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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  March 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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triple-digit rally driving the market higher for the week. [closing bell rings] don't forget the fed meets next week. let's make it a date on monday. closing bell rings. david and melissa pick you it up here with the "after the bell." david: i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." new this hour, bringing the bern to the buckeye state, bernie sanders bringing rally to ohio. his surprise win he says in michigan rattled hillary clinton and tuesday's races will be closer than you think. family of nancy reagan along with distinguished guests from capitol hill to hollywood are paying their final respects right now to the former first lady. david: as the rain begins to fall there. we have you covered on all top stories. back to today's market rally.
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the dow ended day up 200 points. what a way to end the week. all major averages ending higher for the fourth week in a row. this is the longest winning streak in four months. phil flynn, price futures group and fox business contributor joins me now from the cme. phil, everybody was saying when oil goes up, the markets go up. that happened today. but was there anything else? >> well you know i'll tell you, i still think this is partly due to mario draghi yesterday. they gave a major shot at stimulus to the european economy and i think that's what the market was really looking for. i know there was a little, thinking about whether he did enough or, you know the concerns that he might not raise interest rates in the future. they shook that off today. i think they really gained on the momentum. you have to look at oil. oil was incredible. oil has been up four weeks in a row. major changes for some of the most bearish people on the street, dave. international energy agency and goldman sachs basically backing off their bearishness.
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both of them are saying hey, wait a second now, maybe we'll see production fall peacer than anticipated. maybe you know what? we're seeing green shoots of market balancing. david: phil, hold on a second. i want to ask you before we go about politics and whether that entered in. a lot of people said donald trump was calm, collected last night. looked for presidential. this morning he got endorsement from ben carson. is the sort of calming view of trump does that have anything to do with the rally on wall street you think? >> i think it is a positive, dave. a lot of people think he is going to be our next president and people were a little worried because you know, tendency to governor off the handle. if he can rein that in a little bit a lot of people agree with a lot of his ideas, big ideas. david: phil flynn, have a great weekend. phil, thanks very much. melissa.
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melissa: remembering the life, legacy and love of former first lady nancy reagan as she is laid to rest next to her beloved husband in ronald reagan presidential library and museum in simi valley, california. the first lady's son, ron reagan, jr., talking about her touching love with mourners. >> in later years after my father had gone, she used to ask me if i thought she would be with him again when she died. i'm not a believer in the supernatural but i always assured her wherever dad had gone she was surely going to go there too. david: i'm joined now by nancy reagan's chief of staff during the final three years of the reagan administration tenure in the white house, jack cordamanche. thank you for joining us. we all know their love affair was something for the ages but explain how important she was to the presidency of ronald reagan.
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>> they were really one, they were two as one together. they were just connected in every which way and, it was a very true, true love and, it was shown in some different ways. you know, today's service brought back so many memories for me. seeing two of them together and so for the. david: jack, peggy noonan wrote a very touching piece today about her relationship with nancy reagan and of course about how she helped the presidency but she did talk about how tough she was in the white house. and she said, i'm quoting here, there was no him without her. he could not have launched or sustained his great project if she hadn't made him her project. if you served him well, you were in. if not, don't let the door hit you know where. >> very true. peggy hit it right on the nose. that's the way it was.
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that was their relationship. david: now did she just push his policies or did she actually come up with some policies herself, recommend those policies to him and he followed through? >> actually they were in tune everything, on policy and everything. they were one. they were one. he backed her 100% on the just say no program. and she was always with him on his programs. david: of course at the last, the last couple years of his presidency when diplomacy was in foul gear with gorbachev. i understand she really pushed him to engage with gorbachev, correct? >> very much so, very much so. i was involved in the moscow summit and also the summit in washington, d.c. and had a chance to be around the reagans
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with the gorbachev and mrs. reagan was right there at all time building that relationship. they ended up with a very, very fine relationship. david: finally, jack how -- she was your manager. how was she as a manager? some say she was a bit too much of a micromanager. others say not. what do you say? >> well i had a really special relationship with her. i knew mrs. reagan and ronald reagan since 1975. i served in the white house different capacities for eight years with the president. and mrs. reagan as chief of staff. so i had a special close relationship with them. and i understood mrs. reagan. i understood the president and it was easy, wonderful relationship. david: jack, thank you very much. appreciate you being here with us. >> thank you. david: melissa. melissa: turning now to the race for the white house, we're just four short days from super tuesday 2.0.
