybody benefits. >> i want to make a broader point. you know having met a lot of these trump voters these are true reagan blue-collar workers. a lot of them that i met, you know these are people who truly are living paycheck to paycheck. they're living on the edge. they're stressed out. i think we as conservatives have to figure out how do we reach these people. how do we convince them, our freedom, free market agenda of lower tax rates and free trade, less regulation is actually good for them? i keep making this case, like this, david. if you're running a company like coke and people said, i don't like new coke, you wouldn't say what is wrong with these customers? how stupid are they! maybe there is something wrong
4:55 pm
with the product. david: for all those people who are offended by his rudeness, et ceteras i mean, just proves the point to a lot of his supporters that this guy's not pc. he doesn't care what people think. he cares more about getting something done than he does about comportment. >> yeah. look i don't like his behavior, and i don't like his rudeness. david: maybe you need some of that shake things up. we had so much cooperation inside the beltway, look what it got us. >> that is fair point t turns me off. some people may be turned on by it. look, i like ted cruz a lot. i think cruz is making a mistake if he dissing these trump voters. you know what? if ted cruz does turn out to be republican nominee, he will want those voters. he will really rue the day he called them low-information. david: absolutely. he will need them back in the tent. steve moore, thank you very much. >> david, good to see. >> so hundreds of thousands of dollars being put into the
4:56 pm
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melissa: have you ever wondered if being "hangry" is a real thing? scientists do too. they are taking action using your tax dollars of course. david: the national science foundation paying $330,000 to find out if being angry due to hunger is not just a phenomenon. melissa: melissa: what? david: some people it was waste of money. some discovered "hangry" was real thing. we needed to spend that. >> anybody talking to me before
5:00 pm
breakfast think, is why we go to "risk & reward" with deirdre bolton. >> i want them to tell me what happened. that is incredible. i don't lie like that. she is proven liar. deirdre: emotional response on fox business from the mother of one of the americans killed in benghazi. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. we're going to have more from that mom accusing hillary clinton of lying to her face. but first up, on tuesday, there is a winner all contest in states such as ohio and florida. three others ahead of that. one last republican debate tonight in miami. sources say the establishment is pressuring senator rubio to suspend his campaign now, to unify the so-called anti-t


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