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the republican candidates making their final pitches ahead of the florida and ohio contests. two key winner-take-all states that could cut the gop field in half. fox business's blake burman joins with us the latest on the campaign trail. blake. reporter: hi, there, melissa. in what many feel ask quite possibly one of the most unusual presidential elections in recent memory we had one of those yet again unusual days here on this friday. we'll start marco rubio. rubio as we know in the last couple days trying to convince voters in florida, his home state he needs to win, a vote for john kasich or vote for ted cruz is essentially a vote for donald trump. that was pretty much spun right back to him earlier today as john kasich is trying to hold his ground in ohio. so rubio and his campaign was asked what does that mean for people that want to vote for you in ohio. is that essentially a vote for donald trump? rubio says if the intention for his supporters to stop trump by
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voting for kasich, essentially voting for somebody else other than him, he would respect that. >> clearly john kasich is, has a better chance of winning ohio than i do. i suspect a voter in ohio that doesn't want donald trump to win ohio may very well conclude the best way to stop him in ohio is to vote for john kasich. i respect that. reporter: florida and ohio, winner-take-all states coming up on tuesday. dr. ben carson reemerged on the campaign trail earlier today with his official endorsement of donald trump earlier today. of course trump tipped us off last night at debate. carson came around an trump. it was trump before it was rubio and before it was ted cruz. carson, trump was going directly after carson as those two were running one and two at points in national polls. carson might have put trump on little bit of a defensive when he said there are two donald trumps. one before the cameras and one he has gotten to know privately,
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that was, had several reporters asking, well, if there are two donald trumps, mr. trump, what are you, what your saying in front of the cameras is that essentially an act? also with the trump campaign there is the back around forth between corey lewandowski and mesh shelled fields as fields filed a complaint in jupiter about some bruising she received. others there in florida said that was done by mr. lewandowski which he denies. melissa: blake, that was a lot in one day. thank you very much. here to weigh in on all that, how which kurtz, fox news media analyst, host of "mediabuzz." a lot to digest there. let's talk about the two mr. trumps and one at the debate stood in stark contrast to the man on the campaign trail and other debates and throwing insults and barbs and being rather crude. do you think we'll see this new trump here on out? was that a full pivot? >> most of the time because
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sometimes donald trump can't help himself. i had a preview of this, i interviewed donald trump the day before the debate in palm beach. you will see that interview on "mediabuzz" on sunday and he was very much in the party unit mold. i asked him about rubio and i asked him about cruz. he was mostly saying positive things. it was clear he was trying to move beyond as he said in the debate, lying ted and little marco phase of the campaign. melissa: there is some indication that may be the last debate if it is up to donald trump. let's listen what he had to say. i want to ask you what you think about that. >> i think we've had enough debates. how many times do you have to give the same answer to the same question? do you agree with that, ben? same question, same people, same everything. melissa: what do you think? what's your bet? >> he went half a step further with me saying the debate were out of control. i think trump doesn't want to do anymore debates. he wanted this one in miami to be the last one. it will depend in part what happens on tuesday. if he were to win florida and ohio he would say basically this race is over folks.
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there is no need, there have been 12 debates. no need to have 13th or 14th. if the night doesn't go as well for him, we'll have to see. melissa: he may change his mind. let me turn you to the story that has been percolating all day and all week about this altercation between his campaign manager and a reporter michelle fields. most recent thing that happened another 20 or 30 minutes, video surfaced purporting to show the video, a video shows it didn't happen. so hard to keep track where we are in this story. what is your take on the impact of it overall? >> well it's a major distraction for the trump campaign. i spent a lot of time looking at videos it is hard to say definitely what happened. corey lewandowski said he never touched michelle fields. she says she doesn't know who grabbed her arm and left bruises. she didn't see it. another reporter said it was lewandowski.
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breitbart which is pro-trump organization, breitbart took unusual step, we looked at video we think it wasn't trump campaign's manager corey lewandowski who grabbed michelle fields. distancing themselves from their own reporter. it is kind much a morass he said/she said. melissa: very bizarre story what. bizarre is normal for this campaign. >> the new normal. melissa: look forward to your show on sunday. can't wait for it. >> good to see you. david: is there anything that happens around trump that is not television worthy? melissa: that is good point. i don't know. david: there is news on other side of the aisle. looking for a major upset, bernie sanders is about to hold a major campaign rally with supporters in ohio four days before the primary there. fox news's ed henry there with the latest. big crowd, ed? reporter: it is interesting, david. senator sanders is about to come out. last night he had rally in florida.
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he is trailing there. he had rally of 9,000 people in tampa. they vote on tuesday and vote in ohio as well. i got interview with bernie sanders backstage, he told me see as path to victory. he is behind in delegates. he think in fact he will do well in florida on tuesday and get momentum here in the midwest. remember a few days ago he won in michigan. he thinks next tuesday he can win in ohio and illinois looking beyond that to states like california that vote in june. listen. >> in our view, i'm not going to tell you it's easy but we have a path toward victory. i think some of the states coming up, some. very larger states, california, new york, west coast we're strong. oregon, washington state, hawaii, we think we have path toward victory. reporter: california on june 7th. over 540 delegates for democrats. sanders is hoping that his brand of progressive politics will help him to win california. he is going to need some big
4:14 pm
wins like that, david, because he is behind hillary clinton right now. he doesn't have the math but he does have a lot of money to stay in. he certainly has momentum right now, dade. david: he doesn't have those pesky superdelegates either. that is the problem for him. ed, good to see you. appreciate it. melissa: revealing new details from the key witness in the clinton email investigation. what i.t. specialist bryan pagliano has now told the fbi. you don't want to miss that. david: layers and layers to this story. meanwhile violence in the stands from a sucker-punch protester to the breitbart reporter who is now filed assault charges against trump's campaign manager. we'll hear how "the donald" is responding. we'll speak with one of his top supporters, sheriff joe arpaio is coming on. melissa: louisiana slammed with historic flash flooding and rain is still falling. >> our backyard is like a river, a lake. it breaks the heart.
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david: breaking news. very interesting stuff. u.s. defense officials confirmed north korea lost touch with one of its submarines. u.s. spy satellites, aircraft and ships secretly north korean navy search for the submarine for days. the u.s. has not been asked to assist in search-and-rescue efforts. not at all surprising considering it is north korea. we'll bring you any updates. melissa. melissa: new details emerging from a key witness into the fbi investigation into the hillary clinton email server. fox news's catherine herridge joins us with exclusive details. catherine what did we learn.
4:19 pm
reporter: thank you, melissa, and good afternoon. a intelligence source close to the investigation that former clinton i.t. specialist bryan pagliano told the fbi how the former secretary of state unsecured email system was set up who had access, when, and what devices were used. fox news was told with pagliano who struck immunity deal with the justice department late last year has provide ad road map to the investigators and importance to the fbi case can not be overemphasized. >> the i.t. guy may no intent. he is going to be told, here is how we'll set this up. this south side the federal government. this is outside the reach and control of the department of state. reporter: the source who is not authorized to speak on the record due to the sensitivity of the ongoing fbi investigation said pagliano's information is helping investigators to knit together the emails with other evidence including images of mrs. clinton using her devices on the road as secretary of state. cbs recently pressed clinton about the fbi probe and pagliano's immunity deal.
4:20 pm
>> it's a security review. i'm delighted that he has agreed to cooperate as everyone else has and i think that we'll be moving toward a resolution of this. reporter: today there was no on the record response from pagliano's attorney nor a statement or further statement rather than from clinton's campaign. she said consistently nothing she sent or received was marked classified at the time but the federal rules are quite clear on this point. classified material is based on the content, not the markings, melissa. melissa: wow. catherine, thank you so much for that. david. david: we have extreme weather in the south. state of emergency declared in mississippi. the national weather service warning residents about a possible life-threatening flood event, that is their words. at least five to seven inches of rain hitting the area in only past 24 hours. but heavy rain is pummeling louisiana now for the fourth state day. it trapped several hundred people in their homes. leaving roads impassable. the storms are now heading towards mobile, alabama, where
4:21 pm
nearly six inches of rain could fall by early sunday. we wish them the best. melissa: yeah, wow. protests at trump rallies are nothing new. take a look at this. a trump supporter takes a swing at a protester. coming up sheriff joe arpaio gives us his take. in the last weekend before the primaries in their home states rubio and kasich are trying to stop the trump train but is it too late. >> i'm open to one thing, winning florida on tuesday and getting delegates to be the no many knee or at least more delegates than anybody else. [plumber] i need to be where the pipes are.
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we're having a great month. and celebrate accordingly. i run on quickbooks.that's how i own it. david: donald trump's rallies are getting violent reputation. breitbart reporter michelle feels claims she was bruised when trump's campaign mapping every corey lewandowski roughed her up at a press conference last week. this is something that he strenuously denies.
4:25 pm
this comes a day after the trump supporter was arrested for really cold cobbing a protester at a trump event. do trump rallies engender violence is what some critic in the media complain. here is joe arpaio a trump supporter. what do you make of all this. >> it is hard to say. i've been to at least five rallies introducing donald, very, very heated people supporting donald trump. everyone has -- david: any of those five rallies were there protesters, "black lives matter" people, somebody trying to stir things up? >> yeah, everyone. everyone. david: how were they handledded? how were the protesters handed then? >> well, professional police officers and security and secret service took care of business, escorted them out. david: good. >> that was the end of that.
4:26 pm
david: good. >> i don't know why this is a big deal. david: here's one of the reasons why, we have the video we're showing right now, the guy punching, a 8-year-old guy -- 78-year-old guy punching someone. some say he has his fingerprints. >> guards are gentle with him. walking out with high-fives, laughing. like to pinch him in the face i tell you. get him out of hire. get him out. try not to hurt him. if you do, i will defend you in court. don't worry about it. david: the fact that he said i would like to punch him myself, does that make him in any way culpable. >> no. this is rally. first amendment. it's a rally. you know, what senator sanders had two people approach his microphone and he walked away? do you want a guy to walk away when he is president, when he is trying to defend our country? what is he supposed to say? this is rally. you're supposed to be able to talk.
4:27 pm
he tells it like he feels. he is not one of these guys that have to be programmed on every word he says. david: that's for darn sure. >> i don't know what the big deal. >> i know corey. this guy is very subdued guy. very quiet guy. i can't believe what they're saying he did to this guy. david: well it is a classic he said/she said, or she says he said but with regard to all of this, you've been at these rallies. you have seen protesters stir things up. have protesters themselves been itching for a confrontation? >> yeah. you know what is -- i'll tell you one thing. i commend everybody. there could have been a riot. there are never any riots when these protesters start screaming so they can get on television. they only firm protesters, by the way in these rallies. they don't film 8 to 10,000 people that are cheering. it came out okay. no riots. no nothing. why are we making a big deal about it? david: you're a sheriff.
4:28 pm
you have a lot of experience dealing with law enforcement officers. have you been ever asked by trump campaign to put together a protection detail. >> no. he has got secret service. i don't get involved. david: he has enough. do you think they're doing a good job or would you do things any differently? >> no, they're doing a great job, when you have 10,000 people and some people come in there purposely to get on television and disrupt the rally. i've been assaulted and a lot of convictions against people trying to kill me. 10,000 people going after meep. i go in the midst of them i talk to them. try to aggravate me. they're doing the same for trump. trying to aggravate. he doesn't back down. he ought to keep talking. david: sheriff joe arpaio, man who says always what is on his mind. great to see you. thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> aiming to take down trump, the establishment is running out of time if they want to stop "the donald."
4:29 pm
david macintosh, president of club for growth joins us next on the fight against the gop front-runner. david: former first lady being put to rest beside her beloved ronnie. >> i said it before, i'll say it again, my life didn't really begin until i met ronnie. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away
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4:33 pm
little time to stop trump's runaway lead at least in florida but that is not stopping them from trying. take a listen. >> trump brags about his job record, when trump declared bankruptcy, workers lost their job. just the facts don. david: the club for growth spending a million bucks in ads against donald trump in florida alone. joining me david macintosh, he is club for growth president. david, here's a question that people ask me about all the time, those people that are leaning towards trump, who are kind of pro-growth people. they say, who do you think would make, be better for the economy, hillary or trump? if you think trump would be better for hillary, forget what you don't like about him and go for him? >> well, david, thank thank you. that is not the real choice because if trump's the nominee, hillary's going to win, so our choice now is between trump and two candidates who are much better for the economy. david: but, david, you don't know, you don't know if it is trump against hillary that
4:34 pm
hillary would win. you didn't know for example, that he would make it this far i'm sure, right? >> what the polls consistently show is that hillary doesn't beat marco rubio, she doesn't beat ted cruz but she does beat donald trump. david: that is because donald trump has been in primary season. she hasn't had any primary to worry about. when he focuses his guns on her, don't you think the numbers will change? >> i think what will happen is that hillary will unleash all the stories about donald trump's bankruptcy, the little guy getting hurt, taking widows houses when he used eminent domain to go after him. how, she will probably be able to say, donald, you supported me before because you liked government-run health care. so what changed? david: and he faced the fire for the past three or four months now from a whole series of candidates and he has done pretty well. his numbers continue to go up. meanwhile nobody on the stump
4:35 pm
has been firing at her the w so i things could change. let me finally put it to you, a lot of your former colleagues, people just as much for strong economic growth as you are, people like art laffer, like larry kudlow, even steve moore is veering in that direction, are saying that you're wrong to attack somebody who may be the party's nominee. >> well, i think one, he will lose to hillary. if he were president i think he would be a lot like hillary because everything he says is he is growing to grow government, spend more. he will run it well. david: art laffer says if he is elected president we'll have a growth spurt the likes we haven't seen since ronald reagan. art laffer is a pretty good economist, wouldn't you agree? >> oh, yeah. if art laffer were president i would believe that would happen. i don't think donald trump is telling the truth. david: all right. david macintosh, what a fascinating race, thank you very much, david. appreciate it. >> thank you, david. david: melissa.
4:36 pm
melissa: remembering former first lady nancy reagan laid to rest at ronald reagan presidential library at simi valley, california. icons from capitol hill to hollywood showing up to pay their respects and to celebrate her memory. fox news's trace gallagher in simi valley, california, with details of today's moving ceremony. trace, can you give us a picture of what it was like? reporter: well, it was pretty amazing, melissa. former president bush bush here. all the living first ladies and former first ladies were here. the event was put together really in five days, even though nancy reagan has been helping to plan this for 30 years. they put it together in five days. if you watched any of it you would see it went off without a hitch. really amazing event. it was a farewell to nancy reagan and really the library and wanted to know this was tribute and farewell to reagans as a couple, one of the great american couples and one of the greatest love stories in
4:37 pm
american history. for all intents and purposes it marks the end of reagan era. they took a long time planning this. nancy reagan picked out flowers, music and gospel reading and even speakers here. when you have some. world's great speakers, tom brokaw, diane sawyer, you have this really magnetic atmosphere. that is what it was the funeral today. listen to patti davis talking about her parents' relationship. >> my parents were two halves of a circle, closed tight around the world which love for each other was only sustenance was needed. they might venture out and included others in their orbit. no one crossed boundary into the space they held as theirs. reporter: after patti davis spoke, ron reagan came up and talked about how his mother he believes will be presiding over the library that she so loved over 30 years. this library is the most visited of all the presidential
4:38 pm
libraries t has really become a focal point for the republican party holding debates. a lot of candidates who want to run often come here to get the blessing for lack of a better term, melissa. melissa: wow, i grew up near there. we did "little house on the prairie." filmed it in seem my valley. almost never rains there. -- simi valley. people not from that area don't know how unusual that is. president reagan's funeral held at sunset. was this originally planned in evening? i bet it was? >> it was. it is raining so hard, laura engles house would be blown down. melissa: washed away. >> oh, my gosh it is amazing because the rain held off, for entire funeral rain held off. right as they brought the casket out before the interment the rain began as dignitaries payed their respects.
4:39 pm
this was supposed to be evening funeral. they wanted to replicate when the former president was buried. anyone saw that, vivid picture of nancy reagan breaking down putting her head on the flag-draped casket. they were trying to recreate that in some sense. clearly they were also playing with the weather. they hoped if they had the funeral early enough, 11:00 here on the west coast they could get through it and planning was perfect because at 12:30 when everything was just about over, it started to drizzle. now it is coming down in buckets and forecast to come down like this for the next three, four, maybe five hours. so the timing here was perfect. melissa. melissa: wow, trace. didn't get the sunset for drama. but got dark clouds and rain like the sky is crying. trace, thank you very much. david: it is kind of biblical. there was something that kicked in there. back to politics. the good dr. carson speaking out on his major endorsement
4:40 pm
front-runner for republican presidential nomination donald trump. "the donald" said they buried all their political hatchets. >> i fought back and hit him hard, which is politics, ben understands that. he understood it i talked to him about it yesterday, he handled with such dignity i thought was amazing. david: this hurts. scandal hitting the wounded warrior project as its leaders depart over misappropriation of funds. we'll tell you what is next for the charity. pet moments are beautiful,
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whewhat does it look like?ss, is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. melissa: we have some breaking news right now. ben carson speaking out on his endorsement of donald trump the here is what the doctor told neil cavuto just moments ago. >> because i am very concerned about the process that we're in right now where we have political operatives trying to manipulate the results. and the fact of the matter is, this should be a decision that is made by we the people.
4:44 pm
and, i believe that if this is carried on and they are able to deny him the nomination, it will wreak havoc in the party. it will destroy it and will hand the election to the democrats who will get two to four supreme court picks and the face of america will be changed for decades to come. and when you compare that against, if trump gets in and he is not a good president, which i don't believe will be the case, i think he will be a good president, particularly with help, you're only talking about four or eight years. so, i mean you have to put these things in perspective and be able to look at the big picture. melissa: so, i think that is so interesting. normally i feel like endorsements don't mean a lot, you come out to endorse a candidate. with carson he is so opposite. when he gets out and speaks about him, it does kind of change your perspective i think, for a lot of viewers. i has such a different approach.
4:45 pm
david: for all of the talk about how minorities, whether it's latinos or blacks are against trump, i think, and carson said today, i can't remember it was at that interview or previous one, in fact there a whole change in the minority community that where you have to people say look we do not want to become dependent on the government. we want to be independent of the government. and those are the people that might turn their attention to trump and carson could help them in that direction. melissa: funny how quickly we forget. remember you said this about them during the campaign? it seems to wipe away pretty quickly. david: anyway, big shake-up from the nation ace largest veterans charity. cbs news reporting that the ceo and chief operating officer of the wounded warrior project have been fired following allegations of their mismanagement of funds. our very own jeff flock joins us now. jeff, this is heartbreaking news, particularly for those of
4:46 pm
us who spent money with this organization. hope the best for it. hope they can straighten up their act. what is next for the project? >> well they need to come up with a new ceo and coo and the chairman of the organization in short term will take over but long term i don't know, david. take a look at numbers and the pictures of the two deposed executives. no more, better charity perhaps than supporting folks that have given literally a piece of themselves to the nation. steve nardizzi, al goradino look at numbers on their salaries pretty high. that was big thing. salaries and spending of money. charity navigator watching these things, average ceo compensation for the charities that they look at about $150,000. this is twice or three times that. and in addition to that, heavy spending on a lot of things that
4:47 pm
didn't have a lot to do with veterans. for example, expenses in 2013, alone, salaries of $30 million. conferences of $24 million. a lot of lavish meetings. travel of 7 1/2 million dollars, much of it first class travel and office expenses almost 7 million. was it overboard on overhead? well according to those folks that look at these things, yes it was. the wounded warrior project spending maybe half of its donations on things other than on the wounded warriors. most of those organizations spend maybe 85 to 90%. just sad numbers here. you know, certainly people wanted to do right but, somehow they went astray. david: wounded warriors is claiming that 80% of their contributions go directly to the project. so they're taking issue with some of those numbers. we'll have to wait and see. what about all of us who spent money on this organization?
4:48 pm
it's tough. >> they have pushed back hard on this, but today, you can push back all you want, but if you fire the ceo and coo right, maybe you did something wrong. david: the chairman will be on o'reilly tonight. thank you very much. jeff. melissa: crisis management 101. bruce turkel has tips to keep candidates from hitting campaign despair. his take on the race ahead is coming up next. >> look you have to earn the delegates in order to be picked so let's not get ahead of ourselves. we don't know what is going to happen because we still have about half the delegates to be selected and that is what is going to be a very interesting thing to see how it all turns out as we move forward the next couple of weeks.
4:49 pm
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david: a live event in chicago there are a lot of protesters outside of a trump rally.
4:52 pm
if you know chicago, harris ton and racine. we don't know precisely where all protesters are from. they're clearly united against trump. we'll wait and see to get information as soon as we get it, whether there is disturbance what appears to be peaceful, loud protest in chicago. melissa. melissa: crisis management on campaign trail. marco rubio and john kasich feeling the heat as they head into the home state races but with a few strategic moves bruce turkel can keep the candidates from campaign ruin. turkel brand ceo joins us now. you get a call. 30 seconds on the call with marco rubio. he is in crisis, he is losing florida. what do you tell him, bruce? >> very simple. marco, when is the best time to plant an oak tree, 20 years ago, right now. be a hero, save your legacy, do only thing you can do pull out of the race.
4:53 pm
when you stay when you lose florida, your reputation, your brand, your career over. melissa: wow. that is a tough phone call. i don't know whether he listens or hangs up on you. >> i have to tell him the truth. melissa: john kasich, what >> john kasich, different story, playing grown-up, not anticipating to trump. one point to get across to the race. not important to win the republican nomination. it is important to win the presidency. and kasich has to tell folks, he is the guy who can do it. if the base, especially far right base holds out for everything, they will get nothing. melissa: wow. so you would tell him to make that clear right now. what about -- >> not the nomination. >> it is not the nomination. it is about the guy who can win. i feel he said that though, the guy who can win the whole thing. >> he hasn't said not the nomination. they're still running to be the republican nominee. that is over. move ahead. melissa: move ahead. bernie sanders, he went on today, i heard him saying there is a path. i can see it. it will not be easy.
4:54 pm
ring, the phone rings. bernie sanders. go bruce. >> bernie, time to go medieval. you proved you're a wonk. you're part of history. most people think all of history started at once, happened at once. moses, joan of arc, abraham lincoln, mlk, bernie sanders. opportunity to be a prophet, to change the world. think much bigger talk much bigger. no wonk, no policy change the world. melissa: wow. okay. i like that one. i'm not sure that donald trump needs anyone's advice right now or he is calling anyone because he has turned this world on its head and outdone anyone's prediction what do you think about the move he made last night, that pivot where all of sudden he was totally different guy? on one hand ithave been reassuring to people who thought he would fly off the handle. around it races a question are there two donald trumps. who is the real one?
4:55 pm
from branding perspective is it genius, or did he betray his basic brand, his core that has gotten him now. >> i think it was evil genius. melissa: evil genius? >> absolutely. he is moving on now. he has got the base. they don't matter to him anymore at all. he told him what they want to hear. he pivots. he moves on. he is deal maker. he keeps throwing things out, wherever he sees opportunity, he moves. what he did yesterday was brilliant. melissa: what does he do from here? does he keep this serious, stoic face on? >> depends who he fights. if he fights, hillary, no. if he fights hillary he will be very, very aggressive. if he fights bernie, absolutely he will stoic, he will not show at all any interest. he will be also moving forward. melissa: i will forget you said evil genius. some of our viewers wouldn't appreciate that. other than i thought your advice was fantastic, bruce. you are a regular genius. nothing evil about you. thank you for coming on.
4:56 pm
>> thank you. melissa: wasn't that good? >> about that pivot. very interesting is that donald can pivot to more general audience. hillary is stuck because of bernie. bernie still strong after michigan she is stuck moving left while trump is moving in that direction. melissa: bruce doesn't love trump but he had to admit that was a great move. great stuff. david: breaking bread? move over salt, the food police have found another target. ♪ what super poligrip does for me is it keeps the food out. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now.
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melissa: warning, in case you didn't realize this bread contains carbs. david: no? melissa: yes, new bill would require new york city restaurants to warn diners, about quote, excessive sugar and carbohydrate intake. david: we would all die without the warnings, right? the legislation coming after the city's new sodium rule which
5:00 pm
requires chain restaurants to put salt labels to certain high sodium menu items this comes in time for all the studies saying maybe salt isn't all that bad after all. melissa: that giant bagel, who knew that had caches in it? i had no idea! that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> some people said why would you get behind a man like donald trump? i'll tell you why. i'm come to know donald trump over the last few years. he is actually a very intelligent man who cares deeply about america. >> such an honor to have ben. he is a friend. he has become a friend. really appreciate the endorsement. ben, thank you. [applause] deirdre: big chess move with one less a week to go for five winner-take-all states. dr. ben carson endorses donald


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